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Pirates of the Caribbean - The Lost Disc Edition (3 DVDs)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Director: Gore Verbinski / Actors: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom ... / DVD released 25 April, 2005 at Walt Disney Home Video / Features of the DVD: Box set, PAL, Special Edition

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2007 13:31
      Very helpful



      A fantastic high sea adventure!

      This is a special edition, 3 disc gift set which should definitely belong in everyone's DVD collection, it's certainly in mine!
      The running time of the film is approx 137 mins.
      The film is rated 12 years and over because it contains moderate violence and horror (I suppose it depends how sensitive your child is, my six year old really enjoyed it and didn't have nightmares- he just thought he was a mini Jack Sparrow for the next month after watching it.)
      It also has subtitles in English/English for the hearing impaired.


      This high-sea adventure begins with a young Elizabeth Swan (the beautiful Keira Knightly) who whilst aboard a ship she spots a boy adrift in the water, who turns out to be a young Will Turner (Orlando Bloom.... need I say more.) The boy is pulled aboard and whilst unconscious Elizabeth discovers a pirate medallion around his neck, which she quickly hides from her father to protect Will.

      Time passes and Elizabeth is now a young woman with the pirate medallion still in her possession. Will is now working as a blacksmith and has grown a definite soft spot for Miss Swan. And it's not long before we're introduced to the charismatic and lovable pirate that is Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp.....ahhh..... Johnny Depp.....sorry... where was I?) Ah yes, there's so much to Jack Sparrows character he's a joy to watch (and not just for the ladies!)

      The story takes a turn when Elizabeth takes a dive into the big blue due to wearing the smallest corset in the world and more importantly- the pirate medallion. As the gold sinks into the water with Miss Swan, a strange boom is sent through the depths and unbeknownst, things are going to get dark and perilous in Port Royal.

      It turns out that the pirate medallion that had been hidden for so long, was actually a cursed peace of Aztec gold with a curse bestowed upon it and had been left to Will by his father Boot Strap Bill, who through mutiny on the Black Pearl was sent plummeting to the depths of Davy Jones locker.

      The next thing you know all hell's breaking loose and scurvy pirates are running amuck in Port Royal. Elizabeth is captured and taken to Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush - who I think plays a brilliant part.) The legendry curse is then proved to be true when the pirate crew change under the moonlight and are destined to live forever as the un-dead, unless the curse can be broken...

      A rescue is soon underway after Will reluctantly joins forces with Captain Jack- who wants back his precious ship- the Black Pearl, which was taken from him by Barbosa (who left Jack to die on a desert island -nice!)

      But without giving away too much of the story, the tale continues with lot's of action, mystery, humour, suspense, amazing characters and some fantastic sword fights.

      ~My Thoughts~

      This is a truly fantastic movie, with a great story.
      The cast play brilliant parts, especially Johnny Depp who pretty much created the character Jack Sparrow, and is now an iconic figure. And of course Geoffrey Rush, a fantastic actor who did an amazing job of bringing Captain Barbosa to life.

      If you like action movies with lots of fight scenes, especially sword fights, then you won't be disappointed with this movie. Some awesome sword fights between goodies, baddies, ghosties, girlies...you name it! Arrrgh, Me Harties!

      The costume design and make up are a really important part of the film, everything from the way the pirates are dressed, to the skin and hair is spot on. And likewise with the special effects, all visual effects are pretty much faultless, a favourite part of mine is when the 'cursed pirates' are walking on the ocean bed - it's so good!

      Everything from set design, to the music is near perfect, in-fact there isn't anything about this movie that I didn't like. So I'd definitely recommend that you add this little gem to your collection...Today!

      ~The first disc~

      This contains the movie which was directed by Gore Verbinski (who directed films such as 'The Ring', 'The Weather Man', 'Mouse hunt' and 'The Mexican'.)
      And produced by, Jerry Bruckheimer (producer of Top Gun, Armageddon, Déjà vu, and popular series CSI Miami.)
      And also, audio commentaries by, Director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp.
      A commentary by Keira Knightly and Jack Davenport.
      Or commentary by the writers, who are, Stuart Beattie, Ted Elliot, Terry Rosso and Jay Wolbert.

      ~The second disc~

      This disc is choc full of treats too, including:

      *'Epic at sea' - A really interesting documentary which shows the making of film, showing the actors, locations, production design, the ships, costumes and make-up, stunts and swords, visual effects and the premiere...phew!
      *'Fly on the set' - Take a look at the film being made at five different locations.
      *'Diaries' - Three diaries to look at including the Producers photo diary, the diary of a pirate and the diary of a ship.
      *A hilarious 'blooper reel' - This will defo make you smile, although I wish it was longer! (But I guess it shows how professional they really are that it isn't longer!)
      *'Pirates in the park'
      *'Image gallery' - Take a look at all kinds of images, from inspiration and concept art of scary pirates, to storyboards and production - where you find shots of the cast and crew (lovely pics of Johnny Depp in here!)
      *'Moonlight serenade' scene progression - Here we see how a shot from the film goes from concept to completion.
      *'Below deck' - An interactive history of pirates.
      *DVD Rom enhanced computer features.
      *Deleted scenes - A total of 19 deleted scenes to watch.

      There are also Easter eggs (hidden features) to find!

      ~The Lost Disc~

      The lost disc is extra special, with loads of goodies to choose from, its running time is approx 73 mins long and is rated PG.

      This disc includes some fantastic footage such as:

      *'Becoming Captain Jack' where Johnny Depp enlightens us about fulfilling his childhood dream of playing a pirate and his unique take on the quirky character Jack Sparrow, (whom he loosely based the character on Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards).
      *Also 'Becoming Barbosa' - An insight into Geoffrey Rush's brilliant character.
      *'Thar she blows' - A look at the interceptor and how it was made (and blown up!)
      *'The monkeys name is Jack' - Where you meet Tara and Levi, who took turns in playing the tiny primates, and see just how much mayhem they caused!
      *There's more 'fly on the wall' featurettes, where you can join the filmmakers as they create additional key sequences from the movie.
      *'Pirates around the world' - A fun comparison of dubbed versions from across the seven seas...ahoy there me harties.
      *Spirit of the ride - Take a look at the incredible ride that inspired the film.
      *Dead men tell no tales - This shows how the ride was developed and created.

      With a great story line, excellent set and costume design, great appropriate music and fantastic actors you can't really go wrong. I love this box set and really would suggest you give it a go.

      Oh and don't forget to watch the end credits for an extra clip, (you could make a cuppa while you wait!)


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    • Product Details

      When the Governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, is kidnapped by Captain Barbosa, her childhood friend and admirer, Will Turner teams up with pirate Jack Sparrow to save her. However, Barbosa and the crew of his ship, the Black Pearl, are cursed. Trapped in skeletal forms that reveal themselves in moonlight, they intend to use Elizabeth's blood to remove the curse and return them to the land of the living.

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