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The Truth About Love (DVD)

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Genre: Romance / Theatrical Release: 2004 / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: John Hay / Actors: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jimi Mistry, Kate Miles, Dougray Scott ... / DVD released 2007-06-11 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      31.01.2010 21:17
      Very helpful



      Give it a go!

      The truth about love is a romantic comedy released in October 2005. It was directed by John Hay (Journey Through Midnight). The screenplay was written by Peter Bloore and William Johnston. The film stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. The running time is 100 minutes and the classification is 15 years and over.

      Main cast
      Jennifer Love Hewitt - Alice Holbrook
      Jimi Mistry - Sam Holbrook (Alice's husband)
      Dougray Scott - Archie Gray (Alice and Sam's friend)
      Kate Miles - Felicity (Alice's sister)
      Branka Katic - Katya (Sam's mistress)

      The film starts with showing the drunken Archie crossing the Bristol Bridge wondering about love and the approaching Valentine's Day. He saw a red heart in a puddle then a pack of radish seeds. As he is drunken decides to send it to his friend's wife Alice and asks if he can radish her.

      Alice is a nurse and she receives the Valentine's radish seeds to her workplace. Her first thought is that she received it from her husband but as they talk she finds out that not her husband sent them. She talks to her sister Felicity who has very bad opinion about men. They go out for shopping and drink a lot. They bet that Sam wouldn't tell Alice that he received a Valentine's love letter. So Alice sends him a love letter and he really hides it away. Alice has a plan to find out the truth about her husband. The truth hurts. Can they manage to stay together? Will Alice find out who sent her the radish seeds?

      My opinion
      To tell you the truth I expected something else after I read the title of the film and it vas a very pleasant surprise to find that this film was far better than I expected. It was a really good film actually. Probably I would say it was closer to a drama than to the comedy but the romantic thing about it is true.

      I was impressed about the story of the film. It is very simple but somehow it is good and original. The film takes place in Bristol and we can see really nice plots about the surroundings of the city.

      The actors' performance was good too. I really liked Jennifer Love Hewitt in the role of Alice. She was really versatile and sexy in her role. The chemistry between her and Archie and her and Sam worked very well. She was absolutely believable.

      My other favourite was Sam. He had a really womanizer character who cheated even his mistress. I loved the plot when he found out who Anonymous was. Jimi Mistry was very versatile as well.

      Dougray Scott playing the role of Archie was really good too. I liked him jumping on the Bristol Bridge then working on his ship for months. Archie was to total opposite to Sam but they were friends and colleagues.

      To sum up it was a good film I wouldn't say it was a flick chick because even my choosy husband liked it. It was difficult to convince him watching it with me. When I asked how he liked the film he said it was all right and surprise that it wasn't cheesy.


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        12.10.2009 15:16
        Very helpful



        Alice tests her husband but will she like the consequences?

        I didn't really know much about this film before watching it but as it was cheap and looked like a good chick flick then I decided to give it a go when hubby went out.

        The film opens with a drunken Archie sending a valentines on the pack of a packet of radish seeds to his best friend wife. He asks if he could Radish her! Alice is the receiver of the valentine but she believes that it is from her husband Sam. As Alice soon discovers that it is not from him she is very intrigued about who sent it. She talks to her sister Flick and the conversation moves onto ether husband Sam would reveal if he got an anonymous valentine. Alice says she will prove that Sam would tell her by sending him one.

        Sam receives his valentine but he does not tell wife Alice and so when Alice tells sister Flick about it they decide to test his honesty by setting him up for a meeting with 'anonymous'. Unfortunately for Alice Sam falls for the bate and he goes to meet 'anonymous'. Flick and Alice are getting worried now but Alice decides that Sam must know it is her and is just going along with the plan. Will Alice get the end results from Sam she is hoping for or will this simple test uncover a completely different side to Sam. What will Archie say if he is discovered to be the original sender of the radish valentine?

        Well the plot for this film is quite simple to begin with but it soon turns up other people and things which are going on in the characters lives. Did find it was very easy to follow and after the first half I did find the ending was very predictable but for me this was OK as I was just after some light viewing.

        The character were good and I loved the role of Alice which Jennifer Love Hewitt took, she would play a shy and quiet good wife the one minute and the next she would be dressed to kill playing he part of 'anonymous'. She seemed to be able to slip from role to role with ease and I loved the chemistry which she bought to the film. She worked well with Archie who was played by Dougray Scott. I found he was the most likable person in the film as he was the only one who was straight talking and really meant what he said. I liked how we saw the close friendship between him and Alice and the character had a good chemistry on screen which helped to make this work.

        Jimi Mistry took the role of husband Sam and I have to say I did not warm to him at all but this is what the film was going for so I suppose he did a good job of the role. I think he was too smarmy and over confident but again he acted his part well. The addition of Simon Webb who played the role of a footballer going through a court case which Sam was representing was good and I have to admit that despite him being a singer he did a good job, he was at times wooden but overall he was a nice addition to the cast and a good bit of eye candy!

        The film was set in Bristol in the present day so not much attention was needed to costumes and sets and I think that they were all good and at times we got some lovely shots over the docks which did for me make the film better viewing. The music in the film was very varied. It started with a good jazz number and then it moved on to more modern tracks and at times it would go back to good old fashioned love songs. I liked the diversity of the songs and thought that they all fitted in very well with the film.

        This film does have a comedy side and I liked how it was subtly done. It was not overpowering at all and did not take away from the main theme of the film. I liked how one minute there would be a serious conversation going on and the next I would be chucking as one of the characters would say something or do something funny. This made the film move away from the seriousness of the plot and for me really did improve it.

        The DVD which I have does not have any bonus features but for me this was no loss as I am not a fan of them anyway. The running time of it is 1 hour and 31 minutes which I felt to be a good length and I was not loosing interest at any point. The certificate is a 15 and I do have to agree with this as there are a lot of sexual references and scenes in the film and also a lot of string language. I managed to pick this up for just £2 from Tesco but it is also available on Amazon but not at this great price and comes in at just under £5.

        Overall I am going to recommend this film as it has a good story, great actors and the humour makes it less serious. Just be warned that the ending is very predictable.


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