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Tooth Fairy (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / To Be Announced / Director: Michael Lembeck / Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Judd, Stephen Merchant ... / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      12.05.2011 08:20
      Very helpful



      The Tooth fairy get punished and has to spend the week being the Real Tooth Fairy!


      The Tooth fairy is a minor league ice hockey player, he has this nickname due to the fact he is good at knocking players teeth out. He has a girlfriend who has two children and despite getting on well with the daughter he is struggling to get on with the son.

      His life is about to change drastically though when he drops out to the little girl that the tooth fairy is not real and finds himself being whisked away to a magical kingdom. The tooth fairy is given a punishment of serving one week as a real life tooth fairy for what he said to the little girl and he is shocked by this. The following morning he wakes in bed and thinks it was a dream. Unfortunately he soon discovers it was not a dream when his co worker turns up with his first job.

      Can The Tooth fairy cut it as a real tooth fairy and will he finally remember his own dreams and not take others away from them?

      I was not overly interested in this film but when I saw more of the trailers it looked quite fun and enjoyable. After sitting down for an evening and wanting something light to watch both me and hubby agreed on this film and I am quite glad we did as we both found it to be enjoyable. The story was good but very far fetched at times but I think it was a good balance for children and young viewers. There is enough in the story to make it appeal to children but it was lacking for the elder viewer. I did think it was also quite daft at times but the way some of the actors carried their characters it made it worth watching and overall if you want a light easy to watch film then you could not go wrong with this one.

      The acting was pretty good from all involved. The lead role of the tooth fairy was played by Dwayne Johnson and he did a good job. I would not have personally placed him in the role but after watching how he developed his character he actually was quite good and I think the way he looked so huge and out of place added to the humour of the film. He managed to convince me of his character and did deliver his lines with ease. He looked good when playing hockey and suited the costumes but I felt the tooth fairy costume was a little feminine on him and he did look daft. He bought some humour to the film but I thought he could have bought slightly more. He worked well with all involved and I did enjoy the connection between him and the daughter.

      Some of the support character I felt were strong than the lead. Julie Andrews had the small part of being in charge of the fairies and I felt she deserved more on screen time as she was a great addition. She showed strength and was not afraid at the size of the Tooth fairy. I also enjoyed the addition of Darien Provost as Gabe and felt he too bought a good fun character to the film. We had a lot of other good support actors who helped bring a good mix of characters.

      The two different world in this film blended well. I loved the real world and how it was shown, the setting was the present day and then I loved how different is was in Tooth fairy land and how bright and magical it came across. I felt that when they mixed it was done in a very good way and the use of the bright colours made it easy to spot who was from where. I felt the special effects which were used were good but some of them could have been slightly more detailed and with a little more work would not have looked too out of place. I noticed a few badly added backdrops throughout the film but as this is mainly for the children I don't think they will notice them. I felt that some of the hockey scenes were slightly too rough and I did wince a few times when people were being banged and hurt but I again think children will actually enjoy seeing this element of the film. The music for me was not at all memorable and I cannot remember a single track which was used. I do remember that we had some good chants when we were watching the hockey but this is all I can remember of the soundtrack.

      The film has a running time of 101 minutes and personally I found this to be a little too long as the story seemed quite slow paced. The rate is a PG and I do agree with this and think viewers around the 7 year old mark will find this a good fun film. This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about but the DVD is available for around the £5 mark but personally I would recommend waiting for this to come on the TV and watch it for free.

      I am going to give this film 3 stars. Both me and hubby did enjoy it but felt there was a lack of adult humour for the parents who are watching with their children. It is an easy to watch film which is very predictable but I think children will thoroughly love it and find it very funny. Maybe with a few stronger effects and more humour I would have given it 4 stars. One to watch but maybe wait for it to come on the TV.


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        23.02.2011 17:31
        Very helpful



        Average family movie, more for the kids

        Ever since his debut in the WWF as it was then I've been a big fan of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He really started to make a name for himself in wrestling during the time I probably watched it most and for that reason I've also followed his film work. His movie onto the big screen has seen a real variety of roles but one of the areas he seems to be really excelling in is the children's film market with decent performances in Race To Witch Mountain and The Game Plan to date. It was because of these previous movies that we decided to watch the Tooth Fairy.

        Toothing Around

        Having already stared as an American Football player in The Game Plan, he takes the role of a former Ice Hockey star this time around. He has an attractive girlfriend who has two kids but his character Derek has a habit of shattering kids dreams. After a close call with his girlfriend's daughter and the story of the Tooth Fairy, someone decides something needs to be done and Derek is summoned to face the head Tooth Fairy. His punishment is to spend two weeks as a Tooth Fairy and his only chance of being released is to impress his case worker Tracy and complete the tasks he is set.

        Calling The Shots

        Perhaps the first indication that this movie could have been a lot better was in the decision to hand the direction reins to Michael Lembeck who is far better known for his TV work. At times that is exactly what this felt like, a made for TV movie and had the film not starred Dwayne Johnson or Ashley Judd that's probably where it would have ended up. The plot works but only just and given the budget they must have had to get the actors on board the special effects and settings for the movie looked and felt a little cheap at times. The scene with the miniature Derek and the cat really summed it up and unfortunately the director brings nothing new to the table.

        Of course the fact the film boasts a total of 6 different writers really doesn't help. There is quite a disjointed feel to the script and the number of writers involved really does explain it. As a family film it does contain the usual sort of messages about doing bad things and facing the consequences and that good things happen to people who do good things but from an adults perspective it has all been done before. It does have its funny moments and the film is entertaining but at times the disjointed feeling and the fact its all been done before just make it a little disappointing.

        Rocking Around

        This is probably one of the worst films I have seen Dwayne Johnson in but it's not his fault. His character comes across as arrogant and not really caring about other people and he really portrays that well. In fact if there was something that almost saved the plot it was Dwayne's performance. He gives a good account for himself and in fact the casting overall works well. The chemistry and tension created between Derek and Carly played by Ashley Judd really portray a good, believable relationship between the two.

        In fact the casting people almost pulled off a master stroke in casting Stephen Merchant as Tracy. His performance is excellent and away from the restraints of Ricky Gervais he shows that he is both funny and capable in his own right. The tension and comical moments between his character and Dwayne's work really well and Merchant almost upstages the films big star. The whole cast really save the movie and turn it from a certain straight to TV movie to something that is at least mildly enjoyable.

        The Tooth Hurts

        It would be fair to say that whilst the cast almost save the movie it is a step too far to really expect them to make it into anything other than a fun fell good film that will be forgotten quicker than it takes to watch. At 101 minutes it is probably 10 - 15 minutes too long and whilst I have no doubt that kid's will enjoy The Rock's latest foray into kids entertainment, I just wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be. It is a weak 3 star film and I have to admit to being borderline 2 stars. It works but only just and the poor script really detracts from a good enough concept with a decent cast. Look out for it on TV but don't spend any money on it.


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        08.06.2010 13:15
        Very helpful



        A very average comedy

        Tooth Fairy is a film for all the family with some enjoyment and a good sprinkling of humour. However, it does have a fair number of flaws most notably, in my opinion, the performances of the leading actors.

        Derek Thompson is a well-known but ageing Ice Hockey player (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) in the twilight years of his career. He is nicknamed the Tooth Fairy because he is more of a battering ram than a player, employed to take-out the opposition to allow the more skilful players to score the goals. In doing so, often knocking out the teeth of his opponents (this is hardly a great for a role model for the viewing children).

        Derek is dating Carly (Ashley Judd) a mother of two young children; Randy and Tess. Randy is a frustrated young boy because he forever has to get along with his mothers new boyfriends and is fed up with having to endure their attempts to bond with him. He thinks that Derek is no different to all his predecessors and that there is no point in making friends with him because he too will soon be on his way. Tess is a very young girl who just loves everyone and really gets along with Derek.

        When Derek's team signs a fresh faced excited new talent, the fans start to chant the newcomers name instead of Derek's which really annoys him. With the arrival of his new team mate Derek feels like he is being put out to pasture and starts to develop a bit of a complex. When signing autographs for his young fans, Derek starts telling them to lower their expectations and be more realistic with their dreams and aspirations, which obviously doesn't go down too well. Derek starts to think that children shouldn't be fed false realities and unrealistic dreams, because they will eventually just get shot down like he is. He also takes it out on Tess who has just lost a tooth and wants to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. Derek just blurts out that the tooth fairy doesn't exist and that she should stop believing in them. As punishment for his outburst he is kicked out in to the spare room by Carly.

        During the night Derek is summonsed to appear before the fairy godmother, Lily (Julie Andrews) in fairy land where the real tooth fairies exist. He is accused of destroying children's beliefs in fairies. He is subsequently found guilty and for his punishment has to become a real tooth fairy. Derek is suitably decked out in a ludicrous outfit and is given his fairy wings.

        Derek duly has to negotiate life as a tooth fairy and has to juggle his new role with his already strained life. To help him with his new duties Derek is assigned a case worker Tracy (Stephen Merchant) and provided with a host of fascinating gadgets from fairylands equivalent of Q.

        To me Dwayne Johnson and Ashley Judd both seem to be second choice for their respective roles. Neither appear particularly comfortable. I don't know where Ashley has been these last few years but time hasn't been particularly kind to her. She looked tired and not a patch on her Double Jeopardy best. Dwayne Johnson looked like a misfit. He was out-of-place and awkward enough playing a hockey player, but dressing as a fairy in a tutu was just all wrong. A more sporty and athletic actor would have better suited this role.

        For me Stephen Merchant is the stand-out performance in this film. A great comedy actor really got his humour spot-on. He got into his character and played the role perfectly.

        Unfortunately the storyline for the adults is very predictable. The story, although pleasant, is a bit crazy and doesn't give you any sense of fulfilment by the finish. It does have some funny moments, all supplied by Stephen Merchant.

        Unless you are a major fan of The Rock then I should leave this one for the kids (many of them may even struggle to enjoy it). It shouldn't shake the kids belief in all things fairyland, but don't be surprised if it does.


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          02.06.2010 23:51
          Very helpful



          Good film but glad didn't pay to watch it.

          My excuse for seeing this film was my 4 year old son. I had to use some cinema tickets up and there was nothing else on that we wanted to watch.
          Great that is now he thinks that a hockey player dressed up as a fairy will collect his teeth when her starts to lose them.

          Dwayne Johnson is a well built muscle bound man, Now picture him in a tutu and wings, It just isn't right.

          Main Cast
          Dwayne Johnson plays Derek Thompson The Tooth Fairy
          Ashley Judd Carly
          Julie Andrews Lily
          Stephen Merchant Tracy
          Ryan Sheckler Mick Donnelly
          Seth MacFarlane Ziggy
          Billy Crystal Jerry

          The storyline is that Derek (The tooth fairy) is a well know ice hockey player but he has a lot to learn about feelings. I mean telling a young fan of his that he has no chance of making it big isn't the done thing. His tooth fairy nick name comes from knocking down other players and they lose their teeth.

          Derek's girlfriend Carly has a son and daughter. Derek need to bond more with her son and as for the daughter he has just told her the tooth fairy isn't real all to save himself some money.
          That night Derek got a summons to go to tooth fairy land which is when his wings first appear. Lily is head of fairy land and plays her part well, wings and all...
          He thinks it is all a dream until the following day his wings appear again and he gets his first tooth assignment.

          I don't like to give away too much of the film plot else you will know everything that is to come, The vanishing spray and shrinking paste are quite amusing though. Now where can I buy some vanishing spray for real?

          The film is PG so is aimed at children however I feel some jokes will pass right over their heads.
          This film won't make them stop believing in the tooth fairy only enhance their expectations of who the whole tooth fairy system works.

          The length of this film is 101 minutes ( 1 hr 41 minutes) which was a fraction too long for my son, The last 10 minutes he was getting restless.

          Personally I wouldn't rush out to see this film but wait for it on Dvd. Plenty of films due out soon to watch like Shrek, toy story that will be more worth seeing.


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            01.06.2010 00:21
            Very helpful



            A hockey player is forced into 'Tooth Fairy' duty after telling a child they don't exist.

            Director: Michael Lembeck
            Screenplay: Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel
            Genre: Fantasy - Family - Comedy
            Country: USA/Canada
            Certification: PG
            Language: English

            MAIN CAST:

            Dwayne Johnson [Derek Thompson - Tooth Fairy]
            Ashley Judd [Carly]
            Chase Ellison [Randy]
            Destiny Whitlock [Tess]
            Stephen Merchant [Tracy]
            Julie Andrews ... [Lily]


            Derek Thompson, an aging hockey player with a massive chip on his shoulder, carelessly dishes out words of wisdom to children who look up to him without ever pausing to consider their feelings, or how it will affect them later on in life.

            When he carelessly tells his girlfriend's daughter that the Tooth Fairy doesn't actually exist, he ends up being given a summons to appear in 'Tooth Fairyland' where he is promptly accused of destroying children's beliefs in fairies... a crime which carries a one week 'Tooth Fairy Duty' penalty. However, when Derek interrupts the Tooth Fairy Administrator, she adds another week to his punishment... warning him that unless he does his job well, he'll be sporting his Tooth Fairy wings for a very long time.

            Annoyed and frustrated by this turn of events, Derek's life is turned upside down when his 'Tooth Fairy' life begins to take over his 'real' life.

            MAIN CHARACTERS:

            Derek Thompson [Dwayne Johnson] isn't really a bad guy. He tends to walk around with a massive chip on his shoulder, and is quick to discourage children from believing in fairytales or even daring to dream of success... but there's a reason for this. Derek could have been a star hockey player had he not injured himself and been sent to the team's junior club for rehabilitation. Disappointed by this turn of events, instead of working hard and trying to make it back into the major league, Derek gave up on his dreams and settled for much less than he was capable of. Because of this, he has become somewhat disenchanted with life in general, and believes that he would have been happier had he never possessed dreams of being a hockey star. Therefore, truly believing that he is doing children a favour by telling them that they don't stand a chance of making their dreams come true, he honestly thinks that he is helping them... just as he thinks that he's helping Tess by telling her that the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist.

            Carly [Ashley Judd] is Derek's girlfriend, and loves him deeply... she has hopes that they might one day get married. However, although her young daughter loves him, her son is not so keen on having Derek around. Knowing that they will never become a 'family' as long as her son and Derek are at odds, she throws the two of them together in the hopes that they can iron our their differences and become friends.

            Randy [Chase Ellison] is very much your average teen suffering from puberty-induced angst. He's a bit annoyed at having to deal with his mother's boyfriends. Every time she gets a new boyfriend, he's forced to deal with the new 'man' in her life, and he hates having to endure their attempts at winning him over for the sake of winning over his mum. Randy believes that Derek is the same as all the others, and really couldn't be bothered trying to befriend him because, eventually, his mother will probably move on to another boyfriend. Randy has his own problems to deal with, and doesn't want to be involved in his mother's relationship with Derek... all he wants is to be allowed to wallow in his own misery... as teens do.

            Tess [Destiny Whitlock] absolutely adores Derek, and is hoping that her mother will marry him. She loves Derek and looks up to him, however, he often confuses her... especially when he says that Tooth Fairies don't exist.

            Tracy [Stephen Merchant] is the wingless caseworker fairy who has been given the task of overseeing Derek in his new duties. Tracy, although generally good-natured and kind with everyone, is hurting inside. He wishes desperately that he had wings and could be a 'Tooth' fairy... the unfairness of it all wounds him deeply, and at times he suffers from a touch of envy. Luckily for him, no one has ever noticed that he secretly envies the other fairies... until Derek arrives and he is forced to look deep down into his heart. Although they are constantly at odds, they very much share the same problem... they are dissatisfied with their lives.

            Lily [Julie Andrews] is upset with Derek. Although he is a likable sort, getting through to him is proving futile. She has attempted to make him understand the importance of children possessing dreams, but without success. Derek is stubborn... but then again, so is she.

            THUMBS UP:

            Very much in the same vein as 'The Game Plan', although not as good [take the hint... if you didn't like The Game Plan, you most definitely are not going to like this one], 'The Tooth Fairy' is your average uncomplicated, and sometimes funny, 'family' movie.

            There are no surprises here - there is a lesson for children and adults alike to be learned. What is this lesson... actually, there are a few: Never give up hope. Dare to dream. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. There are probably a few others, but honestly, I don't think it's necessary to go through them all.

            The general feel of this movie is pretty good. It possesses a good atmosphere, and the story isn't all that bad either. What you will have guessed... surely... is that the comedic aspect of this movie relies almost entirely upon the visuals - Dwayne Johnson sporting a pink tutu and fairy wings [now there's something you're not liable to see again], and although the humour is very juvenile and will undoubtedly work better on children aged between 5 and 12, there are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments for the adults.

            Continuing with the visuals, Dwayne's highly expressive features are worthy of a few laughs along the way, and although his acting is somewhat stiff and superficial at times, much like the character he is playing, his ability to work the one-liners and deliver the punch lines is extremely good.

            Another plus has got to be the funny situations the main character gets himself into, and the addition of 'magical' tools such as shrinking paste, invisibility spray, dog barking sweets, a really loud anti-cat siren, and a few other imaginative items guarantee laughs from one and all.

            The special-effects aren't extraordinary but they are suitably satisfying, the dialogue is good, as is the storyline, and the makeup and costumes are worthy of a few giggles.

            THUMBS DOWN:

            The special-effects leave to be desired at times... I swear I could almost see the ropes holding Dwayne up when he was flying, and I glimpsed a continuity problem with one of Dwayne's fairy wings which disappeared during a scene.

            The story, obviously meant to remain simple because of the movie's PG rating, is somewhat laughably amateurish at times. An example... Tracy, the caseworker fairy, tells Derek that he can't be a 'Tooth' fairy because he was born without wings, however, Derek has wings and he isn't a real fairy.

            Much of the acting is ordinary... Chase Ellison isn't very convincing in his role as the angst-ridden teen, which can't be chalked down to inexperience because he has appeared in 'Santa Jr.', 'Wristcutters: A Love Story', and a few very popular television series including 'Malcolm in the Middle' and 'Deadwood'. Perhaps if he had toned the 'angst' down a bit and went for a less melodramatic approach he might have been more believable. Shame on the director for not 'directing' Chase as he should have.

            Dwayne Johnson was also quite subdued when it came to his acting... he kept wavering between 'nice guy' and 'a**hole', and at one point I gave up trying to understand what made his character tick. There was very little depth to Derek Thompson, but maybe that's what the writers and director intended, to focus on the shallowness of the character and his incredible vanity. If that is what they intended, then they succeeded, however, this did not make him wholly 'likeable'.

            'The Tooth Fairy' is quite lightweight when it comes to comedies, and follows a strict formula that is meant to win over a younger crowd, and to bank on families making this a summer hit if for no other reason than Dwayne Johnson is in it and looks absolutely ridiculous with fluffy fairy wings.

            COMMENTS - OPINION:

            'The Tooth Fairy' is not going to win any awards, the Americans have already labelled it a 'flop', but I'm not prepared to trash this movie.

            First of all... we're talking Dwayne Johnson here... an actor with incredible facial expressions and the ability to laugh at himself. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and as far as comedies go, he's quite capable of delivering a funny line and making the coldest viewer crack a smile. Sit a few children down in front of a Johnson comedy, and you'll hear laughter... and that's what it's all about. Children will not criticise 'The Tooth Fairy', and that's all that counts because this movie is aimed at them.

            I wasn't expecting much from this movie... only to be entertained... and if I laughed out loud a few times, then I would be satisfied with that. What I wanted was for my children to have fun with this movie, and they definitely did. I wasn't disappointed... the children loved this movie, and I even laughed aloud a few times.

            With a 101 minute runtime, 'The Tooth Fairy' is neither too long nor too short. There is just so much to see, so many fantastic visuals, funny situations and snappy one-liners that it is impossible to be bored. True, the story has holes in it, the acting isn't all that great, but hey... this is a family movie and well worth the money spent to hear the children laugh.


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