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Pulp Fiction (DVD)

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    90 Reviews
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      22.09.2015 20:42
      Very helpful



      Tarantino's best. A must see!

      An absolute classic. Pulp fiction is one of those films that you just have to see. I think it probably rightly features on every top 100 list that has ever been compiled.

      The plot is relatively complicated. There are several short story lines in the film which all link up quite nicely at the end. I don't want to give away too much of the storyline, but don't worry, even though you might find it tricky to follow how they all come together at first, it all becomes clear towards the end.

      The acting is simply superb. Hope fiction contains many of the 90s' greatest actors, Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman, John Travolta... I could go on and on. The characters that they portray are deep and instantly relatable (even though they do some crazy things!).

      Quentin Tarantino's direction is of course absolutely out of this world. His films are always dark and brutal, and this is no exception. It is delightfully glory and violent, but in an oddly funny way (perhaps that's just my warped sense of humour). The film is also hysterically funny in several places, you will be laughing out loud from start to finish.

      This film contains some of the most memorable one liners of any film. It's worth watching for that alone.

      Pulp fiction is a DVD which should be on everyone's shelf. If you've never seen it, now is the time to do so. I'm pretty sure you could pick a copy up for a couple of quid- it's so worth it.


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      05.03.2012 18:04



      Great film by Tarrantino with great actors starring John Travolta and Samuel Jackson

      I remember seeing this film and thinking it was one of the best films i'd seen when i was younger and after i recently re-watched it i remembered why. The actors were a main element that made this film very popular.
      Samuel Jackson performed at his very best it has to be said. It was this film that made me a fan of this actor as he was very entertaining and was a good adaptation of the 'gangster'.

      Alongside Jackson was of course John Travolta. In comparison to Grease, he played a completely different character and one that suited him. Very professional and worked well with Jackson: a good pair i would like to see working together again.

      The various story lines were brilliantly interlinked and were easy to understand despite the jumping time periods.

      A highlight of the film, as is in most, is the soundtrack. 'Miserlou' is brilliant and well-suited for this film. This film will definitely open your eyes to the works of Quintin Tarrantino and make you want to watch his other directed and produced films.

      It is pleasant to see Tarrantino appearing as a cameo in the film working with the actors and seeing him get involved. It adds to the experience of watching the film. It is small things like this that makes this film brilliant and entertaining to watch - get the popcorn ready if you are thinking about buying this film!

      I will say that if you have a slight phobia of blood and gore or are easily offended by films that contain drug use then this film may not be for you as this film involves these factors.

      I would recommend this to a friend or for yourself as it is a film you can watch numerous times and still find yourself being entertained.


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      21.03.2011 15:16
      Very helpful



      A film which is worth a watch just for the soundtrack!


      Mob boss Marsellus Wallace has two hit men working for him out to retrieve a suitcase. Jules and Vincent are quite different from each other but work well and always get the job done. Hey are ruthless and hard hitting and have some fun along the way.

      Boxing star Butch Collidge is asked by Marsellus to take a dive for a price but unfortunately he does not do this and so he has to go on the run. His life is now in danger from Marsellus and his hit men.

      These men all come together along the way and we get some explosive action as their lives intertwine and not all survive. Just who will make it and who will not?

      I did find it very hard to give a decent plot summary for this film as I did not want to give too much of the story away for those who have not seen the film. Do not think that the film is as basic as I have made it out to be above as this is not the case and we do have some pretty good stored in the film and some excellent characters too. I did find the story quite easy to follow fort he majority of the film although there were a few timing issues towards the end where we would go right back to the start of the film but once I realised what was happening I was able to follow with ease. The stories are very good and I enjoyed seeing how they all came together and were connected slightly. I think this film was such a big hit as it starred some very good actors and I don't think it would have been as good if lesser know actors were used.

      The two lead roles in the film were that of the hit men, they were played by John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson. I loved how different these men were, Travolta was more of the hit them first and then ask questions whilst Jackson was more of a speak first guy. They managed to bounce off ach other very well and the chemistry between them was excellent. They both delivered all of their lines with ease and they were a few moments when they gave some good one liners which bought a slight element of humour to the film. They seemed at ease with the action scenes and the use of guns and I did enjoy watching them on screen together. We also had Bruce Willis in the role of the boxer, he too was very good and I thought he managed to bring a different perspective to the film, he was the one being chased not the chaser. He was strong and managed to convince me of his character. I did find he seemed a little too cocky in places but it was good when he did show an element of being scared as this made he seem more human.

      We had some other good actors in the film in slightly smaller parts and some of the actors included, Tim Roth, Ving Rhames, Phil LaMarr and Amanda Plummer. They all played quite different roles and I enjoyed the diversity they bought to the story as it seemed to give it a little depth.

      I did have a few issues with the film, one story in particular was not enjoyable, this was the one which features the boxer and what happened when he met Marsellus. I felt that this had been taken slightly too far and I really did not need to see this on screen let alone have it in so much detail as we got. I am not revealing fully what it involved but those who have seen the film will understand the parts I am referring to. The remainder of the stories were good and I think despite the fact there was a little too much action they were still entertaining and good to watch.

      The music was a big part of this film for me and I love the whole soundtrack, we had a lot of well known and iconic songs played and I was having to stop myself from singing along to them, hubby was not impressed when I did sing! I think the soundtrack is definitely worth buying even if you have not watched the film as it is packed with some big singers and songs.

      There is a lot of action in the film and I thought it was all produced and created to a very high standard considering the age of this film. The gun all looked authentic and so to did the shooting. I thought the stunts were also very good and they fitted extremely well into the film. The props and costumes were also good and in keeping with the film. The fact that this film was made in 1994 did not make it look dated and I think it is still able to stand up in today's market.

      I am only reviewing the film so there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 154 minutes and although this may seem very long, I did loose track of the time and got very engrossed in the story. The rate is an 18 and I full agree with this as there are some very gruesome scenes and the nature of some of them were quite disturbing. There is a lot of swearing and violence so this is most definitely not for the younger audience. The DVD can be bought from a variety of shops and it is priced under £5 now which I think to be a good reasonable price.

      I am happy to recommend this film and give it a solid 4 stars. I have dropped one as I felt one storyline went too far, the remainder of the film was great to watch and the acting was excellent. I think this film is worth a watch just for the soundtrack anyway. Definitely recommended by both me and hubby.


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        31.10.2010 11:40
        Very helpful



        Fantastic cult film covering the intertwining lives of a few shady characters one sunny morning

        Quentin Tarantino is considered as being one of the best directors of the modern era, indeed of all time. His inimitable style of combining fast and quirky dialogue with stunning visuals and great characters has produced a number of excellent films, with this being his second major feature film at the helm. It follows the cult gangster whodunnit Reservoir Dogs, and while there are a number of differences between the two films, there are also a number of similarities in style.

        It's the cult nature that gets me with his films, and the incredible patience and quality that each one of his efforts brings with it. Pulp Fiction's plot is a curious one, and many a viewer has encountered confusion along with the intense characterisation and dialogue that is now a given with Tarantino's films. Pulp Fiction doesn't follow a classic chronological tale, but intertwines the events of a morning through following different characters in a number of long scenes. Before the opening credits come up, we get a prelude with a diner scene, as Ringo (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny (Amanda Plummer) prepare to rob it and its customers. Curiously, as if running things around full circle, this is also the location of the final scene, as if Tarantino is describing events leading up to the prelude.

        As he makes his directorial way towards this final scene, we encounter the characters of his masterpiece. I suppose you could say that the main focus is on two hitmen, Jules Winfield (Samuel L Jackson) and Vincent Vega (John Travolta), and the opening scene after the intro credits is one of brilliant dialogue, as they make their way to recover a briefcase belonging to their boss, Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). The dialogue in the car is brilliant, and this is where one of the differences between Tarantino and other directors is obvious. Most of the time, characters in films are considered as being so fictional that they're unreal, and that events and conversations must pertain to the relevant film and plot in question. What Tarantino does so well is do what normal people would do. Irrelevant of the mission they're on, Jules and Vincent have a conversation that is rather normal. They discuss Vincent's recent trip to Europe, and how things differ than in the States.

        Indeed, this is a trait of Tarantino through and through, especially in this film. As we go from the fast paced dialogue that is sheer brilliance from Jules and Vincent, we eventually move on to meet Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) a prize fighter on the run after a fixed match goes wrong. The dialogue here is between him and his lover, and they're talking randomly about pot bellies. More riveting dialogue in amidst developments and time passing that sees the plot flow and get more frantic.

        The link here is Marsellus Wallace, and it's through him that the whole thing pivots. Each character is linked to him in some way, however tenuous, whether it be his two hitmen, or Vincent's night out looking after Wallace's wife, Mia (Uma Thurman) and the subsequent drug dealer involvement in the scene. Characters flow in and out of the scenes, although none are discarded as unimportant, no matter how small their role is. The acting is second to none throughout, and it's hard to say who is the best out of all of them. There are strong points to all of them, and weak points just don't exist. Every scene is painstakingly perfect, making this one of the more enjoyable acting performances in a film to date, for me. Usually, you get a weak link or two, or occasionally someone steals the scene. Here, however, it's a testament to Tarantino's direction that every single person on screen has to play things perfectly, from Marvin oin the briefcase scene to the manager in the diner, or the long haired yuppy who has to stumble underneath a table, from the owner of the gun store to the waiter who serves Vincent and Mia.

        It's hard to fault this film, so I won't. At first, it is confusing as the plots intertwine and it's somewhat hard to follow it. However, it's also the sort of film you could watch over and over again and not get bored. This is the hallmark of a brilliantly scripted film, timing is perfect and the casting and subsequent acting spot on in every way. Tarantino also adds what he considers the most important part: an effective soundtrack. Spoken word and natural sound effects as events occur are one thing, but music is a powerful tool in film. Here, the soundtrack has become almost as famous as the film itself, with its use of soft an strong music in various scenes, most notably the scene where Vincent and Mia enter a dancing competition. There's a very cult sound to the music, using harsh and Indie sounds as much as alternative Blues and some unsung tracks as well. Again, as with every visual and piece of dialogue, the music is perfectly placed.

        I must have watched this a dozen times now, and it still has me riveted from start to finish. It's as if I'm going to be surprised by some new event. While I notice something somewhat different each time, there's no major revelation, just perhaps the occasional small link or piece of background visual that I hadn't noticed from before, and this is the magic. If you can watch a film over and over again and still get something new from it, then it has to be good. Pulp Fiction has all the makings of one of the all time greats, and in terms of modern cult, it sits atop the pile. Tarantino's visuals and ability to construct a film like a perfect jigsaw puzzle is amazing, and this is perhaps the best example of just how good he is.


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          06.06.2010 16:20
          Very helpful



          Complex, layered and skillfully made, this is the coolest film of all time, and is very entertaining

          Once in a while, a masterpiece is created, and Pulp Fiction is without a doubt an iconic masterpiece. A director usually has at least one film that stands out, and for Quentin Tarantino, this is the film that he will be most remembered for. Though his other films are brilliant, this is his best simply because of the fabulous intertwining of several very clever and fun stories. It also boasts some of the finest dialogue in film, and some very memorable characters along Tarantino's touch of violence. Pulp Fiction stars John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino, Ving Rhames, Tim Roth, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keital, Christopher Walken and Eric Stolz. A big, very talented cast for a very clever film.

          There are basically three large stories that are split up and filmed in different sequences, and at times all three stories come together to make one.

          At the beginning, there is a sequence in a diner in Los Angeles where 'Pumpkin' and 'Honey Bunny' are plotting a robbey. They then shout, and tell everyone in the diner to get down.

          After the credits, we are introduced to characters Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson), who are driving to an apartment to enforce something for their boss, Mersellus. As they travel there, Vincent talks about his trip to Amsterdam, and everything that happened there. Upon arriving at the apartment, the go ahead and do their enforcing, where we learn that though Jules is a gangster, he's also a devout follower of the Bible.

          Later, in another story, Vincent has to take Marsellus' wife out while Marsellus is out. But before that, he and Marsellus (Ving Rhames) speak while an ageing boxer called called Butch (Bruce Willis), convincing him to lose a fight. Butch and Vincent have a few words, before Vincent speaks with Marcellus. He is told to take Marcellus' wife, Mia (Thurman) out for the evening. He meets Mia, and is instantly attracted to her. They enjoy an evening together, but things take an awful turn when Mia takes drugs.

          We then cut to a prologue, where Vietnam veteran Captain Koons (Christopher Walken) talks to a young Butch about a gold watch that Butch's dad left him before he died.

          We cut to the next story, which centres around Butch, the gold watch and the fact he won a fight that Marsellus paid him to lose. But out of pride, Butch goes on to win. We also learnt that he bet on himself to win and has won a lot of money. But Marcellus is hot on his trail and isn't willing to let Butch get away. Worse still, Butch's girlfriend forgot his gold watch that was left to him.

          The final segmant leads back to Vincent and Jules as they attempt to get away from the massacre that took place in their first scene together. But luck isn't with them, and after an accidental shooting, they have to call in the help of the 'Wolf'.

          This then leads to the beginning, in the diner. The story comes full circle, and we are left with a fabulous climax.

          This is a non stop thriller with several very complex stories that add to an overall very complex film. The descriptions above don't even come close to telling you what's going on in this film, since there are so many layers, characters and action scenes.

          This is Tarantino's winner. His other films are great, but this is the one that shows just how good he is. Tarantino directs this brilliantly, with his trademark quirkiness, his trademark violence and trademark dialogue, which is some of the sharpest in film. Every scene is complex, yet is seems as if he's done is so effortlessly, as they fit so perfectly. Each scene in some way connects to another, and once again Tarantino doesn't use a linear story-line, but several that are all filmed in segments and told in different ways. It boats some cracking scenes, most notably between Jules and Vincent, and each segmant has its own mini-climax which explains everything before the final climax in the diner, where the story was started. It also has a wonderful sountrack that is well in keeping with the film, and just keeps the whole 'cool' feel to the film.

          Speaking of cool, the acting and actors in this are just that. This has two of the coolest actors Hollywood has to offer. Samuel L. Jackson as the Bible bashing Jules, who is a believer but is happy to use violence to make his point. And Ving Rhames as the subtle Marsellus, the lead gangster. John Travolta's career was kicked into gear thanks to this film, and he puts in a great performane as the loyal but somewhat dim-witted Vincent Vega (it's also worth noting that his name relates too Michael Madsen's Mr Blond in Reservoir Dogs. They're brothers). Harvey Keital's cameo as The Wolf is outstanding, as is Tarantino's cameo himself. It's also refreshing to see Bruce Willis in a role other than John McClane. In my opinion though, the actor who steals this is Christopher Walken, who's small but important cameo as Captain Koons is just hiliarious. How he said that speech without cracking up is beyond me. There is also brilliant support from Tim Roth in the diner, Uma Thurman and Eric Stolz.


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          18.03.2010 20:35
          1 Comment



          Brilliantly done and very clever

          It took me a few times of watching Pulp Fiction to even begin to like it as I found the plot really hard to follow and couldn't get into it without understanding what was happening. But once I had watched it a few times, and understood what was happening, I really enjoyed it. It consists of several little plots running alongside one another, each one full of as much excitement and action as the next little plot, and then all the plots join together to complete the story line and put all the loose ends together. There is never a dull moment in "Pulp Fiction", and it is full of witty comments and funny conversations. There is action and surprises around every corner, and it never stops until the very end. Quentin Tarantino really has made one of his greatest films with this one, which is hard to beat when he's got Kill Bill in there among others. The only downside I would say about this film is how hard it is to follow and understand.


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            17.03.2010 22:00
            Very helpful



            Pulp Fiction

            Pulp fiction is just one of the many classic films directed by Quentin Tarantino, whom i love as a director. This film follows the life of a gangster and his henchmen. The two henchmen Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnifield (Samuel L Jackson) make a really good pair, i love their relationship throughout the film.

            There are three main sections in this film with the first being about a couple who like to hold up places, the second about a boxer named butch (played by Brucw Willis) and the third about Vincent Vega taking care of his boss's wife Mia (played by Uma Thurman) while he is away. There is also alot of the two henchmen Vincent and Jules and also a part with the boss Marcellus being held in a compromising situation. I love Mias character and the story behind her especially the Fox force five!

            My favourite section has to be the one with Vince and Mia, i love these two together its really easy to watch and i love Jack rabbit slims where Vince and Mia go to eat. everything is just there including a Scalextric mega set up in the restaurant. I absolutely love the dancing bit, its a must watch bit of the film (as well as the main part with Marcellus)

            One of the things that i really love about this film is the way that its not done in cronalogical order, its all mixed up and after half an hour things seem to go into place in your mind but theres still a few bits where you question when did that happen!


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            27.02.2010 20:21
            Very helpful



            You've got to watch this movie.

            Pulp Fiction is the stylish and clever film directed and co written by Quentin Tarantino. The film boast an impressive all star cast which includes Oscar nominees John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as well as Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Walken. Pulp fiction premiered in the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and was a complete success and has since gone on to become a cult classic winning one Oscar and was nominated for 6 other Oscars as well as a large array of other film awards and was one of the most significant films in 1994.

            The Plot:

            The bulk of the film centres around Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega who are two hitmen who are out to retrieve a suitcase stolen from their employer, mob boss Marsellus Wallace. Wallace has also asked Vincent to take his wife Mia out a few days later when Wallace himself will be out of town. Butch Coolidge is an aging boxer who is paid by Wallace to lose his next fight but instead accidentally kills his opponent. The lives of these different people are connected in some way through violence by accident or through a funny event and somehow fit togher for the bigger picture.

            My thoughts:

            Wow! That is one of many words to describe this movie. If a movie was considered a work of art this would be it. You don't get many movies like this because you have to be brave to put together something as clever, complex as this movie. All the characters are so amazing it would be near impossible to pick a favourite. It has the best casting I've ever seen for a movie. The movie is well written and is able to successfully mix black humour and violence. There is just so much going on your head will be spinning. The first time I watched this movie I didn't have a clue what was going on because there is so many different stories, characters and twist. I watched it again and it all came together and I loved it.


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            29.12.2009 12:05
            Very helpful




            Pulp Fiction
            A soft moist shapeless mass of matter.


            This is arguably Tarrantino's best film to date. Universally recognised as a ground breaking film, and recieved huge critical acclaim at the Cannes film festival winning the Golden Palm Award.
            The dialogue in this film will blow you way, Tarrantino has for me written and delivered probably the best dialogue in a film ever.

            The acting by Travolta and Jackson sent their careers skyward and indeed revived Travolta's career. Both deliver (literally) killer performances! An excellent supporting cast and fantastic soundtrack. Sound like the perfect film!

            The film depicts a typical day in the life of a hit man (men), Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winnfield (Samuel L Jackson).

            The main story revolves around their dealings over a briefcase with Brett ( Frank Whaley), Marvin (Phil LaMarr), and a gangster Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames). Cleverly woven into the tales of violence and redemption are the stories of Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) a journeyman boxer and a couple of petty crooks Pumpkin/Ringo ( Tim Roth and Honey Bunny/Yolanda (Amanda Plummer). There are other stories cleverly woven into the main plot. The web of stories continue and eventually enclose all the characters.
            Below I will explain in more detail why I think the film is brilliant and hopefully convince you to watch it.


            *** I will give you the basics of the plot and some classic moments from the film, I will try not to contain any spoilers or give the film away to much***
            On first viewing you may be confused. This film (a look at the low-life criminals who populate Los Angeles) seems to jump from scene to scene and from past to present inexplicably. Stick with it, this is the beauty of the film. In my opinion it adds to the story greatly. You are constantly thinking and working out where the film is going and indeed taking you.

            The film revolves around the stories of two hit men Vincent and Jules. There dealings on behalf of a gangster Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames).
            They have two (main) issues to deal with a briefcase and and a journeyman boxer Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) who has double crossed Marsellus.

            The briefcase

            The gang (primarily Brett and Marvin) in this scene that have been entrusted with the said briefcase have failed to deliver to Marsellus. The gang must now face the wrath of Marsellus through Vincent and Jules. From start to finish of the opening scene the dialogue is outstanding. The acting is fantastic, you can feel yourself being drawn into the scene, the tension created by Jules is electrifying, countered with teh coolness of Vincent. You can almost smell the fear!
            You can not but help rewinding the film to listen again to the dialogue, and indeed learn the lines.

            Below are a few that I think are fantastic. I have omitted the swearing for obvious reasons.
            Brett: I'm sorry, I didn't get your name. I got yours, Vincent, right? But I didn't get yours...
            Jules: My name's Pitt. And your ass ain't talkin' your way out of this sh*t.

            Jules: What country are you from?
            Brett: What? What? Wh - ?
            Jules: "What" ain't no country I've ever heard of. They speak English in What?
            Brett: What?
            I have not given the whole dialogue for the above scene as it will give the plot away, it hopefully will entice you to find out more by watching the film.

            Butch Coolidge

            The scene is set in Marsellus' Strip Club. Vincent and Jules enter the club, an altercation occurs and Vincent insults Butch. Before Butch can retaliate, Marsellus calls Vincent over to discuss him taking Marsellus' wife, Mia (Uma Thurman), out for dinner to keep her entertained whilst he is out of town on buisness.
            The scene reverts back to Butch and Marsellus.
            Butch has made a deal with Marsellus, he has agreed to throw a fight resulting in a hefty pay day for both. Butch has other ideas and decides to double cross Marsellus. Agian resulting in Marsellus deploying his wrath.

            Dialogue from this scene:
            Butch: Starin' at something, friend?
            Vincent: I ain't your friend, palooka.
            Butch: What did you say?
            Vincent: I think you heard me just fine, punchy.

            Marsellus: In the fifth, your ass goes down. Say it.
            Butch: In the fifth, my ass goes down.

            Other Scenes

            Above are the two main storylines in the film. As I mentioned previously there are other stories cleverly woven into the film. The charaters are developed and explained more as the film progresses. I will give a brief insight into the others without trying to give away the plot.

            Dance Scene - Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega.
            Brilliant scene, set in a Restaraunt/Caberet Club called Jack Rabbit Slim's a 50s theme diner. This is were the soundtrack really come into its own. The scence is as smooth and slick as the dancing of Mia and Vincent. The is clearly a chemistry between them I guarantee you will be humming the songs after this scene.

            Mia: Don't you hate that?
            Vincent: What?
            Mia: Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullsh*t in order to be comfortable?

            Restaraunt Scene
            Vincent, Jules, Ringo and Yolanda.

            Again a brilliant scene. This is were hopefully it will all become clear to you. All four actors here are outstanding. Some of the best dialogue in the whole film is delivered here. Its hard to discribe this scene without giving the storyline away so I wont go into any depth. All I will say is sit back and enjoy the ride!

            Yolanda: This place? A coffee shop?
            Pumpkin: Why not? Nobody ever robs restaurants. Bars, liquor stores, gas stations... you get your head blown off sticking up one of them. Restaurants on the other hand, you catch with their pants down. They're not expecting to get robbed. Not as expectant anyway.
            Yolanda: I bet you could cut down on the hero factor in a place like this.


            I love this film now but, the first time I watched it many years ago I was confused, I did not have a clue what was going on and to be honest vowed to never watch it again. There was so much fuss after the Cannes filmn festival about this " Revolutionary new film" but personally I was very dissapointed.
            I watched it again several years later whilst seving in Bosnia (Little choice of films there) and changed my mind instantly. I think this film is brilliant, its a complicated plot granted, but worth the effort to try and understand it.

            It also boast a classic soundtrack its immense and adds to the film greatly.

            What a brilliant soundtrack, this film is greatly enhanced by the fantastic song chioces and there clever placement. The soundtrack is good enough to be bought on its own.

            Jungle Boogie - Performed by Kool & The Gang
            Strawberry Letter #23 - Performed by Brothers Johnson

            Bustin' Surfboards - Performed by The Tornadoes
            Let's Stay Together - Performed by Al Green

            Son Of A Preacher Man - Performed by Dusty Springfield
            Bullwinkle Part II - Performed by The Centurians

            Waitin' In School - Performed by Gary Shorellette
            Lonesome Town - Performed by Ricky Nelson

            Ace Of Spades - Performed by Link Wray
            Rumble - Performed by Link Wray And His Raymen

            Since I First Met You - Performed by The Robins
            Teenagers In Love - Performed by Woody Thorne

            You Never Can Tell - Performed by Chuck Berry
            Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon - Performed by Urge Overkill

            If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags) - Performed by Maria McKee
            Flowers On The Wall - Performed by The Statler Brothers

            Out Of Limits - Performed by The Marketts
            Surf Rider - Performed by The Lively Ones

            Comanche - Performed by The Revels

            Academy Awards, USA
            Won Oscar Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
            Quentin Tarantino, Roger Avary

            Brit Awards
            Year Result Award Category/Recipient(s)
            1995 Won Brit Best Soundtrack
            Cannes Film Festival
            Won Golden Palm
            Quentin Tarantino

            Golden Globes, USA
            Won Golden Globe Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
            Quentin Tarantino


            John Travolta ... Vincent Vega
            Samuel L. Jackson ... Jules Winnfield
            Tim Roth ... Pumpkin - Ringo
            Amanda Plummer ... Honey Bunny - Yolanda
            Uma Thurman ... Mia Wallace
            Quentin Tarantino ... Jimmie Dimmick
            Eric Stoltz ... Lance
            Bruce Willis ... Butch Coolidge
            Ving Rhames ... Marsellus Wallace
            Phil LaMarr ... Marvin
            Maria de Medeiros ... Fabienne
            Rosanna Arquette ... Jody
            Frank Whaley ... Brett
            Christopher Walken ... Captain Koons
            Harvey Keitel ... Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe
            Directed by:
            Quentin Tarantino

            Writing credits:
            Quentin Tarantino (stories) &
            Roger Avary (stories)
            Release Date: 21 October 1994 (UK)

            Genre:Crime/Thriller more
            Cert 18


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              17.11.2009 18:35



              Excellent - If you haven't already -> Buy it!

              I have watched this Tarantino classic maybe a hundreds time or more. It is one of my favourites of all time! A number of chapters, revealed to the audience in randomised sequence, interweaves the story of a boxer screwing over a gangster boss amongst a host of other separate but eventually relevant events.

              Drug dealers, body disposal experts, gangsters, redneck kidnappers, robbers make up the character cast and each one has their own part to play in this series of random events that could almost be more believable than a 'normal' gangster movie. Whether it's the accidental shooting or when two enemies are united as kidnap victims, it becomes more likely than your usual double-cross mafia plot.

              Yet the sheer chaos of the story means it's completely unpredictable and ultimately an amazing work of media art.

              Packed with action, stunning dialogue and wacked out characters you can't help but to align with. I will watch this movie over and over again.


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              13.11.2009 23:35
              Very helpful



              Welcome inside Tarantino's mind

              Director: Quentin Tarantino
              Producer: Lawrence Bender
              Writers: Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary.
              Stars: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Therman, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Maria de Medeiros, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames and Christopher Walken

              Released in 1994 running time of 154 minutes.

              When I first about this movie many years ago I wasn't surprised how confusing the plot sounded, especially after watching, and very much enjoying, Quentin Tarantino's 1992 movie Reservoir dogs.
              So when I finally got round to watching this I knew I would have to concentrate somewhat to keep up with the story.
              It is one of them movie which is written in such a way that the beginning is the end, the end is the middle and the middle is somewhere near the beginning of the end. It is a mish mash of separate stories entwined into one great movie written by the very strange minded Tarantino, who seems to like to confuse the hell out of his audience.

              The plot is a little puzzling to follow, with each short story seeming to try and follow an other, whilst being followed by something else, (if you're with me).

              It is a mix of violence, humour, a little romance, more violence and a bit more humour... oh, and did I mention the violence?

              In this movie we see how the lives of people change in a split second when they make decision that will affect there lives forever, from gangsters to petty crooks, from gangsters molls to 'chancers'... this movie introduces us to them all, with some cracking results.

              ** I will try and give a brief explanation of the plot without spoiling it for those that may not have seen this one as yet...

              It opens with a nice friendly young couple, Pumpkin, (Tim Roth) and Honey Bunny, (Amanda Plummer), having a nice quite meal in a diner, until they decide to create a little chaos amongst the customers.
              Unfortunately for them, they come up against a couple of menacing obstacles in the form of Jules Winnfield, (Samuel L.Jackson) and Vincent Vega, (John Travolta), who happen to be in possession of a rather special briefcase, which creates a few rather strange and very bizarre results.

              Meanwhile, in another scene, which twists and turns from one to another, Vincent has to 'baby-sit' of bosses daughter, Mia Wallace, (Uma Thurman), and ends up taking her to a dance, but things turn a little scary for them both towards the end of the evening when Mia makes a life threatening mistake, leading to some rushed discussion from Vincent.

              With another twist and turn, which this movie thrives on, prize fighter Butch Coolidge, (Bruce Willis), makes a terrible mistake when he turns the tables on Marsellus, (Ving Rhames), a mobster boss with a bit of a temper, leading to a confrontation with Vincent and a strangely dressed man, all for the sake of his father gold watch.

              Then there's a rather bloody situation which happens in the back of Vincent and Jule's car they have to call in specialist Winston Wolf, (Harvey Keitel), to clean out the back seats, with military precision.

              And then the end of the movie takes us back to the beginning, with a rather thrilling and very tense finale.

              *That's it for the movie plot then... I hope I haven't given too much away.

              ** MY OPINION...

              What a cracking movie, even if the pages of the script seem to have been mixed up at the publishers, leaving what can only be described as a labyrinth for the mind.

              This brilliantly written movie takes all the usual rules about having a beginning, a middle and an end in that order, throwing the lot into the air and seeing what order everything came down, with great results.
              So watching this once may lead to a little confusion, especially if you are expecting a movie where the beginning is at the beginning and the end is at the end.

              The all round acting is just what you would expect from the names that are in this one, such as Travolta, with his cool manner and rough boy looks, Jackson as the religious spouting gangster who stays as cools as ice in all situations, Rhames as the very frightening mobster boss who would scare the pants off a gladiator and then there's Willis who gives his all as the punch drunk fighter who suddenly realises his life needs to change. And not forgetting Therman who looks almost sexy as she struts her stuff for all to enjoy.

              Plus the other cast members, British born Roth, (who was Mr Orange in Tarantino's Reservoir dogs), and Plummer manage to bring some humour into what is a rather scary atmosphere as they unravel there part of the story.

              There are no need for those CGI's in this movie, managing to use only a few brilliant stuntmen to create some fantastic scenes in some splendid backdrops. The excellent plot managing to tell a story which will keep the audience enthralled.

              I have seen this movie a few times now and have often wondered how good it would be if someone managed to put it in the order it doesn't come in, if you know what I mean. Putting the end toward the beginning, the middle at the end, the middle middle scenes after the beginning and the beginning toward somewhere near the other bit... ow god, now my head hurts.

              This movie has a cracking soundtrack, with one track playing whilst there is a bizarre dance during some scenes with Travolta and Therman. Some of the tracks include Neil Diamonds/urge Overkill, 'girl...you'll be a woman soon', Dusty Springfield's 'Son of a preacher man' and 'Jungle Boogie' by Cool and the gang.

              Anyway, this is one of them movies which you will enjoy or hate, but most will enjoy even though it has some rather bloody scenes and a few scenes of a sexual nature which may offend some.
              But if you have not seen this as yet then give it a go, it will certainly open your eyes to the brilliance of Tarantino and give you a little insight into how his mind may work.

              If you're interested in buying a copy of this then get onto amazon and grab one for less than a fiver, which is cracking value for money in my eyes.
              But, if you're easily offended by a vast amount of swearing and some rather graphic scenes then avoid this like the plague... you have been warned.


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                10.11.2009 23:06
                Very helpful



                One of the greats

                Pulp Fiction is a Quentin Tarantino film that would easily make my all time top ten movie list and would probably be in the top five, it is by far and away the best film Tarantino has ever made and I never get tired of watching it.

                As a viewer you get to see a number of inter related stories focusing on a number of low life characters however the events are unfurled out of sequence in such a way that at the end you are seeing the events that happened just before the film opened and you almost get a feeling of hope that in fact what you have seen might not actually happen second time round.

                Joh Travolta and Samuel L Jackson star as two hitmen who primarily work for a drug dealer, some of the opening scenes with the two discussing Travoltas characters recent visit to Amsterdam are hilarous and wonderfully delivered especially as just around the corner you see the two brutally deal with some people who owe their boss money.

                The cast for this film is excellent with Tarantino favourite Uma Thurman also starring alongside Bruce Willis as a washed up boxer and Rosanna Arquette and Tim Roth having a great little cameo role as two woud be robbers of a diner.

                This is a great action thriller that stands out to me for the quality of the dialogue and the way that the plot takes you on an unexpected journey. It is a great insight into the seedy bely of the drugs scene and the low life criminals. It has a few stand out scenes in the film however the dance scene between Travolta andThurman is legendary.

                An excllent film that deserves more than the five stars Dooyoo allow.


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                  09.11.2009 22:54
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Watch it.

                  Warning: There is adult language in this review.

                  Well, what can be said about Pulp Fiction?

                  It is an excellent, back to front story about a group of loveable gangsters who backstab, and look out for themselves and the ones they love.

                  The story is not told in chronological order, which can be confusing at times, but once you've watched it once or twice, (and indeed argued over what occurred and when with your partner!) you will soon start to understand.

                  The film features interesting camera angles, hilarious dark comedy scenes, as well as tense-moment scenes designed to make you uncomfortable, usually when the characters are trying to save someone's life.

                  THE PLOT:
                  Set in the early 90s this story follows a group of gangsters and the people closely associated with the gangsters and tells of the various seemingly every day things they get up to.
                  Several small stories come out of this, such as Mia and Vincent entering a dance competition, Jules thinks about giving up the gangster life for good, Marcellus gets saved by a very unlikely hero when he gets in a tight spot, Butch screws over Marcellus and steals money from him, Vincent accidently kills someone (trust me a very comical scene).

                  THE MAIN CHARACTERS:

                  Jules- Portrayed amazingly by Samuel L Jackson, a long-serving gangster who undergoes a 'transitional period' when God 'stopped those motherf**king bullets'

                  Vincent Vega- Good friend and co-gangster of Jules, recently back from Amsterdam, he gives Jules the gossip from Europe, and gets picked by his gang-lord boss to take his wife out to dinner. The same boss who tried to murder someone for giving this same wife a foot massage. *gulp*

                  Mia Wallace- The wife who got someone almost killed for receiving said foot massage. A playful minx who is definitely more trouble than she is worth and gets Vincent Vega into a lot of trouble!

                  Marcellus Wallace- Gang lord, undergoes a very uncomfortable situation.

                  Butch Coolidge- The guy who screws over Marcellus, how will he get out of this one?

                  This film is classed as a classic, and should definitely be watched by everyone, although perhaps not the faint hearted or super squeamish, saying this I am super squeamish and I still love love love this film!


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                    23.10.2009 00:05
                    1 Comment



                    A great film with a grat cast

                    With an all star cast including Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson under the direction of Quentin Tarrantino you know Pulp Fiction has the potential to be an exciting walk down the well trodden gangster genre. Happily I feel pulp fiction not only meets expectations but indeed surpasses them. Tarrantino presents three individual stories that over the course of the film are cleverly woven together to an interesting resolution.
                    At times i find "all star" casts can be detrimental to a films enjoyability, as a characters believability can be overwhelmed by the star whose playing them. Not so in Pulp Fiction with outstanding performances throughout, notably Samuel L Jacksons portrayal of the born again gangster "Jules" whos epiphany mid way through the film really explores the viewers own sense of ethics. As well as him just being a likeable and believable character, easy to empathise with. Overall i would rate Pulp fiction an 8 out of 10! a fresh take on plot and narrative coupled with an exciting gangster story make this one a winner


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                      03.10.2009 11:00
                      Very helpful



                      An excellent unmissable film

                      This has to be one of the most slick, sharp and entertaining films that I have ever seen. It is difficult to know were to begin in praising this film.

                      The film is violent, brutal, and yet many of the characters whilst dispicible, and amazingly aggresive are very much likeable. The plot is not filmed in sequence and basically follows a series of characters played by a host of excellent actors including Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) Vincent (John Travolta), Marsellus (Ving Rhames), Butch (Bruce Willis) and Mia (Uma Thurman. The plot as is say is out of sequence and follows the lives of these criminals and gangsters as they go about their lives. One of the best elements of the film for me is the fact that so much of the film is taken up by conversations, quite often seemingly random in nature that occur between the characters. My particular favourites include the conversation between Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta at the beginning, and the conversation between Travolta and Thurman in the famous restaurant scene. These conversations are often highly humorous and clever, this element of comedy is intelligently and unconventionally mixed in with the extreme violence.

                      The film is of course directed by the brilliant Quentin Tarantino, and has his touch and energy and he makes a nice cameo appearance in the middle of the film. It is indeed almost faultless, the script is sharp, the actors perfectly cast, and all this is accompanied by a classic soundtrack. We are also left with a series of questions, what is in the briefcase? what happens to the characters afterwards, and of course how do Jules and Vincent survive, ( is it the divine intervention that Jules so comically considers)?

                      Overall this really is a fantastic film, if by any small chance you have not seen it DO IT, you will not be disappointed yes it is very violent and crude, but it is also slick and brilliant!


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                    • Product Details

                      With the knockout one-two punch of 1992's Reservoir Dogs and 1994's Pulp Fiction writer-director Quentin Tarantino stunned the filmmaking world, exploding into prominence as a cinematic heavyweight contender. But Pulp Fiction was more than just the follow-up to an impressive first feature, or the winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival, or a script stuffed with the sort of juicy bubblegum dialogue actors just love to chew, or the vehicle that re-established John Travolta on the A-list, or the relatively low-budget ($8 million) independent showcase for an ultrahip mixture of established marquee names and rising stars from the indie scene (among them Samuel L Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames, Harvey Keitel, Christopher Walken, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Julia Sweeney, Kathy Griffin and Phil Lamar). It was more, even, than an unprecedented $100-million-plus hit for indie distributor Miramax. Pulp Fiction was a sensation. No, it was not the Second Coming (I actually think Reservoir Dogs is a more substantial film; and PT Anderson outdid Tarantino in 1997 by making his directorial debut with two even more mature and accomplished pictures, Hard Eight and Boogie Nights). But Pulp Fiction packs so much energy and invention into telling its nonchronologically interwoven short stories (all about temptation, corruption, and redemption amongst modern criminals, large and small) it leaves viewers both exhilarated and exhausted--hearts racing and knuckles white from the ride. (Oh, and the infectious, surf-guitar-based soundtrack is tastier than a Royale with Cheese.) --Jim Emerson

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