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Waiting... (DVD)

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Genre: Comedy / Theatrical Release: 2005 / Director: Rob McKittrick / Actors: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris ... / DVD released 07 February, 2006 at Live/Artisan / Features of the DVD: Closed-captioned, Colour, Dolby, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    9 Reviews
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      22.11.2010 13:04
      Very helpful



      A rather poor attempt at comedy

      It's time for the dinner shift at Shenanigans restaurant and the new boy, Mitch is about to find out how things are done here. Under the expert guidance of the restaurants resident lothario Monty he is being thrust into his first shift at the restaurant. Whilst Mitch is just about to start Dean is having a strange day. Something is missing and he fancies a change of direction but the offer of the assistant manager's job he really has to think carefully about his next move. The film follows a shift in an ordinary day for these employees and what mad cap capers they get up to on just another ordinary day at Shenanigans.

      I'll be honest and say that I had never heard of Waiting until about a week ago when I was looking through lovefilm for movies to watch. The initial appeal was of course the starring role for Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long. The presence of both these actors made me think that it would at least be an amusing movie and to an extent I was right. Perhaps a better expectation would have been that it would have been a rather disgusting comedy that whilst amusing in parts wasn't as good as it sounded. Then of course if we had the benefit of hindsight we wouldn't watch potentially half the movies we do.

      The film comes from first and only time director Rob McKittrick. It is the first and only time to date that he has stepped behind the director's lens and perhaps the fact this film was made in 2005 tells a story all on its own. In fairness he didn't really need to do much from a director's point of view as the location for the movie is by and large in one restaurant. He manages to keep the onscreen action quite clear but there is nothing really remarkable or interesting about his direction. The film feels like the pilot for a rather uninteresting TV comedy and it would be fair to say that McKittrick never really gets the film going.

      He also takes on the role of writer for this movie and unlike his direction he has been commissioned to write a second film, Still Waiting the sequel to this rather poor excuse for a comedy. Had I still been twelve then perhaps the succession of penis jokes would have still been funny but in a film like this it just doesn't work for me. The plot is quite thin and relies more on the "hilarious" antics that the characters get up to in order to fill its 94 minute runtime. The truth though is that this type of comedy just doesn't work unless it has likeable characters and something original, both of which are sadly lacking from Waiting.

      It's all well and good casting someone like Ryan Reynolds in the lead role if you are going to make the audience like his character. The biggest problem here is that you instantly dislike Monty. The performance from Reynolds seems to be in line with the expectations of how McKittrick wrote the character of Monty but from a viewing perspective he is just an unlikeable lead and his know it all presence in the movie is very annoying. It's a shame to have wasted an actor of Reynolds abilities with a role this bad.

      The only actor to really come out of this movie with any credit has to be Justin Long. He is the only character you find yourself feeling anything for as he struggles to decide what to do. I think that Long was a good choice as Dean and although his character isn't particularly well developed, Long manages to salvage something from it. The rest of the cast included Scary Movie favourite Anna Faris, Dane Cook and Luis Guzman but with a poor plot and average direction they all just plodded along filling the succession of empty characters in this movie.

      Perhaps the fact I had little or no expectations on this movie allowed me to see it as it actually is. The film tries to cash in on the likes of American Pie combining gross out comedy with a slightly different setting but I don't really feel they got it right on this occasion. When you cast Ryan Reynolds it is important to make him a likeable character as I feel he really doesn't work in this sort of arrogant role but the film would still have been a lost cause with a likeable lead character. Whoever commissioned the sequel must have had money to burn as the first one was so bad the need for a second should have been a no brainer.


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        24.04.2010 01:23
        Very helpful



        Not funny, but maybe worth a look

        Waiting... is an independent drama/comedy film centering on various restaurant staff members at Shenanigans steakhouse.

        To give an indication of the level of humour in this film, the main gag which runs prominently throughout the entire movie is the "penis showing game" whereby male employees must try and get others to unwittingly look at their penis. You see, it's funny because it's genitals.

        Another hilarious scene sees the food of a consistently complaining lady (predictably) being altered with dandruff, spit and pubic hair. Just so funny. It's really too much.

        In all honesty, I didn't laugh once. Although a complete flop as a comedy, I did manage to extract some enjoyment from the films multiple and varied characters.

        Dean, one of the more likable characters, has been working in the restaurant since he left high school and after hearing of a successful former classmate, is beginning to feel disenchanted.

        Monty, a lecherous smug smartarse who has a thing for highschool girls, is the sort of (to be blunt) douchebag who if I ever met in real life would instantly activate my murder reflex. My stomach shudders every time he speaks. Annoyingly, I think we're supposed to find him all "cool" and "edgey. Nah.

        On the sidelines are Calvin, who struggles with public toilets and women, Raddimus the head chef, the 17-year old hostess, Mitch the frightened new guy who is essentially just a lazy excuse for the writer to explain everything to us and Dan, the childish, desperate manager.

        There's also Naomi, a waiter with overblown anger management problems, an angry tattooed cook, a philosophical dishwasher and two white stoner wannabe-gangster busboys, T-Dawg and Nick (Clerks anybody?).

        There are also two forgettable blonde girls, one of which is Dean's girlfriend.

        It's not a film with much of a storyline. Or any storyline in fact. The only thing of any significance that happens is to Dean (and you can probably guess what that is from my short description of him). Other than the oh-so-funny interactions with the customers, the film consists mainly of character development. That said though, due to the large number of characters it inevitably wears thin.

        We just about never leave the steakhouse which makes it a lot like watching goldfish in a bowl. I did eventually find myself rooting for the two characters that I actually cared about (Dean and Calvin) when I came to the realisation that everyone else was a vile excuse for a human being. And that these seemed to be the only two people with tangible, structured problems.

        To give credit though, when Mitchell (spoiler - kind of) finally lets it all out, this is more or less what I had been thinking the whole film. Except about ten times angrier.

        It's not much, but it's something to watch and it sustained my attention all the way through and despite being incredibly unfunny, I didn't fall asleep or anything (that would be a great tagline).

        One thing is certain; I will live in fear of complaining in restaurants for the rest of my life.


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          25.02.2010 23:15
          Very helpful



          Not a good film

          Ryan Reynolds stars in this rather purile and not very good comedy that may appeal to a young, male teenage audience but is unlikely to appeal to many other people.

          Based around a restaurant called Shenaniganz the comedy revolves around the group of waiters who work there and try to alleviate the boredom with various stunts and lewd behaviour, all of the action focuses on one particular night shift and a party the staff go to afterwards.

          Ryan Reynolds plays Monty a man who has little ambition in life and is quite happy with his dead end job as long as he has access to drugs and women, in the film he is showing new employee Mitch what the job involves, Mitch is played by John Frances Daley while at the same time his best friend and work cllegue Dean, played by Justin Long is questioning his whole purpose as he realises he has been stuchk in the job for four years while former colleagues have gone on to be successful.

          The plot is rather limited in this film and the choice of a restaurant means that some of the humour is of the gross out variety with food tampering in the same vein as in the movie Road Trip. This is not a great comedy as the acting is rather average at best and the comedy is repeitive and limited with a reliance on gross out humour and swearing a lot of the time and there is absolutely no subtlety about the film at all.

          Not a film I would want to see again and not one that I would recommend.



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          21.02.2010 21:13
          Very helpful



          It will make you feel sick

          *The Plot*
          In the setting of Shenaniganz Restaurant we meet all of the staff, old and new and see how they entertain themselves at work. Sometimes this is harmless fun, sometimes it is drug use at work, and sometimes it is messing with customer's food, in the grossest ways they can think of.

          Ryan Reynolds plays Monty who is showing the 'new guy', Mitch, played by John Frances Daley, the ropes. The entire film is based on one typical night at the restaurant and the party afterwards.

          *My Thoughts*
          I have seen this film twice and each time I have laughed and cringed. They really do get up to some disgusting things in this restaurant, which reminded me of why I never send food back in an eating establishment. (If I was really disgusted with something in the first place then I wouldn't eat the meal, may be request my money back and simply not eat there again.... I would never complain.

          There is a lot of swearing in this film (although this didn't bother me personally; it may others).

          I was quite funny and the humour in general probably quite typical in many work places, although certainly taken to the extreme.

          *The Extras*
          There are typical behind the scenes here, with out-takes and the fun had during filming - extra naughty bits done to get a true reaction.

          *The Verdict*
          If you enjoy watching mindless potty humour then this may appeal!

          *Most Memorable Quote*
          F*cking psychobabble-bullsh*t as*h*le! Which is just typical of the language!!

          Directed by: Rob McCittrick
          UK Release: 2006
          Rating: 15


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          06.09.2009 20:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Good comedy

          Waiting is an independent comedy film that was released in 2005. Waiting is rated 15 as it contains strong language and sex references and it is 89 minutes long. In Waiting's opening weekend, it made $6 million, which was double the film's budget.

          The film is based on a restaurant, ShenaniganZ, and it's employees' lives. ShenaniganZ is your nice, average, American restaurant/ bar but it is the staff that give the place it's personality and flair. Customers beware though, you don't want to get on the wrong side of the waiting staff.

          Mitch is the new guy and gets put in Monty's care. Monty is supposed to show Mitch how to do his job but immediately creeps him out by asking how comfortable he is about full frontal male nudity and sets to teaching him about 'The Game'. Monty also used to go out with Serena, who is also a waitress at the restaurant.

          Dean is offered the assistant manager's position at the start of the working day, as well as finding out someone he went to school with is doing really well for himself. As the day goes on, Dean starts to think about what he really wants out of life.

          Naomi is quite the psycho and dislikes everything about her job and isn't afraid to let everyone know about her problems. There are plenty of other amusing characters but I'll leave it to you to discover what's so special about them.

          Monty - Ryan Reynolds
          Serena - Anna Faris
          Dean - Justin Long
          Naomi Alanna Ubach
          Dan - David Koechner
          Calvin - Robert Patrick Benedict
          Raddimus - Luis Guzmán
          Bishop - Chi McBride
          Mitch - John Francis Daley

          Special features
          - Deleted scenes
          - Outtakes
          - That little extra documentary
          - Trailers
          - Commentary
          - Sending it back: The real dish on waiting

          My Opinion
          I absolutely love this film. The film and it has the feel of Can't Hardly Wait although it does have a lack of actual plot going for it. I know that this situation in a restaurant would never happen in real life because everyone has such extreme personalities but that doesn't stop if from being funny.

          Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris are a fabulous comedy trio but unfortunately they are outshined at times by some of the other cast members, especially the kitchen staff.

          Ryan Reynolds very much plays the role like he did in Van Wilder, somehow knowing everything without anyone having to say much. He is as charming as he is in most other roles and has some amazing witty one liners.

          I thought Anna Faris would have been much better in this film but I think that mainly comes down to the fact that her character wasn't as prominent as some of the others. It would have been nice to see her with some more screen time and show what she is really capable of.

          I really liked the idea behind the story as I'm sure at least 90% of us have sent food back in a restaurant before I would be a bit wary about being mean to the waiting staff. I have worked in a restaurant before but I'm one of the nice ones who would never think about doing something gross to someone's food.

          There are plenty of scenes that are quite disgusting so I would advise watching this with care and if definitely isn't for anyone with a weak stomach. The only thing that was a bit of a let down for me was the pace of the film. At times it seemed like nothing was really happening and made some parts drag.

          Overall, Waiting is your average comedy with some great acting/ characters but it could have been better in regards to the actual story.


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            14.06.2009 00:22



            This film was a let down and I am giving it 1 star based on the cast trying so hard only

            This film sees Monty (Ryan Reynolds) who works in a restaurant and is assigned the task of showing the new guy Mitch (John Francis Daley) the ropes. It is as we see Mitch being shown around we find that the restaurant is full of workers who couldn't care less about their jobs or the food they put out to customers. There are drunks, partyers, and crazed employees galore who have started work to get some cash and are now in the dead end jobs they all hate but can Dean (Justin Long) make it out of this situation and get himself into a good job which will give him chances to progress and make a career for himself or will he like the rest of the staff just end up giving up and accepting his fate?

            Waiting sees the hilarious Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds together in a comedy which should have been able to generate laughs with the assembled cast but thanks to a poor story the film is quite awful and feels soul-less. The cast try hard to make laughs but there really are none to be found in this and I was left beyond disappointed and have to advise people to just avoid this at all costs.


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            12.10.2008 19:52



            Comedy about a day in the life of Shenaniganz employees

            Despite what the other reviewers of Witing said, I really enjoyed this film! Ryan Reynolds stars as Monty on the many waiting staff who work at Shenaniganz restaurant. Also in the film are Anna Faris, Justin Long, David Koechner, Luis Guzman, John Francis Daily, Chi McBride and Dane Cook.

            The film starts with a new guy starting at Shenaniganz and Ryan Reynolds charcter, Monty, being the one to show him the ropes. Monty is a bit of a party guy who is only interested in having a laugh and getting the girls. Over the course of the first day, Mitch is introduced to the rest of the team at Shenanignaz and soon learns that they're not completely normal! Other characters include Raddimus, the horny chef and Naomi the psycho waitress who flips between effing and blinding behind the scenes, and smiling nicely when in front of the customers.

            I really enjoyed this film, it had be laughing out loud all the way through. The only really bad part was the rap over the end credits.


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            06.12.2006 14:01
            Very helpful



            An awful film that the entire cast and crew should try to remove from their CVs.

            Do you ever send your food back in a restaurant? To be honest, I never have, just because I am far too polite and British to do it. You must have heard some of the urban myths that people have described about what happens to the food whilst it’s back in the kitchens. All manner of bodily fluids and dirt may accompany the food on its return trip to your table. If this kind of incident makes you feel a bit queasy then perhaps this film is not for you as ‘Waiting’ places its flag squarely in gross out territory.

            ‘Waiting’ follows a typical day in the life of the staff of Shenanigans, an American Diner (think TGI Fridays). The film is an ensemble piece and is less about a narrative and more about a situation. If you had to earmark a central premise it would be Dean, (Justin Longman) who at the start of the day is offered the job as Assistant Manager, he has all day to decide whether to take the role, but is the life of a waiter what he really wanted? Alongside this is Monty (Ryan Reynolds), who has been given the task of showing the new guy around for the day. The introduction of the new guy, Mitch (John Daley), to the eccentrics of the restaurant acts as the way in for the audience.

            Alongside these three characters the film also has several other waiters and chefs who play a role in the film. This has the effect of no one getting that much character development and the film feeling a little thin. I get the impression that the director was trying to create a ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ for the 2000s. Instead it felt more like a film that was far too adult for its juvenile themes.

            When films like ‘American Pie’ tackle subjects such as sex, they do it with a tongue in cheek attitude that actually leads to a certain sense of naivety. Certain films have taken this form of humour to the extreme and instead created a genre of unfunny and rather uncomfortable films. This happened in the first ‘Scary Movie’ and happens here in ‘Waiting’.

            Topics that are covered include the inability to go to the bathroom, past relationships and worst of all a game that the staff play to amuse one another. This game pops up throughout the film and as well as not being particularly funny also makes you want to stop watching. Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Monty, always skates the line between being charming and annoying. I liked him in ‘Van Wilder’ and ‘Blade 3’ and found him very amusing. However, in ‘Waiting’ he falls into the same trap that the film does - being juvenile and not funny. Some of his quips do work, but to be honest, its not easy to like a guy whose main purpose in life is to sleep with girls just over the age of consent – that’s comedy *sarcasm alert*.

            The rest of the cast are loathsome too. Not one of them is likeable and you end up hating them and the film by 30 minutes – it’s just unfortunate that you have another hour to go. I don’t find people that spit on food particular amusing. It is one of those films that assume that all people are scumbags behind other people’s backs. ‘Waiting’ is trying to say that it’s funny because you do this as well. I don’t. I do not drink every night, take copious amounts of drugs, hate my job or try to sleep with every high school girl I see. This type of person may enjoy this film; but I thought they banned films like this in jail!

            A lot of this poor characterisation and lack of story could be forgiven if the film were actually funny. There is not one laugh to be had throughout. I only watched it because I rented it online and felt I should get my moneys worth. I am a big fan of American comedy films and have been known to love films everybody else hates. This is not the case here as this film has nothing to recommend it.

            The film has no technical elements to improve it either. The directing, lighting, editing etc are dull and add nothing to the experience. The extras show the kind of mentality that the crew of the film had and could explain why the film feels so disjointed. They swan around thinking they are making a masterpiece, when all they are doing is having far too much fun making a very poor comedy travesty. The director, Robert McKittrick also wrote this, his first ever film. I hope that no one in Hollywood is daft enough to give him another opportunity to prove himself. First time director/writer productions have led to the emergence of some great talent over the years, but certainly not here.

            The combination of no story, unlikable characters, unfunny comedy, sick humour and the sense that the producers of the film thought they were great makes this the worst comedy film I have seen this year. Avoid.

            Director: Robert McKittrick
            Year: 2005
            Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Justin Long (to name a few)


            They are a few extras available on the DVD if you can stand to watch anything else linked to this film. An audio commentary by the director and some cast, some outtakes that highlight that the crew were not professional enough in their approach and a couple of documentaries. Nothing particular special that could alter the one star rating that this DVD deserves.


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              29.09.2006 09:51
              Very helpful



              Not Funny.

              Me and my sister are big fans of Ryan Reynolds because we think is a great actor but mainly because he is hot stuff and we fancy him rotten. When we saw trailers for waiting we thought it looked extremely stupid but like it could still be quite funny. However we decided that it was probably not worth paying to see at the cinema so when it came out to rent we decided to get it. Well me, Sam and my fiancé Dave sat down to watch it on Saturday evening and I personally thought it was a load of rubbish and here is why.


              The Film:

              ShenaniganZ restaurant is one of those that from the outside looks like a nice and quite upmarket place to eat. When you get inside though and see the members of staff you realise that your previous thoughts can now be dismissed. The restaurant itself is pretty nice looking but it is what goes on behind the scenes that are worth watching. You see the staff at ShenaniganZ take no prisoners and if you get them angry then you want to get out of the restaurant sharpish.

              Mitch is new and is taken under the wing of Monty (the main mischief-maker) who teaches him exactly how to act and get along with the staff which includes dropping your pants at every opportunity (you will understand if you watch it). Dean is a member of staff who actually wants to get a bit more out of life than just working in the restaurant and then we have Serena who is loopy and seems disgusted by everybodys behaviour but is as ruthless as the rest.

              This film teaches you never to mess with the people who handle your food.

              Verdict on the Story:

              Concept-wise I like the story as I think it is funny but when you actually watch it you realise that this slapstick comedy film is just not funny at all and in fact is un-enjoyable, boring and seems to go on forever. The script is the problem as the cast and characters could be really good. The problem with the script is that it offers nothing you can identify with or even think is funny because it is all so stupid. Don’t get me wrong I love slapstick comedies but this takes it too far and you just think to yourself well if there were really people like this then you would feel sorry for them.

              The script is so weak it fails to keep your attention at all and everything that happens in the film is just ridiculous and the odd moment that actually does make you laugh is very rare. Plus two seconds later you are back to being so bored that you can’t remember the funny part at all. This film is unmemorable and it is a shame as it could have been good but it just shows what happens when you try to be too funny.


              Cast and Characters:

              Ryan Reynolds – Monty
              Justin Long – Dean
              John Daley – Mitch
              Anna Faris – Serena

              Verdict on the Cast and Characters:

              The cast I have to admit is great with some familiar faces and some great comedic talent. Reynolds is his usual charming self as he does slapstick comedy with ease and steals the film with his stupid but quite witty one-liners at times. Faris is surprisingly disappointing as I usually find her hilarious but here I think she was wasted and was just not funny but that was a problem with the script and not necessarily her. My favourite though was Daley who I have never seen in anything before but I found his face hilarious.

              The characters are crap and rubbish and all other negative things you could think of. I found them boring, one-dimensional and too unbelievable to care about or to even want to be bothered watching. Down to the bad script the whole cast seemed to be wasted in this movie and if I was them I would forget I had ever made this one.


              Things to Know:

              Runtime – 94 minutes
              Price - £10.99 from Amazon
              Certificate – 15
              1 Disc DVD


              Special Features:

              There are some pretty standard stuff on the DVD like the trailer which to be honest I didn’t bother watching as I had seen it lots of times at the cinema already. Then the commentary which is with a couple of cast members which I watched five minutes of and got bored as I had only just watched the film and the commentary is like watching it again really as they are just disgusting in what they say.

              Outtakes are pretty funny and enjoyable but again you have seen so much slapstick in the film that the outtakes seem pretty lame. Then you have several deleted scenes which only last a couple of minutes each so you can get through them quickly but they are useless and not really worth wasting your time with.

              Now there are two featurettes on the DVD which are both quite interesting. The first is called That Little Extra and basically gives you an insight into the film and how it was made. Then you have one called Sending it Back which gives you quite a nasty insight into why you should never complain about your food in restaurants. Disgusting but also quite fascinating.



              Concept of this film is great as I think sending food back in restaurants is one of those things that I always worry about so making a film about it is quite good. Parts of this film are funny but most of these were actually shown in the trailer for the film so if you have seen the trailer then do not expect many more funny parts from watching the whole film. To be positive though the film has a great cast with a story that is quite interesting to think about and some parts are worth watching.

              All of the actors in this film are known for their comedy skills but they disappoint because the script is so weak and silly it is just not enjoyable. I was thoroughly fed up with watching the film literally fifteen minutes into it as it was boring and if I am brutally honest with you I fell asleep for about half hour of the film as I just couldn’t be bothered with it. I know that my sister and fiancé enjoyed it a little but I just couldn’t see anything good about it apart from the odd part.

              One of my final thoughts about this film is how undeniably disgusting it is and if you are of a nervous disposition then do not watch it. Apart from the obvious food topic, there are other things that make you feel a little sick so it is so unpleasant watching it. Watching the film through though I think it was uncomfortable viewing more than anything.

              In conclusion I am afraid I can only give this film one star because to be honest I just did not find it that funny. I felt that the laughter was extremely forced as everything was that slapstick that it just wasn’t interesting. Also most of the topics discussed were so stupid you couldn’t laugh at them because it was all a bit strange and so unbelievable. I found it disgusting to watch and uncomfortable to watch and I could not recommend it as I felt I wasted my Saturday night watching it.

              Thanks for reading.



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            • Product Details

              A hilarious comedy about frustrated waiters, stingy tippers and dicey food, Lions Gate Films' Waiting... stars Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris and Justin Long as young employees battling boredom at Shenanigan's, a generic chain restaurant. A waiter for four years since high school, Dean (Justin Long) has never questioned his job at Shenanigan's. But when he learns that Chett, a high school classmate, now has a lucrative career in electrical engineering, he's thrown into turmoil about his dead-end life. Dean's friend Monty (Ryan Reynolds) is in exactly the same boat, but he couldn't care less.

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