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Peppa Pig: The Queen Royal Compilation (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2012-05-21 at Entertainment One / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 14:30
      Very helpful



      But again I would stress all but the Queen episode are old very familiar episodes.

      This Peppa Pig DVD was released last year May 21st 2012 in the lead up to the Jubilee. We personally have had it for a couple of months bought as a little gift for my youngest son now aged four as he likes Peppa pig. Peppa Pig The Queen A Royal Compilation is sold as a celebration episode so bear this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing it. It contains ten episodes of Peppa Pig but only one that hasn't already been released on DVD the other nine have featured on previous DVD's. So please take note of this and don't be disappointed if your child already has many of the other episodes.

      I am sure most people will be familiar with this well loved children's program Peppa Pig that hit our screens in 2004. Peppa Pig is about a little girl pig called Peppa and her family which consists of mummy pig, daddy pig and George pig her brother. Peppa is a big sister and can be a little mean to her younger brother but they generally get along. Peppa is surrounded by lots of her friends who are all different animals who also talk. Peppa Pig certainly has lots of fun with her family and friends. A lovely children's program that is aimed at the young end of the market both my boys have enjoyed Peppa Pig from around 2 years old. My eldest son who is five and a half has moved away from it but my youngest four years old still enjoys the episodes. With a total of 209 episodes released now there is plenty out there for you little ones to watch.

      This compilation of ten episodes is a lovely selection of celebratory episodes. With birthday parties, episodes about princesses and ones about special events all the episodes are action packed and full of fun. Some of the episodes are quite girlie but then some are more drawn to boys so there is plenty for everyone.

      The ten episodes on this DVD are as follows:

      The Queen
      Princess Peppa
      My Birthday Party
      Talent Day
      Danny's Pirate Birthday
      Treasure Hunt
      Fancy Dress Party
      Mummy Pig's Birthday
      School Play
      The Sleepy Princess

      The only new episode on this DVD The Queen is a lovely episode that introduces children to the concept of the Queen and who she is. Miss Rabbit has been asked by the Queen to attend the palace. She is allowed to take some friends with her so she takes Peppa and the rest of the children. All of them get to meet the Queen and watch Miss Rabbit receive her hard working medal (at long last Miss Rabbit is recognised for all the jobs she has on the go!). After they all go out into the gardens to have a party which ends up with them all including the Queen jumping in Muddy puddles! See the Queen is like us really! On first watching this new episode my son loved it and thought it was great that the Queen was in a Peppa Pig episode. As my son is four he is aware of the Queen of course younger children probably wouldn't be but this would be a nice way to introduce them to the concept of a royal.

      The episodes last for about five minutes long which is nice and short for the target audience. Also as an adult I find five minutes is tolerable to watch! With the humour of mummy pig and daddy pig I do find myself chuckling from time to time. I particularly like the Talent show episode and it did get my youngest thinking about what he was best at. It has also resulted in many talent shows put on by both my sons! My son really enjoys Danny's Pirate Party an episode that is quite boyish with its pirate theme. I think most little boys would enjoy a party like Danny's. As well as this episode he also really likes the Treasure Hunt episode again this one has got my son's imagination going and he has made his own treasure hunts up.

      The episodes do have catchy songs within them which the characters sing and from time to time I have caught my son singing along to them. I personally find them quite irritating but then Peppa Pig isn't really my favourite. The animations of the shows are nice and simple with bold backdrops. All the episodes are always bright and colourful making it really appealing to the young age range. My son is getting a bit old for Peppa Pig now at four and although he does enjoy the short episodes he is after a bit more.

      On this DVD there is a bonus feature of two Ben and holly's Little Kingdom episodes. Both of which are royally linked. They are Queen Holly and Frog Prince. The Ben and Holly program is made by the same people as Peppa Pig and is something my son really enjoys too. The episodes are slightly longer at 10 minutes long so the stories are a bit better played out for my son. I think this is an excellent bonus to the DVD and I was pleased with it.

      The DVD can be bought from most leading shops. Asda currently stock it at £3 and Amazon currently has it for sale at the same price. For £3 I think you get a decent DVD with some lovely episodes on it and The Queen episode is lovely.


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      21.09.2013 13:44
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      All together now, put your wellies on and jump in those muddy puddles

      If you've got a pre-school child, or have had any prolonged exposure to one, then you're probably already familiar with the TV phenomenon that is Peppa Pig. Just in case you have managed to escape, Peppa is a little girl pig who lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George in a house on top of a hill. She does all the things that little children like to do - goes to the playground, attends playgroup, has play-dates with her friends - but her favourite thing of all is "jumping up and down in muddy puddles". I had thought my son was a big Peppa fan when he was about three, but my three year old daughter is pretty much obsessed by 'The Pig'. Mostly we just record the episodes of Peppa on our Sky + (after all, it is on pretty much all the time on one of Nick Jr's three channels), but we bought the 'Peppa Pig: The Queen, A Royal Compilation" DVD for our daughter last summer to tie in with the Jubilee celebrations.

      * Summary *
      This DVD is a collection of nine classic Peppa Pig episodes, based loosely around the themes of celebrations and royalty. The major selling point for us was the inclusion of a 'new' episode, entitled 'The Queen' which was created to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee last year. My little girl already had the book of this particular episode, and 'The Queen' was the first ever Peppa Pig episode to appear on DVD prior to being screened on TV. The full episode list for this DVD is as follows;
      1. The Queen
      2. Princess Peppa
      3. My Birthday Party
      4. Talent Day
      5. Danny's Pirate Party
      6. Treasure Hunt
      7. Fancy Dress Party
      8. Mummy Pig's Birthday
      9. School Play
      10. The Sleepy Princess
      There are also two bonus episodes of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom (made by the same people and featuring characters who remind me very much of the ones in Peppa Pig) included on this DVD. These are 'Queen Holly' and the 'Frog Princess'

      * Episodes *

      The Queen
      As this is the special new episode on which the DVD is based, I thought I should review this one separately. Miss Rabbit is awarded a medal for 'Services to Industry' - well deserved if you've watched the many episodes of Peppa Pig where she does what seems like every job in the show (including manning the tills at the supermarket, driving the ice-cream van, driving the school bus, being the librarian and crushing cars at the recycling centre, to name just a few) and all the children go to the Palace with her to collect her medal. When they arrive, the Queen is sitting on her throne knitting and she takes them out into the Palace gardens. There is a big muddy puddle and Peppa tells the Queen that 'she can't jump up in down in muddy puddles because she isn't wearing her boots'... so the Queen goes off to put her wellies on, and they all jump in the muddy puddle together. This is an episode which my little girl really enjoys - she likes the fact that Peppa is bossy enough to tell the Queen what to do, and she likes the muddy puddle finale. Personally, I can't imagine the Queen actually jumping up and down in muddy puddles, but maybe that's what she does in the Buckingham Palace gardens when nobody is looking!

      Other Episodes
      As previously mentioned, most of the episodes on this DVD are based on either celebrations or Princesses. A couple of my personal favourites are "Mummy Pig's Birthday" where she seems to spend the whole of her birthday being kept out of the way while Daddy, Peppa and George try to plan a surprise for her. This one makes me laugh as Mummy Pig is trapped in bed or in the garden, not allowed to do anything for what seems like ages. In the end though, she is rewarded with a lovely birthday surprise. My daughter likes "Fancy Dress Party" which features Peppa dressed up as a Princess, George as a dinosaur and their friends in various other costumes. The episode which always makes me laugh on this DVD is "Talent Day" where Peppa and her friends perform in a talent show at playgroup and all Peppa's 'special talents' are performed by other friends before she gets her turn... leading to the, perhaps inevitable, conclusion that what she is actually best at is 'jumping up and down in muddy puddles'. Peppa's growing frustration at not being to be able to do what she wants to do in the Talent Show perfectly illustrates the general attitude of your average 'threenager'.

      * Cost *
      This is currently available on Amazon for £3... a small price to pay in my opinion for a bit of peace and quiet! However, if you've got lots of Peppa Pig DVDs already, it is worth noting that all of the episodes with the exception of 'The Queen' actually appear on other Peppa Pig DVDs.

      * My Thoughts *
      For a Peppa Pig devotee such as my daughter, then you really can't go wrong with this DVD. It has a good mix of episodes which keep her entertained and she enjoys watching it. There is also a decent balance between 'girlie' episodes (such as the 'Princess Peppa ones') and ones that boys will enjoy just as much ('Danny's Pirate Party') which I think is good. Peppa isn't really a 'girl's programme' as such despite having a female main character, and an overly Princessy theme to the DVD would have risked alienating some of the boys that enjoy it. I also like the fact that Peppa Pig is very much an English show, with lots of different regional accents, which makes a refreshing change from some of the more American shows that my children like to watch. On a personal level, I have seen some of these episodes far too many times but, as a 30-something, I'm not really in this DVDs target market. Three year olds, in my experience, are very fond of repetition and my daughter will happily watch this over and over and over again. So, yes, for Peppa Pig fans then this is highly recommended and you really can't go wrong.


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