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Pritchard Vs Dainton (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Exempt / DVD released 2004-08-07 at Black Diamond Films Ltd. / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2012 12:21
      Very helpful



      Still a spectacular series, recommended for any extreme comedy fan.


      I am a huge fan of Dirty Sanchez, Jackass, and pretty much any extreme comedy for that matter. Dirty Sanchez are essentially the more extreme of extreme comedy with skits including (Not for the squeamish) Suspension by hooks in the back, cannibalism (eating liposuction fat from a teammate) and eating faeces. This then, is not for the faint of heart because the sheer amount of disgusting, painful and over the top content will put you off, right from the start. The team also indulge in extreme sexual fetish acts which make this quite a disturbing series too... If this has just made you cringe, you might want to consider giving this a miss...

      (+) (STORYLINE)
      The storyline follows the two Dirty Sanchez members Pritchard and Dainton (hence PvsD) where they travel around the world to get high. It is entirely non-fiction; they are taking real, legal and natural drugs or performing acts which get them high. They try all the local drugs before they leave a country so this is normally plants that grow locally, or a ritual performed to induce deep relaxation.

      The team also try to see how long the high's last before reaching a final verdict. At the end of the series they meet up in Japan to discuss their findings, and reach a verdict on what is the best Legal and natural high in the world. Quite frankly I can see the point of the verdict, but I wish they did a verdict on what was the best high for that country; instead they just meet up after 8 countries and talk for about 60 seconds. Each country should have its own best natural high but they never talk about it.

      In my personal opinion I think this is a great storyline, it's what Sanchez is all about, being a bit stupid, having a laugh and living life very dangerously. There is no real "plot" they just make it up as they go along and if something happens, it happens, and they include it in the film, just like the original Dirty Sanchez episodes, that's what makes them so unpredictable. If they are filming a stunt and some random person on the street throws a bottle at them, they keep it in, laugh and carry on.

      (+) (STUNT QUALITY)

      The stunts are varied and what they take affects how they perform, what they do etc., as I said in the storyline these skits are all very unpredictable and even they don't know what they're filming. Most of the filming is of the two presenters off their noodles on drugs, or just fighting with each other, which is quite funny but also doesn't leave much room for them performing actual "stunts" like in the original Sanchez series, so things like nailing their hands to wooden blocks, and general painful stunts are not as common. The after effects of the drugs have a profound effect on the way the presenters act and it changes the way in which they act towards each other, aggressively or lovingly, the latter of which is not normal of these two...

      The stunts are still extreme but not in a painful way, pain is constant in the Sanchez film but in this series its things like jumping out of a plane naked, getting tattoo's, eating foods which are disgusting. It's more of a gross out or facing fear series, where pain does enter into it but not frequently. The stunts are not sketched out beforehand like Jackass, they are entirely random and all over the place so what actually happens is rather unpredictable and sporadic. The stunts (in my opinion) were funny and enjoyable but there's nothing like seeing Pritchard performing his famous "leg mashing" or paintball skits. I think they upped their game in terms of facing fears because skydiving naked was something they never even considered in the original series.

      They have kept with originality here and they have made new ideas, things that you've never seen before, not just on sanchez but in the whole field of extreme comedy. It is limited and there are only so many things you can do with what these guys do but Jackass seem to be running for 3 movies straight without a hitch and the Sanchez gang have never copied. They did repeat a stunt from the original series though but this was only one. They suspended Dainton from hooks in his back and im not too sure if this was filmed after or before the original series but that is repeated on their seven sins world tour. However that was a pretty spectacular stunt and my god I was on the edge of my seat (again) so I think performing a very serious and extreme stunt such as that was a good idea. Seeing it again made me smile, but that's the only repeated stunt. One is ok, especially if it's a very very good one. More to the point in this series Pritchard performs the stunt himself, something which is never done in the Seven Sins tour, which makes a nice change I suppose.

      (-) (SETUP's?)

      Some of it is a setup I hate to say. Things like arranging the guides rather than just bumping into them is a setup. For example Dainton says "Right what can we find here in South Africa" and the guide begins explaining, and then he says "right, were off!" but no directions, we don't know where he's going or what he's supposed to do. They must have some idea before they meet these people; it can't just be all about turning up and finding these people by chance!

      A couple of cheesy moments too that disappointed me where at the end of each episode. It just made me think it wasn't Sanchez's style. Like when they are driving to the airport at the end of each episode they turn to each other and say "where shall we go next?" and then have a long discussion about where to go. But you know that they know where they're going (if that makes sense!) they don't just sporadically decide to get on a plane and go, it was all planned. "Next up, Japan" would suffice and not seem so cheesy. They're two grown men, and it's not Sanchez style to do this anyway.

      (+) (OVERALL)

      This is still a fantastic series and I really enjoyed it, it's not as over the top as the original Sanchez series but it's just as fun and quite frankly nice to have these two back rather than the whole gang. MTV didn't have them on for a 6th series and it's a shame so to have their own spin off series, even for just one DVD was a change of pace, doing something different. Instead of doing random stunts they actually have a purpose to go to these countries which is to find highs. That added storyline even if it is only a small one makes this more watchable and you can get quite into their travels around the world. Apart from the setups this is a very entertaining film and I really enjoyed it. MTV get them back for another series!!

      Since this is non fiction I can't comment on things like acting or special effects, there are absolutely none. It's not a documentary either. March of the penguins was a documentary, so was Steve Irwins DVD's but this is just two muppets mucking around with legal drugs and testing the effects, I would class it as a non fiction comedy TV series. It's all just raw footage with no fake blood or anything like that... No its just real blood.

      I would recommend you watch the main series or the dirty sanchez film to fully understand what these guys do and their humour. It will make sense only watching this thanks to the storyline but without knowing who they are and what they do you might not get the running jokes between the presenters and the constant fake spider joke.

      All in all, absolutely brilliant! 5 Stars!


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