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Toy Story - Ultimate Toy Box (3 DVDs)

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Genre: Children's DVDs - Pixar / DVD released 15 April, 2003 at Buena Vista Home Video / Features of the DVD: Animated, Colour, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2008 19:48
      Very helpful



      Fun family films.

      The product I will now review is "TOY STORY THE ULTIMATE TOY BOX", I have been a fan of these films for ages, but never thought about reviewing them until my daughter prompted me recently due to the fact we have to now watch them twice daily! (I have a three year old son who is obsessed with the cowboy toy!)

      ~~~~~~ THE DVD CASE ~~~~~~

      I know it seems a little ridiculous to start a review on a dvd case, but it's so beautifully decorated and bright I feel it needs a mention.
      The dvd's are held in a four layer fold out case, on the outside of this is of course pictures of the main characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear. On the inside of the case are pictures of some characters featured in Toy Story 2, including Jesse and Bullseye the horse. On top of these pictures are the dvd's themselves all with picture tops, but I will get to those in a moment.
      On the far right hand side there is a little pocket with a picture of Rex the t-rex and Mr Potato head, inside this pocket are a selection of picture postcards of some of the characters from both of the films.
      When each side is folded in it makes a huge picture of Slinky dog (featured in both films), with the statement above saying "the ultimate toy box!" The case is then held in a silver sleeve with more pictures of characters and of course the official Disney hologram.

      ~~~~~~ THE DVD'S ~~~~~~

      There are three dvd's in this set, Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2 and a bonus disc with various features including the making of the two afore mentioned films.

      Toy Story 1 - The basic jist of this film is how your childs so called toys come to life when not in view of humans. This story is set around the toys that are owned by a little boy called Andy, at the beginning you see the special relationship between Andy and his favourite toy Woody the cowboy doll, and how the relationship gets turned on it's head upon the arrival of a new toy Buzz Lightyear space ranger.
      From that moment Woodys jealousy and Buzz's lack of knowledge ( he thinks he is a real space ranger, not a toy!), gets them into very hot water. They end up outside of the house with no way to get back to the safety of the toy room and with the imminent move of house that is taking place in a couple of days the two lead characters need to get back to be packed!

      This is a wonderful film that is child and adult friendly alike, with wonderful characters and great voice over's from the likes of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, this was always destined to be a hit!

      Toy Story 2 - The second of these films explains some of the history of Woody the cowboy doll, he is actually an antique and very collectable, and after a mix up ( he accidentally ends up in Andy's parents garage sale), gets stolen by an unscrupulous toy salesman with the intention of being sold to a collector in Japan, the ensuing story see's the attempted rescue of Woody by his friends in the toy room!

      Not all sequels can claim to be as good as the original but I feel this one rivals the first, it still has the charm of the Toy Story 1, but with the addition of more characters and even some tear jerking scenes, (my daughter actually cried at this film once, she was only five!), makes it another hit!

      The bonus disc - The features on this disc include an introduction to the film by the actual story makers, character designs, storyboard to film, music, tv commercials etc....... it literally starts with the conception of the idea for the film through to the film release.

      On both of the film discs are a host of extras including - Tin Toy and Luxo Junior, Pixar animated feature's, sneak previews of Monster's Inc, character information and in the extras of Toy Story 2 there is even a whole set of hilarious so called bloopers, a definite must!!

      ~~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

      This set cost me £20, a few years ago, from Woolworths on the release of the second film, as it is not one of those Disney films that gets released for a short period of time and then you are made to wait another ten years for its release, I am sure it is still available for purchase, however this is a limited edition box set so it would probably be more readily available from the official Disney website, www.disney.com or failing that good old Ebay always holds the answers!! www.ebay.co.uk

      ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

      This is a wonderful set that has kept my two children, ( and me!!), amused and entertained for some years now, highly recommended!!

      Thanks for reading!


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