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Tron Legacy (DVD)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Children's DVDs - Disney / Theatrical Release: 2010 / Parental Guidance / Director: Joseph Kosinski / Actors: Michael Sheen, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, John Hurt ... / DVD released 2011-04-11 at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: Anamorphic, Colour, PAL, Widescreen

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    13 Reviews
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      29.04.2013 12:44
      Very helpful



      Cash in

      Star - Jeff Bridges
      Genre - Sci-Fi
      Country - USA
      Certificate - PG
      Run Time - 125 minutes
      Blockbusters - £0.99P per night rental
      Amazon - £4.25 DVD (£8.25 Blue Ray)

      The groundbreaking Tron, the original 1982 film, was the first to really grasp the importance of how the role of the video game of the film would play in the overall gross of the product for the big corporations like its creator Disney, the film and rather unique arcade game coming out roughly at the same time to maximize profits back then. As far as I can recall I believe it was the first ever video game of a film, or vice versa, to hit the mainstream cinema. I'm sure there was a 'Space Invaders: The movie', but not to my knowledge. The tactic worked a treat and both film and game were popular, the movie doing $33 million dollars back in the early 1980s and the Video game one of the coolest and toughest arcade games at the time, promoting each other, the look earning Tron an Oscar no less. I think it was the first arcade game to have an option to buy yourself back into the game where you left off so to avoid going right back to the start for your 10p, a lucrative ploy. Since Tron the video game has all but overtaken the movies as the big earner for the massive entertainment corporations in the industry, being your movie hero's with a joystick far more fun.

      Jeff Bridges, of course, was the star of Tron and returns for the sequel, presumably his nod the only reason there was a sequel. Bruce Boxleitner is also on board and the guy who played the original Tron, the only two characters that are in both movies. For further authenticity the actors faces are digitally altered to make them look younger so the older Jeff Bridges can meet the younger Jeff Bridges and likewise with Boxleitner, a clever special-effect in the movie and one vein celebrities will enjoy. Because of those complex retro Sci-Fi effects ($13 million alone spent on wardrobe), Tron legacy would become the most expensive movie ever made by a first time director, visionary Jo Kosinski running up $170 dollars for his artistic vision. The Sci-Fi\Comic book genre has now become the biggest multiplex earner and so the pressure on for Kosinski, not a forgiving cinema audience if you mess up their heroes.

      Tron recap....

      In the first movie Jeff Bridges brilliant computer engineer character Kevin Flynn hacks his way into software company ENCOM's computers to find evidence of corruption that got him sacked from that company, accusing new CEO Ed Dillinger of stealing his software designs for new video games to get rapid promotions. Flynn tries to send in programs to recover that evidence but prevented by ENCOMs MCP mainframe computer. The MCP is highly advanced and self aware and also up to no good and has a plan to hack major governments around the world to get even more power, blackmailing Dillinger with the evidence of his plagiarism to back off. Flynn then breaks into ENCOMS secure area to access TRON, a hyper advanced computer system being developed that digitizes humans in an environment called the Grid, which Flynn then is, zapped into a real life video game to play series of life and death games, the only way back to win those games, going up against star player Tron, Kevin's friend Bradley, also zapped into the game.


      Jeff Bridges ... Kevin Flynn / Clu
      Garrett Hedlund ... Sam Flynn
      Olivia Wilde ... Quorra
      Bruce Boxleitner ... Alan Bradley / Tron
      James Frain ... Jarvis
      Beau Garrett ... Gem
      Michael Sheen ... Castor / Zuse
      Anis Cheurfa ... Rinzler

      === The Plot ===

      Through flashback we learn that in the year of 1989 the celebrated computer engineer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), and the then head of the ENCOM Corporation, has disappeared, leaving behind his young 7-year-old son Sam and estranged wife. Twenty years later and primary share holder Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is a hottie and a rebel, enjoying fast motorbikes and has his dads talents for computer hacking, his only involvement in the company playing a yearly prank on them, this years rather expensive, giving away the companies free browser online by hacking ENCOMs mainframe during the launch.

      When dad's best friend Alan Bradbury (Bruce Boxleitner) receives a mysterious message from The Grid, he leaves some clues for Sam to try and find him, leading Sam to a secret and dusty old coin arcade at Flynn's old lab. Sam soon hacks into an old computer and zapped into the grid the way dad was, soon fighting to the death on light cycles and deadly disc duels. A natural video gamer he survives on instincts and soon identified as a User (human), pulling in a bigger audience, a celebrity in the digital realm. But someone does have his best interests at heart, a babe called Quorra (Olivia Wilde), equally adept at video games, pulling him out of the arena and to relative safety.

      And its here his search ends, dad alive and well, Quorra, Flynn's apprentice and the two forced to live outside of the Grid Flynn created. A younger version of Flynn, Clu (Bridges), has taken over The Grid that Flynn and Bradley built over the years, now used for malevolent game play and so Clu all powerful. But Sams arrival offers the chance to change things, especially as the portal that zapped him there is still open. For good or evil.

      === Results ===

      Hunger Games meets The Matrix is the best way to describe this pleasing but ultimately vacuous retro reboot of the Tron franchise. It looks good and the soundtrack brings back memories off all those long hours spent on arcade games but with a rushed narrative and disinterested performance by Bridges it lacks any real drama and meaning and doesn't exploit that sentimental feeling for the brash decade, surely the point of the movie. Who didn't drop 10p into Tron with Kenny Loggins playing on the speakers at the local fair?

      Since Disney's move to more mainstream action films it seems to me they have simply gone through their back catalogue and just green lighted projects that are anything to do with comic books and so worthy of a lucrative sequel, however long the gap, chasing the geek dollar rather than doing new stuff and interesting ideas. Disney is no longer the kids magic factory but yet another money making machine in Hollywood.
      Saying that it was ok and the look and feel made it worth the rent and any film with a Journey soundtrack gets my vote. The lead young actor is suitably cute for the teenage girls to drool over and Bridges drops in a few Big Lebowski lines to cheer up the older ones. Martin Sheen's bizarre David Bowie impression is just that.

      It's aimed at younger audience so only digital blood and splatter and no swearing. The biggest appeal is that retro feel and creative neon look with the Daft Punk Europop and I suspect TV series is likely, the same way Battle Star Galactica and Stargate also produced hybrids. Its $170 million did $400 million back and so expect at least a sequel. But what it isn't, is cool intelligent Sci-Fi and so ultimately somewhat forgettable.

      ===Special Features===

      -Visualizing Tron -

      The special effects guys tell how they put together the film and its virtual worlds, not the easiest film to make by all-accounts.

      -Tron Animation Series -

      As this is Disney there is a cartoon series to go with.

      - Installing the Cast-

      Bridges is here for the money and the rest of the cast likewise.

      === Ratings ===

      Imdb.com - 6.8 /10.0 (174,418 votes)
      Metacritc.com - 49% critic's approval rating
      Rottentomatos.com -51 % critic's approval rating


      NEW YORK POST -'For all of its buggy storytelling, "Tron: Legacy" plugs into your cerebral cortex and makes it sizzle'.

      USA TODAY -'For a far more thought-provoking tale about the virtual realm, try The Social Network'

      WASHINGTON POST -' "Tron: Legacy" may be nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there'.

      THE SUNDAY MIRROR -'It's a legacy of "TRON" that its sequel has to be as slow and dense, as humorless and emotionally sterile as its original'.

      THE TELEGRAPH -'Basically a fanboy's dream, honoring what's worth honoring about the original while adding as much as the premise will bear...'.

      NEW YORKER -' Disney may be looking for a merchandising bonanza with this long-gestating sequel to the groundbreaking 1982 film, but someone in the corporate offices forgot to add any human interest to its action-heavy script'.

      GLOBE AND MAIL -'Another weak story with sub-B-movie dialogue, partly compensated for by intensely conceived geometric design and special effects'.

      TRIPPLE J RADIO -'A fantastic big screen sensory experience that unfortunately has a plot built entirely from nonsensical technophilosphy w**k.



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        27.01.2012 18:00
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great visuals and music, but let down by the storyline.

        I watched this film having seen the original Tron film many years ago, so I was expecting good things from this film and this seems to be an improvement on the original in only one way and that is the visuals.

        The problem is with this film is that they spent lots of money with spectacular visuals and an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack from Daft Punk, but it seems that they can completely forgot that they also have to make a good film. It seems to me that if you watched this film on mute it would be one of the best films that there are, but the story line just leaves a lot to be desired.

        The film is a sequel to the original Tron film which is set about 20 years later, and follows Sam Flynn, the son of Kevin Flynn from the first film, and after his father goes missing, he goes to 'The Grid' with the intent of finding his father. The Grid is a world created by his father, where everyone inside is a programme and when Sam enters the grid he must play through physical games is this visually stunning world.

        As I briefly mentioned earlier, the two things which do redeem this film a bit are the visuals and the music. The Grid is visually stunning world made up of lasers and lights and the whole film really is a spectacular light show. The soundtrack to the film is unbelievable good. As I said, it's all composed and performed by Daft Punk and it fits in with the stunning light show perfectly.

        To conclude, with the visuals and music, this would have the potential to be a brilliant film, but it is seriously let down by the story and plot.


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          16.01.2012 20:19



          A fab film to watch on a big screen and in 3D if at all possible!

          I originally saw this at the cinema in 3D and I thought it was pretty amazing. On DVD it didn't disappoint, but did lack some of the effects from the 3D version. I will admit that the plot really does leave a lot to be desired, it's a sequel to the 1980s Tron film, which sees a boy realising that his dad (Jeff Bridges) didn't run away and leave him, but got lost inside an arcade game. In his attempt to find his Dad the boy gets dragged into the computer world and there the story sees him attempt to save his Dad. So the story isn't that complex and it doesn't take much following, if you can get over the improbabilty of someone getting lost inside a computer. The effects, however, are stunning, gone are the aged computer graphics of the 1980s original and in come the 21st century graphics. I loved some of the scenes that were basically homages to the original and the action sequences were pretty spectacular. The sound track, created by Daft Punk was also a highlight for me, especially with their little cameo in the club scene.

          All in all a great remake of a classic sci-fi film, just don't expect too much from the plot!


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          05.01.2012 23:00
          Not Helpful



          Maybe watch it but don't buy this film

          Well if this film lasted 20 mins I can be sure that nothing would be lost from the film.

          Basic storyline for the film is Boy loses, literally, Dad into arcade game. In time he follows him, and then attempts to bring him back, and that is the plot.
          The overall cast is good which in a way is a shame as none of these actors reputations have been helped by the film.

          There are positives about so it is not all doom and gloom the CGIs are amazing and are something to be marvelled at, and along with the soundtrack really attempts to pull you in to the story. Unfortunately that is the problem, the story is poor and very predictable. There are a lot of wide angled shots which by the end begin to loose there awe as the frequent and too long lasting for my liking.

          The Tron battle scenes, as in the original arcade game, as well designed but predictable which is a shame.

          Overall I had been looking forward to watching this film but after watching feel I was let down by the poor plot and script.


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          14.11.2011 21:03



          This film is not entertaining, but if you want to go back on their youth or know the game Tron, you will know its assumptions. for those who do not know it, it will be a little difficult to understand. and for action scenes, this movie is very entertaining


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          21.08.2011 13:17
          Very helpful



          A visually stunning film with a plot as an afterthought

          Tron 2.0 Legacy is a big budget sequel to a very clever film which was way ahead of its time in the 1980's. It is set in the present day inside a computer programme, some might question whether this is similar to the Matrix but this film goes at everything in an entirely different way and has its prequel as the source of the extravagant landscape created.

          What is it about?

          Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), the star of the original Tron was a computer designer ahead of his times, as well as creating the world renowned Encom Operating System, he created a computer game called Tron, which came to life through a portal door between here and there, unfortunately Kevin gets stuck in the game leaving his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) to grow up only with his father's stories about a strange make believe land he once visited. Sam and the public in general have grown up believing Kevin ran away due to the pressure of his success and never returned.

          One day Kevin is visited by his father's old business partner, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) who suggests that Kevin is possibly still alive within the game he created so lovingly, he asks Sam to go and check the arcade his father once owned which is now part of his legacy. Sam visits the arcade and whilst playing with a computer reopens the portal between this world and the world of Tron, finding his father and a world of hi tech gladiatorial games and conspiracy.

          In the world, which was created, CLU (Bridges) has taken over, destroying all of the original programs/people which he felt were imperfect and replacing them with a colder nastier breed of programs to do his bidding, Kevin has been banished from the kingdom of Tron by his protégé and Sam has to fight in the games to discover through salvation where his father really is.

          Can he save himself and his father and return to real life or will he follow his father's fate and end up trapped in the computer game for ever?

          Who is in it?

          Jeff Bridges has the most roles, he plays himself as he is now, a middle aged Kevin Flynn, he is computer animated as his younger self in flashback story scenes and also computer animated as CLU, the destructive computer program who has taken over the land of Tron. As Kevin he is Zen and almost god like as the worried creator of a world which is destroying itself, whilst as CLU his facial expressions are animated and it is slightly off putting but he has a robotic zeal and desire for humanity which make him distinct from the other programmes.

          Bruce Boxleitner doubles as in the original as Tron, Kevin's original creation and Alan Bradley his working partner in the real world, he doesn't have a major part as either character, but his character is key to proceedings.

          Hedlund plays Sam with a gung-ho spirit but doesn't ever achieve a 3 dimensional character, he starts the film hacking programs and jumping off buildings and fights within the games on Tron, but his character doesn't really do much more than this, unfortunately I did feel he was a vessel rather than anything more to the story. He is the everyman headstrong hero, despite apparently being a computer genius like his father you can imagine his character using his head to break through a door rather than using the door handle.

          Michael Sheen has a great cameo as Zuse a program who knows everyone and everything and is needed by Sam to find the portal, he high kicks, shoots people with his stick and camps it up perfectly looking like a strange mix of Tony Blair and David Bowie. Again his character has an element of the old characters from 70's sci-fi that have interesting cameos and then aren't seen again on the characters journey.

          Finally, Olivia Wilde plays Quorra an ISO, a program created by the Tron Grid rather than by Kevin or CLU, all of the other ISO's were destroyed by CLU and she is the last of a dying, almost perfect breed. For me she was the most interesting character, visually she looks amazing, but she had the right elements of optimism, hope and innocence of a program who wants to be more, it reminded me of characters in AI and Logan's Run, her performance is the only one which offers any emotion in the piece, there are under touches of a potential romance between Quorra and Sam but these aren't really opened up.

          There is a cameo from Cillian Murphy as a computer programmer but he is only on the screen for moments and criminally underused.

          Did I enjoy it?

          I did enjoy the film a lot but came away feeling it was all action and very little emotion, my other half adored this film as a fan of the original, I came at it as somebody who saw the original when I was little and remembered nothing except the interesting lights and bike races.

          I liked the initial set up of the film, where the Encom Corporation created by the missing Kevin Flynn has basically entered the worlds of everyone with its ground-breaking operating system (Dig at Microsoft at all), the CEO talks of world changing technology, but when challenged about what is so different about the newly released system 12, he tells an underling 'it has a 12 on the box'.

          In this set up, a developing Sam Flynn is the owner of the company who has no power, in the real world he sets about challenging authority and causing trouble, once he enters the game he can't do this and has to use his wits to stay alive.

          The computer world looks amazing, the suits are awesome, the CGI is excellent and I'd imagine this worked pretty well in 3D, the games as in the original are a tad boring and under heated, but nonetheless they are a great idea. There are also some really stinging plot holes which are unexplainable and leave more questions than answers, which I won't spoil for you but really made little sense to me.

          I liked the idea of the creator of this land being shunned by the masses who had been reprogrammed by the demented CLU, leaving Kevin hidden away with awesome power but no fight to do anything or return home.
          His character is calm and almost hippy like but doesn't do much, Sam is gung-ho and adventurous but on many occasions is saved by the kick-ass Quorra, who is the films real high spot.

          The film builds from Sam arriving to finding his father to trying to help him escape, there isn't too much development in the middle and afterwards it did feel like a well-designed idea which does its job but like the program had no soul to it. Perhaps this was the idea, but the film has the effect of looking awesome but having creaky plotting which leaves you feeling very short changed at the end.

          I thought the characters and the creation of the land looked stunning, but the substance just wasn't there, perhaps there are some undertones about the capriciousness of computers here, but I think more likely the idea was to visually blow peoples socks off and then build a film plot around it.

          For fans of the original this will be a huge hit, for people looking for a bit more substance behind the flashing lights, I would suggest you might find this a little lacking.

          The ending was a massive disappointment for me and the final line is incredibly cheesy and weak, I really had thought after some of the complex narrative and need to explain the world that the film might end with question marks, possibilities or opportunities but it ends in a middle of the road, yawning manner which is only saved by the excellent acting of Olivia Wilde.

          To put this film in context, the acting took 68 days, the subsequent CGI and visual effects took a further 68 weeks, so this shows where the films priorities were. It does look fantastic but was clearly a homage to the computer world without really giving proper due to the story.


          Daft Punk play the soundtrack and even appear as themselves (with their usual robotic outfits) to spin some tunes during a fight scene, their soundtrack is awesome, it has futuristic undertones and an 80's vibe in homage to the original, but it sounds stirring and fits this world perfectly, my next stop is to buy the soundtrack as that was the most impressive part of the film for me with the most substance.


          Tron Legacy cost us £7.99 on Amazon, it is still available at this price currently, and this is a film only review as we haven't checked out the extras yet.


          In there is a new world! In there is our future! In there is our destiny! - Kevin Flynn

          Tron, what have you become? - Kevin Flynn


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            21.06.2011 19:47



            Watch this only if you have watched every other movie ever made first and have nothing better to do.

            I watched this movie mostly because my husband was a big fan of the original Tron. I wasn't expecting much to be honest but the experience was even worse than I feared.

            The plot revolves around Sam Flynn who goes looking for his missing father after finding a page only to end up somehow in the digital world of his father. This in and of itself does not bother me, as I was not expecting it to be a documentary. I did, however, expect a decent script, pretty special effects and there to be some sort of point to the movie. I was sorely disappointed.

            Yes there are pretty special effects but for me to enjoy a movie there has to be something going on behind them. The fight scenes were too slick to care who won or lost and seemed to be an excuse for special effects without any tension in them whatsoever. The characters were pretty much in the same vein, two dimensional good guys and bad guys whom I honestly didn't care whether they survived or not. My main problem with it though was the complete and utter lack of sense of humour. This film took itself far too seriously given the genre.

            There was obviously far more attention paid to creating the sets and colour scheme than worrying about trifling things such as character development, storyline, acting, plot or really anything else. And it was flat from beginning to end. It didn't just bore me, by the end it actually irritated me. If I could give it less stars I would, although it would be far more satisfying to set fire to a few copies.


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            23.05.2011 20:18
            Very helpful



            Watchable if you're only after something pretty to look at

            A friend picked this up as a DVD rental last week after being tempted by the pretty animation and cool futuristic, robot-style adventures the blurb promised. I think the biggest attraction to this film is its Disney logo - you're almost guaranteed to get a pretty film with lovely animation or CGI. Unfortunately for me, that was mostly all the film had to offer given I didn't think the storyline was particularly strong.

            Tron : Legacy introduces us to a father-son bond as the little boy is in awe at the tales his father tells about where he works. Being a virtual world designer, his dad (Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges) recounts stories of the characters he's designed, about the digital world known as The Grid where he disappears to every night. He says his goodbyes to his son one evening and zooms off on his motorbike, looking cool and sounding like the type of father with a job you can't wait to tell your friends about to make them jealous.

            However, this night Kevin doesn't return home. As the search starts and dries out, his son Sam (played by Garrett Hedlund) is left to wonder why he was abandoned, whether his father was taken and hurt, or if he simply didn't love his family enough to stay. One friend of Kevin's never gave up his belief that Kevin had discovered something amazing on that fateful night and fell inside a digital world, never to return. Even years later, when Sam is a young man with his father's legacy and empire at his feet, no one knows for sure what happened.

            Sam takes a hint from his father's friend and follows it to where Kevin used to work, and before we know it Sam is sucked inside the digital world like his father was. Okay, so it's a little surreal but it is a futuristic film, so expect more of the same for the rest of the film! From here on out we're introduced to some new characters in the digital world and Sam must prove his worth in what appears at first to be a game, in order to find his father. Obviously wanting to discover the truth and bring his father home, Sam goes through hoops just to stay alive, let alone fulfil his aims.

            I won't say anymore about the plot but I'll just say that things aren't as straight-forward as they could have been; whilst this made it more interesting, there were aspects I didn't think particularly added up and some of the story seemed a little lacklustre to me. Whilst the plot wasn't as strong as I thought it could have been, Tron makes up for this with it's amazing visual performances. The animation/CGI, musical accompaniments, funky characters & costumes, and glossy finishing touches made it stunning in parts to watch.

            I would also critique the script, because some of it was quite cheesy and cringe-worthy. It didn't always have a well thought-out or rounded feel to it, and I felt it let the film down slightly even though it perhaps meant it could cater to a younger audience as well as adults. The acting on the whole was reasonable; some was quite cheesy (like Bridges' eerily young-looking face at the start) and unbelievable, but the film retained it's light approach and watchability nonetheless.

            Overall this is a film for families and those who like the glossy, beautiful computer animations Disney are incredible at. It's futuristic and takes you away from the real world whilst you watch it, but unless you're in the mood for that type of film it's not as easy to watch or digest with full attention. I guess I fell into the latter category in parts, but I'm glad I watched it to say I've seen it and I enjoyed the effects, it's just not one I would want to sit through and view again.

            2011, certificate rating PG.
            RRP £17.99 but selling on Amazon for £10.99


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              16.05.2011 08:28



              Good old fun movie for family

              Tron - One word that rings in my head when I thinks about the old arcade back those days. Yeah, it's that old. Kinda reminds me how we need to appreciate the phrase "Old is golden". Anyway, as for the movie, this one is a total classic transformation. Well, that's what I was made to believe. When I heard about this movie, I was pretty excited to watch it and has pretty high expectation in its actions and all its special effects. I was looking forward for a fast action pack, finger nails biting experience! You know what I mean? Ok, maybe not to the extend of finger nails biting (kinda like horror or thriller type of movies) but you get my picture. However, after watching this movie I was so disappointed. Don't get me wrong here, this is a great and fun movie to watch but just didn't hit that climax I was expecting. The plot was pretty predictable and a bit slow for me. I was looking for more.. more!! MORE!! Nope. Didn't happened. Sad but true. Perhaps due to budget cuts. So, if you are planning to get this DVD or watching it.. my advice is Don't have a high expectation. Just sit back and enjoy the movie. It does have family values and it IS a Disney Movie after all.

              Thanks for reading my review and don't be shy to drop down some comments of what you think to.


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              21.04.2011 23:25
              Very helpful



              Good fun watch

              I remember 'Tron' fondly from the first time around, although it shows its age effect-wise these days. So I was on board for an updated version. We bought this DVD from the local supermarket.

              To set the scene, Jeff Bridges returns as Kevin Flynn talking excitedly to his young son, Sam, about his work at his company EnRom creating a virtual digital world, peopled by programs and users. He breaks off at the most exciting bit, vows to tell more of his story next time, and he heads off to work...

              But you've guessed it, he never returns...

              Years later, young adult Sam (Garrett Hedlund) is a bit of a rebel without a cause, whose annual prank on the company he part-owns is the only interest he shows in it. A mysterious page from his father' old office to a family friend (Bruce Boxleitner) sends him there and while investigating the place, he finds a secret room. The equipment there is still functional and before he knows it, he's whizzed into his father's virtual world...


              The special effects and virtual world that is created for 'Tron:Legacy' are really what make the film. It's done amazingly well. There are some stunning visuals in the recreation of the original Tron's iconic racing (leaving deadly walls behind as trails), gladiatorial combat with frisbees, vehicles building themselves mid-air and programs shattering into tiny pieces. I thought the action scenes and special effects were really very good. The look of the film harks back to the most impressive parts of the original 'Tron' with the benefit of much improved technology to achieve it: some of the machines appear in both films, for example.

              The opening scenes feature a CGI-enhanced youthful Bridges in the real world with his son, which _almost_ works. Close, but his mouth and brow movements aren't quite right, for me. Later in the film where the CGI-ed Bridges appears again as Clu, it is easier to accept, as he is supposed to be a virtual digitised creation.

              The star of the movie is definitely the effects. Hedlund is a likeable lead, while Bridges is, well, a bit annoying at times. His character in some ways reminds me of the Dude in the 'Big Lebowski', every other sentence peppered with "man" and semi-stoner philosophising. I'm not sure whether this was a deliberate homage or accidental. But by seemingly referencing the Dude, it undermined some of the character's gravitas for wisdom attained and value of his knowledge central to the storyline, for me. I also found his turn of phrase anachronistic, I mean, he was zapped into the virtual world in the '80s as a inventor/business man, not in the '60s/'70s as a hippie stoner.

              Michael Sheen has a whale of a time as Castor, able to let rip and camp it up like crazy, while the rest of the cast perform well enough. Olivia Wilde is pretty and engaging in her role. Daft Punk make an appearance in the film, and their music permeates the soundtrack. It fits well with the visual feast that is this movie.

              The main problem is, the script and storyline just make no sense at all. To me, at any rate. And where it does make sense, it's just hopelessly predictable. I did enjoy watching it but it's a shame it couldn't provide a stronger, more original plot.

              I'd recommend it to anyone looking for something light and fun to watch, and not wanting to be made to think too much. It's rated PG, and I will probably let my six year old to see it, plenty of excitement and I think he'd be able to cope with the scarier bits.

              *** Bonus Features: ***

              *First glimpse of 'Tron: Uprising' Disney XD animated series
              (Looks great!)

              *Visualising 'Tron'
              (Soundbites from cast and crew talking about inspiration for the film and look behind the scenes)

              *Installing the Cast
              (Cast and crew bigging each other up)

              *Discover Blu-Ray 3D with Pumbaa and Timon
              (The warthog and weaselly thing try to sell you 3D equipment)

              Of these, I found the behind the scenes of how they digitised Bridges' face and the excerpts from the animated series most interesting.

              *** Sneak Peeks ***

              Trailers for:
              - Disney computer games, 'Tron:Evolution' and 'Epic Mickey'
              - Blu-Ray version of 'The Incredibles'
              - 'Cars 2'


              'Tron: Legacy' is widely available, and currently can be bought from Amazon for £10.99 new.

              Product details (as available from Amazon):

              * Actors: Michael Sheen, Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Garrett Hedlund, John Hurt
              * Directors: Joseph Kosinski
              * Format: PAL
              * Language English
              * Region: Region 2
              * Number of discs: 1
              * Classification: PG
              * Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
              * DVD Release Date: 18 April 2011


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                18.04.2011 23:30
                Very helpful



                A superb update to the 1982 film that will cater for those raised on it, and newcomers alike

                If, like me, you grew up on the original Tron movie, it wont surprise you to know that I went all "little boy in the toy shop" when this belated sequel was announced. The original Tron was a graphic masterpiece of its time. True, it hasn't aged well. Computer graphics have come on leaps and bounds, and Tron was released to a less computer savvy public back then. We were only just discovering Atari and Commodore and a little diamond spinning across a black screen was almost considered cutting edge effects. That said, Tron was also a great story and supported by a terrific early turn by Jeff Bridges.

                The story begins in that era with Kevin Flynn apparently abandoning his young son to his grandparents. Setting that up as the premise of Sam's maverick-like behaviour two decades later, the young man is on a quest to unleash his father's work to the public for free. Encom, his father's company, plans to market the material for millions, and their plot is quickly destroyed by Sam as they are unable to prevent him from breaking in to see his own plan out. Alan Bradley, who was Kevin's other half during the creation of Tron, delivers a message to Sam from his father. Apparently it was sent from the now defunct and derelict arcade that Kevin founded in the mid 80's.

                As Sam goes to investigate, he discovers the old arcade version of Tron, which quickly finds him transported to The Grid, a world of gaming where the programs set out to destroy each other and the user's are not welcome. There, he meets Clu, who is a dead ringer for his missing father. In the belief that he has finally been reintroduced to his father, Sam finds himself in danger that wont stop at The Grid and may well filter over into the real world. Sam's only hope is to follow Quorra, a program with an almost humanistic element to her, to find his father so that they can be re-united and perhaps find a way back to the real world.

                Tron Legacy is a definite treat to anybody who grew up with the original. Spread into Imax theatres last year, it doesn't only have to be enjoyed in its intended 3D origins. There is enough superb effects to make this a fast paced enjoyable romp with or without the effects flying in your face. Backed by a superbly effective electro/dance soundtrack provided by Daft Punk, there isn't a moment of boredom to be had. Even the early real world scene's are breathtaking, but its the mid film Grid scene's that really elevate the film to brilliance.

                To its credit though, Legacy doesn't rely solely on its superior special effects to carry the film. There is a real heart there in the midst of the story. Starting out as a quest by a young man to honour his father's wishes, we then see him carried over into his father's world to finally get some closure on the years of his life that he felt abandoned. His need to finally find his father almost leads him to mortal danger, and you feel that presence throughout the film. Anybody wanting to see an update to the Tron film will be thrilled, but anybody wanting a film that shows human adversity will also enjoy this.

                Furthermore, Jeff Bridges return to the film is welcome as well. Although, his younger self (created by special effects for the character of Clu) doesn't quite cut the grade, you can accept that it looks computer generated because Clu is supposed to look computer generated. As his older self, Bridges is understated and all the more powerful because of it. Garrett Hedlund was also a good choice as Sam, Bridges onscreen son. He is athletic looking enough to pull off the great many stunts required of him, but with enough depth to potray a hurting young man in search for answers.

                As Quorra, Olivia Wilde pushes all the right buttons. Having clearly gone beyond that of her creator's intentions, and become a figure of confidence to him, she has stepped out of the restrictions of being a character. Even with the three of those actors ably carrying the film, recognition must be given to Michael Sheen who stars as a flambuoyant program who has taken on an element of David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona and who gets all the best lines and even a few memorable moves. I think I enjoyed him more than the rest of the hugely enjoyable characters.

                Joseph Kosinski creates this entire world, which is head and shoulders above the original. Much of this is due to the lack of materials available back in 1982, when the original made its way to the big screen. Even with that in mind, The Grid is a flawless creation that will have you gasping with excitement all the way through. Kosinski doesn't leave his character's behind though. The real life character's of Sam and Kevin already have a backstory to bring with them, and that is explored just enough to give them a depth beyond the shallow world of 2 dimensional fighting games.

                Tron Legacy was released today in various formats. Aside from the standard disc release, there is also the double pack which consists of the standard film and the blu-ray disc. You can also buy a double pack of the original film and this one together, which might be a better option for those of you unfamiliar with the original or who just haven't gotten around to buying it before now. They are definitely worth watching as a double bill, even though Tron Legacy is just as effective as a stand-alone Disney classic. Roll on film number three, which has just been announced. I hope that the team can deliver another film that is as good as this, and that also improves on an already legendary film from many of our own childhoods.


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                  27.03.2011 13:47
                  Very helpful



                  Decent sequel to a 1980s cult classic

                  1982's Tron really made an effort to integrate a digital world with our own with special effects that were impressive at the time. I found the visuals impressive, but also somewhat confusing in terms of characterisation and some of the action scenes. Jeff Bridges played Kevin Flynn, programme designer and hero of the piece. He entered his own game to try and stop a villainous computer from controlling it all.

                  Fast forward nearly 30 years, and we have ourselves a lot more clarity when it comes to the visuals. Gone are the hazy lines, and now with the effects available to film makers today, it gives the Tron mold what it really deserves, and shows us exactly what the intentions were in '82. Bridges once again plays Flynn, but this time he has been missing for 20 years, and it's up to his son Sam to enter the digital world his dad created, to try and find him and, of course, save the world.

                  The plot is a bit more linked in with the real world this time, with a serious threat sort of justifying the events that take place. The characters are decent enough, and Jeff Bridges is excellent as Kevin Flynn as well as Clu, a character he created based on himself when he first entered the digital world. Now, however, the digiworld has developed to something way beyond imagination, and Clu has turned into a megalomaniacal program hell bent on taking over our world and destroying any imprefections.

                  Garret Hedlund, who I last saw wielding a sword and wearing a cape in the disappointing screen adaptation of Paolini's Eragon, plays Sam Flynn, and although Bridges is in this sequel, Sam is the main character, and Hedlund does an okay job of leading. He's not the strongest actor, but much in the same vein as Paul Walker or Chris Evans, he plays the daredevil youth role pretty well. The support from elsewhere is decent as well, with Olivia Wilde on form and Michael Sheen giving his usual scene stealing performance as a crazed digital character.

                  But the effects and the action are what the film's really about - the plot is decent but comes second. The graphics stay true to the original Tron's concept, just hones it and brings it into the modern day. Impressive, as is the way the suits are designed, the discs they fight with are shown and also how the fight choreography is worked out. There are some intense action scenes, and I love the way director Joseph Kosinski gives us any kind of digital explosion, with thousands of bits (or bytes!) flying everywhere, the occasional slow motion showing us the depths to which they've gone in this. They've even brought into digital dance kings Daft Punk to supply the majority of the music.

                  Was it worth making a sequel, and did they iron out the creases and make it clearer than the first? Yes, they certainly did. It's not perfect, and those who haven't seen the first film may not make sense of some of the dialogue and scenes. However, those who enjoyed the first will likely be impressed by the improvements on the visual front. I certainly was, even if as a film it's just a run of the mill plot with some kooky action scenes to keep interest levels going.

                  I'm glad I've seen this, and I'd certainly watch it again if I saw it on TV, for example. It was hyped up quite a bit on release as the original had cult status. I'm glad they showed the first film respect by not changing a whole lot of things. They managed to do it while also stepping up the gears and bringing the concept into the 21st Century. Recommended.


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                    31.01.2011 17:51
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                    Must see in 3D!


                    Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) goes in search of his missing father (Jeff Bridges) after a mysterious page. Sam gets swept up into his father's digital world; will he be able to escape?

                    Sequel to the 1982 movie Tron.

                    Directed by Joseph Kosinski, screenplay by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (Lost).


                    First off, I haven't seen the original Tron movie (I keep planning on watching it but it just hasn't happened yet) so I can't compare the two. It has to be said that you don't have to have seen the first Tron movie to understand Legacy, they've made it accessible to everyone.

                    The plot obviously isn't believable but I don't think that matters at all, anyone going to see Tron Legacy should know it's about a digital world so you should expect to suspend belief. The turning points in the movie are rather easy to figure out, but it doesn't make the film any less enjoyable.

                    There is a lot of action in the movie, the scenes in between the action sometimes feel a bit pointless, like not a lot is happening. But it couldn't be two hours just of fighting could it now...

                    The effects are the main selling point of the film and they are excellent. Using 3D for the digital world and 2D for the real world was a brilliant idea, making the digital world pop out even more. It's one of the few films I've seen were the 3D actually adds to the movie experience. In my opinion, there are too many 3D movies out, most don't need to be in 3D it's just a way of making more money. Tron Legacy uses the 3D technology brilliantly and it is a must see on the big screen.

                    Having said how great the effects are, I did have one slight problem-the CGI Jeff Bridges. Hmmm did not like. Obviously they wanted Bridges to reprise the role he played nearly thirty years ago, but he has aged since surprise surprise. I don't know what they could have done to make it look better (I'm no graphics expert) but in a movie that looked so slick, young Bridges stuck out like a sore thumb.

                    That links on to the quality of the acting...mostly good. Bridges is one of the most consistent performers out there and once again he is great. Olivia Wilde is good, not sure it takes that much talent to play a fairly robotic role, but she does it well. Michael Sheen is always brilliant; he certainly makes an impact as the crazy Castor despite a short amount of screen time. Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn was the one letdown for me, he has no charisma and I felt he struggled as the lead. Bit of a shame he didn't have the acting chops to make an impact on the film.

                    I don't usually mention the soundtrack of films but this was verrry eighties as might be expected. It was alright at first but it started getting repetitive, I felt like I was being beat over the head.

                    Overall the film is a definite must see in 3D at the cinemas. I'd give it 3.5/5 but I can't so I'm afraid I'm going to know it down to a 3/5 but definitely go see it. Get out of the real world for a few hours and enjoy the ride.


                    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn / Clu
                    Garrett Hedlund - Sam Flynn
                    Olivia Wilde - Quorra
                    Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley / Tron
                    Michael Sheen - Castor / Zuse

                    Runtime: 125 mins

                    Also posted on ciao under the username shabbating


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