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Ted (DVD + Digital Copy + UV Copy)

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9 Reviews

Genre: Comedy / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: Seth MacFarlane / Actors: Seth MacFarlane, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel McHale ... / DVD released 2012-11-26 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    9 Reviews
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      23.02.2014 00:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Very disappointing film from the guy best known for Family Guy and American Dad

      I remember being so excited when I saw the trailer for this film, and I dragged my friend along to see it as soon as it was released, only to be disappointed. When I saw it was on Sky at the weekend, I thought I would watch it again to see if it was really as bad as I remembered it being...

      Main Cast
      Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett
      Mila Kunis as Lori Collins, John's girlfriend.
      Seth MacFarlane as Ted
      Patrick Stewart as Narrator
      Giovanni Ribisi as Donny, a "fan" of Ted who kidnaps him for his spoiled and fat son, Robert.
      Aedin Mincks as Robert, Donny's son.
      Sam Jones as himself, Ted and John's movie idol

      John Bennett was a lonely eight year old child and was overjoyed when his parents gave him a large teddy bear for Christmas. Naming his bear 'Teddy', he makes a wish that Teddy would become alive. This wish was granted and fast forwarding 27 years, they are still the best of friends.

      When we first catch up with John and Ted, they are still together 27 years later and sharing an apartment with John's girlfriend Lori. As their 4 year anniversary is approaching, Lori is hoping for a proposal, but knows that with Ted's negative influence on John, there will always be three people in their relationship and she will always come last. Giving John an ultimatum, she demands that Ted moves out and finds a life of his own.

      Ted gets a job in a supermarket and an apartment of his own, but despite his promises to Lori, John keeps finding himself drawn back into Ted's world. When John receives a call that Sam J Jones from Flash Gordon (one of their heroes) is at a party Ted has thrown, he disobeys Lori and sneaks out to the party.
      Finding out about his sneaking out, Lori breaks up with John, and devastated, John and Ted have a massive falling out which leads to them not speaking. Meanwhile, Ted has attracted the attention of a slightly creepy man called Donny, who is determined to capture the bear by whatever means - even if that means kidnap. Ted manages to escape, but following a confrontation with his attackers, could Ted's escape me the end of him?

      I think what let this film down for me was that the trailers gave me a false sense of how funny this film would be. In fact, the trailers seemed to show all the funny parts of the film - and a lot of the film was filler in my opinion. However, I did like the Thunder Buddies' song, and that would be the stand out part of the film for me. If you know Seth MacFarlane's shows such as Family Guy and American Dad, you will have an idea of what to expect from this film, particularly with the politically incorrect humour, the immature humour and the genuinely funny parts as well. There are some really funny moments in this film, but they are slightly eclipsed by the love story that runs through this film, and I guess that the format of Family Guy or American Dad doesn't translate quite as well to the big screen and with real life actors.

      While this film has a nice 'love' story, this wasn't what I was really expecting, and I do think that some of my misgivings about this film is related to this, as I hadn't expected it from Seth MacFarlane. Don't get me wrong, I like romantic comedies, but I was expecting something less cutesy and more gutsy from this film.

      This film has received generally positive reviews from critics, with Metacritic giving it a rating of 62, which means generally favourable reviews and Rotten Tomatoes has a 68% positive score. I don't know anyone who really loved this film, most people seemed disappointed, but that seemed to be among people who are big fans of Seth MacFarlane and his family guy work.

      While researching this film, I saw that a sequel is due for release next year, which confuses me slightly, as I thought everything wrapped up at the end of the film? Admittedly, I probably would watch the sequel out of curiosity, but I would wait until it was on tv.


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        28.01.2014 08:22
        Very helpful



        A suprisingly touching yet still foul mouthed tale of friendship

        No doubt most of us if we were being honest would confess to wanting a treasured stuffed toy to come to life when we were kids and "Ted" is essentially the story of what would happen next, as the lonely child John(Mark Wahlberg) makes just that wish and now 27 years later, continues his friendship turned bro-mance with his stuffed best friend Ted (Seth MacFarlane), whom after a brief brush with fame has since become a vulgar and and foul mouthed slacker. Meanwhile John now a level headed car rental agent is looking to move his life forward and in particular marry his long term girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) who feels that Ted is holding John back and that perhaps its time he gave up his stuffed bear.

        Still despite the stuffed nature of his best friend John and Ted's relationship is still an incredibly close one, as they live a frat boy existence smoking copious amounts of weed and fuelling their random obsession with "Flash Gordon", as it's clear from the start that although Ted is a children's toy, he has long since drifted from those innocent roots, especially when his favourite past times would put even Charlie Sheen to shame.

        Ted while a CGI creation is an instantly likable creation, who manages for all his sins to still warm himself to the audience, making it only easier to understand why John is so reluctant to give up on his best friend, especially when he combines the familiar clumsiness of Winnie the Pooh with a all too familiar foul mouthed humor, as Ted generally insults and offends anyone he comes into contact with, often caring little if at all for the consequences of his actions. Still thanks to his earlier fame the fact that he is a talking teddy bear is never questioned outside of Johns understandably freaked out parents. More questionable though is how Ted seemingly has no problem scoring with the ladies, especially when he goes in pursuit of his check out girl Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), as especially demonstrated by his manager walking on them engaging in a stockroom quickie, the logistics of which I don't even want to know, but no doubt the subject of much discussion for some members of the audience.

        The feature length debut of Seth MacFarlane who is no doubt best known as the creator of "Family Guy" and "American Dad", which only making it more a surprise that he has chosen a completely new character to make his debut with rather than expanding on one of his established shows. Still despite being his first time working with live actors rather than animated ones, it hasn't stopped him transferring his familiar brand of humour to the big screen, crafting with long term "Family Guy" writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild one of the more original films to be released this year. Still while MacFarlane might want to prove himself as being more than the sum of his insanely popular creations, he is not so opposed to tapping up his talent pool from those shows and hence we get Mila Kunis, Patrick Walburton and Alex Borstein, aswell as a classy yet surprisingly sweary voice over from Patrick Stewart.

        However while machine gunning off jokes for the first three quarters, it would seem that MacFarlane might lacked the confidence to just make this film a loose romantic comedy (if an extremely crude one) and no doubt the reason that the final quarter of the film plays out like "Misery" with Ted being kidnapped by his crazed stalker Donny (Giovanni Ribisi) and his portly spoiled son Robert (Aedin Mincks) who wants Ted for himself. While this might provide an action packed finale its sudden change in direction which it gives the film, only gives the impression of either a lack of faith in the story or just a way of giving the film a suitable (if non the less predictable) ending. Alas this is but a minor issue especially when it takes nothing away from the film, outside of some haunting torture which Ted receives at the hands of Robert and MacFarlane while providing a linear storyline for the most part, still allows himself possibly the ultimate fangasm by having Ted and John's childhood hero Sam J. Jones (Star of the 1980's "Flash Gordon) randomly showing up at Ted's house party, only for Jones now to now become the ultimate party animal in his middle age and leading to surreal man crush fantasies and even more randomly a brawl with Ted's Asian neighbour, the appropriately named Ming (Robert Wu).

        When it comes to the humour it is essentially more of the same for the established fan base, with MacFarlane also more worryingly still as obsessed with making 9/11 jokes as ever, while the usual fart and dick jokes laced with pop culture observations are all present and accounted for, while early on in the film MacFarlane also includes several of his trademark "Family Guy" cut away jokes, only to then suddenly drop the use of them altogether, while even more bizarrely lifting the "Saturday Night Fever" homage from "Airplane" wholesale.

        The cast are seemingly all game for a laugh with Wahlberg easily providing the perfect double act with Ted with their rendition of the "Thunder Buddies" song no doubt an annoying ringtone tone in the making. Still his easily lead manchild regularly provides the voice of reason to Ted's frequently out of control actions, with their misadventure frequently providing to be the frustration of girlfriend Lori who is given the right amount of sex appeal combined with girl next door charm by Kunis, whose appearance here could be seen as a way of apology by MacFarlane for the sheer amount of abuse he has inflicted on her "Family Guy" Meg over the years. Both Kunis and Wahlberg share a great onscreen chemistry and despite the obvious age difference, it is still a highly believable relationship especially when compared to some of the more recent onscreen pairings. Equally game are the spattering of cameos we get, with MacFarlane seemingly working on the principle of the more obscure the better, as seen by the frequent references by John's boss to his friendship with Tom Skerritt (best remembered as the ship captain "Dallas" in "Alien), while Sam J. Jones is more than happy to ham things up and even dons his iconic Flash Jumpsuit as he easily provides some of the films best if not strangest moments, had it not been for the inclusion of one particular cameo that I would have never had expected to have seen here.

        One my top picks for 2012 its good to see that the film manages to be more than a funny trailer, while there is little doubt that this film will already have it's audience with the devoted MacFarlane fan base, while anyone looking for a carefree but not completely brainless laugh.


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          24.02.2013 22:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good entertainment although definately for adults

          I nearly missed this very funny comedy as I saw that there was a toy bear in it that talks and just assumed it was a kids film, it was a friend who raved about it and convinced me to give it a whirl and I'm glad I did.

          Mark Whalberg who is probably better know for playing hard men stars in the film as the adult version of Jonny Bennett who as a small boy wishes that he could have the life long friend that his 8 year old life lacks and when this wish comes true it is in the form of a large cuddly toy bear that he has just been gifted who effectoively becomes his best friend and the two grow up together. As Ted grows old he becomes an adult with all of the habits that a male has, drinking swearing and a very individual character who takes no messing. John meanwhile has grown up as a bit of a deadbeat with a low paying job who somehow manages to have a good looking girlfreind in the form of Lori played by Mila Kunis.

          The CGI effects are very good in this film and this really allows the wise cracking nature of Ted to shine through and that is what makes for much of the humour, the fact that this sweet looking cuddly bear can utter such grown up language and opinions in a wonderfully cynical manner.

          This is part slacker movie part buddy/buddy movie with the obvious angle that one of the buddies is a toy bear and while it sounds far fetched the whole thing works really well and it is a funny movie that survives the obvious opening gags to continue to make me smile and laugh most of the way through the film. Seth McFarlane provides the voice of Ted and he is very good with great comic timing and Whalberg copes well with the comic demands of the film without being too wooden.

          This is definately a film for adults as there is swearing, drug taking and sexual references throughout.

          An amusing bit of escapism that works surprisingly well and is well worth a watch.


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            21.01.2013 22:17
            Very helpful



            Family Guy humor...

            Star - Mark Wahlberg
            Genre - Comedy
            County - USA
            Certificate - 15
            Run Time - 109 minutes
            Blockbusters - £3.50 per night
            Amazon - £10.99 DVD (£14.99 Blue Ray)

            So Ted, not the biopic of Edward Kennedy, the nearly man of Americas most revered political dynasty, but the life and times of a drug taking, wind breaking, boozy teddy bear, that just so happens to have come to life.

            The film is from Seth MacFarlane, and for those who don't know, he is the creator of the adult cartoon 'Family Guy', the inferior Simpsons copy, the tail of another noisy blue collar brood and a big fat American father, Peter Griffin, which Seth MacFarlane voices and based his talking teddy bear on here, presumably to cash in on Family Guys success.

            Whereas The Simpsons resonates more with a the college crowd and the professional classes with its clever script and intelligent, knowing edge, Family Guy goes for the more puerile and unsophisticated humor approach, presumably why it's more popular than The Simpsons, MacFarlane grasping the obvious that the yellow family are just too clever for most Americans and so give them a 'dumbed' down version instead, which he did. I'm not a big fan of Family Guy, or, indeed, the other hybrids of American Dad and the Cleveland Show, although I do love King of the Hill. But The Simpsons will always remain the real king of the cartoon hill for me.

            Because of the Family guy thing, Ted became the most lucrative live action comedy film of all time, doing an impressive $500 million so far from its $50 million budget. McFarlane pretty much voices Ted as Peter Griffin and so everyone who likes Family Guy went to watch the movie. I'm sure Family Guy the movie will come another day. The profanity stuffed Ted also became the highest rated R movie of all time, overtaking the recent hit The Hangover. Bizarrely it has received an Oscar nomination for 'Best Original Song', 'Everybody needs a best friend' by Norah Jones, of which Seth MacFarlane will be hosting the event at The Kodak Theater next month.

            Somewhat interestingly this is a film that may never have been made. But the ones who didn't want it made after watching it wouldn't wish the reasons why on anyone. Director Seth MacFarlane was ten minutes late for his plane, American Airlines Flight 11, Mark Wahlberg also booked on the flight but cancelling late on to drive up to New York instead. Seth watched his plane smash into World Trade Centre One from his seat in the Boston Logan International departure lounge. Fete plays a part in all our lives and we are all incredibly lucky to even be here, let alone avoid our certain end prematurely.


            Mark Wahlberg ... John Bennett
            Mila Kunis ... Lori Collins
            Seth MacFarlane ... Ted (voice)
            Joel McHale ... Rex
            Giovanni Ribisi ... Donny
            Patrick Warburton ... Guy
            Matt Walsh ... Thomas
            Jessica Barth ... Tami-Lynn
            Aedin Mincks ... Robert
            Bill Smitrovich ... Frank
            Patrick Stewart ... Narrator (voice)
            Norah Jones ... Herself
            Sam J. Jones ... Himself
            Tom Skerritt ... Himself


            Little John Bennett has grown up with a talking Teddy Bear, ever since he wished for one at Christmas after seeing a shooting star in the night sky, Ted a childhood Christmas present. It's now the 1980s and Teddy and John (Mark Wahlberg) are all grown up and live in Boston, his Teddy bear now a foulmouthed, beer drinking, pot smoking sexist teddy bear variety. The world are aware John Bennett has the worlds only talking Teddy Bear and Ted has enjoyed celebrity over the years, appearing on everything from the Johnny Carson show to Celebrity Big Brother, but now living with John in his bachelor flat and getting drunk and high together, with the occasional mushroom, both wastrels.

            Ted and John are inseparable but things are about to change when John's sexy girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) puts an ultimatum to her man that the Bear has to go from the apartment and they should live together proper, John dragging his heels on any sort of responsibility for the last few years and currently bumping along the bottom as a car rental clerk, Lori in a well paid city job. This means Ted will have to get his own place and a job to pay for his new unwanted independence.

            John: We have been dating for four years tomorrow.
            Ted: F*ck me! Nice!
            John: Let me ask you something. You don't think she's gonna be expecting something big, do you?
            Ted: What? Like anal?

            Employed at a local grocery store Ted is soon back into the rhythm of his old bachelor ways and banging the checkout girls, especially sexy country girl Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). But however hard he tries to get fired from his job, his boss Frank (Bill Smitrovich) is even more approving of his deprived actions and so resigned to his fete.

            Frank: You think you got what it takes?
            Ted: I'll tell you what I got. Your wife's p***y on my breath.
            Frank: Nobody's ever spoken to me like that before.
            Ted: That's because their mouths were full of your wife's box.
            Frank: You're hired.
            Ted: Sh*t.

            But he has a bigger concern when a man (Giovanni Ribisi) offers to buy Ted from John for his chubby son Thomas (Matt Walsh). Even though John refuses, Donny (Ribisi) is soon plotting to kidnap the bear, father and son more obsessed with Ted than either of them knew. But John also has a problem, Lori's randy boss Rex (Joel McHale) also keen to see her with a teddy, but the see through variety, as he does all the pretty girls in the office, and if John doesn't show enough commitment to Lori and dump the bear she may well take him up on it.


            Ted is a comedy for men about not growing up and if that's you then you will laugh along with every puerile and silly joke. What guy wants to be mature and think about careers and mortgages when you are in you're twenties, right? If you live with your mum you will split your sides over this. I don't live with my mom and so kind of pity the guys who seem to love the Men Behaving Badly style jokes here. But it's good fun and vulgarly fresh and although gets a little wearing towards the end as the one tone humor wears thin you do feel entertained. At the start you are thinking how cool this is but by 40 minutes you can see where it's all heading. Whenever MacFarlane can use a blue obesity he does and so Ted runs out of rude and crude things to say by that half-way point and it becomes a bit like Billy Connelly's act - is it funny only because of the naughty swear words? Ted could have been trimmed down from its 110 minutes to the perfunctory 90, the correct length for any movie if you ask me. Billy Connelly, on the other hand, should thank his mostly middle-class audience for being polite enough to keep him going all these years.

            The always likeable Mark Wahlberg has genuine deadpan comic timing the way Owen Wilson does and I found myself laughing and pulling for him throughout. But most are here to hear the talking Teddy Bear do his Peter Griffin impression (which is sent up briefly in the film) and so lots of opportunities for the lads to get up to no good with girls, booze and pot so to apply those puerile jokes for the full 109 minutes, ending up almost a stoner comedy. Hearing an obnoxious talking Teddy Bear say such terrible things is kind of fun but this type of humor is still not my thing and so I did feel indifferent by the end on how much I really enjoyed this.

            As I say Wahlberg is genuinely funny when he tries comedy and can exploit his down to earth acting appeal that way. He has never struck me as a leading man and not really that conventionally good looking if you ask me with bad hair and no chin, and so I always had him down as an action comedy star from the off. If you haven't seen 'The Other Guy' with Will Ferrell (presumably why you didn't see it) you really should as that is definitely a 4 star movie. Even if you don't like Ferrell see it for Wahlbergs comic turn, as you should Ted if you are not a Family Guy fan. Original comedy is always worth a look in an increasingly staid and safe Hollywood.


            Imdb.com - 6.2/10.0 (181,020 votes)
            Metacritc.com - % critic's approval rating
            Rottentomatos.com - 67% critic's approval rating


            This is London - 'Laughter doesn't lie. I loved Ted and found it irresistibly funny and hugely enjoyable'
            Time Out -'Sure, MacFarlane, you can make us laugh, but it's time to grow up. Seriously'.

            The Times -'Those who detest Family Guy will not be converted but fans will surely lap up a film that - whilst sometimes flawed - is rude, crude and often very funny'.

            The Aristocrat -'A film with Ted's ingredients should have you stone-drunk on laughter but this film is the comedic equivalent of pi**ed on light beer: its 2.5% funny'.

            USA Today -'Feel free to tell me to lighten up and get a sense of humor, but it's also worth asking whether it's humor that really drives Ted's nasty streak'.

            Fox News -'Ted" is what happens when you give the creator of "Family Guy" the freedom of an R-rating and a big budget'.

            The Arizona News -'If you're fundamentally put off by MacFarlane's brand of comedy, Ted's cruder elements may well prove too irksome, but this film does have sweetness at its heart that is pleasantly unexpected'.

            = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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              05.12.2012 09:54
              Very helpful



              A good film

              About the film
              Ted is a comedy film which was released at the cinemas on 1st August 2012. It is rated 15 due to language, drug use and sexual content. The film has a run time of 106 minutes. The film was directed by Seth MacFarlane who also wrote the screenplay, produced and was the voice of the main character in the film.

              As a young boy, John Bennett has no friends. He's a very lonely boy but one Christmas, his parents give him a talking teddy bear as a present. On that night, John wishes that Teddy could really talk and that they could be best friends forever. The next morning, John wakes up to find his bear really is alive and can talk for himself. Since that day, they have been best friends. Now an adult though, John lives with both his long-time girlfriend Lori and Ted. Ted was once a celebrity due to him being able to talk but now he is a stoner who sits around and does nothing all day. Ted begins to put strain on John's relationship with Lori and he must choose between her or a foul mouthed, pot smoking teddy bear who can answer back.

              Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett
              Bretton Manley as Young John Bennett
              Seth MacFarlane as Ted (voice)
              Mila Kunis as Lori Collins
              Joel McHale as Rex
              Giovanni Ribisi as Donny
              Aedin Mincks as Robert
              Patrick Warburton as Guy
              Matt Walsh as Thomas
              Jessica Barth as Tami-Lynn

              What I thought
              Ted was one of those films that looks hilarious at the cinema when watching the trailers but immediately put doubts in my mind about how funny it would be. Trailers have a habit of showing the funniest bits then the film becomes a disappointment. Still, I wanted to see this anyway and was hoping for the best.

              The film begins by showing young John Bennett, a boy with no friends and no one to play with. When he parents get him a teddy bear for Christmas, he is made up and wishes that they could be best friends forever. The next morning, John wakes up and Ted is alive!! He can talk and walk and think for himself. The bear becomes famous because he can talk but he and John stick together through thick and thin. Then the film shows John in the present day, 30something and living with his girlfriend Lori. Ted also lives with the couple and it is clear that Lori really like living with a talking bear.

              Mark Wahlberg plays John and he and Ted strangely have great on screen chemistry. Wahlberg acts really well with the bear and it is utterly believable that they are best friends. Showing the two as friends lets us get to know both John and Ted and to see how their lives have been together. John has a pretty crappy job and spends most of his days getting stoned or drinking with Ted which displeases Lori to no end. I did think some of the scenes between John and Ted were really funny, especially later on in the film. As a character, John goes through quite a lot of changes in the film due to Lori getting fed up with Ted being around all the time. I liked how he dealt with some situations but then at the same time, he was a real idiot and I wanted to slap him because there were some things he didn't handle well at all.

              I absolutely loved the idea of a teddy bear who was alive and could do everything for himself. As a child, I used to have a Teddy Ruxpin who could talk and move his eyes and I think I would have done anything at the time if he was able to talk properly so I can see why the idea for this film was so popular. However, I definitely wouldn't have wanted him to be a bear that could smoke, drink and swear a hell of a lot. This is where it becomes obvious that the film is aimed at adults. Although I don't completely agree with the idea of Ted, he was still a really funny character and Seth MacFarlane does a wonderful job as the voice of Ted.

              I did originally think that this was going to just be a film about a talking bear and his friend and watching the things that they get up to. However, there is some form of an actual plot there too. John and girlfriend Lori need to learn to deal with each other as well as Ted and to figure out how their lives together can involve this bear. Then there is some other really creepy stuff going on with Ted on his own which helps with other aspects of John and Lori's problems. I was so glad that there was more to this film than just seeing two characters being silly for an hour and a half. The plot wasn't completely original though but it was entertaining and was funny throughout.

              Ted is a great film for adults and one that made me chuckle many times. Not the best film I've seen this year but certainly not the worst.


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              03.12.2012 16:19
              Very helpful



              A very good film

              I had wanted to see Ted for some time as I had heard numerous good things about it and it seemed as though everyone was raving about it. I had intended to go and see it whilst it was still on at the cinema but never got round to it. I noticed that the DVD was released last week so I thought I would see if it had found its way onto Blinkbox yet as I couldnt really afford the DVD and I rarely buy DVDs because I often watch something once and it never leaves the case again. I watched this on Blinkbox where I paid £3.49 to rent it. This is a film only review.

              The film begins by introducing us to John, he is eight years old and isnt exactly what you would call one of the cool kids. Instead, he has no friends and he often finds himself the butt of his classmates jokes. One Christmas when all of the other kids are unwrapping the years must have toys, John is given his present from his mum and dad. He tears of the paper and underneath is a large traditional teddy bear. John is delighted with this, thanking his parents and keen to play with it. John is sure that this bear will be his best friend and that night he wishes to himself that the bear could really talk and say more than the generic 'I love you' phrase which is spoken when his tummy is squeezed.

              The next morning John wakes with a start and is eager to begin playing with his new soft friend. However, Teddy is not there. John is baffled, he knows he put him next to him when he went to sleep last night. He gets up and is astounded to see Ted is already up and waiting for him. Johns wish had come true and Teddy, or as he prefers, Ted can really talk.

              Fast forward twenty years and John and Ted are surprisingly still the best of friends. It is fair to say that they spend an awful lot of time doing absolutely nothing together, chilling out on the sofa watching Flash Gordon and smoking a bit of the old wacky backy. Ted and John are comfortable in this set up and wouldnt change anything but John's long suffering girlfriend Lori would like things to change...

              I had sky high expectations of this film and it sounded like something that I would absolutely love as it sounded really funny with lots of dark humour and generally just a good laugh. The first half an hour or so of the film helped to set the scene really well and initially John and Ted's story is told like a fairytale and we hear all about how John and Ted met and they grew up together with Ted being a star - after all he is a talking teddy bear. The screen then blacks out and something along the lines of "No matter how big a splash you make in this world whether you're Corey Feldman, Frankie Muniz, Justin Bieber or a talking teddy bear, eventually, nobody gives a sh*t" is said which I thought was a fabulous way to break up the fairytale and the true story!

              In all honesty I wasnt immediately taken with Ted because before it fast forwarded to the present day he didnt seem to have the biggest personality in the world however within 5 minutes of seeing Ted today I loved him! I think that Ted's personality is very much like a young man who parties hard and cares about little else but of course this is so ironic because Ted is a big fluffy teddy bear.

              John was a good character and it was nice to see that even after all these years he still cared about Ted a lot but it was also clear to see that this strong friendship with Ted was holding him back a little, for example he was consistently late for work and he was failing to show commitment to his girlfriend of four years, Lori because he was too busy goofing around with Ted.

              I thought the plot flowed well and although the film contained a talking teddy bear I do think that it can be applied to real life situations as we all know someone whose relationship has come under pressure because one half of the relationship spends too much time with their friends etc. I did enjoy watching how the film was going to turn out and although I did think it was rather predictable there were a number of events that I was not expecting and therefore they helped to retain my interest and make me question myself over whether I really did know what was going to happen or not.

              The film has strong language used throughout and plenty of reference to sex and drugs. There are numerous sex scenes involving Ted and humans which were a little strange and the rating is a 15. I do think that this is one of the worse 15's out there but its not quite bad enough to be an 18 so if you are at all skeptical about your teenager watching it I would definitely watch it yourself first to see what you think.

              Living with Ted is of course a bit of an adventure, I mean how many people have a real talking teddy bear? So I found that there was always plenty to focus on alongside the main plot of Lori wanting more from her and John's relationship. A lot of famous faces popped up as cameo roles in the film too which were unexpected but enjoyable such as Norah Jones.

              I did enjoy the film but not quite as much as I thought I would but in all honesty I was so excited about seeing it it was more than likely that I was going to set myself up for a fall! I did love the character of Ted but he was very crude in places and often I thought to myself 'ewwwwww, he's meant to be a teddy' but of course this did add to the humour. The plot was good and had a fun and fast pace and there was always plenty to hold my attention.

              As I have said, it does contain very strong language and a lot of reference to sex and drugs so if you are at all offended by this sort of content then I would steer well clear of Ted!

              ==Additional Information==
              The film was released in 2012.
              It is rated a 15.
              It was directed and written by Seth McFarlane.
              It stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth McFarlane.
              It runs for 106 minutes.
              IMDB users give it an average rating of 7.3/10.

              Plenty of comedy in this film which follows the life of a talking teddy. Very funny and amusing but also plenty of scenes that could easily cause offence. Recommended if you dont mind the explicit content and you and guaranteed to find yourself laughing throughout and falling in love with Ted...I wonder if they are bringing out any Ted merchandise for Christmas...?!

              A bad mouthed bear!


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                24.11.2012 00:00
                Very helpful



                A decent comedy

                One of my friends described this as his new favourite comedy. Whilst I have to agree with it being a funny and amusing film, I will however not be making any such statements. Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy also created and wrote Ted, and it is pretty clear once you watched it the amount of links there are between the two. For starters Ted sounds identical to Brian from Family Guy and he clearly made a clear effort to keep their voices the same. Then the humour is also pretty similar between the two with the jokes aimed at other movies and the style of the jokes. He also asked Mila Kunis to be one of the stars of Ted, and of course no doubt as he worked with her in Family Guy.

                Growing up John Bennett has no friends and makes a wish that his favourite Teddy Bear, named Ted, could speak so that they could be best friends forever. Miraculously this wish becomes true the next day and now John is thirty five and Ted has been by his side ever since. How will Ted affect his life and can he really be a part of John's relationship with Lori.


                Mark Wahlberg - John Bennett
                Mila Kunis - Lori Collins
                Seth MacFarlane - Ted (voice)
                Joel McHale - Rex
                Giovanni Ribisi - Donny

                My Opinion

                This is a decent comedy and probably one of the best I have seen this year, but then I have seen very few comedies this year and most of the others haven't been great, so take from what what you will. Some of the jokes here were textbook family guy like where they dissed people like Brandon Routh for his Superman movie and apparently it is a joke if you take a random actor put him in a movie and then comment on how he looks like a character from another movie. I must do that when I make a comedy. I will get Keanu Reeves to make a cameo and then when he walks past I will say. That guy looks weirdly like the guy from the Matrix. Great joke don't you think, and then I will put it in my movie three times for extra effect. Well that is what they did here.

                In terms of the plot it was definitely a lot different than other movies and I commend them for integrating Ted in so seamlessly in to the movie and you really do forget that it is in fact a teddy bear as Ted has so much personality. Ted has a very similar character to Bender from Futurama. So basically gets high and holds back John somewhat and this is what annoys Lori. It was quite a predictable movie and there was not really one point of the movie where anything caught me by surprise.

                In terms of the acting, there wasn't any bad acting but not exactly any stand out acting but then it is a comedy. I always find Mark Wahlberg's acting to be pretty plain and his character seems quite similar in whichever movie he does but he is likeable enough. Mila Kunis really doesn't do much just whines a couple of times and acts all loved up. Rex was the most interesting character here just as he acts like a jerk and those characters always add entertainment to the movie.

                Overall it is a film that is worth watching. I can't say I will ever watch it again and I can't say it will win any awards. I am sure there are a lot of people who will give this film five stars and I can see why. You are easily impressed by the plot but actually think back to how many times you laughed during the film and it won't be as many times as you think. Three stars.


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                23.09.2012 15:15
                Very helpful



                A funny movie!

                Ted is a romantic comedy movie starring Mila Kunis and Mark Walhberg. The movie was released in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2012 and so it is very recent. The movie runs at 106 minutes (just under two hours).

                ~ * The Plot * ~

                During a tough childhood of being bullied, John had one wish, that his best friend - his teddy bear 'Ted' would come to life. His wish came true. Now John is an adult he is still best friends with his 'real' best friend Ted. Although what happens when his friendship with Ted is starting to affect his relationships, job and life in general? Watch Ted to find out!

                I think that the plot is a good one, although it does feel like something I have seen before, even though I can't put my finger exactly on what that is. The movie is very far-fetched, yet it's 'real' too which is confusing.

                There are some interesting characters in this movie. My favourite was Lori as she was so sweet and just easy to relate to.

                Ted was a funny little character who made me laugh. He's very cute, although he did annoy me in places though. I felt that I could connect with Ted easily and whatever he was feeling I was feeling too; whether that was sadness, fear etc.

                The movie is very funny in places!! There were lots of scenes which made me laugh out loud and so I would say that if you are looking for a laugh then this is a great movie. Although, I did feel that in places it was a little too try hard. This certainly wasn't enough to put me off the movie though.

                The movie is a 15 and so it is unsuitable for persons under age of fifteen to watch. The movie is very rude in places; lots of bad language etc. So if you like this stuff, then you will laugh your head off. However, if you are easily offended, then I would say clear of this movie.

                I would definitely recommend this movie! It's like a kid's movie for adults!

                Thanks for reading!
                September 2012
                Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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                14.09.2012 21:47
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                Comedy, romance & a cute, politically incorrect teddy

                I was interested in this when the advertisements first started for it but I wasn't sure it was something I'd be eager to watch at the cinema, not really striking me as a made for cinema kind of flick. As the boyfriend was also keen to see it, however, we thought it would make for something different to watch and we needed a chuckle; it did the job, not providing belly laughs but being light hearted and entertaining enough that we had jokes to talk about during dinner afterwards (rather than tearing a film apart with criticism as is our usual!).

                Ted was directed, and written, by Seth MacFarlane, the writer and voice behind three series I love: American Dad! (aka Stan/Roger), The Cleveland Show and, of course, the brilliant Family Guy (Peter Griffin / Brian). This is the real reason I was so interested by Ted as I wanted to see what he could do for the big screen and knowing that because I enjoy his sense of humour the worst thing that could happen would be that it would get played down too much in order to reach a 'broader' or younger audience.

                Strangely enough, I'd say this would fall within the rom com genre. I'm not a fan of rom coms, but this is a rom com with a difference. It stars a teddy bear as one of the two protagonists. We're introduced to John Bennett, a bit of a loner as a child when all he ever wanted was a friend, a best friend who would be there always and forever. He's given a teddy bear that became that friend, but upon making a wish, it magically came to life. Unexpectedly, this was a fact known to everyone and not just little John Bennett, and Ted the walking, talking teddy quickly became a phenomenon, taking the media by storm.

                Zooming forward a few years, we see the two growing up together until we reach the point where John is all grown up with a job, except he's still living with Ted and smoking weed before work and generally not being as adult as he perhaps should be. He also has a lovely girlfriend, Lori, so he's no longer the longer the lonely child he once was. Things seem to be good for him but Lori wants more, and wants to be the priority in his life rather than being second best to a teddy bear. The central premise to the film then becomes about whether John does the grown up thing and leaves his teddy behind to commit to Lori, or whether his sworn best friends forever pact with Ted will finally finish the otherwise perfect relationship he has.

                The first thing I noticed about this from the early stages of the flick was the sarcasm, and I'm a big fan of sarcasm. It's probably because my mother always told me it was the lowest form of wit and yet she often missed my sarcastic references, which made me enjoy it all the more. It came across well in this, transforming something very mushy and romantic and childish in to something more adult and quirky. We know it's a fantasy and that a teddy bear coming to life isn't realistic, so it doesn't pretend to be something it's not. It's funny about it and this makes it a lot easier to watch and gradually start to empathise with. By empathise with, I mean that the relationship between John and Ted does seem very sweet and honest, so I did find myself 'aww' at points where things go wrong because I started to care about the characters.

                I had expected the script to echo something along the lines of Family Guy, but perhaps to a lesser extent in order to reach a wider or young audience considering this is big production film. It was actually more daring than I had thought it would be for a 15 rated movie and I enjoyed the politically incorrect humour and sarcasm that was at times witty and intelligent, and other times simply brash yet amusing. Topics covered anything from smut to politicals, weight and race, so if you are easily offended or already know you don't like Family Guy type humour then this probably isn't the film for you. Some of it was quite risky, such as jokes that involved race and references to terrorism, but, taken in context and not taking it too seriously, it came across as light-hearted and brought some chuckles from the audience.

                The film had an overall good quality feel to it, so it was obvious time, money and thought had gone in to its production. Ted was CGI animated and looked good, fitting in well and becoming something quite realistic rather than standing out as a computerised bear. I liked the quirkiness of some scenes, music and camera effects, and the elements of the unexpected that I appreciated for their weirdness (the inclusion of Flash Gordon being one of them). The scenes seemed to be well directed and scripted, and the pace was kept steady. There were moments of drama and humour at a slower pace, but this was balanced out by some higher octane stuff, including a car chase and bear theft. I didn't find myself becoming bored at any point or thinking it was being dragged out, so it fitted in plenty within just the right time frame to keep my attention gripped from start to finish. I also found it very easy to watch, in part because it was amusing, and in part because I enjoyed watching the characters interact and wanted to know what would happen next. Was it clichéd? In terms of the premise and ending, a little perhaps, yes. But the film knew it was clichéd and made a joke out of it, so it was effectively making a joke of the genre, and this made it all the more endearing and interesting to watch.

                The cast included Mark Wahlberg (John Bennett), Seth McFarlane (the voice of Ted) and Mila Kunis (the girlfriend, Lori Collins). Other featuring faces included Patrick Stewart (a voice rather than a face in this case as he narrated), Flash Gordon, Giovanni Ribisi (Donny, aka. Creepy guy), and Norah Jones (as herself). I thought the characters were well placed, with Wahlberg coming across naturally and with charisma, Kunis as being more 'normal' a girlfriend than I had expected, and McFarlane providing a voice I couldn't get enough of. The characters were brought to life fairly well and their relationships, especially between Bennett and Ted, were made more believable by realistic acting and scenes you could imagine really happening.

                The downsides? There were times when I felt a joke wasn't quite finished, that the boundaries could have been taken a little further but were curtailed for the audience and 15 certification. Not all elements seemed to come across as intended, for instance there was one scene I remember well as feeling like it had fallen a little flat, not really coming across as funny because it wasn't witty enough and so instead seemed to get left behind. The humour in this wasn't really belly-laughter inducing, which is why I keep saying 'amusing'. It brought about a few chuckles, and on one occasion I got the giggles to the point of crying but that was actually at a point where no one else seemed to find the joke all that funny apart from me! Some of the smuttier humour wasn't really intelligent and I know some people won't appreciate it because it was a bit vulgar at points, and so it does need to be taken for what it is; blunt and childish at times, but comical in its context, especially when coming from a teddy bear. It was a film designed to be entertaining and provide a play on the genre, carving out a slightly different twist on a premise for an adult audience and giving something for Family Guy fans to enjoy with the appreciation of politically incorrect humour.

                Overall, I would recommend this because it was entertaining and kept me amusing and away from reality from start to finish. It was light-hearted, cute and moving at the same time, and included a cast that was enjoyable to watch.

                106 minutes, rated Certificate 15

                [Also reviewed by me, Cazkins, on Ciao]


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