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Peppa Pig - The Fire Engine Vol. 12 (DVD)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Children's DVDs / Universal, particularly children / DVD released 2010-03-29 at E1 Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2013 22:53
      Very helpful



      Fun with Peppa Pig

      My daughter really liked Peppa Pig when she was younger. As a result, we bought several DVDs for her to watch at home or while travelling. This was one of them. She was about 2 when we bought this.

      ---About Peppa Pig
      Peppa Pig is a character from the TV shows of the same name. The show follows her life with her little brother George, her Mummy and Daddy, and all of her friends. The character is suitable for young children up to age 5-6 years and my daughter who is 3 loves it. Peppa gets up to all kinds of mischief like my daughter, but she generally learns something by the end of the episode.

      ---About the DVD:
      This DVD contains 10 episodes from the children's TV show including the titled episode 'The Fire Engine'. The DVD case contains a picture of Peppa and the fire engine taken from the episode. It shows several of the 'Mummy's' from the episode in the Fire Engine and then Peppa and Mummy Pig next to a fire extinguisher. The back of the box shows lots of the 'Daddy's' and the 'Mummy's' jumping in muddy puddles which is also from the same episode. The box also tells us that the disk contains an episode from 'Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom as a bonus.

      ---About the episodes:
      There are 10 episodes on the DVD covering lots of different topics. The title episode is not actually the first on the DVD. Instead it comes in at number 4. The episode tells the story of Peppa and George going with Mummy Pig to work at the fire station. All the Mummy's come together to man the fire station and drink cups of tea together. They get a phone call from Daddy Pig who has set the barbecue on fire with all the other Daddy's. Peppa gets to go with the fire engine to put it out.

      The other episodes tell lots of different stories including introducing Peppa's French pen pal called Delphine Donkey. This episode always amuses me because Delphine teaches Peppa the song 'Frere Jaques' and in return Peppa teaches her the 'Bing Bong' song. This is excellent as the main refrain goes 'Bong, bing boo, bing bong, bing, bing bong, bingly, bongly boo'. Excellent words to be teaching young children! There are also episodes about the children going on a train ride, Danny having a pirate party and Grandpa having to learn about the rules of playing at the playground.

      ---And finally:
      My daughter really enjoyed watching these Peppa Pig episodes. One of her favourites is probably 'Trip to the moon' as my daughter really likes anything to do with space. It teaches her about gravity and the names of the different planets. I like the fact that some of the episodes teach things as my daughter doesn't realise she is learning at all. Having 10 episodes on one disk gives about 50 minutes of watching which is perfect for young Peppa fans. The DVD cost me £3 which I think is very good value for a children's DVD as they will grow out of it soon enough. My daughter is 4 now, and has moved on a bit from Peppa Pig, but will still enjoy watching the DVD occasionally. I have been quite happy with this purchase and have bought several others from the same range. I would happily buy this for the same price again.


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      15.11.2013 13:50



      Great pre school show

      My 3 year old has built up quite a collection of Peppa Pig merchandise including DVDs. This particular review is for the DVD Peppa Pig - The Fire Engine and other stories. It retails for approx £3. I would say this programme is aimed at pre schoolers.

      I'm sure a lot of people will know who Peppa Pig is but for those of you who don't she is a 4 year old Pig who lives with her Mummy, Daddy and Little Brother George. Each episode had a new "adventure" or event which involves Peppas friends.

      This DVD contains 10 episodes which are

      Polly's Boat Trip
      Delphine Donkey
      Fire Engine
      Grandpa At a The Playground
      Danny's Pirate Party
      The Train Ride
      Teddy Playgroup
      Trip To The Moon

      Each episode is roughly 5 minutes long and contains a storyline that young children can relate to. As they are only short in length they hold the child's attention without being so long that they get bored half way through. This particular DVD also contains a bonus episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom which is another show from the makers of a Peppa Pig and is also another favourite of my 3 year olds.

      There are various songs to sing along to as well as basic things Peppa learns such as colours, numbers and shapes. The bright colours are also very attention grabbing to young children, even my 19 month old will turn his head to watch when he hears the Peppa song start.

      An excellent addition to my sons Peppa collection and I'm sure it won't be the last. Also excellent value for money as most Peppa DVDs can now be purchased for around the £3 mark.

      5 stars!


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      25.02.2012 11:00
      Very helpful



      A great price for Peppa

      Festive Peppa
      I'm sure I'm not alone in being the parent of a Peppa Pig fan! My three year old daughter certainly loves Peppa and received lots of branded merchandise for her birthday in November, and at Christmas.

      One of the things that I asked Santa to get her was a Peppa Pig DVD. She enjoys watching the TV programmes but at only five minutes per episode, she of course wants to watch more than one. One of the Sky channels shows four episodes on the trot, but interspersed with ads which annoys both me and my daughter! So I thought a DVD would be the ideal solution. And, as they were priced so cheaply on amazon I felt that it wouldn't leave Mr Claus too out of pocket.

      This DVD is currently on amazon for £2.99.

      Fun for little ones
      For anyone who isn't familiar with Peppa, she is a little pig who lives with her little brother George and mummy and daddy pig. She has an array of different animal friends. The animation is very bright and quite basic, but obviously appeals to a young audience!

      This DVD contains 10 episodes in total which are:
      - The Fire Engine
      - Polly's Boat Trip
      - Grandpa at the Playground
      - Teddy Playgroup
      - Delphine Donkey
      - The Train Ride
      - Danny's Pirate Party
      - Numbers
      - Trip to the Moon
      - Washing

      I won't go through all the episodes but there is a good range here. Each is around five minutes long and has a simple story crammed into it, all featuring Peppa and family and friends! My daughter seems to particularly enjoy the episode with the fire engine, and the one with Peppa's French friend Delphine Donkey - which has led to some rather bad renditions of Frere Jacques...

      The episodes are all fun and easy to follow, and are very easy viewing for young children.

      Also on the DVD is a bonus episode of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, which happens to be even more of a favourite with my little girl than Peppa Pig, so this really was a bonus for us!

      A bargain buy
      Overall, for the low price, this is a great buy for a Peppa fan. As one episode is never enough for my daughter, I am quite happy to pop this on and let her watch a few in a row now and then - especially when I have a few things to get done myself! I can see us watching this a lot and there are enough episodes that I hope she won't tire of it - providing we don't put it on too often.


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