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The Long Weekend (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: Pat Holden / Actors: Chris Klein, Brendan Fehr ... / DVD released 26 June, 2006 at Entertainment in Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2008 23:51
      Very helpful



      Thanks For Reading.

      The Long Weekend directed by Pat Holden, stars American Pie's Chris Klein, and is yet another run off the mill, bog standard attempt at a comedy film.

      The film tells the story of two brothers, one of them a small time actor (Chris Klein,) and the other (called Ed) played by Brendan Fehr, who grew up video taping everything. Ed splits-up with his girl friend after catching her cheating on him. One year later he finds himself in a desperate situation with his social and working lives in chaos. So the other brother takes it upon himself to 'help' him, anyway he can.

      Sounds alright does it. Sadly in reality it's not. There is nothing special about it, and as far as comedies go, I would even say that the quality of the film is well below average. The plot of the movie should work but sadly - for me at least - it doesn't.

      The film only made me passively laugh in a few places while I yawned through the other eighty five or so minutes of boring dialogue and pointless situations. It's just generally unfunny in every way. It's predictable, and pointless, making American Pie look like the greatest film in history. The script is poor, even the acting is poor. Combine all this with the fact that you are shown clips of animal sex every now again (most likely done just to add a few minutes to the running time) makes this distasteful film one to avoid.

      There are plenty of brilliant comedy films out there but The Long Weekend is most definitely not one of them.

      (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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      14.08.2007 13:18
      Very helpful



      If your still reading the review, give it a try

      Title: The Long Weekend
      Running Time: 86 minutes approx.
      Certificate: 15

      Special Features:
      Upcoming Releases Trailers


      Ed Waxman has been using a camcorder ever since he was young, he has huge archives of moments from his life and other’s that he’s collected and edited together throughout his life. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a great job in an advertising agency.

      But when he catches his girlfriend cheating on him he leaves her and vows to never to touch a camcorder again. He secretly wants to get back together with his ex but his feeling are affecting his work and he is given an ultimatum on the Friday of his birthday, to come up with a concept for a wavering client by Monday, or lose his job.

      It is also at this time that his aspiring actor and debaucher of a brother Cooper.(Chris Klein) decides that the only remedy for Ed’s woes is sex, and lots of it. He decides to impart some of his wisdom and, over the following weekend, help Ed to score. What follows is a series of failed attempts at attracting the opposite sex and some increasingly uncomfortable situations that prevent Ed from achieving either of his goals.

      Will Ed think of an idea to save his career? Will he meet the right woman? Will Cooper ever become a professional actor? And will they both get through the weekend without getting arrested?

      Film Review:

      When the cover to a DVD has a naked female behind on it you can be fairly certain that it is not a movie for the easily offended. I had read several reviews panning the film and would not have bought it in the first place if I had not seen it for under £2 on Play.com’s Playtrade. Needless to say I was not expecting a great deal and my expectations were met quite satisfactorily.

      Our protagonist is played by Brenan Fehr, an actor who I had not heard of before. He puts in a reasonable performance but has to do little else other than look faintly bemused and highly distraught as the weekend unfolds around him. The other main character is played by American Pie’s Chris Klien who I recently saw in the Ryan Reynolds flick “Just Friends” and although he impressed me there, his character here was sadly lacking in depth which made it very difficult to connect with and like. The other smaller parts in the film are all acted fairly well with no-one disappointing, but no-one exceeding mediocre in any way.

      This is not a movie where one really needs to comment on things such as direction and cinematography as it really isn’t that sort of film. The plot itself is fairly predictable and the jokes are usually obvious and nearly always crude. I did think that the “home movie clips” aspect of the film, where situations would cause Ed to recall a particular clip which has some relevance, was, if not especially entertaining after the first few times it happened, then at least original and that is what films such as this(by “this”, I mean the sex comedy genre) really need.

      If you are a pubescent male and are looking to watch a film purely for titillation, then you won’t be disappointed by this film but if you are looking for a film with a little more substance, then I would perhaps suggest American Pie.

      Disc review:

      The extras are essentially non-existent, which is disappointing but not surprising. You get the trailer for the film and several other trailers for films such as Basic Instinct 2 and The Alibi. Obviously it would have been nice to get something more, maybe some deleted scenes or a making of, but production companies will continue to under-utilise the DVD format for a few years to come I’m sure.

      To summarise, if you fit the 16-25 male demographic, then rent it, as it will not deserve repeat viewings, if not, then you probably wouldn’t have bothered reading this review in the first place but stay away from the film all the same


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