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Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition, DVD)

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Genre: Children's DVDs - Pixar / Theatrical Release: 1995 / Director: John Lasseter / Actors: Tom Hanks, John Ratzenberger ... / DVD released 28 November, 2005 at Walt Disney Home Video / Features of the DVD: Animated, PAL, Special Edition, Widescreen

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    4 Reviews
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      02.08.2009 00:48
      1 Comment



      One Of Disneys Greatest Films With Tons Of Extras DVD

      Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition) is a re-release of the hit Disney Pixar film Toy Story.

      The DVD is almost the same as the old released which was released on VHS in October 2006 and the DVD released in 2000 but this has a new more updated, cool front cover with the blue sky & white clouds in the background with Woody & Buzz Lightyear on either side. The same is that it's the same film on DVD 1, however this 2-disc special has a special extras disc with the following...

      + 10th anniversary 'Making Of Toy Story'
      + Interviews with Michael Eisner, Steve Jobs and other crew members
      + 'Filmmakers reflect'
      + Deleted scenes
      + Behind the scenes
      + Designing Toy Story
      + New interactive 'Claw Game'
      + Character interviews

      The anniversary edition was released in 2005, as a celebration of the extremely popular and hugely successful hit animation film which was first released in 1995.

      The film tells the story of 6 year old child, Andy who's favourite toy is a coyboy called Woody (played by Tom Hanks), the toys come to life when they are alone, but on Andy's birthday he gets a new toy, Buzz Lightyear (played by Tim Allen), a flashy space ranger with laser action and pop-out wings and this becomes his new favourite toy and Woody feels left out & upset and the two don't get on. The toys get into the wrong evil hands of the kid next door and the two must work together to escape and return to Andy and the other toys.

      I found the film very good, the animation quality & sound was fantastic and great performances by Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. A film I watched as a young teen and a film I still enjoy watching now (and I am 23 now). It's one of my all time favourite Disney films!


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        22.11.2008 21:10
        Very helpful



        A fantastic film for adults and children alike

        My little boy was off school sick yesterday, so we had a nice duvet day snuggled up on the sofa watching DVD's. One of the films he chose was Disney Pixars Toy Story.

        I have seen this film many a time before, but had forgotten just how good it actually was. Disney have a way of incorporating adult humour into childrens films in such a way to make it amusing for the parents and still as entertaining for kids of all ages. Toy Story is no exception and gives the adults a few good giggles along the way.

        So, how many of you believed at some point in your childhood, that your toys were real? And that they walked and talked as soon as you left the room? Did you ever sneak quickly back into your room to try and catch them? Nope? Just me then (blushes). Well, Toy Story is all about just that. The secret life of a little boys toys when his back is turned.

        Andys toys have a good life. They are all loved and played with and generally enjoy being Andys toys. Sid, the bad boy next door likes to torture toys. He pulls them apart and puts them back together in all sorts of strange ways, he blows them up and rips them to pieces.

        The toys worst fear is being replaced and every birthday and christmas is a panic until the gifts have been opened. So what will happen when brand new top of the range space hero Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) appears on Andys bed, following his birthday party?

        Buzz is still a bit deluded and doesn't realise he is a toy, so when he starts talking about his mission and his space ship, the other toys are pretty impressed. All except Woody (Tom Hanks) that is. Woody can't believe Andy and the toys are so taken with this new toy and is extremely jealous of the attention he is getting.

        In an unfortunate series of events, Woody (accidentally) knocks Buzz out of the open window and this is where their adventure begins. The other toys think this was no accident, and so Woody has no choice but to go and find Buzz and bring him home.

        Their journey takes them to Pizza Planet where Sid finds them and takes them home. Sids house is a living nightmare for toys and Buzz and Woody are in for a traumatic experience. Will they make it back to Andys room before he moves house? Will they manage to escape before Sid can carry out his evil plan to blow Buzz up? Will Buzz even care once he discovers that he is indeed a toy and not the real Buzz Lightyear? And will they remain enemies or become good friends along the way? Well, being a Disney film, I'm sure you'll know all the answers whether you've seen the film or not, but if you haven't I would highly recommend it.

        Pixar have done a fantastic job of animating this film. Toy Story was the first full length computer animated film and the first film from the Disney Pixar partnership. It really has lead the way forward in animation with the likes of Finding Nemo and Cars following it up.

        The film runs for approximately 77 minutes and is certified a PG as it contains mild violence and peril.

        DVD's obviously vary greatly in price depending on where you buy them, but you can get this 10th anniversary edition copy at Play.com today for £5.99.


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        10.09.2008 10:23
        Very helpful



        great kids film

        I somewhat went the incorrect way, I watched toy story 2 at the cinema then watched toy story on DVD. My cousins really wanted to see the second after loving the first so I agreed to take them and then borrowed the first one off of them as I enjoyed it so much.

        Toy Story is about a Cowboy doll called Woody who is Andy's favorite toy. Woody is the leader of all the toys as in this animation all the toys come to life. Unfortunately Andy gets a new toy fir his birthday and like most children with new toys Woody is scared of being replaced for the Buzz Lightyear action figure.

        Buzz Lightyear unfortunately does not think he is a toy he really thinks he is Buzz Lightyear. Unfortunately the two get lost a few days before Andy moves house and the two have to work together to get themselves home, will they be able to do as they both have two different aims in life Buzz thinks he is a superhero trying to save the world and Woody knowing that he is a toy and belongs to Andy.

        With the voices of Tom Hanks as Woody, John Ratzenberger, Annie Potts and Tim Allen which are all fantastic in this film.

        This is a great animation by Pixar and once again they have excelled themselves with some brand new characters which have never been seen before with a slinky dog, Mr Potatohead, a dinosaur, the toy soldiers, the pig moneybox squeaker and woody the cowboy when you pull his string he talks and the Spaceman Buzz Lightyear whose famous phrase is "to infinity and beyond". Although you can see how Pixar have come on over the years now compared to the great new releases like cars.

        With 2 discs the outtakes are funny, but you can see why they never used them in the film, with Film Maker Audio Commentary and Early Animations Tests along with commentary from the director this 2 disc DVD is great.

        Toy Story is fun for all the family and with great characters it makes the children think twice about their toys and if they do really come alive when they are not around. This is one to watch on a Sunday afternoon and is guaranteed to keep the children on their seats from the start to the finish


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          07.07.2006 10:38
          Very helpful



          The secret life and rivalry of a child's toys.


          For years Woody, the cowboy, has been the favourite toy of young Andy, and with this honour comes the respect of all Andy's other toys as they look up to him and treat him as a leader. But when Andy receives Buzz Lightyear, an all singing and all dancing modern action figure, as a present, Woody's world comes crashing down.

          As Woody is discarded in favour of Buzz, he becomes jealous of the new toy and after letting it get the better of him, he finds himself and Buzz in the clutches of Andy's neighbour, Sid, who enjoys sadistically mutilating toys. As Woody and Buzz have no choice to work together to try and escape, they realise that maybe they need each other.


          No matter how much I dislike the trend for modern CGI animations; there is something about the original Toy Story which I love. It is by no means the animations, as I am still a champion of old fashioned cartoons, but in the case of Toy Story, it is the story itself, as it taps into the fantasy that maybe your toys, which you have played with through childhood, may have a secret life of their own.

          - The Story

          If you look at the film as a whole, the story line isn't really much as it could be seen as an escape movie featuring toys, which in reality would not be enough to keep many peoples attentions, especially those of the adults who enjoy this movie. In reality it has two further threads which are the main emphasis of the story and the escape is purely a vehicle for carrying these threads. The first thread being the jealousy and humility which Woody suffers as he has to deal with being demoted to the realms of the other toys which once looked up to him and the second thread deals with Woody and Buzz learning that they need to work as a team and get over their differences.

          What is particularly good about Toy Story, and these two threads, is that they are teaching us life lessons without us really realising it, whilst managing to keep the entertainment level as high as possible. I remember hearing my sister use the second thread of toy story as way of explaining to my nieces why they should work together, and it did sink in.

          What I also find enjoyable, is that although Toy Story is predominantly aimed at a young market, there is enough content in there to keep adults amused. Unlike some modern animations, which seem to drop innuendo in for no apparent reason, Toy Story manages to use enough adult references with out detracting from the story and which works on both an adult and child level.

          - Characters and Voices

          The creators of Toy Story have doe a truly magnificent job of creating characters for the individual toys and it really felt like they tapped into my own childhood as certain toys took on very similar personas to those which I had for my toys.

          The best part of the characters has to be the voices, and with the likes of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles and John Ratzenberger providing the voices for many of the principle characters, I have to say they were very good. For me the best part of it, was the fact that the voices did fit the characters perfectly and after about 10 minutes of watching I forgot that I was listening to the likes of Hanks and Allen.

          - Animation and Artwork

          It's weird watching Toy Story now, as the CGI animation looks poor compared to some of the modern films, but then you have to remember that Toy Story was released back in 1995 and the world of CGI has moved on greatly since then. Even so, the animations are still pretty enjoyable and to watch toys come to life in a semi-realistic manner is a joy to watch.

          - Sound track

          In all honesty the sound track to the movie paled into insignificance, mainly due to the fact I was actually engrossed in the film, but the one song which does stick in my head, and I must admit this is now annoying me is "You've Got a Friend in Me" by Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett.

          DVD - Bonus Features and quality

          - Bonus Features

          To say there is a lot of Bonus material on the DVD would be an understatement, far too much to discuss in a review. As you would expect with a two disc set, the second disc contains the majority of the features but there are also a few on the first disc. In general the features are of a really solid quality, and provides so many insights into how the film was developed right through to its cinematic launch, I cannot fault them. For me the most enjoyable feature is the audio commentary as this really goes into depth as to how the film was made and any difficulties they had with the animations. Also on the discs are "Easter Eggs" no not chocolate ones, but you can get extra features like the complete advert for the Buzz Lightyear toy. There are enough bonus features for all ages that young and old will definitely enjoy watching them.

          Disc One
          • Audio Commentary with Director John Lasseter, Producers Ralph Guggenheim and Bonnie Arnold, Co-writer Andrew Stanton, Supervising Animator Pete Docter, Supervising Technical Director Bill Reeves, and Art Designer Ralph Eggleston
          • Introduction from John Lasseter
          • "The Legacy" Featurette
          • Sneak Peeks
          • Easter Egg
          • THX Optimizer

          Disc Two
          • "Making Toy Story" Documentary
          • "Filmmakers Reflect" Documentary
          • Deleted Scenes
          • "Designing Toy Story" Featurette
          • Design Galleries
          • 3D Turnarounds
          • Story Pitch
          • Storyreels
          • Storyboard Comparison
          • Production Tour
          • Multi-Angle Progression
          • Layout Tricks Featurette
          • Animation Tour
          • Multi-Language Reel
          • Music Video
          • "Designing Sound" Featurette
          • Randy Newman Demos
          • Character Interview
          • Trailers
          • TV Spots
          • Posters
          • Toys & Stuff
          • Easter Eggs

          - Picture Quality

          The picture quality is brilliant, with all the colours being vibrant and sharp, but then I would imagine that this is because it came from the original computer data, rather than the digitizing of a film print.

          - Sound Quality

          The same can be said of the sound quality, and listening to it through a home cinema set up is a joy, with great usage of all the speakers.


          So as someone who is not over keen on CGI animations, I do admit to having a fondness for Toy Story, but this is mainly down to the enjoyable and educational story, as well as the fact it taps into your imagination that maybe your toys have a secret life. Compared to some modern CGI animations, Toy Story may seem like a relic with its much simpler animation, but for me this actually adds to its charm, as the enjoyment remains in the story not in the animation. On top of this you have the brilliant characters and great voices which make the whole film so believable.

          What can I say about the DVD package, other than purely exceptional. Firstly the quality of the film and the sound is truly first class and I cannot fault it. But on top of that you have a two disc package which is absolutely crammed full of fun and interesting features which not only keep your children entertained but also yourselves as you learn so much about how the film was made.

          For me this is a must for anyone who remembers and enjoyed Toy Story on its initial release back in 1995, but it will also captivate newer younger audiences who have never seen it before.

          Price & Availability

          Amazon.co.uk: £11.47
          Play.com: £15.99

          Technical Details

          Certificate: PG
          Duration: 81ins
          Year of Release: 1995
          Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

          Director(s): John Lasseter
          Producer(s): Bonnie Arnold, Ralph Guggenheim
          Writer(s): John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton, Joe Ranft

          Cast (voices): Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, Jim Varney, John Ratzenberger, John Morris, Erik von Detten, Laurie Metcalf, R. Lee Ermey

          © Christianfilm July 2006


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