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Skyline (DVD)

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Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy / Actor: Eric Balfour / Director: Greg Strause Release Date: 21 March, 2011

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    3 Reviews
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      14.06.2013 16:43
      Very helpful



      As titled: Quite Possibly The Worst Film I Have Ever Seen

      I watched this film in full for the first and last time one night while staying in halls when I could not get to sleep. It seems to be stuck in my memory now, as that was not a good night for me at all.


      Jarrod's girlfriend Elaine has discovered she is pregnant and is desperate to secure his commitment to their relationship. But it is difficult when they visit his old friend Terry in LA, and see his successful but morally questionable life. Terry is cheating on his girlfriend Candice with his assistant Denise. As he demonstrates his partying lifestyle and offers work to Jarrod, Elaine could be forgiven for fearing that things between her and Jarrod could change. That night, however, a strange light appears across the city, and soon its fascination leads to terror as people appear to be sucked in by it. The city is under attack by some powerful aliens and as dawn approaches, the group find themselves battling for survival.

      The film just seems to keep spiralling downwards, and just as you might think it will pick up, you find yourself disappointed further. The absolute hopelessness of the situation might have been seen as artistic by some, but for me it was just painful to watch. Long before the film is over you realise that it is probably not worth watching anymore, yet you might just keep going in case it does get better. The turns in the story are barely convincing at times and I found myself trying to force a laugh just to show how ridiculous I found it, but it was too depressing.

      Acting and Characters

      I was hopeful when I recognised 'Turk' from Scrubs, Donald Faison, playing Terry in this film. For a moment he seemed lively and I thought the film would be more upbeat. However, it was soon clear how wrong I was. His character is shallow, arrogant and quickly loses that fun, appealing side.

      Frankly, apart from Elaine and Oliver (a character that later joins the group) none of the characters are really likeable and all seem pretty shallow and selfish. I can't deny that the acting was effective, it's just that the effects of it were awful. I found it hard to care genuinely for any of them, and maybe that's intentional, but it feels pretty depressing watching when there are so few people in the film to root for. Nonetheless the impact of what is going on in the film still affected me, because I imagine it happening to good people as well. But this is because I am capable of imagining that there are good people in the world, rather than because of the film.

      Film Qualities

      Granted, this film is very graphic, and the graphics are indeed convincing and full of impact. However, the level of brutality, including people having their heads literally ripped off, is terribly dehumanising in a way I have not really seen before. This is not a good thing. Seen once or twice in a film, I would agree that it might have that shock effect and make me appreciate humanity's vulnerability, but over and over again? It just leaves you with complete despair and sensing that the director seriously lacked any sensitivity in this film. This is coming from someone who was once a real horror film fan. The more gory the more I was intrigued, but the excitement and tiny bit of hope that comes with a horror movie is utterly lacking here, so the result is just sad.


      Although some of the action aspects of this film and the wealthy LA lifestyle scenes might appeal to younger viewers, the sense of impending doom that soon becomes clear will cancel out any of its value. It is full of very graphic and gory violence, disturbing scenes and of course bad language. Personally I would think it cruel to make anyone sit through this film, let alone younger viewers. The film somehow manages a rating of 18, in spite of the sort of scenes I have mentioned, but my advice to parents would be: never let your kids see this film, even if they are 30!


      I found this film so horrible that I tried to warn my other half against watching it. Unfortunately I was not successful, and he was left feeling as depressed as I did after watching it. There is really nothing to be gained or learned from this film that has not been done better before. To add to this, it is probably one of the first times I have felt not just that I have wasted my time on a film, but that I actually regret watching it and wish I had not. These are the reasons I cannot recommend this film at all, and it does not even deserve the one star I have given - if negative stars were possible, this is the one time I would surely award them.


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        07.01.2012 02:53



        If only 0 stars were possible

        This has to be the WORST disaster movie I have ever seen.

        Plot run through
        One guy and his girlfriend head to a friend's, Turk from scrubs, penthouse in LA for a party. During the night they wake up to a blue light outside the window. It turns out if you look at the light your face seems to burn. If only they all did at the start to avoid the inevitable downward spiral into chaos. Unsurprisingly the blue light is from an alien intelligence which decide to wipe out the human race, to be honest just the film's director and producer will do. For some reason at the end of the film the director and writers thought they were doing so well they deemed it necessary for the story to be left open for a sequence and for the love of all of mankind I hope this never EVER happens

        At no point at the start of the film is any character depth build up, instead a rather shaky and stereotypical character set is built up. As a result as the characters get killed off throughout the film you cheer with joy as that signals you getting closer to the end of film, even Turk. The poor acting from the entire cast did manage to keep the "shocked/scared" face for their entire roles even if another facial expression was required. The CGIs are of a good standard but not world leading but that is not enough to make this film watchable and I advise avoiding this film and hope it disappears into the pages of history.


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        13.10.2011 18:59
        Very helpful



        Low budget Sci-fi film let down by poor story

        It seems that alien invasion or alien first contact movies are a very popular genre at the moment. Recently we've had 'Super 8' and in the last few years we had 'Cloverfiled' (2008), 'District 9' (2009), 'Monsters' (2010) and 'Battle: Los Angeles' (2011) as well some more less well known titles I'm sure. 'Skyline' made in 2010 fits neatly into this trend and there is no mistaking the influences that some of the others especially 'Cloverfield' had on it. Unfortunately where 'Cloverfield' was innovative and imaginative in both its story and the way it was filmed 'Skyline' falls into the usual pattern of alien invasion movies and in the end is a well executed if rather formulaic and derivative effort.

        THE PLOT

        Graphic artist Jarrod and his girlfriend Elaine fly to Los Angeles to meet up with Jarrod's old friend and successful businessman Terry, and his wife Candice. Terry gives a party in his penthouse apartment and offers Jarrod a job with him in LA. Things seems to be going well but very early in the morning when the party has finished and only a few people are left in the apartment a strange beam of bright light shines through the windows. As people stare at it they seem to be taken away by a mysterious force. Soon the group of friends realise that they are in the middle of a hostile alien invasion.


        What is there to say about this film? Anyone who has seen Cloverfield will immediately recognise the attempts by the brothers Strause (Colin and Greg) to imitate the claustrophobic style of that earlier and better film. There is no hand held camera gimmick in 'Skyline' but we do as in 'Cloverfiled' get the flashback moment that takes us back to fill in the story up to the point of the Alien invasion.

        To be fair the beginning of the film is the best part. The introduction of the characters is fine and the lead up to the alien attack with the mysterious light and the people being taken into the bowels of the alien spaceships are well done and you feel that a promising adventure will follow unfortunately the story tends to stall as the group try and escape from the apartment building they find themselves trapped in. After a while as a viewer you lose interest in their fate and the story in general. The attempt to create a feeling of claustrophobia which as the group of fiends is trapped in the apartment building trying to escape capture from the aliens should be a dramatic plus for the film but in the end is one of the reasons the films doesn't work. In order for this approach to work tension and interest has to be maintained throughout but halfway through the film you start thinking that with the momentous alien invasion occurring all over LA that you can see from the rooftops we are actually stuck watching one of the more boring bits.

        The portrayal of the aliens and the obligatory CGI special effects are what we come to expect from a mainstream sci-fi action movie these days and for a movie with a budget of £10 million the special effects are a cut above the rest. Having said that they are not that much better than the extremely low budget 'Monsters' released around the same time. The cast is ok-ish (maybe I'm being generous) given the material they have to work with. The chisel jawed hero is played by Eric Balfour who is still best known for his stint as Milo in '24' if not for his lead role in the dreadful Syfy produced 'Dinoshark'! His acting is definitely in 'B Movie' hunk territory and he won't be bothering the academy awards ceremony any time soon. Alongside with Balfour we have the unusually named Scottie Thompson as his girlfriend Elaine. In a strange way she's quite good actually and when she's required to act beyond looking terrified at the CGI aliens she does show some skill and makes the plight of her character even in the improbable circumstances of the story almost believable. She hasn't done very much before this film but I expect that with her looks and her acting ability she will go on to make plenty more high profile movies.

        Fans of hospital based comedy series 'Scrubs' will be intrigue, maybe dismayed, to see Donald Faison aka Dr Turk in a 'serious' role, although I still expected him to crack a joke throughout the film. Unfortunately for Faison and the others in the cast there are plenty of unintentional comedy moments thanks to the woeful script. David Zayas of 'Dexter' and 'The Expendables' fame is all 'glarey' and angry as the belligerent building supervisor but the rest of the cast is hardly worth mentioning, they perform adequately without lighting up the screen.

        The real problem with the film is that while some care and skill has gone into the special effects and design as you'd expect from the Brothers Strause who were involved in making the special effects for 'Iron Man 2', 'Avatar' and 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' but very little care has gone into the story or character development. Several attempts are made to flesh out the characters and create more dramatic tension; Terry's infidelity with his PA is discovered by his wife, Jarrod discovers Elaine is pregnant and he's not ready for fatherhood but in the end these threads become irrelevant, and you start thinking "so what!"

        The best bits of the film are the vista across the early morning skyline of Los Angeles as the aliens begin their lethal attacks, there are some very impressive dog fights between US fighter jets stealth bombers and the alien crafts along with some suitably apocalyptic explosions, unfortunately its the bits in between the action and especially those involving dialogue that really let the film down. The script is woeful to the extent that you begin to feel sorry for the actors having to mouth the lines. When the aliens are destroying everything in sight we get the classic "We gotta get out of here!" ...no sh*t Sherlock! Or another classic when some alien failed to be killed ... "They're not dead! They're just really, really pissed off!"

        As the film progresses you realise that this is strictly what used to be called straight to video now straight to DVD territory. I admit that by the end I was bored and that's not good for a sci-fi action adventure, the fact that I actually laughed at the unbelievably trite ending doesn't make it any better.
        As with most science fiction thrillers these days there is a little bit of gore and quite a lot of violence most of which can be considered cartoon like so not very disturbing although some of the more graphic scenes merit this film a 15 UK certificate.


        Eric Balfour...Jarrod
        Scottie Thompson...Elaine
        Brittany Daniel ...Candice
        Crystal Reed...Denise
        Neil Hopkins...Ray
        David Zayas...Oliver
        Donald Faison...Terry

        Directed by Colin Strause and Greg Strause (as The Brothers Strause), wittten by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell.

        Runtime: 94min
        UK certificate 15

        Overall in terms of special effects it's better than most lowish budget sci-fi films these days but it's let down badly by a awful script and plodding story with stupid ending.

        Recommended?...well I'd wait until it's shown on late at night TV, on channel 5 or equivalent.

        © Mauri 2011


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