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Red Vs Blue - The Complete Blood Gulch Chronicles (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Comic Science Fiction / Series DVD / RElease Date: 2009 / Director: Burnie Burns / Voices: Burnie Burns, Jordan Burns, Yomary Cruz, Joel Heyman ...

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    2 Reviews
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      29.08.2011 03:11



      Red Vs. Blue is a series created by Rooster Teeth and is a parody of Halo.

      Maybe this series doesn't seem appealing to you or you're not really a fan of Halo games, but trust me on this one, it's worth your time watching. The duration of each episode are usually only a few minutes, so you can spend a small portion of your time watching some of it. Red Vs. Blue, created by Rooster Teeth, is packed with hilarity and action, though it wasn't until Revelation that they started to use CGI for the action scenes, which brings out its full epicness. Be warned, there are a lot of profanities so it's not recommended for kids.

      Two teams, Red and Blue, each occupy a base in Blood Gulch but both teams don't seem to try too hard to steal their opponents flag. In the Red team, there's Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Donut and Lopez. For the Blue team, there's Church, Caboose and Tucker until Tex, Sister, Sheila, and Junior come up later on in the series. Each character have their own hilarious quirks, the most noticeable one being Caboose.

      Sarge is the leader of the Red team and often leads his team into suicide missions, although they've always managed to come out alive. He has extreme dislike for Grif as he's always willing to sacrifice him and saying that it was worth it. Simmons is the most coherent soldier out of everyone in his team and appears in the first episode along with Grif, and seems to have father complex issues. Grif slacks off most of the time and has a sister, which everyone calls Sister. Donut appears later on in Episode 3 as a new member of the team and has a pink armor which often leads to others assuming that he's a girl at first glance. He's very sensitive about it and always insists that the color is "lightish red" though the others aren't convinced. Lopez is a robot that can only speak Spanish, so the others misunderstand what he says yet often agree with him, assuming that he's saying what they're thinking. Compared to the Red team, I personally think that the Blue team is more interesting.

      Church is the leader of the Blue team and is later blown up by Caboose but shows up as a ghost. He can possess bodies and even robots, which allows him to still participate in the ongoing war. Caboose doesn't seem to have at least an IQ of over fifty, but his hilarious remarks make up for that. Tucker is the "love doctor" of the team and later gets impregnated by an alien, giving birth to Junior due to unexplainable circumstances. The badass soldier out of both the teams, Tex isn't exactly a member of Blue as she is paid to help fight with them and used to date Church, although they both still seem to have feelings for each other. Sister isn't exactly as bright as a lightbulb and often says things that confuses the others.

      This series never failed to make me laugh in almost all of the episodes and I truly love the action parts, especially when both the teams get beat up by Tex, a Freelancer agent. I've learned that you'd never want to ask Caboose for help, since that lead to Church's death although he comes back as a ghost near the beginning of the first season. I also loved Tucker's "Bow chicka wow wow" moments and other running jokes. There are several more moments that I'd love to share, but that might ruin the whole plot for you so I'd suggest you watch the series on the RvB website, roosterteeth.com.


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      05.02.2010 01:28
      Very helpful



      A great buy for fans with or without full broadband

      I can see you sitting there saying to yourself "why would I want to buy a boxset of DVDs from America of an internet show I've seen all of online for free and can recall at any time online?". And my answer to you would be something along the line of convenience and extras.
      Red Versus Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles (or RvB:BGC for short) is a machinima series made by Roosterteeth.com using Halo as a base and shown first on Roosterteeth.com, machinima.com and now more than likely with a bit of searching youtube. Finding all the episodes on Roosterteeth.com is hard now though without donating (or joining or whatever they call it) as to the best of my knowledge they restrict viewing to the last 5 in the current series to non-members. Machinima.com more than likely holds all 5 seasons of "The Blood Gulch Chronicles" (the series contained in the boxset) but viewing from that platform again involves searching and then loading each video individually. Then there's youtube, which brings with it the pitfalls of, again, searching and also mismatched volumes and resolutions.

      But enough about that, what about the show and the DVDs, are they worth the money, in short, hell yeah. The set contains 6 discs, 1 to 5 have a season each and the last disc holds tons of extras. The show follows the plights of 2 teams stuck in Blood Gulch, a box canyon in the middle of nowhere, as it's explained quite early on in the show, the only reason the Blues have a base is because the Reds have a base, and the only reason the Reds have a base is because the Blues have a base. A chicken and egg situation, but well written and very well made.

      Made using Bungies Halo:Combat Evolved then moving to Halo 2 and eventually Halo 3 the 2 teams of Spartans are split into the Capture the Flag colours, as the title suggests, Red and Blue.
      On the Blue side is first of all Church, the now "leader" of the group, with well written lines he's one of the few characters who really understands what's going on. Then there's Tucker, who's not totally with it when compared to Church, but still rates pretty highly in terms of intelligence compared to the most of the others. They are joined by fan favourite and rookie, Caboose. To use a Frankie Boyle quote to describe him, the wheels spinning but the hamsters dead. Caboose gets some of the best lines in the whole show, second only maybe to Sarge. During season 1 the characters of the mercenary Tex, and the AI of the tank Sheila join the ranks of the blues.

      On the other side of the canyon sits the Red team, led by Sarge. Sarge is the gruffest character of the bunch, and manages to get in more than his fair share of well timed and well delivered jokes. Below him is Simmons, who eventually turns into Simmons 2.0 (but this isn't the time or place to explain that set of jokes or plot). Simmons is used by Sarge as a threat to Griff, a scapegoat for the teams failings, and a bank of spare parts later on. Griff (the easiest character to spot visually in his bright orange armour) is the normal scapegoat and the target for Sarges abuse. Then there's the rookie, Donut, a too easy target for abuse from his teammates. Gomez finishes the line up, a mute robot built by Sarge, whos' voice unit when its finally installed only works in Spanish.

      During the remainder of the show the characters of Doc, a free lance medic, O'Mally, a maniac AI, and Vic, an operator off site that often makes no sense at all and is often no help at all, are introduced. Overall the voice acting is convincing, with most of the vocal work being passed through a filter that makes it sound like radio messages being passed between colleagues, this is a nice touch and it works very well. The dialogue is well written, the action well directed, and the editing is excellent. There are many little tricks used to make the show look and feel right.

      As I've mentioned before each disc has one whole season. This is edited together so it forms a single movie effectively running at around 90 minutes total. This feels like a much better way to watch the show than as single episodes. Each disc also comes with its own host of extras, including deleted scenes, alternate scenes, PSAs, one off joke videos, and commentary about how particular effects were created.
      On the sixth disc is more of this content as well an extra short spin off series which explains some of Texs' actions in the show.

      If you're a fan of Halo, or a fan of quirky comedy then this could be right up your street, lots of laughs, even Bungie themselves endorse this show. If you're a fan in my personal current position (no reliable fast internet connection available) then this boxset is the best chance to watch the show on demand, and the volume of extra content makes it a bonus. There is a shipping cost involved with it being an American boxset, and even though the boxes state its Region 1 I've never had any issues playing them here. Well worth the money in my mind.


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