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Tracking Down Maggie: The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Thatcher (DVD)

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    1 Review
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      16.02.2001 05:26
      Very helpful



      I am not a Maggie Thatcher fan. Not by any means, nor by any stretch of the imagination. And if I had been, I certainly think the scales would have fallen from my eyes having seen this film. It was never meant to be the epic that it turned out to be. Nick Broomfield had wanted to interview Margaret Thatcher, she wasn't up for it. The more they tried, they harder she bobbed,weaved and ducked out of sight. Thus the documentary now had a story line. This shows what the woman behind the spin is like. Her superior views, condescending opinions and growing delusion that she really was the Queen of England gradually surfaces. During a visit to America she plays this new role to the full in front of the gushing Americans who indulged her monarchist fantasies to the hilt. Here she was Queen, (well as close as they would get for the money they were paying to dine in the same room as her), here they hung on her every word, and here they were insistent that the troublesome Nick Bloomfield was kept at least 2 locked doors distant from her. With this kind of challenge, Nick gives it his all in the hotel where she was giving a speech and suceeds in duping the staff in the corridor that he really isn't filming the beginnings of the speech you could see through a door that had been left ajar. Sadly, they rumble his ruse before you get to see her pulling the wool over everyones eyes. However, you do get to hear her speaking with an authority her voice still possesses, and she continued to behave as though she was still in the warm seat of power, the same seat that had seen her ejected by votes technically known as "no confidence" ones, but as we all know as "for-pity's-sake-just-get-rid-of-this-stone-hearted-milk-thieving- we-are-a-grandmother-butcher-of-community-spirit Tyrant". Nick approaches her at book signings and is skilfully steered away by her PA. No amount of persistent cajoling will get them an in
      terview. "There's an important appointment". He follows her to the Hairdressers. Not a sniff. This is comic, but only because it becomes almost surreal in their efforts to secure a recognition of their existence, and coupled with Nick Broomfield's studied look of injured innocence at every refusal, it certainly gave me more than a few wry smiles. Immensely watchable. One could say addictive, if one were prone to speaking in affected terms, just like a certain grocer's daughter we all know and love to hate. When you can find her that is....


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