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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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    7 Reviews
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      25.03.2013 20:58
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      Final part of Stephenie Meyer's twilight saga onto the big screen

      It irks me often when books are made into films. Rarely do you get a full impression of what went on in the pages, and there is usually enough artistic licence to transform the story to a disappointing end. I managed to read all the Twilight books before the first film came out, thus enabling my mind to cast its own dispersions about what the characters and settings should look like. As a result, I found it hard to relate to some of what Catherine Hardwicke gave us in the first film, but less so in this final film in the saga, from Bill Condon.

      The final book was really strung out, split into two parts to give us as much detail as possible. I felt this worked well in many ways for the first book, as so much happens, but it really does turn into a romantic book that drags as opposed to one where you get some action, which is ultimately what I'd want to get from a vampires and werewolves book. However, Stephenie Meyer didn't write them like that - they're supposed to be all about the romance, and this is where Condon does at least stay true to the book. The focus on the rivalry for a human girl's affection between a vampire boy and a werewolf boy is as passionate as ever, although now the girl has been turned into a vampire and the werewolf's affections have turned elsewhere. Many minutes of film developing this curious triangle, seemingly over and developed into something different.

      But this is a good thing. The tension building for the previous film has finally found a little outlet before the end, and now those husbands or boyfriends who have endured the soppy mush may now finally get the chance for some more action, with a potential huge battle looming on the horizon. Those who have read the book will know the outcome, or so you might think. A couple of time my wife and I looked at each other through watching this, curious and knowing that this bit didn't happen in the book. Light dawned towards the end as we realised what was going on, but there is plenty of chance for those keen to follow the book properly, while also allowing some fun for those really wanting to see what a big battle between the good vampires and bad vampires would be like.

      As with the other films, we've grown used to the acting talents (or lack thereof) of the cast members. Robert Pattinson remains a heartthrob, although I can't help but see him as a moody pouter who isn't as pretty or beautiful as Meyer's Edward is supposed to be. The vampirical white bestowed on his already pasty complexion doesn't help, and is in stark contrast to the muscle bound tanned American Indian heritage of Taylor Lautner's Jacob, the new leader of the wolf pack. There's a gratuitous scene where Lautner shows off his ripples by demonstrating what it's like to turn from human to werewolf, and plenty of times where Pattinson gets to practice steeling his jaw and smouldering at the camera, but really neither of them give us anything new. The comparison between the two of them is good as ever, the rivalry slightly put to the side - it was getting boring anyway - for the survival of them all.

      The Volturi, international vampire rulers from Italy, have gotten wind that our heroine, Bella Swan, has finally been turned into a vampire, as was the condition for her and Edward's survival. The complication was the pregnancy and her giving birth to a daughter, details of which are relatively quickly gathered through the first half an hour of the film. Really, the focus is on how they're going to deal with the Volturi and the potentially dozens of fighting vampires they're going to bring with them as Aro, their leader, seeks to make sure he doesn't lose face. You get the feeling that whether or not they have comformed and Bella has been turned, their intention is to kill Edward and his family the Cullens anyway.

      However, the Cullens have their own ways of gathering some troops, and with the werewolves likely to join the fray to support them, the buildup is one of suspense and intrigue. In all this, the central pivotal figure is key, and one thing that has been sorely lacking for me is the acting ability of Kristen Stewart as Bella. She has always annoyed me, but now that they've turned her into a vampire, I get the feeling that she's perked up her acting. I thought she actually did quite well here, and I never thought I'd hear mysefl saying that. The believability factor has risen and this makes the film infinitely more watchable, moreso than I had thought it would. I'll be honest, I've been much more disappointed with the films than I was with the books. Here though, I finished the book with a feeling of being let down, but with the film I really enjoyed it. Far fetched yes, and too long with a bit of dragging along the way, but ultimately a lot more enjoyable than it threatened to be during the credits of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

      I thought the special effects were also worthy of a mention. They've been a stellar part of the entire series, but they really go to town here. The human to werewolf change gets more of a visual workout, and the fighting between vampires is effective indeed. A strong soundtrack helps here. Meyer's love for music has been the mainstay of her writing, musical muses rather than human ones, and the songs have always provided the right emphasis when chosen in the films. Here though, it's the frenetic music playing during some of the heightened action scenes that is more memorable during the film, with the film's main track from Christina Perri being as powerful a movie song as you can get. The film reverts back to romance for its final flourish, no surprise given this is the theme running through the whole saga, and it's actually very fitting as we get a credit roll of the main characters throughout the films. Effective end to what is a series I thought was okay, if not as good as it could have been. I enjoyed this one, and recommend it. Twilight fans will love it - the big grin on my wife's face throughout it is enough to convince me of this.


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        29.12.2012 21:54
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        See it!!!!

        Oh my goodness I could not wait for this to be released in the cinemas! I absolutely adored the first films and was desperate to see this. Finally persuaded my hubby last week!

        It's certificate 12A which after seeing it I felt was appropriate, runs for 115 minutes (not including trailers).

        Before seeing the film, I read the book also called Breaking Dawn, which covers both parts of the Breaking Dawn movies. It is a really long novel, and was extremely gripping, so I was looking forward to the film.

        If you haven't seen it, I won't be giving any spoilers so worry not. There will be details of Breaking Dawn Part 1 so if you haven't seen that, don't read this!

        However you really do need to have seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 in order to understand Part 2, as it picks up where the first movie left off. We see all the expected characters, though in my opinion there is much more of Bella and Edward and not very much at all of the other characters.

        We begin with Bella, whom is now a vampire and has just awoken after being 'turned' and giving birth to a baby girl, Renesmee (Renee from Bella's mother, Esme from Edward's). Renesmee is half human and half vampire. Her heart beats (although differently to a normal human) and she has blood in her veins. However her growth is incredibly fast (she is literally a five year old within a few months) and can survive on human food and/or blood. She has the characteristics of a vampire, but appears more human than the other characters. She is a beautiful little girl with Bella's eyes. At the start of the movie, Bella has literally just awoken in her new form. She has to come to terms with the end of one life, and the beginning of her new one as an immortal. She has an unquenchable thirst and desire for human blood and an incredible strength that all newborn vampires have.

        During the movie, Bella has to reveal herself and Renesmee to Charlie, her father. How will he react, will he notice? Will she be able to control her thirst? Will Renesmee? Trouble begins when Irina, Edward's cousin, spots Bella, Renesmee and Jacob playing and assumes Renesmee is an immortal child - something illegal in the vampire world, something so forbidden it requires the harshest of punishments. Irina runs straight to the Volturi where Aro decides he needs to intervene, and that his intervention means the Cullens must die - all of them. He will save only those whose gifts he desires. Will the clan suffer this dreadful fate? What can they do to stop Aro?

        This film is just as amazing as it's predecessors, but much more gripping. I was literally on the edge of my seat for some parts. There are some brilliant comical moments with Charlie and Jacob, as well as Bella and Edward. These really help to bring the move alive. (Pardon the pun). The only downside for me is that we don't see a great deal of the other characters, even Jacob has a smaller role. The movie almost centers on Bella and Edward - which is fine as it really works, but it was a shame not to see more of the others. We do get a few prominent scenes with some of the characters though not all.

        The level of acting is outstanding. Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) really come into their roles, their acting is so natural and believable. We also see some fantastic acting from Ashley Greene (Alice) and Michael Sheen (Aro). Whilst I think the acting has been brilliant throughout the saga, this final film will make you gasp, laugh and cry and that's not just from the storyline, simply from the believable acting. Pattinson in particular has some outstanding moments, and Sheen is oscar-worthy in a certain scene, you absolutely hate him whilst being shocked and upset at the same time!

        What amazes me is the special effects. If you see Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) in other shows you will be gobsmacked at the transformation he goes under to become Carlisle - you'd never recognise him! There are a lot of subtle touches and a lot of special effects as you would expect - the wolves phasing from human to wolf, the vampires' speed and agility, Renesmee's rapid growth etc. all are seamless and believable, done very well indeed.

        At the end of the film is a montage of all the characters featured in the five films - with the soundtrack song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri. The song is beautiful and goes so well with the montage. This really touched me, and it was nice to see a tribute to all the actors who had worked so hard to make these movies. It was beautiful and sad at the same time.

        After the film I was in awe, shocked and overwhelmed. It's one of those films where you just go "wow" and have to take a minute to go through what has happened. I loved it so much I saw it twice! I am actually sad the series is over, because it was so brilliant and will be missed. The slogan "the epic finale that lives on forever" couldn't be more apt!

        The only downside (sorry) is that it does lack a lot of stuff from the book. Without spoiling it, there is a major thing in the book that isn't even hinted at in the movie, all I will say is that it involves Jacob and his pack. In addition, some of the key things in the book have been left out of the movie or altered. It sometimes felt a bit rushed, but I suppose this cannot be helped. I wish I'd read the book after seeing the movie instead of before! It makes no real difference because the movie is amazing and you wouldn't know unless you'd read the book first, but it was a shame it couldn't have been put in, making it longer than 115 minutes (can you tell I never wanted it to end lol)


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          30.11.2012 07:58
          Very helpful
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          Not for me!

          About the film
          Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the fifth and final instalment in the Twilight Saga series of films. It was released on 16th November and it has a run time of 115 minutes. The film is rated 12A due to scenes of a violent nature, scenes of a sensual nature and partial nudity.

          As a new vampire, Bella is just getting to grips with the new things that she can do. Not only that but she has a daughter now as well, Renesmee. Her blissful married life to Edward doesn't last long though as news of the baby spreads. With fears that she is an immortal child, something banned long ago, the Volturi are informed and descend upon the family. The Cullen's must call upon all of the friends they can think of to help them prove that Renesmee grows, although quicker than a normal child and that she was conceived while Bella was still a human. The Cullen's and their friends prepare for the biggest battle they will ever face.

          Kristen Stewart as Bella Cullen
          Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
          Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black
          Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee Cullen
          Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
          Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen
          Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
          Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale
          Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
          Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen

          What I thought
          I've watched every Twilight film released at the cinema and Breaking Dawn Part 2 was no exception although usually I go on opening night and I couldn't this time. If you have read my review of Part 1, you will know I was not a fan. Not by a long shot. Still, I had quite high hopes for Part 2.

          Unfortunately, the film does not begin well. Now that Bella is a vampire and married to Edward, she has a lot to learn. First things are to learn to hunt and to act like a human around others. The scenes of Edward and Bella doing their vampire thing were terrible. I know it must be hard to film anything sped up to such a quick speed but these scenes were utterly pathetic. In fact, I think they had been done better in previous films in this series. Then there is the hunting which looked even worse. Bella jumping on top of a massive tiger did not look even remotely real and I thought it looked very disjointed.

          Bella and Edward now have a daughter named Renesmee, which I thought was a stupid name in the book and I still do now. When Renesmee is a baby, a robot is used instead of a real baby and a face imposed (I assume) onto it. The baby didn't look anywhere close to real and I don't really understand why they used a robot apart from maybe to deal with the aging issue. I was glad when a real girl began to play this role and although she doesn't really have many lines, she did a great job of doing what she had to do.

          Many of you may already know that I disagreed with both Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward. Neither were my ideal choices for the roles and I have constantly moaned about them both. I thought that because Bella is now a vampire, and this gave Kirsten Stewart more to do, she would be a better actress. Wrong! Although she doesn't sit around moping and sighing heavily anymore, she is still a bad actress. Her lines were delivered without much conviction for the most part and I still wanted to slap her. I was also disappointed with Robert Pattinson who I do actually like in other films. With him, I figured that as he didn't have to be careful anymore around Bella, he would act a little less stiff and be more relaxed but he doesn't. Very disappointing from both actors here.

          Luckily the film does have a few redeeming qualities though. I have said before that I didn't like the wolves in Breaking Dawn but this time they were much better. I thought that they looked better, more like wolves, and moved much better too. Overall, the wolves had been vastly improved and I was glad there was no strange talking between them this time around. One thing I really did like about this film was the inclusion of other characters. Maybe this was because it meant I didn't have to listen to Bella and Edward the whole time but still, I liked it. The new characters are all extremely interesting and I loved being introduced to each one. Another good aspect was the fight scene. Although this took up a large amount of time in the film, it was well worth doing. The fight scene is elaborate and extremely well-choreographed with some surprises thrown in here and there.

          As you can see, for the most part I did not like this film at all. While there were some good things done, mostly it was a let-down. After doing so many films now, you would have thought that Stewart and Pattinson would have grown into their roles by now but alas, it is too late for them to improve now! I really did think that this would be one of the best films in the series but it just wasn't for me. Don't hate me everyone who loved it!


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            25.11.2012 23:25
            Very helpful



            an Epic conclusion!

            I would like to start this review off by saying that this will be written in a way that's a lot more suitable and easier to understand if you've read all of "Breaking Dawn" the book, so if you haven't I would suggest not reading this review as there will be spoilers and I know how annoying that can be if you don't know the story yet, this just appears to me as the easiest way to write this review, I apologise for any inconvenience. :)
            I first read Twilight shortly after the movie came out back in 2008, I bought all the books together and read them within about two weeks, I find them to be very well written and always left on a cliffhanger, which in my mind makes them deserve all the credibility that they get. I think it's amazing how far The Twilight Saga has come in comparison to say Harry Potter, of course they aren't as successful but they've had the same impact, creating a following that is left anxiously awaiting each film and creating the famous drama of Team Edward VS Team Jacob, (I'll always be on Team Jacob, who could resist Taylor Lautner?) I am always concerned when it comes to "Epic Conclusions" as in the past I find they tend to get over hyped only to leave the audience feeling let down, but honestly Breaking Dawn Part 2 proved to be exactly what it should have been an EPIC conclusion.

            We continue the plot of Breaking Dawn straight from where we left off in "Breaking Dawn Part 1" with Bella slowly opening her eyes as a new-born vampire. Compared to her average human life Bella now finds herself with heightened senses, bloodred irises and the ability to block other vampires powers from harming either her or whoever she chooses to protect. We are next introduced to Renesmee, Bella and Edward's half human/half vampire child who turns out to have a gift of her own, she is able to show who ever she touches images, as a special way of communicating. We also become aware that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee, meaning no matter how much he loved Bella before, he would now go to the ends of the earth just to compensate for this child, Bella is unhappy about this at first, but comes to terms with the fact there's nothing she can do after much persuading.
            Renesmee's growth rate is much faster that normal humans, meaning she grows to 6 years old after what I'm guessing to be about 6 months. One day when Jacob, Bella and Renesmee are out in the fields catching snowflakes, Irina sees them and misjudges the situation believing Renesmee to have been turned as a child, an "Immortal" which is a felony in the Vampire world, instead of choosing to find out, Irina chooses to instead inform the Volturi right away, a mistake that would later cost her, her life.
            Once Alice envisions the Volturi coming after the Cullens, they all face a huge battle against time to prove to the terrifying and powerful Vampire Authority that Renesmee is not a threat, will they do so in time?

            CULLEN FAMILY-
            Kristen Stewart - Bella Cullen
            Robert Pattinson - Edward Cullen
            Mackenzie Foy - Renesmee Cullen
            Ashley Greene - Alice Cullen
            Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
            Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
            Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen
            Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen

            Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black
            Booboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
            Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call
            Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley
            Bronson Pelletier as Jared Cameron
            Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
            Alex Meraz as Paul Lahote
            Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara

            Michael Sheen as Aro
            Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius
            Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus
            Cameron Bright as Alec
            Charlie Bewley as Demitri
            Daniel Cudmore as Felix
            Noot Seear as Heidi
            Dakota Fanning as Jane
            Lateef Crowder as Santiago

            Christian Camargo as Eleazar
            Mía Maestro as Carmen
            Maggie Grace as Irina
            Casey LaBow as Kate
            Andrea Powell as Sasha
            MyAnna Buring as Tasha
            Omar Metwally as Amun
            Andrea Gabriel as Kebi
            Rami Malek as Benjamin
            Angela Sarafyan as Tia
            Amadou Ly as Henry
            Janelle Froehlich as Yvette
            Tracey Heggins as Senna
            Judi Shekoni as Zafrina
            Marlane Barnes as Marlane Barnes
            Lisa Howard as Siobhan
            Patrick Brennan as Liam
            Guri Weinberg as Stefan
            Noel Fisher as Vladimir

            Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
            Alex Rice as Sue Clearwater

            Bella as a Vampire
            Now, as someone who has followed this franchise from the very beginning, I have to say I expected a lot more from the portrayal of Bella as a Vampire, I'm not saying it was necessarily bad, it just wasn't up to scratch in my eyes. Before this film came out many people edited pictures of Bella Swan to make her look how they thought her character incorporated into Vampire form would appear and honestly their effects were exactly the same if not better than how Bella appeared on screen, though I can say that the way they portrayed her enhanced vision was very clever and made up for the lack of change in appearance.
            Another thing I have to comment on is how Bella's bloodlust was portrayed, I'm sorry but this for me slightly made a joke of Bella's character and although I'm sure Kristen tried her best the way she made herself chase after animals and people looked more comical than frightening, if she came after my blood I would have probably just broke down in hysterics.

            The portayal of Renesmee has caused some controversy as a lot of people think the idea of 18 year old Jacob being in love with a 6 year old is disgusting and wrong (which it is), but the makers of the movie have quite cleverly found a way to make it so we could see them together properly in the final scenes of the movie with Renesmee being fully grown, a scene that without it would have caused havoc between the "Twi-hards".
            Although the portrayal of Renesmee's "gift" is brilliant, there's really not enough of it, being one of main attributes of the story to me there should definately have been more scenes when you get a grip of the gift in it's entirety.
            One final point I would like to make is the way Charlie doesn't find it at all strange how quickly Renesmee has grown, there's something that's just not quite right about it.

            Jacob's Imprinting
            This was a very important factor in both the film and the book, though I think (and I may be wrong) that they introduced it too early in the film, it was one of the first scenes which for me was a bit too sudden, I believe Jacob's acting was brilliant in this role, he managed to pull it off so he came across in a loving way without appearing creepy, though once again I have to critique Kristen's acting...when "Bella" found out Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee she was meant to go crazy at him and once again be frightening and once again her anger was just comical, maybe anger is an emotion Kristen needs to take some lessons on.

            Overall Acting
            Overall I would say the cast did an excellent job, the actress playing Renesmee did exceptionally well and I wouldn't be surprised if this film has definitely earned her some more roles. For me the best acting part of the entire film has to be the battle scene, it was the most emotional scene and really caused havoc among the audience watching.

            Battle Scene
            Finally I am able to talk about the best part of the movie, the Battle Scene, after gathering their witnesses and gathering outside in a snow-covered setting the Cullen family brace themselves for the arrival of the Volturi and their imminent death. This scene holds a lot of surprises including almost everyone being killed and Carlilse's head being chopped off, only to discover that it was just an image Alice created to stop the Volturi from going ahead with their plans. For the fans watching who haven't read the book (or forgotten most of it like me) you will be very shocked by this amazing scene, at first I thought the producers had completely changed the ending only to later have a "what the hell" moment when realising the truth, if this scene had been made any differently the film would have been ruined.

            In Conclusion I would say made up your own mind about The Twilight Franchise's epic finalé but in my eyes it's done well, though it will still forever walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter.


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              23.11.2012 17:13
              Very helpful



              A must-see film for Twilight fans

              Although I knew that the end of the Twilight saga was nigh, I was sort of in denial about it. I'd really enjoyed the previous films, although this bookworm hadn't yet read the books, and it's been fun for the past few years in November to have a big, exciting film release to look forward to. However, this November is the last one I can look forward to a Twilight release because the final installment has been released, and that is of course Breaking Dawn Part 2. After the brilliance that was its predecessor Breaking Dawn Part 1, I couldn't help but think this film had a heck of a lot to live up to, but also because it would be ending the series, and I didn't want it to finish on a bum note. So, it was with trepidation that I took my seat on Friday 16th November waiting for a Twilight film to start for the final time.... and just 115 minutes later, it was all over. All I can say is.... Wow. Just to warn you... if you haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 1, this review might contain spoilers. However, I'm sure you've seen plenty about it so I hope there won't anything ground-breaking in here.

              This movie picks up just after where the last movie leaves off, so you do really need to have seen that to fully understand what is happening here. Edward has now changed Bella into a vampire, and they are proud parents to their baby daughter Renesmee, who is half human, half vampire. Bella is coming to terms with her new lifestyle - immortality, super speed and strength, and her taste for blood which is particularly high in newborns. However, she's also got to face up to her dad as well without revealing her new state to him. Problems begin for the newly-wed Cullens when a cousin of Edward's, called Irina, spots the Cullen clan playing happily with a rapidly growing Renesmee and makes the assumption she's an immortal child, something against the law for vampires. She decides she must report them to the Volturi, and leader Aro makes the decision to visit the Cullen in order to kill them, saving only those whose gifts the Volturi can utilise. Will Edward, Bella and the Cullens be able to stop Aro from slaughtering them and their fellow vampires, and prove that Renesmee isn't the immortal child they believe her to be?

              What I really enjoyed about this film was just watching the cast completely become their roles. After 5 films, they are all completely comfortable playing their alter-egos, especially Kristen Stewart who seems more "Bella" than ever to me, and Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner who are fantastic as Edward and werewolf Jacob. There is no wooden acting here at all, in fact, it's at its peak for the whole series, and I especially want to commend Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser who play the elder Cullens Carlisle and Esme, Facinelli in particular was excellent to watch, and was one of my favourite characters of the whole film, even though he wasn't in a huge amount of scenes! Kristen Stewart was excellent as the newborn Vampire, and she portrayed a brand new range of emotions for Bella in here, and she's quite a changed person from the human Bella. Stewart's relationship with Pattinson on-screen was clear for all to see, and they work so naturally together, they are the perfect Bella and Edward. Lautner has a much smaller role in this film than in the previous ones, but he certainly has a great screen presence when he's on-screen, and was in a couple of funny scenes with both Bella and Charlie Swan, Bella's father, they had the cinema laughing out loud!

              As usual, the other vampires in the Cullen family are seen throughout the film, and each feature quite prominently due to the storyline of the movie. All again settle well into their roles, and I especially warmed to Nikki Reed who played Rosalie, and Kellan Lutz who was Emmett. There were a lot more vampires featured in this film from all over the world, and while I couldn't really pick any as stand-out performances, the new actors all fitted in well into their roles, and were believable as vampires. My last mention must go the genius that is Michael Sheen, who played Volturi leader Aro. Sheen brings a real creepiness to Aro, making him seem completely hateable, yet entirely mesmerising on screen too. You cannot help but hate him, and full credit to Sheen for that! Dakota Fanning again reprises her role of Aro's sidekick Jane, a vampire with extraordinary powers. She just seems evil through and through, and I enjoyed the things that happen around this character in the film. Finally, young actress Mackenzie Foy takes on the coveted role of Renesmee, and is a very talented young actress. She has looks that make her believable as Edward and Bella's daughter, and does well amongst the big name stars in this movie.

              As we've come to expect with the Twilight movies, the special effects in this film are outstanding. Without wanting to spoil too much, there is an amazing scene towards the end of the film that is simply breath-taking and shocking at the same time. I think everyone in the cinema was shocked as things happened, and we were quite audible in our shock too because things were quite visible on screen and seemed so realistic, it was quite shocking. The use of special effects for Bella's super speed and strength were well done, her speed running through a forest was particularly convincing and I thought it was very well done and seamless to view. Even just the smallest touches seemed fantastic, and all combined together to create a brilliant film that was visually excellent. The scenery shots of Forks and its surrounding areas were beautiful as usual, and the films opening sequence is lovely to watch, and the musical accompaniment works well with this quiet introduction into the film. I have to say the final montage with Christina Perri's 'A Thousand Years' and the cast from across all 5 films showing was brilliant, quite emotional and beautifully done - the way to round off these films.

              I was a little worried that Breaking Dawn: Part 2 was going to be a bit of an anti-climax, especially because I hadn't read the books and didn't know what to expect, but I needn't have worried. Immediately afterwards, I confess that I did feel a little underwhelmed by the film, simply because I couldn't quite believe it was over and that it all ended how it did. However, with hindsight, it couldn't have ended any other way, and now I'm pleased with how it all went. The story of the film was absolutely brilliant, I was hooked from start to finish, and I enjoyed how it started more slowly and built up to this massive climax that was just amazing to sit and watch, especially in a cinema atmosphere. I can't wait for this to come out on DVD so I can watch it again, because I really do think it is one of those films you can enjoy over and over. With a brilliant cast who completely become their roles, magnificent special effects, and a soundtracks that seamlessly blends into the film, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is simply the best movie in a much loved movie series, and is a fantastic ending that will surely leave fans on a high. I'm sad that it's all over, but I enjoyed every minute of this film, it's a must-see for fans of Twilight. Ultimately, it's a love story, and for every hopeless romantic out there, you can't fail to be moved by the love of Bella and Edward Cullen... a love story for our time.

              Directed by Bill Condon.
              Written by Stephenie Meyer (book) and Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay)
              Certificate: 12A
              Running Time: 15

              Main Cast:
              Kristen Stewart ... Bella Swan
              Robert Pattinson ... Edward Cullen
              Taylor Lautner ... Jacob Black
              Peter Facinelli ... Dr. Carlisle Cullen
              Elizabeth Reaser ... Esme Cullen
              Ashley Greene ... Alice Cullen
              Jackson Rathbone ... Jasper Hale
              Kellan Lutz ... Emmett Cullen
              Nikki Reed ... Rosalie Hale
              Billy Burke ... Charlie Swan
              Chaske Spencer ... Sam Uley
              Mackenzie Foy ... Renesmee
              Maggie Grace ... Irina
              Jamie Campbell Bower ... Caius
              Christopher Heyerdahl ... Marcus
              Michael Sheen ... Aro
              Dakota Fanning ... Jane

              Thank you for reading.


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              21.11.2012 12:49
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              A great finale

              I have to admit after reading the book I was a little disappointed with the final instalment of the twilight saga. I am a twilight fan, and you would think my review would be highly biased but after the last movie if anything I knew this film needed to impress to make up from the shockingly bad breaking dawn part one. You do need to have seen the previous movies, or at the very least breaking dawn part one to understand what is going on.


              Leading on from the story line from the previous film Bella (Kristen Stuart) is now a vampire (Finally!). The film begins with her waking up to her new life and of course Edward (Robert Patterson) her husband is waiting for her. We then get to see the journey Bella goes through learning about her new found immortality, along with watching her become a mother in awe of her child. Everything seems perfect they finally have a happy ending including a lovely daughter to take care of. When the Volturi hear that the Cullen's have broken one of the most important laws for vampires what will happen? They are not known for talking through situation so all the Cullen's can do is gather some witnesses and try to explain to them what Renesme truly is, but is this going to be enough?


              There are all the usual characters in this film the whole Cullen family, but of course we now get to meet Bella and Edwards's daughter Renesme (Mackenzie Foy). The little girl does not have many lines in the film as she communicates in different ways, but her presence is still felt on screen a lot. Jacob is still around of course as he imprinted on Renesme, so he also spends a lot of time of screen. We also get to see a whole 18 new vampire characters brought into the film, not that we really get to know them as we do in the book, in the film they are just introduced and spend five minutes on screen so I didn't find myself having a huge connection with them. Some did stand out more than others, especially those gifted vampires with different talents which were impressive. The acting in this film is around the same as any other twilight film. They all seem a little more comfortable in this film which is good to see after five films in total, but nothing too impressive and at times a little awkward. I was very happy with it as I am a twilight fan, but there are still some stale moments of standing around talking that even I noticed.


              I really enjoyed the film but I am a huge twilight fan. I have watched each film in the saga so of course I was sure to see the finale. We continue to see the romance blossom in front of our eyes, and with a daughter brought into the mix of course I went all gooey. What more could you want for a happy ending than a perfect family life? The plot shows a mix of emotions from happiness, to fear and humour all rolled into one. There were a number of times I felt like crying, and other times I laughed out loud. They did pick some good parts from the book to bring the emotions through on the last film, but I also find there were other bits that would have been beneficial to the story line that they completely missed out. I know the films often wander from the books, and it is not possible to put every detail in the film, but I am not sure they get the true essence of what Bella is thinking as we do in the books.

              The special effects were brilliant. I found they were done perfectly to be believable in line with the story, without going over the top. Some of the important special effects include seeing things through Bella's new and improved senses. Also there were some gruesome moments that usually I would be squirming in my seat, but as this is a 12A it was done really well so even I was able to sit through them without covering my eyes. Showing off some of the more talented vampires skills was done perfectly, really interesting to watch and engaging. There are scenes with violence and those of a sexual nature but to be honest it was made perfectly to suit the younger audience. It stills holds an older viewers interest, but there is nothing too shocking for the younger teenage fans that dominate the twilight audience.

              After a slow start, and what seemed most of the boring parts being picked out the film I was ready to give up. I love this saga for the romance, and yes this was present, but I just found it a little samey. I was sure there was no way for the film to redeem itself, and I was as disappointed as the first instalment of breaking dawn. Then something amazing happened, the film makers steered away from the plot of the story in the book adding in their very own twist. Of course I am not going to say what this is, but from that moment in the film I was on the edge of my seat. All the emotions started running through me and I was genuinely hooked on the edge of my seat. Other than a horror film I have never heard an audience react with such applause. The whole cinema showed their shock, began clapping and a round of applause sounded from every single person in the cinema. I would watch this again and have already been to the cinema twice to watch it. I will be buying it on DVD when it is released, and it will definitely receive a few viewings in my house.


              This film definitely suits the twilight fans best as we would happily sit through the films just to get our next fix of Bella and Edward. It began with a slow start, and I found that jumping between scenes to quickly, introducing a huge amount of new characters and generally just being a little boring. There are parts that made me laugh, while others made me sad so it did have my full attention at parts, while at other times I was waiting for something exciting to happen. The filmmakers saved the film by steering a little away from the book; otherwise I fear it would have been a very disappointing finale. The ending of this film is what makes it so fantastic, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It will not suit everyone's tastes, and I am afraid it bored my husband half to death. However for twihards, teenage girls and anyone that loves a good romance story this is a perfect film.
              Runtime: 115 min
              12 A


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                20.11.2012 09:03
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                I loved it but I'm sad it is over too

                I think any fan of the Twilight saga would say that they were both looking forward to Breaking Dawn part two arriving in the cinemas but they were also dreading it too as it meant the end of something which has been pretty special to them. I am one of those fans and so it was with some mixed emotions that I went to see Breaking Dawn part two at the cinema yesterday on the day of its release in the UK.

                I have to say first and foremost that there is no point going to see this film unless you have seen the others in the saga because things just won't make enough sense to you. Even as I watched the opening credits where actors names changed from blood red to a pure white I was making links to things that had occurred in the last film and also things that I knew would occur during this film as I had read the book.

                We pick up this film where Bella is awake for the first time and coming to terms with the fact that not only is she now a vampire she is also a mother. Bella has wanted to be a vampire pretty much as long as she has known the love of her life Edward is a vampire and so this she finds easy to deal with. From reading the book I knew that Bella would show an amazing amount of self control as a vampire when reality usually means that there will be years of blood lust and erratic behaviour but I think Kristen Stewart does a good job of portraying at times how difficult it is to control her emotions. She has new found strength, speed and a confidence in herself which she never had before and I do think this film focuses on Bella more than anyone else and I think the actress does a good job of being in the limelight so to speak. She seems less wooden than in the first film for sure but there are a few moments particularly when Bella is getting angry that I thought were perhaps slightly over exaggerated in terms of her tone and things but it is a something and nothing point really.

                Robert Pattinson is as perfect as ever for me as Edward Cullen but then again I am always going to say that as I am very much in the "team Edward" camp. Now that Bella is a vampire I think Edward really begins to relax with her and they are able to hunt together, are the same temperature and of course can now make love without him feeling scared he may hurt her. There is one scene in the film where Edward and Bella make love for the first time as vampires but this is done sensitively and isn't going to shock anyone I don't think because this film is a 12A and so they cant go too over the top and to be fair I don't think it would fit in with the whole ethos of the saga in general.

                Taylor Lautner has a lesser role in this film than in some of the others I have to say but "team Jacob" fans won't be disappointed as we see him strip down to his underwear at one point in a very amusing scene with Billy Burke who plays Bella's Dad, Charlie. Lautner is still strong as Jacob and we do see him quite a lot as he has imprinted on Bella and Edward's child, Renesmee, and so is always wanting to be there to protect her but he has a lesser role in terms of talking and dramatic scenes I think.

                I think what is great with the main cast as a whole in this film is they all seem to have settled in to their roles and are just comfortable in this film. Not one actor comes across as being awkward or wooden which I know has been a criticism in the past from some people.

                The film has quite a slow pace to begin with as we watch the Cullen's adapt to life with little Renesmee who is the pride and joy of all of those around her. We see them happy and enjoying their lives and I have to say I did enjoy this part as it was nice to see them without any drama and stresses. We see Edward plays the piano again as he did in the very first film, we see Jacob finally be comfortable with Bella and Edward as a couple and it feels in this part as though things are perfect. Of course this wouldn't make the best film in terms of total entertainment and so things have to go a little bit wrong! We see Irina a cousin of the Cullen's witness Bella and Jacob playing with Renesmee and she makes the presumption that the girl is an immortal child which is something against the law of vampires and so still reeling in the loss of her lover at the hands of Jacob's werewolf pack she takes to the Volturi to report the crime. The Volturi waste no time in travelling to the Cullen's where they plan to kill them majority saving only the most valuable vampires with gifts. It is a race against time for the Cullen's to try and find vampire friends who will be willing to act as witnesses for them and tell the Volturi that in fact Renesmee is in fact not an immortal child at all but half human and half vampire.

                Due to the fact that the Cullen's have to find so many witnesses we do meet a lot of different vampire characters which are from various parts of the world. None of these have key roles I don't think but they all act their parts well and there wasn't anyone of them that gave a weak performance on screen in my opinion. Many of these vampires have gifts such as the ability to use the elements, create electric shocks or make someone blind temporarily and so we do get to see some of this in action at points which I think adds to the action of the film.

                When the Volturi arrive in Forks the Cullen's try to talk things through and show Aro that Renesmee is not an immortal child. Michael Sheen is remarkable as ever playing Aro and manages to make him seem so creepy and unstable yet powerful too. He isn't in the film for a massive amount of time but he is so brilliant in the scenes in which he is in. The scenes that follow the meeting of the Cullen's and the Volturi in a snow covered field are actually quite remarkable and left me shocked, crying and then shocked some more. I cannot comment too much on this important part in this film other than to say it is actually amazing and so clever. All of the cinema reacted openly to the conclusion of this scene which I think is testament to how good it actually was.

                I think in terms of taking you through all the emotions you possibly can this film really does do it all. You feel happy when you see that Edward and Bella are now so truly happy with their lives. One of my favourite scenes is when Bella has learned to remove the shield she has around her mind to allow Edward in to her thoughts to see just how much she loved him from the start and as we do this key moments from all the other films are recapped and it is genuinely lovely to see. You laugh as Emmett challenges Bella to an arm wrestling match or at how Charlie reacts to Jacob stripping off in front of him, you feel devastated as you see the battle unfold in the snow and you feel warmth at the fact that one day Jacob and Renesmee will be together because as a fan you want Jacob to have some true happiness after seeing his unrequited love for Bella in the previous films.

                I have to say that the photography and scenes used in this film are actually incredible at points in this film and the fact that we can look at things through Bella's now enhanced senses means that we are able to see things in so much more detail. The whole film is pretty idyllic in location and really beautiful to watch on the screen.

                Fans of the books won't be disappointed in this film I don't think and although you can't possibly fit everything from the book in to the film, or stay 100% true to it I do think that the key points are covered well in this film and although there is that twist I do think that it is an incredible one and one which enhanced the enjoyment of the film as well. The Author, Stephanie Meyer, was heavily involved in production of the film and so you have got to know that she wouldn't want things to deviate too far from her vision of things.

                I'm sure you can tell that I really enjoyed this film and I came home just thinking I need to sit and watch all of the films again, I need to read the books again. Twilight is where my vampire obsession began and I adore the love story that unfolds with this saga but also the fact that the characters get their happiness because as a fan you want that for them. What is incredible is there is scope, I would say, to take this even further if Stephanie Meyer were to want to write more books and I would love it if she did.

                Thank you for reading my review!


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