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The Clinic (DVD)

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5 Reviews
  • Interesting film!
  • Went slow in some places
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    5 Reviews
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      24.12.2012 12:50
      Very helpful
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      Easy to watch thriller

      Looking for Christmas films on Sky I came across this film in the early hours of the morning and as I quite enjoy horrors I thought this might be a good one to watch.

      The Film is set in Australia in the late 70's and we are introduced to Beth and Cameron a young couple clearly in love and expecting their first baby.
      They are in the Australian Outback travelling to Beth's mother's home across the state for Christmas, they are chatting away in the car as Beth is wondering what to write inside the christmas card when Cameron spots a vehicle fast approaching on the desserted roadway and warns Beth to sit up in the car as the vehicle what appears to be a old ambulance run them off the road before continuing on its way.

      Beth and Cameron are both fine and continue on with their journey but decide to stop off in a motel for the night for a rest as they are obviously shaken by the incident.

      They pull up to a motel and check in, after a few hours at the pool side they decide to return to their room and get some sleep, Cameron can't sleep and rather than waking Beth he decides to go and look for something to eat, leaving Beth asleep in the room.
      He finds a chinese restaurant nearby but it is desserted and he decided to return to the motel but as he returns to the car he realises he has run out of fuel and has to walk back to the motel but when he returns Beth is gone.

      Frantic Cameron calls the cops who quickly attend to the call but Cameron doesn't trust the motel owner and lashes out on him stating that he knows he has something to do with Beth's dissapearance and a fight breaks out and Cameron is arrested.

      We then move onto Beth as the scene takes us to her lying in a bath filled with ice cubes and her stomach has been opened and the baby taken, she is distraught and in pain but finds herself climbing out of the bath and getting dressed into the clothes provided in the room, she finds it strange that nobody is around and as she leaves the room she sees several other rooms all with the same set up containing a bath and a chair, to her amazement she spots a way out and makes her way out through the old building and across the wasteland only to find a fence trapping her in, she soon discovers she is not the only one this has happened to and meets up with three other women in the exact same scenario but Why are they still alive? Where are the babies? What has happened to Cameron?

      You will have to watch the film to find out as there is a real story to the film and it has been very cleverly done.

      My Opinion
      When we sat down to watch the film we did not know it was Australian, although to be honest it didn't make that much difference, I was a bit anxious as to how gory the film would be and as it stated at the beginning of the film that it was based on true events I was a bit concerned on how upsetting this would be as a mother myself.

      Despite it having the title of a horror I did not find it all that scary or gruesome but it did have a twist in the tale and was not one I was expecting. The film kept me interested the whole way through and I did not manage to guess the story until well into an hour of the film.

      It was a thrilling story and it was nice for it not to be filled with gruesome scenes and a real story to follow, which to think it was based on true events is quite chilling.

      The actors were not as bad as my husband and I thought they would be although there were parts in the film where we both asked ourselves how they could do a lot of physical moves after recently being involved in major surgery, but then this is a film after all.

      I don't think I would watch this film again as it wasn't brilliant but for something to watch when there is nothing else on I would recommend giving it a try.


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        26.10.2012 10:43
        Very helpful



        see review x

        I watched this the other night on sky, the read up sounded quite interesting on the film, and it was classed as a horror, as I love my horror films I had to give this a try.

        The film

        The film is set in Australia in the 1970's before DNA testing was found. Its does state this at the beginning of the film, but for what reason you don't know to start with.
        The film starts of with a loved up couple Beth and Cameron on their way to see family on Christmas eve. Beth is pretty far gone in her pregnancy however it does not state how long she has left to go. Her and Cameron decide to stop at a motel to rest up for the night before setting off on their journey the next morning.

        While Beth is asleep Cameron decides to go to get some food, but his car runs out of petrol and he has to walk back to the motel. On his return he finds that Beth has disappeared. He looks for her frantically before getting the police involved, but that only ends up leading to him being arrested.
        It then moves onto Beth who wakes up in a bath of ice cubes, she is in pain and looks down at her bump to find that her baby has been taken out of her. She looks round the clinic, and finds other people that have had the same happen to them.

        One by one they start getting murdered, but they have to figure out why and how to stop it. Can anyone survive and get their baby back, well if I tell you much more of the film it will spoil it, as there is a few shocks in store.
        The acting
        Well I don't hear too much about Australian actors, so did not know any in the film, although I did recognize one who has just recently been in Neighbours. So I did not know what to expect from the roles played. But I was impressed each role was played really well, and the acting was really good from all aspects of the roles. They were convincing actors, and I really enjoyed watching each of the different parts played out.

        My overall opinion

        There is nothing bad that I could say about this film, it kept me intrigued from the beginning right up till end, I was trying to guess through the film, why all this was happening, but I just could not work it out at all, so it was a nice shock when I got to the end of the film.

        I hate these films that are far too easy to read and you know what will be going to happen before it does. Also the special effects on the film were really good, and very realistic, and I will say if you are sqeamish you may want to look away on some parts.

        I would highly recommend this film to watch at least once, its not something you will watch again, but for the first time, it is a really good film.


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        04.07.2012 11:59
        Very helpful


        • "Interesting film!"


        • "Went slow in some places"

        Not a clinic I want to ever visit!

        Film Only Review:

        Beth is pregnant with her and Cameron's first child. They're taking a road trip for Christmas to her mums house on Christmas Eve across the Australian outback when they almost get run off the road. After the harrowing experience but them both being ok Cameron decides they need to take a rest and somewhere to stay for the night before heading off again as it was such a long journey.

        The happy couple end up in an awful, rundown hotel with the hotel manager lusting after Beth and the couple retiring to bed but Beth wakes up in a cold sweat and a panic after a nightmare about a baby surrounded by a number and blood. Cameron settles her down and when she's asleep again he leaves her a note saying he's gone to look for food and he wont be long.

        Cameron gets to a take away which is closed, the car breaks down and he walks back to the hotel, opens the door and the note is still on his pillow but Beth has gone.

        After a short time Cameron goes to speak to the hotel manager and calls the police and ends up brawling when the hotel manager makes inappropriate sexual comments about his fiancée and Cameron ends up arrested and in the back of a cop car.

        In the meantime Beth wakes up in a bath of ice, looks down...and is no longer pregnant. With her wound stitched up she gets out of the bath and finds her own clothes and possessions gone but she's left with some sort of uniform to put on with roman numerals on the front of it.

        It doesn't take long for Beth to notice that there are lots of rooms with baths in them and the place looks like a derelict old clinic but with no staff about. She stumbles across other women, all bleeding like she is through their stomachs and all in the same uniform as Beth is wearing and all of them have different Roman numerals on them.

        High drama unfolds as the group try to work out why they are there and where their babies are and why. Cameron is looking for Beth but Beth in the meantime is on her own which isn't good news as there is a killer in their mist with her on a mission all of her own. Can Beth dodge being killed and can she find her baby? Will Cameron be ok or not and have her and the people running the so called clinic have met before?


        First off the only reason I ordered this from Amazon was because I read MikeBorry's review on this giving it a whopping five stars so well done for that who says reviews don't influence anything eh? Lol.

        I loved the sound of this film and I was absorbed with it from the moment that I turned it on. The acting was great, the music unmemorable but it was a smooth, packed watch with an ending I wasn't expecting at all which I really do like.

        Tabrett Bethell who played Beth and Andy Whitefield who plays Cameron were excellent in this as was everybody involved. I though half way through thought I knew the ending but I really didn't see it coming at all and I love films like that, that take me by surprise and this really did!

        Based on a true story this has a bit of gore in it though it is more of a thriller than a horror. I loved the aspect of a game being played and found it interesting as to why it was which was revealed thankfully at the end of it!.

        I gave this a solid 4 out of 5, my mate a 2 star rating because she felt that it dragged its heels a bit and was slow, me though I felt this was necessary to go slow really to build the tension up and tell the story.

        Rated 18 it wont give you much to think about after watching it but it an interesting story with a heroine I couldn't help but like and will on!

        I bought my copy from Amazon new for a couple of quid but there are also very good and used copies for sale as well!

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          24.06.2012 01:16
          Very helpful



          A good, tense thriller.

          ~ The Clinic ~

          *Film only review*

          We have a Sky subscription and also subscribe to Sky Movies (why, I don't know!) and my hubby often checks for anything that we may not have seen or for anything that sounds good, which is where he found this when Sky had it as one of the new movies, so he set the Sky box to record it and we got around to watching it a week or so ago.

          I hadn't heard of it prior to watching it, nor had I read Sky's description so I had no idea at all as to what to expect.

          This film is more a thriller than a horror and whilst it does have a bit of gore it isn't the sort of film that will have you hiding behind the cushions or watching it through your fingers, it's quite interesting and holds your attention throughout.

          The Clinic is set in the year 1979, six years prior to DNA testing. We watch Beth and her fiance Cameron driving along a lonely deserted looking long stretch of road, suddenly they are very nearly involved in an accident and decide to pull over at a Motel for the night and carry on their journey in the morning.
          Arriving at the Motel they go to check in and Marv (the owner) makes comments to Cameron about Beth, they even get charged for the unborn baby!
          Once in their room Cameron struggles to sleep and decides to take a stroll in search of something to eat, however arriving back at the room he finds Beth has disappeared. After a brief search he calls the local police to help him yet once the officer arrives he ends up lashing out which results in him being arrested.

          This is where the film gets more interesting and this is where I understood the reason behind them saying "Six years prior to DNA testing".

          We see Beth lying in a bath filled with ice, she wakes to find she is no longer pregnant, yet her baby is nowhere to be seen. Other than the bath and herself the only other things in the room are a chair and a set of clothes.
          She get's dressed and goes in search of her baby.
          It's only when she gets out of the room does she meet other women who have suffered the same trauma as herself.

          It cuts to Cameron who is desperate to find Beth. However his desperation results in him being involved in an accident.

          Cut back to Beth and the other women we see them searching for their babies, it's here they meet a lady who has suffered the same as them yet sadly she doesn't make it, however before she dies she tells the women something that makes no sense.

          After this the film takes various twists and turns and it is quite good, it's quite gripping as it makes you want to know what's happening at every turn. So obviously there's a lot more to this film and I don't want to put anything here that will spoil it for anyone.

          There's no slasher like killer waiting around the corner to chase the girls with a big knife or anything but it's still got a very creepy edge to it.
          It's easy to imagine the horror they would feel and how terrifying the situation would be.

          The acting is good and I found no faults with it. I enjoyed the film and found the pace was good and fast enough to keep it interesting.

          The film is loosely based on and inspired by true events which makes it all the more horrifying.

          It's available to view on Sky Anytime and is also available on Amazon priced at a bargain £3.99 (with free super saver delivery).

          Thanks for reading :o) x


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            17.06.2012 12:25
            Very helpful



            4 stars

            The Clinic is set in the Australian outback on Christmas Eve in 1979. The film opens with pregnant Beth and fiancé Cameron on a drive across a desperately lonely looking road as they make their way to visit Beth's mother for Christmas. They are spooked after a reckless driver forces them off the road, and although unharmed they decide to spend the night in the closest Motel they can find. Once there, Cameron meets a very strange man (Marv) who runs the Motel and Cameron is put out as Marv speaks inappropriately about Beth. Hungry and unable to sleep, Cameron goes in search of food but on his return Beth is nowhere to be found.

            Up to this point, my husband was huffing and puffing away and laughing at the film, and although it was obviously a fairly low budget film, the acting was pretty decent and was certainly believable. I decided to watch it on the iPad (I found it on the on demand section on Sky Movies) in bed in the dark, so being a girl (!), I could feel myself getting anxious fairly early on. Knowing that she was pregnant and that this was most likely going to be the main focus point of the 'horror' I was a bit more spooked (being a mum myself!). I did at one point, rather lamely cover my eyes (what a girl!).

            The film is a little silly, but no more far-fetched than 99% of horror movies out there. The effects were good and as I said, the acting was good enough to keep you watching to find out what happened.

            The film really gets going when Beth wakes up in a bath full of ice with a fairly obviously missing bump and an apparent c-section performed. It gets slightly creepy (if it wasn't enough already!), when she sees a uniform of sorts with roman numerals stitched on the front and back. In an attempt to break free she discovers she isn't alone.
            I found this film slightly different to the normal 'horror', in so much as there doesn't appear to be a bad guy. Of course there is someone performing these atrocities but the bad guy doesn't seem to appear, and the cause of her concern is totally different to a mentally deranged surgeon or baby snatcher. This is what made the film chilling. This won't make any sense to anyone who hasn't seen the film, but I don't want to give away the concept as it's quite clever.
            There is also quite a good twist at the end which certainly made it slightly different. All along (as in most horror films) you can kind of guess what's around the corner (literally in some cases!) and it was nice to see that it broke away from the rules slightly.

            The characters are easy to like (obviously the ones you are meant to like!), and you really feel for Beth and the loss of her child (or prosthetic fake bump), as you do for Cameron in his desperate attempts to find his fiancée and unborn child. Beth comes across as intelligent and a survivor, but not in a stick your fingers down your throat way! There are a few scenes with actual babies in and this was really creepy, but again, I won't give anything away.

            You may recognise Cameron, played by Andy Whitfield, from Spartacus. Having looked him up to find where I recognised him from, I found out he died on Sept 11th last year from cancer.
            Tabrett Bethell who plays Beth has been in Legend of the Seeker TV Series and a few low budget films.

            You may see tags that this film was inspired by true events. It wasn't, it was based upon several cases of child abduction, but this story isn't a real event (thank god!).

            All in all a pretty decent film, and if you have Sky, you can watch it for free on demand at the moment (June 2012).

            Run Time: 94 minutes.


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