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The Devil Inside (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: William Brent Bell / Actors: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Suzan Crowley ... / DVD released 2012-07-09 at Paramount Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2013 18:55
      Very helpful



      see review x

      Directed by - William Brent Bell
      Running time - 83 mins
      Classification - 15
      IMDB Rating - 4.1/10
      My rating - 6/10

      The film

      The film starts with a recording of a 911 call, made by a Maria Rossi, saying that she had killed them all. When the police turned up at their house they did find three bodies, 2 of priests and one of a nun, they arrested Maria. Maria was not convicted of the murders as she was claimed insane, and sent to a mental institute in Italy. Then it skips quite a few years to her now adult daughter Isabella.

      Her daughter is doing a documentary style video, trying to find out more about her mother and why she did what she did. She travels to Italy and sits in on seminars done by priests. Trying to work out if her mother could have been possessed.

      She talks to two priests who attended the seminar. Who end up taking her along to some exorcism's that they do. Eventually she manages to talk them into going to see her mother in the mental institute, and they agree to perform and exorcism on her. They do not charge to do this, as they both just want to try to help people.
      But this time have they taken on more than they can handle. This devil has been inside Maria for years, and what will it take for them to be able to move it. Well I can not tell you too much as it would spoil it, but there is much more that happens in this film.

      The cast

      Fernanda Andrade plays Isabella Rossi she did play a good role in this film, but the documentary parts I found let her down, as she seemed to go out of acting mode on them. She did do a good job, but think she could be better than she was in this.

      Simon Quarterman plays Father Ben Rawlings he played his part well. But I do think there were better actors in the film. I did like his character though I just think it could have been made a little better than it was.

      Evan Helmuth plays Father David Keane he did a really good job in his role in the film, and I thought he was one of the better actors, and he made some parts of the film better than they was.

      Suzan Crowley plays Maria Rossi I must say she played the best part in this film, even though she did only play a small part, but she looked and sounded just like a possessed woman, she was the perfect actress for this part.

      My opinion

      I did enjoy watching this film, although I do think it would have been better had it not been done in documentary style. I do not really care for them sorts of films. And for me it did spoil it a little bit. But luckily the story did keep me interested enough to want to keep on watching.

      I have seen better films than this, I found it to be made on the cheap side. The camera was not always that great and it spoilt what had the chance to be a brilliant film. I would say that this is well worth a watch though, and you will enjoy the film. The acting is great, the story line was great. The only thing to let it down a little is the documentary style. But that was the only bad part.


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        01.01.2013 21:57
        Not Helpful



        not a movie for horror lovers

        The Devil Inside is a 2012 American supernatural movie. It is a documentary-style film about a woman who becomes involved in a series of exorcisms. While she is trying to determine what happened to her mother. It starts off with a 911 phone call which is by far the best part of the whole movie. This movie was pretty much a snore fest. I was able to guess the movie within the first 30 minutes. It follows the usual "demond" movie plot. The acting was that very little of a 10-year non-professional. I was upset that wasted $10 dollars to go see it in theaters. I wouldn't even rate this as a B movie. While I will say the body contortion in the movie was interesting to watch it doesn't make up for the lack of acting. Far as I know the movie income dropped after the first week because it wasn't worth the money spent. I think everyone was counting on this movie to be a good pick, well we were wrong. I wouldn't even recomment this for a 5-year old. The only thing this movie may be good for a good laugh or entertainment. *Do not buy or rent unless you want to waste money*


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