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The Notebook (DVD)

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    95 Reviews
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      28.07.2015 18:44
      Very helpful



      Beautiful story but a real tearjerker

      I had recently heard a lot about this film and having never seen it decided to treat myself to the DVD for my next night I on my ow.

      The story follows a couple from meeting as teenagers to later in life, the main characters are played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling as Noah and Allie and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing them to be honest. They are both from very different backgrounds and face challenges through their relationship. The story goes back and forth from different time periods of their lives which adds to the film making it more interesting. The supporting cast are also amazing and it really is a well acted film.

      And while it is nothing new in the rom com department, it does draw you in from the start and allows you to get caught up in the storyline which is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

      My partner is not generally a lover of these types of films but even he had tears in his eyes at the end and admitted that it "wasn't that bad"

      I would definitely recommend this film to anyone that is a fan of love stories. I haven't read the book so I don't know how much different the film is but if the film is anything to go by then I think I will give the book a read at some point too! The real message here is that true love never ends, there are some quite funny parts of the film too which overall makes it an enjoyable watch


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      23.01.2014 21:17
      Very helpful



      A classic film, a definite must-watch!

      I had heard great things about The Notebook and have wanted to see it for quite a while. I generally don't buy dvds due to my current economy drive, so I was quite thrilled when my chap came back from HMV with a copy of The Notebook for me! My sister and I decided to watch it for our Friday evening film night.

      The Notebook is an epic love story, which follows the life of Noah (played by Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams), the two main characters in the story. The story begins with an elderly gentleman reading a story to an elderly lady in a nursing home. The story is that of Noah and Allie when they are younger and begins from Noah trying everything (and I mean everything!) to convince Allie to go on a date with him. She avoids him at all costs but finally ends up on a double date with him courtesy of a well meaning friend. Needless to say, they fall in love.

      What's the saying... "all's fair in love and war"? Not quite, as Allie's parents disapprove of her relationship with Noah and they drag her away, cutting short their summer romance.

      She soon graduates from university and volunteers as a nurse for wounded World War 2 soldiers. She meets a handsome soldier and is engaged to be married to a 'very nice' man of whom her parents approve. All is good, right?

      The production crew of this film and Nicholas Sparks, the author of the book definitely know how to reduce the audience to tears. Since the release of this film, it has had a popular response and I've heard numerous excellent reviews and nothing negative. One of the main aspects of the film that interested me most was the class difference between Allie and Noah and her parents reaction to the relationship. At first, they see it as a bit of a summer romance, however they later seem to see it as a threat to the life that they have planned out for her. I thought it was absolutely gutting the way her parents paid such scant regard to her opinions and wishes, to drag her away before her planned departure for university. The main driving force behind this is her mother, played by Joan Allen. She is very well to-do and well placed. It seems as though she has always been well off, born with a silver spoon in her mouth and influential. She is portrayed very well and is easy to dislike based on her character and attitude. We later find out the reason for this and to be honest, it was a bit of a twist in the tale, I must admit. It irritated me that her father was so non-descript and unconvincing.

      One of the things that I loved about this film was how Noah's love for Allie didn't die, despite years and miles separating them. The time period that this story is set in makes for an actual 'courtship' as my grandparents tend to put it, spending a summer together basking in the sun and enjoying each others company. I thought that this was incredibly sweet, lovely and very romantic rather than the portrayal of lust and the clothes ripping! Also, without wanting to sound shallow, I loved the fashion of the era. Allie looks fabulous throughout the entire film (and yes, well financed leads to well dressed!) but I really loved the innocent glamour that Allie brings to the film.

      However, my favourite character in the entire film was Noah. He is very humble, sweet and shows an incredible amount of love for Allie throughout the film, even after she moves away. He continues to have undying love for her which is clear throughout, particularly with his lack of romantic progress after Allie moves away.

      This film deals with some very sensitive issues and does it very well. Firstly, as I've addressed before, love across the class boundaries. However much she cries, declares her undying love etc, she can't stay with him as her parents have arranged for her to leave and upsettingly enough hadn't even warned her that she would be leaving imminently. Secondly, the concept of dementia and those in love; the elderly lady in the nursing home has advanced dementia and hears the elderly gentleman read the same story every day. I won't spoil the ending, but it's truly heartbreaking and will move you to tears. Whilst it appears to be portrayed as a 'girly' film, my boyfriend even cried at the end of this film.

      This film is definitely a must-watch and I guarantee that you will enjoy it! The film box portrays it as "the most romantic movie since Titanic". In my personal opinion, this film is far more romantic than Titanic!

      This film is currently available in a 2 for £10 offer at HMV or available for £6.99 which is well worth the investment! The film itself is rated as a 12, but the additional content on the DVD bumps it up to a 15. Along with the film, is a commentary, 3 features and the trailer.


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        29.09.2013 22:33
        Very helpful



        Not my cup of tea

        I'm not very good at watching films, I average about one every two months. True to form a friend lent me this film about three months ago and I've only just got round to watching it. I'm not particularly into romantic films but I've heard so much about this film over the years that I gave it a go.

        I don't remember The Notebook being that big a deal when it came out, but over the years it has developed a cult status. All I knew in advance was that it was supposed to be a real tearjerker, and that it was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. I've seen people saying on facebook that they get a 'Notebook hangover' where they feel sad for days after watching it. I got into bed, put the DVD and left Mr S firmly downstairs so I could wallow in some tearjerking alone.

        The plot follows lovers Allie and Noah, who meet at the age of 17 and have a passionate relationship. The story and how they meet is being told by an old man with a notebook to an old woman, in a old folks home. I think the link between the two is supposed to be a big surprise but it's pretty obvious from the offset.

        The love story is a complete cliche. She is beautiful, accomplished and ambitious, with rich well to do parents. He is a down and out lovable rouge who barely has two pennies to rub together. Her parents disapprove. This makes her more determined to stay with him. It's neither ambitious or particularly different. I won't spoil any more of the story line other than this.

        The movie is so well acted. Rachel McAdams is a favourite of mine anyway, and she is incredible in this film. I'm a big fan of Ryan Gosling too, and the pairing works really well on screen. I feel like a mediocre script is made fairly good by these two fantastic actors. The costumes are beautiful and really bring the piece to life, there is also some great scenery, particularly when they visit the beach.

        The bad - the script and characters are so cliched and unimaginative. The story of the two lovers meeting and getting through their problems is beautiful but the story in the old folks home is contrived and honestly just felt too schmaltzy for me. I won't spoil the ending but it's kind of ridiculous and more twee than a teacup full of kittens

        ~Possible spoiler~
        There is a depiction of dementia in this film. It's a very nice dementia where the person can hold and follow a conversation, look perfectly well and dress/present herself fine. The only thing she does is forget her friends and family members. I have experience of somebody with dementia and it's not as heartwrenchingly bittersweet as that, nor are any of the people at the care home which I visit regularly. Maybe this film will raise awareness of dementia but in no way a realistic one. Maybe I'm looking into things too much and it's just a film. But I found it quite silly and anybody out there who has the remotest idea of what dementia can do to a loved one won't be able to take this seriously. I know it's just a film but I just couldn't believe it and as a result it just seemed silly to me.

        This film is 118 minutes long. Director - Nick Cassavettes

        I haven't read the book but my friend started it and said she didn't enjoy it. I can't say I'm inspired to try it after this film.

        Overall - I'd say it's a fairly average but beautifully acted story line which is overly sentimental and will try every trick in the book to make you cry. I found it melodramatic and unrealistic. Granted, this is a film and there is always artistic license, but it just did nothing for me. I find it hard to believe that this film would be popular outside of the 'tween' demographic. I did want to like it and I don't want to disrespect all the people who love this film, but it just did nothing for me. I am amazed that it has such a cult following.


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          13.02.2013 15:40



          Beautiful film, heartbreaking

          A wonderful love story, me and my husband watched this together and we both cried our eyes out. It's a story of a young boy and girl who meet and fall in love with each other even though they come from 2 different types of worlds, her mother makes her leave and the boy builds the house she has dreamed of hoping that one day she goes back. She gets engaged to another man but goes back to see her first true love, they grow old together and she gets Alzheimer's so everyday her husband sits with her everyday and tells her the story of how a boy meets a girl and falls in love. Even though it breaks his heart for her not to remember he still sticks at it. I will leave the ending for you to find out. This is the ultimate love story and I believe it has changed the way love stories are portrayed forever.


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            11.09.2012 22:53
            Very helpful


            • Everything!


            • None!

            A lovely, sad and heartfelt film..

            Film Only Review:

            This is the love story of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel Mcadams), two young people that meet at a fare where Noah goes out of his way to woo Allie. Both are very young and they quickly fall in love but this is a difficult match being that Allie comes from a well to do family that have high hopes for her and Noah is a a rather scruffy factory worker but none the less their love is real and true for one summer.

            However Allie is made to go to college by her parents to New York and Noah splits up with her to try make it easier for her to go, heartbroken they both go their separate ways but what Allie doesn't know is that Noah writes to her everyday for a whole year but she never receives the letters.

            In the meantime a few years pass by, Noah goes off to war and comes back and builds the house that he had talked so many years before of building to Allie but he cant part with it though he is meant to be selling it, he has a sort of girlfriend but hes not all that interested in that at all really and Allie meets a man, seems to fall for him and is due to get married much to the delight of her family and life is going well for her.

            However after seeing Noah in the paper she decides to go pay him a visit and of course they click but what Allie must decide is between the two men that she obviously cares for, one who is suitable financially and who will take care of her and be a good husband and the other Noah who was her first love and her biggest passion.

            My Verdict:

            What is lovely about the notebook is that this is written in more present day in the form of a story between two old people in a home and she has dementia, not really remembering anything and the guy goes reads to her this story every day so we watch the young lovely story from the past coming back to the two old people talking. Its a wonderful, heartfelt and sentimental love story this one and every time I watch it I shed a few tears I have to admit. Its isn't a fast paced story this one, its a slow burner that comes together to a really sad ending and I have to admit I love this film, i think its just superb in every way and very
            well acted throughout by all the case. A definite must watch in my humble opinion for anyone and everyone! Its simple a beautiful story and I really don't want to give too much away!

            Rated 15 with a run time of 118 minutes.

            This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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              10.09.2012 21:35
              Very helpful



              Both heart-breaking and heart-warming; a nostalgic romantic drama

              This Nicholas Sparks bloke, author of 'The Notebook', sure knows how to write a heartwrencher. Well, I haven't read any of his books, but I've just watched the film of 'The Notebook' for the second time, and sheesh...

              I'd describe myself as quite a sentimental and sensitive guy, so 'The Notebook' really moved me. I've been with my girlfriend for nearly 4 years now and I love her to bits, and I like to think I'm quite romantic as well! 'The Notebook' bears the tagline: 'Behind every great love is a great story.' This is true; the two main characters' relationship is lovely and their story sweet, but on the surface, it's just another romance. There's something special about this romance, but then again there is in every romance. Director Nick Cassavetes picks up their relationship and tale and brings this love story into the filmic world.

              Director: Nick Cassavetes
              Actors: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner, Gena Rowlands
              Runtime: 123 mins
              Rating: 15
              Out Now

              -== Plot ==-

              In a nursing home in present day, Duke (James Garner), an elderly man, reads a story to another patient (Gena Rowlands) from a notebook. 'The Notebook' tells the story of a young couple in the early 1940s who start an unlikely courtship in South Carolina. Allie (Rachel McAdams) is from a wealthy upper-class family and aspires to go to College, while Noah (Ryan Gosling) works at a lumber yard and acknowledges his career won't go much further than that. After spotting Allie at a fair, Noah, quite brashly, asks Allie out. She refuses, but Noah doesn't give up and continues to try to get a date with her. Following a set up double-date, Noah and Allie begin falling for each other and share a perfect summer romance together; but as the summer comes to a close and Allie's parents' patience starts to wane with her "trash" boyfriend, they move away, effectively cutting their relationship short.

              Years pass. Allie graduates, and afterwards works as a nurse for the wounded soldiers of WWII. Here she meets a new man, Lon (James Marsden), who she eventually gets engaged to. Noah actually fights in WWII, loses his best friend at war, and when he returns, learns that his Father has sold his house and plans on helping Noah renovate the abandoned derelict house he has dreamed of fixing up for so long. Soon, his Father dies, and Noah goes at it alone, and a picture in a newspaper showing Noah in front of the completed house draws a past love back to him. Allie returns to South Carolina to see Noah; Noah hasn't stopped loving her, and the spark that brought them together in the first place is still present. But Allie, now engaged, must choose whether to tie up a loose end or pursue a young summer love from long ago.

              -== The Review ==-

              'The Notebook' has become somewhat of a 'cult' film since its 2004 release, mainly for its tear-jerking attributes. It's a romantic drama with a story superbly crafted by the author of the novel of which the film is set: Nicholas Sparks ('superbly' in the sense that it is completely heart-wrenching if you have any trace of sentimentality; and that's exactly what it's aiming to do: be moving and emotional). Noah and Allie undergo a struggle due to difference in class. It's a concept that's been done many a time before, and in all honesty, there's nothing new in that respect. 'The Notebook' is very character driven, however. As a viewer, you are meant to fall in love with Noah and Allie's characters and relationship, and ultimately long for them to end up together. Rachel McAdams is good (clearly she gets worse with age - this is one of the better roles I've seen her in), Ryan Gosling is superb, and much of the rest of the cast are impressive too, particularly Pamela Landy - oh, I mean Joan Allen - as the Southern upper-class mother. Gosling's Noah, in the first part of the film, is charming and youthful, and there is just so much likeability present. Gosling nails the dramatic and tense moments while retaining his unique persona, and as his character becomes more experienced in the later parts of the film, Gosling conveys that Noah is worn and lost without his love. It's one of his earlier film roles, half a decade before his recent breakthrough. McAdams' Allie isn't quite as interesting as Gosling's Noah, but the actress gives a solid and honest performance, although certain scenes are slightly off the mark. But while the central characters are established effectively, characterisation of others is quite basic at times, which doesn't help the rather hackneyed social class theme.

              It's not an easy job constructing a relationship of any kind in any film, and certainly not a convincing romantic one. But Sparks and director Cassavetes' (son of Gena Rowlands) story and direction respectively combine to make Noah and Allie's on-screen love an engrossing one. Firstly, they're both quite good looking, which is frankly very important. And the actors' chemistry is credible, despite quite a rocky experience on-set. The two began dating during the filming of 'The Notebook', but it wasn't all peachy during this time, with Gosling even stating at one point that they "inspired the worst in each other" (they did manage to sustain a two-year relationship, however). Their characters were written to work well together, and the actors do a great job. The awkward teenage arguments are brilliant, particularly on Gosling's part, while the loved-up moments are heart-warming, and the scenes following the seven years apart are very well executed, with those teenage feelings surfacing in accompaniment with their teenage romance. Humour, sympathy and heartache are all present simply from the character portrayals alone, and it is because of these great performances that 'The Notebook' works so well, serving as a solid foundation for the love story.

              With the 'cult' following comes the assigning of 'The Notebook' as a 'girl's' film. The film is mainly aimed towards women, but it is a very good film and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't doubt that many of the alpha males among us will dislike it, but beyond the sentimental romance is a very nice tale. The film is helped greatly by the story, which fills it goals and then some, but Cassavetes adds some very nice filmic touches to help it on its way. The opening sequence borders but somehow avoids cliché, but rather is agonizingly poignant, with Aaron Zigman's wonderful main theme for the film overscored (the same can't be said for the rest of the soundtrack, however, which is unnoticeable half of the time and obtrusive and distasteful the other). The image of Noah in his boat (his character is also a carpenter of sorts - I'm thinking the name choice was deliberate) is a defining one for the film, and becomes the centre of some beautiful moments in the film. The film falls with certain twists, that are either slightly silly or badly established, in that you don't even know if it's meant to be a twist! The key positive elements however are the story, the characters & performances and the romantic style, and the three combine to create a successful romance film. Yes, the target audience is women, naturally; but there is a lot to offer here. 'The Notebook' is a great film about a love story; one which is essentially unique to the characters involved, but is nonetheless relatable, and evokes nostalgia and sentimentality in intense multitudes - multitudes that, for some reason, you'll want to relive again and again.


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                21.07.2012 19:43
                Very helpful



                captivating love story with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

                I picked this film up years ago, in one of those 2 for £10 dvd offers at my local HMV, however although I have been dying to watch it, it has sat on my dvd shelf just waiting to be played. Finally my husband and I decided to watch it, the other night, and have a bit of a romantic night in. I have heard lots about this film, that it was very romantic and was a bit of a tear jerker. I wasn't disappointed.

                The Notebook is the 2004 romantic drama, based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film is directed by Nick Cassavetes. The film has a running time of 118 mins approx. The dvd is rated a 15, however the main feature is only a 12, this is due to additional material on the dvd being classified at a higher certificate.

                Ryan Gosling (yummy)
                Rachel McAdams
                James Garner
                Gena Rowlands
                Sam Shepard
                James Marsden
                Joan Allen

                The film begins in present day, at a nursing home, where an elderly gentleman (James Garner) is reading a story from his 'Notebook' to another resident (Gena Rowlands). As he begins to read the story we are pulled into the story, and we are taken back to the 1940s to a town called Seabrook. Here we meet a young country boy named Noah (Ryan Gosling). Noah is at a carnival with his friends when he sees and is instantly attracted to Allie. Allie is from a wealthy background and is only in Seabrook for the Summer with her family. Noah dramatically introduces himself to Allie by jumping on to a moving ferris wheel, she is riding with someone else. Allie resists Noah servel times at first, until their friends who happen to be dating (courting as it was in those days) set them up on a double date at the movies. Noah and Aliie walk home together after the movie. They start to get to know each other a bit better, and Noah questions Allie about her privledged lifestyle, asks what is it that she wants to do, not what her parents want.
                Allie soon falls head over her heels for Noah ( I did too), and the couple begin a whirlwind summer romance, with ups and downs, fights and make ups. Noah is invited to a dinner with Allie's parents and friends, and it is here that it becomes clear, they don't approve of Allie and Noah's relationship. This is due to Noah's class and how little he earns from his job at a lumber yard.
                The young couple don't let this stop them and they enjoy the most of summer. One night Noah takes Allie to an abandoned house, that he has always dreamed of buying and doing up. Allie makes Noah promise that he will and to paint it white with blue shutters. Sadly there night is ruined when they are interrupted by Noah's friend Fin, who has come to warn them that Allie's parents and the police are out looking for her. Noh returns Allie home, only to have to hear Allie's parents call him trash. There is a huge arguement and the couple break up. Although they fight all the time, and soon make up, they are not given the chance to this time as Allie's parents pack up all there things and they head home, and Allie off to college in New York.
                Years pass before the couple meet again, and in those years both have been through a lot of things and changes. Neither ever really knowing how the other had felt since that night they split. When they finally meet will that spark and passion they once had resurface?
                The film flips betwen the story of Allie and Noah (the main part of the film) and the elderly man and woman in the nursing home. It quickly becomes clear that the woman in the nursing home suffers from Alzheimers disease, and the man reads her the story often.

                The film ends differently to how I thought it was going to and although I felt throughout I knew what was coming, the ending adda a beautiful, yet sad twist.

                I loved this film, even more than I thought I would. After seeing Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine (see review) I had a new appreciation for his acting talent, and when I noticed it was Gosling in this film, I was hoping not to be disappointed, and I wasn't. His acting was fantastic in this and he played his character very well, I almost feel in love with Noah myself, and wished I was Allie. Goaling and McAdams have real chemistry and work together fantastically on this movie, and there relationship feels very real. I had sen McAdams in Time travellers wife and was quite inpressed with her, but I feel she is much better in this. All the characters are believeable.

                The film is very captivating, and I hated when I had to pause it to nip to the loo, it was the quickest bathroom break possible. However the film is a little predictable but the ending adds a little bit of a twist. There are some beautiful romantic scenes throughout the film that made my heart melt, my favourite being where they are out rowing and get caught in the rain. The film leaves you feeling happy and sad all at once. It was truely beautiful.

                The film is set in the 1940s pre and post war and pulls this look off very well, it made me feel I was born in the wrong era, the style of the clothes and the things they did for fun, are a far cry away from these days.

                The film doesn't only explore the relationship of Allie and Noah, that of true love and first love, but we also see Allie and her mothers relationship being explored throughout.

                I liked how the film flipped between past and present, as when in present time it gave me as a viewer the time to reflect and digest what has been happening between Noah and Allie and try to figure out how both parts of the story fit together.

                The notebook tells the tale of love, class divides and tackles Alzheimers in a beautiful yet heart breaking way. I like how this is in there, as it is a subject not many films tackle, and adds a bit more to the story than just another love story.

                One thing that stood out in the film for me, was that Noah always made Allie think about what it was she wants and not what will please others. I like this because it teaches Allie and us as viewers to follow our hearts.

                I haven't read the novel yet, so I am unsure as to how the film compares, but I can't wait to read it and find out. The film received some fantastic reviews and some not so fantastic, but as a whole was well received. The dvd case features some of these review/quotes from reviews.

                Dvd extras, when I really enjoy a movie I like to watch the dvd extras, and this dvd has lots to choose from.
                There are some deleted/alternate scenes, 12 in total that can be watched with or without commentary. I watch all these scenes and I felt that they add a little more to my overall experience of the film, as some of these scenes told us more about certain characters and helped explain areas that the film itself doesn't. For example where Noh's mother is.
                There is feature commentary with Nick Cassavetes the director, and also there is feature commentary with the novelist Nicholas Sparks.
                There are 3 featurettes-
                All in the family: Nick Cassavetes- this is all about the director
                Nicholas Sparks a simple story well told- is all about the autor
                Southern Exposure:locating the Notebook- is all about how they found the right location for filming, and all the things that needed to be done to make it look like 1940.
                There is also a bit about casting which includes Rachel McAdams' screen test, and a movie trailer.

                Overall a beautiful fantastic movie, that I am sure to watch again. The dvd has extras that are worth watching. I love this movie and would highly recommend it. It will make you cry, and even though most won't admit it, it will make the men in your life shed a tear or two as well.

                This review is also on ciao under the same user name.


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                  16.07.2012 00:43



                  A real tear-jerker!

                  An elderly man visiting a nursing home starts telling a resident the story of two young people in 40s America. The film flicks back and forth between the current day at the nursing home, and the story that the man is telling. He starts by taking us back to the summer when his characters, Ally and Noah, met and fell in love.

                  The lovely Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling play young couple Ally and Noah, while Gena Rowlands is the nursing home patient and James Garner is her storyteller/our narrator.

                  ~My Thoughts~
                  This has got to be one of the most romantic films I have ever seen EVER! So if you are a total sap like me then you will love it. I challenge anyone to watch this without crying. It's beautifully made and the acting is superb. Every time I watch it I can't help but get drawn in and care about the characters and what is going to happen to them, even though I already know! One of my favourite things about this is the 1940s setting as I like to see the clothes and hair, etc from the era, but I just generally love everything about it and would definitely recommend watching it.

                  The soundtrack to the film is split into two categories; music from the 1940s, including jazz and swing, and a specially written selection of pieces that capture the emotions of particular parts.

                  ~Other Stuff~
                  Released in: 2005
                  Running Time: 123 mins
                  Age Certificate: 15
                  Available for: £3.89 (Amazon 15/07/12)


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                  28.05.2012 18:19
                  Very helpful



                  Said to be one of the films that make men cry

                  The Notebook DVD

                  Actors: Gena Rowlands, James Garner, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Joan Allen

                  Director- Nick Cassavetes

                  Classification 15

                  DVD release date Feb 2005

                  Running Time 123 Minutes

                  Available for £3.99 with free delivery from Amazon.

                  Last night we were both ready to crash out and watch a film. Several weeks of trying to decorate a hall that spans a three storey house, with 3 cats and one dog has taken its toll, and a movie that I had been meaning to share with hubby for sometime caught my attention on my shelf of "keepers".

                  Brief Outline Of The Story

                  The Notebook is a film that is based on the novel by Nicolas Sparks, and it tells the story of two teenagers who meet during the final summer before the girl -Allie is planning to leave the state to go to university. Set In South Carolina this is no ordinary love affair as it spans two classes - Noah the boy is a hard working country guy who lives frugally on his earnings from manual labour, and Allie is a daughter who lives in affluence, and is encouraged by her parents to set her sights high. The rift between the lifestyles is immense, but the teenage emotions that drive the passion are electric. The love they share is always fragile as Allie's interfering parents watch on with despair and try to block the liason at every opportunity. Time passes and Allie leaves the country to follow her studies and the relationship appears to be over, but neither can forget the love that was between them. This is true even 7 years later when she is engaged to be married into yet more wealth and comfort, as a young and successful man sweeps her off her feet.

                  The story begins with scenes from a beautiful nursing home where an elderly lady in the last chapter of her life battles dementia, and a kind gentleman called Duke, played by James Garner, is seen sitting by her side. He reads a story to her which she enjoys, and at times seems to stir some familiarity which she sees fleetingly, but then fails to imprint on her ageing mind. Who are these two and what does it all mean ?- for this and the events that precede you will have to watch for yourself.

                  My Opinion

                  My opinion of this film was very positive the first time that I saw it alone, and I was interested to see the reaction of my husband as he watched the scenes. He was utterly captivated as I was, as this is a story of a beautiful and honest love between two people who share a chemistry that completely overshadows wealth and material possessions. The film is set in the 1940s, and at first I would say for the opening scenes I was a little bit disappointed, as I thought the film lacked substance and wasn't going to hold my interest. This was especially true for me in the early moments of their relationship where immaturity drives them forward. However it is this innocence and simplicity that contrasts so beautifully between the later parts of the film where maturity dominates, that makes this film so utterly entrancing. I would say if you find the first twenty minutes too shallow try to stay with it, as this rather difficult to watch portrayal of the pair falling in love may seem prolonged and juvenile, as it reflects their ages at the time. In particular it especially highlights the rather casual and "anything goes" attitude of the young Noah.

                  There are some utterly beautiful moments in the film especially in the second part - a rowing boat drifting in duck speckled lakes as the rain approaches. There are moving scenes of tenderness and despair that are superbly acted by the two main characters. Noah is played so beautifully by Ryan Gosling who isn't afraid to speak his mind and to follow through his promises. He matures in the film from a rather risk taking youth, to someone who stands up for what he believes in, and he plays this transformation with skill and with passion. By the second half of the film he has a beard and a hair cut which isn't exactly of the era, and I did notice this as it had that just blow-dried look to it - still he is really pleasing to the eye so at this point I didn't care! I especially enjoyed the fact that although the film is dated in years, being set in the pre and post war era, the two main characters express themselves in a way that can easily transverse the decades, and the issues they raise are as true today as they were then. There are some excellent computer graphics on this film with moonlit scenes actually filmed in daylight hours, and images of birds flying over white picket fences. There are also rich country landscapes typical of this area shown in all their glory making this a film that is visually so enjoyable.

                  Allie is also superbly played by Rachel McAdams who portrays all her emotions with credibility. She too transforms from youth to adulthood and leaves her teenage years behind her, turning into a woman who is torn between her love of two men from different worlds. For me though the real awards belong with Gena Rowlands. She plays the elderly lady in the nursing home as her battle with dementia destroys her memory and leaves her confused and isolated. No one wants to see dementia as we all fear it, but the way that it is portrayed in this film is more a celebration of life and love and dedication, that a morbid trail through the years of a lost mind.

                  This film is a reminder of the fragility of life and the possibility that love can exist between two souls that love each other irrespective of class or money. My husband was intensely moved by it and we sat in silence for a few moments at the end with a box of tissues between us- speechless.

                  DVD Extras
                  There are some excellent DVD extras which I really enjoyed and which are well worth watching. I particularly enjoyed the director's commentary on deleted scenes, and also on the film editing which highlighted some fascinating detail. Originally the film was running at over 3 hours, and so a lot of editing was necessary to trim it down to the 2 hours or so that remain, which it was felt necessary to keep the story alive without diluting the meaning. This involved culling some outstanding scenes which out of their context were superb, but which had to go in order to aid the flow and the momentum the film needed to have credibility and sincerity.

                  The film was made in South Carolina although the book was set in North, and because the director felt that the former really captured the essence and flavour of the southern way of life lived by the characters in the book, he found it appropriate to set the film in this more southerly location than the author had intended. There is also a lot of discussion about the love scenes and how they had to make them just right for the passion they felt, but not too explicit as to lose the rating that the film needed to reach larger audiences. For this reason the extras have a different classification of 15 ( the film is 12) as there is discussion and content surrounding the scenes which have love physically expressed within them.

                  Final Thoughts

                  This is a beautiful film that I will never forget. It has its failings - yes- but it portrays a love that transcends class and lasts through generations. It is a joyful piece that presents hope, especially in failing years. I am sure it will touch so many who see this for the first time. My mum is not the way she was, and my father cares for her with dedication and he too battles illness every day, but they met at 16 and now in their 80s they have weathered many storms. Mum has clarity at times but at others she fades into darkness. It reminds me of my own immortality and the importance of living every day treasuring every moment. This film certainly celebrates life and love like no other.

                  This review was also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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                    28.02.2012 20:35
                    Very helpful



                    A very good all-round love story

                    RELEASED: 2004, Cert. 12

                    RUNNING TIME: Approx. 124 mins

                    DIRECTOR: Nick Cassavetes

                    PRODUCERS: Mark Johnson & Toby Emmerich

                    SCREENPLAY: Jeremy Leven & Jan Sardi

                    MUSIC: Aaran Zigman

                    MAIN CAST:-

                    Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun
                    Rachel McAdams as Allie Hamilton
                    James Garner as Duke
                    Gena Rowlands as Elderly Lady in residential home
                    James Marsden as Lon Hammond
                    Joan Allen as Allie's Mother
                    David Thornton as Allie's Father


                    FILM ONLY REVIEW

                    Based on Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name, The Notebook begins in a nursing home, where elderly man Duke begins to read a story aloud from a notebook to one of the female residents. It appears the lady has dementia and it is hoped that being read aloud to may help her restore some of her diminishing memory functions.

                    The film then flashes back to 1940 where Noah and Allie meet at a fairground. Allie is with a group of friends and at first resists Noah's overtures towards her, but after he performs a daredevil act on the big wheel ride in an attempt to impress her, she gradually develops a spark of interest for him.

                    Before long, Noah and Allie become an item, much to the disapproval of Allie's mother.....Allie is a middle-class Southern States girl, and Noah is from the other side of the tracks. Although Noah's and Allie's relationship is quite argumentative, they fall deeply in love....but, all good things in life aren't so easy to stick with, because Allie is sent away to New York to further her educational studies.

                    Whilst Allie is away, the besotted Noah writes her 365 letters - one a day for a year - yet when at the end of the year he has not received any response at all, he decides to call it a day and try to forget about the love of his life....plus, he is called up to serve in World War II, yet returns in one piece.

                    Allie volunteers to become a nursing assistant, helping war-wounded soldiers returning home, and it is at the hospital she meets Lon Hammond. They date, and eventually become engaged.

                    That sets the basic scene....watch this rather heartwarming love story for yourself to find out more.


                    There are love stories and love stories....some of them gush sick-bucket sentimental tripe at me, and some cut deep into my very core because they are so vivid and free from ridiculous gush....The Notebook kind of falls bang in the middle of those two extremes for me.

                    When I started watching, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it didn't take too long to hook into the storyline....one that isn't entirely original, but nonetheless a tireless theme which is good to work with and can be presented in many different ways.

                    I quickly became engrossed in The Notebook and found the acting to be of a very high standard, my favourite character being that of Noah, played by Ryan Gosling....plus I also loved the kindly old uncle style in which James Garner delivered the part of the man reading a story to a lonely old lady in a care home.

                    Only one thing really rattled me during the story, as it does with all other films of this nature - The Notebook isn't an isolated case - is....it always seems to me that these tales of deep romance are presented in such a way that the lovers who idolise one another always seem to be having some pretty savage arguments. I personally don't think I would want to spend the rest of my life welded to somebody, no matter how much I loved them, if it was going to be an existence of constant bickering and heated exchanges. To me, love is about serenity, not ripping one another's heads off at every opportunity.....I appreciate that when feelings run strong, maybe various issues need to be aired and compromised over, but I don't think I could fall in love with somebody who had such different views and such a different outlook on life to my own. Anyway I am digressing....

                    .....back to the point! The music to The Notebook is pretty good, although I found it very typical of the sort which normally accompanies love story films. I caught quite a few bits of the score, and felt that I'd actually like to hear it on its own, unconnected to the film, as I believe it would then have more of an impact on me.

                    There are a couple of little twists in The Notebook, but apart from the very last one, none that I couldn't see coming because under different guises, they have been done before. However and overall, I was pretty captivated by this film as a whole, although for me there was something missing from the way Noah's and Allie's relationship was presented. I can't quite put into words what I feel the missing bit is....just that perhaps I'd have liked to see something meatier, and on further reflection, I feel that although Rachel McAdams was very good as lovelorn teenager Allie Hamilton, I'd like to have seen a bit more of a solid input from the character.

                    I couldn't help wishing I'd have met somebody like Noah when I was young....maybe my life would have been less of a muddle if there had been somebody like that in my teenage sphere of relationships, but it didn't happen. I think it was Noah who did get to me above all the other characters in the film, as I found him a delightfully unusual young man, yet simultaneously warm, funny, gentle and tender.

                    My favourite part of The Notebook didn't make me reach for the tissue box as I feel it would a lot of other people as my levels of sentimentality function on a different plane entirely.....that favourite part being the end of the film. With hindsight I can now tell that as the film progresses, there is more than one direction the storyline could travel down and those possibilities will be visible to everyone....and, I believe that different people will want different ultimate outcomes. I can say that the actual outcome was exactly how I wanted it to be, and it did quite heavily touch on things inside of me that I really prefer not to talk about....such an ending honestly though couldn't have been better for me.

                    The Notebook is overall a very good film which deals quite sensitively with the issue of love, and it being not entirely original isn't really an issue. There are some 'weepie' moments scattered around, but they aren't so far down slush-bucket boulevard that they make me cringe.....I can happily tolerate them, as for the most part this is an intelligent, endearing and very enjoyable film about human relationships - what can go right and what can go wrong.

                    I'd highly recommend The Notebook, and I feel it would touch a chord in most people, except perhaps for the granite-hearted, and I also feel it isn't one which is specifically aimed at the female population - men will enjoy it too!


                    At the time of writing, The Notebook can be purchased on Amazon as follows:-

                    New: from £2.62 to £39.99
                    Used: from £1.62 to £199.99 !!!
                    Collectible: Two copies currently available @ £17.99 and £19.99

                    A delivery charge of £1.26 should be added to the above figures.

                    Thanks for reading!

                    ~~ Also published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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                      21.12.2011 21:25
                      Not Helpful



                      Well worth a watch!

                      I had heard of this film but never had the time to watch it, whilst on night shift recently a friend insisted we watched it.

                      At first I could not get into it as I was tired and didn't have the concentration to watch it. However within the first 30 minutes I was hooked. This is a film of true love with an unexpected twist at the end. Iy is very cleverly written and the way this film has been directed is done to high quality. This film is a chick flick that could easily be watched again and again and every time it would be like watching it for the first time.

                      Three women blubbered our way through this heart wrenching film, and when telling my husband about it the next day continued to blub. I would highly recommend watching this film, a true classic love story that keeps love alive.

                      The film is not too long at about two hours but you do have to pay attention and have to pause of you get up for any reason as you would be unable to follow the story line if you get distracted.

                      I have given this five stars as I would recommend this to anyone to watch.


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                      13.03.2011 20:06
                      Very helpful



                      Brilliant film

                      I had wanted to see this for some time but I decided to read the book first (please see review!). When I finished the book a couple of weeks ago I didn't hesitate to order the DVD from Amazon. I watched it with my partner one evening in the week. This is a film only review.


                      The film begins by introducing us to an old man and an old woman in a nursing home. The man is reading to the old woman. As he reads the story we see the story as it happened.

                      Noah is a poor young man who works very hard to make a days living. He lives with his father who he is close to. One evening he visits the fair with his friend Fin. Whilst he is at the fair he meets a young girl named Allie. He thinks she is beautiful and begs her to go on a date with him.
                      The pair never end up on the date and when Noah bumps into her again he asks her out. She says no but Fin and his girlfriend have a plan and fix up a double date without Allie and Noah knowing and the four end up at the cinema. Noah and Allie really hit it off and embark upon a fun relationship where the pair are clearly besotted with one another.


                      As I had already read the book I knew the way the film would pan out however there are lots of different things in the film that were not in the book and vice versa. I think the majority of the film was true to the book and the changes just added to the film and made it flow better as a film.

                      The plot is a beautiful story and I loved seeing it acted out on the screen. The film focuses on the romance between Noah and Allie but occasionally the film does skip back to the pair in the nursing home. By doing this it gives a small break from the main story which I thought was nice as it gave time to reflect on what I had seen.
                      The film flowed very well. As we are just following the story of Noah and Allie there are no real sub-plots but I felt there was always plenty going on to keep my attention.

                      The characters really make the film. I fell in love with Noah from the beginning and Allie is such a sweet character. You can really see why the pair fell in love and I thought they were a brilliant couple.
                      The acting in the film is superb. Having previously read the book I was a little wary that the film may not live up to my very high expectations but the actors really help make the film. Ryan Gosling (Noah) creates a loving and honest character who I could really relate to and Rachel McAdams (Allie) plays Allie just like I had imagined her to be when I read the book.

                      The ending in the film is done brilliantly. It is both a happy and sad ending and I thought the acting was fantastic and the pace of the ending also helped make it absolutely perfect. I cant say much more than this because it will give too much away!
                      I wasn't sure if my partner would enjoy this. He doesn't mind the occasional chick flick but I really wanted him to see this as I loved the book so much and thought the film would be equally as good. He really enjoyed the film and he was talking about it for the rest of the evening after it had finished so it obviously made an impression.

                      Additional Information

                      The film was released in 2004.
                      It is based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks (Dear John, The Last Song).
                      It stars Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Gena Rowlands and James Garner.
                      It runs for 123 minutes.
                      It Is rated a 12 in the UK (occasional sex).
                      IMDB give it a rating of 8.0/10 (104,145 votes).
                      The DVD is available from Amazon for £3.49.


                      A beautiful film that I will remember for a long time to come and I will certainly watch it again. One of my favourite films and I would definitely recommend it.


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                      12.03.2011 08:37
                      Very helpful



                      A wonderful film.,...one of my favourites

                      The notebook was one of those films that I had heard people talk about but had never actually seen. Based on the best selling novel my Nicolas Sparks, I was told by many people that this was exactly the kind of film that I would love and so around twelve months ago I bit the bullet and ordered the dvd from play.com where it was ridiculously cheap costing around four pounds! When the dvd arrived I actually waited a few weeks before watching but it is now up there with my all time favourite films.

                      The story begins in what looks to be quite an up market care home for elderly people. We see an elderly lady being approached by Duke, a gentleman who wants to read to her. He tells the story of Noah and Allie who meet as teenagers one summer. Noah is immediately drawn to Allie and although she is initially wary of him they soon begin a relationship which is tender and loving but also very passionate and fiery at times too. Noah and Allie are very much in love but they are from very different backgrounds. Noah works with timber earning very little whilst Allie has plans to go to university. Eventually Noah and Allie's relationship is torn apart by Allie's family who feel that Noah isn't good enough for their daughter. Several years go by and when Allie and Noah meet again Allie is forced to choose between the love of her life and a good man whom she also cares deeply for and who is wealthy and liked by her parents. Now I am not about to spoil the film for you by telling you what happens from here on as I think that is something that you really need to see for yourself!

                      Now as I mentioned the tale is told by Duke who is played by James Garner. I think Garner does an excellent job of playing the character that is so patient and caring yet filled with so much hope and love for the lady that he is reading to. You can see the hope in his eyes as he reads and it seems very genuine. The elderly Allie is played by Gena Rowlands who also does a really good job of portraying a confusing woman with progressing dementia who just wants to be able to go back to the times when she can remember her past life. I think this is particularly poignant for me as my nana actually developed dementia and after a few years of the illness she did not have a clue who any of us were and it is such a heartbreaking illness to see someone you love suffer.

                      Noah is played by Ryan Gosling and in my opinion he does a wonderful job. Noah is a young stubborn southern man but he falls for Allie the moment he sees her. I like this as I like to believe in the one true love that perhaps we all find only once in life and Gosling portrays this so well on screen. There is something really endearing about his soft southern voice as well, and of course he is not too hard on the eye!

                      Allie is played by Rachel McAdams and again it is brilliant casting. She is so beautiful and bubbly that you can see why Noah falls for her. What I love about this relationship is that Allie is just as smitten by Noah as he is by her and in many scenes you will see her literally running and jumping in to his arms. The chemistry between the pair seems real and nice to watch.

                      What I really love about this story is just how much Noah and Allie adore each other. It is such an intense love yet we see real flashes of tenderness in scenes such as when they make love for the first time. This is made all the more bittersweet by the fact that they are literally torn apart just afterwards. I also love the fact that despite being apart and both thinking that the other has given up on their love they are always in each others mind to some degree. Noah makes Allie a promise when they are together that he will make their dream house and he sticks to that even though Allie is not with him anymore in the home maybe one day she will come back. Is that true love or perhaps delusion? I guess that depends on how you want to look at it really but I would say it is true love.

                      I think the passion and love that Noah and Allie share is something that many of us can relate to but sadly many of us can also relate to the heart break that they have to go through as well. I find myself drawn to the story even more because I can empathise with the feeling of being blissfully happy one moment to having your world turned upside down the next.

                      I don't want to spoil the film for anyone but I cannot review this film without talking about me crying! The first time I watched this film I remember clearly thinking "people told me I would cry at this film...why aren't I crying" and feeling slightly bemused...however then the film came to its final part and I literally sobbed. I cried for around half an hour after the film had finished as it would just not leave my mind. On subsequent viewings I have to say that although I may cry at different parts of the film now I no longer cry for as long at the end! It is such a heart breaking but very beautiful story and I would urge people to watch it.

                      The film is rated at a 15 as apparently some of the additional content on the dvd has to be classed at a higher certificate than the main feature 12. The film runs for approximately 118 minutes and I think this is a perfect film for watching on a girls night in, alone or even with your partner-just make sure whoever you watch it with is ok seeing you cry!

                      Bonus features on the dvd include:
                      -Filmmakers feature length commentaries
                      -three featurettes

                      I have not watched these features though so I cannot comment on the quality of these but please watch the film! It is amazing!

                      Thank you for reading my review!


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                        07.02.2011 13:32
                        Very helpful



                        The Greatest Love Story I've Seen

                        THE NOTEBOOK

                        *~* Reasons For Buying the DVD *~*

                        I had watched the Trailer for The Notebook when it was first released in cinemas and i noticed that it looked quite old fashioned as it was set in the 1940's, as i'm not usually keen on films set in the olden days it took me a while to actually want to see the movie. The trailer for the film also features a war scene so i thought a lot of the film would be about the war which again is not the kind of film i'm keen to watch, so this also put me off. But finally i bought the DVD on Ebay because so many of my friends had been saying how brilliant the movie is and the reviews of the film were also great.

                        *~* The Plot *~*

                        The film opens with a beautiful setting on a lake with birds flying over the sky and an elderly lady watching from the window of her room in a nursing home. This lady suffers with alzheimer's so cannot remember much about her life, but a kind old man living in the same nursing home reads a story to her from A Notebook. The rest of the film is mostly based around this story, which features loveable characters Allie and Noah who are teenagers that meet at a fairground one summer and fall in love. But when summer ends, the couple are forced apart by Allie's strict parents who dissaprove of Noah and his background. Allie waits years for a letter from Noah which she never receives and so tries to move on with her life and gets engaged to a young soldier. But it isn't long until Allie & Noah's paths cross by coincidence and they are forced to face their feelings for one another once more and Allie has to choose between her two loves.

                        *~* The Cast *~*

                        The main actors in this film are;

                        Rachel Mcadams - The only film i had ever seen Rachel Mcadams in before this one was Mean Girls and Wow what a different character she plays in this film! Her acting is tremendous, she is fabulous at portraying the true feelings and emotions of Allie. Since watching this movie Mcadams is now one of my favourite actresses and i always make an effort to watch the movies she is in. I read that the other actresses who were considered for the role of Allie were Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Judd and even Britney Spears! I'm so glad the producers chose Rachel though, i can't imagine the film being the same without her.

                        Ryan Gosling - This is the first time i'd seen or heard of Ryan Gosling, and just like Mcadams his acting was superb in this film. You really empathise with his character because he shows his emotion so well and deliver the scenes to a top standard.

                        James Marsden - I'm using to seeing James Marsden in comedies, so this was a bit of a different character for him to play Allie's new love interest. The role required Marsden to take on a more serious character and although he acted well, i don't think he portrayed some of his feelings as well as the other characters.

                        James Garner - Also delivered a fantastic performance, he even made me cry at one point with how well he conveyed his emotions!

                        Gena Rowlands - Played her character perfectly and acted exactly the way you would expect her character to.

                        *~* Awards *~*

                        BMI Film Music Award 2005
                        MTV Best Kiss 2005
                        Golden Satellite Award for Actress in a Supporting Role for Gena Rowlands 2005
                        7 Teen Choice Awards including Best Love Scene, Best Movie Liplock, Best Chemistry, Best Actress & Actor and Best Breakout Performance for Ryan Gosling

                        *~* My Overall Opinion *~*

                        This film has become my all time favourite, it is truely the best love story i have ever seen and this film will be enjoyed by anyone of all ages. I was never bored in this film, it made me feel both happy and sad and it is one of the most memorable movies i've seen. The music that accompanied the film is also beautiful, especially "I'll Be Seeing You", the setting is just perfect and there are some wonderful scenes all the way through. I felt completely connected with the plot and there is a big twist in the film which i have been careful not to reveal in this review so as not to spoil the film for those who havn't seen it. Considering i usually dislike films set in the olden days, i absoloutely loved the 1940's setting of this movie and it wouldn't of been the same if it was set in modern day. It has completely changed my views on this type of film. The Notebook is truely one of the best written and best performances i have ever seen and if you haven't had the pleasure of watching this film yet, please do. It will make you both smile and cry but you will thoroughly enjoy it.

                        Based on the Novel by Nicholas Sparks

                        Produced by Nick Casavettes

                        UK Release Date: June 25th 2005

                        Runtime: 123 Mins

                        *~* Behind Every Great Love is a Great Story *~*


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                        24.01.2011 18:27
                        Very helpful



                        Great movie!

                        I have heard great things about this film but was never into mushy romantic dramas; I guess what made me change my mind was the fact that this movie stars Rachel McAdams whom I'm growing to really like!

                        ~~~DVD COVER~~~
                        The cover of the DVD features the kissing scene in the rain which has become a well known picture- sensual and romantic, this picture sums up the passionate love between the two characters in the movie.

                        ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
                        One Summer, local boy Noah (Ryan Gosling) meets rich girl Allie (Rachel McAdams) who he falls madly in love with. Unfortunately, she is only staying for the Summer and will be studying far away in New York. Their romance is met with disapproval from Allie's parents, who think Noah is a bad influence and that their daughter should be with a wealthy high class gentlemen.

                        Allie's Summer is cut short and leaves before getting to say goodbye to Noah. After years of waiting, Allie moves on to be engaged with Lon (James Marsden), whilst Noah accomplishes his dream of building his dream home. Upon seeing a picture of Noah in the paper, Allie returns to the small town where she met her first love, only to find that she still loves him, but who will she choose?

                        Told through the perspective of a story being retold, you are captured into this world of supposed make believe, drawn to this broken yet passionate love. As the film progresses, you soon realise what is happening and a deeper romance and a deeper sign of true love is revealed which makes this movie so much more than it first appears to be.

                        You are taken through a roller coaster ride of a romance along this movie- their fun times make you laugh, their fights and trials make you sad/angry and their love is sensual and passionate. The movie almost woos you to like it through this raw and honest portrayal of two lovers.

                        The themes of social class conflicts with the passions of Allie and Noah's love, exploring the challenges of meeting the standards of society and the repercussions if their two worlds were to merge. What is most moving is that despite all their trials, their love holds them together and that is what's true to them, all the way through to the very end. The ending is rather sad, but it is the best ending that could've been for this movie, so it did not disappoint at all!

                        Rachel McAdams- Allie
                        Ryan Gosling- Noah

                        Also stars Gena Rowlands, James Garner, James Marsden and Joan Allen.

                        Rachel McAdams is stunning as Allie- her emotions are ranged and genuine. This film has propelled her to great heights and she continues to shine in her current movies. Seeing her in this now, she has shown immense potential at dramatic and serious roles, as well as humorous light hearted ones and she is one to watch out for.

                        Ryan Gosling looked great in this but didn't really shine for me- could've been any other male actor of his age to be honest... his chemistry with McAdams was believable.

                        The DVD can be purchased for under £5 instore and online.

                        Whilst I wouldn't call it the "most romantic movie since Titanic" as advertised on the DVD, it has an extremely strong plot, deepened by the parallel story. The themes come through in a stylish and sexy way, enticing you into this passionate and true love and how pure their love is. Absolutely fantastic and a few scenes will be tear jerking! Be warned!


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                      • Product Details

                        When you consider that old-fashioned tearjerkers are an endangered species in Hollywood, a movie like The Notebook can be embraced without apology. Yes, it's syrupy sweet and clogged with clichés, and one can only marvel at the irony of Nick Cassavetes directing a weeper that his late father John--whose own films were devoid of saccharine sentiment--would have sneered at. Still, this touchingly impassioned and great-looking adaptation of the popular Nicholas Sparks novel has much to recommend, including appealing young costars (Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams) and appealing old costars (James Garner and Gena Rowlands, the director's mother) playing the same loving couple in (respectively) early 1940s and present-day North Carolina. He was poor, she was rich, and you can guess the rest; decades later, he's unabashedly devoted, and she's drifting into the memory-loss of senile dementia. How their love endured is the story preserved in the titular notebook that he reads to her in their twilight years. The movie's open to ridicule, but as a delicate tearjerker it works just fine. Message in a Bottle and A Walk to Remember were also based on Sparks novels, suggesting a triple-feature that hopeless romantics will cherish. --Jeff Shannon

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