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Underworld: Evolution (DVD)

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14 Reviews

Genre: Horror / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Director: Len Wiseman / Actors: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman ... / DVD released 19 June, 2006 at Entertainment in Video / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    14 Reviews
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      24.06.2012 16:35
      Very helpful



      Decent sequel.

      *Film only review*


      Underworld: Evolution uncovers more of the history surrounding both the lycan and vampire bloodlines. Elder Marcus (Tony Curran) wakes leaving a path of destruction behind him and it's up to vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and lycan hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) to stop him.

      Directed by Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4.0); written by Wiseman and Danny McBride (Underworld).


      Underworld: Evolution carries on from where the first Underworld finished. Unlike its predecessor Evolution has an 18 certificate which means the gore and violence has been ramped up, a somewhat unnecessary sex scene has been popped in there as well just for fun. I'm a fan of the extra violence and gore; it gives more freedom with the action scenes and makes more of an impact. Not saying all action movies should aim to be an 18 but it fits in with this particular franchise nicely.

      Although I'm not a big fan of Len Wiseman as a director, I do commend his preference for real action rather than CGI. There are too many films nowadays that try and do everything with computers and come off looking ridiculously fake. It's nice to see a movie trying to be real, some may see this as being cheap but I like the different take.

      The plot, as with the first movie, is a little hard to follow. All the history surrounding Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) and his bloodline made my brain hurt a little. Watching the film involved pausing the DVD a few times whilst I tried to work out what was going on...and I'm still not sure I've got it right. I think the backstory could have been a bit more linear, I don't want to have my mind melted by an action movie.

      In terms of the cast, Evolution perhaps relies even more on Kate Beckinsale than the first Underworld. Without Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy throughout the emphasis is very much on Beckinsale and Speedman to carry the film, but Speedman is still not strong enough for this kind of role. Whilst heis better as the hybrid lycan Michael Corvin, he still lacks screen presence and struggles to convey real emotion. Beckinsale (Van Helsing) is one of few women to lead a film franchise and she leads it well, which is one of the main reasons for there being four instalments in the Underworld series so far.

      Tony Curran (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) goes slightly overboard as elder Marcus. He doesn't really come across as menacing even when Marcus is on a killing spree with blood dripping from his mouth. Curran's acting is just a little too much. No the Underworld films are not known for their subtlety but if he reigned in his performance a bit he might make a better baddie.

      Underworld: Evolution is an enjoyable movie (if you don't wreck your brain trying to figure out the complex history of it all) which definitely does enough to keep me coming back for more. It's far from perfect but take it for what it is and it's a good watch.

      DVD extras:

      Audio commentary
      Bloodlines: From Script To Screen
      Hybrid Theory
      Making Monsters Roar
      The War Rages On
      Building A Saga
      Music And Mayhem
      Her Portrait In Black music video


      Kate Beckinsale - Selene
      Scott Speedman - Michael
      Tony Curran - Marcus
      Derek Jacobi - Corvinus
      Steven Mackintosh - Tanis
      Shane Brolly - Kraven
      Bill Nighy - Viktor

      Also posted on ciao under the username shabbating.


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      04.05.2010 16:53
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good action film

      Before watching this film it is a good idead to have wated the first film Underworld as it will make the plot of Underworld Evolution a whole lot easier to understand as this is the sequel and it carries on almost exactly from where the first one finishes. In summary in case you plan to watch it this is a good film and well worth seeing however if you do not want the plot of the first one spoiling then do not read any further.

      In a world where Lycans (werewolves) and Death Dealers (vampires) fight each other Selene is a Death Dealer and her task in life is to hunt down the Lycans along with her partner Michael, he has been bitten by a Lycan and now the two are on the run, the reason for this is linked in to the ending of the first film.

      Their main enemy is in fact a vampire called Marcus, he is now back in power and plotting along with his Lycan brother to dominate the world by resurrecting a werewolf brother however the location of the tomb is hidden away in the memory of Selene hence the hunt is on for her and Michael.

      This ia dark and action packed films, lots of rain sodden scenery give the film an extra menacing feel as you sometimes find yourself struggling to make out images as things leap out from the dark. What I liked about the film was the great action scenes and the fact that the plot rarely pauses to draw a breath. It is a bit gory in places with lots of blood flying around and some impressive special effects.

      Kate Beckinsale stars as Selene and Scott Speedman plays Michael and both have good on screen chemistry in front of the camera, the impact of the Lycan bite on Michael hightens the emotional content of the film and helps develop their characters as he battles to suppress the inner arge that is consuming him.

      This is a good vampire film however you need to have seen the first one to really be able to enjoy it.


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        25.03.2010 16:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        see review

        I watched this film this afternoon. It is the second film in the Underworld series and the story continues on from the first film.

        When it first started it was back centuries ago showing you what had happened between the Vampires and the Lycan and I thought the whole film was going to be like this but it soon came up to date and the story took over just where the last one finished.

        The story in this film is about Selene again who is on the run from the vampires as she had killed Victor the leader in the last film. She is with Michael who was also in the last film. He is a hybrid as he was bitten by a werewolf and by a vampire. Selene thinks Michael may have special strengths due to him being hybrid. They try to find out more about their bloodlines while trying to keep the other vampires off their backs.

        I found this film much better than the first one. It was better acted and it had a better story to it. There were a lot of fight scenes which were well done and lots of special effects where the were wolves were concerned and things like how they made the vampires fly.

        The actors in this film were Kate Beckinsale again as Selene, Scott Speedman again as Michael, Tony Curran played Marcus, he was the remaining Vampire leader who was hibernating at the beginning of the film but was woken up. Shane Brolly was Kraven again and also in it from the last film was Bill Nighy who played Victor. He didnt have such a big part in this film as he was killed in the last one and his parts were just looking back in the past. Derek Jacobi played Corvinus who was the father of Marcus and his brother William who featured later in the film.

        I want to see the third film now in the series to see how it carrys on from here.

        This film was rated a 18 in the UK and it lasts for 106 mins. It was directed by Len Wiseman who directed the first film as well.


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          21.02.2010 14:30
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Sequel and you need to see the first

          Underworld Evolution is a sequel to Underworld and certainly it would help to have seen the first film before seeing this one as it will make a lot more sense as it carries on the plot from the last film and the back knowledge would be a real advantage to have. In fact it is quite hard to detail the plot of this film without giving away too much of the first one.

          The film is essentially about a world where werewolves known as Lycans and vampires known as Death Dealers are battling each other. Selene is one of the Death Dealers whose role in life it is to hunt down the Lycans, and along with Michael who has been bitten by a Lycan she is now on the run after an indicent in the previous film.

          Their enemy is in the form of a vampire elder called Marcus who has great power and events in the first film served to bring him back to power and he plots along with his Lycan brother to take over the world however first he has to resurrect his werewolf brother from his tomb the location of which is locked in the memory of another and you guessed it that someone is Selene.

          The sets on this film are essentially dark and teeming with rain, at least that is the way it feels all of the time. It is an action packed film and it sets a fast pace right from the very beginning and it maintains this relentless pace right the way through barely pausing for breath. The special effects are impressive and there is a fair bit of blood and gore to keep fans happpy.

          Where the film is weak is in the area of character development, there just is not the time in between action scnes to do this so the whole thing remains rather superficial.

          Kate Beckinsale again plays Selene fulfilling the fantasies of teenage boys in her black leather outfit and killer boots while Scott Speedman plays Michael and he is well fit and gets his top off at regular intervals for the ladies.

          Not a bad film but you must really have seen and more importantly enjoyed the first film to be able to enjoy this one.


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            18.01.2010 16:18
            Very helpful



            Okay for a night in

            Film Only

            Vampire death dealer Selene (Kate Bekinsale) and a vampire - lycan (werewolf to you and I) hybrid Michael are trying to stop the first ever vampire Marcus from freeing his twin brother, the first ever lycan William who has been imprisoned for all eternity with the help of Marcus and Williams father Alexander Corvenus.

            This film does start where the last film left off. Although I believe you could enjoy the film without seeing the first, it makes it easier to understand the characters and why they are fighting.

            I do generally enjoy films from this genre and this is no exception. The special effects were believable if a little unexplained at times. For example Marcus turns into a flying vampire frequently but I have no idea, even though I have seen this film 5 times, why he can do this but the other vampires can't.

            I felt that the actors portrayed their characters well. Selene and Michael are believable in their roles. I particularly liked the more loving and caring scenes between the two which were a nice addition to an otherwise blood thirsty affair. Bill Nighy's character Victor doesn't feature too much but when he does he is particularly vile. I felt the character of Marcus could have been a little more frightening, I felt he was a bit of a let down.

            Overall, it was an enjoyable film. One I will probably watch again in the future. I wouldn't put this into the horror category though, it is more a mixture of action, violence and story which I find more enjoyable The film is a certificate 18 film which is probably necessary as it would be scary for younger viewers and runs for 102 minutes, anything longer and it would be too much for this type of film. Underworld Evolution is never going to be an Oscar winner but it is currently retailing at £4.00ish and for that I would buy it, get out the popcorn and have a night in.


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            19.05.2009 14:30
            Very helpful



            Don't bother.

            It amazes me that films as wholly unoriginal as Underworld: Evolution can get made and why would people pay to watch it.

            Do people will go and see films like this because they are lazy and undiscerning (an overriding problem resulting in the failure of our species) or is there a deeper rooted problem caused by saturation marketing in all forms of media. By the time people realise (assuming they do) they've been duped into seeing bits of Blade and the Matrix badly remade its too late, the bankers have the money.

            By the way when I say talent I'm not referring to the actors, writers or directors but the CGI artists, DoP, Art Directors etc (who are this films only saving grace) who could be put to work on something original and entertaining.

            That's not to say Wiseman has no talent he obviously has the ability to network and convince people to invest in sh it like this. I suppose as well he can project manage as the ultimate indictment of such a film is its unemotional workmanlike construction.

            Finally I suspect him and other overrated, average directors (James Cameron and Wes Craven) are only in the business to be in business, not because they love film, which makes me angry.

            Ending on a positive note though, Kate Beckinsale is hot, damn hot, and those little vampire teeth and that cat suit......


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              03.02.2009 16:21
              Very helpful



              A vampire attempts to release his werewolf brother from imprisonment in order to destroy the world.

              For those who are unaware, Underworld Evolution is the sequel to Underworld.

              The story picks up right where the first UNDERWORLD left off, in the midst of a war between werewolves and vampires.

              Hunted vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) seeks out Marcus (Tony Curran), king of the vampires, in the hope of bargaining for her life. Her lover, Michael (half werewolf half vampire) played by Scott Speedman wants to join Selene in her quest but is unable to fully control the werewolf that rages inside of him, but that is neither here nor there because she doesn't want his assistance anyways.

              In her quest, Selene discovers that she has been betrayed by her own family and she sets out to seek her revenge.

              The film leaps back three centuries earlier, revealing the separation of two evil brothers, one vampire and one werewolf. This serves to help the audience understand why, in the present, the vampire brother Marcus (Tony Curran) is determined to find his werewolf brother and free him from the tomb he was sealed in. If the two brothers are reunited, they will be strong enough to destroy the world. Selene, of course, must stop this from happening.

              First of all, I have to tell you... if you missed the first movie, I strongly suggest that you go out and rent it before you watch the sequel. Although I had seen the first movie, I was somewhat at a loss to remember the storyline (it had been awhile), and therefore I was a bit confused when I started watching this one. On the other hand... I might have been slightly confused because I WAS attempting to remember the first movie! Who knows...

              This is, obviously, a vampire/werewolf movie... so if you don't like these night creatures, steer clear of this one. If you DO like the fanged evil-doers, then you will love this movie.

              Although, in my opinion, I preferred the first movie because if was less complex, in general, most people have preferred the sequel. It is action packed with an overdose of violence, blood and sex... exactly what you would expect from such a movie. If this sounds a bit much, then I suggest you stick with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. Personally, I tend to steer clear of overly violent and bloody movies, but hey, I love a good vampire flick and therefore take it all in good standing.

              I have to say, Kate Beckinsale (who plays Selene), looks fab with her shiny and sleek black hair, skin-tight cat suit, puckered blood red lips and glowing blue eyes. You would never mistake her for Little Miss Muffet! Kate is an excellent actress, and is just so darned believable in her role, that you just can't help but wonder what her night-time job is... as for Scott Speedman who plays Michael (Selene's lover), I felt that his role in this movie was somewhat minimized. In comparison to the first movie, his character appears to have been demoted. Shame really... as a team both actors work brilliantly together, and as a couple the chemistry is definitely there.

              As for the brothers, vampire Marcus (Tony Curran), is brilliantly played in this movie, and evil oozes from him in rivers. Very well done, and truly believable. A character you'll just love to hate. The werewolf brother (can't seem to remember the actor's name... I do apologize for this) is also well played, however, there is very little script for him in the dialogue department... mostly growls, howling, fang gnashing and claw slashing moments... this character, although a fundamental and necessary part of the storyline, is not truly memorable.

              Len Wiseman did a great job directing this movie, and has managed to create and maintain till the end, a dark, gothic world that could have crawled straight out of someone's darkest nightmare. Each and every scene is dismally gothic, coated in violence and laced with blood. An added touch... a very nice one... is that the cast was stocked with experienced British actors (Sir Derek Jacobi, Bill Nighy, and Steven Mackintosh)... after all, you can't have a vampire/werewolf movie without a good old British accent!

              All in all, an immensely entertaining movie, a few complex grey areas (which do seem to come together eventually)... and truly believable acting and scene settings. Definitely worth renting or buying.

              Just remember - this movie is rated 18 for a reason!


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              18.07.2008 12:49
              Very helpful



              Perhaps only worth watching once...

              The second fantasy/action instalment that follows the first Underworld film.

              Cast - Main Characters:
              Selene - Kate Beckinsdale
              Michael - Scott Speedman
              Marcus - Tony Curran
              Viktor - Bill Nighy
              William - Brian Steele

              Directed by Les Wiseman.

              What is it about?
              In essence, the film centres on the battle between vampires and werewolves (known as the Lycans in the film).

              Selene, a vampire, has just killed Viktor, one of the elders of the vampire community; this took place at the end of the first film. The vampire community are unaware of the treacherous secret that Viktor withheld, for this is the reason Selene has killed Viktor. Therefore, Selene is on the run from being killed for Viktor's revenge. Accompanying her is, probably best to refer to him as her newfound love - Michael Corvin, a human who has, through the events of the first film, become a hybrid creature - a cross between a vampire and a werewolf. Selene believes that she would be excused from killing Viktor if she were able to find one of the other elders - Marcus, to explain her plight and acquire justice for her actions.

              There is also a second story running along the film. Marcus is the highest ranked among the elders. In fact, he is the original vampire, and the source to all who followed thereafter. Marcus, himself is also on a quest to find his long lost brother, William - a first generation Lycan and also the original. As the story unfolds, the audience discovers that Marcus and William are actually twin brothers. However, William, with his natural destructive and uncontrollable behaviour, has been locked away in a purpose-built hidden prison by Viktor. The clues of the location of this prison are buried in Selene's childhood memory and the key, unknown to Michael, is hanging from his necklace heirloom. Unknown to Selene and Michael, Markus gets to them before they can find him.

              My thoughts...
              It is always best to have seen the first film to be able to fully appreciate the second one. However, if you do not want to waste precious time, then there is really no need to do any preparation in order to appreciate this. Unfortunately, I feel the film lacks a lot of substance and depth. There is a plot, oh yes, there is definitely a sense of purpose - but a lot of why's seem to come thereafter...

              The intentions of Selene's quest to find Markus are understandable; it is a natural progression from what has happened from the first film. However, the second new storyline that emerges leaves many questions. Markus has spent all these years with Viktor, with Selene by his side - why does he suddenly have this raging desire to free his brother now? After all these years, for no apparent reason, he has altered his natural genetic state, wants to breed a generation of new vampires and conquer the world...?

              We find out that Markus has beome or was a hybrid creature, though we do not know how, why and of what.

              A few new characters appear, such as Alexander Cornivus. He is the father of Markus and William, though we do not know why he appears so normal. He appears very 'human' in the film. Alexander is apparently 'the father' and a 'hope' for all of humankind. So why does he have twin sons that are genetically different to humans...? Towards, the end he also gives his blood to Selene - again, we are left wondering what she will turn into and why his blood is special.

              Another very contradictory issue; at the beginning of the film, it explains the history of Markus, who sought the help of Viktor (who was a king in his human days) and his army to help capture William to stop his terrible destructive behaviour and actions, and now the film focuses on him wanting to free him, as if it had always been his intention.

              One scene in particular really annoyed me. A visually and sexually explicit scene showing Selene and Michael having intercourse for about five minutes. The relationship between Selene and Michael was already established in the previous film. On screen, both characters keep their emotions very controlled and any emotion that is shown as an indication for their affections for one another are very subtle and instinctive. Even without seeing the previous film, their romantic relationship is not really expressed because of the situation they're in - they're being hunted down and their focus is to find Markus. In the previous scene, having escaped from the wrath of Markus, they manage to find a deserted hut. What follows in this scene is one that is entirely out of context. I think this was also the only scene that used a warm filter in front of lens. The film being entirely in greys and blues to project the dark world - this scene, with all its warm yellows and oranges, its vulgar and unnecessary close ups, was entirely inappropriate and unrealistic for the film. I hope Kate Beckinsdale was paid well for this... After this scene, both remain as stone faced as before, as if it never happened - back on the road to escape from Markus...

              The acting is ok, though the script doesn't really allow for any character development. Selene's character is so rigid that it doesn't do Beckinsdale any favours, especially after so many previous flops.

              There appears to be a lot of intentional one-liners, perhaps to create some kind of dramatic tension, instead it feels too melodramatic. What you see is what you get, everyone and everything being two-dimensional. The film does stir up curiosity, but what you see is all you are going to get, there is nothing more to divulge.

              To be fair, this storyline could have been a very good basis for some rich gothic fantasy epic. Sadly, a lot has been left unexplained, necessary details missed out, and such potential depth that has gone undiscovered. It's a shame, because the ideas were all there, but very hastily thrown together to make a film that left me with a lot of questions and doubt.

              Probably only worth seeing once. You may be tempted to watch it again thinking you would find the answers to all those questions that came up while you were watching it the first time, but they won't be there as they weren't there at all...

              Thanks for reading :) xx

              ©Leighsady 2008


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                03.04.2008 11:44
                Very helpful



                Underworld Evolution (2006)

                Underworld Evolution is the 2006 sequel to 2003's Underworld. It continues the story of Selene, a female vampire who has uncovered a plot hatched by their rivals, the werewolves (Lycans). To appreciate this film completely, it is necessary to have seen Underworld, as many of the details would not otherwise make sense.

                The Plot

                This will contain spoilers for any who have not seen the first film. will not include any spoilers for Evolution.

                Selene, as a pure vampire, is unsure whether to trust Michael, a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Now hunted by the vampires for murdering Viktor in the first film, she seeks out Marcus, the last of the Vampire Elders, to ask his forgiveness and protection. The tables turn on her and she is forced to team up with Michael, with whom she is falling in love. What follows is a desperate struggle for power and survival.

                The Cast and Performances

                Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman reprise their roles as Selene and Michael, and this time the chemistry between them is electric. The remainder of the cast provide satisfactory performances, with perhaps Tony Curran as Marcus the pick of the rest. However, the performances aren't a patch on the first film, and the characterisation is almost pushed too far in comparison. I felt that perhaps director Len Wiseman had pushed too much to improve on the first film by enhancing the details of the characters. What he has achieved at doing in my eye is lowering the believability of some of the characters.

                My Opinion

                While I enjoyed both of the Underworld films, the first is without doubt the better of the two. The second almost seems to have been made off the back of the success of the first, and here in Underworld Evolution the struggle is not just between the werewolves and the vampires, but in attempting to produce a good quality film. They do so in the end, and I did enjoy watching it, but I was rather disppointed by some of the acting and also by the at times dragging plotline. Unbelievability comes with the powers of the vampires suddenly not being used in some fight or action scenes when it would seem more appropriate then than any other time. It is just a bit of a disappointment.


                A decent sequel, but not a patch on the first film.

                I rate this film at 3 stars out of 5.

                The DVD is available from amazon.co.uk for £6.98.

                This review may also be posted on ciao.co.uk.

                Thanks for reading.


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                  21.12.2007 12:40
                  Very helpful



                  Good follow-on to a good film, with more horror blood and guts action...

                  UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION

                  Running time: approx: 1 hour 42mins
                  Cert: 18

                  The film takes us back to the tale of Seline and just a few days have passed since the end of the first film (Underworld)
                  So Selene and a slightly bewildered Micheal (the now Were-wolf Vampire hybrid) are on the run after the murder of Victor one of the Vampire clan's Elders, as Marcus, the last of the Vampire Elders has awoken early, he is stronger than ever before and not a happy bunny. He hunts down the pair seeking revenge....
                  Marcus, the first Vampire, also needs to find Selene for other more pressing personal reasons. Selene is the only one who knows the location where the first Were-wolf is imprisoned...

                  Tried not to completely ruin the plot for you !

                  Well the sequel definitely has more blood and gore than the original and a couple of 'scenes of a sexual nature' There's plenty of action with guns, knives and just plain fantastic 'Brute force' fighting going on. As with the first film there's a good selection of 'stunts' and special effects, particularly Marcus the first (scary) Vampire with the bat wings ! which was very impressive. So was the big brute first Were-wolf !
                  The acting is good particularly the character of poor human hybrid Micheal as he has a lot to discover and deal with, but good all round really. Once more there's a good Rock soundtrack to compliment the action.

                  BONUS FEATURES includes:
                  Feature length commentary By Director Len Wiseman, Editor Nick De Toth, Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos & Stunt Coordinator brad martin / Bloodlines; from Script To Screen / The Hybrid Theory / Making Monsters Roar / The War Rages On / building A Saga / Music And Mayhem / Music Video " her Portrait In Black "

                  So we have commentary that basically talks you through the film. A more in-depth look at the characters. Some interviews with people who made the CGI and explaining how things were done. A look at the stunts and fight sequences and some interviews with the stunt coordinator and actors.
                  The making monsters was good as with the first film it shows you the work that goes into making theses characters so great, how the were-wolf costumes are made and improvements made since the first film.
                  Bulding a saga shows how the sets were designed and made, also includes interviews with people who designed the set. The Music and mayhem shows how the music works with the film and sound effects - the work that went into producing the roar of the Were-wolf. Finally the music video 'Her portrait in black' by Atreyu very Heavy Rock/Metal. Noise and loud guitar !!

                  So in my opinion this is a good follow-on to a good film plenty of action some great effects and fight scenes but with more horror blood and guts action. not forgetting the 'romance' aspect with Selene and Michael...It would help if you watch the original first but not completely essential as there are various 'Flashback' bits that sneak in throughout the film to help you know whats been happening and get up to speed. Though personally I'd recommend watching 'Underworld' first.

                  Thanks for reading, also on ciao with same user-name.

                  Manda :o)


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                    29.10.2007 14:23
                    Very helpful



                    very average film

                    "Underworld: Evolution" traces the ancient feud that began in 1202 between the immortal vampires and werewolves. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is the beautiful vampire warrior, who joins forces with Michael (Scott Speedman), a werewolf hybrid to discover the truth about her ancient bloodline. Selene and Michael not only unite as a team, but as lovers. Selene is on the run from her vampire tribe, because she killed Viktor, the leader of the Vampire world. The original vampire, Marcus (Tony Curran), has been released from his tomb, and he is looking for revenge and his brother.

                    The film begins telling us a little of the history relating to vampires and werewolves. Alexander Corvinus was the original immortal, he had two sons Marcus and William, legend has it that Marcus was bitten by a bat and became a vampire and William was bitten by a wolf making him a werewolf. Markus then made Victor his deputy while a battle between Vampires and Werewolves (Lycans) raged, Victor captured and imprisoned William and persuaded Marcus that he himself should be locked away to protect their race.
                    We then skip forward in time to where Selene is on the run from her tribe for killing Victor (in Evolution), she's accompanied by Michael, a Lycan hybrid. Selene believes that she can plead her case to Marcus once he is released from his tomb but he believes Selene holds they key to finding and releasing his brother so they can take over the world.
                    Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) - Selene
                    Scott Speedman (Underworld)- Michael
                    Tony Curran - Marcus
                    Derek Jacobi (Nanny McPhee) - Alexander Corvinus
                    Bill Nighy (Love Actually) - victor
                    Stephen Mackintosh (Lock Stock And two Smoking Barrels) - Andreas Tanis

                    My experience
                    To be honest I wasn't that bothered about watching this, I remember watching the first one and thought it was ok but I hardly remembered the plot. This sequel is equally unoriginal and probably won't be that hard to forget.
                    The film dosn't waste anytime getting the action started but i personally found it was more action than plot. The acting is very mediocre, Scott Speakman is pretty wooden all the way through but he doesn't really have any lines anyway, I have the feeling he got the part mainly for his body than anything else.
                    Although there are slight recaps throughout the film I'd suggest watching the first film beforehand as I was a bit confussed trying to remember what happened at the end of the last film and why.
                    i am anything but a prude but the sex scene went on to long, anyone watching could have got the idea without having to show it all, maybe Len Wiseman is slightly obsessed with his wife's (Kate Beckinsale) body, I have to agree she is stunning but we see enough in her PVC catsuit.
                    Overall i'd say this film is very visually pleasing but lacks plot and originality. If you didn't watch it you wouldn't really be missing anything.
                    Director- Len Wiseman (Underworld)
                    Running Time 106 mins


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                      04.05.2007 02:54



                      watch it on sky

                      Underworld Evolution was premièred on SKY this week. It is on at 11pm ever night until Saturday.

                      Len Wiseman is director of this film. It was made in 2006 and it is a sequel to Underworld. Lycans are a breed of werewolves.


                      Evolution is set immediately after Underworld (2003)ends. The war between Lycans and vampires has raged on for centuries. In the opening of the film viewer is show glimpse of the past.

                      Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is the central character in the film although she is not very important in the lineage of the Lycan and vampire dynasty as explained in the film.

                      Selene is aided in her quest to help vampires triumph over the lycans. Her helper is Michael (Scott Speedman). Michael is very strong as he is a hybrid. Selene is highly skilled assassin. She has been doing her job for several centuries.

                      The film is about the war between vampires and Lycans. Before the ending everything is explained about the history of two clans and the secret that has been hidden from foot soldiers.

                      My opinions

                      Underworld Evolution is brilliant in every aspect. Kate Beckinsale is suited to the role. She has a fit body and looks extremely good looking in the tightly fit leather suit that she wears throughout the movie. The fighting scenes are standard. Weapons are used as well as hand to hand combat.

                      One thing that I didn't like in the film was almost eternal darkness. Darkness may give the film Gothic look and build a cult following but it is not good when action scenes happen. I am being greedy here I wanted to see everything when action happens.

                      Len Wiseman did see everything and he liked Kate so much that they married about a year after Underworld.

                      Nothing more to add about the film. I enjoyed it thoroughly.


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                        18.06.2006 12:55
                        Very helpful



                        More cack from Wiseman

                        Another saturday night spent with a DVD and wine. There was nothing good left in the video shop, so after half an hours deliberating between this and the 'Dukes of Hazzard', I decide to impress the hubby with this one. As I left the shop I was already regretting the decision, Johnny Knoxville was much more appealing.........damn it!

                        I hated the first 'Underworld' so why had I got this one? Dunno but with a heavy heart I resigned myself to an evening of having to watch Kate Beckinsdale's leather clad arse running around.....Sigh, but its vampires, theres bound to be some long haired gothic prince of darkness for me to watch. Feeling a little more hopeful I send hubby to the kitchen to open the wine.

                        The film starts with flash backs to what happened in the first film, none of which I could actually remember (maybe too much wine on the evening I watched that one). So the first half hour was spent with me asking, Who's that? Whats he doing? etc...
                        By now I can tell that the hubby is getting irritated by my constant questioning so I decide to shut up and watch it.

                        THE FILM

                        Released 2006
                        Run time .... 106 mins
                        Genre...Horror / action
                        Certificate .... 18
                        Director.... Len Wiseman


                        Kate Beckinsale .... Selene
                        Scott Speedman .... Michael Corvin
                        Tony Curran .... Marcus Corvinus
                        Shane Brolly .... Kraven
                        Derek Jacobi .... Alexander Corvinus
                        Bill Nighy .... Viktor
                        Steven Mackintosh .... Andreas Tanis
                        Zita Görög .... Amelia
                        Brian Steele .... William Corvinus
                        Scott McElroy .... Soren
                        John Mann .... Samuel
                        Michael Sheen .... Lucian
                        Sophia Myles .... Erika
                        Richard Cetrone .... Pierce
                        Mike Mukatis .... Taylor

                        THE PLOT

                        Beckinsdale is back as Selene the vampire that kills Lycans (or werewolves to you and me). Sadly her arse hasn't got as fat and saggy as I would have wished but I read that she had the worst tits in Hollywood so this brings me some comfort as I watch the film.

                        Anyway, the Lycans and vampires hate each other after a feud stemming from 2 twin brothers many years ago. One Markus was bitten by a bat and turned into (yes you've guessed it) a vampire. The other, William was bitten by a wolf and turned into a werewolf. Methinks the their dad should have taken better care of them really. To have one son bitten by a rabid animal is bad enough but 2??? Thats just plain careless.

                        Markus and the vampires capture William as he's a bit too dangerous and bites too much (pot, kettle and black spring to mind). The vampires led by the double-crossing Victor (Nighy) from the first film lock up William much to his brother Markus' annoyance (maybe he fancied having a pet dog or something). William is trapped in a secret prison cell and Markus wants to find him.

                        Their dad, brother Caedfael, sorry Alexander Corninus also turns up looking for his kids. He's immortal (don't ask me how).
                        Selene is also mixed up in the plot and is determined to discover yet more truth about her family....blah, blah, blah.

                        Alongside this a half wit sorry cross breed was created in the first film. He's called Michael and he gets to screw Beckinsdale. I would have liked the brazen trollop to have gotten pregnant by this tryst and have given birth to some hairy bat/ wolf thing but that didn't happen sadly. Can vampires get pregnant and have babies?

                        Michael is a bit pointless. You would expect a cross between Lycans and Vampires to have special powers but he's a bit wet and weedy but he can go out in the day time....great!

                        The film ends with it being set up for the third film. Yes, it seems that Wiseman has jumped on the trilogy band waggon. Just had a horrid thought though...what if he makes more???? Please god noooooooo! Someone has got to keep his missus (Beckinsdale) working I suppose.

                        THERE WERE NO EXTRAS AS IT WAS A RENTAL COPY!!!!!!


                        The film is a bit naff really. The special effects aren't that special and a number of things bother me:

                        1. If Selene is a Vampire why does she have to travel by helicopter? Why can't she just turn into a bat and fly?

                        2. Why were all the blokes ugly? Michael looked too much like Kraven. This confused me for about 45 minutes.

                        3. How does her leather cat suit repair itself after she has been shot through it? Do they make kids clothes out of this self repairing material?

                        The performances weren't spectacular even off the golden oldies like Jacobi and Nighy. The story was lame. It tried to nick loads of ideas from Greek myths but kinda failed miserably. The prison could have been done much better, I'm thinking boobie traps etc like on the Goonies and Indiana Jones.

                        I also think a bit of humour might have livened things up too. The film took itself too seriously and was up its own arse. With the vampire genre you expect the odd wise-crack. I can't think why it got an 18 certificate either. The 'gory' bits weren't that bad.

                        All-in-all it was rather disappointing. So, back to my question, what do you get if you cross a vampire with a werewolf? The answer is a pile of shite!

                        I wouldn't recommend this film.


                        Amazon - £10.89
                        Play.com - £12.99 delivered
                        HMV - £12.99 delivered

                        Thanks for reading,


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                          14.02.2006 22:56
                          Very helpful



                          More vampire vs werewolf shennanigans

                          To appreciate Underworld: Evolution, you really need to have seen Underworld first. As a sequel, this is one of those films that continues a previous plotline in such detail that whilst it isn’t completely impossible to watch in its own right, it makes far more sense if you do. So bear with me whilst I bring you up to speed on where we are.

                          The Story So Far…

                          ** Contains plot spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the first movie**

                          The first movie introduced us to an age old battle between werewolves (Lycans) and vampires (Death Dealers), still being fought on the streets today. Dark and brooding Selene is one of the vampiric Death Dealers whose mission is simply to hunt down and exterminate the Lycans. In the course of one of her missions, she meets Michael, in whom the Lycans appear to be taking a rather unhealthy interest for reasons we do not initially understand. When Michael is bitten by one of the werewolves, Selene rescues him only for the pair of them to get caught up in a nasty conspiracy involving one of the vampire elders, Viktor. At the film’s climax, Michael is gravely injured, saved only by drinking Selene’s blood. In the ensuing battle, Selene fights Viktor to within an inch of her life, but manages to vanquish him at the last second, ensuring that both she and Michael can disappear into the night. The only trouble is, what will happen to Michael now that he has been bitten by a werewolf AND drunk Selene’s blood?

                          And this is where Underworld : Evolution takes over.

                          Selene and Michael are now on the run. They know that Selene’s treachery will not go unpunished and that they will be hunted down for killing the vampire elder, Viktor. Unbeknown to either of them, Viktor’s slaughter has led to the re-awakening of another, deadlier elder named Marcus, who has awoken far more powerful than he ever was. It transpires that Marcus was the first of the Death Dealers and that his brother William was the first of the Lycans. Awakened with both new power and new vigour, Marcus decides that he will awaken his brother from a mythical tomb, in order that the pair of them can jointly take over the modern world. The only trouble is that the location of William’s tomb remains a closely guarded secret, locked in the memory of a young girl who witnessed her father constructing the tomb. Unfortunately for Selene, that girl was her and she soon finds Marcus hot on her trail, intent on sapping this vital knowledge from her mind. Fortunately for Selene, her once-human friend Michael has now developed some startling and interesting new abilities…..

                          Are you still with me? I hope you are, but I won’t be entirely surprised if you aren’t because it has to be said that the whole Evolution franchise remains a rather complicated beast. One of the difficulties with creating an “epic” story is that this often translates into “convoluted” and this is certainly the case with both the Evolution movies. For the sequel, the original director and writer, Len Wiseman, remains at the helm, meaning that Evolution is essentially more of the same. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.

                          If you liked the first movie, then Evolution will not disappoint because it’s essentially made of the same plot elements. Lots of dark, rain-filled, brooding scenery, nasty werewolves, stylish / sexy vampires and vampire Elders who really aren’t very nice at all. Think The Crow meets Blade and you’ll have some idea of the look and tone of the whole thing. The pace is, once again, relentless, with barely a few minutes for either characters or audience to gather their breath before someone is chasing / being chased or killing / being killed.

                          In order to instill some sense of understanding, the opening scenes travel some way back in time to introduce the new characters Marcus and William and help us understand how things have become the way they are. After a ferocious and bloody battle between Lycans and Death Dealers, we witness the capture of the werewolf William and his subsequent incarceration at the hands of Viktor. With the background to the whole scenario set in place, things then shift back to the modern day, from where the movie simply tracks the trials and tribulations of Selene and her new beau, Michael. If action movies are your thing then you’ll be delighted to know that Evolution is absolutely stacked with them. A nail-biting battle on board a truck hurtling along a mountain road and a falling helicopter probably stand out as some of the more memorable moments, but every confrontation or battle is relentlessly brutal and exciting. The effects remain on a par with the original movie, if not slightly better, and the 18-certificate attracts copious amounts of blood and gore.

                          With such a breakneck pace, there are, however, inevitable casualties. Characters are hurriedly introduced, with little / no initial explanation and then in some cases, exited in a similarly abrupt fashion. For the first thirty minutes or so, very little seems to make sense and whilst the whole spectacle of the thing is enough to keep you watching, you should recognise this as an investment period, after which things will make more sense. Some of the plot developments are perhaps a little too convenient and not surprisingly, plausibility is often stretched to its limits. We are introduced to the father of William and Marcus, who seems to covet some bizarre paternal devotion to his offspring, in spite of an alleged conscience that means he spends his life watching, waiting and cleaning up after them. Odd. Compared to the original movie, some things seem to have shifted somewhat, as well. The Lycan vs. Death Dealer battles of the first movie seem to have been dispensed with and in the follow-up, the action revolves more around Death Dealer vs Vampire Elder as opposed to werewolf. It wouldn’t do well to analyse things too closely, but then in this genre that is pretty much always the case.

                          The relationship / romance between Selene and Michael continues to blossom and forms an important – but not dominant – part of the proceedings. Michael’s status as a new vampire / werewolf hybrid yields some interesting new secrets and whereas he was the weak one of the first movie, he gets a bit more stuck into things in the follow-up. The irritation of Selene continually saving the day in the first movie is therefore alleviated slightly (but not completely) in the second one and her character becomes rather less dominant. The film retains its simmering sexuality, which is never gratuitous, but continually reinforces the idea that vampires can be beautiful (if they’re nice ones) or hideous (if they’re not). The whole idea wears a bit thin after a while, but the availability of eye candy for all tastes ensures that nobody goes home disappointed. Kate Beckinsale remains slinky in her impossibly tight black leather / PVC outfit, complete with hooker boots, and for the opposite tastes, Scott Speedman’s clothes have a rewarding habit of falling off at regular intervals throughout the film to reveal his shiny lilttle body.

                          That doesn’t actually mean, however, that either of them is terribly likeable. Kate Beckinsale is largely rather wooden, lacking the camp attitude that made her character in Van Helsing so much more effective. Scott Speedman is still a bit wet, even if he is very pretty, and neither of them is endearing enough for the audience to root for. Indeed, it is the villain who once again steals the show. Marcus’s transformation from winged monster to sneering human and back again provides far more entertainment value as he stabs and slices his way through various victims and Tony Curran clearly has a ball doing it.

                          Whilst Evolution lacks the pretentious pointlessness of the Matrix sequels, it seems to suffer from some of the same problems. Too convoluted to have a clear direction, it struggles to portray good distinctly enough from evil and whips the audience about a bit too much for you to walk away feeling truly satisfied. The overall package remains largely enjoyable, however, and there is certainly enough here to reward the viewer. I remain unconvinced, however, as to why a werewolf’s trousers don’t fall off during the transformation from man to beast and would invite suggestions from far and wide.

                          Recommended – just about.


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                        • Product Details

                          Better action, a bit of sex, and gorier R-rated violence make Underworld: Evolution a reasonably satisfying sequel to 2003's surprise hit Underworld. Looking stunning as ever in her black leather battle gear, Kate Beckinsale is every goth guy's fantasy as Selene, the vampire "death dealer" who's now fighting to stop the release of the original "Lycan" werewolf, William (Brian Steele) from the prison that's held him for centuries. As we learn from the film's action-packed prologue, William and his brother Marcus (Tony Curran) began the bloodline of vampires and werewolves, and after witnessing centuries of warfare between them, their immortal father Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) now seeks Selene and the human vampire/lycan hybrid Michael (Scott Speedman) to put an end to the war perpetuated by Victor (Bill Nighy), the vampire warrior whose betrayal of Selene turns Underworld: Evolution into an epic tale of familial revenge. This ambitious attempt at Shakespearean horror is compromised by a script (by Danny McBride and returning director Len Wiseman, Beckinsale's real-life husband) that's more confusing than it needs to be, with too many characters and not enough storytelling detail to flesh them all out. Aspiring to greatness and falling well short of that goal, Underworld: Evolution succeeds instead as a full-throttle action/horror thriller, with enough swordplay, gunplay, and CGI monsters to justify the continuation of the Underworld franchise. If you're an established fan, this is a must-see movie; if not, well... at least it's better than Van Helsing! --Jeff Shannon

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