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That's My Boy (DVD)

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Actors: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester / Director: Sean Anders / Classification: 15 / Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent UK / DVD Release Date: 21 Jan 2013 / Run Time: 114 minutes

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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2014 00:55



      Sandler back to his best!

      After the flop of Funny People (ironically the most unfunny film I've ever seen) I was reluctant to watch another Adam Sandler film but was coerced into it by my husband. For once, he definitely made the right decision. The story follows Sandlers character Donny who had an affair with his school teach which resulted in the birth of a baby & imprisonment of said teacher. Donny's son has disowned him & moved on, creating a new life for himself which sees him change his name from Han Solo to Todd Peterson and get engaged. Donny finds out that he owes the IRS $43,000 or he will be imprisoned & sets out to try and regain some of the stardom he had when the scandal of his affair with the teacher came out. He decides to go to where his son is getting married & try to convince him to go visit his mother in prison (under the pretence that she is very ill) but in reality there will be a chat show host waiting to film the reunion who coincidentally has offered Donny $50,000 to do so. Cue the hilarity & antics of Sandler as the dead beat Dad trying to get back into his sons life whilst pretending to the world to be his best friend - Todd doesn't want to be known as the son of an illegitimate affair - and the drama that ensues. With appearances from Ciara and Vanilla Ice this has to be Sandler's best film since the train wreck that was Funny People. I would highly recommend giving it a watch! I must warn you though, some of the humour is not for the faint hearted and can at times be quite crude but all in all it's a great film.


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        29.05.2013 04:06
        Very helpful



        A great film but you need a sense of humour to enjoy it!

        ~*~*~ That's My Boy ~*~*~

        *Film only review *

        Last week my hubby and I decided to watch a film and took a look at the On Demand feature that Sky has, there we came across this film - That's My Boy which features Adam Sandler. I am a massive Adam Sandler fan so I instantly said ' yep, that's the one I want to watch! ' and on it went.

        Having never heard of it before, let alone seen any trailers or clips I didn't have the slightest idea as to what it was about.

        The Sky blurb says -

        " Feckless 40-something Adam Sandler is deep in debt, and his only hope is to worm his way back into the life of his estranged son Andy Samberg. Cheeky comedy. (2012) (118 mins).

        It doesn't really give much away so I was intrigued.

        ~ What is it? ~

        This is a 2012 film called That's My Boy. It has a great cast which includes Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Susan Sarandon, Vanilla Ice plus more.
        If you like Adam Sandler and his films then you'll like this!

        ~ The Cast ~

        (Listed as found on the internet)

        Adam Sandler as Donald 'Donny' Berger.
        Justin Weaver as 1984 Donny Berger
        Ian Ziering as TV Donny
        Andy Samberg as Todd Peterson/Han Solo Berger, Donny's son
        Leighton Meester as Jamie Martin, Todd's fiancee
        Susan Sarandon as Mary McGarricle, Donny's middle school teacher and Todd's mother.
        Eva Amurri Martino as 1984 Mary McGarricle. Martino is Sarandon's real-life daughter.
        Ciara as Brie, a bartender and Donny's friend, Todd's secondary love interest
        Luenell as Champale, a stripper and Brie's mother
        Vanilla Ice as himself, Donny's best friend
        Milo Ventimiglia as Chad Martin, Jamie's younger brother who is a modern jazz dancer posing as a Marine
        Rex Ryan as Jim Nance
        Peggy Stewart as Grandma Delores
        Tony Orlando as Steve Spirou, Todd's boss
        Alan Thicke as Donny's father on TV
        James Caan as Father McNally, a priest with major anger control issues
        Dan Patrick as Randall Morgan
        Will Forte as Phil
        Rachel Dratch as Phil's wife
        Blake Clark as Gerald
        Colin Quinn as Strip Club DJ
        Nick Swardson as Kenny
        Ana Gasteyer as Mrs. Ravensdale
        Todd Bridges as himself
        Baron Davis as Gym teacher
        Dennis Dugan as School janitor
        Jackie Sandler (Sandler's real-life wife) as Masseuse
        Brad Grunberg as Tubby Tuke

        I know the actors get paid to do the job but I do feel the need to mention how well everyone works together. Sandler plays the role perfectly, as does everyone else. Vanilla Ice is quite interesting too and he is great in this playing Sandlers best friend.

        ~ The Plot ~

        The opening of the film starts with a young Donny Berger in high school where he plans to woo his teacher with Van Halen tickets. We see the teacher Miss Mary McGarricle (who is played by Eva Amurri Martino. Susan Sarandon plays Miss McGarricle later in the film and she is Eva's real-life mother! - Great bit of casting there!) walking down the corridor to the tune of ' I was made for loving you'. Donny asks her on a date and mentions a summer fling and hand-jobs! She gives him a month's detention! But, it is whilst in detention that she ends up seducing Donny. It is all wrong but actually quite funny in the things that are said. Various things happen and Miss McGarricle ends up pregnant! She also ends up in court. She get's sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and Donny is told that once he turns 18 he will gain full custody of the baby, but until then his father has full custody - Donny is just 13!

        He names the baby -

        Han Solo Berger! Classic!

        This part of the film is really important to the rest of the story and at first my hubby did question is relevance but it really is needed.

        After all that we are greeted with the present Donny Berger (Sandler) and his wreck of a life. He is in debt and needs to find a way out of it. To do this he plans to see his son, sort out some issues, play him like a fool and get some cash. In reality things don't go so smoothly and there are various twists and turns right until the end.

        Just like any film review I don't want to go any further or deeper as I don't want to spoil it for those who have not seen it, but needless to say it is a great comedy film. Sandler plays the role epically!

        The film has been awarded with -

        Worst Film
        Worst Actor
        Worst Screenplay.

        It was slammed by critics for its comedic portrayal of statutory rape, paedophilia, and incest.

        I really don't think it was that bad, in fact I really enjoyed it. I don't think any of it is meant to be taken seriously and it certainly doesn't deserve the above.

        I found it to be quite a funny film, the beginning is a little off, a student/teacher relationship isn't a great thing to be showing but for the purpose of this film I can see why it was an important feature. It doesn't last long, probably spans over the first 7 - 8 minutes but it does have it's reasons to be there which become more apparent in the film later on.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        This can be bought from quite a few places and the general price is under £10. Amazon are selling it for £8.25, or it can be viewed on the Sky On Demand service where it is available until 31st May. If you are interested I would recommend recording it.

        ~ My Thoughts ~

        I liked the film despite it's bad reviews. I am a massive Sandler fan and have yet to watch a film of his that I do not like.
        The film is funny at times, a bit gross but generally should just be taken with a pinch of salt.

        The main story of Donny and his son is a great one and it is quite comical from the off especially when we see that Donny decided to name his son Han Solo Berger.

        It was easy to watch and easy to get into, it didn't drag at all and passed the time in a great way.

        I am glad I watched it and will no doubt watch it again.

        Don't let the bad reviews put you off as they seem to be simply centred on the grim details where as they are not meant to come across in such a harsh manner. I found it entertaining and easily watchable.

        You do need a sense of humour to watch this and I did really laugh in parts.

        I have seen it compared with his other film - Jack & Jill and this too was a failure in some peoples mind but again I thought that too was great!

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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