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Trust (DVD)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Crime & Thriller / Suitable for 15 years and over / Director: David Schwimmer / Actors: Clive Owen, Catherine Keener, Viola Davis ... / DVD released 2011-08-29 at Lions Gate Home Entertainment / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 19:11
      Very helpful



      informative film that can make you more aware of people you dont know

      I read a review a couple of days ago on DooYoo about this film and decided to watch it myself as I love Clive Owen as an actor - who stars in this, and was also pleasantly surprised to find it is directed by David Schwimmer (better known as Ross Geller out of Friends). I have not seen any other films directed by him but if his acting is anything to go by I knew he would of done the issues in the film justice.

      This film was released in 2010 and is described as a "thriller" however I think this is a bit far fetched as thrillers to me have a few bits that make you jump/feel a bit scared - i would describe it more as a heartbreaking drama.

      I knew from what I had read about this film that it would be quite difficult for me to watch considering its about how paedaphiles meet young girls on the internet with the intension to lure and assault them - I have a 6 year old daughter myself, and one day I will be terrified about something like this happening to her, just like any other parent would...


      The plot

      In the film we meet Annie - 14 years old, great relationship with her family and close to her best friend, Brittany. Annie is very much into sports, like many young girls but in particular volleyball is her favourite. When she recieves a laptop as a birthday present from her family she joins an internet chat room dedicated to the sport and here she meets Charlie - a 16 year old boy who also enjoys playing. They communicate in the coming weeks through the chat room and text messaging - during this time Charlie makes the earth shattering confession that he is actually a little bit older than he is. However this does not deter Annie and eventually Charlie jumps on a plane to finally come and meet her. Annie then finds when he meets her in person that he has actually been a lot more dishonest than previously thought. The meeting effectively changes the life of Annie and those around going forward when her best friend finds out the real age of Charlie and effectively reports the meeting to the police.


      My verdict

      I have to say there isn't many films that do make me visably upset but I counted that I actually had 3 good cries during the course of this film - not just because I have a young daughter myself but the acting was absolutly superb from Liana Liberato which is very rare as at the time of filming she would of only been 14 or 15 herself. Liberato gives a realistic performance from the view of an assault victim in the sense that they believe their assaulter has done no wrong and that even when everyone else tries to tell them otherwise they believe they have something special with the attacker and that they should be together... even when everyone else is against them. The name from the film comes from the fact that this young girl meets a guy, who she believes she shares a connection with and even when it comes to light he has lied and manipulated her she still trusts him throughout. The abuser in turn, as hard as it is to watch his methods on this young girl also did a brilliant job in his role.

      The film shows that the whole family goes through a meltdown after such an experiance and that it doesn't just affect the assault victim. Clive Owen, as usual nailed his role in this film as Annie's dad - giving an accurate performance of the stereotypical dad who wants to seek out revenge for what someone has done to hurt their daughter. Watching the downward spirial of this once perfect happy family is enough to tug on anyones heart strings.

      In a way I think the plot in this film is quite original in the sense I have not seen another film that covers the main issue that this one covers, or maybe its just the fact that you don't hear about such films because they have been poorly filmed with bad acting... I think it helps that the director, David Schwimmer has a lot of experience on the issues that arise from this film due to the fact he is a very active director at a rape centre in America which specialises in giving treatment to victims of sexual assault.

      In a way I was a little bit dissapointed that it didnt have the predictable ending that you would expect this kind of film will bring, but in a way it was an excellent ending because it gives a bang on portrayal of what normally happens in the result of rape/sexual assault cases rather than the happy ending that you would like to see - Schwimmer has not sugar coated anything.

      At the end of the film when the end credits were rolling I very nearly turned off the DVD and I am so glad I didn't because the end scene which is shown in between the credits gives you the most head blowing thinkable experiance you will have during the course of this film - that you shouldn't stereotype a sexual predator as being lonely, weird and that you can see them a mile away due to the horn on their head that all paedaphiles have. This scene shows you that a paedaphile can be anyone - any profession and any type of family life. So in my head, the film is also very informative of educating you on this fact.

      Its a great film in the sense that it does make you much more aware of the bad people that exist in this world but just be aware for a few tears if you do decide to watch it. It is such a powerful film that it actually urges you to hug your kids just that little bit tighter and tell you that you love them that little bit more. Personally I believe if you have teenage daughters this should be a compulsory watch to make them aware of the dangers they face by chatting to strangers online.


      At present you can buy Trust from Amazon for £5.97 including free super saver delivery


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        08.09.2012 15:40
        Very helpful



        Opening dialogue to address sensitive issue with youngsters

        Directed by David Schwimmer (a.k.a Ross Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S) this movie touched a topic that needed to be dealt with in a sensitive manner. It's not the type of film you would typically watch for its entertainment value but for the message it gets across, and for that, I give it 10/10. Trust centers around the internet and how predatory people unleash a web of deceit to trap a minor and how this impacts, not only on the victim, but also the trust she has/had with her family, in particular, her father. The notion that these predators are recluses' who live in basements etc is thrown right out the window when we see that 'Charlie' is a 'family man' himself and clearly holds down a well respected job, as a teacher.

        Schwimmer is a hands on director of the Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica, which goes some way into explaining his drive to direct such a film. The Center was opened in 1974 and is now a nationally recognized organization that provides a much needed service. This is the second film he has directed, after Run Fatboy Run and I feel that he has made the transition from Actor to Director seamlessly and this movie is one that has the needed personal element from a directional point of view.

        The movie opens with a family scene where we are introduced to the main characters. Liana Liberato (Annie) is the main character and this was her first film role, having had parts in various TV series, ranging from House to CSI Miami. At the time of filming she herself was 14 years old, which aids to encapsulate the innocence of her age. Catherine Keener (Lynn) stars as her mother and gives a convincing performance of a mother trying to keep her family together and get through an ordeal. With a career spanning back to 1986 she has been the supporting actress in quite a few mainstream movies, such as Being John Malkovich to The 40 Year Old Virgin. Clive Owen (Will) is the father who against all odds tried to hold it together and feels he has let his daughter down by not protecting her.

        In reality Owen has 2 daughters and they are approaching the age when they will no doubt become embroiled in the world wide web, so this movie matter resonates with him on a personal level. He pays the role of Will as an advertising executive for a campaign that sexualizes youth and this is something that begins to play havoc with his conscience as the movie plays out.

        Chris Henry Coffey(Charlie/Graham Weston) plays the sexual predator and manages to convince Annie that the age difference is insignificant and that he feels that they share a connection beyond that.

        14 year old Annie is using a chat room to get tips for volleyball and get's to know Charlie via this means. She initially believes that he is around her age and develops a 'relationship' with him and confides in him. As a few weeks pass and they have exchanged their feelings for one another 'Charlie' states that he has a confession to make which is where he in a round about way, admit his deceit about his age. With this knowledge, Annie is clearly taken aback but as she has become embroiled in his lies, she continues communicating with him. This culminates in her agreeing to meet him where

        Even once she realizes the level of deceit she has already developed intense feelings for him, similar to the Stockholm syndrome. In her eyes this was her first 'relationship' and she doesn't register that the age difference makes this a crime.

        The messages that are sent back and forth vie the internet/phone are portrayed on the screen and are differing colours for Annie's dialogue and that of 'Charlie'. As a lot of the story was based on these exchanges it was a handy way to keep the viewer locked onto the action as well as the dialogue.

        Despite the harrowing subject of this film it was put across in a sensitive manner and can hopefully aid getting a dialogue between parents and their children and more of an openness in who they are befriending. I feel that in this day and age it could prove as an educational tool to advise youngsters that not all is as it seems in the world of the internet.

        Production year: 2011
        Country: USA
        Cert (UK): 15
        Runtime: 106 mins

        Thank you for reading :-)


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