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Twins (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 1988 / Director: Ivan Reitman / Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito ... / DVD released 31 May, 2002 at Universal Pictures UK / Features of the DVD: Dubbed, Full Screen, PAL

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    5 Reviews
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      09.01.2013 14:47
      Very helpful



      Little & Large

      Being a huge fan of 80s movies and loving all the lame but enjoyable movies that were made in that decade when I came across this it was something that was a must to watch. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito starring made it even more a must watch both being superb actors.

      Arnold Schwarzenegger -- as -- Julius Benedict
      Danny DeVito -- as -- Vincent Benedict
      Kelly Preston -- as -- Marnie Mason
      Chloe Webb -- as -- Linda Mason
      Bonnie Bartlett -- as Mary Ann Benedict
      Tony Jay -- as -- Professor Werner, also the narrator
      Marshall Bell -- as -- Mr. Webster

      ---------Plot & Characters---------
      In a science experiment to create the perfect child Julius and Vincent are brought into the world. Mother Mary Ann Benedict is told that they died at birth and that was suppose to be the end of the situation. 35 years later Julius finds out he has a brother and goes looking for him. Once he does next step is to find their mother. When on a mission to find their mother Vincent has other plans and is really only agreeing to the trip because it's on the way to collect a hefty sum of money in exchange for a delivery of a dodgy item. Whilst on the trip the pair grow and become closer as brothers. The course of finding their mother is rocky and they have a few bumps in the road but for the pair it gives them a true bonding experience. One part in the film I found was absolutely adorable is when Julius (Arnold S) found one of the six doners who is his father and give him a big massive hug a gets really really excited it was so cute because of how such a manly man is doing such an unmanly thing.

      I didn't really know what to expect from this movie as I have not watched anything with a similar sort of plot before. The movie opens with a narrative of how the twins came about and I was abit sceptical because I thought it would go on through the whole movie having a narrative which is sort of a put off for me. As the movie went on my first reaction of Julius's character was he seemed a bit like a nut job. As for Vincent I really liked him at first thought. When Julius finds Vincent and tells him he is his brother and Vincent sort of just brushed him off I had a feeling that eventually they would become close and Vincent would accept him as a brother but just didn't know how long it would take him. In a sense the storyline in this movie is quite predictable because it's always easy to guess what will happen next. Although the plot is predictable it's not that what makes it a brilliant movie it's the lovable characters that have been put in the film.

      Julius at first starts of to me as a little bit weird. I think this is due to him being the brother that was raised on an island and very smart and doesn't really know much about the real world as he grew up quite closed off. What he brings to the movie is a sense of innocence even though he is a grown man he is innocent and acts as if he sort of a child not knowing many things and believing anything he is told by Vincent. I loved it because you have this big strong man (Arnold S) playing the character of Julius but you would never expect the type of character of Julius to look like that. It was quite goo because it made his character more likeable and very lovable and best of all non-stereotypical. It also brought something different and quite comical to watch.
      Vincent is very different and practically the opposite of Julius. Vincent is short, a crook and has not has the best upbringing. His character is quite a nice one because even though he acts all hard on the outside he is really sweet inside and all he really needs in his life is a family to love him and for him to love.Vincent is the one that brings the small action to the movie and he generally always the one that starts all the fights between the pair.

      What is lovely about the plot is you see these two men come together and become a family it's a rocky road but they get their in the end. Throughout they are teaching each other so much and making each other become better people. In Julius's case Vincent teaches him how to be more 'normal'. The way the twins are so different but the same is really good.

      Overall I loved this movie and think it is one to watch. The plot is decent and the characters along with the acting is superb. I wouldn't say rush out and buy it but it is definitely something to watch if you having a relaxing day at home. The movie is available to buy on Amazon new and used from £1.70.


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        09.02.2010 02:33
        Very helpful



        A great 80's comedy flick that delivers highly in laughs

        Arnold Schwarzenegger tries his hand at a different kind of film by starring in 'Twins', a movie about two twins born in a pregnancy experiment who are separated at birth and then find one another years later when they turn adults.

        Danny Devito stars as his twin brother, Vincent. Now an adult, he is the black sheep of the two, always landing in trouble, mostly to do with money. He is a womaniser and steals cars for a living and delivers them to a dealer who pays him for this corrupt job.

        Arnie's Julius is a complete contrast to Vincent in that he is full of goodness and would never put a foot wrong, especially where the law is concerned. He is a virgin who respects women and when he finds Vincent, he does everything in his power to keep him out of trouble and attempts to help him turn his life around.

        There is bags of comedy to be found here....well, it is a comedy movie after all but it is genuinely funny.

        Arnold steals most of the jokes but Devito gets his fair share.

        The humour isn't like how it is today in a lot of comedy films ie fart jokes but comedy that works in line with the story where things can go embarrassingly wrong for the characters.

        This is the type of comedy that I like. Not something that begs the audience to laugh at it like many do today.

        Eventually, Vincent and Julius attempt to find their mother to complete the film's story.

        This is one of my personal favourite comedy films and I recommend giving this one a watch.

        It's how comedy movies should be made and it's a shame that more are not made like this today.

        Schwarzenegger proves that he can be a comedic actor when given the right script.

        I say that because 'Junior' was really a terrible film that didn't really contain a lot of laughs and I feel that movie was a missed opportunity.

        If you have seen 'Junior' before 'Twins' then I say still give this one a chance.

        You may be surprised!


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        16.05.2009 01:05
        Very helpful



        Twins brings together two great actors to make a superb film. Simply brilliant.

        One for the fans, it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito who were separated at birth from their mother. Part of an experiment to try and conceive the perfect baby the scientists tried to hide what they had done. Julius (Schwarzenegger) was sent to a private island where he was would be brought up by philosophers and Vincent (DeVito) was put in an orphanage .

        One day Julius decides that he must seek the brother he never knew he had, he wonders what he would be like and doesn't care what Vincent is actually like when they meet. He just wants to get to know him and help him. There is a funny scene when Julius goes to the jail house in search of Vincent and in the time he is waiting a guy of a similar build to Julius walks by. The express left on Arnie's face when he sees Vincent always makes me smile.

        Later on in the movie the two find out that they were part of an experiment when they learn the truth about their mother, this is done whilst on a journey in which Vincent is trying to deliver a car he had previously stolen. It contains an engine in the boot that is worth 'millions'. Vincent being the person who likes to make a fast buck doesn't see all the angles and tries to do a deal even though it is extremely dangerous, luckily for him he has met his brother who knows the 'five rules of engagement'.

        The film is excellent and there is real on screen chemistry between the two actors. It is nice to see Arnold changing his role from action to comedy which he pulls off very well. DeVito is a natural and plays the genetically flawed brother down to a T.

        There are many funny moments that include Julius ripping his shirt by accident in the back of the car when he gets 'Marnie' up against him. The script was written perfectly for these two, I'm glad this movie was made because there aren't too many like it. Each actor are the best in their genre and come together to pull off an enjoyable story that anyone can enjoy.

        The DVD is a little bit of a letdown because the picture quality isn't great, don't let that put you off buying it though because it isn't expensive and offers many laughs.

        4 out of 5


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        12.07.2008 23:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Only their mother can tell them apart....apparently.....

        Director and Producer: Ivan Reitman
        Writers: William Davies, Timothy Harris, William Osborne and Herschel Weingrod Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, Kelly Preston, Chloe Webb, Bonnie Bartlet and Tony Jay.

        Released in late 1988 this great comedy involved the very questionable twins, Julius and Vincent Benedict, who were separated at birth then reunited years later.

        Apparently, only there mother can tell them apart???

        **BRIEF PLOT**

        With Julius Benedict, (played by the rather large Arnold Schwarzenegger) being brought up on a picturesque island miles from normal life, he has grown into a calm and tranquil type of person.
        His life soon turns upside down when he is told that he has a twin brother called Vincent, (played by Danny DeVito), who is living somewhere in L.A. so with this information Julius sets out to find him.

        The day Julius tracks Vincent down he soon realises that his long lost twin is a bit of a street hustler and a part time car thief who is in a lot of financial trouble from some really violent loan sharks.

        When Vincent steals a car to try and pay off some of his debt he soon realises that the contents of the car are worth a lot more than he could ever imagine, with this he then decides to try to sell the contents, soon regretting it when things don't go according to plan.

        The twins soon come to realise that they have more of a connection than they first thought.....

        **IN CONCLUSION**

        I first saw this one many years ago and enjoyed it then, enjoying the comical banter between the so called twins.

        When I watched it again on the television this very day I suddenly remembered why I first enjoyed it.

        The unlikely pairing of DaVito and Schwarzenegger as twins is almost unbelievable but as the movie runs you soon realise that it could quite be possible.

        Schwarzenegger is his usual half wooden self with his struggling pigeon English and his bad acting, but his bulging muscles and tremendous strength seem to hide the fact.

        DaVito, on the other hand, does a brilliant impression of a lovable rogue with a passion for fast cars and even faster women, In fact it is DaVito who keeps the movie as entertaining as it is. He plays his usual comical self, as he does in all his movies, like Romancing the stone with Michael Douglas and Ruthless People with Bette Midler.

        Don't get me wrong, Schwarzenegger is an entertaining actor and does a lot for this movie but he really excels in major violent and bloody movies, such as Predator or the Terminator...and Twins is not a violent bloody movie, more a Sunday afternoon family movie to relax whilst watching.

        In all Twins is a fine movie and is well worth watching. There is a bit of violence but not too excessive, more fist fights than shoot outs.
        If you do like to see the big guy shooting hundreds of people whilst kicking his way out of a P.O.W. camp in Vietnam then this one is not for you....
        But if you have seen Kindergarten cop and thought Schwarzenegger approach to non violent movie acting was good then 'Twins' is for you.

        Would I recommend it...??
        Yes I would, for the entertainment value and DaVito's great wit it is worth sitting down with the family for an hour and forty five minutes.


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          10.04.2008 04:31
          Very helpful



          Twins (1988)

          Twins is a 1998 film, a comedy starring the unlikely pairing of Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are hilarious consequences.

          The Plot

          Julius is a physically perfect specimen who has been home-schooled on an island throughout his life. On finding out he has a twin brother, he sets out in search of him, unaware that his twin is, in fact, the complete opposite of him, both physically and morally.

          The Cast and Performances

          Arnie plays Julius, the muscle-bound, highly educated brother who goes in search of his lost twin. Danny DeVito is Vincent, the twin he finds. Amazingly, this is a combination of acting that works really well. They are supported by Kelly Preston and Chloe Webb who provide love interest for the two leads, however improbable a thing this is. All give good turns.

          My Opinion

          Hilarious film, with clever subplots being interwoven into the main story of two completely unidentical twins finding each other and then seeking the truth as to why they were separated and where their mother is.

          The emotional side of the film is never assured, as around each corner there is a laugh no matter the circumstance. But the comedy elements completely take over, and they need to as the fundamentals behind the plot are so preposterous. Arnie and DeVito bounce off each other perfectly in the film, and while there is nothing fantastic about the film as a whole, I found it to be a well cast.

          There were no parts as such where I was bored, but nothing special captivated me about this film. I enjoyed it, and laughed lots, but did not think it anything special.


          A good film, hilarious and well cast.

          I rate this film at 3 stars out of 5.

          The DVD is available from amazon.co.uk for £4.98.

          This review may also be posted on ciao.co.uk.

          Thanks for reading.


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        • Product Details

          DeVito and Schwarzenegger as fraternal twin brothers? Hey, why not? This delightful 1988 comedy by Ivan Reitman--about genetically designed twin siblings who discover each other at the age of 35--works out just fine, thanks largely to great chemistry between the two stars. Despite a certain amount of rough action and tension, Twins really gets a lift from the palpable innocence Reitman develops, and the female costars (Chloe Webb and Kelly Preston) bring some interesting texture of their own. This is a film that walked the tightrope of a high concept and completely succeeded. To see how easy it is to stumble in a similar situation, check out DeVito and Schwarzenegger in Reitman's Junior. --Tom Keogh

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