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See No Evil (DVD)

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8 Reviews

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy - Fantasy / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: Gregory Dark / Actors: Glen Jacobs, Christina Vidal ... / DVD released 28 November, 2006 at Lions Gate / Features of the DVD: Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    8 Reviews
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      01.07.2012 00:51
      Very helpful



      Worth a buy!

      I have seen this film twice now, and I enjoyed it just as much the second time around! I honestly don't understand why this film has received poor ratings, even my mum enjoyed this film, and she has the concentration of a 3 year old when it comes to watching films!
      When I first saw this movie, I was tempted to hide behind a pillow and bite my nails! But the second time around I was able to properly enjoy it as I knew when the jumpy parts were coming!

      *About the film

      See no evil appeared in 2006, it runs for 84 minutes and stars Glenn Jacobs which I have only recently learnt is a famous wrestler! Although believe it or not, I guessed this straight away as he certainly fits the part!

      This film is generally about a group of people- about teen age, although probably early twenties who are all in prison for different reasons. This group are chosen to help out at an old abandoned building to 'restore it'. Although the group are being taken to more than just an abandoned building, as it turns out to be the home of a mad man who has a thing for eyeballs.
      The teens skills are challenged as they bind together to survive the horrific ordeal.
      Throughout this film, I was never able to guess who would come out on top and make it out alive. Usually I find it easy to take a guess, but what I like about this film is that I never knew what was coming next, and I was surprised throughout.

      The film is listed as a horror/thriller genre, which I can't argue with- it is definitely that! I wouldn't describe this film as being scary or something which would cause you to lose sleep over, although it is extremely gruesome and there are some scenes which could definitely make a few stomachs churn!
      This film carries a 18 listing and it definitely makes the most of it, every killing is gruesome and shocking. I never used to be a horror loving sort of girl, but this movie comes tops out of all the horrors I have seen, as I think it does a great job of including all of the blood and gore which horror lovers want, without it being too over the top or boring.
      The film is fast paced throughout and keeps you on edge, there is a twist to the film which makes it all the more dramatic towards the end! And I thought the flashbacks to the mad man's childhood really helped the audience feel involved with the characters. I actually started to feel sympathy towards Kane's character and it helped me to understand the reasons and motives behind the killings, without them just being random killings as you'd normally get with other films.


      I really enjoyed the characters in this film, I found they fit the roles perfectly and the acting was brilliant throughout. There are many horrific scenes which require a decent level of acting to pull off, but I didn't think this film was at all 'cheesy' or too much, I really enjoyed it all!

      The characters from the girls prison fit well with the characters from the boys prison, and I thought the film did well at using a range of personalities. Although all the teens are from prison, It was easy to forget and just think you are watching a film with a bunch of kids off the street.

      The cast list is;
      Glenn Jacobs- Jacob Goodnight as Kane
      Christina Vidal as Christine
      Michael J. Pagan as Tye
      Samantha Noble as Kira
      Steven Vidler as Williams
      Cecily Polson as Margaret
      Luke Pegler as Michael
      Rachael Taylor as Zoe
      Penny McNamee as Melissa
      Craig Horner as Richie
      Mikhael Wilder as Russell
      Tiffany Lamb as Hannah
      Sam Cotton as Young Jacob
      Cory Robinson as Blaine

      There were a few characters which I thought were familiar from other films, although none which I could say were that popular from my memory. Although don't let the casting list put you off, the characters are fantastic in my view and they all played each part really well!

      The main character- Kane, is the mad man who carries out all the gruesome killings, and I think he fits the role perfectly! I read previously somebody complaining that he only said a few words throughout the film? I don't understand why this would be taken as a bad point to the movie? I personally think this characters no talking role makes him all the more freaky! When he says his line 'I see the sin', it comes as a shock and makes more of an impact! Besides, what more would he say? 'Die, girl die'? Wouldn't that make it cheesy?
      I am really trying to defend this movie, as I honestly think it's worth watching.

      *How it differs from other horrors.

      As the film is based almost completely within one building, I expected it to get a little boring as like the film 'buried' I wanted to just fall to sleep! But the building in this film is very large and it is split effectively between 4 main areas- the downstairs, main middle section and the top out of bounds section, along with the outside courtyard and the killings are balanced between all of these areas.
      I think this film differs between others I've seen as it enables the audience to get to know the killers character more and be able to understand why he targets the teens, and his actions towards some of the characters. Being able to get to know some of his background also enables the audience to feel sympathetic towards the killer which adds and edge to the film.

      The gruesome scenes in this film are amazingly done, with fantastic special effects and there is not one point which made me think the scene was fake. My favourite scene was the killer sticking in his fingers and smoothly plucking out the eyeballs of one guy, as there is only one scene which clearly shows this and I thought they pulled it off really well! I obviously don't know what a ripped out eyeball looks like, so I can't comment on whether it looked real or not, but it definitely had me fooled!
      I didn't think the film was at all predictable throughout, I could never guess who'd be next to die and every killing was different which I thought made the film even better.

      We picked this up cheap second hand from Cex, but it can be bought for a very reasonable price from;
      Play.com for £1.76 used or £4.19 New
      Amazon for £1.30 used or £3.40 New

      I never like to pay too much for DVDs, as once I've watched them, I never normally watch them again, although I definitely thought this film deserved a second watch!


      I would definitely recommend this film! If you love horrors and gore, it is worth the watch! If you don't like gruesome scenes and thrillers, then you won't enjoy it.
      This film is more gore than blood, which I love as I think too much blood can easily make films look fake!
      The price you can grab this for is fantastic! What's to lose?

      Thanks for reading, I also post on Ciao


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        16.01.2012 15:50
        Very helpful



        A gruesome horror movie with WWE superstar Kane!

        (Film only review)

        == SEE NO EVIL ==
        See No Evil is a 2006 horror film produced by WWE Films and stars WWE superstar Kane (Glenn Jacobs). See No Evil is the first major film release by WWE Films and in my opinion one of the better movies from the company. See No Evil is like a lot of the survival horror slasher movies but features Kane a normal but deformed killer who likes to take the eyes of his victims or just brutally kill them by any way possible. The movie was also released by Lions Gate Entertainment. The actual DVD for the film was released November 2006.

        === STORY ===
        Two police officers by the name of Frank Williams (Steven Vidler) and Blaine (Corey Parker Robinson) enter what seems to be an abandoned house only to find that a young woman has been held captive and her eyes ripped out of her. The young woman is still alive but Blaine is brutally butchered by an unknown overgrown man with an axe. The unknown man now turns his intentions to Frank but luckily Frank manages to fight him off by putting a bullet in his chest but the only downside for Frank is that the man has severed his arm. Four years later Frank takes a group of delinquents to clean up an abandoned hotel ready for it to be turned into a homeless shelter. The only downside is Jacob Goodnight (unknown psychopath) is living in the rotting hotel and doesn't take too kindly to guests and sets out to kill them all.

        === WHAT WAS IT LIKE?? ===
        To be honest I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. Its obviously not the best movie ever because most wrestlers that go into films turn out to be pretty bad actors. But I was surprised and feel Kane did fairly well even though he never said a single word but he definitely looked the part with his deformed and scary look. Also the killings in the movie were quite enjoyable from a horror fans point of view. I did feel they came too close together and at the wrong times. One of the better parts to this movie is the fact that it never really had a main role and it always left me guessing who was going to get killed next. I didn't think too much to the story and felt it seemed a little ridiculous at times but there are far more worse horror films out there. Overall I enjoyed it and think its one of the better psycho horror films out there and its a bonus for a WWE fan with the addition of Kane.

        The special effects are few and far between and to be honest sometimes they are really good but other times they look so fake and very unrealistic. For example most of the kills look fantastic in terms of effects but there are a few that don't look right and you can tell that they are fake. Also another thing that was disappointing is the effects for Kane when hes in a bit of trouble (you will know at the right time without me giving too much away) as it looks slightly ridiculous and you can tell its computer generated. Also the soundtrack to the movie isn't anything special but it does feature a few scenes in the movie with some decent songs. Music includes tracks from Slipknot, Creed, Metallica, Rammstein, David Banner, Korn and a few more. I just don't think heavy metal music fits in with this movie at all that well.

        I have to start by saying Kane's character Jacob Goodnight is a fantastic character and a really scary looking psychopath. He is by far the best character in the film and possibly the best performer even without lines Glenn Jacobs (Kane) looks scary and damn right freaky. The rest of the characters are okay but nothing special and that's probably why its hard to work out who the main character is. They all give an average performance though but it doesn't affect the film too much. The movie also stars Samantha Noble, Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan, Luke Pegler and a few others. The movie doesn't feature anybody really well known either.

        === THE DIRECTOR ===
        See No Evil wasn't directed by anyone major but the guy who directed the movie is Gregory Dark who was born on July 12, 1957 in Los Angeles, California. He has done lots of work for roles such as film producer, music video director and screenwriter as well as movie director. See No Evil was Gregory Dark's first major directing role and in fair he has done really well. He also directed Little Fish, Strange Pond but other than that nothing really massive. So overall hes an average director but this is definitely his best work so far to date.

        There are endless amounts of these types of movies and 9/10 they end up with the same outcome over and over again and sometimes it gets a little boring. See No Evil is like many of those movies but it definitely offers something different. Its a little bit like movies such as Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream and even House Of Wax. I would say the movie is most like a mixture of Friday The 13th and Scream. I do feel this has enough to be one of the best in my eyes and I really like it. Its definitely better than most the movies I have mentioned but Friday The 13th edges it for me but this is definitely a movie worth watching. The story is similar in all of these movies but this has possibly the weakest and one of the weakest casts.

        === FINAL THOUGHT ===
        So See No Evil is it worth buying/seeing? Yes definitely. If you like a good horror movie with lots of blood, gore and a crazy psychopath then this is a must watch because it has all those and offers even more. Okay so its not the best story ever but almost everything else makes up for that but in all fairness its not the worst story ever. The movie starts of with action then takes a break for about half and hour but after that its action to the end and to be honest it works well. If you don't like scary movies or movies that have lots of violence and blood then its probably best to avoid this.

        Overall I think its a great horror movie and definitely one of my favourites but that could be because I'm a fan of Kane and WWE. I would give the movie a very reasonable 7/10!

        Certificate: 18. The movie contains strong language, violence, blood and gore throughout.

        Runtime: 84 minutes (could of been a little longer)!

        Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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          25.11.2009 16:44
          Very helpful



          By the numbers completely

          note: also appears in part on Flixster and The Student Room

          WWE Films are notorious by now for being pretty naff, bolstered by the dodgy John Cena vehicle The Marine, and this dreadful horror film See No Evil, which features a decent hulking lug, that is, WWE superstar Kane, in the lead role, but otherwise can't find much to do that we haven't seen before.

          The film is directed by Gregory Dark, and consists of a group of delinquent teens who are court-ordered to clean the disused Blackwell Hotel. However, a huge, psychopathic murderer named Jacob Goodnight (Kane) is squatting there, and disposing of anyone who encroaches on his land. He has a rather sadistic sense of humour, also, often removing the eyes of his victims, and even in one instance shoving a phone down one poor sap's throat until she dies.

          By and large this is another by the numbers slasher, and it's very routine both in execution and in substance: Kane simply stalks around offing the teenagers, although at least a few of the kills are quite amusing - particularly the aforementioned phone kill. It's just a shame that the film lacks the requisite humour and inventiveness needed to make it a decent horror film rather than a naff one that happens to have one or two gleefully visceral moments.

          The film does, though, gain a certain amount through Kane's undeniable screen presence: if there's any wrestler you're going to make a horror film with, Kane is the unmistakable choice. Admittedly the film is slightly better than you'd expect, due to the murkiness and some of the kills, but it still can't do enough to graduate beyond mediocre slasher territory. Perhaps worth watching if viewed ironically or if you're a WWE fan, but otherwise, you'll probably just be bored.


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          27.10.2008 21:31
          Very helpful



          Eye know your sort.

          Having suffered terrible injuries during an attempt to arrest a psychopathic serial killer, an unfortunate police officer decides to make a career change and opts instead to look after young offenders. Accompanied by a female counterpart, he escorts a group of juveniles to the run-down Blackwell Hotel, where an elderly volunteer shows the kids what they have to do. The work is menial, but a reduction in their sentence in return for some hard labour seems like a good deal.

          But in the depths of Blackwell Hotel there lurks a secret. The visitors are not alone and their presence is not altogether welcome....

          Wrestlers are, generally, good at wrestling. Singers tend to be not so bad at singing and actors can occasionally act. However, singers aren't so good at wrestling, actors aren't so good at singing and wrestlers really shouldn't try their hand at acting. But when they do, See No Evil is the kind of thing that happens.

          It's hard to believe I'm saying this, but See No Evil is so, well, superficial. It's essentially a vehicle for man-mountain Kane (a well-known WWF wrestler who's about nine feet tall and equally wide.) Even with my scant knowledge of wrestling, I'm guessing he's normally a meanie in the ring, because he sure as hell is on the big screen. Perfectly cast in the role, Kane (real name Glen Jacobs for the fact-o-philes) is a nasty, hook swinging, eye-gouging, ass-clenching loony who doesn't take kindly to being disturbed. Handy, then (for the sake of a mediocre horror script) that eight teenagers and two adults turn up at his hotel for a bloodbath.

          The film fairly revels in the genre, wasting not a single opportunity to beg, steal and borrow little snippets from countless other stalk and slash movies. A lift door sliding open to reveal a hook-swinging Kane lifts directly from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A selection of unwitting eyes are deftly removed from countless victims in a touch closely inspired by Black Christmas. And in more ways than it would be fair to reveal here, the whole hotel thing feels not unlike Psycho.

          Don't be fooled into thinking that you'll give a tom tit about any of the characters, because you won't. Briefly introduced (by name and crime) the eight teenagers are an unmemorable bunch, without a hint of remorse about their actions and within minutes of their arrival, there's a strong likelihood that you'll be willing Mr Kane Bad Guy to slit their worthless little throats. In true genre fashion, they wander into a variety of scrapes and tribulations and when the hotel's elderly owner warns them of secret passages and two-way mirrors, you can't help thinking that they might heed her warnings. But heed, they do not, with inevitable and rather gruesome results. The faceless cast of teenagers is largely unfamiliar, with nobody good enough to be reasonable or bad enough to be dreadful. They just go through the motions.

          Apart from Kane, that is, because he's clearly having a whale of a time. One thing's for sure, the wrestling might be family-friendly but See No Evil certainly isn't. This is gory stuff. Head's get bashed in, eyes get gouged out, hooks get hooked in every hooky little orifice and so it goes. It makes little sense (Kane's loopy - that's all you need to know) but for fans of the genre, this is probably one of the more gruesome offerings around for a few years. It's often quite imaginative too, particularly when people fall from a great height (like, ouch) and the relentless pace will distract even the most demanding viewer.

          In fairness, See No Evil isn't the worst example of a WWF film that you'll find. (I'm thinking The Marine.) Neither is it the worst example of a horror film you could stumble into. But it isn't the best either. It's a little bit predictable (saw that twist coming a mile off) and not particularly original. But it's bearable, at least, which is not altogether to be expected for a film about a hook-wielding maniac with pedicure issues.


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            27.08.2008 16:08



            not bad,not good average.

            See no evil was a good film to watch but by no means perfect . Directed by Ben Nott the film stars Glen Jacobs ( wwe's kane ) who i thought was the best thing about this movie .
            The storyline was somewhat , what you would expect from this type of movie . The storyline involves a group of ex cons from prison given a chance to freed to do comminity service fixing up an old hotel that they also have to stay in .
            The characters didnt stand out and i found them typical and really annoying. During the film they are gradually picked off one by one and murdered . They all get killed in a variety of different ways by Jacob Goodnight. Some of his methods of murder are grusome but by no means original and i thought a bit predictable in the sense that you could see it coming .
            Jacob goodnight , the big evil bald-headed psycho see's all the people as sinners and after years of brainwashing and torment by his twisted mother , thinks they have to die for their sins.
            I dont want you to think that i didnt like this film as i thought it was good for gore and i have seen worse . I enjoyed parts of the film when the characters were being killed off and they were the best parts to the film .
            For me Jacob Goodnight is the best element to this film. He is very eveil looking and i thought his acting was very good even though he doesnt speak .He had a definate evil presence that i liked and fitted the role very well .
            A good filmbut not brilliant and predictable too pretty much from begining to end .


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            21.11.2007 10:19
            Very helpful



            A movie that is as bad as you would expect but is watchable in an odd way.

            See No Evil is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) film, keen to expand their multi million dollar empire even further it seems as if Vince McMahon and family have decided to become much more involved in moviemaking, rather than letting stars they have created make money for others. Welcome To The Jungle and Walking Tall (starring The Rock) were two of the first productions they got heavily involved in and now they have a trio of films out or about to come out. (The Condemned starring Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Marine with John Cena being the others)
            With wrestlers being as much actors and performers as skilled athletes these days it is not too much of a push to use their fame and to move into movies. The Rock and Hulk Hogan did this very successfully while Triple H and The Undertaker failed in their guest starring roles. It seems picking someone from the ranks of the many wrestlers for film stardom is not as easy as it may seem.

            See No Evil has been made for, and tailored to, the WWE character of Kane, a dark, brooding giant of a man prone to fits of violence and with a temper that gets lost just as often. Kane is almost child like in his mentality and the storyline of See No Evil plays up to and exploits his wrestling persona perfectly.

            The plot of this masterpiece is that of two councillors for troubled juvenile delinquents set up a programme whereby they take some of their charges and get them to do something worthwhile. In this case it is to restore a dilapidated old hotel, or at least start by cleaning it up a bit.
            A small group of 8 young boys and girls are taken to this old building to work, they think they are going to have a bit of fun away from the juvenile detention centre. Little do they know that inside the twisting corridors and secret passageways lives a crazed murderer who has been hiding away for a number of years.
            Soon their night of freedom becomes a night full of terror as the killer, one Jakob Goodnight (Kane) stalks his new victims through the hotel that has become his home.

            See No Evil offers nothing new to the horror/stalker/slasher film genre. In fact it is so clichéd that it should be terrible, but there is something about it that kept me watching it attentively, I have no real understanding of what that was, but it had a certain kitsch enjoyment level to it. It is a film that is so bad that it becomes fun to watch, in a terrible terrible way.

            The acting is pretty awful on all accounts, but then what would you expect from a movie that has a monosyllabic wrestling persona as the star? In fact I cant recall Kane actually saying more than two or three words in the whole film.
            The storyline is the same as every other film in the genre though the location does add something to the film. The dilapidated hotel is a change from the backwater forests of the Deep South. The hotel sets are very good and the lighting for a lot of the scenes is very moody and enhances the whole atmosphere.

            The big thing about See No Evil though is the violent, gory, bloody and pretty gruesome deaths it has in it. For once we have a horror movie the revels in its 18 certificate and makes the most of it. This, in the days of 15 certificate horrors trying to grab bigger audiences by taming down the violence, is possibly what actually made it worth watching, in my eyes anyway. It turns out to be an entertaining little (84 minutes) bad but good movie, if you know what I mean.

            DVD Extras:

            Writer & Director commentary.

            Do You See The Sin - A making of that is no different to every other making of.

            Interviews with cast and crew that is very fragmented, showing each one answering the same question in turn so doesn't flow in the slightest.

            Dog Food Scene - storyboard to film composition, boring as you would expect.

            Kane: A Journey Into Darkness - The history of Kane's wrestling career, in brief snippets. This could have been interesting if it had been longer and more in depth.


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              28.10.2007 20:16
              Very helpful



              Warning, this film is sleep inducing!!

              The film opens with 2 cops on a callout to a house where screams have been heard coming from inside. Upon entering they soon discover who is making the noise as a woman is huddled on the floor, and as she looks up they see her eyes have been gauged out. In the next room a very tall and well built man appears and quickly dispenses of the one of the cops. The other one shoots the killer in the head, and while losing his arm in the process manages to escape with the woman to fight another day.

              Fast forward seven years and the cop is now in charge of a group of young criminals. The group is the first to selected for a new rehabilitation project.
              Their job is to clean up a run down hotel that years ago was ravaged by fire upstairs and with their help will be used to house the homeless. It’s not long however before the group realizes that they’re not alone, and they’ll soon wish that they'd stayed on the right side of the law.

              So what do you get when you cross a WWE wrestling star who can’t act to save his life, unrealistic gore, and an unbelievable story that makes Goldilocks and the Three Bears believable? Well I tell you what you get, a film that is so painful to watch that I’d rather eat a raw egg than ever see this again! It’s only slightly appealing factor is that one of the actors was easy on the eye, but sadly even his good looks weren’t enough to make me want to keep this film in my collection.

              The film falls down at the first hurdle as the viewer is introduced to the run down hotel that as I mentioned was partly burnt down years ago, and has up until recently just been inhabited by the local homeless people, so as you can imagine it’s in a pretty bad state.
              Now correct me if I’m wrong but you would expect such a derelict building to have an air of creepiness about it to set the tone of the film. This unfortunatly is not the case as while it does look as if Changing Rooms needs to pay a visit , it didn’t unsettle me in the slightest.

              Being a fan of horror films I wasn’t expecting an intricate storyline or Oscar winning acting, but this film really takes the biscuit and should never have seen the light of the day. See No Evil is basically every teen horror film you may have seen rolled into one, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Friday the 13th and if you like your horror then I’d recommend you see this rather than this drivel.

              Like so many other films in this genre none of the characters are built upon much, so when it’s their turn to die in an over the top fashion I found that I didn’t care in the slightest.
              That leads me on very nicely to the gore, and in typical American horror movie fashion there’s gore by the bucket loads. Rated 18 for strong gruesome violence, gore, plus sexual content and some drug use. Expect to see eyes being plucked out as well as a meat clever being put to use and such like.
              None of these scenes however are even remotely believable, so that as well as the thinly sketched characters didn’t make me bothered in the slightest as to their fates.

              Our bunch of misfits looked as if they’d just stepped of a catwalk, and rapidly become the stereotypical annoying teenagers that seem to be used in a lot of horror films these days. You have the blonde mouthy one who the boys like, the tomboy one who soon comes out of her shell and wants to strip off, then there’s the ‘hard nut’ of the group oh and there’s a few others but heah I can’t remember them all a I was close to nodding off.
              None of the cast gave a noteworthy performance; except the stray dog who finds his way into the building, now he/she was good!

              With a running time of 84 minutes it was of sheer relief that director Gregory Dark kept the proceedings moving at a rapid pace. Had it not finished so quickly then I might very well have nodded of in the first 5 minutes.

              The final problem with the film is that Dark seemed in two minds about what he wanted to deliver to the audience. On the one hand you get the characters being picked off very quickly and in a very over the top way, and in the other you get very religious undertones dotted throughout supposedly to add some depth to the film. I got the impression that the director suddenly realized that at the rate he was having his characters disposed of, the film would have been over a little bit smart. In reality the film is no more than a teenage slasher film that once viewed will quickly be forgotten like so many others are.

              To sum up, I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I hated this film with a passion although it did make me chuckle on a few occasions as it was so bad. If you’re already a fan of this type of film then expect nothing new here, for the rest of you then try and avoid this like the plague.

              Available used and new from £3.70 at Amazon.


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                28.01.2007 01:42
                Very helpful



                I thought it was alot better than the review it was given

                Release: 2006

                Directed by - Gregory Dark
                Written by - Dan Madigan


                Glen Jacobs - Jacob Goodnight
                Christina Vidal - Christine
                Luke Pegler - Michael
                Samantha Noble - Kira
                Michael J. Pagan - Tyson
                Rachael Taylor - Zoe
                Steven Vidler - Frank Williams
                Penny McNamee - Melissa
                Craig Horner - Richie
                Mikael Wilder - Russell
                Tiffany Lamb - Hannah Anders
                Cecily Polson - Margaret


                A group of teenagers are sent to clean up the Blackwell Hotel. Unaware to them a psychopath Jacob Goodnight has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ago, band together to survive against the brutal killer.

                I watched this last night, for some reason the dvd company i get films from sent me this release 4 days to early.

                The DVD extras are pretty good, but nothing too special.

                Special Features include

                Commentary by the director - Gregory Dark
                Commentary by - Kane
                The making of See No Evil
                Kane - Journey into darkness

                It seems World Wrestling Entertainment is going into films and why not when some of them are as ugly as Kane (no offence Kane). Stone Cold Austin was in The Longest Yard and is shooting his new movie The Condemned.

                ....First thought...Well its very bloody violent from the start, a really good slash and hack film.

                Jacob is a seven foot tall, Four hundred pounds psychopath. His mother caught him looking at dirty magazines when he was young and has been punishing him ever since.

                Four years ago the police are looking for a missing girl, and they are doing house to house, when they hear a scream coming from a house. They enter and find a girl tied up, Then Jacob appears and all hell is let loose. On police man is hacked to death with an axe and the other has his arm cut off, but he manages to shoot Jacob in the head. Then the backup arrives and the girl and policeman are taken away but Jacob is not to be seen.

                Fast forward four years and the policeman is working in a detention centre for teenager criminals. They have a program where if you work for 3 days doing community service they knock a month of your time. The Blackwell Hotel was damaged by fire years ago and the building was left to just decay. Then some people got hold of the hotel and decided to renovate it, this is where our band of eight turn up to the Blackwell Hotel.

                As I don't want to give too much away ill try to steer clear of any spoilers.

                Jacob has a thing about collecting eyes, which he scrapes out from his victims using his fingers; yes it's quite graphic in places. Jacob has a hook and chain which he uses to great effect, using it to impale his victims with; He is also partial to his axe.

                There is a few disturbing scenes, one involving dogs, and another whith a mobile phone. It's sick and if you like a good horror film then this is the one. There have been some bad reviews around for See No Evil, but please see it its well worth watching.

                Really can't give to much away as giving to much away will spoil it for you.

                Thanks for reading my reviews, and thankyou for rating them.

                Tashi Delek (May everything be well)

                enlightened_one © 2007


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                Seven feet tall. Four hundred pounds. A rusty steel plate screwed into his skull and razor-sharp fingernails that pluck out his victims' eyes. Reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight is holed up in the long-abandoned and rotting Blackwell Hotel, alone with his nightmares until eight petty criminals show up for community service duty along with the cop who put a bullet in Jacob's head four years ago. When one of their own is kidnapped by the killer and her fate uncertain, the remaining lawbreakers must fight this indestructible force of nature who has a violent score to settle.

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