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StreetDance 3D (DVD)

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Genre: Musicals & Classical / Parental Guidance / Director: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini / Actors: Charlotte Rampling, Rachel McDowall, Nichola Burley, Chris Wilson, Eleanor Bron ... / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    6 Reviews
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      14.04.2011 18:06
      Very helpful



      A good, enjoyable film

      == About the film ==
      StreetDance is a British dance film which was released on 21st May 2010. It was released in 3D at the cinema as well as 2D. The DVD has both features and includes 3D glasses. The film is rated PG and has a run time of 98 minutes. I got my copy is Asda for £5 but at the minute, it is a little more expensive on Amazon.

      == Plot ==
      When Jay, leader of a London dance crew, leaves, the crew's future is in danger. With only weeks to go before the UK street dance championships, it is up to Carly to take over but not all of the members are willing to follow her. After losing their rehearsal space and attempting to make money my putting on performances, some of the members admit defeat.

      At a local ballet school, teacher Helena offers to let Carly and the crew use one of their rooms for rehearsal but there is one condition. Five of her ballet dancers must also join the crew and compete with them for the UK title. The new crew must figure out a way to work together against all the odds in order to take down reigning champions, The Surge!

      == Cast ==
      Flawless as The Surge (Dance Crew)
      Diversity as Themselves (Dance Crew)
      George Sampson as Eddie
      Akai Osei as Boy in Shopping Centre
      Nichola Burley as Carly
      Richard Winsor as Tomas
      Ukweli Roach as Jay
      Charlotte Rampling as Helena
      Eleanor Bron as Madame Fleurie
      Jeremy Sheffield as Michael
      Chris Wilson as Cafe Parent
      Rachel McDowall as Isabella
      Patrick Baladi as Mr Harding
      Jocelyn Jee Esien as Delilah
      Tameka Empson as Sharonda

      == What I thought ==
      I am a massive fan of dance films and while the US market predominantly dominates this genre, it was nice to see the UK make a film as well. With shows such as Got to Dance, Britain's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance being huge hits, it was only a matter of time before we came up with something to try to match the US market. The question is, how does it compare? When the film began, I didn't exactly have the highest of hopes. The genre of films that I think we do best is horror which is worlds away from dance. That being said, my opinion did change throughout the film.

      As the main character, Carly (Nichola Burley) is likable to begin with due to the circumstances she is put in. Jay, the old leader of the crew was her boyfriend and didn't tell her anything about leaving. She is obviously heartbroken and put in a position that she didn't want in the first place. Carly does her best to keep the crew together but she has a hard time of it. Burley, isn't the best of actresses if I'm honest and she was quite cold and wooden at the beginning. However, I found that as the film went on, she got into the role more and began to act more natural. As a main character, I would expect for her dancing to be spectacular compared with other characters but that wasn't the case unfortunately. In Step Up, the other dancers didn't outshine Channing Tatum did they?! Burley was ok when it came to the dance scenes but that about sums her up. Just ok.

      The other members of her crew were far superior though. At one point in the film, each of their talents are shown and what they can do is really amazing. Each has a special area of street dance that they excel in and this is why I think Burley was only ok. If she had the talent that these other characters did and was able to keep up with them, I would be saying the opposite. I loved the chemistry of the crew when they were all together and it really did come across that they were all friends. Their personalities are light and funny which made me like them all the more.

      Seeing as I've used Channing Tatum as an example already, I think I might as well stick with him throughout this review. Let's talk about the love interest, because there obviously is one. Richard Windsor, who plays Thomas (one of the ballet dancers) is fantastic at what he does. Dancing wise. Acting wise, I don't think that we really get to see enough of him to make an impact. There certainly aren't enough scenes between him and Burley for me to believe the chemistry between them at all. If the story had revolved more around these two characters rather than the crew as a whole, I think I probably would have liked them both more. Maybe that's just my slushy, girly side showing through.

      With big names from the UK dance scene like Flawless, Diversity and George Sampson, their scenes were bound to be amazing. And they were. Flawless are shown quite a lot in this film and considering they didn't win Britain's Got Talent, I was quite surprised. I thought that would have been Diversity in their place. However, the scenes featuring both dance crews were spectacular and I loved seeing them come on screen each time. I couldn't wait to see what they were going to do next. I am a massive fan of George Sampson and before he was in the spotlight, I saw him outside the Arndale Centre in Manchester and know just how amazing he is. I was sad to see that although he had a regular role in this film, his dancing wasn't showcased. I was hoping to see more of this from him.

      Dance films in general usually have amazing soundtracks and StreetDance is no different. Below you can see the track list:

      Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
      N-Dubz feat. Bodyrox - We Dance On
      Lightbulb Thieves - Work It Out
      Ironik - Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer)
      N-Dubz - Strong Again
      Pixie Lott - Live for the Moment
      Aggro Santos feat. Kimberly Wyatt - Candy
      Cheryl Cole - Fight for This Love
      Lethal Bizzle - Going Out Tonight
      Sugababes - Get Sexy
      LP & JC - The Humblest Start
      Wiley - Cash In My Pocket
      Madcon - Beggin'
      LP & JC feat. Skibadee, Mc Det, and Chrome & Blemish - Club Battle
      Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound
      Vega4 - Life Is Beautiful
      McLean - Broken
      Swizz ( so solid) feat. Music Kidz - One in a Million

      StreetDance is a film that obviously wants to promote home-grown talent and I loved that about it. The soundtrack is amazing and I found myself singing along at many different times. A large amount of the songs are well known so most people will at least be able to know them when they come on.

      == Overall ==
      The acting is a little wooden and boring in places. The dialogue isn't fantastic. The dancing is damn good! I think this by far makes up for the bad things about this film as it is really what it is all about. While StreetDance is no where close to the acting skills of those in US dance films, the dancing is on par, if not better. While Step Up 2 and 3D began to show what dance crews are all about, they didn't do them justice. Using real life dance crews is definitely the way to show what they can really do and how well they all work together as a team. For me, seeing Flawless and Diversity made this film what it is. Without them, I don't think it would have been as popular as it was. Still, it entertained me throughout and I did really enjoy it. Not a bad film at all!


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        21.11.2010 12:57
        Very helpful



        good film

        I went to see this film in the cinema when it came out, in 3D. I thought the storyline was amazing and the 3D effects were a clever way of keeping the audience entertained throughout the film. I'm not usually too keen on dancing films, but was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the realistic plot- and it is definitely a film that I would see again. The best part of the film for me was the dance routines, which were highlighted in 3D. Each move was attacked with such precision and the groups were in timing together, and were well co-ordinated to the songs.
        The album track list for this film, fit with the themes and emotions ideally. The songs chosen play a major part in films- especially dances and they each represent a certain emotion in the film and therefore the viewers are drawn in. Another aspect of this film is the rollercoaster of emotions that the viewer feels throughout the movie. There is a mixture of happiness and despair which makes this film a success. There are unexpected events that occur which brings shock to the viewers and the ending is not an anti-climax- unlike some other dancing films that we are so used to seeing. As well as this, the actors are all very successful in portraying emotions which is felt by the viewers.
        This film categorises the stereotypical types of dance and joins them together and focuses on the unity and hope. I'm sure people will agree with me when I say that I left the cinema full of hope and happiness- which therefore makes this film successful. My only doubt with this film was whether the film would be as good if it wasn't in 3D- and therefore I am not sure if the effects out ruled the plot.
        However I enjoyed this film very much.


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        05.10.2010 22:56



        A very good film that covers most aspects of emotion!

        I absolutely love dance films, but when Street dance 3D came out i really thought it was going to be an English rip off of step up! I was very mistaken! The film was brilliant in 3D and 2D and the dancing was incredible. The storyline wasn't long winded and kept me entertained all the way through. I was a bit disappointed that diversity didn't dance as much as i would have liked but that aside i cannot fault the film! Street dance 2 please! This film is suitable for most ages and if you're anything like i am you'll be dancing out of the cinema (trying to do all the moves you would have just seen!!!). I also loved the way that different types of dance was included and merged proving to people that dance can be for anyone and suit many abilities. Such a brilliant film - would definately recommend watching!!!


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        17.06.2010 14:19
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Worth seeing even for sceptics

        Streetdance 3D is a movie I was very sceptical about going to see but having being dragged along by my dance-mad girlfriend I found myself enjoying it far more than I expected and would urge anyone with slight pessimism about the thought of watching the movie to give it a try!

        The film attempts to cash in on the latest trend and fascination with "street dancing" largely thanks to the ITV's Britain's Got Talent Show and this is reflected in the fact that many of the shows winners and most notable acts feature here including Diversity, a big role for Flawless and George Sampson as well as famous famous from Sky1's Dance programmes.

        The film focuses on a group of dancers who are competing in the Uk national Finals for a chance to represent the UK at the world finals in New York. The movie follows the twists and turns or a dance act who face a series of dilemmas on the way to the finals.

        From the outset its clear what this movie aims to be...a high energy display of cutting edge street dancing.....the romantic subplots, the plot and characters only serve to tie it together as a movie. It's the dancing that this film aims to show off and it's the dancing that makes this film so engaging.

        I wouldn't say I am a fan of street dance and usually for me the odd 3 minutes on Britain's Got Talent is more than enough but I found myself watching this enjoying each dance section and eager for more. Some of the new moves from the likes of George Sampson and the new routines from Flawless and Diversity and co. are awe inspiring and the finale is just sheer brilliance. Even the ballet moments are fun! All in all it's a dancing masterclass from the most talented and famous street dancers in Britain.

        All the actors have been chosen mainly for dancing ability than acting and it tells, the plot, script, acting and general production of the non dancing bits is as simple and plain as it gets. The acting at times is terrible and the script is poor but the dancing overshadows it all and youll soon forget the shoddy dialogue as the routines kick in.

        If this is still showing at the cinema when you read this review then I urge you to see it in 3D as it is really well made with some great 3D moments but regardless the DVD will still prove a good night in!

        Easy to see how this movie has become successful, its released at the perfect time when street dancing is at the height of its popularity in Britain and it just works!

        Also appears on my Ciao account


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          04.06.2010 18:42
          Very helpful



          A great film to be seen!

          Just another dance film? I say not!
          Release Date: 21 May 2010 (UK)

          Out in cinemas is a great dance film with a fantastic storyline! A group of street dancers are forced to include a bunch of ballerinas in their group to act in the final dance off.

          The street dancers are struggling to find a place to rehearse and their only offer is to rehearse for the finals in the great ballet school, however they have to also teach a group of ballet students how to street dance and somehow interpret them into their routine!

          This film is great for just about anyone! However I'm reviewing it from a girls perspective!
          The movie is great for children however there are a few scenes which may be unsuitable for small children. For example.....two young boys were sat next to me, the scene at the beginning where the girl is dressed in only her underwear provoked one of them to shout 'oooo panties' which made me giggle!

          There isn't a lot of bad language used, from what I can remember there is only one swear word used... the bad 'P' word as it's known! Haha.

          Country; ....
          The movie is based in the UK, and if it wasn't for one of the lines being ' We dance in the street, maybe in new York but not in the UK' (because of the weather) and if it wasn't for seeing the London eye a few times...then I really would have thought this movie was based in the USA.
          The rooms all look American to me! One of the guys room he calls a cheap rented room, looks more to me like one of those rooms you'll find in an American film!

          However to me, this really is a fantastic film to be based in the UK, taking dancers from the famous Britain's got Talent show and featuring the London eye makes you proud to be in the UK!
          The actors also look American to me haha! Some of them look as if they are from a ghetto area.. however this does fit the street dance theme well. Also the barber shop featured looks American!... But overall, whichever country.. its great! And the accents are certainly English!

          The main actors were in this movie were;....
          Nichola Burley as Carly, the main girl.
          Charlotte Rampling - Helena
          Rachel McDowall - Isabella
          Richard Windsor- Tomas
          George Sampson- Britain's got talent 2008 winner! As Eddie.
          Ukweli Roach- Jay
          Flawless- Came 3rd in Britain's Got Talent 2009- Dance crew
          Diversity- Britain's got talent 2009 winner!- Dance crew

          Nichola Burley; ....
          Plays the part as Carly, the pretty blonde character in the movie. Carly has to take the lead of the group when Jay drops out, she appears as the main character throughout. At first I thought her acting wasn't very good... but as the movie went on, I loved her! Her accent is pure British and brings out the true nature of the film! She is a great dancer and so if anybody finds her acting lacking, she surely makes up for it in the dance area!

          George Sampson; ....
          Winner of Britain's Got Talent in 2008, he doesn't really appear throughout the movie very much! He is seen at the beginning for a few seconds, and makes a few appearances throughout. His longest time on screen is in the final dance off at the end where he shows his impressive dance moves, surprising the rest of his friends and the audience! I would have liked to have seen him move throughout.

          Flawless; ....
          Coming 3rd in 2009s Britain's got Talent show put this group into the public eye. Flawless appeared the most throughout this movie out of the three BGT winners! Even though they didn't win. I expected to see more of Diversity than I did of flawless. I guessed this would have been because Flawless dancers fit the parts better! They are amazing dancers either way! They are showed as being the competition and almost enemies in this movie.
          They appear the most throughout this movie, giving their biggest show at the end where a twist to the movie is also revealed!

          Diversity; ....
          I was disappointed to not see much of these throughout the film!
          They were 2009's winners of the Britain's Got Talent show and I expected this movie to be more about them! Their lead dancer appears half way through the movie for a few seconds and then they put on an amazing performance... however they don't appear in the final dance off!
          I really wish they would have had a bigger part!

          Out of the three, its George Sampson who has the biggest 'acting' part! We only get to see Flawless and Diversity dancing and don't get to see their acting talents!

          If you are going to see this movie purely based on the fact that George Sampson, Diversity and Flawless are in it... I would say you definitely to watch this film open minded. I watched it all the way through expecting it to be based around these three groups... however it wasn't and I thought it was great! Having a great storyline whilst also including these groups which people know from a popular TV competition show adds to the emotions of the film.
          Seeing each of them on the BGT show, many of us supported them and really enjoyed seeing them. So involving them in a great dance movie really made me feel proud for them!

          The ballerinas appeared at first to be snotty up tight characters however their attitudes change and they form a bond with the street dancers.
          I personally thought the main ballerina was quite nice looking! Which had me hooked throughout haha. There is a real connection between the lead dancer and Carly, which adds to the atmosphere of the whole film.
          The movie really draws you in and has you on the end of your seat all the way through! I didn't find it to get dull at all.

          However as it is a dance film, it isn't for everybody! I have a soft spot for dance films which is why I enjoyed it so much!
          Music; .....
          There are a lot of well known songs used in the movie, I loved the choice of songs especially the 'Tiny Dancer' song. Songs used are; ....
          "Pass Out" by Tinie
          "We Dance On" by N-Dubz Feat. Bodyrox
          "Work It Out" by Lightbulb Thieves
          "Tiny Dancer (Hold Me Closer) by D.J. Ironik Feat. Chipmunk & Elton John
          "Strong Again" by N-Dubz
          "Live For The Moment" by Pixie Lott
          "Candy" by Aggro Santos Feat. Kimberly Wyatt
          "Fight For this Love (Crazy Cousinz Radio Edit)" by Cheryl Cole
          "Going Out Tonight" by Lethal Bizzle
          "Get Sexy" by Sugababes
          "The Humblest Start" by LP&JC
          "Cash In My Pocket" by Wiley
          "Beggin" by Madcon
          "The Club Battle" by LP&JC Feat. Skibadee, MC Det & Blemish
          "Champion Sound" by Fatboy Slim
          "Life Is Beautiful" by Vega4
          "Broken" by McLean
          "One In A Million" by Swiss Feat. Music Kidz

          Comparisons; ....
          I found this movie really stood out from other dance films I have seen, although it reminded me a little of the 'Save the Last dance' move I have seen. Probably because that film also mixes ballet with another contrast dance genre! But if you've seen Save the Last Dance and you enjoyed it, then you'll certainly enjoy this one! If you haven't seen it... it's one to see also!

          3D effects; ....
          If there was the option to watch this movie in a normal viewing, I would have chosen to! Mainly because of the cost of watching a 3D movie at the cinemas!
          There were a few great 3D effects which stood out to you and grabbed your attention, the 3D viewing made the dancing that little bit better however a lot of the time I forgot I was watching it in 3D. I personally think the movie would have been just as good in normal viewing.

          Running time ....The movie is on for approximately 100 minutes, the perfect amount of time for me.
          Overall; ....
          This film will get you wanting to dance and clap to every scene! I would recommend you go to see it.
          I will deffinately be buying this on DVD when it is released!


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            27.05.2010 17:25
            Very helpful



            When is the sequel coming out?

            I love all the dance programmes and shows so when Streetdance 3D came out in the cinemas my friends and I decided to go and see what it was like. Reviews for the film had been pretty mixed but we thought we would go and make up our own minds.

            I hadn't realized that the film was in 3D so when we bought the tickets we were told about it, in the cineworld cinema it cost 80p extra for your 3D glasses which were fairly substantial and you really did need them otherwise the film and trailers would have been a bit hazy. After a few minutes you forgot you were wearing them!

            The story I will be honest was fairly old and predictable but the dance and 3D effects more than made up for it. The Dance sequences were amazing particularly in 3D, they really felt like they were jumping out of the screen at you.

            The story revolves around Carly (played by Nichola Burley) and her Streetdance crew whose ambition is to win the UK Streetdance Championship and get a trip to the US. However they lose their Dance Leader (who is also Carly's guy) and their rehearsal space, things are really not going their way. In her job delivering sandwiches Carly delivers to a Ballet School to the Headteacher, Helena (played by the inimitable Charlotte Rampling). Helena is having problems herself as her current crop of students have no passion for their dancing and will be lucky even to get an audition for the Royal Ballet School. Helena offers Carly rehearsal space in return for coaching her top students in Streetdance, they must become part of her crew for the UK Championship. And so the Ballet / Streetdance cross over story begins. Two lots of students for different sides of the tracks etc etc etc you know how it goes.

            While the story may be old with little new to offer the dancing was fabulous and very contemporary and modern, some of the other dance teams and dancers read like a who's who from Britain's Got Talent with past winners Diversity and George Sampson getting their prominent place. Streetdance was a winner!

            Dancing definitely won out in this film and it was nice to see a predominantly British cast and movie, they managed to make London look fabulous and I think this film will do well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it, ok so the dialogue and story was a bit clunky but the relatively unknown cast was great and I have since found out that many of the streetdancer actors hadn't any real training in it and were actors by trade rather than dancers (to the general public's eye you wouldn't be able to tell!).

            It is a film full of vibrance and energy and I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope that they will make a sequel, I wasn't the only one in the cinema who was hoping that would happen.


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