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The Lost Boys (DVD)

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Genre: Horror / Theatrical Release: 1987 / Director: Joel Schumacher / Actors: Jason Patric, Corey Haim ... / DVD released 14 December, 1998 at Warner Home Video / Features of the DVD: Dubbed, PAL, Widescreen

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    56 Reviews
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      14.11.2012 19:44
      1 Comment



      An entertaining watch

      I watched this film many times as a kid (even though strictly speaking it's not for children) and I recently bought the DVD.

      In a few words it is basically a tale of modern day vampires and vampire hunters with a humourous touch.

      You could says it is a film of it's time (the 80's) and does have the well known 80's cast, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland etc, but for me it's a modern classic.

      Obviously as it is a vampire movie the film has many violent and scary bits, hence why it's not meant to be for kids, but this is mellowed down by lots of funny and light-hearted moments (the vampire hunting 'Frog Brothers' and 'grandpa' will bring a few chuckles).

      Furthermore the sound track is cool and you will find yourself singing or humming along.

      A warning though - serious 'Twighlight' vans would probably be very disappointed.


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        30.06.2012 15:26
        Very helpful



        80s vampire flick with real bite, a winner.

        Okay, so here we have iconic vampire movie of the eighties number 2: Joel Schumacher's 'Lost Boys'. This was from 1987, a time when Joel seemed very much to still have the knack (sadly seemingly lost from the mid nineties when he set about butchering Tim Burton's Batman series, thank god we have Chris Nolan now!). Anyway, this film certainly has a fair dose of camp in it (we're talking here teenage biker vampire's who dress like Motley Crue) which we know Schumacker can do in his sleep(think Batman Forever/Batman and Robin) but thankfully Jim Carrey and Arnie get no where near this vehicle thank God!

        So the plot in a nutshell: Two teenager's Sam and Michael are forced to move to Santa Monica (the murder capital of the world as some graffiti proclaims during the opening scenes) with their newly divorced Mum to live with their eccentric Gramps. So far, so normal. It's when the pair take a trip to the local amusement park one evening when things start to go a bit vampy, and a chance encounter with a local girl, Starr, leads Michael straight to our eponymous vampire biker gang, and before you know it our hero has drunk some vampy blood in an attempt to score points with this vixen. Things start to get a bit weird for Michael after that (sleeping all day, partying all night etc) and before you know it, it becomes a race for Michael, Sam and a couple of local hapless vampire hunters going by the name of the Frog Brothers (Corey and Corey) to save Michael from 'turning' and defeating the plague of vamps before it is too late.

        So why is this film considered a classic? It's smart, fast paced, great looking (especially if you watch it as an impressionable teenager), the vampires themselves are pretty cool and you get a healthy dose of their side of the story making this a well rounded piece. It's got virtually all of the brat packers in there from the 80s (just missing Sheen, Estevez and Demi Moore for a full house), so I guess it is sort of era defining as well (think slice of cultural movie history...maybe not!). The soundtrack is spot on, it ranges from the genuinely good Echo and the Bunnymen cover of the Door's 'People are Strange' (setting the scene perfectly at the opening of the movie) to some classic cheesy Bon Jovi styled songs commissioned directly for the film. Anyway, the music fits the bill and adds to the overall sense of enjoyment to be garnered from the film.

        To summarise, this film is going to appeal to anyone who has an interest in the horror genre (although make no mistake this is definitely more on the horror-comedy side of things), anyone who likes films from the 80s and more broadly anyone looking for a thrilling movie with a nice pace and won't have to get the grey cells working too hard.


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        03.03.2012 17:56
        Very helpful



        Vampire movie that is truly a classic

        The Lost Boys was released in 1987 and directed by Joel Schumacher. I truly believe they dont make vampire movies like this anymore these days they are really cheesy and unrealistic.

        The Lost Boys is about a family of a mom and two teenage boys that move to Santa Carla to live with their granddad/dad. Michael is the oldest and he meets a girl not knowing she's a half vampire and gets involved with her crew of full vampires where they make him drink blood and become a half vampire. Michael turns into a half vampire when he takes a ride with the vampire gang and ends up back at their den. They give him Chinese to eat and offer him 'wine' which was actually blood which he drinks.
        Sam is the youngest brother who is suspicious of the town and starts to think his brother is a vampire when he sees him cast no reflection. He becomes friends with Edgar and Alan Frog. Throughout the movie the three boys who have a huge interest in vampires try to find out why so many people are going missing and being murdered in the town. Eventually finding out that Michaels friends are the vampires causing the trouble all they need to do is solve who the head vampire is.

        The mother Lucy dates a man that Sam feels is a vampire and doesn't like him. Sam goes crazy trying to get his mom to believe her new boyfriend is a vampire. In this movie im not too fond of the mother she really annoys me because she kind of puts her new boyfriend before her sons.

        The plot to the movie is very simple and easy to understand it has a linear structure of beginning, middle and end. So for those who like simple story lines this is for you because there no twists and turns or complications to the story.

        My favourite part of the movie is when Sam finds out Michael is a vampire he acts so stupid and gets really scared and calls his mom home from her date its really funny/cute that part is.

        I think the 80's was a good time period for horror movies especially its vampire ones. With this as my number 1 favourite and Fright Night as my second. I think this movie portrays vampires much better than movies do today. The gang of vampires in the movie all look young fresh and good looking but when they feed in the movie they transform into the most horrific looking monsters. They have fangs, reddish eyes and the make up is immaculate. The way the eyes and forehead looks gives you a real feel of how a vampire would look and it makes the fear of them in the movie more real.

        There is very limited blood scenes in the movie which makes it evermore of a success that the movie doesn't need outbursts of blood baths to make people want to watch it. The movie is very much just as thrilling as a movie with bloody scenes from beginning to end. The majority of the blood scenes in this movie come at the end where Sam and the Frog brothers murder all the vampires in his house.

        This movie stars the late Corey Haim as Sam and also Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. This movie came out at the peak of their careers. They both re-take on their rolls as small parts in the sequels The Lost Boys: The Tribe released in 2007 and The Lost Boys: The Thirst released in 2009. Two of the cast members from this cast have sadly past Corey Haim and Bernard Hughes who plays the Granddad.

        Runtime 97 minuites.
        MPAA Rating 15

        I would recommend this movie for everyone but mainly people that love vampire movies because this is a real good one.


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          14.04.2011 17:49
          Very helpful



          One of the best movies I grew up watching. A brilliant horror movie!

          (Film only review)

          == The Lost Boys ==
          The Lost Boys is a 1987 (yes thats right I do like older movies as well) starring a whole range of cast which includes Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Feldman, Jason Patric, Corey Haim and a few others. The Lost boys has always been one of all time favourite movies. The basic story is about two brothers Michael (Jason Patric) who is the much older of the two and also his younger brother Sam (Corey Haim) who are moving with their mother Lucy (Dianne Wiest) to Santa Carla which is a coastal town along the outskirts of California. The movie itself was actually filmed in Santa Cruz, CA. Unknown to the brothers and there mother that Santa Carla is the murder capital of the world and that there have been people going missing, some unexplained disappearances. After arriving at Lucy's farther's which is where they end up living for a while and her father is played by Barnard Hughes, the boys decide to go explore a little around the town. Michael and Sam end up in an amusement park, whilst Lucy ends up getting a job in a video store. At the amusement park Michael meets a mysterious woman called Star (Jami Gertz) who he seems to get attracted to from a distance and when they finally do meet properly they decide to go get something to eat, however a bunch of rebel bikers turn up who Star knows really well and the leader David (Kiefer Sutherland) orders Star to get on his bike and go with them. After she gets on David tells Michael to keep up with them on bike, whilst doing so the gang end up at an old crypt that was used many years ago.

          David plays a few mind games with Michael, one being when they're eating Chinese food he asks him if hes enjoying those maggots. When Michael looks he sees he is actually eating maggots and drops them, after looking again it is in fact rice. Soon after this David brings out a mysterious looking bottle and starts drinking and offers Michael to drink some, Star warns him saying its blood but because of the last prank he thinks its just another prank, unknown to him it is actually blood and upon him drinking it his life isn't going to be the same again as he starts to turn into a vampire. Whilst Sam is in a comic book store he meets two brothers by the name of Edgar and Alan Frog (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander) who tell him to be careful in this town as their are vampires later that night Sam finds out his brother Michael is becoming one. Now what does he do? Can he save his brother from eternal damnation? Or will he have to do the right thing and kill him?.

          === Did You Enjoy It? ===
          Like I said above this has to be one of my all time favourite movies, it was released the year I was born which is another great thing. This proves that not all old movies lose there touch in years to come. I would have to say this is one of the best if not the best vampire movies ever made. Although the acting isn't to great, I mean don't get me wrong its okay but i have seen better, however it doesn't at all make the movie remotely bad or even a little bit boring because it is simply brilliant. The one thing I do love about The Lost Boys is the cast. Kiefer Sutherland plays the head vampire/leader of the bikers and he is really enjoyable in this movie, I haven't usually been a big fan of his but in this movie he is that enjoyable and so much better. I really do like the story of the movie, I think its slightly different, has a bit more zest in it and actually does make a lot of sense (except for the vampire part). I enjoyed pretty much everything in the movie, this is by far the best of the series. There are three altogether and this one wont be beaten by the other two because its original. The cast is great, the music is brilliant, the story is one of the better ones from the older movies and also even though there isn't much in the way of special effects as well as the performances of the cast the movie is still and always will be a classic in my eyes!

          === Characters/Performances ===
          Now the characters in the movie are awesome, I cant think of a movie with such a better list of characters, they suit the film perfectly. The only problem is some of the characters were played by some actors that hadn't made a name for themselves at this point. Kiefer Sutherland is probably the only real stand out to the movies list of actors and to be fair he does do pretty damn well as a head vampire in a movie. Back when I first watched this I had not even heard of Kiefer Sutherland but even now I feel like this role was suited to him more than the roles he plays today. Now the lead role Michael who is played by Jason Patric is actually a really interesting one, he does play the role pretty good but would perhaps be better as one of the vampires, well to be fair he does get turned. But overall I was impressed with his. The only other two actors that I feel were actually not to shabby was, the late Corey Haim as Michaels younger brother Sam Emerson and also his actual best friend in real life Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. The rest of the cast was rather disappointing and uninspiring to say the least, there performances were a little wooden and did remind me slightly of a B movie, however this didn't really do to much damage to the movie itself, so overall it wasn't to bad.

          === The Director ===
          The director of The Lost Boys is a man by the name of Joel Schumacher who was born August 29th, 1939 and he is an American film director, producer and screen writer. Joel Schumacher has directed absolutely loads of movies but to me this has to be the best and most notable. Others movies he has directed include ones such as, St. Elmo's Fire, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, A Time to Kill, Bad Company, Phone Booth, The Phantom of the Opera, Blood Creek and a whole lot more spanning over his whole entire career. I believe this movie to be his best, don't get me wrong there are a lot of good movies there but this is what I grew up watching, simply brilliant movie!

          === Soundtrack ===
          As for the soundtrack to the movie, well what can I say? I adore the soundtrack. It is brilliant. To be perfectly honest i have a fair few of the songs on my IPOD and also the main theme to the song is my ringtone. Gerard McMann - Cry Little Sister is by far the biggest and best song of the movie, it is the main theme it does give you the feel of a classic horror movie and in my opinion this track is possibly the best theme song to any movie that has ever been made so far to date. I would of still gave the soundtrack high marks if this was the only decent track in the movie, but its not there are quite a few. The songs in the movie were used exactly at the right time I feel and to be fair did make the movie that more enjoyable. The music in The Lost Boys has a blend of orchestra and organ instruments, there are also a few notable songs and cover songs such as INXS and Jimmy Barnes - Good times and also Tim Capello's cover of The Call's - I Still Believe was featured in the film as well as on the soundtrack. There is a CD that was released as a movie soundtrack CD, however there are only 10 tracks on it but is still worth checking out.

          === Good Bits ===
          *The movie has some good performances from Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland and a few of the other actors and actresses.
          *The Lost Boys has one of the most on edge storyline's to a movie I have ever seen, making it that much more enjoyable and thrilling.
          *The soundtrack is brilliant especially the song 'Cry Little Sister' as it fits perfectly into the movie and it is also the theme song I feel is the best ever!
          *The movie does have its fair share of blood and guts which can also be a bad point if your a little bit on the squeamish side.
          * And of course it contains Vampires which is always good about a horror film!

          === Bad Bits ===
          Now there aren't to many faults I can pick about the movie but I will try my best to give you a rough idea because every movie has its flaws right?
          *There is a lack of special effects, although the vampires look good thats pretty much where the effects end and are let down everywhere else.
          *Some of the casts performances are a little bit wooden, seems slightly B movie style for a few of the actors, however this isn't important to much.
          *I suppose the only other bad thing is maybe the blood? or that it could scare you.

          === Other Bits ===
          The movie does lack a few special effects, however the look and design of the vampires is actually rather good, and probably the best I have seen in a vampire movie. Other than that there is a lack of special effects throughout the whole of the movie. There are a lot of similar movies to this some which don't contain vampires but give you a sense of feeling that is very similar to that of The Lost Boys. Some of these include Dawn Of The Dead (older version), From Dusk Till Dawn, Fright Night, Vamp, Embrace Of The Vampire, Bram Stokers and loads more, however I would say this is the best of its genre and it proves great acting doesn't make a movie. This is by far my favourite movie with a great story compared to most vampire.horror movies. The runtime for the movie is 97 minutes which is in my view pretty much perfect for a movie like this. The Lost Boys also has a UK certificate of 15 which is just about right. I would really recommend The Lost Boys to pretty much anybody who likes horror movies or even fans of who is in the movie. I would also recommend it to fans of vampires as they actually do look like vampires in this movie. Also the movie is by far the best of its genre, it has everything I wanted in a movie and a whole lot more. Like I said the performances from the cast is pretty mixed, however it does have some good acting in places from certain actors. The movie is great value for money and is going for a reasonable and well worth while price of £3.82 on Amazon which does include free delivery. This is, if not the best movie I grew up watching it has everything. I would give The Lost Boys a remarkable 9/10!

          Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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            18.03.2010 09:50
            Very helpful



            A great vampire film

            Film Only

            When this film came out in 1987 I was 6 and obviously not allowed to watch a 15 certificate. A couple of years later I remember my step brother telling me about this awesome (it was the 80s) film he'd seen and raving about it until the time when I was old enough to see it too.

            Divorced mother Lucy takes her two sons Michael and Sam to the small coastal town of Santa Carla, California to live with her father. Michael becomes involved with a strange gang who hang around the pier whilst Sam befriends a couple of equally strange boys who claim the town is overrun with vampires and they are making it their mission to kill them all. When Michael starts acting differently, Sam calls on his friends as he suspects Michael has turned into one of the undead.

            What's great about this film is the vampires are appealing and most teenagers would love to hang out with their cool gang and go back to their lair in a disused hotel, and we can't blame Michael for being drawn to them by pretty girl Star and even though the vamps kill people it's really a minor problem in what seems to be an otherwise exciting and thrilling life style.

            As a teenager I used to watch this film over and over and although I still see it sometimes it doesn't have the same appeal now that I'm an adult. I still think it's a good movie and although a little dated around the edges I can still see why I loved it so much it just isn't the fantastic movie it was when I could relate to the characters and wish I was part of the adventure.

            Director Joel Schumacher has done a great job of creating a film that comes across as effortlessly cool. The plot is a little sketchy but the film addresses all the common vampire myths, dispelling some and confirming others. There isn't so much character development here but the movie is interesting from start to finish and it never gets boring or dull, there is always something to see.

            The actors have done a great job throughout the film. Carey Haim plays younger brother Sam who alongside the frog brothers Corey Fieldman and Jamison Newlander provides a whole host of comedic elements and laughable moments. Keifer Sutherland plays gang leader David with ease and brings a real tough guy front to the character.

            Diane Wiest is superb as worried mum Lucy and Ed Herrmann is fantastic as her love interest. I particularly enjoyed Barnard Hughes' role as the boys Grandfather whose line 'There's one thing about Santa Clara I could never stomach, all the damn vampires' is just genius and totally appropriate to for the moment.

            Overall I think this is really a film for teenagers because although it features vampires it mainly deals with issues such as acceptance, being part of the gang and going along with your friends despite the risks, something that most young adults will relate to. It's currently available on Amazon for £3.43 with free delivery, if you're a similar age to me this will provide a nostalgic look at 80's culture otherwise it's just pretty cool to watch in a shallow kind of way.


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              06.03.2010 12:53



              2 kids + vampires = a very good movie

              The Lost Boys is a 1980's cult vampire movie that successfully mixed horror, comedy and a good story line.

              The story follows Sam and Michael when they move to a sleepy town in California with their mother to live with the grandfather, only to find the place crawling with vampires!

              This is a typical 80's cult film, there's no blue screens or digital effects, everything is done with wires as trick photography but despite this the movie has passed the test of time and become more popular with age. I think this has to be due to the excellent storyline and witty script that provides ample iconic quotes. After all there are few 80's children who will look at a Chinese without thinking "Maggots, Michael. You're eating maggots!" or is that just me?!

              The Casting of Jason Patic (Michael) and Corey Haim (Sam) was a stroke of genius as they bounce off of each other so well you can almost believe they really are brothers. I also though that Jason's looks were perfect for the part striking just the right balance of being neither too bad boy nor too pretty boy. For main supporting actors we have Kiefer Sutherland who pulls off his dark and slightly deranged character David with style and a healthy helping of vampire sex appeal and Corey Feldman of Goonies fame who plays the larger than life Edgar. Corey incidentally is the only actor to come back for the second instalment of Lost Boys which was a run away train wreck!

              The Lost Boys also boasts a fantastic soundtrack including one of my favourite songs "cry little sister" which was latter remixed into a club anthem.


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              05.12.2009 22:12
              Very helpful



              Great Film...Great Soundtrack

              The Lost Boys
              Say Hello to the Night

              Sleep all day
              Party all night
              It's fun to be a vampire
              It may be an unusual take to write a review on a film which was created in 1987, though this, I believe, is one of those classic films that live on no matter how many years have gone past. I first watched it as a teenager with one of my friends and we fell in love with it straight away and years later I finally brought it on DVD and have already watched it over and over again. Please do remember in this review that this film is a number of years old and so what I deem as good special effects for the time, they are not so much a spot on the horizon for modern day special effects, though I feel this has to be kept in mind.

              The Lost Boys in title was originally in reference to the Peter Pan stories by J.M.Barrie and was directed by Joel Schumacher.

              The cast list is a really great cast for the time and includes big names such as Kiefer Sutherland and Dianne Wiest.
              A large part of the movie was filmed in Santa Cruz, California and it changed a lot from the original screenplay which was more of a Goonies type vampire film. Luckily they did change it as when it came out it grossed over $32 million in the US box offices.

              INTO THE NIGHT
              The movie may have possibly fallen into the genre of horror back when it was made, though these days it is more comedy as the old fashioned, yet brilliant, special effects make the story look extremely funny when watching. It does have its jumpy moments so it isn't a pure comedy, though if I was to put it into a genre now I certainly wouldn't class it as horror.

              Please note, if you haven't seen the movie firstly where have you been!? Secondly, the next part will give away some spoilers.
              Two brothers, Michael (I think he is the one main part of the film that got everyone watching it back then - including me!) and Sam, along with their mother Lucy, move to Santa Carla into their grandfathers house on the outskirts of the gang infested coastal town where disappearances are ripe.

              Whilst Lucy gets a job in a video (yes video - it is old remember!) store run by a strange man named Max, Michael goes exploring and sets his sights on a young girl who he later finds out is named Star. He tracks her down though as they are about to ride into the night on the back of his motorbike, the leader of a gang, David, turns up and begins provoking Michael to the point where they race their bikes, nearly resulting in catastrophe. This then opens to invitation to Davids lair, an old dilapidated hotel that sank after an earthquake.
              At the lair some unusual and weird goings on take place culminating in Michael drinking from an old wine bottle which Star warns is not what he thinks, yet he ignores her and later plays the price as the gang lead him to a train bridge where they all hang over the mist and one by one let go. Michael holds on as long as possible until his fingers can't take any more and down he falls. This then cuts to the next scene where he wakes up groggy in his own bed, confused, disorientated and hating the streaming sunlight.

              At the same time, Sam has befriended two very unusual brothers, Edgar and Alan Frog (even their names spark tiny laughter!) who state that they are vampire killers, which of course Sam does not believe until he starts noticing his own brothers strange behaviour.
              Sam also finds out that if the head vampire is slain then all half vampires, which are vampires who have not made their first kill, will revert back to human so goes in search of the head vampire which could cause some problems.
              Michael too, soon finds out what the rest of the gang are - vampires (surprise surprise) and take him on a vampire party night, yet Star takes Michael away from the scene.

              Meanwhile Sam and the Frog brothers start running tests on who they believe to be the head vampire (such as the typical garlic and mirrors) yet he passes every test and so they take it to the next level and go into the vampires lair in the daylight, though when they kill the first vampire the other vampires wake.
              That night with Michael back at home with Star, the brothers and the Frog brother prepare for battle. With everyone else out of the house, the three remaining vampires attack and what comes next is brilliantly funny and I won't give away too much because you need to watch it to see the full extent, though it does involve some terribly funny special effects, holy water and a lot of electrics.

              However, Michael is still a vampire, and so they know that the head vampire still remains, though as he comes back into the house (yes, Im not giving away who it actually is) Grandpa comes to the rescue with a vehicle full of spiked fence posts and the great line; "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach... all the damn vampires".
              Yes, as you can probably tell, the story is quite cheesy and even looks old, though trust me, if you want a good laugh (and a few good jumps) then you will love it. The storyline pans out much better on screen than in a write up and it all comes together fantastically.

              It does have all the stereotypical cheesy horror styles to it with the traditional vampire mythology and the setting being pretty much in the middle of nowhere which is always the way right? Yes, I agree, it doesn't sound like a great Oscar winning film of today, but it was filmed a number of years ago and you have to remember that. Also the phrase, don't judge a book by its cover is the same for this film - the write up doesn't sound much, though with the cast, storyline, greatly ridiculous special effect - it has the making of a fantastic film - and the box office numbers prove this.
              The idea of the film is rather a simple idea though in this case simple is good, and it cleverly incorporates real life fears of children going missing, gangs, crime, rebellion and murder in a less dramatic kind of way. It brings our own fears to the surface though takes the edge off of them by bringing in a sci-fi comedy-horror aspect to it. I would have to say that although there are many many vampire films these days (and a lot before this was made) this film stands out in its uniqueness. It does have a sense of predictability to it, though unlike many films, this does not really shadow the story itself as what you are expecting, you are also on the edge of your seat wwaiting and wanting to happen just to see how they do it.

              There is quite a lot of violence within the film from the vampires point of view with a lot of blood seen though most left to the imagination though I do warn you, some is not left to the imagination and you may need a cushion to hide behind at times, and also violence towards the end which brings more of a comical value. There is also mind violence with characters playing with other characters minds. The violence is not overly realistic though (hence the comical feel to it)
              One other aspect I noticed was a lot of references to pop culture of the time and many have gone further into future films and television programmes such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer where funnily enough Keifers father, Donald, played the original film watcher so perhaps a link there to bring aspects of this great film into future films. That film, unlike Lost Boys, was a flop (luckily there was a great series to follow!). Other films which have frequently made reference to The Lost Boys are Reservoir Dogs, National Lampons and the band 'Death by Steri' actually got their name from a single line (and piece of action) in the film. These alone show how great an impact the film had on future pop culture and how it continues to live on today as strongly as it did back then.

              The director seems to have got the right balance of horror and split scenes so that you are able to rest in between (and have a few laughs), and mixes fantastic dialogue with fast paced action.
              The film is a mere 93 minutes long which is very short for movies these days, though I think that if they had made it longer it would have ruined it. It is at perfect length for what the story covers

              IN COMPARISON
              Compared to films such as this these days, there is no real comparison when looking at special effects and filming and this is noticeably obvious that it is filmed back in the 80s, though compared to films of the time, this one rates higher than most with its great story line and brilliant cast list. Don't get me wrong, though, although it is certainly an older film, it still sits well for a modern day audience and know many people who adore this film, even those who watched it later than its release year.
              The structure is much clearer than a lot of films of this genre and certainly not like any teen horror which generally have no real storyline, just a lot of killings and chasings. Yes, there are killings and also a fair bit of chasing on both sides of the table, though it is done in moderation and structured brilliantly into the storyline.
              For its time, the underlying aspects of crime, gangs and other such things are shown admirably and in a clever way which is above many films of the time and even so now.

              The film was to a large degree very original in how it put its story across, though as we know, vampire films have been being made for years so the story as a whole is not a new one. I do think that this way of making the film has sparked off other future films of the same horror-comedy value and is definitely a cut above the rest of its time (and even now).


              Many of the cast were very recognizable when I first saw it, though I am not sure how recognizable they were at the time of making it. As you can see, there are a few well known names in the cast list below which should show that even by this, it already has the makings of a great film.
              * Jason Patric as Michael Emerson
              * Kiefer Sutherland as David
              * Corey Haim as Sam Emerson
              * Dianne Wiest as Lucy Emerson
              * Barnard Hughes as Grandpa Emerson
              * Edward Herrmann as Max
              * Jami Gertz as Star
              * Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog
              * Jamison Newlander as Alan Frog
              * Brooke McCarter as Paul
              * Billy Wirth as Dwayne
              * Alex Winter as Marko

              The above list is the main and pretty much all of the cast in the film. In certain town scenes there are a number of extras though these are bitty parts and the actions only really cover the above cast. I think though that this is a good thing as you can really get to know the characters of a small cast and a lot of unneeded characters would hinder the story and simply get in the way.
              The main character, Michael (Jason Patric) shows a wide range of ability within his role and allows every member of the audience to either want to be with him or be him (yes that cliché but trust me, its true!). He is a strong all round character and shows how innocent people can be drawn easily into the big bad world, reflecting greatly on real life.

              Kiefer is a fantastic actor to play the head vampire David, and you really couldn't imagine anyone else fitting so perfectly. He has a natural control about him, and his eyes speak volumes. He really brings out the character and you really believe that he is a vampire. He isn't the cheesy 'I want to repent for my vampire sins' type of vampire which we often see, though is the typical don't care kind of young adult which we see every day. It is easy to believe he has been around for years.
              Corey Haim who plays younger brother Sam is again a good choice. An actor who I was not familiar with, really made his mark as the slightly out of place brother who finds his place in the world with two other out of place characters. His fears are shown completely, though the strength in the character also shines through without being completely untrue to life.

              Barnard Hughes who plays Grandpa has to be one of my favourite characters and also the most diverse character, even though he isn't one of the absolute main characters. He plays the part amazingly bringing in the typical old man who seems very naive, though everything he does is for a reason. His facial expressions alone tell its own story and he really stands out in the cast. A perfect choice.
              Ive never really like Dianne Wiest though she is another big name though personally I think that her character is the only let down of the cast and character list and part of this is possibly due to my dislike of her acting, yet the character herself is pretty lame and is one of those characters who you just really want to strangle even though you are meant to be empathizing with.

              I wont take you through the other characters one by one though will say that each and every character are very strongly acted, all true to life (if you forget certain vampire aspects!) and each with their own tales to tell. They were able to bring the right emotions from the audience, such as hatred for the head vampire, empathy for the mother and a mix of different emotions from the ever changing old grandpa. Each character brings something different into the film and together they make a brilliant cast and create some amazing characters.
              SPECIAL EFFECTS

              As mentioned many times before, the special effects are as good as its time of making though compared to todays special effects they don't come close. I don't want you to write this off before you see it just on this, though, as I usually do just that. If a film looks old or low budget, tend to believe I won't like it, though there is something about the special effects here that really fit well. The comical value in the film (whether it is meant like this or not) rides a lot on the special effects being unbelievably lame that they are hilarious. The main special effects throughout the film is the flying of the vampires and the changing of their features and this is actually not that bad at all - you don't see any tacky ropes holding them - the 80s were more advanced than this don't worry! It is more the scenery special effects which cause the comical factor, and especially at the end with the final killings of the vampires, though this is all a plus side believe me.
              OTHER EFFECTS

              The scenery is pretty much real scenery, based in a real town created to look more like a dark town in the middle of nowhere. Posters of missing children largly make up the scenes, with the vampires lair made up more for the dark aspect of the themes though mainly minimal. The grandpas house is perhaps the biggest set with a great theme of dead animals (taxidermy) on the walls, a run down house though everything in this set is to do with the story - you just don't know it until later on, and this I think is very clever.
              The town itself was filmed largely in Santa Cruz, California and is the perfect setting for the film with the dark boardwalks and back alleys and the great coastal line which many scenes are filmed creating the eerie and horror like aspect to the storyline.

              In a lot of older vampire films have terrible vampire makeup and although this isn't top of the range of nowadays, it is good for its time with the usual fanged teeth and frowned lines, and the change from human features to the fanged menaces is clear and smooth which is a definite plus. No real criticism here except perhaps the eyes being a little too scary looking but isn't that the point!
              Lighting is perfect throughout the film, the dark misty effects of the lighting creating the right feel to every scene with a perfect mix of sunlight to show the difference between worlds.
              So on the whole, the effects, special or otherwise, are although in some cases of its time greatly, others are timeless.

              DVD EXTRAS
              There are limited extras on this DVD as with many older films redone onto DVD. What it does have is as follows;

              Interactive menus: A fully functioning menu to either skip to scene selection or play full film or go to other extras as seen below. Easy to access and follow.
              Production Notes: A few notes from the director and cast though to be honest not really worth the mention as there isn't really anything here and what is here is mainly text.

              Trailer: Why dos anyone really want to watch the trailer after they have seen the film is beyond me though it is here anyway.
              You also have options for subtitles for English, French, dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic and shows the film in Dolby Digital 5.1.

              So yes, there are very limited extras on the DVD, and although I love the behind the scenes that you get on many DVD's and would have loved to have seen it here, it isn't too much of a problem as the film itself is the best.


              The soundtrack of the film is amazing, and yes of course it isn't todays music as it is filmed in the 80s! The track list is as follows;
              1. "Good Times" by INXS and Jimmy Barnes - 3:49
              2. "Lost in the Shadows (The Lost Boys)" by Lou Gramm - 6:17
              3. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Roger Daltrey - 6:09 (Elton John/Bernie Taupin)
              4. "Laying Down the Law" by INXS and Jimmy Barnes - 4:24
              5. "People Are Strange" by Echo & the Bunnymen - 3:36
              6. "Cry Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys)" by Gerard McMann - 4:03
              7. "Power Play" by Eddie & the Tide - 3:57
              8. "I Still Believe" by Tim Cappello - 3:42
              9. "Beauty Has Her Way" by Mummy Calls - 3:56
              10. "To the Shock of Miss Louise" by Thomas Newman - 1:21

              All of the songs above are played at specific times and for specific characters in the film and go really well with the storylines. You get to know what is about to happen or with what characters the action is with with what style of song is being played and you will be singing the songs for ages afterwards.

              DVD COVER

              The DVD case is a simple cover art of the main cast all positioned looking forward before a red background with the 'sleep all day' quote. On the back is the synopsis and information you usually find on DVD covers with some film photos. A usual and simple cover though effective and related well to the film - not trying to be something it isn't.


              This film has a rating of 15 which I think is apt as there are some violent parts which younger than 15 years of age may find it disturbing.

              This DVD can be picked up for a cheaply as £3.00 in many DVD stores and online and is a fantastic price for a fantastic film.

              FINAL WORD

              This film has it all, even parts it may not originally intended to such as the high comical value. Its effects are dated as mentioned though please try to look past that to the film as a whole as it is an amazing film that has continued to be a firm favourite to many, myself included, for many years. The extras are practically non-existent though you buy a film for the film don't you? The cast is fantastic as are the characters and even though the story is a little predictable at times it is well worth watching.


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                15.10.2009 10:09
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                A good film and worth seeing

                Vampires are quite the vogue just now but lest not forget the vampires of old. Set in small town America this vampire film mixes teenagers and summer holidays into the genre in a 1980s setting. It shows its age to an extent but still has some great moments. This film isn't scary but it is still enjoyable and perhaps has more to do with teenage adventures and boredom than horror.

                The plot is quite convincing for a vampire film as the vampires are quite embedded in the local town. One of the main characters drinks blood from the local vamps and then enlists the help of his brother to release him from the vampiredom. This film is enjoyable but all the more so because of its cult status and that maybe due to the fact that the theme of vampires has stayed popular and endured over the years.

                The acting is very good for a young cast and this film does keep a viewers attention. It is a cool film with some cool ideas in it. The effects are not quite up to today's standards but I'm not sure it had a big budget in the first place. This is a largely different type of vampire film to Blade but still has the theme of eradicating the bad guys. The dialogue and interplay is good also with some intentionally funny moments.

                I recommend this DVD but I like this kind of thing anyway.


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                  02.10.2009 11:55
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                  With vampires being a big deal right now it's a great time to go back and watch the old vamp flicks!

                  So what can you say about The Lost Boys that hasn't already been said? Released in the late 80's you'd be hard pressed to come up with an opinion that hasn't already been said before!

                  Essentially this is the storyline - family move to strange little town that seems oh so nice, but it's not. Before too long this family encounter vampires - a whole gang of them and one of the family is turned. But he doesn't like it and doesn't want to be a vampire, and so fights the urge to feed and tries to find a way to turn back to his human form. Of course whilst all of this is going on there are other problems, like that the dog wants to rip the new vampire apart, someone keeps touching grandpa's stuff in the fridge, the head of the vampire gang wants to turn the mother of the new family and make her his bride...you know, the usual!

                  So now that you've got the basic gist, this late 80's vampire flick is a cult classic, if you go to a movie convention chances are you're going to hear at least one of the following lines quoted:

                  "Holy s***! It's the attack of Eddie Munster!"
                  "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires."
                  "Death by Stereo!"

                  This film has some of the funniest lines - which is why they are still quoted today! This is a film that is suitable for younger teens and older, there is someviolence and swearing. But the humour in it just seems to keep the tone light enough to not scare.

                  Yes there are some incredible cheesey lines in this flick - but this is an 80's film, it would be wrong not to have that! Besides which no matter how cheesey the lines are, they are nowhere near as bad as the pure chedder of the recently released sequel.

                  You also HAVE to listen to the soundtrack, which is absolutely blinding. It features the likes of Echo and The Bunnymen, Roger Daltrey and INXS. It is with good reason that you can still easily find this soundtrack in stores to this day.

                  This is a film that is perfect for a night in where you want a laugh mixed with some darkness. It has something for everyone - there's drama, comedy and a love story too. If you haven't already watched this take a little time out to do so, it is a good film that will make you smile - even if it's just for grandpa's last line which is mentioned above.


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                    02.09.2009 23:04
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                    classic 80s vampire movie

                    I was 3 when this film was released in 1987. Obviously (I hope) I didn't get to watch it when it first came out, but I was forced to watch it by a persistent uncle when I was about 10, and then watched it every single day for about six months. More than just slightly obsessive, I know, but then this is an excellent film, and I did spend my childhood being way too into vampires.

                    Michael and Sam are forced to move to Santa Carla with their mum Lucy, to live with their rather eccentric grandfather who has a passion for taxidermy. Michael and Sam try to get to know the place a little better and head off to a concert in town. Michael spots a beautiful young girl he wants to get to know better, whilst Sam heads to a comic book store where he meets Edgar and Alan Frog, who hand Sam a horror comic and tell him to watch out for the vampire population in the area. Michael gets to know the girl he saw a bit better, he finds out her name is star and she hangs out with a non too wholesome gang, headed by David. After a couple of initiation ceremonies Michael is led to drink blood, which gives him the status 'half-vampire'. Sam, Michael, and Sam's two new friends hatch a plan to save Michael from the clutches of the vampires by finding their day time lair and destroying them all before it's too late for Michael.

                    Ok, so the plot seems kind of stupid, and it is, but it's done really well. The Lost Boys is an 80s cult classic and for good reason. I think that the cast really make this film. To start off with you've got Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog and Corey Haim as Sam, both of who worked on a lot of films together in the 80s and are so funny together. The Frog brothers are kind of comic book reading, vampire obsessed geeks, but they somehow come off so cool. It's a good job they're in the movie as Sam and Michael would be completely lost without them. They are able to give the boys lessons on how to kill vampires, including how to find the day time lair, how to use a stake, and inventive ways of using holy water.

                    The vampire gang is headed by David, played by Keifer Sutherland. He and his gang make really cool vampires, as does Jason Patrick who plays Michael. In such a cheesy film it does amaze me that they managed such a cool vibe! When I was little it made me want a leather jacket just like Michaels so much. In retrospect, of course I'm glad I never got one.

                    I don't think I've ever thought this film was scary, but it does have a few jumpy moments. It's a great take on a story of good fighting evil; I don't think anyone's gone about fighting vampires in quite the same way. It also has a real 80s feel; the cast of course of pure 80s, but it's not out dated. I'm not sure I could watch this every day for 6 months again, but I could watch it countless times and never get bored. It will always remain one of my favourite ever films.


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                      05.07.2009 13:57
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                      A stylish if dated film

                      Richard Donner, who is most famed for his superb interpretation of Superman in 1978, and also his 80s child star vehicle The Goonies, is the producer of The Lost Boys, a familar but fun comedy horror that feels very much in the vein of Donner, even if he only produces, and the directing reins are taken up by Joel Schumacher (who would later direct the attrocity Batman and Robin, but also some great films such as Falling Down).

                      What makes the film such a treat is undeniably the film's cast - two gung ho brothers Edgar and Alan Frog (Corey Feldman and Corey Haim) are extremely funny, charming kids who profess themselves to be experts in vampire extermination. It's just as well, because a fleet of cool vampires, led by head honcho David (Kiefer Sutherland, looking very young and punky!), are heading to their little town, and they're very hungry!

                      This is a film entirely composed with its tongue rooted firmly in its cheek - it combines a witty sense of humour with the typical 1980s aesthetic, giving this film a wicked sense of both style and humour. It does occasionally become a bit cheesy, and does look rather dated, but at the same time is extremely evocative of the 1980s, and thus promotes a very real sense of time and place. It's packed with blood and guts, as well as plenty of humour, two charming child leads, and of course, the hilarious closing line - "One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach... all the damn vampires."

                      A fun 80s comedy horror that is undone by its rather large cheese factor, yet is still pretty entertaining thanks to its likeable characters and the manner in which it captures the essence of the 80s.


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                        31.05.2009 00:14
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                        best film ever!

                        == How I Discovered It ==

                        I was seven years old the first time I watched The Lost Boys, I still remember it vividly as after it had finished I was too scared to move from my bed. Even though it scared me, something stuck in my head and made me want to watch it again. The more I watched it, the more I loved it and now it is without a doubt my favourite film of all time. So much so that I have it on VHS, twice on DVD (ones special edition) and I even have the soundtrack twice (ones still got the security tags on).

                        I watch it everytime it's on tv and I try and get my mates that haven't seen it to watch it. That is how brilliant the film is.

                        == The Film ==

                        The Lost Boys is set in Santa Carla (real name Santa Cruz). It opens with a view the sea at night with the pier in the distance. The Lost Boys theme song "Cry Little Sister" is playing, which is the perfect song for this shot of the ocean, the camera seems to be flying over it heading towards the pier. The scene then changes to a carousel with loads of people on it. It is then that we see a group of boys clad in awesome clothes (for the time) walking around the carousel. They stop by a woman and what appears to be her boyfriend. There's a scuffle and the guard throws them off. Later on we see him walking to his car when something mysteriousl grabs him and flies off with him, we never see the assailant.

                        Screen changes again to a car coming into Santa Carla, in the car is a woman and her two boys. The woman, Lucy, is freshly divorced and moving to Santa Carla with her kids. The oldest son is Michael, played by the gorgeous Jason Patric, Michael loves bikes and chicks, typical teenage boy. The younger son Sam has a passion for comic books and loves his dog Nanook. As they drive past the Santa Carla sign Michael looks around and see's "Murder Capital Of The World" on the back of it. You then see them go into town, with Echo and The Bunnymens - People are Strange as the song - an appropriate choice. After this it is time to meet "grandpa", he is one of the funniest characters in the film and has some side splitting one liners.

                        It is not long before Michael spots the beautiful Star - he see's her in the crown whilst listening to Tim Capello - I Still Believe (one of the best songs on the soundtrack). She has the young boy Laddie with her. For now we don't know their names. Michael grabs Sam and follows her. Sam is quickly distracted by a comic book store and heads in. Michael however continues to follow Star, he see's her get onto a bike with the leader of the group from the start of the film. They all go off on their bikes and disappear into the distance.

                        Sam meanwhile has met "the frog brothers" Edgar and Allan Frog are hilarius, you see their parents behind the counter, always asleep. They creep Sam out a bit and give him a Vampire comic and tell him it may save his life one day. They then run off after some shoplifters. Sam thinks nothing of it and heads home, he reads the comic that night in bed, still thinking nothing of it.

                        While all that was going on Lucy was looking for a job, she finds a lost child and takes him into a video store to try and find his mother. Here she meets Max, an odd looking man who is very loud, she also meets his dog Thorn. He offers her a job, and she accepts. Just then the group of lads walk in the shop, wander around and then come near Max and Lucy, it is clear he knows them as he tells them to leave.

                        The next night at the boardwalk Michael gets talking to Star and finds out her name. She then heads off to get some food with him but they are stopped by the boys. She gets on the bike with their leader and he tells Michael to follow them to "hudsons bluff", he does, and the next few scenes are of them on their bikes going across the beach and allsorts to Hudsons Bluff, the song they chose to do for this bit is Lou Gramms - Lost in The Shadows - my favourite song from the film - The gang take Michael into some cliffside cave and you are gradually introduced, we have David - the leader - then there's Paul (long light brown hair), Duwayne (long black hair) and finally Marco (long ish blonde hair) he is the cute one I think.

                        Now, i'm not going to give away any more of the film by going through it like this as it doesn't do it justice. After meeting the gang - who by now you should have realised are "The Lost Boys" - and having drunk some of Davids "special" wine, strange things start to happen to Michael. He starts losing his reflections and learns to fly overnight. Something is going on in Santa Carla, Sam and Michael must figure it out in order to survive.

                        The Lost Boys is your typical 80's vampire film, it has great characters, a great script and great songs. You will be on the edge of your seat as Sam, Michael, The Frog Brothers, Star and even little Laddie battle to kill "The Lost Boys" - they must destroy the head vampire in order for Michael, Star and Laddie to become human again. Thats easy, davids the leader so kill him and his boys and it's all sorted right? Or is there another? Someone else who is the head vampire. Either way they must kill all the vampires. Will they manage it? Or are the vampires just too good. Watch and find out!!

                        == The Cast ==

                        Jason Patric .... Michael Emerson
                        Corey Haim .... Sam Emerson
                        Kiefer Sutherland .... David
                        Jami Gertz .... Star
                        Corey Feldman .... Edgar Frog
                        Jamison Newlander .... Allan Frog
                        Dianne Wiest .... Lucy Emerson
                        Barnard Hughes .... Grandpa
                        Edward Herrmann .... Max
                        Brooke McCarter .... Paul
                        Billy Wirth .... Duwayne
                        Alex Winter .... Marco
                        Chance Michael Corbitt .... Laddie Thompson

                        == The Characters ==

                        === Michael Emerson ===
                        Michael (Jason Patric) is 18/19 years old. He loves bikes and falls instantly for the beautiful Star. He doesn't understand what is happening and is confused by his feelings for Star. This makes for a good film. Jason Patric plays the part of Michael very well I think. He has the looks and just fits into the role perfectly. Michael is the kind of guuy you would love to take home to your parents. He is a nice guy, he never wanted to become mixed up in the gang.

                        === Sam Emerson ===
                        Sam (Corey Haim) is a comic loving boy who has the worst fashion sense ever, even for the 80's!! His knowledge of comic books is what gets him mixed up with the frog brothers. Sam has some witty one liners and hilarious jokes throughout the film. He is sweet and sexy. Followed by his furry friend Nanook throughout the film Sam really is "the boy next door" although he does have a tendancy to scream alot, so I think he is a bit of a wimp at times, but then who wouldn't be when faced with your brother flying past your bedroom window and his vampire friends trying to kill you.

                        === Star ===
                        Star (Jami Gertz) is beautiful, thats the only way to describe her. We never learn how she got mixed up with David, but we do know she loves Michael and wants out of the vampire life. Being only a half vampire this is still posibble. She is very protective of Laddie, who again we know next to nothing about. Gertz plays the role superbly and I cannot imagine anyone else ever taking on the role of Star. It wouldn't be the same.

                        === David ===
                        Not much is known about David (keifer sutherland), we know he is the leader, but we don't know how he ended up this way, nor how long he'd been a vampire for. We know very little about the backgrounds of any of the vampires really and I think we could have done with more back story (and a longer film). David has a mean streak to him, this is clear when he plays on Michael and Stars feelings for each other.

                        === Marco ===
                        Marco (alex winter) is referred to as the little one, being the shortest. He is cute, and without a doubt my favourite of them all. He doesn't say too much, none of them do, but he has a way about him that makes him lovable. He has a baby face I think. You don't see him as an evil, bloodsucking vampire but more as a cute loveable rogue.

                        === Paul ===
                        Not much is known about Paul as he only has a few lines. He likes to joke about and get stoned. He seems to be a typical 80's teenager but as I said we don't know much about him.

                        === Duwayne ===
                        Duwayne has about two lines in the whole film, admittedly his second line is quite good as it leads on to a funny one liner from Sam.

                        === Laddie ===
                        Laddie is a cute little kid, who for some reason was turned into a half vampire by david. We don't know how they got him or anything, we do see his face on the side of a milk carton though, so it appears he was kidnapped. The details are never revealed and from the bond he has with Star I assume he didn't return home after he was made human again.

                        === Lucy ===
                        Lucy is Michael and Sams irritatingly naieve mother. She has a shrill annoying voice and doesn't notice whats going on right under her nose.

                        === Max ===
                        Max is the loud video stor owner, who I say is a closet gay. He is annoying and not funny, but is an essential to the film however.

                        === Grandpa ===
                        Grandpa is without a doubt the funniest character in the film. He has a love of taxidermy and a bizarre obsession about the tv guide (read the tv guide, don't need a tv haha). He seems oblivious to the goings on of Santa Carla but comes in with the funniest line of the film, which also happens to be the last line of the film. It is worth watching for him alone.

                        === The Frog Bothers ===
                        Edgar and Allan Frog are quirky and funny. They profess to be seasoned vampire hunters, but when faced with a real vampire they run away screaming. Although they did manage to kill one (with a little help from Nanook).

                        == My Thoughts ==

                        I thought this was a brilliant film. Personally I think it is the best film ever, but thats because it is my favourite film ever. The script is great, there's alot of hilarous one liners. The Lost Boys are cool vampires, not the usual old men in capes. The actots were perfect for the roles they were given and I cannot imagine anyone else replacing any of them. With a great soundtrack aswell this film really does have everything going for it. To be able to watch it time and time again without ever getting bored is a sur sign of how good this film is. The shear fact that it is still being watched by teenagers and adults alike 20 years later is a good indicator of its timeless quality, unlike some of the rubbish cheesy horrors from the time this one has proven to be a diamon in the rough. Alot of horror films that came out in the 80's, although still watched now, are watched once on recommendation and then never watched again. Whereas this one makes you want to watch it over and over again. Whats best, they didn't spoil it with a sequel, although there was talk of doing "The Lost Girls" at one stage.For now, at least they seem to have come to their senses and decided against the sequel, it could be a good idea, but I don't think anything could live up to this one. It would be hard for it to capture everything that this one did. Looking at recent horror/thriller flops i'd say they were best off not doing one. 10/10 for this film though - a timeless classic that we will still be watching 20 years from now!!

                        == My Recommendations ==

                        Clearly I would recommend this to anyone. This film should be on everyones "films to watch before I die" list. It is worth whatever price it is being sold at and anyone that buys it will not be disappointed. You may end up watching it over and over again in one sitting. Just be warned though, after one viewing you may become hooked, like I did, and have spent the last 13 years almost, watching it time and time again - so much so that I know it word perfect (when the films on).

                        Without a doubt the best film ever made - in my opinion -.


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                          31.03.2009 16:13
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                          It really is fun to be a vampire!

                          'The Lost Boys' is a film that was recommended to me a couple of years back by a fellow internet vamp-fan. I knew very little about it other than the fact that my net friend was very enthusiastic about it and when I asked for it at the DVD rental shop even the case was blank - I therefore began to watch it with few expectations or preconceptions. When I first started up the film my immediate reaction was to feel slightly nervous about what I'd just spent my precious rental money on. It was SO obviously eighties. Some old school synthesiser music opens the film and there is the rather interesting use of a children's choir. Then, my god, you are introduced to Kiefer Sutherland with a very eighties mullet - a style that most would probably hope would no longer venture beyond that of trailer trash rednecks and dodgy-looking footie players (although admittedly his mullet could have been worse). Sometimes I wonder what my parent's generation were thinking. However, was this to be yet another 80s horror film dated by bad prosthetics and copious amounts of 80s cheese?

                          *~ Great Story and Dialogue~*

                          'The Lost Boys' is essentially a comedy-horror about a family that has just moved to seaside town Santa Carla in California. Lucy (played by Dianne Wiest) is newly divorced and somewhat broke, so she has brought her two sons, Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim), to stay with their grandfather. Upon arrival in the town, it is not long that the two brothers begin to discover the dark side beneath Santa Carla's sunny exterior. Michael falls for a pretty girl on the beach named Star (Jami Gertz). Star seems to have association with a group of wild smirking bikers, particularly David (Kiefer Sutherland), the alpha of the group. Seeking Star's affection, Michael begins to become involved with this group's antics. Initially unaware of what the gang really do for fun, Michael is unwittingly sucked into their dark world. The worry that your sibling could fall into the wrong crowd is brought to a whole new level in this film. Sam soon realises that Michael's extra long lie-ins aren't just because he is lazy - his brother may just be going a bit further off the rails than he could ever imagine.

                          So is this film dated? It probably is but this in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the film. I love everything in this film that harks back to the eighties - the dodgy haircuts, guys wearing one earring (and one earring only), the 80s rock star vamp look-alikes, Sam's mad shirts and even the gyrating, oiled-up, muscular sax man (watch and you will understand). The eighties vibe really sets the tone of what turns out to be a fantastic film.
                          The story is in many ways, very predictable but this seems to largely be on purpose. Some of you may even guess or have guessed the twist at the end but being the unperceptive person I am, I didn't quite catch on to that. The film also plays upon vampire clichés like garlic, holy water, not being able to withstand exposure to sunlight and supernatural ability (which comes in the form of flight and mind games such as the noodles and rice scene). These clichés are part of what makes this film so great comically. It is a funny film - not really laugh-out-loud side-splittingly funny but humorous nevertheless. Moreover, a lot of the lines are utterly memorable ("Death by Stereo!" and "What, you don't like rice? Tell me Michael, how could a billion Chinese people be wrong?"). In addition to this, all the action occurs within a fantastic setting of a vibrant beach and carnival and the sunken hotel which serves as a vamp hideaway.

                          *~Colourful Characters and Cast~*

                          I love the casting of the film. Most of the cast seem to have sunk into obscurity although some of those a generation older than me may be able to reminisce about the Corey brothers (Corey Haim and Corey Feldman who were to feature together in a series of films after this one). However, I think most of us will recognise Dianne Wiest and Kiefer Sutherland the most. Wiest has appeared in several films including the wonderful 'Edward Scissorhands' whilst Sutherland currently stars in '24'. This does not mean the rest of the cast are poor but Sutherland probably gives the most remarkable performance in the film as the vampire leader David. He oozes with 'cool' throughout the film that just about makes me warm to his funny haircut and is so deliciously evil. It is strange to think he was a mere eighteen years old when he filmed this, particularly as his screen presence is great even with relatively little dialogue.
                          The rest of the characters also seem very well cast. Patric plays the transformation into half-vampire very well and tops off his performance by being, in my opinion, rather attractive. Corey Haim is also good as his goofy brother Sam but it is the Frog brothers, as the young vampire hunters, who really drive the humour of this film, especially Corey Feldman. I love their tough guy talk which seems to parody the likes of Rocky and other action hero hard men so well. They stand for 'Truth, Justice and the American Way' and it seems that vampires stand in the way of such values and so they must hunt them down. I also love Michael and Sam's grandpa (played by the late Bernard Hughes) who is great as an eccentric old gentlemen, leaving taxidermist animals by Sam's bed and generally being a bit of a kook.
                          There is then Michael's love interest Star, played by Jami Gertz, who is beautiful but that seems to be really all she is as a character - beautiful. This is probably down to the script. I guess they decided that she should play nothing more than fragile and feminine.
                          There is nothing particularly special about the rest of the cast. The acting is mostly very good but not necessarily the best but I don't think it is a film that requires great acting as this isn't really a serious film. It is more about colourful characters than great acting although the acting is convincing enough throughout.

                          *~Brilliant 80s Soundtrack~*

                          The other great thing about this film is its fantastic soundtrack. The track with the children's choir is actually one of my favourites called 'Cry Little Sister' by the little known Gerard McMann. My absolute favourite, however, is the use of the cover of The Doors track 'People are Strange' by Echo and the Bunnymen. Other music to look out for is the track 'Lost in the Shadows' as well as 'Good Times' by INXS and Jimmy Barnes. The music of this film is just fabulous and very well-suited to the film and includes what are now some of my favourite eighties tracks.

                          *~The film as part of the horror genre~*

                          I have spoken about the tongue-in-cheek comedy aspects of the film but what about the horror? This film is rated 15, probably due to the gory vampire slaying and especially one somewhat nasty scene of murders, as the one sex scene is really very mild and the profanity isn't that bad. I wouldn't, however, take any great issue with my thirteen year old sister watching this film. Whilst I'm usually quite protective over what she watches in my presence, I don't actually think the violence is too bad, although you may be inclined to disagree. This film isn't really that scary or shocking and I don't think it was ever meant to be.

                          *~Special Effects~*

                          I actually think that the special effects are effective for being shot in the late eighties. They use yellow and red-rimmed eye contacts, fangs and prosthetic ridges above the eyebrows for the vampires. I think the makeup is excellent in making them look monstrous and more evil (when Kiefer already looks somewhat devilish). This 'look' is something not far off from what we were to witness in Buffy ten years later.
                          As for other special effects, I think they deal well with the flying scenes, using sweeping camera shots and what I assumed to be wires and harnesses for other scenes. I think this works well for the film. I wouldn't want to see the special effects looking much better. I feel that the glossiness and over-done special effects of the atrocious sequel 'The Tribe' was one of the many downfalls of this film. 'The Lost Boys' is a film that works well with the 'old school' technology available.

                          *~DVD Extras~*

                          After my first viewing I bought the more expensive two disc special edition (one disc version can be purchased for very low prices on ebay and amazon). I thought the extras were pretty good for a film produced in the eighties. Joel Schumaker, the director, has produced an insightful commentary for the film. On the second disc there are also additional scenes, various featurettes including interviews and the music video for 'Lost in the Shadows.'

                          *~It's fun to be a Vampire~*

                          All in all, I absolutely adore this cult film. It is full of fun and a colourful film with fantastic characters, good special effects (for the period) and an amazing soundtrack. It reminds me just why I yearn to get a time machine back to the 80s (other than to witness Queen's last gig with Freddie Mercury). Whilst a lot of shamefully cringey things emerged out of the eighties, this is not one of them and is not only one of my favourite vampire films but one of my favourite films of all time.

                          *~Thanks for Reading~* x :)

                          *~Also published on Ciao under 'Renza' - March 09~*


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                            23.02.2009 18:34
                            Very helpful



                            The best cullt vampire film that has stood the test of time

                            Written by Janice Fischer, James Jeremias and Jeffrey Boam, and directed by Joel Schumacher The Lost Boys is a cult vampire film that was released back in 1987. Many people see this as the ultimate vampire movie, with good reason, and is a classic that will never be topped.

                            ****Story line****

                            Lucy Emerson (Diane West) has recently divorced her husband. She takes her two sons Michael Emerson (Jason Patric) and Sam Emerson (Corey Haim) to live with her father (played by Barnard Hughes) in Santa Carla, which just so happens to be inhabited by a motor biking, gang of blood sucking teen vampires.

                            Older son Michael falls for a Star (Jamie Gertz), a local girl, but he ends up being seduced by David (Kiefer Sutherland) and becomes an associate of the gang. In order to become a fully fledged member there is a specific initiation that he has to undertake.

                            In the meantime, Sam befriends Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) and Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman). The two brothers convince him that there are vampires in Santa Carla and that he needs to be careful. Naturally Sam is sceptical but that soon changes as he becomes concerned over Michael's behaviour.

                            In order to save Michael, and the town, from the biker gang from hell Sam must destroy the head vampire, but he has to locate it first.

                            How easy is it to locate the head vampire? Is it too late for Michael? Can Sam rid Santa Carla of the biker gang?

                            ****Other characters****

                            As well as the main characters detailed above there are loads of other characters. The main ones include:

                            1) Paul (Brooke McCarter) - a member of the biker gang
                            2) Marko (Alex Winter) - a member of the biker gang
                            3) Laddie Thompson (Chance Michael Jordan) - a member of the biker gang
                            4) Greg (Alexander Baker Chapman) - a member of the biker gang
                            5) The Frog brother's mother (Jane Bare)
                            6) The Frog brothers' father (B Lowenberg)

                            I should also include Nanook (Cody) Sam's gorgeous Husky dog that gives a fantastic performance.

                            There are other characters including surfers, policemen, other members of the general public etc.

                            Whilst none of the other actors give memorable performances they are all very good and give a good performance.

                            ****My opinion****

                            In my opinion this is the ultimate 1980's cheesy horror movie and it is absolutely fantastic. There have been many vampire movies produced and whilst some have been good (such as Van Helsing), some of been different (such as From Dusk Till Dawn) and some have been awful (pretty much all other vampire films) I don't think ant have come close to the Lost Boys. This movie really is a classic and I never get bored of watching it, despite seeing it loads of times.

                            The story line is nothing original or unusual but then I guess there is only so much you can do with this type of movie. What I like is the way the story flows. There is no confusion or 'jumping' from plot to plot making it very easy to watch and not requiring much attention so it is easy just to kick back, chill out and view.

                            Whilst most of this film is serious the Frog Brothers add a bit of comedy, but not in an over the top way, which is very clever. It adds another dimension to this movie and Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander were perfectly cast for their respective roles.

                            The acting is top notch and perfect for this type of film. All the main actors do a great job and are very believable, however Kiefer Sutherland does steal the show as he manages to portray a dark vampire brilliantly. Based on his performance in this movie it is easy to see why he became such property.

                            The whole of this film is dark, like a 'proper' horror movie should be and whilst the special effects are poor, compared to today's standards, they were right up to date when this movie was released and visually it is a great movie.

                            As well as being visually brilliant this movie has what is, in my opinion, the best sound track of any movie ever. I think that it is even better than that of Dirty Dancing, only just, but better nonetheless. A lot of the tracks are dark, just like the movie, and compliment the overall feel of the movie perfectly. Tracks include songs such as "People Are Strange" by Echo And The Bunneymen, "Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMann and my personal favourite "Lost In The Shadows" by Lou Gram amongst many others.

                            For me the best scene in the film has to be where they are all speeding along the beach on their motorbikes in the dark with Lost In The Shadows playing in the background, and containing my passion for bikes and one of my top singles of all time I find it quite moving.

                            Overall the Lost Boys is an amazing film that contains great visuals, great acting (especially Kiefer Sutherland) and a great soundtrack. The storyline is nothing special, although there is a slight twist at the end (although this is quite predictable), but I don't think this does not ruin the movie in any way. In my opinion it is the best vampire movie ever made and is a classic that will be tough to beat. Many other vampire movies have tried but none have quite got there.

                            I would definitely recommend this movie and think that it would make an ideal addition to any DVD collection.


                            Run time - 97 minutes
                            Certificate - 15
                            3 awards and 5 nominations


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                              12.02.2009 21:08



                              GREAT 80'S FILM,GREAT SOUND TRACK

                              Vampire tale of two teen brothers who move from Phoenix to the innocent sounding Santa Carla,which turns out to be pretty much a vampire infested seaside town (think jaws with vampires) .
                              87 was a good year and the whole of the brat pack are here with out a doubt Kiefer sutherlands finest work up until the recent 24!!
                              The eldest brother gets involved with the vampire gang after chasing the gang leaders bit of skirt,eventually drinking blood at an initiation and turning into a half vampire,young brother seeks help from the Frog brothers who are experts in Vampires when they are not running a comic book store,all this while the teen brothers mum is dating the head vampire.
                              Very sill sounding but still really good fun and deserves its place as a classic of sorts among the brat pack film,this film has its tongue firmly stuck in its cheek,but still manages passable performances from the leads and whatever else it has a rip roaring soundtrack with tunes from Echo and the Bunnymen and Roger Daltry amongst others making this a real enjoyable film.


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                            • Product Details

                              This 1987 thriller was a predictable hit with the teen audience it worked overtime to attract. Like most of director Joel Schumacher's films, it's conspicuously designed to push the right marketing and demographic buttons and, granted, there's some pretty cool stuff going on here and there. Take Kiefer Sutherland, for instance. In Stand by Me he played a memorable bully, but here he goes one step further as a memorable bully vampire who leads a tribe of teenage vampires on their nocturnal spree of bloodsucking havoc. Jason Patric plays the new guy in town, who quickly attracts a lovely girlfriend (Jami Gertz), only to find that she might be recruiting him into the vampire fold. The movie gets sillier as it goes along, and resorts to a routine action-movie showdown, but it's a visual knockout (featuring great cinematography by Michael Chapman) and boasts a cast that's eminently able (pardon the pun) to sink their teeth into the best parts of an uneven screenplay. --Jeff Shannon

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