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Undefeatable (DVD)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Theatrical Release: 1993 / Suitable for 18 years and over / Director: Godfrey Ho / Actors: Cynthia Rothrock, Don Niam, John Miller, Donna Jason, Sunny David ... / DVD released 2003-08-04 at Whe Europe Limited / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2012 10:22
      Very helpful



      A perfect example of a martial arts B-movie. There are better out there.

      Undefeatable is a martial arts movie starring Cynthia Rothrock, and pretty much a vehicle for her.

      The plot is very simple: Cynthia Rothrock is Christie, a waitress with martial arts skills who is fighting in illegal street fights to earn money (from bets on her fights) to put her sister through college. However an exceptionally skilled professional fighter goes insane and begins killing people, eventually including her sister. Rothrock goes looking for revenge, along with the police officer who is leading the investigation and knows her from her streetfighting days.

      The script is poor, the acting generally wooden, and the plot contrived with telegraphed twists, but this is a martial arts B-movie, so you're probably not watching it for those. In practice, as with most fighting movies, the plot is an excuse to string fight scenes together, and to its credit some of them are quite good. Expect everyone - or at least every main character - in this movie to know martial arts. So how are the fight scenes? The moves are fast if jerky, and in some places contrived, and I didn't see Rothrock's trademark Scorpion Kick in there. However they flow well, and as the actors appear to be legitimate martial artists, they make the fight scenes look good. The problem is that they are rather by-the-numbers. There is nothing I can point to and say this is a standout moment.

      There a few nice moments and twists, but there is also graphic gore, and this film definitely earned it's eighteen rating. The villain is surprisingly disturbing, although the mullet hairstyle does detract. The ending of the eye-obsessed villain is telegraphed about 15 minutes in, and the puns are cringe-worthy.

      The quality of the video and sound on the DVD is not very good, although I'm not sure how much is the DVD transfer and how much were lighting and sound problems with the original film. There are no extras - just scene select, as this is a basic DVD transfer of a straight to video B-movie.

      It runs for 88 minutes, most of which is people hitting each other, and is widely available online. I bought my copy in a budget shop for £1.49, but I am glad I didn't pay more. This film will probably only be of interest to martial arts fans, Rothrock fans and people who enjoy bad movies. Otherwise give it a miss.

      (This is an update of my CIAO review)


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