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Partner (DVD)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Bollywood / Theatrical Release: 2007 / Parental Guidance / Director: David Dhawan / Actors: Salman Khan, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Rajpal Yadav, Lara Dutta ... / DVD released 2007-09-03 at Eros / Features of the DVD: Colour, DVD-Video, Import, PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      07.03.2009 14:03
      Very helpful



      An unadulterated comedy.. to enjoy with family

      A film by David Dhawan
      Staring:- Salman Khan, Govinda, Kaitrina Kaif, Lara Dutta

      Partner an adaptation of 'Hitch' is a total Comedy flick... To watch this movie you are suggested to keep your logics aside and go with the flow and the feel of the movie. Its another David Dhawan film, the one who has mastered the art of making the audience laugh given any situation and story line. This movie also sets its mark in David's career graph.

      The movie plot:-
      Partner is based on the long heard saying "Ninety nine percent of women get the men of their choice however ninety-nine percent of men do not get the women of their pick & they have to settle for something less. How to overcome this?" For this there is a Love guru in the Movie Prem (Salman Khan).

      The movie is basically about a guy, sensitive and understated, Bhaskar (Govinda) who secretly loves the boss of his company Priya Jaisingh (Katrina). He feels he lacks the charisma and the charm to woo his boss himself. N therefore he decides to take help of a local love guru Prem (Salman Khan) who helps the understated players of the love game and who himself has a love interest in Naina (Lara dutta), a journalist and a single mother. Naina is after Chhota Don (Rajpal yadav) for his exclusive footage, this makes another interesting sequence.

      Although initially Prem is a bit reluctant to help bhaskar since he feels he is an undeserving and fussy guy to have a woman like priya in his life. However the screen is set on a laughter marathon when this duo (bhaskar - prem) gets their hands on wooing Priya for Bhaskar. The chemistry between the two is incredible.

      What all confusions are created and how they get out of it, and what happens in the end... is the rest of the movie... The dialogues are crispy and way too funny and will tickle your funny bones through out the movie. The performance of the actors is also outstanding since comedy need the actors to get the timing right... none of them fail to do that. The girls look beautiful and add some style and glam quotient to the film. The songs are extra-ordinary and will surely make you swing along... to name a few are 'ur my love', 'soni de nakhre sone lagde' 'do u wanna partner' etc.

      Overall.. the movie is thoroughly entertaining, stylish, crazy and will de-stress you from your usual life and make you chill. Even if you do not prefer comedy movies, one should watch one may be just to lighten up the regular mood and enjoy! It's purely an unadulterated comedy that you can enjoy with your family and laugh together. And if you are a David Dhawan / Govinda fan... you don't need reason to give your facial bones some exercise!!!

      Strongly recommended....

      HaPpY Watching!! =)


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      10.12.2008 00:58



      Do you wanna partner?

      Partner is a typical film by Daviod Dhawan in the respect that he likes to make films with 2 main male roles and he prefers Salman Khan and Govinda.
      It came out in 2007 and was a huge hit as it was a great comeback for the actors, mainly Govinda, and it was very funny. It also ofcourse had 2 gorgeous women in which probably attracted quite a few people too.
      The story starts off with Slaman Khan whop plays Prem. He is a love guru. Spending his childhood growing up amongst girls he knows what girls think and want and can therefore help others to love.
      When Bhaskar Devakar Chaudhry (Govinda) approaches him and tells him that he is in lvoe with Priya Jai Singh (Katrina Kaif), his billionaire boss Prem tells him it is impossible.
      Prem meets with Neha. She is a reporter and when running away from Chota Don (Rajpal Yadav) she is rescued by Prem. He falls for her instantly but she has a child who is not very fond of Prem.
      This film is really funny and great to watch wth children or as a family.


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      29.08.2008 00:47
      1 Comment



      they all get back togher

      The film Partner was released in 2007 .
      It stars Salman Khan Govindar Katrina kaif Lara dutta
      prem (salman khan) is a love guru he helps people fall in love with pepl, then there is one person who wants to marry a billionare's daughter, bhaskar (govinda) who wants to marry priya played by Katrina kaif has been told it's impossible by prem and does not leave him alone in this progress naina played by lara dutta is a photographer and takes photo's of chotta don. Chotta don played by Rajpal Yarav chases her she cycles into prems car. Prem falls in love with her. Prem goes on a family holiday with his sister, bhaskar followed him. Prem jet ski's blew up cos of a missile and blames it on bhaskar. Then he helps bhaskar fall in love with priya and they get together. Prem and naina also get together. Something happens bad with naina's friend , she blames the love guru she does noy know prem is thelove guru they split up and split priya and bhaskar up is well. Then prem explains to priya what happened and she gets back together with bhaskar prem confronts naina of what she writ and said and then naina say's sorry and they get togher.


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        21.07.2008 16:25
        Very helpful



        a funny movie to watch

        Partner released in 2007 was one of the biggest blockbuster of 2007, it's a comedy movie in which Salman Khan & Govinda are playing the lead roles., David Dhawan has directed this movie.


        Salman Khan (As Prem)
        Govinda (As Bhaskar)
        Katrina Kaif (As Priya)
        Lara Dutta (As Naina)
        Rajpal Yadav (As Chota Don)


        Prem is Love Guru who helps people in getting the love of their life, he brings in them confidence, guide them how to woo their love etc. Bhaskar works as one of the financial advisors at Jaisingh group of industries and Priya is the boss. Bhaskar likes her very much, but due to his low esteem & confidence he can not express his feeling to her, in fact he has never spoken to her.

        So he goes to meet Prem and tells him to help him in winning Priya's heart, but as soon as he listens Priya's name he laughs and tell Bhaskar to forget her as she wont go out with him.

        But after a lot of persuasion Prem finally agrees to help her in winning her heart, with Prem's tips he is able to speak with Priya and they both gets friends. On the other side Prem meets Naina in an incident where she is running away and saving her life from Chota Don, As Naina is a journalist she was taking Pictures of Don and he see her taking the picture of him. So he is after Naina's life.

        Prem falls in love with Naina and wants to marry her, but Naina is a single mother. On the other hand Priya's father is fixing her marriage with some one else.

        What happen next , for that you have to watch the movie.


        Music of this movie is given by Sajid-Wajid, and its brilliant. It was already a big hit before the release of the movie. Every song in the movie is worth listening and 3 songs are foot tapping one. I'm sure you will surely enjoy the music of this movie.

        My Analysis:

        When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I was like I want to see this movie, as mentioned the music was great and seeing Govinda on screen after a long time and David Dhawan directing after a gap of 2 years and Along with Salman it was expected to big a very good comedy movie.
        Although this movie was one of the biggest hits for me it was a good movie, not that great but enjoyable because of the performance of Govinda & Salman and the dialogues. One reason of me not enjoying this movie that much was because this movie is inspired by some of the Hollywood movies like Hitch & Are We There Yet? But it this movie had a typical Bollywood touch to it so it was enjoyable.

        Some of the dialogues are really funny and I'm sure you will just keep laughing and also some of the scenes the way they are executed will surely make you smile. Like ' Dude you are practically Nude', and 'Hutch ke Chotte Recharge' etc and many more are really good.

        Salman Khan is good in this movie, he is a superstar and is the best looking star in Bollywood. In fact every one knows that he is among the top 10 good looking Males in the world. So he is always a crowd puller, and he is not that good with his acting skills but the way he acts, and presents himself he is loved by everyone. And you will surely love him again in this movie, else no one else from Bollywood could do the better role of Love Guru then Salman.

        Govinda, what should I say about him, he is great with comedy. But for a fact this was his come back movie after a long time, he left Bollywood and went into Politics, he is still an MP(Member Of Parliament) but due to some stress and problem in personal life he wanted to come back in Bollywood. So he ask for help from David Dhawan and told him to give him some work, with whom he has given many hit movies. David spoke with Salman and then they come up with this movie. Govinda is backbone of this movie every time he is on screen he makes you laugh, his innocence his Performance makes you smile.
        He is brilliant in this movie.

        Katrina Kaif and Lara Dutta were good with their part, as they didn't had much to offer as this movie focuses more on Salman & Govinda. But they are good. Katrina & Lara both are looking beautiful.

        Rajpal Yadav is just used as a filler, he has nothing much to do. He come in for few scenes makes you laugh & just vanishes.

        David Dhawan was also directing a movie after a gap of 2 years, but like always he was on spot and delivered a hit movie. He was good with executing the project.

        On the whole partner is a funny movie which you will enjoy, while watching the movie keep your mind clear and I'm sure you will enjoy the movie.

        You can get this movie at Play.com from £5.

        This review is also on Ciao.


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