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The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe [2005] (DVD)

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    26 Reviews
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      10.03.2014 21:57
      Very helpful
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      just another run of the mill effects blockbuster with little to no actual heart.

      I can't be too sure but I seem to recall reading The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe way back when I was in primary school. I say 'can't be to sure' because I can remember the title, and quite a bit about a magical wardrobe being a doorway to another world, but other than that, nothing.

      For those in my boat The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe tells the story of a group of 4 children who are sent to live at the house of a strange professor while their parents fight in the second world war. While playing in this house the children discover a wardrobe that transports them to the magical world of Narnia, a world of fantasy creatures that has been plagued by an unending winter for the last 100 years. The inhabitants of this world have been waiting this last hundred years for the prophesied 4 humans who will defeat the white witch and remove the curse over the land.

      Now how much of this story was taken from the original text, and how much was cut I can't say. However what I can say is that as a film this is one of the biggest let downs in years. It's not that I don't like fantasy, or even childrens fantasy for that matter, it's just that, unlike other similar films of late, The Chronicles Of Narnia lacks any real heart. There's nothing in the film to really make you care about it's characters, or the situation they find themselves in.

      I think that a large part of this may be down to the sheer amount of suspension of disbelief expected of the audience. In other fantasy stories (see Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter) we were able to believe that the most inexperienced characters could achieve their goals through sheer luck, and a little help from their allies. Yet here we have a story that expects us to believe a child can enter a wardrobe, get a sword from Santa (no seriously) before becoming this great military strategist because a talking lion claimed to have faith in him. This is a fact that also proves to make the "big" battle scenes a lot less spectacular than they should have been.

      Still if you already knew the story before reading this then you'll likely want me to shut up and tell you how it was made. Well, personally I would have to say that it was, erm, ok. The supporting cast certainly did well; Liam Neeson's voice was both authoritive and calm enough for the role of Aslan. Tilda Swinton's White Witch was intimidating enough, and Ray Winstone made a nice bit of comic relief as a talking beaver. Unfortunately the main cast, the children themselves, were terrible. It's a common misconception that all English people are good actors, and here that factor has been proven wrong by kids who are forcing a posh accent through, and then phoning in the delivery of their dialogue as if this material was somehow beneath them.

      On a visual scale I would say that the film succeeded though. The CGI in this film was very good, particularly the work on Aslan the lion, and the effects used to merge man with beast (centaurs, fawns, and the like). The locations themselves had their moments to shine with vast sweeping shots along an ice palace, a breathtaking castle, a melting waterfall ect... It's just unfortunate that all this was done with CGI, and none with model work because the moments where characters walk around these areas are a lot less spectacular.

      Ultimately I suppose this is not even close to the worst film ever made, but still it's not worth the money spent on it, and doesn't deserve the praise I suspect it will receive. It's a shame really because if more time had been spent developing the character transformations, and less time on a fairly meaningless Christian allegory; oh and had better actors been cast, then the film could have been another superb fantasy. Instead it's just another run of the mill effects blockbuster with little to no actual heart.


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        30.12.2010 09:48



        An enoyable film but do read the book

        I read the book many years ago and have since seen it as a feature length cartoon and a TV series. I'm not sure if it's been shown as a film before. Although I am familiar with the story I thought that the film would be enjoyable to watch and was not disappointed.

        The story is about four children who find their way into a land called Narnia through a magical wardrobe having been evacuated from London during the second world war. It is one of several books written by CS Lewis and collectively known as 'The Chronicles of Narnia'.

        Whilst the storyline is close to that of the book there are a couple of additional scenes at the start of the film of the children at home and then being seen onto the train by their mother. The eldest also promises to look after his siblings and although this theme comes up a few times during the film and I do not recall it from the book it was nice to see a bit of creativity from the director. I was disappointed to see that conversations between the children and the professor with whom they are staying are also cut short and miss out bits which are not essential to the film's entertainment value but are relevant to the stories of Narnia as a whole.

        All in all the film was entertaining and can be enjoyed by all ages but would probably appeal in particular to children. It is no substitute for reading the book though along with 'The Magician's Nephew' by the same author.


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          04.06.2010 20:39
          Very helpful



          good for birthday or christmas present.

          The Chronicles Of Narnia is about four children Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter they are brothers and sisters. the story takes place when the world war 2 is happening and there farther is one of the soilders. The youngest of the family Lucy finds the stunning world of Narnia as she hides in a magical wardrobe whilst playing "hide and seek" in the rural country home of a old and wise professor. once all the children enter the peaceful and charming world of narnia they are welcomed to Mr Thompsons house who is a faun. there are all sorts of magical creatures in narnia like talking beasts, talking animals, dwarfs and giants that all take orders by the evil white witch. under the guidance of Aslan the lion, the children fight against the white witch in a spectacular climactic battle that will free Narnia from the White Witches icy spell forever. overall this film is a great buy and is suitable for all ages i think this would make a great birthday or christmas present for any age. however the film is quite long.


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          03.06.2010 21:07
          Very helpful



          A great kids movie and a great adult's movie too


          The Pevensie family is taken to Professor Digory Kirke manor to stay safe from the war. Whilst playing a game of hide and seek lucy (the youngest ) stumbles into the spare room looking for a place to hide and all she finds is a wardrobe, to then discover as she steps into the wardrobe it is some kind of portal to another land known as Narnia.
          Narnia where mythical creatures live and myth and legend be true, but is ruled by the evil White Witch, Jadis. When Lucy brings her brothers and sister through to Narnia they discover that 2 sons from Adam and 2 sons from Eve must join forces with the mighty Lion Aslan to defeat the raine of the white witch over Narnia

          The story of The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe is a very popular and a favorite book of a lot of people back in the day, even though its aimed at kids the people who remember it and love it are my generation and older, it was a lot more popular back then. The kids of today don't really know the story, they only know it now because of this film and I must say bravo to the creation of the movie.

          The original story is by C.S. Lewis, but the movie was by four writers:
          Ann Peacock
          Andrew Adamson
          Christopher Markus
          Stephen McFeely

          There is one person in that list who really got involved with most of how the movie came to be, his name is Andrew Adamson.
          Not only was he part of writing but he was one of the producers and he was the director.
          After turning the novel into a brilliant script then producing what it needed, he directed the movie with enough passion that if I was a child today and watching this movie the only words I could think of is magical.
          Reading the books when I was a kid had the kids elements in there with the different animals, creatures, the kids, the fun, then there's the slightly more aggressive side but not enough to take it away from being a kids novel, When the movie was released that is exactly how it looked. Even the big battle scene at the end could have been really violet and worrying for the younger viewers but I don't think it's bad enough to shield your kids away from.


          Andrew Adamson, previous to this movie had only directed Shrek1 and Shrek 2 so really this was his first time directing the actions of real people, but he didn't pick a movie that was going to be with a few people (your first time and all, you think he would) oh no he goes straight in and starts directing armies of people. Another good thing was that he kept the story along the same lines as the book and didn't really stray much, I mean there are always things that work better on book than on film and there are things that work better on film than book, so when people talk about films not being true to the book there are some things they just cant do that a book can, with all the challenges he must have had and the pressure ontop of that with it being his first real movie with live action he kept it all together and it shows in his final product which became an absolute smash hit.

          The budget for the movie was $180 million
          That's not a bad budget for your first time. Not only did he pull it off but the
          Gross Revenue Was $745,011,272
          You can't tell me he never done well, let the figures speak for themselves.


          The filming for this type of movie I am sure was interesting just because half of the army had to be added in with CGI. while they are standing around Aslan's tent some animals had to be added in later so they would have to leave a mark on the floor for people not to stand on. Even the battles with the wolves and the talking with the beavers. See we only get to see the final result we don't actually see what they go through, must be tricky, to be in a fight with a big creature that you can only imagine and not actually physically see. Must of been weird.


          Looking at the whole film as a whole everyones acting was realistic (even the CGI's) even when you knew that the actors were actually not talking to those animals (because they were added later) you forget all that and just get involved in the whole story.
          The only people I knew in this movie as I was watching it was Liam Neeson, Ray Winstone and Dawn French, and considering we couldn't see these actors they were just the voice left it hard to judge anything. so paying attention to everyone else i was lookin at them with fresh eyes, not having seen them before and not seeing a flaw in there performance it was great.
          For this type of film it's not going to be up for acting awards or team awards its more like best Movie, best music, best special effects, best make-up, best costume, that sort of stuff (although it got a best Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead) but it done it's job, now theres a 2nd film (Prince Caspian) and a 3rd on the way (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader).


          William Moseley as Peter Pevensie, the eldest of the four Pevensie children.

          Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie, the second eldest child of the four Pevensie children.

          Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie, the third of the four Pevensie children.

          Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie, the youngest of the four Pevensie children.

          Tilda Swinton as Jadis, the White Witch, the evil witch who holds Narnia under an eternal winter.

          Liam Neeson as the voice of Aslan, the great lion who was responsible for creating Narnia

          James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus, a faun who is under the White Witches rule,

          Ray Winstone voices Mr. Beaver

          Dawn French voices Mrs. Beaver

          Jim Broadbent as Professor Digory Kirke,

          Special Features

          -The Bloopers Of Narnia
          -Discover Narnia Fun Facts
          -Director And Kids Commentary
          -Filmmakers Commentary

          The running time of this movie is 135 minutes long
          But not 1 minute do you feel like it's dragging on, not if you liked the books anyway.

          You can get this from Amazon for £5.60


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            24.03.2010 10:15
            Very helpful



            A good film

            As a child I used to love the BBC series of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and the CS Lewis book it was based on. When the big screen adaptation came out I couldn't wait to see if my childhood memories would be brought back to life. Released in 2004 and directed by Andrew Adamson, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe promises to be an exciting adventure but does it live up to the hype?

            Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie are living through the air raids of World War II; they have been evacuated and now reside at a house belonging to Professor Kirk in the country. Life seems boring until one day Lucy discovers a magical wardrobe that transports her to the enchanting land of Narnia. At first her siblings don't believe her but they cannot deny their own eyes when they too are taken there.

            On arriving they discover that they have been expected as part of a prophecy that promises 2 sons of Adam and 2 daughters of Eve (the Pevensies) will reign supreme and defeat the evil White Witch who currently rules the kingdom, keeping it as a never ending winter. With the help of talking animals and mystical creatures they start the journey to find Aslan and save Narnia.

            I thought the four children were all great characters, from early on I knew each of their strengths and weaknesses as well as their motivation and grievances. My favourite has to be little Lucy who whilst still being cute manages to be quite grown up for her age. Some of the most touching scenes are those between Lucy and Mr Tumnus, the first creature she meets in Narnia, they are so emotionally engaging that they almost save the first hour from being a complete washout.

            The animals of Narnia were fantastically done from their movements and facial expressions that match perfectly to their speech and tone. I must applaud the filmmakers for giving these characters so much depth and appeal because the film would have fallen flat if the creatures were not believable. Aslan was the star with each piece of fur on his back individually swaying in the wind and his feelings being portrayed from gentle and caring to anger and torment fantastically especially in the scene where Aslan is on the stone table.

            I did find the film a little slow going to start with, it was nice to get to know the characters but I was waiting for something to happen for ages before it actually did. Although not a big problem for me I think children would get a little bored waiting for the magic to commence and Aslan to be revealed.

            I was disappointed by the portrayal of the white witch; I didn't think she was given enough time to make me really despise her. She did partake in some not so nice acts in her quest to defend her kingdom but I never really felt her presence was substantial enough.

            There are some lessons to be learnt in the film, especially by the children who learn to love and trust their siblings and do what's right for the greater good. They also learn how to use weapons given as gifts by Father Christmas who tells them they must use their talents and determination to make sense of what they have been given.

            I was expecting Narnia to be a breath taking landscape so I was a little disappointed when it turned out to be nothing particularly special. I felt the blitz scenes at the beginning were far better visually than the enchanted world which is a shame.

            I have to admit that I was quite young when I read this book so cannot really comment on how the film compares. I did think the battle scenes were a bit silly although my six year old seemed to find the armoured animals somewhat amusing so quite enjoyed this part.

            I thought Georgina Henley was fantastic as Lucy, she had a lot of screen time and she manages to make give her character a huge range of emotions from naivety and dependence to strength and courage I thought she brought them all straight on to the screen. The other children were all portrayed well too; I just thought Georgina stood out as giving a particularly noticeable performance.

            The voices were all fantastic; Liam Neeson gave Aslan a commanding elegance that brought his character to life. A mischievous fox was given a sly personality by Rupert Everett and Dawn French and Ray Winstone were so funny as the beavers that help the children along the way.

            Tilda Swinton was suitably evil but not particularly threatening as the White Witch, I didn't think she gave her character enough venom and malice to truly be the villain of the piece. James McAvoy was interesting as Mr Tumnus, a half man half fawn concoction. I thought he did a good job and managed to portray his pain without going over the top but he just didn't quite gain my sympathy. Until writing this I didn't realise Jim Broadbent played the eccentric professor because he is disguised under layers of facial hair, I did think the character was charming though.

            Overall this is an enjoyable fantasy film that's a little slow to start but after that it does get fairly exciting. I don't think it was the fantastic film it could have been because not enough emphasis was put on the creating the mystical land or the character development of the white witch and her evil cronies. If you can get past the first hour though the rest is pretty good. It is currently available on Amazon for £4.49 with free delivery which isn't bad for a film the whole family will probably enjoy.


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              24.11.2009 17:39
              Very helpful



              Not bad, but not memorable

              I recently watched this movie which a lot of people will be aware of prior to it's release courtesy of the BBC series adaptation of the books.

              The plot is set in the the midst of world war 2 and as a result of the german bombings, a family is forced to split up, with the children being relocated to live out in the countryside and away from harms way.

              They quickly realise that the woman they have been placed in the care of is not particularly welcoming and so decide to play a game of hide and seek. The game of hide and seek is where the story unfolds as the youngest of the children, decides to hide in the wardrobe, only this is no ordinary wardrobe and instead takes her to another world.

              At first upon this discovery her brothers and sisters dismiss her tale but soon realise she was telling the truth as Edmond, who is one of her brothers goes missing which sparks a desperate search for him.

              The land they all cross into is Narnia, a land ruled by an evil witch who is looking to crush the people, while a contingent of humans and other types of being fight against her in a battle to free Narnia from her clutches.

              When you watch this film it is apparent just how many biblical references there are and indeed essentially this is the bible being depicted in a childrens film, or at least aspects of the bible. I don't have a problem with this but it does lack sophistication and is clearly aimed at young teens rather than adults. There are of course moments of nostalgia which do come flooding back but it doesn't have the same impact.

              The special effects at times are excellent and some of the battle scenes are equally well done and yet, it seems to lack the intensity of some similar type of films. The acting while respectable, does nothing to capture the imagination and as such seems to blend into the background of the unfolding storyline.

              I can appreciate why a younger audience would enjoy this film but it seems a little cynically driven in retrospect and is not a film I will be going back to.


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                05.11.2009 23:07
                Very helpful



                Talk about a walk in wardrobe.... this one's huge.

                My daughter borrowed a DVD form one of her friends from school over the half term holidays and whinged until we all sat and watched it.
                When I saw the title and read the 'blurb' I suddenly remembered that I had read something very similar, only it was entitled 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe', the only mention of Narnia was in the movie itself and not the title, from what I could recollect.
                Anyway, I remembered that I found C.S. Lewis's 'Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe' a very good book indeed many years ago, (see, my memory does go way back), so I happily sat down with the family and watched this posher titled movie, hoping that I, and especially the kids, would not be disappointed.

                Director: Andrew Adamson
                Producers: Mark Johnson, Perry Moore, Philip Steuer and Douglas Gresham
                Writers: C.S. Lewis, Ann Peacock, Andrew Adamson, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus
                Stars: George Henley, Skandar, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Tilda Swinton, James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent.

                Running time is a rather long yet quite interesting 2 hours and 17 minutes, with a PG certificate due to some scenes of violence.

                ** BRIEF PLOT...

                It's 1940 and the Pevensie family, which consist of Peter, (Moseley), the eldest of the four, Susan, (Popplewell), the eldest daughter, Edmund, (Keynes) and Lucy, (Henley) are sent to live in a manor in the heart of the countryside to avoid the chance of being killed during the blitz.
                The place they end up living in is owned by a rather eccentric Professor, (Jim Broadbent as Professor (Digory Kirke), the owner of the manor who seems to be hiding a very mysterious secret.

                When Lucy uncovers the secret it is not long before the four children are walking into a new world, only this one is not as nice as they realised. But things get a little more dangerous for them when they meet Jadis, (Tilda Swinton) the white witch, who controls Narnia with an iron rod, bringing fear to all who live in the constantly wintery place.
                Unfortunately for Jadis she has a rather large threat to her throne, in the shape of a lion named Aslan, (voice by Liam Neeson), who wants to bring Narnia back to the lovely place it once was.

                Both Jadis and Aslan need the four children to help them achieved their goal but which will succeed?

                ** IN CONCLUSION...

                As the movie opened my mind wandered back to the past, remembering the novel as the story on the small screen unravelled.
                It started at a good pace, showing the dangers of the 1940's blitz and how kids were sent away from their families to be safe in the country, (little bit of history there then).
                And as the movie went on it seem to become more interesting and 'watchable', with the child actors doing a fine job with there acting skills.

                From what I could recall the movie ran more or less the same as the book I read years earlier, so I sort of knew what was going to happen, but that still didn't spoilt the movie for me one little bit, although I was very tempted to tell the kids what happened in the end.
                The story itself is one of those that starts off as a 'normal' one, introducing the main characters, then it adds in those magical moments so the younger audience doesn't become too bored, making a good family movie. My kids were glued to the screen throughout the entire 2 and a bits hours, which was nice on my ears.

                There are some rather mad cap moments and some even madder characters, including a faun, (James McAvoy), and a couple of beavers, (voiced by Ray Wonstone and Dawn French), who live in the not so magical place we get to know as Narnia. With each character playing their part very well indeed, bringing about a very entertaining, humorous and sometimes thrilling movie.
                You would think that a big talking Lion would be the scariest thing about this movie but you'd be so wrong, there is a more frighteningly looking character who looks as weird as a mannequin and has a conscience as cold as ice, which really does make the characters seem so creepy indeed.

                I don't want to spoil the story for those few people who may have never seen this movie or heard of the C.S. Lewis novel, (although I would wonder where you've been for all these years) so I can't say too much about how the plot unravels, but what I can say is that there is a few twists and a couple of surprises during the two and a bit hours, and a few tears as well, so maybe think about having some hankies on stand by.
                Although, which I think I must mention, there are a few scenes of 'violence' during a battle in Narnia which may look a little 'heavy' to some younger members of the audience.

                In all, a brilliant family movie which will entertain most ages, giving you a chance to have a quite couple of hours whilst the kids are engrossed in this fantasy style plot.
                The brilliant C.G.I.s added with the fine acting really do make this movie one to watch.

                If you have never seen this then I would recommend it to everyone, plus you can get it at a cracking price of just under a fiver from amazon, which is a bargain in anyone eyes.


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                  01.09.2009 19:21
                  Very helpful



                  Brilliant adaptation of the CS Lewis book

                  Released in 2005, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is the first film in The Chronicles of Narnia series. I was somewhat apprehensive about watching this as a loved the BBC televised Narnia series that I watched when I was little, and I was kind of worried they would take away what I loved about that, and make this a film that just wasn't what I was used to imagining Narnia to be like. I've also read the books quite a few times, so this had a lot more to live up to.

                  The film starts in war torn London, and introduces the audience to the four Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. This part of the film isn't in the books and I think that it sets the scene well of the period the film in set in a how four children might feel being brought up during World War 2 and finding that they have to move to the English countryside, to a place they've never been to before, where they don't know anyone but each other. Whilst playing hide and seek in the old country house they are sent to, Lucy hides in a wardrobe, and whilst she keeps walking backwards into the fur coats she suddenly feels something cold. She found snow, and the country of Narnia. She meets a fawn, Mr Tumnes, who tells her that in Narnia it's always winter, but never Christmas, due to a spell by the current ruler of Narnia, the white witch. Lucy goes back home through the wardrobe again and quickly tells her brothers and sisters where she's been. But as no time's past they don't believe her. But Edmund also finds his way through the wardrobe to Narnia, where he meets the white witch, who promises him a place next to her thrown if only he can bring his siblings back to Narnia with him. He succeeds, which results in the Pevensie children going to Narnia and finding Lucys new found friend Mr Tumnes missing, he's been arrested by the white witch, and they must soon decide where their loyalties lie within Narnia, and whether they will fight in the war which hopes to see Narnia restored to its former glory, with the helps of the great lion Aslan.

                  I wasn't disappointed for a moment watching this film. Obviously, technology has progressed immensely since the BBC program was released, and the special effects in this film far out strip its predecessor. I can remember thinking the effects were great when I was little, but on looking back, adults in beaver suits playing Mr and Mrs. Beaver and weird cartoons trying to portray the battle at the end of the film, just don't really cut it. The effects in the 2005 film are great, if they weren't then the film just wouldn't have worked. There are a lot of other worldly creatures in this film and their design is flawless, the beavers really do look like beavers, and the centaurs, fawns, and other creatures are very realistic. This, along with fantastic acting from the main characters really brings Narnia to life. The Pevensie children really look the part. Again, I think they're something that really make the film work. It's easy to see them as a family and the acting's great. I also like that there's acting from a few more famous actors, such as James McAvoy as Mr Tumnes and Dawn French as Mrs Beaver. Most of the time I think books are better than the films, I'd say that cover about 99% of the adaptations that I've read and seen. But this is an exception. It's great to see the land of Narnia, and this film gives more than one person alone could imagine.


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                    03.07.2009 11:21
                    Very helpful



                    A perfect movie

                    As the story begins, Mrs. Pevensie in order to keep her children safe during World War II sends Lucy, Edmond , Susan , and Peter off to stay at a professor's country estate. Away from London and under the care of a strict housekeeper, they are instructed to stick to themselves and stay out of trouble. But when an innocent game of hide-and-seek leads young Lucy to a spare room containing a large wardrobe, she discovers something that will change their lives forever. Inside the wardrobe there is a world frosted with ice and filled with magical beings. Known as Narnia, the land is stuck in eternal winter at the hands of the cruel White Witch. . When she steps back into reality, Lucy struggles to convince her sceptical siblings of the things she's seen. After much disbelief, the others finally enter the world as well, learning that the creatures of Narnia have long been waiting for humans like themselves to appear and break the witch's spell. But in order to be of any help to the lovable talking beavers, fawns, foxes, and centaurs that they meet, the four will have to face betrayal by one of their own as Edmond cracks under the witch's tempting offer of unlimited Turkish Delights. Under the leadership of the great lion Aslan, can Lucy, Edmond, Susan, and the oldest, Peter, prove themselves heroes in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil?

                    The film open during and air raid and we first the Pevensie family as thy are trying to ecaspe there home for the safety of the air raid shelter. Edmond runs back to the house to grab a photograph of their father, who is away from home fighting in the war, it'a a close call for im and after this Mrs Pevensie decides that the children should be evacuated.
                    The four kids end up at professor's house in the country, it's huge perfect for playing hide and seek. During this game with nowhere left to hide Lucy stumbles upon the spare room which contains a wardrobe. Lucy decides to hide in the wardrobe but the further back she goes the colder she gets and when she looks around she finds herself in a snow covered land.
                    Lucy is amazed and soon makes a nes friend, Mr Tumnus a fawn. Lucy goes to Tumnas' house for tea but as it turns out Tumnas was planning to kidnap her for the White witch, Jadis. adis has given orders that any humans found in Narnia must be handed over to her. Tumnas finds the courage within him to help Lucy escape back to the spareroom.
                    Lucy siblings do not believe her story. During the night Lucy returns to the wardbrobe and Narnia to check Mr Tumnas is alright but has been followed by Edmond. The white witch finds Edmond and makes him promise to bring back his brother and sisters to Narnia.
                    During a game of cricket the kids accidently break a window with the ball and all hide in the wardrobe where they all discover Narnia for themselves. They also discover Mr Tumnas has been captured by Jadis for helping Lucy and they find out about the prophersy which states that 2 human boys and two human girls will defeat the white witch, save Narnia and become kings and queens of Narnia. Edmond is captured by the white witch while the others wish to save him they must find Aslan, the true king for his help.

                    Lucy Pevensie - Georgie Henley
                    Edmund Pevensie - Skandar Keynes
                    Peter Pevensie - William Moseley
                    Susan Pevensie - Anna Popplewell (Thunderpants)
                    White Witch, Jadis - Tilda Swinton (Burn After Reading)
                    Mr. Tumnus - James McAvoy (Wanted)
                    Professor Kirke - Jim Broadbent (Inkheart)
                    Aslan (voice) - Liam Neeson (Kingdom of Heaven)
                    Mr. Beave (voice)r - Ray Winstone (Beowulf)
                    Mrs. Beaver (voice) - Dawn French (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
                    Mr. Fox (voice) - Rupert Everett (Stardust)

                    Andrew Adamson - Shrek

                    My Opinion
                    I'm ashamed to say I have never read any of C.S Lewis books and after watching this film feel as if I'm missing out.
                    I borrowed this DVD intially for for a family DVD night but the kids weren't that interested and so I ended up watching it by myself and I loved it.
                    The story is superb, the cinematography and special effcts are breath- taking easily on a par with Lord Of the Rings or Harry Potter. But more than anything I was absolutely blown away by the two younest actors in the film. Georgie Henley is brilliant playing the wide eyed, sweet natured Lucy and Skandar Keynes as Edmond is excellent at sly and resentful. The casting was perfect in everyway.
                    In a way though I am glad that my kids didn't take an interested in this film cos I found one scene extremely upsetting (won't say what cos I don't want to include spoilers for people who have not seen the film) so I'm pretty sure my seven year old and four year old wouldn't have liked it either.
                    I wish I had watched it sooner and ca't wait to watch the next one now.

                    Year: 2005
                    Cert: PG
                    Running Time: 143 mins

                    Best Achievement In Make Up
                    Saturn Award:
                    Best Costunmes
                    Best Make-Up
                    Best Make-up/hair
                    Critics Choice Award:
                    Best Family Film (Live Action)
                    CDG Award:
                    Excellence in Costume Design for Film - Fantasy
                    MovieGuide Awards:
                    Best Film for Familie
                    Epiphany Prize
                    PFCS Award:
                    Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or Supporting Role - Female (Georgie Henley)
                    Satellite Award:
                    Outstanding Motion Picture, Animated or Mixed Media
                    Young Artist Award:
                    Best Family Feature Film - Drama
                    Best Performance in a Feature Film - Young Actress Age Ten or Younger (Georgie Henley)

                    This is pretty much a perfect movie, I would recommend for families but not for kids as young as mine.

                    Also On ciao under same username


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                      05.04.2009 23:11
                      Very helpful



                      A great family film

                      I remember reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis when I was 10 years old and I loved the book. I also read Prince Caspian but didn't go on to read any more of the series after that as two of the main characters left at the end of Prince Caspian and I remember feeling as though I had lost two of my friends!

                      I was thrilled when I heard that Walt Disney had decided to make a film of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for release in 2005 and was looking forward to seeing it. Sadly since I was a full time carer at that time I didn't get to see the film at the cinema but we did purchase it on DVD as soon as it was available.

                      As I am currently watching it again I thought I would tell you all about it and why I enjoyed it so much.

                      Cast List - main characters

                      Georgie Henley Lucy Pevensie
                      Skandar Keynes Edmund Pevensie
                      William Moseley Peter Pevensie
                      Anna Popplewell Susan Pevensie
                      Tilda Swinton The White Witch
                      James McAvoy Mr Tumnus
                      Jim Broadbent Professor Kirke
                      Liam Neeson The Voice of Aslan
                      Ray Winstone The Voice of Mr Beaver
                      Dawn French The Voice of Mrs Beaver
                      Rupert Everett The Voice of Mr Fox

                      Basic Plot

                      I will keep this short and sweet to give you the basic gist without spoiling the action too much.

                      The four Pevensie children are evacuated from London to a huge house in the country where, during a game of hide and seek, they find the magical land of Narnia which is accessed though the back of the wardrobe in a deserted upstairs room.

                      We are then taken with the children on an adventure beginning with a kindly fawn called Mr Tumnus and the comical Mr and Mrs Beaver. The White Witch who gives herself the title Queen of Narnia has made it always winter but never Christmas and all the animals are subject to her cruel laws, with anyone who disobeys her getting turned to stone.

                      The children join forces with Aslan the Lion who is the real king of Narnia and together with the animals who are loyal to him they go to war intending to defeat the White Witch and return sunshine, warmth and truth to Narnia as foretold in the ancient prophesy.

                      To discover the outcome of the battle you'll have to watch the film for yourself.

                      The Special Effects

                      Obviously in a land of talking animals, fawns, satyrs, centaurs and various other beasts ruled over by a lion there needs to be a lot of good special effects to give any sense of credibility. Walt Disney does not disappoint and I found myself drawn easily into the magic of the whole story without thinking too much about the fact that the animals were talking and generally acting in human fashion.

                      The Acting

                      Given the fact that the four main characters are youngsters and two of them are very young I found the acting to be excellent. The children maintain the innocence of childhood but manage to perform their roles without the woodenness that sometimes prevails with very young actors.

                      Obviously the older actors including Jim Broadbent, Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy are as superb as ever in their respective roles.

                      Although we only get to hear the voices of Ray Winstone and Dawn French as the beavers they are excellent and give an element of humour to the proceedings.

                      The Whole Experience

                      I thoroughly enjoyed the film and from what I can remember from over 40 years ago it remained pretty much faithful to the story in the book. The acting was good, the story was easy to follow, the effects were excellent and the whole thing was believable.

                      Other Information

                      The film is classified as PG meaning that children under 12 years of age should only view with parental guidance. This is because there is 'mild threat, battle and fantasy violence' although I didn't think that there was anything that would be a problem for the average well adjusted youngster.

                      The running time of the film is 137 minutes so it's a reasonable length.

                      I have reviewed the film here but the DVD also includes bloopers, a filmmaker's commentary and some 'fun facts'. There is also a second disc with lots of information about the making of the film and the creation of all the characters. I can't give information about all the bonus features as I generally tend to just watch the film when I buy a DVD and not bother with any of the other stuff.

                      Would I Recommend the Film?

                      Without question I would recommend this film to both young and old. I enjoyed it greatly and it bears rewatching whenever I fancy a bit of fantasy and a feel good film.


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                        05.04.2009 09:25
                        Very helpful



                        4 children get to Narnia where they must help save it from the witch

                        The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe is something which I vaguely remember watching when I was little. There was a television series on every weekend but now all these years later I cannot remember what happened in the end so when I came across this DVD I decided to give it a watch. Hubby was very pleased with my film choice as well as he too watched this when he was little.

                        The film is set around 4 children, Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter who are evacuated during the blitz and end up living in a massive house which belongs to a Professor. To entertain themselves they decide to play hide and seek. It is Lucy who finds a massive wardrobe in one of the rooms and decides that it would be a good hiding place. Lucy goes into the wardrobe as is shocked when she finds herself in a magical kingdom where she meets Mr Tumnus who is a fawn.

                        Mr Tumnus invites Lucy to his house for tea and when there he send word to the White Witch that a human is in the land of Narnia. Mr Tumnus regrets doing this and helps Lucy to get back to the wardrobe and home again. Lucy makes it back through the wardrobe and tells her brothers and sisters of the magical place of Narnia in the wardrobe but they look and find nothing so they don't believe her.

                        Later that night Lucy goes back to the wardrobe and ends back up in Narnia but she is followed by Peter and he too gets to Narnia where he meets the White Witch and says he will help bring his brothers and sisters to her. Peter returns back to the house and denies being there when Lucy tells the others what happened.

                        It is only when all the children are running away from the housekeeper and decide to hide in the wardrobe they all end up in Narnia and discover that Mr Tumnus has been arrested by the White Witch for helping Lucy escape and Lucy decides that she wants to go and rescue him. The others are faced with a big decision of staying in Narnia or returning to their normal life. If they do stay in Narnia what will become of them and just how much will be needed of them and if they do go back through the wardrobe will they ever be able to get back to Narnia?

                        I really did enjoy this film even though it is really for children. I enjoyed the whole storyline and characters. I thought that the children actors were all great in their roles and worked very well together and had some good chemistry. There were a lot of other character which featured in the film in the land of Narnia which were also good and funny.

                        I particularly enjoyed the beavers and thought they added some humour to the story. I liked the fact that they were voiced by well known people, Dawn French and Ray Winstone as this gave them a sense of familiarity. I liked how some of the ordinary creatures of the forest would live in houses which would have normal furniture in so they lived more like human than animals. I thought this was lovely and added to the magic which goes on in Narnia.

                        The scenes in Narnia were amazing and there were some wonderful views. I did find that the backdrops at times looked very false and it was extremely noticeable that the children were in fact acting in front of a green screen with these added in later. After the first half of the film I did stop noticing them and forgot about this. There were lots of magical and mythical creatures which were wonderfully animated and looked great and indeed part of the film.

                        I particularly enjoyed the character of Aslan. I thought that the effects which were used t put him on screen were excellent. I enjoyed the voice which they gave to him and thought it suited him very well indeed. Liam Neeson was n fact the man behind the voice and hubby was pleased about this as he is Qui-Gon in Star Wars!

                        The music throughout the film was good and suitable for the places which it was used. I think that the music helped to add to the fell of the film and was able to let us know when danger was coming or something sad was about to happen.

                        Hubby was very pleased with this film as they had not tried to change it from the original and the settings and year were still the same. He said that if they would have tried to update it and make it a modern version then it would not have been the same and it would have lost its magic.

                        The DVD which we have does have some bonus material which includes:-

                        The Bloopers of Narnia
                        Discover Narnia Fun Facts
                        Director and kids Commentary
                        Filmmakers Commentary

                        We did not watch the bonus features as we do not want to loose any of the magic of the film as the next film we plan to watch is the sequel to this one!

                        The running time of this film is 137 minutes which when I first looked seemed extremely long to me but I did not even notice this when watching as the film was always busy and the story moved at a great pace throughout. The certificate on this film is PG as it does contain mild threat, battle and fantasy violence. My 6 and 4 year old have just sat and watched quite a lot of this film and loved it and neither of them found it to be scary so I think that with adult supervision then children of all ages would like this.

                        I paid just under £5 for this DVD from Amazon which I feel is a great price and tonight I will definitely be watching the follow on!


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                          28.02.2009 18:17
                          Very helpful



                          But if you have young children

                          Four children, all with great, awaiting destiny, are transported to a magical land through a wardrobe, where they meet many mythical beasts and save another dimension. It sounds like complete tosh, i know, and it is to a certain perspective i guess. It has its ups and downs, in my eyes mostly downs, but yes, it has its charms. It's kind of sweet, with some interesting characters, and not the best of acting, but it makes up for that with dazzling cgi and a lion that sounds eerily like Liam Neeson.

                          Lucy Pevensie - Georgie Henley
                          Edmund Pevensie - Skandar Keynes
                          Peter Pevensie - William Moseley
                          Susan Pevensie - Anna Popplewell
                          White Witch - Tilda Swinton
                          Aslan - Liam Neeson
                          Mr Tumnus - James McAvoy

                          Four siblings, Lucy, Edmund, Peter, and Susan, are sent to the countryside for safety during World War 2. They find themselves living in a rather boring old mansion, untill one day, whilst playing hide and seek, the youngest, Lucy, stumbles through a wardrobe to a hidden world called Narnia. There she meets Mr Tumnus, a fawn, who tells her of the evil white witch who controls much of Narnia.
                          Edmund later follows her through the wardrobe only to be corrupted by the white witch. What follows becomes a fight for narnia and a fight for their brother amongst the other siblings. Eventually, they find Aslan, a great lion, who used to rule over Narnia. The siblings discover that their destiny is to rule over Narnia, and to do this they must bring their brother back to the light, and kill the white witch, in an epic final battle.

                          Now, at the cinema, i was awaiting some great version of the cartoon film i had seen so many times as a child. But alas, this was made for five year olds it would appear. A talking beaver with Ray Winstone's voice was the first thing to make me laugh, and when Santa appeared on a sleigh i nearly cried. I mean, i know they were following the script, but santa in it as a real life movie...really!?
                          Anyway, it is enjoyable for what it is, a fantasy adventure based in a msytical realm aimed mainly at kids. The action runs along at quite a good pace, and it is unlikely that you will get bored throughout.
                          The acting is quite good for the siblings, and they all play their roles well enough. Tilda Swinton also manages to convincingly play the evil witch with a heart of ice, and James McAvoy is definately underused as the fawn, who only really gets to play his part and nothing more, which is a pity due to McAvoys acting charisma.

                          This is recommended for any family who want something they can all sit down to, or for maybe fantasy fans or fans of more cutesy movies. If your dream move is Dawn of The Dead, avoid like the plague.


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                            05.02.2009 16:35
                            Very helpful



                            The first film of the second book in the series...well worth a look,

                            I remember reading the book of this story as a child. I actually found the other books quite difficult to get into because of this story, such was the effect that it had on me. When you ask people 'what was you favourite Harry Potter film' everyone has their own answer and their own special reason. I think that the same will be said in years to come about these films too.

                            This was such a childhood favourite of so many that I am sure the directors were worried abut any adverse reaction. We all know this as a popular allegory, the battle between right and wrong and love over hate....so they obviously knew that they had to pull something special 'out of the bag' to make sure this film was well loved.

                            The use of CGI in this film is amazing. For those of you who haven't seen it, imagine a CGI beaver so real that when it makes gives its wife a kiss you don't bat an eyelid. Or a faun...walking along as you do....it just looks so real!

                            The best characters in this film for me are Aslan and the White Witch....although I have never been comfortable with Liam Neelson being cast as Aslan...I think I would have preferred a James Earl Jones kind of voice.

                            The white which is brilliantly played, particularly when she ensnares a vulnerable Edmund...she seems so plausible...DON'T DO IT EDMUND!

                            There are moments of great sadness (such as Aslan at the stone table) and also of great joy. The battle scenes are brilliantly well done also and the use of a huge range of mythical characters makes them even more so exciting.

                            This film does the book proud. I think C.S Lewis would be very happy with it.


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                              14.11.2008 10:35
                              Very helpful



                              For £4 you'll struggle to see a better film

                              This was one of those films that a lot of people about my age were looking forward to when it was released, following the huge success of the Potter movies, The Chronicles of Narnia were books which had been made into a kids TV adaptation which I remember seeing when I was in school. The film is based of the original books by C.S. Lewis and this, the second in the series is set during the time of the second world war.

                              Four children, Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan have been evacuated from London during the war, they have been sent to live with a recluse professor where they will live out their blitz days. From the outset the characters roles are very defined.

                              I will go through them in order of their age.

                              Peter, the older of the two boys has been forced into taking a rather father figure role, this causes some resentment among Edmund. The children's Father is actually fighting in the war and there is a large concern among them all.

                              Susan, is the older of the two girls, and just like Peter she has been forced to take an almost parental role, she is obviously extremely intelligent and has perhaps lost the meaning of fun with all the extra responsibilities that have been pushed on to her.

                              Edmund, resents Peter and having to answer to him, he isn't a bad child but he doesn't feel like he is taken seriously, and because of this he acts out a lot, locking horns with the other children on a regular basis. You almost pity him a bit because during such a touch time to get such a hard ride of your brother and sisters as well must have really knocked him.

                              Lucy, the most lovable of the children, terribly sweet who is also naive, she is the character you can relate to the most, fun loving and has a big imagination. Their will be times during this film that you will find yourself smiling along with her.

                              Anyway, having found themselves in this huge mansion in the Country with nothing to do, the children set upon entertaining themselves, the form of entertainment that is taken is 'Hide and Seek', Peter is set to seek and the other children run around the mansion looking for somewhere to hide, it is then that Lucy finds a large wardrobe in a spare room covered in a dust sheet, thinking this a perfect place to hide she climbs inside. What she finds however at the back behind the fur coats is not a wooden panel, but a whole new world!

                              Lucy stumbles around this new world, that you and I know as Narnia, making a special new friend before returning home through the back of the wardrobe, even though she has been gone for hours she comes out to find that Peter has only just stopped counting to 100 and the game had not even begun. In a whirl of excitement she begins to re-tell her adventures, but obviously the other three don't believe her, well, would you?

                              Later in the story, after an important bit which I won't go into, the children are outside playing cricket, Edmund and Peter are arguing, and when Peter bowls Edmund smashes the ball for six, straight through one of the pane glass windows of the mansion, all of the kids, in fear of being told off go and find somewhere to hide, and where do they end up, why of course, the back of the wardrobe. This is where the magical adventure begins, of four children with a higher purpose in a land that is completely new to them.

                              Okay, some of the acting is a little bit suspect, nothing compared to how bad it was in the first Potter, but still a bit suspect. Lucy however played by Georgie Henley is wonderful, one of the best pieces of acting I have seen by a child actor. The film is also littered with guest stars as voices which in regards to some of them adds a nice comic twist.

                              James McAvoy plays Lucy's best friend - Mr Tumnus, the fawn, and he looks like the role was made for him, so at home is he with the lines and the situation he is in, one of my favourite new actors I think this lad has a superb future ahead of him.

                              Jim Broadbent plays the professor who the kids are sent to live with, what is a shame is that even though he is wonderful in what he is given in terms of lines, he doesn't get enough, truly great British actor.

                              Aslan, who is the hero of the piece is voiced by Liam Neeson, he voices a very good calm, older head type character, and would certainly be someone you listed to in a time of crisis.

                              Mr & Mrs Beaver, played by Ray Winstone and Dawn French, as you can imagine, these two bring the comic edge to the film, Winstone especially is fantastic, it was nice to see that the script was worked around him rather than the other way round, so having a cockney beaver lurking around really helped the film along in my mind.

                              And finally, Tilda Swinton, who plays the evil White Witch of Narnia, not afraid of taking roles that don't portray her in the most attractive light she is wonderful in this, evil down to the last letter and a great piece of casting.

                              I'd love to comment how this worked on blu-ray, alas I can't, what I can say is that with it being a fantasy novel the effects were going to have to be consistently good throughout, sometimes some of the landscape scenes were a little bit forced, but in terms of bringing these creatures to live in a realistic way it was brilliant.

                              My Feelings
                              I know it's a bit of a soft film this one, but it is something I remember from my childhood, and I have to say I truly enjoyed watching it again, having seen it at the cinema it is a nice extra to my DVD collection. I would personally give it an 8.5/10. IMDB members have only given it a 7.1, so for the first time I would disagree with them.

                              If your a fan of the books or remember the BBC adaptation years ago then this movie really does it justice, and it won't be a film that I go a couple of years without watching, I imagine it will get played in my flat quite regularly (within reason).

                              Amazon has this down for £3.98 new, reduced from £20.99, for that price, their really isn't an excuse not to add this to your collection.


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                                07.11.2008 02:31



                                If you Enjoy Fantasy, You Will LOVE this movie

                                I have been a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia since I was in Elementary school when the episodes were airing on tv. I would go to the library and rent the videos, I read the books, and I watched the television show, so when this movie came out I was WAY beyond excited. I had a lot of expectations for this movie and I was not even the slightest disappointed. anticipation. This was a GREAT film. The storyline was mesmerizing and the graphics were perfect. The actors did a wonderful job at portraying their parts, the costumes were whimsically wonderful, and the scenery was beyond imaginative. This movie kept me intrigued from beginning to end and I can't wait to see the next chronicle in this FANTASTIC series.

                                As if you couldn't guess, I highly recommend this film. The amazing scenery alone is reason to watch and the AMAZING story that this movie tells is just an EXTREME bonus.


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