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Peppa Pig - My Birthday Party and Other Stories (DVD)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Children's DVDs / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2006-10-30 at Contender Entertainment Group / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    7 Reviews
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      26.10.2013 22:54
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great DVD for any Peppa fan

      My daughter received a little DVD for the car from one set of grandparents just before our summer holiday this year, and so I had picked up a couple of DVD's to keep in the car for her one of which was this Peppa Pig My Birthday Party and Other Stories DVD which cost me £3 at the time from Asda, which I thought was excellent value.

      My daughter is a massive Peppa fan, so I knew this would keep her attention in the car and pass some of the journey on holiday and more recently on a family day out where we had quite a long journey as well. There are 10 Peppa Pig episodes on this DVD,meaning a running time of about 50 minutes or so, which is long enough for my little girl to be watching TV in my opinion.

      The 10 episodes include:
      My Birthday Party
      The Playground
      Tidying UP
      Frogs, Worms and Butterflies
      Daddy puts up a Picture
      At the Beach
      Cleaning the Car
      Grandpa Pig's Boat
      Daddy's Movie Camera
      School Play

      My daughter had already seen most of these episodes on TV before and I had recorded many of them for her to watch in the house. She will happily watch all of the episodes without a noise and they all seem to hold her attention equally. Her daddy and me chuckle sometimes in the front seat when its on in the background, to some of the things Peppa says, and very often our daughter mimics and repeats (half of which is not used in the right context!!)

      There are two games on the DVD as well, but to be honest, we have never looked at either of them, as this has only been used in the car, rather than in the house, plus some of the games are just a little too babyish.

      What I like about Peppa Pig is the fact that so many of the episodes revolve around everyday life situations, and especially family situations and experiences like going to the beach, putting up a picture and the garden, and almost all of them are experiences that my daughter has had experience of and therefore can relate very easily to them. In fact, I think Peppa can be quite educational at times, and I know it has helped extend my daughters vocabulary even if it isn't always said correctly - eg 'sounds a bit boring' is sometimes said for things she likes doing and taken directly from Peppa Pig!

      All in all, for £3 this is a great price for a good DVD that keeps toddlers entertained - especially on a long car journey!


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        20.08.2013 18:17
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        My daughter absolutely adores Peppa Pig, so was delighted to receive this DVD from one of her school friends for her birthday.

        This particular DVD has several episodes on it, and at only 5 minutes roughly per episode, she can happily watch a few before turning it off and doing something else. My daughter really relates to this DVD of Peppa and his family, as each episode centres around an everyday task (the majority of them anyway), rather than some magical, mysterious act that seems to be centred upon in the majority of childrens programmes. For example, one episode (my favourite!) is focused on tidying up after Peppa and George (her brother), make a mess in their room. The episode focuses on making a boring task quite fun, and after she first watched it she spent about an hour tidying her room! Result!

        Another episode see the family clean the car together, and I find this episode quite endearing as the family all pull together to clean the car (even if it does end up filthy after Mummy Pig drives through a puddle!). Other episodes include a visit to the playground, a trip to the seaside, a trip out on Grandpas boat and of course a birthday party.

        I find that the majority of childrens TV does have a moral behind it, but I find Peppa Pig especially so, as the family unit come together to iron out squabbles or to fix a problem that they encounter. My daughter, even at 5, still loves this programme, and even though the graphics are simple and the stories usually are too, she can understand what the episode is trying to teach her, and will often talk about what Peppa and George did.

        The extras on the DVD include two interactive games, which for a change are actually pretty decent extras. As Peppa Pig is probably aimed at children younger than my daughter, they are a little young for her, but she still asks to play them and enjoys doing so. The first game involves learning colours with Peppa when a colour is said out loud the child must click on the correct splash of that particular colour. The second game is not as educational but still great fun, and the child must click on toys in Peppa and Georges messy room to put them back in the toy basket. Each toy makes a silly sound as you do so, and she howls with laughter even now she knows what is coming.

        This DVD can be picked up for around £4 online which is an absolute bargain, and for around an hours worth of episodes, will keep them entertained.


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        18.01.2012 21:16
        Very helpful



        Pepppppaaaaa Pig!

        For my daughters second birthday last year she received a Peppa Pig DVD from her nan, this Peppa Pig DVD wasn't one we already had in our collection. It's called Peppa Pig - My birthday party.

        ----- Peppa Pig -----

        Peppa pig is an animated childrens programme featuring Peppa Pig and her family, mummy pig, daddy pig, and her younger brother George. Some episodes also feature granny and grandpa pig, and some of Peppa and George's friends who take the shape of different animals, such as Suzie Sheep.

        Each episode lasts for 5 minutes. The theme tune of Peppa Pig is fun and upbeat and quite annoying for parents. My 2 year old now sings Peppa Pig constantly after she has watched an episode! The episodes show the characters doing day to day activities which I think young children find appealing as they can relate to the different tasks the characters are doing. There are lots of laughs and jokes in each episode, at the end of the episode it usually consists of the characters rolling around on the floor laughing which I find quite comical.

        ----- My Birthday Party and other stories -----

        This DVD contains 10 5 minute episodes and 2 DVD extra's.

        My Birthday Party - It's Peppa's birthday and she wakes everyone up at 5am. Daddy Pig does a magic show for Peppa for her friends and one trick involves the lights going off and her birthday cake appears.

        The Playground - Peppa and George are at the playground playing with their friends. Peppa pushes George too high on the swings, then gets stuck in the tyre swing.

        Tidying Up - Peppa and George are playing dollies and dinosaurs when Daddy Pig finds their bedroom in a mess. They tidy up in teams to make it more fun, boys versus girls. When they finish tidying up Peppa and George want to play again and after searching through the toy box the room is messy again.

        Frogs and Worms and Butterflies - Peppa and George are in Grandpa Pigs garden, when a butterfly appears, Peppa pretends to be a butterfly whilst George and Grandpa Pig pretend to be worms. Peppa decides she prefers frogs because they love jumping in muddy puddles too.

        Daddy Puts Up a Picture - Mummy Pig goes out and leaves Daddy Pig to put up a picture, Daddy Pig ends up making a huge hole in the wall and has to fix it before Mummy Pig gets home. Then realises he didn't put the picture up after and Mummy Pig saves the day.

        At The Beach - The Pig family go to the beach, Peppa and George bury Daddy Pig in the sand and give him a sunhat to stop him from burning. They continue to have fun at the beach until it's time to go, they pack up the car but nearly forget Daddy Pig.

        Cleaning The Car - Mummy Pig says it's time to clean the car, once the car is clean George uses a muddy sponge on the window, the hose pipe then comes out to clean the car properly. The family go out for a drive.

        Grandpa Pigs Boat - Peppa and George are with Grandpa Pig on his boat, they soon come across Danny Dog and Grandad dog out on Grandad Dog's boat and have a race until Grandpa Pig's boat runs out of petrol so Grandad Dog tows them home.

        Daddy's Movie Camera - The post delivers a parcel for Daddy Pig, it's his new camera. Everybody loves having a go with the camera and Peppa copies Daddy Pig.

        The School Play - Peppa's school is putting on a play of Little Red Riding Hood, Peppa plays the star role. Everybody practices their lines and perform the play to their parents.

        ----- The extras -----

        The 2 extras on this DVD are interactive games aimed at younger children.

        The first is called 'Tidy Up Game', this shows a picture of Peppa and George's bedroom in a mess, by clicking the remote on each of the toys it throws the toys back into the toy box, thus tidying their room.

        The second is the colours game, this shows 10 blobs of different colours, on pressing each colour it will show something in that colour, such as pressing green will show George Pigs dinosaur.

        As far as DVD extras go I think these two are fantastic, not only are they fun but educational too. There aren't many DVDs that have these standards as extras.

        ----- Other information -----

        There are a variety of other Peppa Pig DVDs available, including, Princess Peppa, The Fire Engine, New shoes, Bubbles.

        The price of Peppa Pig - My Birthday Party varies from store to store. It is widely available from stores such as Asda, Play.com and HMV. The price can be anywhere between £3 and £10.

        ----- Overall -----

        This is another fantastic Peppa Pig DVD, the 5 minute episodes are just the right length to keep young children's attention and the DVD extra's are educational aswell as fun.


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          29.05.2010 20:25
          Very helpful



          A bargain price Pepp DVD

          My children are Peppa Pig mad, so I keep a stock of the DVDs for the rare occasion when it's not on the tv (the Nick Junior channel)and for long car journeys.
          Peppa Pig is an animated show. Each episode lasts about 5 minutes so they are perfect for holding the attention span of young children.
          This DVD has 10 episodes, all of which have been shown on tv at some point, so don't expect to find any exclusive unseen footage!
          Peppa lives with her Mummy and Daddy and little brother George and each episode shows them going about their daily lives, doing things like going to the beach, washing the car, performing in the school play, or just tidying up the bedroom.
          We meet a lot of Peppa's friends on this DVD - Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat, Emily Elephant and Rebecca Rabbit to name a few. Peppa's granny and grandad also make an appearance.
          The episodes are very well written and most children will easily relate to the situations as they are the kind of things that most kids get up to. The dialogue is also exactly what you would expect to hear children say and often very funny.
          The animation is 2 dimensional, so not as sophisticated as some other children's cartoons, but it works really well and all young children seem to love it.
          There is nothing remotely scary on this dvd, so even the most nervous of toddlers could watch it happily.
          There are extras on the dvd - a tidy up game and learn your colours with Peppa game, but I have to admit that we've not used these so I can't comment on them.
          I paid around £4 for this DVD, which I think is a bargain price for 51 minutes of quality children's entertainment.


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          22.09.2009 17:04
          Very helpful



          Fun and entertaining. Oink!

          Peppa Pig is an animated childrens programme which is aimed at pre-schoolers and is created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.

          The programme revolves around a little girl pig called Peppa and her family - Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and little brother George. Peppas friends and grandparents also regularly feature in episodes.

          Each episode is just 5 minute long and a number of episodes are shown back-to-back when aired on television. Peppa Pig is regularly aired on Nick Jnr and Five.

          My 2 year old is currently in love with Peppa Pig, so when we walked into HMV and saw shelves filled with £5.00 Peppa Pig DVD's we knew we wouldn't be walking back out empty handed.

          I gave my daughter a choice of 4 different Peppa Pig DVD's and she chose one by the name of 'My Birthday Party and Other Stories'. The DVD proudly announced on the front cover that it had won a BAFTA for best pre-school animation, but I think my daughter was slightly more drawn to the big fat birthday cake and colourful lights!

          Episodes (in order) include:

          The Birthday Party - It is Peppa's birthday and she has invited all her friends round for a party where there is cake, balloons and even a magic show by 'The Great Mysterio' (Daddy Pig).

          The Playground - Peppa, George, Daddy Pig and Peppa's friends visit the playground where there is a swing, slide and climbing frame. George manages to conquer his fear of heights.

          Tidying Up - Peppa and George make a big mess in their bedroom and have to tidy it up. They make tidying more fun by playing boys v girls (Daddy and George v Mummy and Peppa) but keep getting distracted along the way. They eventually tidy their bedroom up but it's not long before it is a big mess again.

          Frogs and Worms - Peppa and George are helping Grandpa Pig in his garden when they come across a butterfly. Peppa pretends to be a pretty butterfly, while George pretends to be a wriggly worm. In the end Peppa realises she likes worms and butterflies but she likes frogs the best.

          Daddy Puts Up a Picture - Mummy Pig leaves Daddy Pig in charge of putting a picture of Peppa and George up on the wall. Things don't go exactly to plan as Daddy Pigs DIY skills make a huge hole in the wall. Daddy Pig, Peppa and George have to fix the wall and tidy up before Mummy Pig gets back home and realises what Daddy Pig has done.

          At The Beach - Peppa and her family arrive at the beach. They all play in the sea and then the sand. Peppa and George bury Daddy Pig in the sand and put a hat over his head to stop his head from burning. Peppa and George decide to make sand castles before it's time to go home. They pack their beach towel, spotty ball, sunshade but are they forgetting something!?

          Cleaning The Car - Mummy Pig complains at the state of the car so everybody helps to wash it. Sponge cleaning doesn't go to plan so they use the hose pipe instead. Before long the car is sparkling clean and they all go out for a drive. Mummy Pig announces they must keep the car clean from now on but fails to see the big muddy puddle infront of her!

          Grandpa Pig's Boat - Peppa and George go out for the day on Grandpa Pig's boat. They run into Danny Dog and Grandad Dog (Peppas friend and Grandpa Pig's friend) on the river where there is instant competition between Grandpa Pig and Grandad Dog. They race their boats but Grandpa Pig's boat runs out of petrol and the two Grandads are forced to apologise to each other, before Grandpa Pig is towed back to shore.

          Daddy's Movie Camera - A big parcel arrives in the post - what is it? A toy? A dinosaur? No, it's Daddy Pig's new movie camera. Everybody has great fun playing with the new camera, especially Peppa who enjoys imitating Daddy Pig on it.

          The School Play - Peppas school is putting on a play of Little Red Riding Hood. Peppa plays Little Red Riding Hood, Danny Dog plays the Big Bad Wolf, Pedro Pony plays the Hunter and Rebecca Rabbit plays Grandma. You get to see all of the children practicing their lines and then get to see the final performance which all the Mums and Dads are very impressed by.

          The extras on the DVD include 2 interactive games. The first game is called 'Learn your colours with Peppa!' which is very easy to operate, it fun for little ones and can definitely help with learning colours - the aim of the game is to click on different colour slodges, where the name of the colour is read out loud and a clip of Peppa Pig is shown where there is reference to that certain colour (eg. red car, orange carrot, yellow boots). The second game is called 'The tidy up game' and again is very easy to play - it might even make your child want to tidy up their own toys? The aim of the game is to click on Peppa and George's toys which automatically throws them back into the toy box (the funny noises also make my daughter really laugh for some reason). Overall I think these are very good extras (fun and educational), especially in comparison to many DVD extras.

          The first thing which I like about this DVD is that in every episode they are taking part in every day activities (such as going to the park, tidying their bedroom and washing the car etc) rather doing crazy things, which children can understand and relate to really well. I also love the illustrations - they are so simple but manage to look so cute and effective.

          All of the characters on the DVD are regulars from the show and are all very likable and easy for children to understand and relate to. Peppa Pig isn't naughty but she is very cheeky and sometimes a little bit bossy - I don't see her as a bad role model at all (except for the fact she's a pig!) which is lucky as my daughter has picked up numerous Peppa mannerisms and sayings!

          My daughter really enjoys watching this DVD and always has a smile on her face when watching it - it has plenty of funny moments, which I think is crutial for keeping childrens attention (we also love the way they all fall about laughing at the end of almost every episode). The episodes are also quite educational in their own ways and can teach youngsters new things in a fun way.

          I'm really pleased with the length of the DVD and the amount of episodes crammed onto one DVD. The length of the episodes is also perfect for keeping childrens attention and isn't too tedious for adults. It can also be very handy if you need to get a few household chores done - I sometimes put on a couple of episodes when I need to get the washing up done!

          'My Birthday Party and Other Stories' is available from HMV, WHSmith, Toys R Us, Amazon.co.uk, Play.com, Borders and most big supermarkets, to name a few. It generally retails between £3.99 - £9.99.

          Other similar Peppa Pig DVDs include 'Flying a Kite and Other Stories', 'New Shoes and Other Stories' and 'Piggy In The Middle and Other Stories'.

          Overall I think this is a great DVD for all pre-schoolers and would even make a nice birthday gift (given the title of the DVD and the first episode).


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            20.09.2009 22:51
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            When my youngest was born I tried to avoid CBeebies and NickJr as much as I could because I'd been there and done that already with my eldest! So we were happily plodding along with Playhouse Disney....until....Peppa Pig!!! He discovered the cheeky little piggy at the childminders and it became all he wanted to watch.

            After several weeks of watching the episodes on TV I gave in and got him some DVDs. A couple of months later I got him a couple more as I was sick of seeing the same episodes!!! One of the DVDs in question is 'Peppa Pig. My Birthday Party and Other Stories'

            ~Who is Peppa Pig?~

            Peppa Pig was created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley and they must be laughing all the way to the bank. As well as the TV programme and DVDs there are many toys available based on the characters, some of which live in our house.

            Peppa lives in a house on a hill with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. She has a group of friends that regularly feature in the episodes as well as Granny and Grandpa Pig. Peppa's constant companion is Teddy and George has his Dinosaur. Most episodes feature muddy puddles in one way or another as jumping in them is the activity of choice for the pigs.

            Each episode of the show lasts about 5 minutes and is just a delight from beginning to end. The characters are so familiar and the episodes all have a similar feel to them. They have a bit of comedy and the same catchphrases feature regularly. My son was saying 'Cuckoo' randomly for ages before I realised it was featured in an episode of the show.The end of each episode usually features all the family laughing hysterically so they have to roll on the floor. In between the episodes is a short clip from an episode. This is how my son knows that another episode is following on the TV.

            ~The DVD~

            This DVD features the following 10 episodes:

            1. My Birthday Party - Peppas birthday and she has a fancy dress party
            2. The Playground - Peppa plays at the playground with her family and friends
            3. Tidying Up - Peppa and George race to tidy up quickest in their bedroom
            4. Frogs and Worms and Butterflies - Peppa and George pretend to be different creatures in their Grandpa's garden
            5. Daddy Puts Up A Picture - Demonstrates Daddy Pigs lack of DIY skills
            6. At the Beach - Sandcastles, suncream and burying Daddy Pig
            7. Cleaning The Car - The family clean the car before going out for a drive
            8. Grandpa Pig's Boat - The family borrow Grandpas boat for a trip down the river
            9. Daddy's Movie Camera - Peppa shows Daddy Pig how to work his new camera
            10. The School Play - The school kids perform Little Red Riding Hood

            I'm not going to go into any more detail of each episode as they are all fairly simple and self explanatory. What I like about this particular programme is that my son can relate to the activities featured and it has undoubtedly helped to build up his vocabulary. The episodes are also short and keep his attention. My older son is 8 and also used to watch Peppa Pig but not to this extent. He has to endure it now and he secretly loves it! We enjoy laughing at how it can be raining one minute and then sunny and dry almost immediately so that Peppa can rush out in her boots and jump in the muddy puddles.

            ~DVD Extras~

            There are 2 interactive games included on this DVD. We have had a go at them but I think at just under 3 my son has not quite got the hang of controlling the remote yet. The first game is called ' Learn Your Colours with Peppa'. This has a page full of coloured paint splats.

            You select each one in turn and it will tell you the name of the colour by relating it to something popular in the show. An example being Green Dinosaur - Georges favourite toy.

            The second game is called 'Tidy Up Game' This is based on the 'Tidying Up' episode and involves collecting toys from around the bedroom and putting them in to the toy basket.

            ~Other details~

            This DVD cost me £4.99 from Morrisons and they have a few other titles to choose from all featuring 10-12 episodes. There is not a great deal to choose between each one other than building up a collection of episodes.

            The running time for this particular DVD is 51 minutes and has a U classification.

            More information and all DVD's, Toys etc are available on www.peppapig.com

            ~Final Note~

            Its inevitable that your child is going to discover a favourite character and I'm happy that Peppa Pig is the character of choice. Of course the merchandise is all bumped up in price and advertised every five minutes and I've seen every episode a million times. There is currently a 3rd series of the show being produced which is due for airing in August (its already September?!) this year so that will help I'm sure!


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              06.06.2008 13:02
              Very helpful



              Great selection of episodes

              Let me apologise for the influx of Peppa Pig dvd reviews! Rest assured as far as I am aware with this review I have covered all dvds currently released, and the next one is not due until October! Respite for all you Peppa weary people!

              My Birthday Party is part of my daughter's ever growing Peppa Pig collection.

              On the case it states Winner of Best Pre-School Animation - British Academy Children's Film and Television Awards.

              Peppa is a inquisitive little piggy who lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her adorable little brother George. Currently airing an episode every weekday on Milkshake on Five (I believe it also airs on Nick Jr.), Peppa Pig quickly endeared herself to my daughter, with the bright simple animation, cute voices, interesting sounds and catchy but simple theme tune.

              This series is excellent for younger babies in my experience as it is simple and colourful enough to hold their attention. My daughter is ten months old now and loves it (she even says peppa!), it ranks in her top three! She has been watching it for several months.

              I love it because it isn't too grating as pre school programmes go, in fact sometimes I realise I'm watching when baby has gone to sleep (it's a sad life eh!). I personally especially like George who manages to summon a huge degree of cuteness for a cartoon pig!

              This DVD contains ten five minute episodes and 2 extras-
              "Learn Your Colours With Peppa" and "Tidy Up" games.

              1. My Birthday Party.
              It's 5am and Peppa's excited! It's her birthday, so she wakes up the family as the "whole day is going!". After being given a dolls dress as her present, it's time for her party, where Daddy Pig performs a magic act.

              2. The Playground.
              Peppa gets stuck in a tyre swing when showing her friends "the right way" to swing across. George has fun bouncing on Daddy Piggs tummy which Peppa thinks is just like a bouncy castle!

              3. Tidying Up.
              Peppa and George have made a big mess in their bedroom, but don't want to tidy up because they are playing dollies and dinosaurs, so Mummy and Daddy turn it into a competition, girls against boys. Whoever tidies away their toys first wins. This certainly speeds up the process to a tidy room, but when they're finished, Peppa and George rummage through their toybox for dolly and dinosaur, and of course they're at the bottom! The result is a very untidy bedroom once again!

              4. Frogs and Worms and Butterflies.
              Peppa and George are in the garden with Grandpa Pig, learning about and playing at being frogs and worms and butterflies. Peppa likes frogs the best because they like jumping in muddy puddles too!

              5. Daddy Puts Up A Picture.
              Daddy Pig tries to put up a picture while Mummy Pig is out, but he ends up making a huge whole in the wall. By the time he's finished bricking it up, plastering, painting and tidying, Mummy Pig is home, and she puts up the picture, no problem at all!

              6. At The Beach.
              The pig family go to the beach, they splash in the water and bury Daddy Pig in the sand. When it's time to go home they remember to pack everything up in the car, but nearly forget Daddy!

              7. Cleaning the Car.
              The piggies are cleaning the car. After the car is clean George uses the muddy sponge on the window. Peppa tells him off and says she'll get the mud off. Then she chucks the dirty water all over the car! Out comes the hose to wash off the car, but it ends up soaking everyone as well!

              8. Grandpa Pig's Boat.
              Peppa and george are having a ride on Grandpa Pig's boat. They meet Danny Dog and Granpa Dog who are on Grandpa Dog's boat. Grandpa Dog and Grandpa Pig are best friends but argue over who has the best boat, they have a race but Grandpa Pig's boat runs out of petrol, and Grandpa Dog has to tow them home.

              9. Daddy's Movie Camera.
              Daddy Pig's new movie camera arrives, and Peppa and George make videos for him.

              10. The School Play.
              Peppa is starring as little red riding hood in her school play.

              The length of the episodes is also a help in holding the child's attention.

              I really liked the Tidying Up episode because it is too true that toys do not stay in their box and rooms do not stay tidy with little ones around! The frogs and worms and butterflies episode was good because it teaches about these creatures. I also liked daddy Pig puts up a Picture because I found it hilarious! (not that I'm the one that's good at DIY in my house!). Actually, I really like most of the episodes on this particular dvd, its a good selection.

              Other dvds available include:

              Muddy Puddles and other stories
              New Shoes and other stories
              Piggy In The Middle and other stories
              Flying A Kite and other stories
              Peppa's Christmas
              The Balloon Ride and other stories

              I paid £4.99 for this dvd I think in Woolworths. Most of the DVDs will cost around 4.99 individually (unless it's a new release). Stocked in most supermarkets, woolworths, amazon etc.

              There is a huge selection of other Peppa Pig merchandise available, visit www.peppapig.com.

              Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker.

              I would highly recommend this dvd and the others in the range to parents of young children.

              Run time: 51 mins approx
              Rated Universal

              review may appear on other sites.


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