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The Pink Panther 2 (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 2008 / Parental Guidance / Director: Harald Zwart / Actors: Steve Martin ... / DVD released 2009-06-29 at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL

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    4 Reviews
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      21.07.2011 03:25
      Very helpful



      The Y Men!!!

      The Pink Panther is a classic comedy, starring one of cinemas great comedic icons, Peter Sellars and directed by Blake Edwards, the man with the golden camera back in the 1970's, so why oh why did anyone think it would be a good idea to remake the Pink Panther, or reinvent him starring Steve Martin as the hapless inspector.

      First off, I don't appreciate remakes or retellings unless there is a specific benefit, if your going to reinvent Batman, that's absolutely fine, good luck, if you plan to put a new spin on the Italian Job and not really copy much except an iconic chase in mini's, cool. If you plan to simply put a comedic actor who hasn't made people laugh for 15 years in an iconic role and expect us to laugh simply because he's copying the silly French accent, then you've gone too far Mr Producer. I do appreciate that a number of other actors tried to follow Sellars in playing the bumbling French detective, but as I haven't seen these, I will treat them with the contempt I believe they deserve and ignore them.

      The Pink Panther 2 isn't a retelling of the old stories, it is a follow up to a film which I believe was widely panned, starring Martin, Beyonce and Kevin Kline. This time Martin has a big hand in writing it, unfortunately, this to me shows that the once great comedic talent has waned and got lost somewhere along the way as this actually made my niece grimace at times, it is so stupid and shallow.

      The best parts of the film are the opening and closing credits where the animated Pink Panther helps to introduce the characters and this explains how the story might develop.

      ==The Plot==

      An International thief known as 'The Tornado' is touring the major art works and historical manuscripts of the world, including the Magna Carta, the Japanese Emperor's sword and the Shroud of Turin. All attention turns to the Pink Panther, a diamond which symbolises French art more than anything in the world. To avoid this happening French authorities put their best known detective, Clouseau (Steve Martin) on the case to help an international dream team of some of the worlds great detectives find the thief.

      Can Clouseau find the thief, or will his ineptitude actually thwart the discovery of the villain and help them steal the Pink Panther?

      ==The Cast==

      I've actually included the main cast members here, all have made memorable films, with wonderful performances, its hard to believe watching this load of old tripe though. Watching it, you begin to imagine large child maintenance bills or homes in the Hamptons which needed to be paid for, as I would be horrified if any of these actors made this film for the script or the prestige.

      The acting all round is appalling, Martin is awful as Inspector Clouseau, he catches the accident prone nature and mixes his words up, but he lacks the clever humour, the characterisation or the personality of Peter Sellars creation, this is a cartoon Clouseau who is annoying without ever being endearing, whereas the real Clouseau had that fine mix of cluelessness and vulnerability. Jean Reno's character could have been played by a Labrador, he has nothing to do but follow Clouseau around saying how great he is. John Cleese continues his spectacular descent into the ordinary, he plays Dreyfuss as an angry John Cleese and undoes decades of amazing comedic work.

      Emily Mortimer is a great actress, she has impressed me in any number of films but returns as Clouseau's love interest and is sweet but seems not to want to be there.

      Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Yuki Matsuzaki and Aishwarya Rai play world famous detectives from Italy, the UK, Japan and India, all are subjected to crude racial stereotypes by Clouseau and play the wrong blend of dumb and knowing. They are all appalling and sleepwalk their roles without even trying, Garcia in particular does look as though he had some big bills to pay and simply needed a payday.

      Jeremy Irons appears and is as stiff as his surname, his seriousness adds not a jot of gravitas to this trainwreck of a film, add in French film legend Johnny Hallyday and Lily Tomlin and you have a cast who don't live up to their names of their histories whatsoever. Not one person excels, all seem to march to the tune of Steve Martin's character who is one of the most dislikeable 'loveable' characters I've ever seen. An ensemble cast work to make this film as awful as it is, without ever trying they all damaged their reputations with me enormously.

      Steve Martin ... Jacques Clouseau
      Jean Reno ... Gilbert Ponton
      Emily Mortimer ... Nicole Durant
      Andy Garcia ... Vicenzo Brancaleone
      Alfred Molina ... Randall Pepperidge
      Yuki Matsuzaki ... Kenji Mazuto
      Aishwarya Rai ... Sonia Solandres
      John Cleese ... Charles Dreyfus
      Lily Tomlin ... Yvette Berenger
      Jeremy Irons ... Alonso Avellaneda
      Johnny Hallyday ... Laurence Millikin
      Geoffrey Palmer ... Joubert


      I was shocked to discover this appalling piece of cinema grossed over $75 million worldwide, this is a sad state of affairs and in no way matches the appalling quality of this film. While the film is set in France with a predominantly French cast, it bombed there lasting only one week in cinemas. I take my hats off to our French cousins in their sharp analysis of this awful, awful film.

      ==My View==

      On no level should you really enjoy this film, it is another death knell in the careers of comedic actors like Martin and Cleese who haven't made a decent film between them in leading roles for 20 years. The rest of the cast often look slightly uncomfortable and quite rightly so, I felt uncomfortable watching this, I did so with foreign friends who really couldn't understand the actual humour.

      The script is awful, it could have been edited by a claustrophobic hen, it has nothing of any value to it, the sight gags range from bad to bloody awful, there is little of value in this, when something happens we don't see the after effects, merely a cut to the next godawful scene, where are the consequences, how does Clouseau escape them, the old characterisation would have made matters much worse by trying to talk himself out of such scrapes, this clouseau simply gloats and falls over and generally just makes a tit of himself.

      I really disliked this film to unfathomable levels, it is a waste of a brilliant legacy, a waste of a pretty decent cast and if the script was ever printed out for some studio exec to read, it is a waste of paper and trees, I can't say strongly enough what a poor film this is, to call it toilet humour would do a disservice to toilets, to call some of the visual movements acting would do a disservice to the word and I think calling this a comedy could be difficult under the Trades Descriptions act. Awful tosh!!

      ==Where can I buy it==

      If you bought this I would suggest buying it for somebody you don't like as payback, it isn't funny, isn't exciting and has the likeability of Piers Morgan.

      The DVD is available for £8.19 new and £1.99 used via Amazon, if you paid £8.19 for this you should question yourself seriously, this is an awful film and I'm embarrassed to have even watched it on television (This is a FILM ONLY review, as you might have guessed).

      ==Quotes (Good and Bad)==

      I have included some pretty appalling and borderline offensive quotes here just to show the quality of the comedy on offer and balanced this with some of the funniest lines. You will find it hard to differentiate the good from the bad.

      Kenji: Have we decided on lunch?
      Insp. Clouseau: I'm sure you'll be wanting sushi, my little yellow friend!

      Pepperidge (Molina): If he solves this case, I'm perfectly willing to run around for 24 hours wearing nothing but a tutu carrying a big, pink, fluffy handbag.

      Insp Clouseau: Let me bring you up to speed... We know nothing. You are now up to speed.

      ==IF THIS FILM WERE....==

      IF THIS FILM WERE A DRINK.........It would be flat lemonade, tasteless, without sparkle and past its prime

      IF THIS FILM WERE A CELEBRITY......It would be Jordan, inflated with self importance, but hard to fathom how the hell it got publicity or ever made any money

      IF THIS FILM WERE A PERFUME.....It would be called 'Vacuous, a new fragrance for people who have money to waste on something with no fathomable content'.


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        21.06.2010 16:28
        Very helpful



        If you liked the Sellars version, you will hate this film

        I´m not sure if this is one of the worst film´s i´ve ever seen or if it actually wasn´t that bad, we got a copy from Lovefilm thankfully so either way it doesn´t matter too much.

        This is a modern take on Blake Edwards Pink Panther, lacking Edwards and more importantly lacking the utterly irreplacable Peter Sellars, well they tried to replace him with Steve Martin a man who hasn´t made a decent film for 20 years.

        Martin plays Inspector Clouseau, the eponymous French detective, whereas Sellars played on the language and general ridiculousness of Clouseau as a man who stumbles onto solving problems, Martin plays Clouseau as a pompous, clumsy twit who is also brilliant.

        The supporting cast is great but I do wonder what they were thinking, the beautiful Emily Mortimer plays Clouseau´s secretary and love object whilst Andy Garcia and Alfred Molina play brilliant Italian and English detectives respectively.

        Jeremy Irons has a bit part as an angsty Brit and Jean Reno plays Clouseau´s assistant a man with personal problems but who idolises Clouseau.

        The film follows the Dream Team, Clouseau, Garcia, Molina and a Japanese and Indian Detective as they try to catch the Tornado a thief who has stolen from the Vatican, Rome, Paris and some of the worlds great art treasures.

        What follows is high jinks as Clouseau falls from the papal balcony dressed as the pope, burns down hotels, fights with kids and generally makes a tit of himself.

        I found the film funny in parts but didn´t think it was a patch on the original, the film is ridiculous, with awful acting, appalling dialogue and the only good thing is some funny physical comedy.

        I would recommend this as a way to pass an hour and a half with a few laughs, but it really is rubbish, Martin is poor, the supporting cast rightly look embarrassed and the best thing for me were some great shots of Paris.

        Available on Amazon for 7.27 which is appalling as you really should be paid to watch it.


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        02.03.2010 16:18
        Very helpful



        Not a bad comedy and well worth owning if you already have the Seller's DVDs

        ** The Pink Panther 2 **

        As a big fan of comedy films and since my family is a huge fan of the original Blake Edwards Pink Panthers that stared the late great Peter Sellers I thought it would be a good idea to add this Steve Martin version to our collection.

        I bought The Pink Panther 2 from Amazon using the free super saver delivery option and it cost me £6.85. I believe the DVD is available for a similar price in a lt of online stores though so it is worth shopping round to save a few pence as prices may vary.

        This incarnation of The Pink Panther 2 sees veteran comedian Steve Martin stepping once again into the shoes of the late great Peter Seller's character Inspector Clouseau.

        If you've never seen any of the Pink Panther comedy films the basic plot always revolves around the antics of a bumbling imbecilic police inspector (Clouseau which is pronounced Clue-So). The Inspector invariably gets caught up trying to solve a major crime and despite getting everything wrong and having many slap stick adventures he somehow still manages to solve the crime. Even though he solves it by pure accident and rarely understands what he's done or doing.

        This basic plot direction applies to pretty much every Pink Panther film. What makes some of the films very special is the comic mayhem that ensues. But what about Pink Panther 2 specifically?

        Well I won't spoil the storyline as I think that's a very unhelpful way of reviewing films - but very broadly -

        The Inspector join forces with two other internationally renowned detectives to track down a super-thief nick named The Tornado, who steals historical artefacts. Steve Martin does a very good job of stepping into Seller's shoes again and is consistently funny and engaging throughout the film. Comedy lines and slap stick very much in the tradition of the old films is strongly in evidence and over all this is a funny entertaining film.

        On the negative side there is no doubt that Peter Seller's outings as the Inspector were funnier and somehow the atmosphere so much in evidence in the Seller's films is a little lacking here in places.

        Still not a bad film and I'm glad we bought it for our collection.

        Thanks for reading this review!

        Mike xx


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        28.02.2010 18:18
        Very helpful



        Inspector Clouseau returns to solve the mystery of Il Tornado


        Around the world famous artefacts are going missing, these items include the Magna Carta and the Shroud of Turin, left in their place are cards with the name Il Tornado on, this is the only clue the police have to the thief. Over in France Chief Inspector Drefyus gets the call to say the countries are forming crack teams of investigators to try and solve the mysteries. Dreyfus is shocked to learn that he must assign Inspector Clouseau to the French team as he is the famous Inspector who solved the case of the stolen Pink Panther originally.

        Inspector Clouseau is called upon to leave his 'important job' of being a traffic officer and lead the investigation as the Pink Panther has again been stolen. The team meet Clouseau and they are soon trying to solve the clues but things to do not go to plan as wherever Clouseau seems to go so does trouble and mishaps.

        Will Clouseau and the team be able to solve the riddle of who Il Tornado is and will they recover the artefacts and indeed the Pink Panther?

        I really was not too keen on seeing this film as I through that from the trailers for the film it looked very daft. I have to say I did find parts of the film funny but nothing compared to what my Nan said about 20 minutes into the film. Bearing in mind that she is 80 she turned around and said that she is so pleased that no one had tried to remake the Pink Panther films as the originals are so good, it was only when we pointed out that this was a new re make of the film and the star was Steve Martin did she even twig! I did find the storyline to be good and entertaining but for me I did find it was quite predictable and I had worked out who Il Tornado was about half way through the film.

        Steve Martin d9d a good job of playing Clouseau and as I have never seen the original films I cannot make comment on how he compared to the original. I found his French accent was annoying at times but again this did help with the humour of the film. He had a very good partnership with Nicole who works as his secretary and their will they wont they love story did have me thinking about 2 teenagers who were scared to admit their feelings. There was also a good chemistry between Clouseau and Ponton who always seemed to get him out of scrapes and not take any glory.

        There were a lot of supporting actors and actresses in this film and they included a good variety which I think did manage to give the film a small amount of depth. Some of the actors included, Jean Reno, Andy Garcia, Lily Tonlin and Jeremy Irons. For me the main man of the film was John Cleese who played Dreyfus, he managed to bring a good amount of wit and fun to the film, I would have perhaps liked to have seem slightly more of him and his British humour.

        There are a lot of good funny moments in the film but this is where me and hubby differ, he spent most of the film laughing his head off and so too did my Nan but for me I found the majority of it to be daft. There were a few places when I did have a good chuckle but not to the extent of the others I watched this film with. I think the humo9ur and jokes will appeal more to the younger audience or people who like daft and silly films.

        The film was set in France but at times we did go to other places such as Italy and all of the sets and scenery looked authentic and good but for me the one thing which really did let the film down was the special effects. I could clearly see so many times throughout the film that we had an added background as the actors looked so false in front of it, also when the characters were driving I could see the back grounds had been added at a later date and for me it would have been better if a bit more time and effort had gone into these to make them look more real.

        The music for me was non memorable and I am unable o remember a single track from the film. I do remember thinking at the time of watching that it was appropriate for the places in which it was used but none of the tracks stood out.

        As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak of. The running time of the film is 92 minutes and I did find this to be quite long enough. The certificate is a Pg and I do agree with this and would say this was aimed more at the younger audience. The DVD is available for just a few pounds on Amazon but personally I would not pay and wait to catch it on the TV like we did.

        Overall I have mixed feelings about this film as both Hubby and Nan found it so much more entertaining than I did as I just found it to be daft. I will recommend it as there are a few good moments but not enough for me to say go out and buy, rent, borrow or wait for it to be on the TV.


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