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Scooby-Doo Meets Batman (DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs - Animation / Universal, suitable for all / DVD released 2008-11-24 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      27.08.2013 10:04
      Very helpful



      scooby doo DVD with 2 great episodes

      Scooby-doo and the mystery gang try to solve two different mysteries on this DVD. I bought it from home bargains for £2.99 as Hollie loves Scooby-doo. We have the movie on DVD too and she likes all the baddies that the gang get to defeat.

      This DVD consists of 2 episodes and runs for 78 minutes. The film being a cartoon is funny to have laugher in the background as if to be filmed in front of a live audience. These two episodes were made between the 1970's/80's so the graphics are like I remember watching as a child. You can currently buy this for £3.00 on Amazon.co.uk and I definitely recommend the watch. It is rated as a U with mild violence and threat. I would say it's more humour, silliness and gullible characters.

      Scooby-Doo meets Batman and Robin in this episode. The gang are camping in the forest searching for firewood when Scooby tries pulling horns off a deer when they hear voices and see the Joker and Penguin walking to their office in the middle of the woods. Professor flaky mysteriously disappeared from his office that morning and Scooby and Shaggy see them together. After the Joker hears them and conjures up a plan to terrifying them into the leaving the forest, a helicopter (the batcopter) turns up with the famous Batman and Robin inside to help save the day. Shaggy remembers seeing a cave on their way into the forest and make their way up there to find out what's going on.

      A big log is in the road and after the move it out the road Shaggy discovers Scooby was inside the log so stays behind to save him but get followed by a tree which sends them swimming across a river. The team go back to get them but can't find them so signal Batman to come help look. They head over a bridge but the bridge gets turned by Penguin and the dressed up scary tree who is the Joker so they end up on the road they have just come off.

      Batman can see the creatures from his Batcopter and try running after Joker and Penguin but the disappear so they land and try finding them. The mystery gang head into a cave and Shaggy disappears behind a revolving wall and they others try to follow him into the secret passageway. Back in the secret office, Joker and Penguin want Professor Flaky's invention of a flying suit. Batman and Robin find how they disappeared and it was through a man hole in the ground so they venture in.

      The Joker and Penguin try scaring the gang out of the caves by setting traps and using props to make them think its full of ghosts and bats. The Joker and Penguin escape and they all go after them to stop them from getting the professors invention and notice they've taken the Batcopter. They all get into the mystery machine and get to the professors office before they do to try to stop them. As they hear the Batcopter approach they try to guard the suit from being stolen. When Batman and Robin go onto the roof, the professor gets scared that its the Joker and Penguin so he throws it out of the window and it lands right on Scooby who puts it on and starts flying off.

      The Joker and Penguin race after Scooby but Batman gets in the Batcopter to help save him. After a long chase and Shaggy helping out too, they get Scooby down and manage to capture Penguin and Joker at the same time. Another win for the team!.

      After the mystery machine breaks down, a plane with no lights flies overhead and the team go to investigate when it lands. The plane was making a delivery and they follow to see what's going on. The truck with the parcel delivers it to a big spooky house (as usual on Scooby-doo) and the team go inside. The parcel is strapped to the floor and it seems like most things are too. Who is to walk into the house too? Batman and Robin!. They hear noises coming from upstairs so they all hide to find an old woman Mrs Baker. She knows nothing of the parcel so they open it. Inside is a punch clown which Scooby doesn't like. He breaks it and it's full of counterfeit bank notes.

      The team go back out to try find clues or tyre tracks and head to a scrap yard and try to sniff out the truck. They see a crusher pit and wonder if they've tried to hide the car.
      Scooby and Shaggy spot someone in the scrap yard in a hooded cloak and as usual run off hiding. The hooded cloak starts to move the crane that lifts card into the crusher and Fred goes in to stop him when they escape. The try going back to the house but it disappeared along with the Batmobile so Batman uses a tracking device to find it and it takes them to Gotham City funfair. Scooby and Shaggy spot The Joker and The Penguin in the haunted house whilst they hid away in the Batmobile.

      Penguin and Joker wanted them to come inside and find them! "whilst they hunt, we haunt!" and when Batman and Robin enter, they start their haunting to scare them. They lure Batman and Robin into a room which when they open the door, they fall into a deep pit and can't climb the walls to escape so they are trapped. The rest of the gang enter the haunted house to look for them and try to save them.
      After lots of spookiness and scaring the team, Penguin and the Joker dress up as skeletons and Scooby chases after them licking their lips. They fall into the same pit Batman and Robin were trapped in and the capture them to take them to prison. They find out that the money wasn't made by the Joker or Penguin and have to find out who did. The go back to the place where the house vanished to find out where it went. When they arrive, it's back again and they go and investigate. Scooby finds a branch and when he jumped up on it, it made the house turn upside down! Batman and Robin spot a cave underground but when they go to look, the house is turning back around again and spot that it can revolve with a stick inside too. They investigate further into the cave and spot a dark caped person again. After a crazy chase and trying to find the caped person, the trap him and find out it was Mrs Baker! she was the counterfeit maker and Scooby saved the day. He's happy he got some Bat snacks out of it!

      We loved this DVD and love the old graphics that come along with it. I find it much easier to sit down and watch this compared to other children's DVD's Hollie owns. Hollie loves watching it too as she loves anything to do with mysteries and she can work out the clues as it goes along. She is a bit scared of the Joker as his animation is a bit terrifying as I even felt creeped out by it when watching. My favourite episode on the DVD is episode one. It's got lots of funny bits and its the first time we see Batman and the team work together. Both episodes have good story lines with some good twists. There is no extras on the DVD which is a shame but the two episodes were great to watch.

      I give the DVD ""5/5stars"" for being entertaining for both children and adults as it reminds me of my childhood of watching Scooby-doo. It's great to see the bad guys always get their comeuppance. You can purchase this DVD for £3.00 on Amazon.

      Thanks for reading my review.



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