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Skyfall (DVD)

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20 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Actor: daniel Craig / Director: Sam Mendes / DVD Release Date: 2012

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    20 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 13:33
      Very helpful




      Skyfall is the latest movie and twenty third movie in the James Bond 'series'. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2012 and so is very recent. The movie stars Daniel Craig as James Bond. The movie is a 12A meaning that an adult should be present if a child under the age of 12 is watching the movie.

      The plot (taken from Internet Movie Database); Bond's loyalty to M as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

      First of all, I am not a James Bond fan. I don't like action movies, I much prefer a good old romantic comedy movie. Although, as everyone was going on about how great this movie was and how it was a 'must see' and as everyone else in my household were going out to see the movie, I didn't want to feel left out and so tagged along too.

      I found the movie to be really exciting. It did take me a while to get into this movie. I won't give anything away, but I was left feeling really confused by what happened in the first 15 minutes or so. Luckily, I wasn't left feeling confused for too long. I found the plot to be really 'busy' and exciting. Even if the storyline itself wasn't that 'big', they managed to stretch it out into a two hour film. I found the movie to be quite scary and I was on the edge of my seat at times.

      I thought that the special effects in this movie were impressive. It is clear that so much thought and effort had gone into this movie. The effects looked real and I was really impressed by it all. I'm not used to films like this and so I think I was taking the movie too seriously. For example, in the part of the movie where they are driving crazily down a busy street, I was like 'wow, careful watch those people', rather than 'quick, get after the bad guy!' I was also thinking things like 'how can they do things like that, and no one in the street bats an eyelid'. So for me, I found the movie to be very thought-provoking. The movie also has great stunts. I was also intrigued by all the 'fancy gadgets'. However, having said that; I did expect there to be more gadgets.

      I thought that the film was amazing visually. They had some great scenes and shots. The film is very busy visually. I loved the 'Shangai' scenes; it looked like an amazing and glamorous city.

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HERE COME THE SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I did feel that in places that the viewers are left with questions. For example when Silva releases the list of names, does he continue or does he stop? Also things like, why were they walking with a flashlight when it was obvious they would be seen? Why didn't Bond call for back up etc? What happened to the rest of the characters at the end? So all in all, I think the movie left a lot of unanswered questions.

      The movie stars Daniel Craig as James Bond. I thought that he did a great job of playing bond. I found Bond to be quite a mysterious and 'hard to understand' character. I wasn't sure whether I liked him or not as he seemed to have an attitude, although there were parts of him that I liked and felt sorry for him. I can now see why so many women think of Daniel Craig as being 'hot'. I never understood it before, but after seeing the film, I can now see what all the fuss is about. Another thing is that, as I have never seen a Bond movie, I cannot say how Daniel Craig compares to the other actors who have played Bond.

      I found that the acting by all the other actors (Javier Bardam and Judy Dench) was brilliant; they all played their parts really, really well. I was so scared of Silva (played by Javier Bardam); he was super-scary. However, I didn't feel as though I understood his character very well; I think he could have been developed a bit more in order to give the viewers a better understanding of the character.

      I would recommend this film.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        12.05.2013 14:00
        Very helpful



        Skyfall dvd

        Let the Skyfall!!

        Daniel Craig is back as James Bond 007 in Skyfall, the 23rd instalment of the longest-running film franchise in history. I saw this film when it came out at the cinema, (the best way to see a Bond film in my opinion) and I've now viewed it twice on DVD and it is still very watchable and I think gets better each time I watch it.

        On the back of the DVD we are told, "In Skyfall, Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past returns to haunt her. 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. When Bond's latest assignment goes gravely wrong and agents around the world are exposed, MI6 is attacked, forcing M to relocate the agency. These events cause her authority and position to be challenged by Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) the new Chairman of the Intelligence and Security committee. With MI6 now compromised both inside and out, M is left with one ally she can trust, Bond. 007 takes to the shadows, aided only be field agent, Eve (Naomie Harris) following a trail to the mysterious Silva (Javier Bardem) whose lethal and hidden motives have yet to reveal themselves."

        What I really liked about this Bond is that we learnt more about James than I think we ever have before. We learn that Skyfall is actually his childhood home in Scotland and wow, what a magnificent place it is. Bond and M spend quite a lot of time there and we get to see the stunning countryside and the inside workings of the house too and it becomes somewhat of a sanctuary for them. I think its here that Bond and M really figure out how much they care for each other. There's actually a funny part in the film where we learn that the house has just been sold to new owners but I don't think they will be very pleased with the way the house ends up!

        The baddie in this film, Silva, played by Javier Bardem is absolutely brilliant, he works that madman style killer perfectly. At first I did not recognise him as in real life I actually find him quite cure looking but boy does he look different and quite weird and freaky and when he shows us what happened to him to make him hate M so much, well, that really is scary!

        Bond again, shows he is human in this film as he has a few injuries now and finds it harder to be a secret agent than he used to. His age and loyalty is questioned but he comes through perfectly. What I also like about this film is that we say good bye to some characters but we are also introduced to a few new but well known ones too and the end of the film is perfectly set up for installment 24 in my opinion.

        The DVD is rated 12 as it contains moderate action violence and one use of strong language. It lasts for approximately 137 minutes and has a number of special features such as a showing the title sequence and a bit about the locations used.


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        04.04.2013 01:03
        Very helpful



        Effective, gritty and realistic Bond 23

        Pierce Brosnan steeping aside for a younger model to take the Bond reins must have triggered a reconstruction sequence in the franchise camp. Casting Daniel Craig came after many months of speculation, including former Bond Roger Moore's son being a front runner. After all, he did look the part. But perhaps this is exactly what was wrong with him - he looked like Bond did. With the inclusion of blue eyed blond haired Craig's appointment as the suave debonair MI6 secret agent, the scene was set for a complete rebirth of the longest running film franchise ever.

        A trio of films later, and we're all starting to see links between this latest Bond film, Skyfall, and the very first in the franchise, Dr No. Craig's first outing as Bond in Casino Royale took us back to Bond's roots, showing us how he became the cold and calculating charmer we have known for decades. All the talk was about how it was a new and refreshing way of approaching the secret agent's film plots, the scripts getting grittier and less suitable for younger viewers, and trying to take things to a new level. After Quantum of Solace, Craig had firmly entrenched himself as a natural in the role, the smoothness almost sickening at times but the hard nosed nature of the character coming through as much as his luck with the ladies.

        Skyfall promised something different from the start. Usually, Bond villains have no real axe to grind; they are just megalomaniacs out for world domination or the complete control of a drugs cartel. Rarely does something come close to being 'personal' for him or anyone close to him. This film is different though: the usual high octane chase with technology helping find the bad guy comes along, but at some point the tables are turned in multiple ways. The villain does the chasing, Bond's personal history plays a big part, a lot of the focus flicks onto M, and there's a distinctive and almost aggressive attempt at going against the grain of previous Bond films. Instead of desperately trying to show him as a character who can keep up with the times, Skyfall is all about embracing the fact that Bond is an ageing character. Craig may only be mid 40s but he is given a distinctive grey beard at one point, numerous mentions are made to him being too old for the field, and his actions are at times belaboured and struggling. The old Aston Martin with the same reg as in Dr No and Thunderball makes an appearance, and Q's mention of exploding pens being a thing of the past also hints at the age of things. Bond is now firmly proud of being a traditional figure not afraid of embracing his place in time.

        If Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were about deconstructing the Bond we have come to know, Skyfall is all about rebuilding it back up to the gritty determination we are used to. There's no more getting away with everything and providing back stories for a bit of explanation. Back with a bang, there is more realism and believability in here than previous films have shown. Okay, so as in every single Bond film there are ample opportunities to kill off 007 that the villain inevitably doesn't take, but then we know that this would kind of be a franchise killer, and with Daniel Craig already signed up to do another two Bond films, this isn't going to happen yet. They're aiming at least for a 25th film. Craig also seems to be extremely comfortable in his surroundings. I would too, if being Bond entailed me being given a £250k Aston Martin to practice in even if I'm never destined to need to drive it because of my stunt driver. But perhaps the comfort is about ownership of a role. He strolls around with a hand in his pocket, and is not ashamed to look confident one minute and pensive the next, determined at times and uncertain through a period of self doubt.

        His familiarity is matched by the comfort that has been established by other cast members. Judi Dench as M has become as synonymous with the franchise as any other of recent years, which is no surprise considering the magnitude of the actress chosen for the role a number of films ago. Rory Kinnear as assistant Tanner is similarly entrenched, while the casting of other roles seems rather fickle. The Quartermaster, known as Q, has been bandied around since the death of Desmond Llewellyn meant that Die Another Day was his last Bond appearance. John Cleese had a brief stint but Craig's Bond hasn't had a stay at home Q until now. Ben Whishaw, fresh from his cool-geek performance in The Hour, gets the job done in a manner matching the quips of 007, indicating a mutual respect between the two characters which is in direct contrast to the other important new face to the franchise, Ralph Fiennes. Not content with a stint as the Dark Lord Voldemort, he has to get stuck in with Bond as does so without so much as an iota of respect, wading in with his corporate aplomb and a disregard for whoever they all think they are; a stark reminder that all we have is a small group of people who are important in their little bubble but not so outside of it, Bond included.

        Fiennes gets a governmental role, but his is not the only big name to grace the screen; Javier Bardem is the latest to put a spin on a villain, and while visually it doesn't seem like much, he adds a poise and menace to the screen that reminded me of watching Tom Hardy as Bane in the latest Batman film - an actor who embodies a role and immerses himself in it. I already mentioned earlier that we finally have a villain with a real axe to grind, and this one has some history with M, the plot all about how he is threatening to release the real names and locations of several undercover agents as punishment for he treatment of him. It's a bit more realistic and heartfelt than previous villains who just want to take over the world, which is far too vague to be taken seriously. Blofeld and Goldfinger are the only two who have threatened, but now you can add Silva. He and Bond are strikingly similar, and where M is concerned they are as if polar opposites, both with parent and child like relationships with her, but both having different ways of displaying their emotions to her. It's a real emotional tussle and one that will no doubt receive a lot of psychological treatment with the critics. It doesn't really need it, no deeper than seeing these two as hero and villain with the catalyst M in the centre. It really brings together the ministerial character's last few films and makes Dench work hard for her money. She does brilliantly, as you'd expect her to.

        But the film isn't without flaws. Explosions galore almost overdo it, to be honest, and often the understated can have more of an impact than throwing some FX expertise and money at something. An exhilarating scene on London's Underground is almost spoiled by an explosion that beggars belief; a remote country house gets a similar treatment, and some shooting accuracy that makes you question everything just becomes convenient rather than realistic. Similarly, the film's first half is rather languid at times, and it seems to take an age to actually develop the main body of the plot. The film's longth has been questioned, and I have to agree; at nearly 2.5 hours long, the slow pace early on could and should have been dealt with a lot quicker in order to get things moving. There wasn't enough depth to it at this point to slow things down, no slow burner in the script to make it worth getting us to think about it. The people you end up concentrating on either dwindle away or end up dead, and it's frustrating.

        I'm glad this happened in the first half though, and not in the second. Once Bardem enters the fray, things get a lot more gritty and with a point, the stakes rise and the whole script determined and realistic. We were gripped watching it, and I felt that it really set things up so well for continuation purposes. There's some strong linkage at the end to Dr No, making you wonder what the next step will be, but as with all things Bond, we won't know until the nth hour. I can't wait, and although I seem to remember saying something like this at the end of Quantum, this time I think it's going to real excitement as it comes around and not just more Bond hype.


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          29.03.2013 14:04
          Very helpful



          Same old with more style..

          Star - Daniel Craig
          Genre - Action
          County - USA
          Certificate - PG13
          Run Time - 143 minutes
          Wards - 2 Oscars (5 nominations)
          Blockbusters - £3.50 per night rental
          Amazon - £10.00 DVD (£14.99 Blue Ray)

          Though much is taken, much abides, and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are... One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

          (Ulysses: The British Empire)

          It was rather fitting that London 2012 was not only the year of the Queens Diamond Jubilee but 50 years on the throne for both the Rolling Stones and James Bond, the trio of very British icons all that's left to define the country these days, but looking very tired and in need of that Olympic invigoration. The royal clothes horse that is the Duchess of Cambridge added some glamour and hope to the Royal Family and the Stones just keep rolling on. But what of Bond after the disastrous Quantum of Solace? All Englishman wish they were Bond and the country are proud of cinemas most famous spy, but Pierce Brosnan and the Bourne movies had undermined the brand.

          Adele's droning theme tune was the hypnosis that meant you would not be allowed to ignore Bond in Olympic year and the film has been a huge success as that patriotic hype campaign rage don all year. It's the highest grossing British film of all time and the first to do £100 million pounds in the U.K., joining the exclusive one billion dollar club worldwide, of which there are only 15 members (The Hobbit, unbelievably, already at 14), its $1.1 billion gross the seventh biggest in film history, second only to The Avengers last year (2012) in box office. No other Bond film features in the top 50. It became just one of three Bond films to be awarded an Oscar and the first to win two Oscars alongside a record five nominations.

          Sam Mendez was clearly bought into resuscitate Bond after the bombastic mess that was Quantum of Solace, this, the Oscar winning directors first non 18R certificate movie. He told journalists that the film was influenced by fellow Brit director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, the familiar themes of the evolution and redemption of a man alone, present, awarding the traditional two dimensional 007 killing machine more emotional intelligence and back-story, only the second movie Bond has shed a tear in and, dare I say it, even a hint of bisexuality to our most British of heroes, spinster Judy Dench as M unburdened of that suspicion this time around.

          Skyfall would be scored by Thomas Newman. He is Mendes go to soundtrack guy, doing all but one of his movies, joining legends Monty Norman, David Arnold and John Barry to score Bond. David Arnold made up some excuse around the 2012 Olympics he was working on why he wasn't asked back after scoring the last five Bond movies but he was simply not wanted this time around. But it was Adel who stole the show, music wise, winning the franchise first ever Oscar for the iconic and often revered job of the theme tune song. The tiresome and somewhat generic Bond warble 'Skyfall' would by released on Friday October 5th at 7:07.2012, exactly 50 years to the second of the release of Dr No.

          The film is long, only two seconds shy as the longest bond film of all time, that being 144 minutes of Craig's 'Casino Royale'. For Bond buffs 'On Her Majesties Secret Service' is the longest, if you take into account the over the top 10 minute opening credit sequence. Another to celebrate his Bond Golden Jubilee is producer Michael G Wilson, his debut being an extra in Goldfinger as one of those American soldiers sprayed with gas at Fort Knox. This is also the first Bond movie to use the 'F' word and the first Bond to wear a grey suit in the opening sequence. With the absence of CIA man Felix there are no Americans in the main cast here, also a first. Dench has now tied fellow 'M' Bernard Lee and Roger and Sean for seven appearances in the franchise.


          * Daniel Craig as James Bond, agent 007.
          * Judi Dench as M, the head of MI6 and Bond's superior.
          * Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva (born Tiago Rodriguez),[3] the film's main antagonist.
          * Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee.
          * Naomie Harris as an MI6 field agent.
          * Bérénice Marlohe as Séverine, Raoul Silva's mistress.
          * Albert Finney as Kincade, the gamekeeper of the Skyfall estate.
          * Ben Whishaw as Q, the MI6 quartermaster.
          * Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner, the MI6 Chief of Staff.
          * Ola Rapace as Patrice, a mercenary.

          === The Plot ===

          M: 'Where have you been Bond?'
          Bond: 'Enjoying death'.

          Bond (Craig) and a fellow MI6 field agent (Naomi Harris) bungle a mission on a train in Turkey and a mercenary called Patrice (Ola Rapace) escapes with a hard drive with pretty much every important agent listed on it from all the major intelligence services.

          After the mess up, Bond disappears for a while to drown his sorrows somewhere warm, unofficially decommissioned for his unknown status. But when MIQ headquarters are attacked in London he returns for duty, having to go through some competency tests in MI6 temporary underground HQ to earn back his License to Kill. M is under pressure and the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), is eyeing her job so she needs all the help she can get.

          The super villain adversary causing the explosions and threatening to kill five agents a week on the secret list is Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem), a man who has some sort of grudge with M and determined to take her down. As ever Bond is soon on the trail although no Hi-Tec kit available this time around, a fancy gun and radio transmitter all there is for 007 in the armory.

          Q: 'The Walther PPK/S nine-millimeter short. It's been coded to your palmprint so only you can fire it. Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement".

          Séverine (Bérénice Marlohe), Silva's mistress, is the way to find him, Raoul seeming to know how MI6 ticks to the millisecond and so his weak point, Séverine offering Bond to him. But this at exactly what Silva wants as Bond is part of the game, the race now on to bring down the whole of MI6 with his unwitting help, Skyfall the showdown...

          = = = Trivia Quiz = = =

          Which is the only other Bond film where 007 receives a bullet wound?

          What other Bond film sees the MI6 HQ attacked?

          Who was the first black girl to play a Bond girl?

          Which was the last Bond movie to win an Oscar, previous to Skyfall?

          Naomi Harris at 35 is the second oldest Bond girl. Who was the oldest?

          === Results ===

          Well, it's the most successful Bond film of all time but is it any good? The answer is not bad and certainly stylish and chunkier than the norm. It looks every cent of the $200 million budget it was that determined to be different this time, nearly bankrupting MGM and delaying production for 16 months, the longest gap between Bond films, but making Sony pictures and the Broccoli Estate very happy in the end, Sony's biggest ever return on any movie.

          Mendes borrows heavily from Bourne in the opening twenty minutes; visually and tongue - in - cheek, more out of respect, jealousy and envy, than hate, Bond more Bourne these days than the other way around, and for the better. Many would say the threat of Bourne saved Bond by being so good and so shaking up the spy thriller genre to perform. Mendes also steals the Knock List idea from Mission Impossible, the three franchises going head-to-head still.

          The humor is back but not the gadgets, the first big chuckle in the film, themes of Recusant Catholics and Greek mythology weaved into the DNA to add intrigue on Bonds genesis. As I say the action is very Bourne to start with, the roof top chase looking very familiar, before it reverts to traditional Bond type with an over the top train sequence. But that's what we want from Bond and so good to see. Who knew JCB's were so bullet proof! Some bits are corny, again a Bond staple, the Underground train crash the worse of. Happily the girls are expectantly beautiful and exotic, especially the athletic Naomi Harris, my kind of girl.

          The addition that Mendes brings to Bond is that cinematography style and the fleshing out of character through a more human story, the discovery that Bond is an orphan allowing M to be more the mother figure, Silva and Bond the naughty boys playing with guns. I would like to have seen Mendes bring the gadgets back but not to be, but a younger Q played by twenty something Ben Wishaw adding a fresh feel to things as quartermaster and good chemistry with Craig for future films, if Bond can stay young enough to keep the role. Not so convinced by the Javier Bardem interpretation of Silva, more Bruno Tonioli than Blofeld.

          On the whole it's good fun and above the Plimsole Line when it comes to Bond. It certainly looks beautiful at times through Mendes's cinematic eye and the need for chunkier narrative a good call. Some fans say Bond should stay the two dimensional killing machine and the action, icon and gadgets more important, only seen doing his ablutions if a pretty girl is to hand. But I liked the idea of building in his back-story and seeing more of the man in domestic compliance, getting back to Ian Flemings original Bond. Any new ideas get the nod from me after the nadir of Quantum of Solace. OO7 is back!

          === Ratings ===

          Imdb.com - 7.8/10.0 (278,657 votes)
          Metacritc.com - 81% critic's approval rating
          Rottentomatos.com - 92% critic's approval rating


          LA TIMES -'As the saying goes, you've got to shake 22 Bond films, before the 23rd is stirred to perfection'.

          CCN.COM -'It's been a long time since I enjoyed a Bond movie so much'.

          ABC Australia -' have no compulsion whatsoever in declaring Skyfall, in terms of cinematography, the best looking Bond film ever ... Action movies simply don't look like this - but ... this is no ordinary action movie'.

          ECLIPSE MAGAZINE -' Skyfall is a crushing bore. My Bond is not some whiny, emo, wall gazing, beer drinking "tough guy." My Bond loves women, has cool gadgets, a hot car that does neat things, beats the crap out of people'

          USA TODAY -'What a difference 50 years makes. It might sound blasphemous, but in Skyfall Daniel Craig has it all over previous 007s'.

          BBC Films -'Skyfall isn't quite a throwback to the absurd thrills of the 007 films of old...but it does inject some fun back into the franchise'.

          MOVIES.COM -'Solicits swoons like the best Bonds ever did, even if Bond's dangerously close to decommission'.

          REEL TIMES -' Skyfall proves that a long-standing series can deliver the expected fundamentals while keeping the new films fresh and unpredictable'.

          = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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            24.03.2013 18:09
            Very helpful



            A Bond I can manage to watch!

            Now I'm not and never will proclaim to be the worlds biggest Bond fan,. nor know everything about him. This weekend however, as a lot of the country will be doing, I happened to end up watching this, my lovely other half had already watched it - but Friday night was my turn to watch it. I'm not the best person with movies, since doing Media Studies for my A-Levels a few years back I tend to pick films apart, and believe me this film was not going to be any different... Much to his annoyance!

            ~*~ Bond... James Bond ~*~

            As we celebrate 50 years of the Bond Franchise, it was fairly obvious that this year was going to be the time in which the next film was going to be brought out. Daniel Craig takes another outing as the ever popular secret agent - having the legendary Martini cocktail at one point - but without ever saying the words, it's a good job we all know what he drinks! this is the 23rd Bond film since Dr No back in 1962, Skyfall itself has come across many problems in it's life span, biggest of all it's financial troubles, however they picked out its director a long time before it hit our screens. this film is the first Bond to ever gross more than $1 billion world wide, so what a way to celebrate 50 years of the most elusive ladies man, crossed with a secret agent on our screens.

            I might not be the biggest fan, but long live Bond!

            ~*~ Statistics ~*~

            Directed by Sam Mendes
            Produced by Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli
            Screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan
            Distributed byMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures
            Release date, 26th October (UK)
            Running time is 143 minutes
            Budget $150-200 million!
            Gross Revenue is around $1.1billion - but set to climb.

            ~*~ Plot and Development ~*~

            Your typical bond plot, chasing after something and getting himself into scrapes along the way. However not your average villain is round the corner plotting his revenge, watch as Bond puts himself through the places, goes for a big swim, and ends up in various places round the world looking for and fighting the bad guy. Look out though, you'll find that somehow he still ends up back in Blighty! This film begins as you would expect any Bond to, but seems for the first half hour to 45 minutes to be quite slow, well much slower than I was expecting anyway - there seems to be quite a lot of people to involve and introduce to the audience so that you need that time for everyone to realise how they slot into the proceedings. After that though, the plot develops at a satisfactory rate, you don't find at any point you feel like you're going to fall asleep because it's boring - even for me, who had been up since 5am on the day, done a full days work and started watching this quite late at night. So it will keep your attention, the fight scenes are as intense and fast paced as you would expect, although the situations are maybe not quite what you would expect - but I'll leave that one for you to wonder about. The film, comes to a satisfactory ending, with most of the questions you might have had answered - it does leave a good feeling at the end, and definitely gives me hope for a more traditional and the kind of Bond I know and love for the next film....
            Whenever that might be!

            ~*~ Acting and Characters ~*~

            Daniel Craig - James Bond, well I have to say I don't like Craig as bond I never have and I don't think I ever truly will, I accept him because we have no choice, but in reality I think there are people out there who are more deserving and have a better attitude and would play a much better Bond. I know many people out there would disagree, that said, this film has made me like him more in the role, but given the choice I'd definitely pick someone else. He's not a bad actor in any sense, he plays a very realistic Bond, and is highly believable the majority of the time. I just feel that he isn't quite as Bond as maybe someone else would have been, but I'll happily let him carry on - because at the end of the day he's a good actor. this film however, it seems Bond has lost his touch with the ladies a little - given that there is only a little hint of sex - which is actually quite tame in comparison with films of old.

            Judi Dench as M, I don't think in any film in the future will anyone have as much charisma as this lady in her role as M. Even now she gives it her all, and no one will ever be able to fill her shoes! There is not one person in this film that is as real and believable in her role as M, I'm a big fan of her acting and the way she portrays M all the way to the end.

            Javier Bardem, as the villian - see the next paragraph for my thoughts on this character! However in real life, the actor looks very normal and a far cry from the strange man he portrays.
            Bérénice Marlohe is our Bond girl essentially, she does have a very small part in this film, but she plays it well. Definitely very easy on the eye, with an amazing figure - used more as a pawn than anything else, she's definitely not a Bond girl of recent times, more just a bit of eye candy, as all she really does is lead Bond into trouble, apart from the moment in the shower, but even that gets him into trouble!

            Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, starts out as one of the most annoying characters in the film - but as time goes on and the story unfolds he seems to become less hated, and by the end even I started to warm to him, good thing really as he seems to be sticking around. He did get a good share of the one liners actually, the one close to the end really sticks in my mine, which has given the character a good starting point come the next film.

            Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny - yes it's that surname again, a fairly quiet and easy to get along with character, who has been out in the field and can relate to Bond and his life, but she just doesn't feel cut out for life in the field - especially after what she inflicts on Bond, but you'll have to watch it to find that out!

            ~*~ What about this 'Villain'? ~*~

            This topic has been one that has been spoken about a lot since we watched the film. I like the Bond villains of old, think large swivel chair stroking a furry kitty, or a laser at your testicles. However this time round I'm just not convinced, I know that time needs to move on and characters need to change to fit the times, but for some reason this villain didn't strike me as much of a villain more like a man that needs some serious psychological help! Raoul/Tiago whichever you want to call him, played by Javier Bardem - from the outset looks like an absolute nutcase, for me a Bond villain is meant to be scheming a devious - this guy is just crazy. Not to mention absolutely weird looking. The blond hair, and the manic grin makes him look more like an escaped mental patient rather than the seasoned, evil maniacs that Bond usually comes across and battles either to the death or until they're brought to justice at least. This guy you don't even get a hint of intelligence, I spent every time he was on screen, screaming what a weirdo in my head - everything he did seemed a little bit out of sync with what you'd have a normal Bond villain doing. The suggestions that were made, about the middle of the film, of a somewhat gay tendency were the final straw for me - I just can't begin to make something like that fit in a Bond film, it's just not right for the franchise that has prided itself on bond being a true lothario and getting the ladies into the bedroom. There is just something about this character and his weird behaviour that just doesn't sit right for me, even though I'm not an avid Bond fan - I can still see when something doesn't quite fit!

            ~*~ Cars and Gadgets ~*~

            Bond is known for his cars, and surprisingly this film, isn't heavily featured around cars. Admittedly the DB5 from previous films made an appearance, after spending it's years locked up and away from prying eyes - but for anyone that's seen the film you know the unfortunate end to the classic DB5. Other than that though, there is nothing really that outstanding to be seen, a nice Jaguar for ferrying M around, a Land Rover around Istanbul, and one of the sad moments for me, a gorgeous Audi A6, getting dragged down the street on it's side. Really, if they didn't like the Audi that much I'd have happily taken it off their hands! this time round they seem like they haven't really focused much on cars, or motorbikes - there has been more money spent on special effects. Which is a shame really, but I'm hoping next time there is more in the way of eye candy cars, and gadgets. As gadgets weren't really a big part of the film, not in the way they used to be, admittedly there was one small time with a new gadget and a new Q but it just doesn't grab me the way the older bond films did, with the old Q and his witty one liners.

            ~*~ Special Effects ~*~

            In my opinion there was far too much, admittedly it's not always easy to be able to show the kinds of explosions and damage you'd like to in reality, but it is important for a franchise such as this to make them more real than cheaper films. Or at least make it less obvious that you are green screening a dirt bike through a street of people! My one big complaint about the special effects in this film is that one particular scene is really obviously faked, when at the end of the day it wouldn't have been difficult to create that scene in real life; because getting three helicopters to fly over head isn't the most difficult thing in the world to organise. In some situations I agree for the safety of actors and stunt men that CGI is always going to be better, but the things that can be filmed should have been to try and maintain some realism in a world that is already very hard to believe. All in all they weren't too bad effects - I would just liked to have seen a bit more reality for the money that has been spent on this film.

            ~*~ Overall ~*~

            This is a good film if not a little bit long, it kept my attention the entire way through, maybe not always for the right reasons - maybe spending a lot of my time complaining about things not being quite right in reality, but I need to remember it is only a film! There are a few witty one liners that have made me laugh during the course of the film, but it's definitely never going to be a comedy film - it has stuck to it's genre well and think it will continue to. I just hope that for the future Bond goes back to somewhat of a more classical style and leave the psychologically damaged villains in the closet and bring on a more identifiable enemy. The scenes abroad were amazing well shot and very cleverly directed, which makes the film very watchable, there are a few parts that make it hard to believe but what can you expect for something that isn't real at the end of the day. It's definitely made me look at police men a different way... but you'll only know what I'm on about if you've seen the film. If not grab it while it's on offer, give it a watch even if you're not a Bond fan, because I liked it and I've really only tolerated Bond films in the past.

            Film only review but it is on offer at the minute in various shops on normal DVD for around £10


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              01.03.2013 21:41
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              a really good bond film that is action packed

              Information about the Film:

              Skyfall is an action and drama film that was released in 2012. The film was directed by Sam Mendes and the film was written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and John Logan. The film was produced by two people Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. The film was made on a budget of $150 million to around $200 million dollars, but the film was a huge commercial success and it grossed well over
              $1.07 billion dollars. The film also broke many different gross records and is the highest grossing Bond Film Ever.


              James Bond Played by Daniel Craig is on a mission to try to retrieve a hard drive which has the information of different mi6 undercover agents; he fails and pays the price for it. M Played by Judi Dench comes under fire and is being pushed towards retirement, soon all their problems turns into one huge problem and Bond is faced with trying to fight a highly skilled enemy but he knows nothing
              about him.


              * Daniel Craig as James Bond

              * Judi Dench as M

              * Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva

              * Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory

              * Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny

              * Bérénice Marlohe as Sévérine

              * Albert Finney as Kincade

              Filming and information:

              The film was made in a very quick time, and was filmed in many different locations including: London, Turkey and some other places. The film went in to production in early 2012 and was actually meant to be released a few months before but was postponed. A few different directors were thought of before the final director was selected by the studios.

              The studios involved in the film were:

              Eon Productions

              The Film Was distributed by:


              Columbia Pictures

              My Opinion and the Good and Bad:

              Although Skyfall does rely heavily on special effects and some CGI I thought they were to a very high standard and much better than some that is seen in other films. The CGI was very good which is expected nowadays and the film didn't disappoint. The Special effects in the film also were very detailed and very realistic when it was used which also makes the film look better and in my opinion, like I said before the film did rely a lot on special effects but they are not overused and so the film
              was balanced with superb special effects but also a great story.

              The picture quality was brilliant which is to be expected nowadays and so was the sound quality and so pretty much what I expected from a film that was released this year. Because the film is 143 minutes long it is a long film but in my opinion I thought it was easily watchable and the film is very entertaining and the film's story doesn't fell stretched.

              The direction I thought was superb, Sam Mendes directed the film and I think that he did an amazing job of putting his ideas into the film, he has directed many great films and Skyfall is another one toadd to his list. All of the scenes had the right camera angles and everything looked good throughout the film. Also all the scenes ran well together, and the lighting was really good as well. I think it adds
              a good effect to the scenes and film and brilliant directing.

              The acting was great too and I liked how the film had well-known actors as well as some new unheard of actors, Daniel Craig returned to play as James Bond and he did an amazing job at playing the famous spy, many have said that he is the best bond ever and I think that he is definitely one of
              them. All of the Actors also managed very well to show their characters emotions and feelings and so I was very impressed with the acting. Every one of the actors was also very easy to understand and all of the actors spoke clearly. I would also like to mention how well the actors did in the fight scenes in this film, the choreography was amazing and all the actors did very well to make the fight
              scenes look realistic and some of the fights were incredible.

              The story is also well written and the film although is an action adventure film it did have a few humorous bits added into the film which were very good and a welcome addition to the film. The story was very original in some aspects but without spoiling the story it's a very different story compared to other James Bond films and that makes it very good in my opinion. The story is fast paced right from the start and the film does not slow down at all, the whole film is quite action packed but again there is more action as the film progresses. The story did have sub plots and they
              were great, there are some very good twists in the story which I didn't see coming ,which I thought was very good and there are other sub plots in the story which I also thought added to make the film much better. The screenplay is as good as the story it's dramatic in places and it also has good dialogue. The story is also easily understood and isn't confusing.

              I didn't really find any bad points with his film as I really enjoyed it the only thing that I could see that would put people off would be the length but as I have previously mentioned I thought it was easily watchable. The story does not drag and is very action packed and so the length won't really be an issue.


              The soundtrack is really exceptional; the theme is made by Adele and it is called Skyfall, the music changes as the film progresses which is great. There is of course the very famous Bond theme in the film which plays at different parts of the film. The soundtrack is very different from the usually films of this genre, it has different kinds of music such as some soft rock and then some classical, also the music is very fitting to the different scenes which I thought was excellent. I've watched most of the
              Bond films and out of them all I think that Skyfall has one the best soundtracks .


              The film has won numerous awards and has been nominated for many Oscars; these include best picture and best soundtrack and so on, in total it has been nominated for over five academy awards. The film was successful at the golden globes and many other film awards. The film has also been rated one of the best films of the year along with a huge amount of critical acclaim for many of the
              actor's roles and the director.

              Critics and IMDB:

              Overall the film has had a huge critical reception which has helped it to win so many awards. Many websites such as metacritic and rotten tomatoes has rated the film around 90% which is an exceptional rating. The popular site IMDB has also got a rating for the film and that is 7.9 out of 10, the rating is based on well over 217,000 votes. I would agree with the critical reception of the film as in my opinion there is really nothing that I could say that is bad about the film, and it really is an excellent film in my opinion.


              Skyfall is part of the huge franchise that is James Bond, this film was the 23rd James Bond film and there is bound to be more. Daniel Craig is has signed up to do two more James Bond films, and that would mean that have played James Bond in five different films. As for the director there is no mention in whether Sam Mendes will be coming back to redirect the sequel. The story would be another problem but they probably have already started creating it. Skyfall was such a critical and
              commercial success that it is not surprising that they want to make a sequel.

              My Conclusion:

              Overall I really enjoyed watching Skyfall and think that it was an amazing film. The CGI and Special effects were amazing and all though the film relied on special effects I thought they were all to a very high standard and so were very good and also they never oversaturated the film. The story and screenplay provided a very good story and the story is easily followed, also it is very action packed
              and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The sound track as I have previously mentioned I thought was superb and the actors all did an amazing job portraying their characters. Overall I really enjoyed watching Skyfall and I could easily watch this film again and I highly recommend it. The film does not drag and so is very entertaining well worth 5 out of 5 in my opinion. The film is rated 12A due to
              violence throughout the film.

              5 Out of 5

              I Highly Recommend that you watch Skyfall



              Thank you for reading my film review, any comments or ratings are appreciated and I will try to rate you all back but if I miss you please let me know and I will rate. This review will also be posted on
              ciao too.



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                28.02.2013 20:36
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                This left me thinking has this Bond had his time

                I watched Skyfall, not because I am a Bond fan, but because a lot of my friends had said they thought it was very good, so I was expecting to sit enthralled throughout.
                The reality was that for me, the film didn't really take off, and, an hour into the film I did find myself starting to fidget in my seat.

                Briefly, Skyfall focuses on a serious security breach at MI6, that means that lives of secret agents will be at risk of being killed. Thereon James Bond and 'M' have to find out who is behind this threat and stop it happening any further.

                In the opening scenes of Skyfall the film does start off quite promising, with a spectacular fast action scene with Bond, versus a spy on top of a moving train. Bond is dressed in a pristine suit and tie and well! Who I am to spoil the plot, you can watch the rest!

                Mainly, the film portrays action scenes that are intense and exciting, but then appear to be directed in almost a sort of careless way. I felt that some of the scenes were, somewhat unbelievable and left me with a 'no way that is not possible' thought,
                Of course during the film, Bond is seen having numerous dramatic encounters and exits from a lot of different villainous plots of which I expected and enjoyed.

                Judi Dench as 'M' as always provides the ever reliable consistent source of good British acting.
                However I was not inspired by Daniel Craig playing Bond, in this film, he somehow did not have the charm and charisma of what I felt Bond should be about. There is a part where a female companion asks who he is and when he replies 'James Bond' he does so with a blandness, as to feel no connection with him at all. Daniel Craig as 007's character portrayed it as quite boring at times and lacking the Bond uniqueness.
                The part of the villain Silva that is played by Javier Bardem was good and I really enjoyed his part in this film. As a villain Silva was good but as Bond villains go compared to other Bond films he was not outstanding.

                Skyfall has some extravagant scenic filming when Bond goes to Shanghi and then in contrast visits the highlands of Scotland, that provide the locality setting, for the ending scenes of the film.
                Overall there are lots of great looking action scenes involving fast moving vehicles accompanied by the memorable brilinat Bond theme tune.
                Overall Skyfall left me feeling, hardly thrilled and not stirred!


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                24.02.2013 23:19



                An action packed brillant Bond film

                Daniel Craig returns with an almighty bang in Skyfall as James Bond. I am not the biggest James Bond fan but Skyfall had me captivated the whole way through. It was far more action packed then the previous Quantum of Solace. The plot had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what Silva's next move would be.

                'M' is put under scrutiny after a mission goes disastrously wrong and agents name's from around the world are exposed. Soon afterwards, MI6 is attacked and is forced to relocate. Roll on, James Bond trying to find out who the villain is behind the terrorist netrocities. Javier Bardem plays Silva, the super villain, who is adamant on getting revenge on 'M' is brillant. In the end there is only one person 'M' can trust to ensure Silva's motives and evil plans are revealed, 007.

                No viewer of Skyfall can predict Silva's next move, it leaves you guessing what the character's next move is going to be, always one step ahead of M16. I personally was on the edge of my seat calculating when the next clue was going to appear on screen.

                Even for those who are not avid Bond fans, Skyfall is definitely worth while watching. It is action packed from the first second to the end credits. There isn't one minute that goes by where there is not a twist or turn in the plot. It will please the whole family.


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                24.02.2013 22:44
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                The only Bond film I've been able to sit through

                I've never been a big fan of Bond films. In fact, I don't think I've ever managed to sit through an entire Bond film without being distracted and drifting off to do something else. Needless to say, Skyfall wasn't my choice of film but my husband returned from Sainsbury's clutching a £7 copy of the DVD on the day of its release, so my Saturday night viewing was decided.

                Despite my reservations, I found myself gripped by the film from the outset, with the action starting long before the credits rolled - featuring Adele's perfectly fitting Skyfall theme tune- and being pretty much non-stop from then on in. I particularly enjoyed the opening scenes which really set the pace for the entire film, despite James Bond being left, presumed dead, having been accidentally shot by a member of his own team. Needless to say, that isn't the last we see of Bond, otherwise the remainder of the film would be a pretty disappointing affair!

                The basic plot is simple enough for me to follow without feeling unnecessarily taxed but plausible enough to justify the events that follow. Basically, 007 is on the trail of somebody who has managed to hack into MI6 computers and steal a hard drive containing a list of all the secret agents and their locations. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that this is more than just a random 'bad guy' and the person involved has a real vendetta against 'M' (fantastically portrayed by Dame Judi Dench) for reasons that are gradually revealed.

                The cast was pretty impressive, even without any real big names (aside from Daniel Craig and the aforementioned Judi Dench.) I haven't seen Daniel Craig in any other Bond films but, having seen this one, I really can't imagine else playing the part so well. He seemed born to the role, and that is without any previous real knowledge of him as an actor or performer. I was also impressed with how well he managed to portray the charisma of Bond as well as his natural flirtatious side, even when facing potentially deadly enemies.

                The real surprise star of the show was the new 'Q', played by Ben Wishaw, who I found to be an inspired choice as a rather foppish young geek who Bond dismisses as a pubescent upstart almost instantly. Needless to say, Q's insistence that he can cause more damage in his pj's, before his first cup of Earl Grey, soon becomes something that Bond has to rely on to avoid losing his life (yet again!). I particularly enjoyed Q's quip about not providing pens that fire bullets anymore - giving a little light hearted dig at the Bond movies of the 1980s with their far-fetched gadgets and paraphernalia.

                This Bond movie doesn't stray too far from its roots, however. There are the trademark features of a Bond film - the exotic locations, beautiful and mysterious women, the inevitable casino scene, car chases, balancing on the roof of a train, shoot 'em ups and even a martini (shaken not stirred.) The action scenes were pretty breath-taking, even though there were more than a few slapstick elements - Bond in hot pursuit of the baddie sliding down the sides of a London Underground escalator and the booby trap scenes towards the end which were more reminiscent of a scene from 'Home Alone' rather than classic Bond.

                Despite being rated '12', I watched this alongside my ten year old son and felt comfortable that this was appropriate viewing throughout for his age and understanding. The film does feature a lot of shooting and violence but it is very fast-paced and there are no really disturbing or scary scenes, despite the high number of casualties throughout the film. I did have my finger hovering over the fast-forward button when it came to a certain shower scene but, fortunately, this was left to the viewer's imagination and thanks to the frosting around the shower screen, nothing 'naughty' could really be seen. That aside, the word 'shit' is used a few times but nothing stronger and there are a few more scenes of light flirtation but, again, nothing that I felt uncomfortable about my ten year old son witnessing, making this a really entertaining family film.

                I wasn't expecting to enjoy this Bond film but can honestly say that I am looking forward to going back and watching Daniel Craig in his earlier performances as 007. I would recommend this as an entertaining, fast-paced thriller to anybody looking for light entertainment and a bit of fun escapism.


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                  23.02.2013 18:50
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                  Good Bond film

                  This is a film only review.

                  After the relative disappointment of the second Bond movie to star Daniel Craig, Skyfall represents a return to form and an excellent third film in the series to feature what in my opinion is the best Bond character in a longtime if not ever.

                  This film sees the excellent Judi Dench as M have a far more prominent and active role in the film and the interaction between her character and Bond is one of the strengths of the film, she manages to mix in the hard side of her role with a soft touch when it comes to Bond, almost like a mother figure all be it one you feel would have him killed at the drop of a hat if it was in the national interest. The plot centres on a stolen hard drive which contains the secret identity of MI6 spies and soon the whole service is under attack from a man with a grudge against M, Silva played by the excellent Javier Bardem, and Bond sets out to kill him before any more agents get killed.

                  The scenery shots in this film are excellent and visually it is very impressive and the plot moves along at a fast pace which makes this 140 minute film simply fly by in a roller coaster of edge of the seat action. There have been complaints about the number of continuity errors however I never saw any of them and also about the excessive product placement but the film industry is a business and product placement is not exactly a new thing and the film gets no where near to rivalling I Robot which was the worst film I have ever seen for product placement.

                  Craig is excellent in the lead role, he brings a much needed edge to the character, I still think the number of wise cracks are over done and would prefer to see these gone from the film as they add not to my enjoyment however I guess they do serve to provide some seperation from the Bourne films. The action scenes are excellent and while there are still the odd, hard to believe, stunts in the film there is still enough realism in the plot to keep the viewing audience comming back for more.

                  A film that is well worth seeing whether you are a Bond fan or not as it is a very good addition to the genre. Craig delivers a powerful performance and Dench is very polished in the role of M and the fast pace of the plot makes it at enjoyable film to watch.


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                    22.02.2013 22:50
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                    Good plot, great Bond

                    Whenever an eagerly anticipated film comes to the cinema, my hubby and I promise ourselves that we will have an evening out to see the film - we never actually do though.

                    Up to recently we have been fortunate in as much that two of our children still lived at home, and both liked to collect DVD's, we long since realised that if we were to wait long enough then the blockbuster DVD would come out, one of them would buy it.. and that is what has always happened, until now!

                    The two of our children that "live at home" are now only at home part time - if that - they are both living away at university and as they tell me, far too poor to buy blockbuster DVD's!

                    So, the latest James Bond film has just come out onto DVD, and the worm turned. My son came home for the weekend, so when I went shopping I bought the DVD in with my weekly shopping. It could have been worse for my pocket though, Sainsbury's had an offer that if you spent £30 in store then the DVD only cost £7.

                    So here I am writing a review about the first new film I have bought that wasn't a present for someone else, for about six years!

                    I am not a cinema buff, I do not know all the correct terms and by no stretch of the imagination am I anything like a film critic - so please excuse this review for being written in simple terms and from a personal angle - but that is who I am, Mrs Normal, sat watching a film with her husband and son for the evening.

                    As mentioned earlier in my review, this DVD came from Sainsbury's on a special offer of £7, which is a bargain price for a DVD only released a few days ago - you had to spend £30 in store to get it at that price, but when you are shopping for groceries, £30 is a very easy amount to spend.

                    Skyfall - the latest James Bond film

                    Like most of the rest of the western world, I have watched James Bond films for as long as I can remember - This film is the 23rd film from the longest running film franchise of all time. Daniel Craig returns for the third time as 007, James Bond.

                    Skyfall was released in the cinemas in early November 2012 and released on DVD and BluRay in February 2013. Skyfall has earned Sony $1.1 billion and the highest grossing film for Sony pictures.

                    The beauty of James Bond, particularly in the last ten years is how the film seems to manage to stay fresh, Peirce Brosnan and more recently Daniel Craig have given James Bond the most enormous kiss of life - the more recent films, Skyfall in particular are light years away from the Moore and Connery films - not just because of the technology that films have to play with now, but the plot lines and credibility of these films. You really are watching an all action film, where you are reluctant to leave the room to put the kettle on for fear of missing something - some of the Roger Moore films seem almost slapstick in comparison.

                    The Plot

                    Yes! There was one - without going into detail and ruining this film to those who have not had the chance to see it, this film focuses around James Bond and his boss, M.

                    Starting in Istanbul, James Bond and a colleague chase Patrice, a mercenary, who has stolen a highly important hard drive containing highly confidential information of M15 agents and their undercover whereabouts, the high action chase and stunts that follow this laptop being stolen leads to the apparent death of James Bond. I don't think I am giving too much away by saying that this happens at the very beginning of the film.

                    The scenes that follow focus around "M" who as every James Bond fan, and probably everyone else again in the world who watches television and films, is played by the wonderful Dame Judi Dench. (I have to say I was personally highly dubious of a M being played by such a high profile female actress, but within minutes of watching her the first time, I cannot think of a better M) I digress! - Within MI6, M who is in charge of the 00 operatives is under pressure to resign, becomes aware of the implications of the hard drive being stolen, explosions happen, computer hacking and the threat towards MI6 in general and M in particular are the trigger to the return of James Bond, who of course needs to come to the aid of his country once more.

                    To discuss the plot much further would be to give too much away.

                    The film, as in all James Bond films, goes international - searching for the mercenaries and the individual behind the terrorism, scenes in Shanghai, Macau, London and Scotland - stunts and explosions, beautiful women, fast cars, casino's, large amounts of money, helicopters, gadgets from Q ( a new Q as wonderful Desmond Llewelyn has sadly died and John Cleese who appeared previously as Q's assistant has not taken over the role) - all the standard ingredients for a Bond film, but in this films case, so much better.

                    As I mentioned earlier, this in my opinion is the first Bond film that has a real plot to it, it definitely has a good plot line running through it, the theft of the hard drive, the future of MI6, the relationship between Bond and M and an insight to Bonds personal life, which has never been touched on before - at the end of the film we, as a family, were chatting about it and we agreed that discovering more about Bond and who he was and where he came from should have happened years ago, possibly in a very early film - it makes Daniel Craig's Bond have a better depth of character, not seen since George Lazenby's Bond was widowed within hours of his wedding in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

                    The film comes to an explosive end, with a twist that I really did not see coming, but in many ways this twist is a very good thing for the next film, whenever it may be, as it paves the way for fresh starts and new beginnings - and this is the sort of thing that will keep this series of films going for years to come.

                    The Cast and Crew

                    The highly acclaimed Sam Mendes (CBE) directed Skyfall
                    Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench, playing James Bond and M
                    Javier Bardem playing the bad guy, Raoul Silva, of which gave him various Academy awards nominations,
                    Other major names in the film, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney.

                    British songwriter Adele wrote and sung the theme tune, Skyfall, written with her regular songwriter Paul Epworth. The song was released at 0.07 on 5th October 2012, a day that apparantly was known as Bond Day as it marked the anniversary of 50 years of Bond - 50 years to the day from the release of Dr. No - the first ever Bond film.

                    The three of us sat in the living room this evening, around the television and hardly uttered a word, we thoroughly enjoyed this film from start to finish and even though my son had already seen the film last year at the cinema, he was as glued to the screen this evening as much as my hubby and I were.

                    What more could you want? The amazingly gorgeous Daniel Craig, explosions, stunts, high action and a storyline that went through the whole of the film - a Bond film that didn't finish with a cheesy line and an inuendo-sex scene! Bond has moved on and grown up and I am now a big Bond fan, rather than it being a film that was just on in the background.


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                      30.12.2012 14:28
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                      Bond is back and this is M's final mission

                      Bond is back. To tell you the truth, I haven't actually been that excited about the upcoming Bond film which is probably because there wasn't as much hype prior to its release as I had expected and I wasn't particularly fond of Adele's 'Skyfall'. However, when trailers and adverts started popping up everywhere I still to feel a bit more buzzed which turned into ferocious anticipation during my recent trip to Paris the week before its release. This was mainly because I happened to be visitng the Champs Elysees on the day of the Paris premiere and saw them setting up the red carpet and the reporters getting into place. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stick around and wait for the stars to show up, but it was cool nonetheless.

                      The last Bond film was actually a whole four years ago and you can definitely see Daniel Craig's age. It's hard to describe a Bond film without giving anything away, but basically Bond is trying to recover a stolen computer hard drive containing details of agents placed undercover in terrorist organisations by NATO states. 'M' has a real presence in this film and her character is integral to the story line which is interesting as she usually works on the sidelines.

                      I was sitting next to a guy I know who sighed at frequent intervals throughout the film and though I never found out how he felt about the film, I'm assuming he wasn't that impressed. Then again, he sighs a lot of the time so who knows. For the most part I have heard raving reviews for Skyfall and I would have to agree with those people because it is a truly excellent film. It would make a lot of sense of this was Daniel Craig's last Bond film, though it's hard to say because there are a lot of rumours flying around at the moment.

                      I've found that all three of Daniel Craig's films have been a lot more emotional than Bond films were in the past. I feel that the pre-Craig Bond films were very focussed on a central mission that Bond had to carry out and there wasn't that much more to them; however, all of Craig's films have a deeper emotional intensity to them. I can't really say much more about this without revealing the plot, but trust me, it's a good story.

                      Javier Bardem is an aboslutely fantastic Bond villain. Many parts of the film were laugh-out-loud funny and the combination of Bardem and Craig was brilliant. Craig brought his usual sexy and sarcastic humour whilst Bardem brought a sort of crazy-evil-guy-who's-totally-fucked-up-in-the-head humour. Bardem is just so intense and creepy and every time he was on screen I wasn't sure whether I wanted to laugh or cry. The blond hair makes him look particularly creepy though I can't really pinpoint why. He was definitely the right villain for this film and again, I can't really say why without revealing the plot so you'll have to see for yourselves!

                      Judy Dench is absolutely phenomenal in this film. She's always been quite clear cut and on the point, but in this movie we see a different side to 'M' and that's what makes this movie special. 'M' really becomes a part of the plot in this film and gets stuck into some of the action which is something she's never done before and it's brilliant. Daniel Craig's acting was superb - as usual. Back when he was first announced as the new James Bond, I absolutely hated him and I was outraged that James Bond would be portrayed by someone so blond and so muscular and so not Pierce Brosnon, but now he's one of my favourite Bonds. He looked kinda haggard in this movie, and I suppose Daniel Craig is getting on in years. We saw several sides to Bond in this movie, including a slightly more compassionate and vulnerable side which was most intriguing. I imagine that it was intentional as it does sort of fit in with the story, but it also makes me think that this was Daniel Craig's last stab at Bond, but who knows, we'll have to wait and see. Ralph Fiennes also makes an appearance in this film and anything to do with Ralph Fiennes is pretty damn good.

                      Now onto the Bond girl. I absolutely love that the Bond girl was French, in fact there has been a French Bond girl in all of Craig's movie. I was a little disappointed at the lack of, shall we say, 'interaction', between Bond and Severine, but what can you do. She was really good at portraying intense emotions and amazingly gave the impression of being extremely calm, cool and collected as well as fear-ridden and frightened. Berenice Marlohe isn't a particularly well known actress and doesn't have a lot of films under her belt, but she's showcased her talents to the world in Skyfall and we'll no doubt be seeing her again.

                      As I mentioned above, I wasn't that impressed with the theme tune sung by Adele. The more I listen to it the more I like, however, I don't think I'll ever like all the parts of the song. In some ways it is perfect for this new film, and in others I don't think it meshes with 'Bond' all that well. I absolutely love the opening of Casino Royale, it's a lot punchier and grittier and I suppose I shouldn't compare the two because the films themselves are very different, but I just didn't think this song was as good as it could have been, especially since it was sung by Adele who has an incredible voice.

                      It's frustrating that I can't really give a very detailed review without revealing spoilers, but this film is filled with action and emotion and there are some extraordinary shots and action sequences which are truly mind-blowing-ly awesome. Everything is bigger, better, and sexier. This is undoubtedly one of the best Bond films ever created, I'd possibly even stretch that to the best Bond film.


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                        24.12.2012 11:30
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                        BUT IT'S NOT BOND :( :( *cries* (totally sarcastic)

                        It seems it's taken the Eon Productions team about 10 years and 3 entire films to recover from the disaster of a 007 film that is 'Die Another Day'; 3 entire films: 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Skyfall', in that we don't finally reach the top of that mountain of recovery until the final scene of the latter. As much as 'Skyfall' has been branded as 'back to Bond', it isn't quite. It's certainly got smatterings, much like 'Quantum of Solace' (Qos) did, but its hugely personal plot and select scenes definitely do not fit the bill. Does this make it a bad film? No. Does this warrant a 2-star rating? Definitely not. It's just the unfortunate truth for Bond fans that by the time the next 007 film is released, in hope that it's a success, they'd have had to have waited around 15 years for a new, true Bond film to be released ('The World is Not Enough' was released in 1999).

                        -== The Plot ==-

                        The film opens in Istanbul, with 007 (Daniel Craig) pursuing a target, aided by field agent Eve (Naomie Harris). The guy they're chasing is in possession of a hard drive containing details of agents working undercover for terrorist organisations. In pursuit, Eve is presented with a final chance for input on the chase, crouched with a sniper rifle upon a cliff while 007 and the target fight on top of a train; M (Judi Dench) orders her to take the shot, however unclean it is, and Bond is shot in the chest, falling into the river below. This causes one Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), M's superior, to approach her to discuss retirement plans - the cheeky bugger. In true Bondian style however, 007 survives, but is presumed dead back at MI6 in London, and is written an obituary and everything, only to end up lurking in the shadows of M's home like he did in 'Casino Royale' (CR). MI6 HQ is hit with a terrorist attack, and M wants 007 to investigate; however he must first take mandatory tests to deem him fit to go back out into the field. He fails miserably, little to Bond's knowledge, but M insists that he undergo the mission regardless, much to the dismay of Mallory. MI6 intelligence first points Bond to Shanghai, China, where the agent who stole the hard drive, named Patrice (Ola Rapace - Noomi's ex-hubby), is headed. The hunt begins, and he is eventually led to ex-MI6 agent- turned-terrorist Silva (Javier Bardem) on a barren Inception-esque island in Macau. Bond must overcome the villainous Silva in order to prevent the names of the undercover agents being publicly released, and ultimately prevent a terrorist attack on the British Secret Service.

                        -== The Review ==-

                        While I do strongly suggest that this is more certainly not your ordinary Bond film, 'Skyfall's' 50-year pressure causes Mendes to confidently restore many of the elements, some quite overtly, others not so. It's ultimately a journey to the point where we are truly 'back to Bond', but a percentile of the audience - a number of which will be die-hard Bond fans - will be thinking 'I thought we got there with QoS'. The Bondian style was certainly there, but its ties to its prequel CR were very un-Bondian, yet necessary; plus, the ending seemed quite closing. However, James Bond didn't feel 'back' - I actually quite liked QoS despite all the mumbles and grumbles, but the ending was still heavily weighted on the Vesper Lynd thread; well 'Skyfall' quite aptly puts that closed book on the shelf, and actually suggests that this is a much later time to CR and QoS - Bond is an experience 00 agent now. With 'Skyfall', Q is reintroduced at long last, played by young Ben Whishaw (I remember him playing Sebastian in the film adaptation of 'Brideshead Revisited'), and this marks the journey that Mendes and the team are making with the film: 'we WILL be 'back to Bond' come the end credits, but to said die-hard Bond fans, just enjoy the ride, because there are enough elements to keep you happy'.

                        The Bond elements, general entertaining film and stellar filmmaking are all in place and balanced nicely. The rather generic terrorist plotline is present (albeit hugely marred by the very personal plotline concerning Bond, M and MI6), and also a structure that would not be out of place on an earlier Bond film. The 'exotic' locale is quite limited, being hugely based in the UK both in London and Scotland, but there is enough screen-time set in China. The scenes set in Shanghai in particular offer the most entertaining and the most stunning visually, one of which makes subtle homage to 'The Man with the Golden Gun' in its classic sense, while the neon of China's biggest city produces a cool, modern lighting that sets up a homage to 'Kill Bill, vol. 1'. This scene also sets up the classic Bond structure, whereby a piece of evidence (and they go for the biggest classic: the name of the country of origin on a weapon) leads Bond on to his next location, and after investigating there he is led to his next location, etc.; yet it's not an annoying treasure-hunt pursuit. 'Skyfall' has its Bond girls too, namely the aforementioned Eve and the gorgeous Séverine (Bérénice Lim Marlohe); but in all honesty, 'Skyfall's' main Bond girl is very much M and Judi Dench. While Bond fans likely won't like the personal, unexplained elements that tie M to Silva, her character is central to the story this time around and she gets much more screen-time than the other two Bond girls. It's also worth mentioning at this point the almost-cameo role played by Helen McCrory, who leads a court hearing that sets M and Dench up for a superb scene, albeit un-Bondian, in which she reads out an extract from a Tennyson poem over a dramatic montage underscored by Newman's music. It's one of the film's central parts and creates an elite feel for 'Skyfall', but one which will inevitably anger those die-hard Bond fans (I actually rolled my eyes while writing that...). 'Skyfall', interestingly, while led by Craig, is almost wholly a film belonging to Dench and Bardem; they are both fantastic, and the latter presents another terrifying villain, albeit very different to the character of Chigurh in the phenomenal 'No Country for Old Men'. Bardem, in fact, brings horror to the role and ultimately the film, an element that is scarcely seen in older Bond films, so inevitably feels quite alien and further supports this idea that we're still not quite back to Bond. Meanwhile, the brilliant Ralph Fiennes puts in a solid performance as Mallory, but the little screen-time him and others (namely Albert Finney and Helen McCrory) have simply displays the utter firepower behind the camera for 'Skyfall'.

                        Bondian elements and un-Bondian elements aside, 'Skyfall' is excellent. The action sequences are exciting and executed well, with a few original additions that are always massively needed in this Bourne-influenced day and age (such as the truck providing a handy bridge for Bond to move from two separating train carriages). As aforementioned, there a few dramatic scenes, all of which are handled superbly, while the lesser dialogue scenes have their share of interest, thrills and laughs. 'Skyfall' is also the first film since 1989's 'Licence to Kill' to feature a soundtrack by an American composer. While my last review discussed his cousin, Thomas Newman provides a different approach with 'Skyfall'. The last six films' scores have been provided by Brit David Arnold (Independence Day, Little Britain, Sherlock), but with Mendes being brought in, he brought along his preferred composer, who has worked with him on films such as 'Road to Perdition' and the multi-award winning 'American Beauty' (his theme for which is actually fairly well-known - big stress on 'fairly', though). His Americanism penetrates that score quite harshly at times, particularly when coming off the back of six British Bond soundtracks, with some eyebrow-raising employment of Orientalism at points, but this notion is quickly dismissed; his approach is fresh yet derivate (in a positive sense, with one cue in particular sounding like a Harry Potter/ The Dark Knight hybrid - think 'Harry Potter and the Caped Crusader'), and thoroughly enjoyable. When all is said and done, 'Skyfall' feels like a move forward. Certain things in the last decade have been left behind, while new elements have been picked up and so have certain older elements, more of which are sure to return in the next installment. The film is overall brilliant, but while this focus of getting back to Bond is omnipresent, the final 'battle scene', if you will, seems absolutely bizarre - certainly, in my eyes at least, the strangest scene I've ever witnessed in a Bond film, whereby even my eye-rolling at those die-hard Bond fans halts for a second or two. But if that's what needs to be done (I'm not sure it is) to tidy up this trilogy of recovery, then so be it.

                        -== The Verdict ==-

                        This review was inevitably going to be tainted by whether or not 'Skyfall' is Bondian or not. On the whole, yes, it is, in a sense, but there are enough dominating elements or scenes that arguably quash that statement. That said, at the end of the day, it has been 50 years since Dr. No - times have changed, and if you expect a Dr. No replica to be made tomorrow, then you're going to be very much out of luck. We're in a modern era (aren't we always?!) and we can't keep living in the past. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the James Bond films, but I'm not one to sit there and sulk and say 'Casino Royale isn't a Bond film!' - it's a bloody good film, wholly necessary and that is that. Either way, 'Skyfall' is hugely entertaining, excellently made but possesses a few elements that hold it back. The final scene will have you smiling to yourself though as you know that this trilogy of recovery has finally come to an end. It's been an enjoyable seven years, providing a much-needed breath of life into the franchise, but we're ready to get back to Bond now - thanks.

                        Oh and the title sequence and song? Cool.


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                          Best 2012 film in my opinion. A must-watch!

                          Chester-born actor, Daniel Craig is playing as Bond one more time in the recent sequel to the James Bond franchise. With Daniel being one of my all-time favourite actors, i expected nothing less of spectacular in this move and he has lived up to that. Every scene had me holding my breath and sitting on the edge of my seat. I think I annoyed some of the other viewers in the cinema because i was exhaling and making weird noises as I do when i'm full of suspense. The action scenes were executed perfectly from beginning to end; for example, the first scene of the film included Bond chasing a villain, on a motorbike, across the rooftops of the Grand Bazaar. Then it smoothly transitioned to a fistfight on top of a moving train.
                          Sheer brilliance.

                          This film definitely makes you think twice about Bond defeating the villain, Silva who is the most sadistic bond villain to date. Silva is an ex-00 agent and truly tests Bond's skills.

                          This film also takes a dive into Bond's past as he visits the orphanage he grew up in, and like any bond film; there is no such thing as a boring scene.

                          However, this Bond film takes a different approach to locations as most of the film is set in the UK; from places such as London to Edinburgh.

                          I'd rather not say much more in-case I spoil it for you because this film deserves to be watched unspoiled.


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                            17.11.2012 19:11
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                            Oedipus wrecks

                            Jamaica. The 1950s. The sun begins to slowly set over GoldenEye where Ian Fleming has been at his typewriter, drink to hand and, who knows, perhaps some lunch with his neighbour Noel Coward. During the war Fleming worked for the Naval Intelligence Division as an SIS operator. He loved the shadowy world of espionage and intrigue and used his experience to write a spy adventure novel called Casino Royale about a British Secret Agent named James Bond (the soon to be very famous name taken from the author of a book titled Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies). What was Fleming's James Bond like? In many ways he was Fleming's fantasy version of himself and Fleming was a rather suave character to begin with. A bounder, seducer and caddish bon vivant according to one of his biographers. So Bond was tougher than Fleming, more conventionally handsome, described as having a scar, a comma of black hair over his forehead and the uncanny dashing good looks of a Hollywood film star. Fleming's Bond was more introspective than the film incarnation but he wasn't Ingmar Bergman. Although his parents had died in a climbing accident he wasn't some perpetually tortured soul scarred by his childhood. When the character made the transition from page to screen producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman had to - for want of a better word - spiff things up somewhat for cinematic purposes. The novels were a trifle starchy and dated so James Bond was made more pop culture. Playboy magazine. In the guise of Sean Connery he was a super suave charmer who was more than capable of fighting his way out of trouble. The Bond blueprint - the iconic staples - were established with Goldfinger. Gunbarrel, pre-title sequence, title sequence, M scene, Q, exotic locales, grand villain with a masterplan, spectacular last act. The films were larger than life and amusing (not that the books were Dostoevsky to begin with - Fleming's Bond wrestling giant squids and battling villains with steel hands) and fantastic entertainment. An impossibly suave model handsome preposterously patriotic anachronistic British spy saving the world. What's not to like? By and large James Bond was a charming constant in an increasingly charmless world. As Cubby Broccoli said, people pay their money and they forget their troubles for a few hours.

                            Which brings us to Skyfall, a very special anniversary film. Why it's the sixth anniversary of Barbara Broccoli's new James Bond series. Directed by Sam Mendes (didn't he win an Oscar once? how the mighty have fallen), Skyfall's McGuffin is a stolen hard drive taken from an MI6 agent that contains information on all undercover NATO operatives. This hard drive... oh, I can't be bothered. Stolen spy records. A plot device taken from the first Mission Impossible film. Four years and this is the best they could come up with. It's just a McGuffin and is forgotten about half-way through the film. Don't they back these things up anyway? If I want to remember something I write it down on a piece of paper and post it to myself. That was just a joke. So James Bond (played by Daniel Craig again) is on a mission in Turkey to retrieve the disc and ends up being accidently shot by fellow MI6 agent Eve (Naomie Harris) and falling in a river. He's presumed dead but is very much alive and returns to London when the MI6 headquarters suffers a terrorist attack. Didn't they do that one in The World Is Not Enough? This is not going to be the most original film ever committed to celluloid. I didn't get this by the way. They write Bond's obituary but no seems surprised when he turns up again. Was it a hoax? How does he survive in that river? Is he bloomin Aquaman or something? I'm always reading the Craig films are more realistic but in their own pretentious way they are every bit as daft as anything that came before. A secret agent smashing through walls and ripping door handles off like the Incredible Hulk. It's hardly Fleming's Bond. Anyway, it transpires that cyberterrorist Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) is behind the attack and he seems to have a big grudge against the secret service boss M (Judi Dench).

                            There is no gunbarrel at the start of the film again. Mendes said that because the first shot of the film is Daniel Craig with a gun the gunbarrel didn't work. Why not make the opening shot of the film a location one and then switch to Daniel Craig with a gun Mr Mendes? Oh, forget it. I don't know if it's something to do with his shorter stature but Daniel Craig looks silly in his gunbarrel anyway. And once again too the score (by Thomas Newman) hardly uses the James Bond theme at all. The PTS is underwhelming and (like many films these days) was ruined by the trailers and previews. It turns out that this is practically the only big stunt sequence in the entire film and I lost count of how many things it reminded me of. By the way, hated Craig leaving the agent to die at the start because M told him to. Timothy Dalton would have told Judi Dench to get knotted. So, a car chase through a bazaar with flying fruit stands (yawn!) and Craig on a motorbike. Enough with the motorbikes. They did motorbikes in two Brosnan films and Quantum of Solace. Very Jason Bourne and then there is some nonsense with Craig on a train with a bulldozer. The train fight reminds one of Octopussy and is very disconcerting because Craig looks like Steven Berkoff as General Orlov.

                            Mendes is not of course an action director and it shows. The fight scenes are arthritic in this film. You get a not bad "cinematic Bond moment" in the PTS though. Adjusting the cuff links. Negated by Daniel Craig having (for reasons that completely escape me) a skinhead haircut and a Pee Wee Herman suit that looks three sizes too small for him. He looks awful in the PTS. So what of Naomie Harris as Eve? It looks as if she is going to be in future films. I can only say that the Skyfall casting director should probably be shot or at least arrested. She is very wooden in this film and has no chemistry whatsoever with Daniel Craig. I find it strange by the way that Barbara Broccoli is so obsessed with political correctness and yet never seems to cast proper actresses in these films. It's always some Ukrainian supermodel or someone who looks like Daniel Craig's granddaughter and can't thesp their way out of a paper bag. Here's an idea. Why don't you cast a proper actress who is the same age as Daniel Craig? That would be radical. The title sequence. Daniel Kleinman is back. The only genius left on the payroll. It's good but why is Daniel Craig's mug dominating the titles yet again? Where are the scantily clad female silhouettes in the best Maurice Binder tradition? I do quite like Adele's song. A bit obvious but a considerable improvement on the previous two. I think someone obviously listened to the criticism of the last song and was sensible enough not to run the risk of another Jack White (or whatever his name is) debacle. The film starts and we get "MI6, London" on the screen. Thanks for that. I thought the MI6 headquarters was in Azerbaijan. Why does London look so drab in this film? One of the great cities in the world. I remember watching the Olympics and all those wonderful views and landmarks at the various events. Mendes makes it look about as exciting as Margate on a wet weekend, the letter D hanging off the derelict Dreamland sign. The start of the film seems to consist of people gazing out of rain splattered windows. It's like watching some ITV drama.

                            Way too many rooms full of computer screens and people running around with ear pieces in this film - something which got tedious during the Brosnan era. Oh, and too many scenes of Judi Dench in her house. I kept expecting Geoffry Palmer to walk in with a cardigan and a cup of tea. So Craig's Bond has been mooching about on an island like the one at the end of The Bourne Identity and swigging from cans of lager (what a sophisticate) but must be reevaluated back at MI6 before he can be pressed back into service. In the last film he was supposed to be the rookie Bond who had just earned his 007 status but now there are jokes about him being old and clapped-out. Uh? It's a mess really and it's like even EON are now admitting it was ridiculous to pretend the weathered Daniel Craig was a young Bond in Casino Royale. Some new characters here now. Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallory, the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. He's effectively M's boss as he regulates MI6 and tells her she's to be retired. The arc of Mallory in the film is none too surprising but Fiennes is pretty solid. Fiennes and Ben Whishaw as the new Q are too good to be in a Bond film in a way. They aren't going to get much to do or be stretched so it's like they are just taking a quick pay cheque until the next West End play. Like Muhammad Ali defending his title against Richard Dunn before he fights Earnie Shavers or Ken Norton. Q works better as an old duffer I think and it's weird watching Daniel Craig and the baby-faced Ben Whishaw together.

                            What wonderful diction Whishaw has though. I found the sequence where he's guiding Bond through the underground the most amusing in the film and I thought he was good in his few scenes. Don't like the "were you expecting an exploding pen?" line from Q. Feels disrespectful to what has gone before and pompous. I like those old Bond films exploding pens and all. This is not The Sorrow and the Pity you are making here. Around this point Huw Edwards steals the film playing a newsreader. I don't know if that man is a method actor but bravo. Very convincing Welsh accent too. Craig looks a bit better during the MI6 scenes (despite the white beard) but then he's suddenly Grandpa Bond again in the Shanghai sequence. This neon hazed set-piece looks pretty but I couldn't actually see what as happening half the time. Very Dark Knight though. What is bizarre is the way that Thomas Newman's largely unmemorable score mimics the Dark Knight music. It seems to take forever for the villain to appear in this film. When he finally arrives Bond is on his private island tied up in a chair. Silva spends about nine days slowly walking up to him from the other side of the room while he delivers a speech about the nature of rats or something. Come on mate. We haven't got all night. Get on with it! Bardem has a blond fright wig and seems to channeling David Walliams. What happened to Daniel Craig's eyebrows? He doesn't seem to have any in this scene. Bérénice Lim Marlohe as Sévérine was rather underused I think and should have been given a larger role in the film. She looks like Famke Janssen in GoldenEye. She's suggested to be a tragic character who has essentially been a sex slave but Bond walks in on her when she's in the shower and shows no concern over her fate. Charming. You get the impression Craig's Bond would pull the plug on the entire world just to spend one more minute with Judi Dench. That actually appears to be the real plot of the film. Craig and Bardem both want Judi Dench to be their mum. You can't imagine Sean Connery's Bond worrying about such matters.

                            Silva is a Joker/Two-Face/Silence of the Lambs hybrid. He was an MI6 agent in Hong Kong and feels he was betrayed by M. The vengeful agent was done much better by Sean Bean in GoldenEye. I don't know why MI6 had a Spanish sounding agent in Hong Kong but maybe I missed that bit. When Craig is finally shaved and put in a tuxedo for the first time we have him arriving at some Shanghai casino on a gondola and he looks like a waxwork dummy. I like the Komodo dragon fight sequence. A fleeting flash of the old Bond. It's Brosnan stuff really but Brosnan would have made you laugh more with his facial expressions. Craig has a signature gun which is encoded to his palm so only he can use it. You've done this one already. Timothy Dalton had a signature gun in Licence To Kill. Do they think no one ever watched the Timothy Dalton films? Craig is still a bit of a mumbler at times and also drops his Ts during this scene. I hate it when English people do that. Says beaudiful instead of beautiful. What is noticeable about this film are budget cuts. The foreign locations feel too brief and only fleetingly does one get a sense of location. So it's largely back to Blightly for the rest of the film. The tube sequence is amusing with Whishaw and to be fair to RoboBond he has lightened a bit after playing James Bond as a monosyllabic sociopath in his first two films. The problem with this sequence though is that the extras look terribly unconvincing. One is even smirking and trying not to look at the camera. Hello mum! I'm in a Bond film! In the last Bourne film (the last REAL Bourne fim) they had Matt Damon in a London train station and filmed him from a distance with what seemed like real commuters. It was much more convincing.

                            And when Silva crashes a tube train notice there are no people on the train. Sure, they must have been sensitive to real life events but it makes the film look like some Universal amusement park ride rather than a real scene. Remember the big subway sequence in Die Hard with a Vengeance? This is very small change compared to that. By the way, how does Silva manage to remain inconspicuous dressed as a policeman with that shock of blond hair? Very realistic. You see a lot of policemen with hair like Robbie Savage don't you? I was always wary of Mendes doing Bond because, frankly, I find his films dull. Ever tried to watch Road to Perdition? Life is too short. And the third act of Skyfall is seriously dull. Bond returns to the bleak isolated Wayne Manor, sorry, I mean the Skyfall Lodge, where Alfred the Butler, sorry, I mean his gamekeeper Kincade (Albert Finney) is waiting. Bond has an ancestral lodge in Scotland? Wow, that must be hard to maintain on an MI6 salary. I must be missing something here. There is no Skyfall Lodge in the Fleming books. He was raised in a pub in Kent. So, anyway, the Craig Bond apparently grew up on the set of The Hound of the Baskervilles in 1786. No wonder it was an unhappy childhood. It probably took four days to walk to the nearest shop to buy some crisps. I look forward to him inheriting the Risico bar and grill in the next film. It becomes a tedious siege film with Craig, Dench and Finney setting booby traps and waiting for Silva to attack. It's like watching the cast of Last of the Summer Wine in a fog shrouded episode of The A-Team.

                            In the real James Bond series 1962-2002 (or 1962-1989 even), Bond's hidden trauma is the death of his wife Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Remember the touching moment in Licence To Kill when Timothy Dalton is thrown a bunch of flowers after the wedding of Felix Leiter and smiles sadly? He knows he will never remarry because he doesn't want to be hurt again. That touchstone doesn't exist in this new Bond universe and so they've invented some nonsense about Bond being haunted by his childhood. Fleming didn't give a monkeys about Bond's childhood. When Bond remembers it in the novel On Her Majesty's Secret Service he recalls it as a happy innocent time. Here, it was apparently a terrible time. So that's how he became James Bond. He locked himself in a cupboard. Pardon? Did someone actually get paid to write this stuff? Doesn't James Bond work better as a more mysterious character rather than invent a load of contrived stuff about his past? I have no idea what this film is supposed to be by now. It's just bizarre and sort of depressing. Do I still have time to get home and put The Spy Who Loved Me in the DVD player? The villain in that one has an undersea base and it has funky seventies music by Marvin Hamlisch. I know Bond is supposed to be trying to lure Silva there but does Britain not have any soldiers or policemen? In this film the only thing that stands between the assassination of major British government figures is apparently Daniel Craig with a shotgun and Albert Finney with a Father Christmas beard.

                            The more I write about this film the more it's annoying me. I love the way Craig has time to reload his shotgun and still shoot the people firing millions of bullets at him. They must be the worst shots since the Imperial Stormtroopers in Star Wars. Apologies to Daniel Craig but he looks ill during the Scotland sequences. Gaunt and haggard and his hair (which seemed darkened during the MI6 sequences) is now grey. It's not really my own personal image of James Bond. His performance has been surprisingly relaxed at times but he saves his most wooden line reading for the last scene of the film. Doh! Maybe they shot that first and he hadn't woken up yet. Skyfall is a ridiculous film with plot holes you could drive a Panzer Division through. The pretentious lip gibbering theatrics that have plagued the reboot are still here (I really can't take any more films where Daniel Craig and Judi Dench are together) but there are one liners that seem to have come straight out of a Roger Moore film. The problem is that you can't really make a traditional Bond film with Daniel Craig and yet they are moving in that direction after the critical mauling of Quantum of Solace. Even the Bond music doesn't work with Craig. The Bond theme is upbeat and tongue-in-cheek. It doesn't suit him. You need someone with more panache. Now where is my copy of Goldfinger?


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