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Prom Night (Unrated) (DVD)

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy / Theatrical Release: 2008 / Director: Nelson McCormick (II) / Actors: Brittany Snow, Scott Porter (III), Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie ... / DVD released 2008-08-19 at Sony Pictures / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    14 Reviews
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      22.08.2010 13:47
      Very helpful
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      I love my horror flicks and consider myself a bit of an old seasoned pro, when it comes to slashers. I saw this on DVD last night and oh dear, what a grave disappointment. The film is an update of the original 'Prom Night' which starred Jamie Lee Curtis. Sadly, no Jamie Lee here but we do get Britanny Snow. Who? Exactly.

      Ususal plot ensues, a group of predictable American high school students are all geared up for their prom night. Britanny Snow's character, Donna is going, even though three years ago her high school teacher killed her entire family. (He had a crush on Donna.) But it's okay because he's safely locked up now and she's just about come to terms with all that now.

      No wait, the high school teacher who murdered her family has somehow managed to escape! Fancy that! And on Donna's prom night as well, talk about good timing! So we jump quickly into the actual prom event, far too quickly, it took about fiteen minutes before the students were all turning up, so not much time to establish characters or background plot.

      Let's have a look, we have Donna, the central character struggling to deal with personal issues from the past. Her wholesome boyfriend, a loyal sacrificial lamb friend, the catty girl who thinks she should be prom queen and the cop who put the evil teacher away a few years ago, who 'can't believe it's happening all over again.' All the boxes ticked so far.

      The killer teacher is far too handsome to be even slightly chilling, the death scenes are generally bland, with the exception of one in a basement which actually perked me up for two minutes. The biggest problem I have with this film is the way it employs so many tired trends. I lost count of the amount of times girls looked in bathroom cabinet mirrors, opened the cabinet, then closed it only to catch someone's reflection behind them. Yawn! And how many times can the film utilise 'looking in the wardrobe'?

      I should also mention, why when teenage girls are hiding from a killer do they insist on crawling under beds, covering their mouths to stifle noises, yet still manage to whimper and make a noise. Stupid women.

      The film is short, unimaginative and devoid of anything smart. I was surprised to read a review on another website where someone had said 'so many great clever twists.' I don't know what film she was watching, because there were not any twists. From a true slasher's fan's perspective and I own and adore most of the Halloweens, Elm Streets, Fridays, etc, this is terrible.


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        10.03.2010 17:45
        Very helpful



        Remake of the 1980 slasher film about a serial killer having fun on prom night

        I hear that the original film that this movie is based on, from 1980, is a rather good film. It's a shame, then, that they couldn't do much better with this. Prom Night starts off with a girl, Donna (Brittany Snow) who returns home from being out at the cinema with a friend to find her father and brother dead, and her mother in the process of being killed by ex-teacher Mr Fenton (Jonathan Schaech) who has developed an obsession with Donna.

        Fast forward to Donna's senior prom night, the best night of a high school pupil's life. Back story gives us the fact that Fenton has escaped from the maximum security prison for the insane that he has been incarcerated in. I think we can all guess what happens next...........

        What I liked about this was the way that director Nelson McCormick just gave us the script, without trying to make it something more than it is. I alos liked Schaech as Fenton. I thought he was incredibly convincing, with his cold pale stare and hollow cheeks providing the perfect look of a serial killer. As he stalks the hotel where the prom is being held and where these high school students are surprisingly allowed to share whatever rooms they desire, the body count starts to rise. Who's going to be next? Will Donna survive?

        What I didn't like was the very very generic way this serial killer romp turned out. There is no attempt to give us a twist anywhere along the way, nor is there any convincing acting. The high school students are rather bland and typical, the usual lines about losing virginity and having a blast coming all the time, while the murders take place. The first rule of a horror film is DON'T GET LEFT ON YOUR OWN! However, every time one of these characters goes off on their own you think, oops, there goes another one.

        It's boring to be honest. One of the shining lights is the efforts of the police detective who was in charge of the case the first time round and is frantically trying to protect Donna subtly without ruining her life. Forget it, man! There's a serial killer, and he's going through bodies while you're wondering where he's got to! The film is full of these sorts of frustrations, and while I can hear you arguing that surely this is part of the whole suspense element, it really doesn't come across as anything other than an annoyance.

        I suppose it did pass the time, and many slasher films like this that I have seen are of a similar fashion. There seems to be loads of them around and none are better than the others, to be honest. Nevertheless, I find myself strangely drawn to them, and the fact remains that, despite me not rating them very highly, they are the sort of film you can just put on in the background and not really have to pay much attention to.

        Prom Night is exactly that sort of film. No doubt at some point I will bother watching the original, especially if it's as good as 'they' say it is. I generally find that horror films just aren't done as well as they used to be. There are a few exceptions, but the older ones seem to be the best, and with films like this around, things aren't likely to change. Prom Night is available on DVD for around £5, but I personally wouldn't bother.


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        30.01.2010 14:18
        Very helpful



        A modern day high school slasher that is best avoided

        Please note that this is a review of the feature film only. I have not seen the bonus features or additional scenes on the DVD therefore I cannot comment on these, and now I have seen the feature length film I have no inclination to watching the additional features of the disc.

        Written by J S Cardone and directed by Nelson McCormick "Prom Night" is a modern day teenage slasher/thriller that was released back in June 2008.

        Firstly, I would like to point out that my synopsis of the film does not contain any spoilers since you will witness what I have included in my opening paragraph (below) within the first five minutes of this film.

        ****Story line****

        Donna Keppel ("Brittany Snow") witnessed the murder of her immediate family by an acquaintance. Whilst the perpetrator is locked up of harm's way, Donna goes to live with Karen Turner ("Jessalyn Gilsig") and Jack Turner ("Linden Ashby"), her aunt and uncle, in an attempt to rebuild her life after her traumatic experience.

        Fast forward three years, in particular to the end of the school year, when Donna and her friends, consisting of Lisa ("Dana Davis"), Claire ("Jessica Stroup"), Bobby ("Scott Porter"), Michael ("Kelly Blatz") and Ronnie ("Collins Pennie"), have the traditional summer prom to attend. Whilst her friends are going through the turmoil of dealing with trivial matters such as being voted Prom King/Queen, long distance relationship issues and school rivalries Donna has a much larger issue to contend with as her past comes back to haunt her.

        Is the prom a roaring success that the seniors will remember for the rest of their lives? Does the killer manage to secure his prize? DO the friends remain close post school?

        ****My thoughts and opinion****

        I guess Prom Night is a modern day 'Scream'. However, where the 'Scream' saga consisted of an original story line that was well thought out, and un-predictable with plenty of twists and turns that was executed by a great cast of actors, Prom Night falls short in all respects.

        This is possibly the worst teenage "slasher"/horror/thriller type film I have ever seen, and it was one big disappointment from start to finish, which is a real shame because whilst the story may not be that unique or original there was the potential there to make a half decent film, but the end result was very predictable and became tedious quite quickly.

        That said, some parts of the story are too far-fetched that go from slightly believable to down-right ridiculous. For example, the way in which the killer locates Donna is just too much and there is no way this would ever happen in real life.

        The realism in some parts of this film is shocking. I can't say from experience, and I am merely making an assumption but if you stab a body multiple times you are going to get blood on you right? So, if you stab multiple bodies multiple times then you surely you're going to be covered in blood right? Well, this is not the case in this film and the killer manages to stab many people many times over and his crisp white shirt remains crisp and white throughout. Despite there being a huge blood bath there is a distinct lack of blood.

        The 'been there done that' story line and lack of realism is bad enough, however the worst thing, in my opinion, is the that the identity of the serial killer is made known within the first five minutes of the film, and to make matters worse the reason behind the first spate of killings is also let out of the bag. This removes the usual "who? Why? Where?" questions that many movie watchers may ask themselves whilst trying to work out 'who did it' during a decent thriller. Personally I find giving away too much too soon reduces the atmosphere, takes away the element of surprise and eliminates any suspense and that is exactly what happened with this film. It is just so empty and flat.

        Whilst the killer is mentally retarded and a little creepy he is not scary in any way. The killer in a good horror/thriller should make you want to go to bed with the light on for a couple of nights after watching the film. Anyone remember "It", "Freddie Krueger" or "Candy Man"? Now those were scary killers that really affected me for weeks afterwards, however the killer in this film did not have nearly the same effect, since he was just a typical bloke that you'd see down any high street.

        As well as being thought provoking a decent thriller should be gripping from start to finish. It should focus on the main story and develop it, but this film does not do that. There is a lot of "padding out" in this film and I think it is totally unnecessary. For example, the journey to the prom takes an age and with all the glitz and glamour it is easy to think you're watching a load of 'A' list celebrities entering the Oscars. Are high school proms really like that in America? Do all teenagers live the lives of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and sponge off their mega rich parents?

        With regards to the acting abilities at best I can only describe it as mediocre, and I feel this is very generous. None of the actors, and I include both the main cast and the huge cast of supporting actresses, give memorable performances. There is a lack of feeling, little emotion and the characters just come across as wooden. I appreciate that the acting in this genre of films doesn't need to be amazing but it should at least be a little believable.

        The soundtrack is poor and adds nothing to the film whatsoever. In fact, on reflection I can't even think of a single track or piece of music used in this film, I think this should give some indication of how memorable it is. Audio can really make or break a film and there are certain genres, including thrillers, where audio is vital to enhance the mood and create the atmosphere. However, it is not used to any effect in this film.

        An 18 certificate seems a bit excessive for this film and I think the censors have gone a bit overboard. I appreciate there are scenes of violence but they are not that graphic and, as previously mentioned, there is no blood. There is a bit of foul language but it is not excessively used, and whilst there is one scene with sexual references there is no nudity at all. In fact, the amount of flesh no show is minimal and you'd see far more on an episode of Gok Wan's "How To Look Good Naked".

        ****To sum up****

        i) Predictable story line
        ii) Too much given away far too soon
        iii) No atmosphere whatsoever
        iv) The villain isn't scary or creepy
        v) No blood


        Overall this is a very poor thriller and it is not one I would recommend as it fails on too many levels, as described in my review. If you are looking for a decent thriller then there are so many better ones out there and I would suggest spending your hard earned money on renting one of those instead and leave this collecting dust on the shelf of your local DVD rental shop, where it belongs.


        Run time - 88 minutes
        Certificate - 18
        1 Award and 3 other nominations

        (This review has been posted on other sites under the name of yackers1)


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          23.12.2009 12:45
          Very helpful



          It's been universally panned - but I liked it.

          Senior high school student Donna is looking forward to her prom night. Attending with boyfriend Bobby, as well as best friends Claire and Lisa, she hopes it will signify a new start after the horrible occurrences of the past. A teacher from her school who developed a crush on her broke into her home and murdered her parents and brother while she hid under the bed. Now living with her aunt and uncle, she has recurring nightmares. All seems to go smoothly at the prom until Claire has a bust up with her boyfriend and escapes upstairs to the hotel room they are all sharing. At the same time, the police officer in charge of Donna's case discovers that her killer has escaped. Can he warn Donna before it is too late?

          Brittany Snow plays Donna and is actually pretty good. One problem I have with horrors is that often there is virtually no characterisation and so when people start to die, I can't really bring myself to care very much. However, we get to see what happened to Donna at the beginning of the film and how she has suffered since, with her nightmares and all, and she left an impact on me. I don't think Snow is going to win any awards for her acting, but she certainly could have been an awful lot worse and she did what she had to do well. Her friends, Claire and Lisa, played by Jessica Stroup and Dana Davis were less impressive, but then they didn't have particularly large parts and they were certainly adequate enough.

          Richard Fenton plays Johnathon Schaech, the escaped killer. There is no attempt to make him a sympathetic character; in fact, we find out nothing about his background or the reasons for his behaviour. He did look creepy, but that's about all I can say for him. Again though, it's a fair performance and he did exactly what he needed to. The only other actor worth noting is Scott Porter, who plays Bobby, Donna's boyfriend. His terror when he discovers that Donna may be in danger is touching and I thought they had great chemistry together. For a small role, he did a good job.

          The story is not a new one. It is, in fact, deeply unoriginal, and has been done scores of times before - and not just because it is very loosely based on the 1980 film of the same name starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Having watched Black Christmas and House on Sorority Row recently, I expected there to be a lot of similarities, and there most definitely are. Then again, I didn't find it as tedious as I expected - mainly because I liked the character of Donna. In many films of this genre, the victims are nasty pieces of work who deserve some kind of comeuppance. However, here, Donna certainly didn't deserve to die and neither did any of her friends. For me, this made the film that much more watchable.

          The special effects are reasonably good. There is a lot of blood and stabbing going on and it is certainly realistic. It isn't, however, as graphic as it could be. Towards the end, one of the victims is found dead and we get a glimpse of a possible slashed throat, but the cameras certainly do little more than suggest what happened. From this point of view, the rating of 15 is about right. For parents concerned about what their teenagers may be watching, apart from the gore, there is also a lot of drinking and suggestions of sex.

          I thought the atmosphere was well built up. There was always a sense of foreboding, initially because we catch a glimpse of Donna's nightmares and because she is always looking over her shoulder. Then the hotel is used as a kind of haunted house - once the characters leave the crowded ballroom and move upstairs, the corridors seem wide and empty, as though anything could happen at any time. Filmed in an actual hotel, The Pacific Grand Hotel, the setting was well chosen and I think director Nelson McCormick did a good job of setting it up.

          There are a number of extras with the DVD. The first is a behind the scenes look at the production of the film. This involves a lot of interviews with the cast members and is vaguely interesting, but nothing special. The same goes for the next extra. The profile of a killer discusses how the killer's character was pieced together by the writer - mainly as a result of research of other serial killers like Ted Bundy. However, I found it very simplistic and amateur. The next extra is about the setting, which I did find interesting - although much of that was down to the hotel itself rather than the interviews with the production cast. Finally, there's an unnecessary section on real prom stories from the cast and a selection of trailers.

          On the whole, I thought this film was reasonable. It has been almost universally panned elsewhere though - there is a rating of 3.6 out of 10 on imdb.com, with people calling it the worst film of 2008. I would suggest that, if you enjoy the genre, you should give it a go - I don't think it's as bad as all that. I have most definitely seen far worse films. Recommended, to fans of horror, but rent, don't buy. Three stars out of five.

          The DVD is available from play.com for £5.

          Classification: 15

          Running time: 89 minutes


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            13.12.2009 18:41



            Not scary but worth buying for a girls night in

            Prom Night DVD

            I recently watched Prom Night with my friends, we thought it would be scary but it really wasn't. If your looking for a scary movie I do not suggest this, I'd suggest this for a girls night in.

            A teacher became obsessed with one of his student Donna Keppel, the teacher finds her family home and kills her parents and little brother he is found and locked up 3 years later he escapes from prison and changes most things about him self apart from his ever growing obbession with Donna, he goes to the hotel where the prom is being held and he picks off her friends and kills them one by one, Donna and her boyfriend go back to her aunts and uncles house, she goes to the bathroom when she comes back to her bedroom she finds her boyfriend dead and her teacher tries to kill her but the policeman that has been working on the case comes in the house finds the aunt and uncle alive and then goes in to Donnas room and shoots him repeatedly. Donna is left with just her aunt and uncle now.

            Thanks for reading my review I hope its helpful :)


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              27.10.2009 10:11
              Very helpful



              Prom Night......

              Prom Night was released in 2008, and was directed by Nelson McCormick and starring Britney Snow as the main lead character.
              The film is a re release of the 1980 film of the same name. Hollywood has recently made a lot of horror remakes, notably Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to name just a few. I hadn't seen or ever heard of Prom Night before this film was released and thus I wanted to watch it. From the name I got the basic premise that the film involves something horrible happening on Prom Night, and having a cast of teenagers starring in it you soon realize this is another teen horror film.


              The film starts of Three years ago, Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) comes home one evening to find her father and brother lying dead in the living room. She goes to hide upstairs under her bead only to see her mother being killed in front of her own eyes by her former teacher. Since then the teacher was sent to jail, and Donna moved in with her aunt and uncle. Life finally seems to be going back to normal for this teenager under the circumstances; however she still has nightmares about the night she saw her whole family die. As prom approaches, her aunt and uncle want her to have the best possible time, the teenagers have planned to have their prom night at a hotel, and hope to stay the night their. All is going well until the sudden arrival of Detective Winn (Idris Elba). He comes to tell the aunt and uncle that Fenton the teacher has escaped from prison and is on the loose. The aunt and uncle are reluctant to tell Donna as they want her to have a brilliant prom night, so Winn agrees to keep quite about the escape and will instead have security present at the hotel to guard her.

              The kids start enjoying their prom night and things look like they are going well, until one of the gang decides to go upstairs to. She is soon greeted by the presence of Fenton, who brutally murders her and hides her body. One by one the gang notices the disappearances and something is horribly going on. Can the kids survive Prom Night, Will Donna finally meets her parent's killer, and if so what will happen to her, tune in and find out.

              My View:

              Brittney Snow plays the lead character of Donna Keppel, the young girl who witnessed the brutal death of her family and has never really got through that day. Her life seems to be finally getting back to normal and she looks to have a brilliant Prom Night, however it soon turns to death as a killer is on the loose, looking for her. Her character is the typical horror female figure. Beautiful but slightly dumb, I don't really understand why killers target these type of women, I guess their just easy to hunt.
              Her character was not a stand out one, did lack any emotion for someone who had lost so much or for that matter someone who was on the verge of being killed.

              The rest of the cast are just plain awful, this reminded me of a B movie I watched a while back, which made no sense, the plot was boring, the horror was rubbish it lacked any suspense and just seemed to go with the flow, rather than having an ultimate goal. Nothing about this film suggested horror, characters was plain and dull, music was awful and the violent ways people died were typical of most teen horror films we have now come to see. For me the best bit of the whole was the closing credits. If you are suffering from lack of sleep I would suggest watching this film, it will be moneys worth.
              Release date(s) United States:
              April 11 2008
              April 10[1]

              Running time Theatrical cut
              88 min.
              Extended cut
              89 min.
              Country Canada
              United States
              Language English
              Budget $20 Million
              Gross revenue $57,197,876 [2]


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              25.09.2009 23:48



              Avoid at all costs

              Note that this is a review based on seeing the film at the cinema and therefore doesn't take account of any special features which the DVD may contain.

              Prom Night is a remake of the classic 80s film of the same name, which I had never heard of before. It follows a group of teens at their prom night & how their perfect night is ruined by a killer on a rampage. How many of them will actually survive the night?

              As you can probably tell, this is a horror movie. I'm a big fan of horrors in general but this unfortunately didn't keep me interested at all, there was nothing original about it whatsoever. The story was predictable & there wasn't even any great scenes of gore as you'd expect in such a film.

              I also found that the film was too slow moving and the plot was very poor. It went on abit too long as well and towards the end I was thinking when it would end. The characters were very plain and you just couldn't associate with any of them.

              Although I love my horrors, I would go as far as saying that this is one of the worst horror movies I've ever seen, don't waste your time watching this.


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              27.07.2009 17:24
              Very helpful



              A tawdry and trite horror film

              note: also appears in part on The Student Room

              Some film remakes, although cash-ins, do make sense - they're an attempt to recapture the magic of a brilliant film for a new generation. Some other remakes, though, utterly astound me, such as Prom Night - why bother remaking a film that wasn't particularly good in the first place!?

              Some three years prior to the events of Prom Night, Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) hid under her bed as her mother (along with her father and brother, who were dead already) was murdered by a teacher that was obsessed with her, named Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech). Some time later, as she gets ready to attend her prom, the killer returns, striking at what is supposed to be, for some inane reason, "the happiest day of their lives". As you can expect, a fleet of irritating teenagers are offed in fairly perfunctory fashion by a nefarious, underdeveloped big bad.

              Whilst most horror films are formulaic, this one just takes the cake - it's got all of the classic horror staples down to a T, including some painful direction, a script that could very well have been written by a four year old, and some pretty ropey performances, aside from Idris Elba (from HBO's superb show The Wire), who frankly deserves a lot better than trash like this and the recent Fatal Attraction knock-off Obsessed.

              Why a sub-par 1980s horror film has been remade is beyond anyone's guess. This update suffers from shoddy direction, a dire script, and features a laundry list of horror cliches and false scares. Moreover, an abundance of cutaway shots means that even gore-hounds will be left unsatisfied. The film's only commendation is a decent performance from Idris Elba, whose talent is nevertheless wasted in this dreck.


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              28.01.2009 13:37
              Very helpful




              Has it really come to this? We're now being offered up remakes of seventies horror films that aren't even remakes, they're just borrowing the name.

              Next along on this rancid meat train is Prom Night, a film that puts the Ho Hum in Horror.

              The Prom is the pinnacle of the year for high school seniors, a chance for students to let their hair down, smuggle in some booze and generally act more annoying that usual.

              Our heroine Donna is dressed up and ready to move on with her life. She's still suffering the mental scars of having her family murdered by her former teacher who took obsession to a whole new level. But as the prom get's underway, wouldn't you know it, the crazy killer has escaped from his mental institution and is ready to put his knife skills in operation.

              What ensues for about 80-minutes is bland and boring mix of the usual slasher film clichés intermixed with stilted dialogue and thrills so cheap that even Primark would think twice about stocking them.

              The acting is your usual sub standard level but I can't really put all this on our actors. The script comes from JS Cardone, the man who penned a similar load of dreck called The Convenant. The dialogue is incredibly ropey and none of the characters are interesting. You have your usual bitchy school girl and her little gang, the horny black teenager and a couple who are fighting because they're moving away from each other to different universities. The only surprise to me was that all of these characters didn't get offed as you usually expect it. Did I also mention that out heroines boyfriend looks closer to thirty rather than a teen, a glance on IMDB confirms it.

              The direction is limp from the start and the scares are non-existent, it relys on the usual trick of using a musical cue to inspire a scare. Anyway you want a character looking in bathroom cabinet, only to find the killer behind her when she closes the mirrored door - it's here. Bodies dropping from wardrobes, inept cops, anything you can think of, it's all here.

              Please do not waste your time with this movie, it really does stink and doesn't have any redeeming qualities in it's favour.

              - The DVD -

              Of course the transfer is pretty good stuff and the soundtrack is nice and punchy, that's all.

              - Extras -

              There is a cast and crew commentary track but honestly why would I want to sit through the film again.

              An alternate ending is not even a minute and is merely a freeze frame and voice over.

              The deleted scenes are all bland offcuts featuring snippets of dialogue that still remain inane blather.

              Other than that you have some trailers and the usual brief collection of featurettes that try and sell the movie, having probably watched it before delving into the extras it makes them pretty pointless.

              - Finally -

              Prom Night is a bloodless, empty souled film devoid of any originality or craft - why not switch off your TV and do something more interesting instead.


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                12.01.2009 20:27
                Very helpful



                Not a bad film, but not willing to put my neck on the line and say a good film A bit mediokre really

                Prom Night is a 2008 horror film that was released as a remake of the 1980 Canadian version of the same name. The film starrs Brittany Snow and Johnathon Schaech, a succes in areas such as acing, directing, producing and writing.
                The film starts by showing a 'mad man' so to speak, brutally murdering a man, woman and son, trying to find out where their daughter is; the object of his obsessive affections. Hiding under the bed, she has to watch the dreadful incident which later haunts her reeatedly in years to come.
                As the film title suggests, the main plot happens on prom night, where Donna Keppel (Snow) and her friends hopes to make it a night to remember, three years after the murders of her family.
                As with any horror, you can probably tell that it will be a night to remember, but not in the normal sense that is probably wished for by the characters.
                The film displays the nights events as they unfold and it is worth a watch but certainly nothing to go wild about.
                I would say it is very predictable, you know what will happen, even with not much previous horror movie experience, but it still makes a good watch if you want an 'easy' horror. You won;t be scared out of your skin, but some parts could be percieved as quite 'jumpy'.
                Not a bad film, but not willing to put my neck on the line and say a good film. A bit mediokre really.


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                07.01.2009 22:49
                Very helpful



                Meh...it's alright...

                We headed home from our New Year's Eve celebrations at about 1 / 1.30am - having a baby to get back to tends to make you leave earlier, especially when the other 'alfs Mum has stayed up waiting!

                So, because he knows we've had a few to drink and that we just want to chill out, have a couple more and then head to sleep, the baby is of course having a terrible night and wont settle down well.

                So, as we're awake, we decide to order a film from box-office, and as the baby is asleep - why not a horror film to finish off the evening.

                It is a classic story of American teens going to some sort of party, on this occasion their proms and there being some sort of maniac there trying to kill someone.

                And of course, what classic American teenager death film would be complete without the classic "Oh good the front door, no wait...the stairs leading up to where there is no escape - that's a much better idea!" from the ditzy woman trying to escape being hacked into a thousand pieces.

                All in all - not the best, it's been done many a many a many a time before. Don't pay for it - if you really have the incling to watch it here's what you do:

                1) drink lots
                2) wait for the TV to show it for free/borrow it/steal it (kidding!)
                3) watch it and be midly entertained as you would by any other film of the same
                4) state 'it could have been better'

                I think I covered everything...

                Peace out until next time :o)


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                18.12.2008 22:49
                Very helpful



                A terrible excuse of a horror film. Would work as a sleeping tablet.

                With nothing to do this evening, other than slouch on the couch and be lazy, I decided to watch "Prom Night" on sky box office.

                I picked it for the blurb from Sky,

                "Donna is having a killer time at prom...until the psycho who slaughtered her faily returns to finish thejob. High school slasher remake starring Brittany Snow"

                I love a good silly slasher flick, and so I settled down to watch.

                Directed by Nelson McCormick , and written by J.S. Cardone , "Prom Night" was released in 2008.

                The film didnt give any advance screenings before its public release....which is always a bit of a bad sign.

                The film was nominated for two awards at the Teen Choice awards.
                Horror/thiller movie actress (Brittany Snow), and Choice Movie, Horror/thriller.
                The film won neither awards.

                Three years ago, Donnas Parents and brother were murdered by one of her teachers. The teacher Mr Fenton was obsessed with her, so for some reason, thought it a good idea to kill her nearest and dearest.
                Donna witnessed the death of her mother.

                In present day, Donna is still in therapy reliving the murders. Mr Fenton is in prison, and she is now living with relitives.

                More than anything else, Donna is excited about prom.

                The night of Prom however, the police find out that Mr Fenton has escaped.

                Will Mr Fenton find Donna?


                What I thought.
                I think, when the script writers were creating this, they were aiming for natural and realistic dialogue. What they ended up with was stunted and cheesy, with people talkin over each other, in efforts to appear real, but resulting in sloppy.
                Some of the speech is cheesy that it seems as if the characters are reading from an autocue. It would work if this was a comedy....but its not funny.
                Actually, the entire film comes off like a spoof...but its a spoof without humour.
                The film, however, would make for a great drinking game.
                Take a sip every time Brittany Snow giggles, or says "Oh my God".

                The plot is contrived and predictable. This is a thousand previous movies reworked into one rather mundane one. Its picked up all the lazy plot devices, and missed any of the wit and humour of other teen slasher flicks.

                From the very beginning, we see the killers face, know who he is, and know his motivations. This kind of takes all the fun away. Slasher flicks are always better when the killer retains an air of mystery. That way, the killer stays mysterious and creepy.

                There is nothing creepy about greasy locked ex teacher Richard. Nothing sinister He was also rather handsome...which took away from the fear factor.

                The main character, Donna (Brittany Snow) is insipid and about as deep as a puddle.
                She has no personality that I could see, and seemingly had no common sense.

                Surely, if ones family were all murdered by a teacher that was obsessed with you, you would be reluctant to walk in dark corridors/rooms by yourself.
                But no.

                Actually, in all honesty, none of the characters seemed to have any common sense.

                Donnas family, when they find out that Mr Fenton has escaped, dont go and get Donna from the prom.
                This to me, is entirely ridiculous. The guy was obsessed with Donna. He killed her parents and brother due to his obsession, so obviously he was going to hunt her down when he escaped.

                I have a sneaking suspicion that they didnt tell her immediatly on purpose.
                She was really annoying.

                I actually found myself rather pleased as the characters were picked off one by one. Each of them was entirely annoying, so it was quite gratifying to watch them bite the dust.

                To be honest, I found myself nearly giving up halfway through the film. I couldnt remember anybody but Donnas name, and repeatedly got confused between the characters. Everyone looked the same, and no ones character was distinctive enough to be memorable.

                Some of the supporting cast were competant, although no one was given a role big, or meaty enough to really shine.

                The film ended on an entirely predictable note, and I just didnt care.

                The biggest downfall of this film, is that when I watch a horror, I expect to be scared. Nothing in this film was scary. The murders were little more than a swift pumelling with a bit of corn syrup for blood, and the scares were no more dramatic than "Boo! Im behind you".

                There was an utter lack of suspense throughout the film. No thrills and chills, no hairs standing up on your arms.

                Im a bloody great scaredy cat, so if it didnt frighten me, it wont frighten you.

                It isnt all doom and gloom though.

                This film has one good point.

                Kellan Lutz is in it! For two whole minutes! (He plays Emmet Cullen in "Twilight")

                Ok, so it isnt a big plus, but I am taking what i can get.

                Final thought.
                I hate saying it, I really do, but a complete waste of time. I truly dont knowwhy they even bothered making this film.
                If you want to watch a good horror flick in the same vein, watch "Carrie" or any of the "Scream" films. This just doesnt cut it.

                Where can I buy it?

                well, firstly, dont. It has no redeeming features, and would be a complete waste of your time.

                However, if you must, go here.
                Dont say I didnt warn you though.


                Buy it from £3.97


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                  15.09.2008 00:06
                  Very helpful
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                  One to avoid

                  Prom night is yet another remake about Donna Keppel, a girl, who, three years ago, saw her mother murdered before her very eyes by Richard Fenton, one of her high school teachers who has become obsessed with her. Tonight, it's her senior prom, and along with her friends, want to make it a night to remember. And it will be, but for all the wrong reasons...

                  If you're a fan of horror movies, avoid this, you've seen much better elsewhere. If not, don't see this because this will not show you how good a horror movie can be, quite the opposite in fact.

                  The cliches are too many to count. Everyone is impossibly handsome, you've got generic rock/indie band # 40987 playing tunes you won't remember 5 minutes from now and the characters barely register. The general shock tricks are pulled out here, from characters appearing out of the darkness to suspense building before a character looks around/seen behind them. But they never really work, you're just waiting for inevitable conclusion. The actors do what they can with the flimsy script, but I don't think this is a film they'll be boasting about years from now.

                  I haven't seen the original but I can't really see it being worse than this, at least it'll have the nostalgia factor. This film however, commits the worst sin a film can make: it's mediocre.

                  You really shouldn't expect much from this film, I wouldn't even recommend it for a Friday night in with your mates as there are slasher flicks out there with more blood and that are more exciting. Avoid.


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                    22.08.2008 17:07
                    Very helpful



                    So predictable, I could have written this without watching it if I'd wanted!

                    The other day, looking for something that wasn't going to be a thinker, I watched this expecting your average teen horror flick. I was pretty much on the money. There is another film of the same name from 1980 starring Jamie Lee Curtis, but the plot is totally different.

                    Donna Keppel is just coming to terms with the horrific murders of her family by a teacher of hers who became infatuated and obssessed. He claimed to have "killed them for her" so that they could be together. Donna goes to live with her aunt and uncle and, through counselling and her good friends and boyfriend, Bobby (they're always called Bobby, aren't they?), starts to gain her life back.

                    Unfortunately for her, just because he's in jail doesn't mean Mr Fenton is going to give up. He somehow escapes from maximum security jail just in time for her senior prom, and makes his way to the hotel where he checks into a room near Donna's group after overhearing her friends talk.

                    One by one, rather predictably, the number in their group depletes, complete with comedy gore, although it isn't until the police find out he's missing and head over to the hotel that Donna realises anything is wrong, when the alarm is pulled and everyone is told to head outside.

                    I wont give away any more so as to spoil the end, but needless to say this stalker is not going to be kept away by the police again...

                    Donna is played by Brittany Snow, who looked vaguely familiar to me but not entirely memorable (she has in fact been in The Pacifier, John Tucker Must Die and Hairspray). Jonathan Schaech creepily portrays Mr Fenton, and the rest of the cast is made up of various young actors and actresses for whom this is their biggest break so far. Their group is very cliche - the homecoming king and queen, couple who are constantly fighting about where they will go to college, etc...yawn. Performances are solid, for a cookie-cutter horror, but certainly nothing remarkable.

                    This is one of those horror films where, if you're anything like me, you can't help but laugh at. There is no real suspense and no "scares" as such. The plot is fairly obvious from the get-go, and I found myself furious at the characters for making poor decisions ("don't go down there, there's a killer on the loose, stupid!"). When each was bumped off, I couldn't help but snigger.

                    It's watchable, but nothing special. The fact that this review is around the 500-word mark, when I can usually find much more to say about ANYTHING, is telling.

                    Quick Facts
                    -Release date: 6 June 2008 (UK)
                    -Rating: 15 (or 18 for special edition DVD)
                    -Language: English
                    -Run time: 88 mins
                    -Filming locations: Los Angeles, California mostly.

                    You can find this film for sale for £11.99 at Amazon.co.uk.


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