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The Dummy (DVD)

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Genre: Horror / Theatrical Release: 2000 / Suitable for 18 years and over / Director: Keith Singleton / Actors: Keith Singleton, Irina Björklund, Jocelyne Lopez, Alexis Weimer, Kiki Sevadjian ... / DVD released 2002-04-08 at Film 2000 / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2010 13:56
      Very helpful



      Horrific film

      The Dummy is written, directed and produced by Keith Singleton. It also stars Keith Singleton and so given all that we can quite fairly put all the blame for this travesty on Keith Singleton.

      The film opens with some first person persepective. The dummy walks around a house and for no apparent reason kills some bad actors who have bright red blood squirting out of them. A very cheap trick, the old first pereson perspective thing and cheap epitomises this film. Leaving behind this little masacre that we know nothing about, Keith Singleton goes back to what is apparently his wife/girlfriend. She doesn't know where he's been nor does she ask and he doesn't really explain. They just flit about the house a bit aimlessly.

      But his girlfriend isn't the only woman in his life, when Keith puts on a absolutely awful ventriliquist comedy show with his dummy not one, not two but three women all yearn for him. One likes him for no real reason and this character then disappears from the story; another likes him and is rejected, she then (in revenge?) appears to come on to the dummy which leads to bad consequences for her; and the third is a psychologist who has an interest in the whole dummy thing. Keith surely knows how to flatter his own ego by writing in all this love interest. He spends most of the film wearing this ridiculous open buttoned shirt that makes him look like a porn star and pulling a gormless face.

      Anyway as the story goes on Keith flits about with these women. He's either going a bit mad or the dummy is real and torturing him. It's slow paced, it's uninteresting, there's absolutely no real horror and it's just baaaaaaaaaad.

      The dummy scenes are pathetic. There are no real special effects in this film. Instead we just have the dummy standing perfectly still and the camera zooming in and zooming out in a wonky, speedy fashion.
      The acting was atrocious. Keith must be a porn star in real life. I said at the beginning there would be a graphic sex scene in this film, after I saw that he wrote and directed it and looking at how he dressed and the whole thing with all the women falling over themselves for him and I was right. His girlfriend doesn't really seem to have much of a point and there's a 5 minute long scene were she wonders about a house after she hears a noise and there's later also a 4 minute long scene were the psychologist does the same thing. This isn't tense because firstly, I don't give a crap and secondly, because none of these characters have been developed and it's all just going too slow.

      The psychologist especially gets on my tits, she types at her keyboard making the most over exaggerated facial expressions possible. Maybe it's some sort of Sex and the City thing but God was it annoying. She also dresses like it's the 80s, as do most of the cast and this one dude's moustache doesn't help. The general production value of the film also screams 80s but I was shocked when I saw on IMDb that this was made in 2000. Honestly.

      The story is under developed. So there's a dummy killing/Keith going mad plot but why? The ambiguity as to whether it was really Keith or really the dummy was an interesting angle and should have been left open but clumsily they give you an unnecessary conclusion to that. The whole killer dummy thing has been done so many times before and in every case better than this whether it be an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Goosebumps.

      The directing is just awkward and amateur, he must have been using ancient cameras and the 'special effects' with the dummy were laughable. The horror sequences were lame. I don't like puppets and stuff like that. I'm not scared of them, they just make me feel uncomfortable so I'm approaching this film from a disadvantage but it all looks so fake. It looks like something a bunch of children could improve on.

      I hated this film.

      ***Of Import***

      Ventriloquist shows are never funny.

      Keith Singleton loves himself

      Women apparently find ventriloquists very attractive. Some are even attracted to the dummy as well though.

      ***Who I'd Punch***

      Keith Singleton, with gusto.

      ***DVD Extras***

      Just some trailers of equaly crap looking films.


      Overall, this film is just a waste. It's a waste of my time, your time. It's a waste of money buying it and it was a waste of money making it. They drove cars in the making of this film, our environment was destroyed that little bit more just so this piece of crap film could be made. It honestly has nothing of redeeming value whatsoever in it.

      It only cost £1. They're selling 2 Double-Decker bars for a pound in the
      Co-op. Think about it.

      Written by Phelim McC. Don't steal it and I'll give you some magic beans


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