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Pitch Perfect

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13 Reviews
  • Fairly amusing
  • Good Musical Numbers
  • Not original
  • Not laugh-out-loud funny
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    13 Reviews
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      25.10.2015 22:31
      Very helpful


      • " fun movie"
      • "Feel good"


      • None

      Perfect movie for a rainy day

      When Pitch perfect was out in the cinema, it wasn't a film I particularly fancied seeing. However when I recently promised my 12 year old step daughter a girls day out and asked her what she wanted to do, she asked to see Pitch Perfect 2 saying she had loved the first one. Since I hate watching sequels without seeing the first film, I decided I had better watch it before our cinema day. So pyjamas on, tea and chocolate beside us, we settled down to watch the DVD.
      Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy and was released in 2012.
      Director: Jason Moore
      Producers: Paul Brooks, Max Handelman, Elizabeth Banks
      Screenplay: Kay Cannon
      Cast: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, John Michael Higgins
      Pitch Perfect follows the Barden Bellas, a college women's a capella group, as they enter a competition against another a capella group from the same college. The film focuses on Beca, who has just started college after being forced by her strict father. Beca dreams of a music career and her father agrees she can leave college after one year on the condition she joins a club, which is what leads her to join the Barden Bellas. The leader of the group, Aubrey, is extremely stuck up and also determined to win the competition, and does not approve of Beca. The film follows them practising for and entering the competition and all the trials and tribulations on the way.
      Pitch Perfect has been nominated for a lot of awards and won quite a few, including Best music in a musical feature film, best breakthrough performance (Rebel Wilson), best musical moment, best comedy, best comedy actress, and favourite soundtrack.
      Pitch Perfect had a lot of singing, as you would expect from a musical. It has a good range of songs including "Don't stop the music", "Since you've been gone", "Party in the USA" and a few mash ups. I found myself singing along with the songs I knew and my step daughter enjoyed a wee dance round the living room.
      I enjoyed this film and it was better than I expected. The acting was all very good, with Rebel Wilson playing an excellent comedy role as Fat Amy. The storyline flowed well and I did find a few laugh out loud comedy moments.
      Most of the characters were likable. I really did not like the character Aubrey who leads the Barden Bellas, finding her to be stuck up and irritating. However even characters I wasn't keen on had managed to endear themselves to me by the end of the film.
      I would watch this film again and would recommend it if you enjoy a good light hearted movie, especially if you have a teenage daughter.
      Pitch Perfect is currently in Asda for £5.


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      28.08.2015 11:31
      Very helpful


      • " Light film"
      • Fun
      • "Good Musical Numbers"
      • "Some good performances"


      • "Not original"

      Great Comfort Viewing

      Pitch Perfect is a fun musical chick flick, seemingly inspired by Glee.

      Beca is a freshman in Barton college and would rather be in LA where she hopes to become a DJ. Under pressure from her father she has to join a group and get involved in college life for a year, before he will support her decision to drop out. She joins the Barton Belles, an a capella singing group, who compete at national level. However they are considered a bit of a joke after one of their soloists was sick on stage. There are four a capella groups in the college, but the Treblemakers were the main rivals to the Belles.

      Anna Kendrick takes the lead role and she was good but I liked Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Aubrey (Anna Camp) with their uptight spats as characters more. Rebel Wilson as Amy was always playing it for laughs. Skylar Astin and Adam Devine play some of the treblemakers.

      The Belles sing a variety of songs and there are often mash-ups and sing-offs with other groups to keep the pace of the film using both modern and classic 80s or 90s songs. They don't sing original songs. No one warbles spontaneously in the canteen or sings to camera or anything like that - it is all within the confines of the choir. It isn't the most original film I've ever seen but I don't think you watch a film like this for originality and plot twists - it's comfort viewing for when you can't concentrate on anything else.

      The first film has been out a couple of years now and a sequel has been released. Thus you could get a good deal when purchasing this film, or wait for it to appear on TV soon.


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      15.07.2015 09:35
      Very helpful


      • music


      • storyline

      I really enjoyed it

      I watched this movie yesterday and I absolutely love it. Anna Kendrick is outstanding, I really love her singing voice. It reminded me back of my youth, when I was in a singing group. The grouop of girls is hilarious, you get a mix of funny, weird, serious....and there is definitly one that you can identify with. The movie was great, it made me laugh out loud a few times, especially Rebel Wilson. It tells the story of Beca who started college (her father's wish). But Beca really just wants to move to L.A. and become a DJ, during the movie you can see her mix several tapes (and I like them). The Troublemakers group are a bit annoying, especially the acting. The songs are amazing, what they can do with their mouths and the tunes they can produce. A lot of people say that it's just like Glee but I find it different. I don't know why, maybe because the actors and actresses are different. The storyline is definitly nothing new, we have seen this in movies like "Honey" with Jessica Alba of people trying "to make it" but the fact that it's acted by this amazing talent it makes it really fun to watch. The songs are also quite modern and upbeat which makes you (sometimes) want to get up and dance to it a little bit. I can't really fault the movie as I really enjoyed watching it. I can't wait for the sequel to come out.


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      15.06.2015 00:01
      Very helpful


      • "Popular Music"
      • Rom-com
      • "Light hearted"
      • Funny


      • "Not long enough"

      They aren't as Pitch Perfect as we would hope but the films almost Perfect!

      Sometimes it is nice to just sit down and watch a light hearted film that you can giggle at and don't really have to think about. Pitch Perfect is certainly that sort of film. Easy to watch and it leaves a smile on your face.

      How did it become so famous? We all ask ourselves that question I am sure. The 'cup' song most certainly has something to do with it, who would have thought Anna Kendrick's vocals and moving a cup around in time with a song would become so popular and lead to more Pitch Perfect. Yes, you heard me there is a sequel!

      If you are into a film where you have to think about everything and try work out the twist or the conclusion at the end it is safe to say this film propably isn't for you.Pitch Perfect is predictable and amusing.

      The main attraction of the film are The Barden Bella's, an acapella all female singing and vocalist group. The group started years ago and it has been a tradition to carry on the group throughout University by students. The girls had to wear a very specific old fashioned uniform, showing modesty and professionalism.

      Becca a young, edgey student starting out at University, her passion to become a famous DJ or musician, her dad was a lecturer at the University and insisted she joined some sort of a club to occupy her and allow her to make friends, but all she wanted to do was listen to music and pursue music. Her dad insisted if she couldn't find anything she wanted to do he would help her pursue her music career. Becca was running out of options and after being pressure by Chloe (Brittany Snow) to join The Bella's in an awkward scene Becca could not refuse the offer to become a Bella.

      Becca originally joined a radio hut, allowing her to spend time on her own and attempt to pursue that wishful career in radio and music. An independent student, forced to study in education by her fathers doing wanted to make the most of being at University, but she liked to try and stay under the radar.

      The Barden Bella's auditioned for more girls along with the male acapella group the treblemakers. This is where the viral 'cup' song took off. The Bella's and The Treble's collected their new group members with a performance of 'Since U Been Gone'

      The Bella's needed to cut the tradition out of their routines and performances, the competition results were not going in their favour, but the only person to notice this and stand up to Aubrey the lead member was Becca of course, the quiet underdog coming out of her shell. Becca aimed to make the group more popular, she made the song choices as contemporary as she possibly could, edited the dancing and aimed to change the historical fashionista outfits.

      Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Becca (Anna Kendrick) the 3 main performers in The Barden Bella's they had the most passion for music and quite honestly the most comedy came from these 3 members of the group.

      As more competitions occured for The Bella's more of their normal routine and strict structure disappeared, allowing the girls to let free and have a little fun on stage. The girls changed the songs and Becca soon found her position as leader of the pack (so to speak).

      The film entails a little romance, some secrets being revealed, some confusing moments and overall a sweet, uplifting ending, which is what everyone wants to see from a predictable light hearted film like this. The girls were not pitch perfect! but they did amuse for at least 1 hour and 30 minutes. They made me sing along and have a dance around and occasionally laugh out loud.

      It is most certainly worth a watch if you want an easy and funny film, it won't take up much time and it is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a while. The second film is possibly better, I didn't think it could be topped either!


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      30.03.2014 11:13
      Very helpful


      • "Fairly amusing"
      • "Easy to watch"


      • "Not laugh-out-loud funny"
      • "Nothing spectacular"

      Not quite pitch perfect, but not totally tone deaf either.

      Ok, so this definitely isn?t normally my kind of thing to watch.Pitch Perfect falls within the comedy genre, but it?s all about singing so I?d say it?s almost half a musical. Add in the romance elements and you?ve almost got a singing, dancing rom-com.
      We?re introduced to Beca, a young woman (assuming under 20 due to being University age, though all of the actors/actresses were far older!) with a dream of getting in to music. She?s forever mixing tracks and putting things together on her computer, but her father doesn?t think much of the aspiration to become a DJ. Beca is very independent and doesn?t want to go to college, but her dad insists she joins as a freshman at Barden University.
      Beca doesn?t have much interest in fitting in or falling in to line with college life, but some of the music groups catch her eye. She joins in at the radio station, gradually starts meeting some new people. And she discovers The Bellas, and all-singing girl group who are determined to win at this year?s singing finals. Problem is, there are a few groups at the Uni, including a rather awful boy band, and The group decide it?s time to re-group and hold auditions. Before she knows it, Beca is roped along and becomes one of the pop girl wannabes. They need to put in a lot of hard work if they?re going to stand a chance at winning the contest.
      The rest of the flick sees the girls rehearsing, falling out and then putting a plan together to get better. Beca is starting to branch out socially and she?s finding her place within the group, providing some much needed ideas and inspiration. It?s quite a straight-forward premise and not one that takes much thought to understand. It?s livened up with humour, lots of songs and a bit of dancing, some romance and character dynamics.
      The cast includes Anna Kendrick (Beca), Rebel Wilson (?Fat? Amy), Brittany Snow (Chloe) and Skylar Astin (Jesse) amongst others. The two faces that stood out as being highly recognisable to me were Kendrick and Wilson, who added credibility to the flick and balanced out quite well with the less Hollywood-esque actors/actresses. I like Kendrick anyway so I found her very watchable and quite believable in her role. She was also surprisingly good when it came to the singing, which she did a lot of, so that was interesting to find out. Wilson was comical as ?Fat? Amy, though she seemed to be rather type-cast for the character as may be expected by the name.
      The film had an overall good quality feel to it. I actually quite enjoyed the music elements; they kept it fresh and interesting. A lot was done quite tongue-in-cheek. I wasn?t so keen on the romance side of things, so my attention lagged a bit in some places. The comedy was so-so, giving a reasonable balance between wit and silliness.


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      01.01.2014 17:25
      Very helpful



      A so-so film that is definitely over-hyped

      I started watching this film with very high expectations. My friends and many critics had raved about how good this film was and I was excited to finally see the film from which the infamous 'cup song' had originated. Unfortunately, with every passing minute of this film, my expectations dropped lower and lower until the point where I was thoroughly bewildered by all the praise this film had received. This is, by no means, a bad film. It is; however, full of clichés with a poorly developed plot line that tries to pack too much in to too little time.

      Pitch Perfect is the story of two a cappella groups from Barden University: The Barden Bellas and the Treblemakers. The treblemakers are seen as the best of the best, consistently winning the southeastern regional competition and while the Barden Bellas are good, they've faced a few hiccups along the way. New freshman Beca, played by Anna Kendrick, is a rebellious teenager who just wants to move to LA to pursue a career in music and DJing but she is forced to endure one year of college before her father will let her go. Seeing that Beca has not made any effort to make friends or join any societies within the first month at Barden University, her father says that she must join at least one society or the deal is off. Caught singing in the shower, Beca is recruited into the Barden Bellas but her rebellious nature grates on the Aubrey, the leader of the Bellas. At the same time, Beca's friend from the college radio, Jesse, becomes a Treblemaker, but the Bellas are strictly forbidden by Aubrey to have any sort of relationship with the Treblemakers lest they should lose their place as part of the group.

      This film is labelled as a musical comedy, though, whilst it was very funny at times, I could never quite figure out whether I was laughing because the film was genuinely funny or because I was incredulous at how bad certain moments of this film are. Rebel Wilson is a brilliant actress who really stands out and basically single-handedly carries the 'comedy' of this entire film. She is hilariously funny and confident and was probably one of the most realistically portrayed characters in the film despite how ridiculous her character is. There's nothing particularly wrong with anyone else's acting, however, there isn't anything particularly noteworthy about the other actors and actresses. Anna Kendrick plays the standard teenage rebel with Daddy issues and whilst she does it fairly well, there just wasn't anything fresh or exciting about her character or Kendrick's performance. The same goes for pretty much every other character.

      Insta-love. My (and everyone else's) pet hate seems prevalent in this film. Beca, turns very quickly from the alternative girl with far too many piercings to a sweet and confused college freshman who's fallen for a boy , Jesse the Trebletone, she is forbidden to date. Whilst the two interact whilst they volunteer at the college radio station together, there are very few scenes in which the pair are alone and in which you can see any sort of relationship forming. You know from the very beginning that something is going to happen between the two and suddenly the chemistry is there, but there is no build up whatsoever which is frustrating. Although this isn't a romance film, I would still expect the romance to be developed properly and fully alongside the singing drama.

      Perhaps the film's one saving grace is that at the very least, the singing was genuinely really impressive. All the actor's and actresses in this film have amazing voices and there were some really cool covers and mashups throughout the film. A large majority of this film is spent singing and dancing which is good because it's entertaining but also bad because it meant that the plot and the going's on behind stage were not fully developed. With just a little bit of singing time cut, I'm sure that the rest of the drama in this film could've been properly executed which would have made film excellent instead of just 'good'.

      All in all, I found Pitch Perfect to be an entertaining film that was downright hilarious at times. The problem is that it is an incredibly over-hyped film, thus prospective watchers have very high expectations, which in my case, were not fulfilled. If you're a fan of Glee then you'll probably love Pitch Perfect because the whole setup and the way the sets are performed pretty much mimics the way they are executed in Glee. If the drama that wasn't directly related to the singing parts of this film, i.e. romance, friend, family etc, had been fully developed, then this film would've been much more enjoyable. However, I can't help but feel that a better title for this film would've been - Glee: The Movie.


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      12.12.2013 15:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If Glee has left you in dispair, this film breathes new life into the format with some catchy tunes

      Originally released here in the UK to seemingly coincide with the start of the new season of "Glee" this tale of no holds barred A Cappella competitions, could be seen as trying to jump on its bandwagon but thankfully it does one better by improving on the current stale state of affairs for that show, mainly by removing the PSA feel, as Christopher Mintz-Plasse snarls in his cameo during an audition scene

      "This isn't a high school club where you can sing and dance your way through any social issue or confused sexuality."

      Perhaps because of this attitude that it feels like a fresh new take on singing competitions, as it follows The Barden Bellas, an all-girl group still haunted by their failure at the previous year's finals which ended in a shower of projectile vomit. Now forced to regroup and find new members to join their group, they soon recruit aspiring DJ and freshman Beca, who has zero interest in college life until she is convinced to join the group by established members Chloe (Brittany Snow) and Aubrey (Anna Camp), along with a mish-mash of other girls who equally don't fit the Bella's usual mold, as they prepare to face off against their rivals the Treble Makers.

      Directed by the Tony nominated theatre director Jason Moore who here makes his feature film debut, really has chosen the perfect project especially coming with his back ground in musical theatre were he has previous directed productions of Avenue Q, Jerry Springer: The Opera and err Shrek the Musical, all of which make him the perfect candidate for adapting Mickey Rapkin's book of the same name which looked at three different universities and their competitive a cappella groups, which here he has loosely adapted with "30 Rock" / "New Girl" writer Kay Cannon to craft a this fun tale.

      Removing all of the melodrama which currently has bogged down "Glee" this film instead keeps the focus squarely on the music, rather than the personal dramas of the group, while at the same time in many ways coming across like the all singing and dancing version of "Police Academy", as the mismatched girls have to band together to pull out a win in what is a very formulaic plot. Still this is not a criticism as such as the execution of the film is so much fun and more importantly smug performance free that you won't care, even the cliché love angel between Beca and Treble Maker Jesse (Skylar Astin) which honestly has so little spark that it almost seems like an afterthought and as such leaves more time for the film to focus on the antics of the group which is no doubt were you will want to be especially when there are so many fun members such as the scene stealing brassy Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) to the soft spoken and slightly disturbed Lilly (Hana Mae Lee) who only mumbles her words yet somehow makes the cut for the group, while showing something of a worrying interest in making vomit angels.

      What the film really lacks here though is a decent villain as the film tosses this role between Bumper (Adam DeVine) the captain of the Treble Makers, whose ego is so uncapped that no one is free from his acid tipped barbs and permanent sarcasm. Meanwhile to add another level of conflict we also have the stubborn and narrow minded team leader of the Barden Bellas Aubery, whose refusal to take on even the smallest of new ideas ultimately becomes more frustrating than needed by the end, much like the wait for Beca's supposed DJ skills to actually serve some kind of purpose. A skill which frequently throwing my hands up in despair, as yes she can mix two songs together, so why doesn't she just do something with it already!!

      To help bring a level of authenticity to proceedings Moore has brought in a cappella singers Ed Boyer and Deke Sharon, both who were featured in Rapkin's original book and here handle the music duties on the film to bring a fresh mixture of songs, aswell as bringing a fresh take to a selection of classic tracks, as especially seen by the version of "The Final Countdown" performed at the finals which more frustratingly was left of the official soundtrack. Each song that is featured though is performed completely without the aid of instruments, which to someone like myself who has never attended one of these competitions only makes the performance moments of the film all the more jaw dropping as these groups prove that you don't need instrumental backing to provide the rich and full sound on offer here, while it is equally refreshing to see the groups going for original choices for their songs ("The Sign" by Ace of Base being one such noteworthy mention) rather than just rehashing whatever is currently in vogue. Still the Statler and Waldorf styled ramblings of Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John Smith (John Michael Higgins) which accompanied these performances only left me wishing they had hired Fred Willard to provide this commentary instead, especially after the fun he brought to this kind of role in "Best In Show".

      True its characterisation might be hit and miss outside of the main group, but while there is someone singing or a member of the Bella's is wisecracking there is fun to be had here as it makes for a care free and slickly directed debut for Moore and with the prospect of sequel on the horizon, hopfully this will make for a new breed of aspirational teen drama and one were you don't have to throw cliché' and smugness at the screen to make your point and for perhaps for that reason along I would love to see were a sequel would take the story next


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        26.10.2013 11:03
        Very helpful



        Entertaining college film about an acapella girl group

        When Anna Kendrick's famous 'cup' song where she sings at the same time as moving a cup round in a methodical and rhythmical method, it went viral on the internet, as did many attempts at replicating the actions. Not an easy thing to do, but it prompted us to see the film that it was portrayed in, which was Pitch Perfect.

        It's essentially a college film, which follows Kendrick's character, a college professor's daughter whose reluctance to go to college seems all too familiar in film. She'd rather be a music producer but is content to follow her father's wishes on the agreement that if she doesn't enjoy it after a year she can quit and follow her dreams.

        She quickly joins up with an all female acapella singing group, who basically follow a format not too dissimilar to most seasons of Glee, whereby there are singing competitions and they have to progress through the various stages in order to achieve the national championship trophy. Naturally, there are fallings out, rivals, romance, laughter and tears, and the film bills itself as a comedy so there are plenty of funny moments.

        Kendrick is clearly the lead here, but she is well supported by a well balanced cast including recognisable names such as Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson. As a group, the cast perform very well, and produced some laugh out loud moments for us. When we went into the film, we had quite low expectations as the film had gathered some negative reviews, but we certainly found that these had been unfounded. You're naturally more likely to enjoy this if you're a fan of Glee rather than American Pie in terms of college movies, although creating a film such as this is a good move at the moment as there isn't really that much around that's similar. Sister Act 2 was long enough ago for it to focus completely differently, and having watched American Reunion recently I was certainly in the right sort of mood to watch a film such as this.

        The cast do a very good job, and the plot is basic enough to enable them to do this. There's plenty of humour and this is laced throughout the film's basic plot. In fact, there was no real impediment to this being a character driven film, it's one of those films where the characters drive the plot. Really, what you're getting here is a solid look at some decent musical humour. There really are some laugh out loud moments, and I was surprised, albeit pleasantly, to find that a lot of the recent films billed as being worth a watch fell well below the achievements of this one. Solid cast, enjoyable plot and some brilliant music from some of Kendrick's music mashups, all expertly performed and highly enjoyable. Well worth a watch. Recommended.


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        21.10.2013 16:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        brilliant musical comedy

        After seeing the trailer for Pitch Perfect I didn't feel like I would enjoy the film but after hearing such good comments from my family and friends I decided to give the film a chance.

        Beca Mitchell reluctantly attends Barden University where her father works and after missing classes her dad gives her the opportunity to enjoy university life for one year before (if she wishes) she may drop out and her father will pay for her to follow her dreams to LA to be a music producer. As part of that deal she must join one club and after being discovered to have a great voice in an unusual place she is invited to join the Barden Bellas, an a capella group for girls.

        The Barden Bella's have a tradition which they are very strict about and Beca tries her hardest to change the group for the better but the leader of the group is stubborn and it is not as easy as it seems.

        As the memebers of the Barden Bella's are all so different I found that there personalities as a group were often quite funny. I particularly liked the attitude and personality of Beca and think it was played really well by the actress. I liked that we got to see different sides of her even if she doesn't like to show it.

        The songs in the movie were really catchy and I especially thought the mash ups Beca made were really clever. Its been a couple of days since I last watched the film but I still find myself humming the tunes now. My favourite part of the film is the last song.

        When the film ended I was gutted as I was really enjoying it but the ending was rather abrupt. Much to my surprise I enjoyed it so much it is one of my favourite films and I plan to watch it again soon.


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          26.06.2013 22:24
          Very helpful



          An aquired taset

          Star - Anna Kendrick
          Genre - Comedy
          Certificate - PG13
          Run Time - 112 minutes
          Country - USA
          Blockbuster Rental- £3.50 per night
          Awards - 0
          Amazon -£7.00 DVD (£13.00 Blue Ray)
          = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

          So you all know the score with chick flicks in Blockbusters. They have a splash of pink on the dust-cover, a handsome male actor leaning on a lamppost like actress and positive reviews from Grazzia Magazine. Your misses or girlfriend tugs you on the arm and before you know it you have put down the film you intended to rent and it's another night in with Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Anniston. Pitch Perfect, on the other hand, did not really adhere to those rules and so hopes were high that there was a genuinely clever girly comedy out there that a guy like me could enjoy. Well that was the hope.

          Its billed selling point was 'Bridesmaids' sassy humor meets Glee with a high School Musical vibe, very much 'A Bring it On' for acapella singers, barber shop tunes for girls, apparently a popular fraternity in the American college system. They compete for all manner of things on campus with big national competitions the goal and acapella singing is one of those crazy things. It was deemed by someone on high there was enough comic potential for a wordy teen college comedy around that scene and here we all are with Pitch Perfect, an American Pie for warblers.

          = = = Cast = = =

          Anna Kendrick ... Beca
          Skylar Astin ... Jesse
          Ben Platt ... Benji
          Adam DeVine ... Bumper
          Brittany Snow ... Chloe
          Anna Camp ... Aubrey
          Rebel Wilson ... Fat Amy
          Alexis Knapp ... Stacie
          Ester Dean ... Cynthia Rose
          Hana Mae Lee ... Lilly
          Kelley Jakle ... Jessica
          Wanetah Walmsley ... Denise
          Shelley Regner ... Ashley
          Caroline Fourmy ... Mary Elise
          Nicole Lovince ... Kori

          = = = The Plot = = =

          Freshman Rebecca (Anna Kendrick) wants a career in music and loves mixing modern tunes and DJ'ing. But dad (John Benjamin - Hickey) insists she goes to college to get a qualification and so signed up to do a social degree at the local Baden University, dad a professor at the said university. But Becca has not been attending those classes and taken up an internship at the school radio station instead, where she meets fellow freshman Jessie (Skylar Astin). Dad, although not amused, finds out and cuts a deal. If she joins a club at the college and she doesn't want to be at Barden a year from now he will pay for her to live her dreams in Los Angeles.

          After some heavy persuasion by pretty and confident senior Chloe (Brittany Snow), Becca joins the 'Barden Bellas', an all female acapella group. They nearly won the championship last year only to be thwarted at the last by a projectile barf moment during a Beyonce cover. Chloe wants to change recruitment tactics this year and veer away from high pitched bikini body singers and go with a better range, which means more geeks in their all female group. Other unfashionable new recruits are Cynthia-Rose (Ester Dean), Stacie Conrad (Alexis Knapp), Lilly Onakuramara (Hana Mae Lee), and Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson).


          Aubrey: What's your name?
          Fat Amy: Fat Amy.
          Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?
          Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back

          Jesse, who has a crush on Becca, has joined the Bellas' all-male rival group The Treblemakers, the plan to get closer to her there, and with Becca soon getting into the swing of things as the female oddballs pull together and finish second at the heats at Carolina University to qualify for the nationals it may well happen, the boy band style Treblemakers breezing through as hot favorites to those finals.


          Aubrey: I know you have a toner for Jesse.
          Beca: A what?
          Aubrey: A toner. A musical boner

          But there are leadership issues in the Barden Bellas as Becca tries to get them to sing more modern songs and steer away from the cheesy. Becca is also missing the company of Jessie as the nationals approach and Chloe has yet to get control of her projectile vomit issues. Will they pull it all together on the day with some cool tunes and be victorious or will it be an all cat fight?


          Fat Amy :'Yeah, this number is like an elephant dart to the public's face'.

          = = = Results = = =

          Well, as I'm a straight bloke this did not live up to the broadsheets hype of the 'girly comedy of the year', bold claims indeed that it was the must see comedy since Bridesmaids. On paper it looked oh-so 'High School Musical: The College Years', but had bolder ambitions with its supposed sassy, funny and smart script mixed in with the toe tapping musical pieces, penned in by Broadway and TV writer Jason Moore. The comic writing was there from Kay Cannon and pretty decent stuff as far as it goes for this type of musical teen college trip, but really just the bitchy girl humor we have seen many times before in films like Clueless and Mean Girls that allows you to get away with questionable jokes, especially the big and loud lesbian and fat gags here. Its one of those movies I suspect is heavily quoted on the gay scene, baring fruit of the new phrase 'A-ca-scuse me'? I'm sure you can add the appropriate and demonstrative hand gestures.

          For its standard chick flick budget of around $20 million, its mostly TV cast earned it a useful $113 million back and so clearly appealed to the female/date night multiplex crowd. I laughed at some of the patois and jokes but having a confirmed fat girl and gay girl in it, that did seem to give it free license for the homophobic and fatty abusive stuff to be unleashed. I'm sure that crowd didn't find the least bit of offense in that humor and some of the funniest parts of the film are on that topic but you just know a thin straight girl will find offence on their behalf somehow.

          The musical pieces are very Glee and the girls all cut from those sassy teen comedies of the past, Anna Kendrick the highlight as the clever but pretty geek stereotype. I enjoyed the sing songs but not the acapella style set pieces so much and realizing by half-way that perhaps this film was not my thing. Saying that, if this geek Glee thing is your type of humor then you will probably enjoy Pitch Perfect. Its definitely fair play all around for trying to make the teen music comedy smarter and more wide ranging in its appeal but three-out-of- five for me, gay men and girls only here chaps!

          = = = = RATINGS = = = =

          Imdb.com - 7.1 /10.0 (80,124votes)
          Metacrtic.com - 66% critic's approval
          Rottentomatos.com - 81% critic's approval

          = = = = Critics = = = =

          The Guardian -'The song's the same, but Pitch Perfect is a great cover version'.

          The Telegraph -'Amusing though the movie can be, there's something missing in the warmth department. Like songs without accompaniment, its jokes lack any charm or liking for the characters

          Radio times -'It's a lightweight confection, but Pitch Perfect is great fun while the fat lady (and the skinny one) sings.

          Digital Times -' As far as the so-called humour goes, we're operating on a sliding scale from lazy to downright offensive.

          Financial Times -'The Spinal Tap of unaccompanied singing.

          Empire Magazine -' It's the kind of silly you can only get away with when your writing is very smart. A little bit odd and very, very funny.

          = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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            31.12.2012 16:44
            Very helpful



            An average film

            When my husband and I decided to go to the cinema this was not one of the movies we had planned on watching. After terrible traffic and arriving late we just managed to catch the start of this film and so by chance we ended up watching pitch perfect. I had seen trailers but really didn't know much about it so we went in without knowing what we were going to watch. Pitch perfect is a musical comedy based loosely on the book by Mickey Rapkin. If I was to try and describe it I would say it is a Glee spin off which is just a little more light hearted.


            Beca (Anna Kendrick) is an awkward outcast who after moving to a new college is finding it difficult to fit in. Unexpectedly she gets recruited into a female a cappella group. Each and every person in this group is completely different with just one interest in common, singing. After a disastrous year for the group they lost a few of their main singers. They set out to audition which brings to life the story and it all begins from there. The group are set in their ways playing older songs over and over again rather than taking risks. Beca comes in knowing this must change for them to win at finals, but can she persuade in time to save their place in the competition.

            **My thoughts**

            Not knowing what we were about to watch actually worked in this films favour. If I would have done some research before going into the cinema there is no doubt I would have expected it to be rubbish. In fact I found it to actually be an OK film, you do not need to really watch it to understand what is going on but it still provides entertainment. It is a chick flick film, and they do aim the whole film at younger females. I'm not overly familiar witch any of the actors in the film, but they seemed to fit their parts well. There is no need for huge special effects at all, but the backgrounds and settings are all done perfectly for a typical American college movie. The performances are choreographed well, and I did find myself singing along a few times.

            What I did like is even though some of the humour was not my cup of tea there were parts that both my husband and I would laugh at. Some of the jokes did make me cringe and wiggle in my seat, but at other times I couldn't stop laughing. I think some of the jokes are just really crude, and with some of the references that are made in the film I personally would not want my 12 year old to hear. There are two commentators throughout the competition stage of the film and I often found myself open mouthed at some of their lines. I understand they were trying to make it funny to constantly reference sex, and they come across as lunatics. For a film that is a 12A some of the comments made were way over the top and actually could have ruined the film.

            It is similar to glee but rather than breaking out in song, the musical aspect is all done while they are performing on stage. It is not as serious as Glee tries to make it, it is a comedy and the writers go over the top to show they are not scared to be silly. The biggest flaw is it has the same story line as any other dance/singing competition movie. With typical characters and a weak plot it is forgettable. There are a few characters that stand out like 'Fat Amy' with constant one liners she is the star of the show, but again some of the time I found it a little over the top. To be honest I have forgotten most of the characters names. Other than the main characters in the film the rest just seem to slip into the background to fill spaces, but are not a huge part of the film. Beca really does take the lead along with her love interest Jesse who of course is in their rival group just to make it a little more samey. This is definitely a film to watch for light hearted humour as that makes you forget about the holes in the plot. This film really is aimed at a mainly female audience, and in my opinion best for teenagers and young women. It is a film that can be watched by others without becoming too bored and they may even have a laugh or two.


            I would recommend this film as a light evening watch when there is nothing on TV. The acting and storyline overall are OK, but it is really predictable and samey. From the very beginning I knew how the film would end, and although it is a comedy it is still a little slow. I wouldn't rush out to but the film, but it is certainly something I would watch again when I was in the mood for something a little cheesy and fun. It is rated 12A but personally I would not let my children watch it at this age. It's not a film that will win Oscars, but it is a fun light-hearted comedy to pass a few hours. It runs for 112 minutes and is currently showing in cinemas as it was released on the 21st December.


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            23.12.2012 09:20
            Very helpful



            A good film

            About the film
            Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy film that was released at the cinema on 21st December although it was released much earlier, in September, in America. The film is based on Mickey Rapkin's non-fiction novel of the same name. The film has a run time of 112 minutes and is rated 12A.

            Beca Mitchell has just started her first year at Barden University, mostly because of her dad making her. Really, she wants to be in L.A. making and producing music. Even though Beca gets a place as an intern for the university's radio station, she realises they won't actually let her play any music so is forced to join musical a cappella group, The Barden Bellas. The previous year, The Bellas made it all the way to the finals but didn't win due to one of the singers being sick over everyone. The Bellas know they need to win this year but are stuck in the past, only singing older songs. Beca knows the group needs a new look and sound but is having a hard time convincing the leader of the group to change their ways.

            Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell
            Brittany Snow as Chloe
            Skylar Astin as Jesse
            Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy
            Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen
            Ben Platt as Benji
            Hana Mae Lee as Lily
            Ester Dean as Cynthia-Rose
            Adam DeVine as Bumper
            Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tommy
            Alexis Knapp as Stacie
            Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald
            Jinhee Joung as Kimmy Jin
            Elizabeth Banks as Gail

            What I thought
            I love a good musical film and TV shows like Glee so when I saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect at the cinema, I knew it was something that I had to go see. The trailer was funny and only showed clips of songs sung so it didn't really give too much away. The plot is pretty basic and quite predictable but that's normally what you get with this kind of film anyway. In a made up university, different a cappella groups battle it out for places in the national championships and to prove which group is the best in the university.

            Anna Kendrick has begun to do quite well for herself since having a small part in the Twilight films. I really liked her in What to Expect When You're Expecting and because of that, it made me want to watch this film even more. Kendrick plays main character Beca, who can be described as alternative compared to the other girls at this particular university. She has a strong interest in making her own mixes of music and generally walks around with a big pair of headphones on. Beca is a witty and outspoken character which I liked about her. She isn't afraid to state her mind when she thinks she can make something better or thinks that something is wrong. Kendrick was really good in this role and played in perfectly.

            Being a film about musical groups, there is quite a large cast. From The Bellas, next to Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson shine in particular. Snow plays one of the leaders of the group and is one of the nicer girls while Wilson plays Fat Amy, a larger Australian girl. I loved the character of Fat Amy so much because she was just hilarious. She has some amazingly funny lines throughout the whole film. Actually, she was probably my favourite character in the whole film and now I want to see more of what she has been in. Unfortunately, the male characters/ cast in the film were nowhere near as good as the girls and even love interest Jesse played by Skylar Astin was a let-down.

            Pitch Perfect has a pretty strange soundtrack. Along with some really current songs such as Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Right Round by Flo Rida, there are also songs such as The Sign by Ace of Base and Eternal Flame by The Bangles. However, the mix of songs was something that I found to be really interesting and something that set this film apart from other musicals. The mix of songs is done in such a way though that they go really well together and there are certain reasons for some of the songs. The soundtrack to this film is fantastic and one I would actually like to own.

            Overall, as cheesy and predictable as this film is, I loved it. The cast and characters are what made this film so good and along with a funny script and great songs, it was an instant hit for me. This will definitely be getting a place in my DVD collection.


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