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Valentine's Day (DVD)

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28 Reviews

Genre: Romance / To Be Announced / Director: Gary Marshall / Actors: Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, Patrick Dempsey ... / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    28 Reviews
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      12.06.2012 21:28
      Very helpful
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      A good all round chick flick!

      Valentine's Day is a film that I wanted to watch back in 2010 when it was released on DVD, however with almost 1000 DVDs in our collection I was in no rush to get round to buying it. When I saw it for just under £3.00 (including postage) on eBay I decided I'd buy it and add it to my mushy girl films section! I actually watched this this film the day it arrived because I liked the sound of it and was very much looking forward to it arriving!

      This film is a romantic comedy (a chick flick!) that was released on to DVD back in 2010. The film has a running time of just over 2 hours at 125 minutes and was rated as 12A. The running time is a little longer than most of the romantic comedies that I've seen which seem to run around 95-105 minutes but this did not put me off at all.

      The plot of this film is centred around Valentine's Day. You will see couples of different ages and people that aren't actually couples (yet in some cases) and how they each view Valentine's Day. There are lots of different characters within this story and this means that the plot stays fresh throughout. Not all of these characters know one another so you will switch to different characters throughout the film and see how they are progressing with their day. There is a real star studded cast in this film including Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jessica Garner, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Kathy Bates, Jamie Foxx and several others. Most people will probably recognise at least one or two people in this film and I recognised lots of them!

      I am a real sucker for a chick flick and I have over one hundred (at least) now! I have really begun collecting more and more of them recently, partly from reading reviews and partly from a friend of mine who is mad on chick flicks and recommends them to me regularly. This film has not been very highly spoken of in several reviews that I read but I did not let this deter me as my friend told me that she enjoyed this and she has quite similar tastes to me in films.

      The cast in this film is just fantastic and that definitely added something extra to this film for me compared to what a standard unknown cast would have done. I felt happy watching actors that I know, such as Ashton and Julia, and felt that seeing some of them in a different movie to the types that they normally do was enriching and entertaining. I would have to say that Anne Hathaway and Ashton Kutcher were my favourites in this film as they just had some characters that I would not have expected them to play and it worked very well. I won't give away too much about their characters but I just felt that they worked the roles so well and brought something added and special to this film.

      I must say that when I first purchased this film I did not watch it on Valentine's Day. I really feel like this is the type of film that can be watched at any time of year and whatever mood you're in. This is quite a predictable yet feel good film that I thoroughly enjoyed watching and will definitely watch again.

      I liked this romantic comedy. I did feel that it was quite predictable and there wasn't much that surprised me within the film, except for a few jokes and one or two of the characters, however, I still loved this film! I liked how this film did have some less happy moments and then in some places those characters were built back up to have a happy moment again, however this didn't always happen and I felt that stepped away from the standard romantic comedy in places and worked very well.

      Overall I would say that this is worthy of a 5/5. I love this genre of films and there was that predictability that you tend to get with this genre and some parts felt like they'd been used in other films before, however, in all it felt like a new film and the actors involved were fantastic too. I loved seeing some of these big name acts and my favourite part of the film is at the end credits where you see a few funny clips not from the film, I loved the one involving Julia Roberts driving past Rodeo drive!


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        04.02.2012 22:31



        Watch it with the girls!

        I rented 'Valentines Day' last year on....a little obvious...Valentines Day! My boyfriend and I decided we weren't going to attempt to find a table at a restaurant so stayed in with a takeaway, bottle of wine and a film. I thought getting a chick flick may be asking a little much of my other half but the reviews of the film made it sound OK.

        The casting is impressive! To name but a few:-
        Jessica Alba
        Patrick Dempse
        Jessica Biel
        Bradley Cooper
        Kathy Bates
        Jennifer Garner
        Julia Roberts

        The basis of this film is several stories intertwined with one another - think an American 'Love Actually'.
        Some of the stories are stronger than others. My personal favourite is Liz Curran (played by Anne Hathaway), who plays a sex line operator trying to hide her job from the handsome Jason Morris (played by Topher Grace). Their relationship is filled with humour and chemistry. There are a few stories that really pull at the heart strings, then a minute late make you laugh. Some of the stories are a little weaker but all mix in well together.

        My favourite character is Kara Monahan (played by Jessica Biel) who hates Valentines Day with a vengance and even holds a yearly anti Valentines Day party. Jessica Biel is so funny in this role as she fights off Valentines Day as best she can.

        I loved this film and have since brought it, but my other half fell asleep within 15 minutes of the start. He has since watched it and wasn't very keen. I think its definatly one for the girls!


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        23.02.2011 16:13
        Very helpful



        Great film, recommended

        I had wanted to see this film since it was released in cinemas last year so I was very pleased when it arrived from my DVD rental company last week. Although I watched this on DVD this is a film only review.

        The film begins by introducing us to Reed, a florist who proposes to the love of his life on valentines morning. Understandably, he is over the moon when she accepts and heads off to work in a brilliant mood. We are then introduced to various other people who also live in LA and learn their valentines stories.

        Other people include business man Holden who meets a woman on a plane, they immediately hit it off but she makes it clear that she is heading home for valentines for a reason. In addition to this there are teenagers who have planned losing their virginity at noon and a young boy who wants to send flowers to his first love.

        I thought this film would be ok but not brilliant. I actually enjoyed it far more than I thought I would! It is very similar to Love Actually because it follows so many people and most of them are connected in some way or another.

        Although there are so many characters to follow in this film I did not find it difficult to keep track of who was who and what was happening. Instead, I found the plot really easy to follow and found that I could keep track of the film and do the occasional other thing at the same time.

        I really liked all of the characters. They all had individual personalities and this made the film very interesting to watch. My favourite couple was probably an elderly couple who look after their grandchildren full time, whilst trying to sort out their valentines days they also had a problem of their own to tackle and I thought they made a wonderful couple.

        The acting in this film is brilliant. It is absolutely full of A-list names and I really enjoyed watching them all work together. The film runs for around 2 hours and I thought this was the right run time, I was not at all bored and really enjoyed the film from start to finish.

        *Additional Information*
        The film was released in 2010.
        It runs for 125 minutes.
        It is rated a 12 in the UK.
        It stars Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper and Jamie Foxx.

        Lovely rom com, perfect for chick flick fans.


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        19.01.2011 18:10
        Very helpful



        Average movie

        Valentine's Day is another one of those films that try to "show the different sides of love" from different perspectives and try to cover many different themes through a big cast- a bit like "Love Actually". For some reason, this film works for me. It could be better, but I didn't hate it after seeing it, unlike film "New York I Love You".

        ~~~THOUGHTS ON PLOT~~~
        IMDB's summary for the film is "Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day" and I just thought there was really no better way of putting it.

        Just some of the topics and themes include "marriage", "sex", "infidelity", "homosexuality", "friendship" and "commitment".

        Whilst some movies force all the intertwining relationships, I thought this movie did it with ease. Some of the links are very subtle and unexpected, though the most obvious links include Ashton Kutcher the florist. In this way, the stories do link in some way and the flow of the movie is not compromised trying to shove all these stars into one movie.

        The problem with having such a big cast is developing the characters and this problem definitely persists in this movie, but instead of having all characters undeveloped, several central characters are given more attention, such as Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner, with other characters almost revolving around the pair. In some way, all the characters do link and that is what makes this film special. Even the most insignificant of characters is somewhat involved in progressing the story.

        Apart from asking the obvious question "Is love blind?" which is evident in almost all the relationships on display, the focus on their connections and friendships is perhaps more important. Love will come and go, but when you need someone, who is there for you? Looking at the movie from this perspective will grant you a totally different movie experience.

        Jessica Alba- Morley
        Ashton Kutcher- Reed
        Jennifer Garner- Julia
        Patrick Dempsey- Dr Harrison
        Julia Roberts- Kate
        Anne Hathaway- Liz
        Topher Grace- Jason
        Eric Dane- Sean
        Bradley Cooper- Holden
        Jessica Biel- Kara
        Jamie Foxx- Kelvin

        Also stars Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Queen Latifah, Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts.

        Ashton Kutcher being yet again the focus in this movie, I felt he was less of a "jock" and slightly more serious (YES, it's shocking I know!). For one, he doesn't parade himself around topless all the time. Though he still has to work very hard to erase his typecast.

        Anne Hathaway was soo funny as she was an adult phone entertainer and her relationship with Topher Grace was one of my favourites- both characters were flawed in some way but it works.

        I've never really liked Jennifer Garner but she stood out in two scenes- dumping her doctor boyfriend (Patrick Dempsey) who has a wife and madly whacking the heart-shaped Pinata and then stating "Now That's open heart surgery".

        In her movie debut, Taylor Swift plays a somewhat cliche high school teenager. She was surprisingly likeable given her supposed brattiness, but she definitely put her own quirk into it- the crazy dancing was funny but her overall hysterics was a bit OTT. I was very surprised Taylor Lautner didn't show off his chest.

        The film on the whole had some pretty strong themes that were addressed in some way or another by this large group of people who all connected in some way. The links between the characters are subtle which makes the whole film gel. Anne Hathaway stood out for me out of everyone. It was an enjoyable movie but not amazing... perhaps like a "Love Actually 2.0".

        The DVD can be purchased for under £10 in store and online.


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          11.10.2010 16:01
          Very helpful



          A good romcom

          Valentine's day is a romantic comedy which was released in February 2010 has an all-star cast. After watching He's Not that Into You, I was sceptical about watching this film. It looked good from the trailer (though this doesn't mean anything), so as I didn't get to see this film at the cinema I brought on DVD as soon as was available to buy.

          Main cast (includes)

          Ashton Kutcher - Reed Bennett
          Jessica Alba - Morely Clarkson
          Jessica Biel - Kara Monahan
          Eric Dane - Sean Jackson
          Patrick Demsey - Dr. Harrison Copeland
          Jennifer Garner - Juila Fitzpatrick
          Jamie Fox - Kelvin Moore
          Queen Latifah - Paula Thomas
          Julia Roberts - Cpt. Kate Hazeltine
          Emma Roberts - Grace Smart
          Anne Hathaway - Liz Corynn
          Shirley MacLaine - Estelle Paddington
          Kathy Bates - Susan Moralez
          Topher Grace - Jason Morris
          Taylor Swift - Felicia Miller
          Taylor Lautner - Willy Harrington
          Bradley Cooper - Holden Bristow
          George Lopez - Alfonso Rodriguez
          Hector Elizondo - Edgar Paddington

          Valentine's Day is all about the most romantic day of the year (yes you guess it) 14th February a.k.a Valentine's Day. The film is often compared with Love Actually as it has several storylines going on at one time. The film starts off with florist Reed (Ashton Kutcher) who is completely in love with his girlfriend Morely, who he plans to propose to later on that day. Teacher Julia (Jennifer Garner) is a friend of Reed's, and is in love Dr. Harrison Copeland (Patrick Dempsey) who is not being entirely honest with her. Jason (Taylor Lautner) and Felicia (Taylor Swift) are two teenagers sickeningly in 'love'. Sean Jackson (Eric Dane) is a professional footballer who has a revelation that he's decides to announce to the nation. Grandparents Edgar (Hector Elizondo) and Estelle Paddington (Shirely MacLaine) have been together most of their lives and their marriage is at risk when a secret is revealed.

          The DVD features include additional scenes and an exlusive trailer of Sex in the City 2. Valentine's Day is a 12 certificate film and is 2 hours long.

          Valentine's Day is a film about love, infidelity, secrets and revelations. I really enjoyed this film, it many not be to everyone's taste but to me it is a lot better than some other romcom films. I was surprised that for a very well-known actress, that Julia Roberts only had a small part in the film. Out of the main cast Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner regularly feature in the film. Some of the storylines are predictable, though there are others that aren't. I would say that the most annoying character is Taylor's Swift and the best included Ashton Kutcher's, Jennifer Garner's, and Anne Hathaway's. Shirley MacLaine and Hector Elizondo are well-established actors whose acting careers started in the 1950s and 1960s. It was good to have a range of different ages in the film which portrayed young love up to long-lasting love. Valentine's Day was a film which got my attention from the start, the fact that it had different storylines going on at once made it more interesting.

          Valentine's Day was directed by Garry Marshall who also directed Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride and The Princess Diaries. There is a soundtrack available of the songs in Valentine's Day with the title of the same name.

          There is going to be a sequel which will be called 'New Years Eve' and will be released next year.


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            03.09.2010 18:55
            Very helpful




            If you've seen Love Actually then you'll realise that this is pretty similar with just about the same concept. This is because it has a large ensemble cast with many A list stars in it and focuses around a seasonal event while this focuses on 'a day of love', Valentine's Day, Love Actually focused around Christmas. Apart from that of course it is American rather than British.

            It follows Valentine's Day in California from morning to night fitting a rather large amount of different stories from the day from different people that somehow manage to nearly all intertwine. There's too many stories to describe them all and I wouldn't want to spoil it so I'll just mention a few - the first story is the one that has the most connections to everything else, Reed Benett is a florist and is very busy on Valentine's Day, he proposes to his girlfriend that morning. Also U.S. army marshall on leave meets a newly single man who tries to help her get home.

            The cast all seemed to work together really well even though it was so good big they still managed to have quite good chemistry with everyone. You'll most likely have heard of the majority of the cast as it was such an all star film they had mainly A list people in with a few less heard of actors. The cast is as follows - Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Patrick Dempsey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, George Lopez, Hector Elizondo, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Carter Jenkins, Bryce Robinson, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Eric Dane, Queen Latifah, Shirley MacLaine, Topher Grace and Alex Williams. It was good that as they were targeting different groups of people since it was a day in the life of all of California not just the usual 30 somethings that you get, it includes teenagers and older people as well. One of my main reasons for wanting to see the film was that Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were an on screen couple, and although they didn't have very much screen time I did really like them! I also liked that they had some actors playing roles that they wouldn't normally play, for example Julia Roberts tends to normally star in chick lit films but she was playing an army marshall in this film.

            I would highly recommend this as I really enjoyed it and was a good example of a chick flick!


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              02.09.2010 23:18
              Very helpful



              10 stories in 1 film

              Valentines day

              This has been compared to being an American version of Love Actually. I really liked love actually so thought that this would be a great film for me to watch.

              The plot is centred on 10 people on Valentines day. The actors are generally all A listers with Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Alba, Ashten Kutcher, Jeniffer Garner, Jennifer Beil and Jamie Foxx to name a few. There are several different stories that make up the film as a whole. The film has be compared to Love Actually and I can see the resemblance in that both films are made up of different stories and these are intertwined and the whole connections are seen at the end.

              There's the story of the love between friends that turns to more. The mother who flies miles to see her son for a day. A gay sportsman that comes out finally after his career is halted. The agent who wants to settle down but can't find anyone and hates valentines day. The sweet florist who can't see love that stands in front of him. The sports reporter who has the tedious task of reporting about how people are spending valentine's day. A cheating heart throb cardiologist makes a big mistake.

              The stories are actually intertwined even if rather loosely and I like this aspect. The film doesn't really copy any of the storylines from Love actually but the idea is very similar. Some of the stories are really funny, others heart warming and another is rather weird.

              I did think that it is really the assortment of the A listers in the movie that makes it sparkly but it really isn't anything special or unique. It didn't make me cry or hurt with laughter. The acting was mediocre and there where far too many stories meaning that only some parts of the character where revealed.

              I did enjoy watching the film but this is a chick flick and there isn't much depth or deeper meaning to the movie. I would recommend to those who are looking for an easy to watch film with the girls.


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                08.08.2010 15:54
                Very helpful



                Perfect Romance!

                love a good rom-com me! If I ever had to pick a favourite movie genre I would always say 'chick flick'. So when I heard that there was a new film which was apparently 'The American version of the British film Love Actually' , which I absolutely loved , I could't wait to see what Valentine's Day was all about.

                Valentine's Day is an American romantic comedy movie released in the United Kingdom in 2010. Directed by Gary Marshall , the film stars Julia Roberts , Jennifer Garner , Bradley Cooper , Jessica Biel and Patrick Dempsey. The movie is a twelve which means that it must not be viewed by persons under the age of twelve. The movie is two hours long , and is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £10.99 for the DVD which I think is quite expensive considering that you can get a lot of new-ish DVDs for less than a fiver.

                Lovers are put under pressure in Los Angeles ,as Valentine's Day gets closer and couple and singles feel under pressure to make their relationships survive! If you love a bit of romance with a big splash of comedy , then watch this!

                I really enjoyed this movie and found it interesting how it is like the American version of Love Actually! I thought that the plot was very good and clever how it revolved around Valentine's Day. I found it interesting how the plot occured in just twenty four hours , which I thought made the film more exciting , as it felt that the characters had a time limit to when they could save their relationships.

                There was a lot of characters in this movie , which I thought kept the movie alive and going. Although , at times I was a bit of confused as to who was who , and then I would be like 'ah , he's the guy that .....' , although this wasn't enough to put me off the film ; in fact it added to the whole pleasure of watching the film. I also liked the fact that there were characters that everyone could relate to.

                One of the minor things which I didn't like about the movie was the fact that there were a lot of 'big names'. As a massive celebrity fan , I found that I couldn't help but think of the characters as the 'real life characters' they play in the media.

                This film got a lot of criticism and I cannot understand why. It may not be the film with the best plot ; but it is a bit of light , fun entertainment. I think that this movie is a perfect film for Valentine's day , it's romantic , and comical , what more could you want!

                I would definately recommend Valentine's Day , if you're looking for a bit of romance!

                Thanks for reading!
                August 8th 2010
                xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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                14.06.2010 14:47
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                No Love Actually

                This is a review of the film, not the DVD.

                Valentine's Day is a film with an ensemble cast, including Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Ann Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper and various others. In short, a cast made up of major movie stars and award-winners.

                The film itself is very much in the mould of Love Actually, with a series of people all linked in some way (whether it be through work, family, etc). The plot centres around all of these people over one day in their lives - yep, this is set on Christmas Day... Ok, Ok, it's not, it is obviously set on February 14, in LA.

                It looks at various couples, ages, romantic relationships at various stages, friendships and family relationships too, and charts notable things happening - such as a proposal, a first crush, a revelation in a long-term marriage and adultery. For example, Julia and Bradley meet on a plane - are they flirting? Garner and Kutcher are best friends with problems in their relationships, Jessica Biel is single and hates Valentine's Day.

                Sounds like a great film? Ah, well that's where you would be wrong.

                Despite the great cast, there are so many people in the film that you don't get the time to really care about any of them. There is just no depth to their characters. The plot is thin and frankly cliched (oh, look, best friends that should get together - not seen that one before) and contains nothing that is original. It's all a bit generic, romantic comedy by numbers.

                It's not really funny and it's not really moving either - I actually watched this whilst captive on a long-haul flight and I found it a little on the dull side.

                Now all of that makes it sound awful, and it's not, it's just not that great -and with the superstar names, you expect it to be. And yes, performance wise, they all do OK, they make it watchable, but really it should have been superb. A few less actors and a few more stories would have made this a better film.

                I admit that I am comparing this to Love Actually, a very similar film, but one that was actually funny and one that made me cry the first time I watched it. This film simply doesn't compare.

                Having said all that, it's not offensive, there are some big names in it and it whiles away a couple of hours.

                So as long as you expect it not to be great, you should be alright. I would give it two and a half stars, but I'm feeling mean, so it gets two.


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                  01.06.2010 09:54
                  Very helpful




                  According to me, Valentine's Day was completely done in the manner of Love Actually. While I was a bit dismayed by the obvious resemblance- since I was looking for something new and original and not just some kind of remake- I have to say that I did happen to find the film very enjoyable and entertaining and just right to watch on Valentine's Day. I particularly admired the way in which the time-frame in the movie took place in twenty-four hours. This was especially impressive to me since the film depicts plenty of couples and their respective love stories, with some interesting, albeit predictable twists and turns to them.

                  Kate is a captain in the US Army on a one-day leave and she flies to Los Angeles to meet someone. She befriends Holden on the plane, and he's very impressed by the long journey she's undertaking just to meet someone on time for Valentine's Day. Back on land, florist Reed proposes to his girlfriend Morley who accepts- much to the surprise of Reed's friends. At the same time, his best friend Julia is happily in love with Dr Harrison, who ends up going to Reed's shop to buy flowers...for his wife. Will Reed tell his friend the truth about her married boyfriend? Superstar Sean Jackson also has a secret, and sports reporter Kelvin Moore is covering Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, love is blooming among the younger generation too: Edison is desperate to get flowers to someone, and his babysitter Grace is planning on sleeping with her boyfriend...

                  As you can easily note, the plot is certainly long and complicated. But I admired the simplicity in which it was all presented in the film. I was of course expecting some great performances from this all-star cast and I was far from being disappointed. They were all really, really great. I was quite impressed by the powerful chemistry between Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner; the fact that they both have strong screen presences only helped them in their respective roles. Also, Julia Roberts was great as well, it was interesting to see her star in a film with her niece, Emma Roberts, but they sadly didn't share a scene. I also really loved Jamie Foxx in the role of the sports reporter; he depicted the single man on Valentine's Day and I think that he did a marvellous job in not overdoing the hype and keeping his performance fairly realistic. Moreover, I also very much loved Anne Hathaway's performance: She is several steps above her innocent Princess-Diaries kind of role and she certainly adds quite an interesting image to her performance in this film. I have to say that there were times when her acting was just a tiny bit too forced but it was okay for most of the movie.

                  The overall mood and atmosphere of the film was really enjoyable. Like I said, it truly is something for Valentine's Day. It really is something with a very powerful feel-good factor about it. Actually, if truth be told, I ended up liking this film even more than Love Actually. To me, this one came across as being more natural and realistic than the other film. The odd little laugh thrown in was really quite a nice touch!

                  Main Cast includes:
                  Julia Roberts as Kate
                  Bradley Cooper as Holden
                  Ashton Kutcher as Reed
                  Jessica Alba as Morley
                  Jennifer Garner as Julia
                  George Lopez as Alphonso
                  Bryce Robinson as Edison
                  Patrick Dempsey as Dr Harrison
                  Hector Elizondo as Edgar
                  Shirley MacLaine as Estelle
                  Emma Roberts as Grace
                  Carter Jenkins as Alex
                  Taylor Swift as Felicia
                  Taylor Lautner as Willy
                  Eric Dane as Sean
                  Jessica Beil as Kara
                  Jamie Foxx as Kelvin
                  Queen Latifah as Paula
                  Anne Hathaway as Liz

                  DVD Extras include:
                  Deleted Scenes

                  I was not at all impressed by the commentary tracks and Featurettes, which is why I'm taking a star off. However, the deleted scenes and bloopers were really interesting, funny and gave another dimension to the film. Even if you don't have time to sit through the whole film, I certainly do recommend that you watch these two!

                  Overall, definitely a marvellous romantic comedy and a highly-recommended one. It's full of feel-good factor, warmth, love and friendship at all ages.

                  ~Thanks for reading~


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                  30.05.2010 17:33
                  Very helpful



                  A good film

                  Valentine's Day is a romantic comedy film that was released on DVD in May 2010. The film runs for 125 minutes and is rated 12A due to some sexual material and brief, partial nudity.

                  There isn't really a lot I can say about the plot. Much like how 'He's just not that into you' was done, the film follows many different characters in and around LA on Valentine's Day. As you can see from the cast list, there are a lot of main characters but it isn't hard to follow all of the different stories that are going on.

                  Julia Roberts as Kate Hazeltine
                  Bradley Cooper as Holden Bristow
                  Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett
                  Jessica Alba as Morley Clarkson
                  Jennifer Garner as Julia Fitzpatrick
                  George Lopez as Alfonso Rodriguez
                  Bryce Robinson as Edison Hazeltine
                  Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Harrison Copeland
                  Hector Elizondo as Edgar Paddington
                  Shirley MacLaine as Estelle Paddington
                  Emma Roberts as Grace Smart
                  Carter Jenkins as Alex Jones
                  Taylor Swift as Felicia Miller
                  Taylor Lautner as Willy Harrington
                  Eric Dane as Sean Jackson
                  Jessica Biel as Kara Monahan
                  Jamie Foxx as Kelvin Moore
                  Queen Latifah as Paula Thomas
                  Anne Hathaway as Liz Corynn
                  Topher Grace as Jason Morris
                  Kathy Bates as Susan

                  My Opinion
                  I read quite a lot of bad reviews of this film but I was determined to watch it anyway, mainly because of Taylor Lautner and Topher Grace. I'm not exactly into the whole slushy, girly chick flicks but I did actually like this one. Even though the whole film is set in one day, Valentine's Day, I felt like it was a film that I could watch at any time of the year. It wasn't anything completely amazing mind you, but I would definitely watch it a second time.

                  With a cast list as big and as famous as this one, I was expecting some fantastic performances and that was exactly what I got in certain parts. For me, Anne Hathaway was by far the stand out performance and I was so shocked and impressed with how she was in this film. Her character is certainly nothing like anything you would ever expect her to be. She had great on screen chemistry with Topher Grace and the two of them together really made me laugh.

                  Ashton Kutcher was his usual funny and cheeky self but he had more of a soft side this time around. I think the thing with him is that if you put him in this kind of film, you know he is going to do well. Although his character was quite predictable throughout, I didn't mind this at just because I wouldn't expect anything less from Kutcher.

                  The 'teenagers' of the film were one of the best parts for me. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were so funny as teenagers in love and they were totally everything that I would imagine two American teenagers to be and act like. They are very childish when it comes to their relationship, calling each other 'baby' etc but I actually found it cute and funny. Lautner plays a character that is so far away from Jacob in Twilight so I was left quite impressed with his versatility although his character wasn't exactly complex.

                  I wont go into a run down of how each actor/ character was because this review would end up being stupidly long and there are just too many. However, I will say that they all do a great job and there was no one that I didn't like.

                  Valentine's Day has a good mix of humour and romance which a lot of 'rom-coms' fail to achieve. There certainly isn't happy endings all around and which was a good thing in my eyes. I really didn't want to see a film where everything all works out for the best for everyone involved because it would have been too predictable. There are a few surprises towards the end of the film and two characters that I couldn't figure out at all. I enjoyed not having each story laid out so black and white and that there was actually something to think about.

                  My main problem with this film is that the premise isn't at all original. The film as a whole is a rip of 'He's just not that into you' with the story changed around and it seems that Valentine's Day was determined to out do the other film in the names that were involved. If this idea had been completely original then I think that I would have liked it a lot more but I couldn't help but feel a little cheated.

                  Overall, a good chick flick that I would happily watch again but I don't think this is one for the guys.


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                    28.05.2010 12:52
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                    A wannabe 'Love Actually'

                    Director Garry Marshall(Pretty Woman,Princess Diaries-I and II) pays a tribute to love with the multiple stories about love set on a Valentine's Day. The starcast includes many known faces, from veteran Julia Roberts to recent crowd pullers like Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Garner and Ashton Kutcher!

                    I won't go into the single stories of the film since they cover many different kinds and areas of love! The film covers everything from a first crush in school to love between an old couple. The characters are created in such a manner that they cross at some point in the film.

                    So, does the film succeed in exploring the much complicated phenomenon of love? NO!! Valentine's Day is wannabe 'Love Actually' and makes a mess out of itself in order to create the same magic all over again. None of the stories stick to your mind after the film and they are not well structured at all. On the contrary, the film is like a puzzle which somehow puts all the character together, connecting it through weak links. The screenplay/story looks forced at places and the actors seem to try too hard to charm the audience!

                    The stories are not segmented,so they run parallel throughout which hampers the impact of the individual stories. The film also brings back memories of the recent New York, I Love You which was well segmented(and showcased different directors, and so the audience was treated to different kinds of storytelling).

                    Valentine's Day isn't a good film by any standards and remains as a wannabe 'Love Actually'. Better grab a copy of Love Actually or New York, I Love You!



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                      26.05.2010 14:19
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                      It's a simple, charming, feel-good movie - a sugary treat we deserve once in a while

                      "Valentine's Day" is a film that truly displays in the clearest form, what an ensemble cast is. The cast of "Love Actually"? "He's Just Not That Into You"? Nothing, compared to what "Valentine's Day" is offering. There are four Oscar wins and sixteen further nominations shared by the various talents in the cast and let's not even start to figure out how many Golden Globes or BAFTAs they share. Even those who aren't so fortunate when it comes to the awards front but are considered superstars are included in the midst of this already sizable cast. If you watch the trailer for this film, it's so busy listing the famous actors and actresses starring in the film that it fails to mention the plot.

                      Oh yes, the plot. Where does one even begin to describe the plot? There must be a lot more than ten different love stories that last for around five minutes each. So brace yourselves, this is going to go quickly. And don't even try to remember the characters' names. You won't be able to. It's much, much easier focusing on the actors' names instead. It's that time of year and love is in the air. Full of flowers, balloons, chocolates, heart-shaped toys, couples, singles, married people and engaged people, L.A. is a busy, busy place. Ashton Kutcher proposes to Jessica Alba. She says yes. Ah... Jennifer Garner is dating a divorced doctor Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey and wants to surprise him when he's off to San Francisco for business. Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper are on a plane together and they start talking. Flirting? Maybe. You'll find out. Eric "McSteamy" Dane is a professional football player who is sad because his career may be over. His publicist Jessica Biel is sad because she's always single. She gets more depressed because Valentine's Day is a day for love. Dane's agent Queen Latifah is a tough boss and laughs when she figures out her new receptionist Anne Hathaway is also working as a phone sex worker. This also comes as a shock to her newest boyfriend Topher Grace. Love also blossoms in a local high school when the two Taylors, Lautner and Swift, are madly in love. He's a jock, she's a dancer. The classic American Dream. Reporter Jamie Foxx is sent out by his producer Kathy Bates to do a piece on Valentine's Day. He's not happy because he's supposed to be a hot-shot sports reporter. Hector Elizondo and Shirley MacLaine are worried because their grandson Bryce Robinson is lovesick. He likes someone in his classroom. Who is it? The suspense is almost unbearable. Bryce's babysitter Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Carter Jenkins are planning to have sex for the first time.

                      It's all dead-predictable nonsense, a set of formulae that have been overused many times over the past decade or so, but "Valentine's Day" is surprisingly likable if you're in the right mindset; or more specifically, if you watch this with an empty head, without expecting to gain a lot out of it. It has its share of emotions and some pleasantly funny moments; none of them hilarious mind you, but a sweet, sugar-coated set of comedy that puts a smile on everyone's face. And it's a good thing that the film doesn't take itself seriously, mostly because the film doesn't have the time to. Did you see just how many actors participated in this ensemble rom-com? Imagine giving them a deep, meaningful plot with insightful character depth. The film would have lasted well over three hours, which isn't what we want from something titled "Valentine's Day." Director Garry Marshall is kind enough to include a brief history of why Valentine's Day is celebrated in the first place, and Garner explaining the facts to her classroom full of students is probably the most serious moment in the entire film.

                      The comedy works mostly because of the actors. There's nothing too impressive with the writing. There are all sorts of elements that modern romantic-comedies would die without. A fifth grader's first-ever crush, best friends who are meant to be, a cheating guy who breaks a girl's heart, a girl who doesn't believe in love but finds it in the end, a comic gay couple, a couple of hormone-bursting teens, a guy who misinterprets a girl, blah, blah, blah. But the famous names do have enough talent and star-power to turn this otherwise tedious, somewhat repetitive mash-up into something with a little more sparks and charm. There are some mighty fine comedy actors on display here, Hathaway and Latifah in particular, who work effectively as a team.

                      Over-stuffed? Yes, most definitely. There are so many characters doing all sorts of different things in the name of love that the editors must have had one hell of a difficult job to do. It's hard not to feel any sympathy for the talented actors to be stuck in such a bland, generic world. There are, at most, two surprising twists at the end, and the rest just falls into the usual, unoriginal, systematic sequence of a B-grade romantic-comedy.

                      "Love Actually" was a more varied, complicated, funnier film. "He's Just Not That Into You" was a more analytical but again, funnier film. "Valentine's Day" gets so bogged down by the starry cast that not only does this not know what to do with them, it fails to write up a decent enough script to accommodate them. But it's great news for the actors involved, right? Getting paid a hefty sum for appearing in only five to ten minutes of the film must be a gratifying way to earn some money. Julia Roberts was reportedly paid 3 million dollars for her role. She had 251 words to say. That works out to about 12,000 dollars per word. Enough said.


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                        05.04.2010 11:25
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                        A definate must see!

                        Valentine's Day (DVD)

                        I'm not usually a fan of rom-coms but I saw this advertised on TV and thought it actually looked quite good. Its star studded cast suggests the kind of movie it was (very cheesy!) but this film knew it was cheesy. I mean it is called Valentine's Day.

                        Without giving away any spoilers; the film was about what different people get up to on Valentine's Day what different couples and singles are doing. Somewhat similar to the British award winner Love Actually (but obviously never as good).

                        The film knew it was cheesy and cliché but it played on it and was a very enjoyable film to watch. It was funny and sad and shocking and every emotion just like good romcoms are I am told. As I said before I'm not generally thrilled by this genre of film and usually prefer comedies which lack the cheese but I did think it was a really good watch.

                        I thought that it would be quite predictable at times, which it was but at others it really wasn't and throws you off course which is the twist in the film that really makes it!

                        There is rumored to be a spin off sequel to this film called New Year's Eve which could be good, they have set themselves high standards to beat though!


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                          05.04.2010 00:42
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                          Give it a go!

                          I read a few reviews about Valentine's Day and most of them were quite negative about the film. As lots of famous actors and actresses star the film I felt that I have to watch myself how on earth these brilliant actors could make an average film. So I gave it a go and I wasn't disappointed.

                          Valentine's Day was advertised every possible place so even I ran across the ads all the time. I'm not a Valentine's Day fun but we always have a romantic dinner at home together. No fancy presents (this year only a Toblerone) just another possibility for being together. So when I ran across the posters advertising the film I was really curious but I resisted until last week.

                          The film is a romantic comedy. It wasn't really funny so I would prefer calling it a romantic story that took place in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day. The whole story tells what happened with a couple of people in only 24 hours. There were loads of characters in the film but it wasn't difficult to follow who they are and what their relationship is with each other. The film was directed by Gary Marshall (The Princess Diaries 1-2). The screenplay was written by Katherine Fugate (The Prince and Me, Xena). The classification of the film is TBA. The running time is 125 minutes. This is quite long but as the film presents the story of several couples the time goes quickly. Actually I have just realised that I was watching it for more than two hours.

                          The main characters:
                          Ashton Kutcher - Reed Bennett (florist)
                          Jessica Alba - Morley Clarkson (Reed's girl friend)
                          Jennifer Garner - Julia Fitzpatrick (Reed's old friend)
                          Patrick Dempsey - Dr. Harrison Copeland (Julia's boyfriend)
                          Anne Hathaway - Liz Corryn (phone sex worker, Paula's new receptionist)
                          Topher Grace - Jason Morris (Liz's boyfriend)
                          Jamie Foxx - Kevin Moore (sports reporter)
                          Jessica Biel - Kara Monahan (Julia's friend, Sean's publicist)
                          Eric Dane - Sean Jackson (football player)
                          Bradley Cooper - Holden Bristow (Sean's lover)
                          Julia Roberts - Kate Hazeltine (Edison's mother)
                          Bryce Robinson - Edison Hazeltine
                          Shirley McLaine - Estelle Paddington (Edison's grandmother, Edgar's wife)
                          Hector Elizondo - Edgar Paddington (Edison's grandfather, Estelle's husband)
                          Queen Latifah - Paula Thomas (Sean's agent)
                          George Lopez - Alfonso Rodriguez (Reed's friend and colleague)

                          Reed starts his Valentine's Day with the proposal of his girlfriend Morley. She is very surprised and says yes. Reed is extremely happy and tells everyone that he is engaged. He is a florist so he has a busy day.
                          Edison is a primary school student and is in love with someone. He orders a dozen roses and a musical card for his love. He is really cute in the shop as he orders the flowers.
                          Julia gets a little red hear from his boyfriend, Dr. Harrison. He has to go away again because of his work. Julia is in love with him very much so she doesn't observe the little signs.
                          Sean Jackson is very popular all the reporters chase him for an interview about his future. Some of them are guessing what he is going to do and this makes him so nervous that he causes a little accident. He crashes into the car of Alfonso who delivers flowers. As the back door of the van was hit all the flowers (even Edison's bouquet) fall on the road as Alfonso starts the van.
                          After Sean has a talk with his agent Paula and publicist Kara he thinks about his future and decides what to do. He tells the journalists that he is gay. He kept it secret for a long time but on Valentine's Day he reveals it to the public.
                          Liz starts as new receptionist in Paula's office. She works as phone sex girl on her mobile. She receives calls at the most inconvenient times so she entertains her environment. She started a new relationship with Jason and he invites her for dinner. While they wait for their dinner Liz receives a call and goes out to talk to her client. As the phone call lasts long Jason goes out to see Liz and he hears the last 2-3 sentences from her monolog. He thinks Liz is cheating on him so breaks up.
                          Reed meets his fiancée during the day and she breaks up.
                          Julia follows his doctor to the hospital where she finds out that Reed was true and her love is married. She visits the couple in the restaurant and causes an unpleasant surprise to her love.
                          Can things go worst? Or after so many break ups things start to get better? It's Valentine's Day so everything can happen.

                          My opinion about the film
                          It was a nice surprise after the critics I read about it. It wasn't a brilliant film that makes me think about it for days but it was perfect for an evening entertainment. I really enjoyed it. It belongs to the chick flick category for me so I didn't take it serious and I enjoyed it.
                          The story line wasn't totally predictable as there were so many characters in the film. I liked the story of these people and some were really catching and moving. The scene when Kate arrives to his son was very touching for me.
                          The film was very quickly developing so there weren't boring scenes in it. I liked the switch from one couple to the other. Their story was different but there was something in common all the time. I found the screenplay quite good.
                          It is very hard to choose a favourite actor when there were so many really good actors in a single film. My favourite was Bryce Robinson, the little boy who was so cute at the florist and brave when he went to complain about the flowers that didn't arrive to his beloved. He was really authentic when he met his mother after a long time.
                          I also liked Julia Roberts. She had little part in the film but she was brilliant. She was absolutely believable and the chemistry between her and Bryce, playing her son was very natural and worked well.
                          My third favourite was Queen Latifah who was very natural and thus a perfect match for the role of Paula. She was simple and believable. She had a small role too but very characteristic.
                          My fourth favourite was Alfonso, Reed's friend. He was like Reed's father and his friend at the same time. He was very openhearted according to the screenplay and George Lopez could make be believe that he is a real florist and true friend of Ashton Kutcher. He was very natural and authentic.
                          Naturally I liked the sexy Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Eric Dane and Bradley Cooper but their performance was simply good. I cannot highlight anything outstanding about them. They had some touching and some funny moments in the film but as they are really good actors they managed it well.
                          Jessica Alba had very small role in the film. She is a beautiful actress and she acted very well her role. I think she was a good match for the role. I just sorry she had so little role in the film.
                          Jessica Biel had some funny moments when she wanted to pick up the phone. She was funny and her performance was really good.
                          I also liked Anne Hathaway. She was funny when she said so many dirty and sexy things to her client. The people around her were well entertained. I can imagine the shooting of the film. They must have laughed a lot.
                          I left Jennifer Garner to the end although she is one of my favourite actresses. Her performance was brilliant again. The chemistry between her and Ashton Kutcher and Patrick Dempsey worked very well. She was natural and believable as most of the times.

                          I liked the soundtrack of the film too. The music most of the time was hardly noticeable as the story was quickly developing and I concentrated on the conversations and the plot.

                          To sum up I found this film an entertaining chick flick I would watch again sometimes. There were some funny plots in it and some touching moments too. If you don't expect too much from a film that stars almost as many famous actors as none other you wouldn't feel disappointed. Relax and enjoy the developing story. I recommend it mostly for Valentine's Day fans and for chick flick lovers.


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