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Wallace & Gromit: 3 Cracking Adventures (DVD)

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    5 Reviews
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      17.09.2009 21:20
      Very helpful



      one of my favorite DVD

      I first watched this DVD before I moved to the UK. It was very good way for me to learn British culture as well as get entertainment from start to finish.

      This DVD includes three cracking adventures.

      The first one is Grand day out. Wallace found he has no cheese left and made a rocket immediately. His clever and faithful dog Gromit helped him controlling the rocket and flying to the Moon for his favorite cheese. One Robot who lives in the Moon made their trip more dangerous and exciting.

      The second one is the wrong trousers. When Gromit birthday coming Wallace ordered a big automatic trousers as its birthday gift. The idea of the trousers is to walk the dog by itself. Gromit doesn't like the idea but a criminal penguin found the trousers very useful for its robbery plan.

      The third one is called the close shave. Wallace and Gromit are busy with their glass cleaning business. After Wallace met a customer in his work their life changed. It's the first time Wallace fell in love with a lady but her evil guard dog spoiled the development of their love.

      The DVD also has special features including the introduction by Nick Park, the genius director of the characters and over 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, etc.

      I think it would be good way to learn British culture especially their unique humority. I never feel fed up when I watch it and I always can find funny things from it.

      also seen on ciao.co.uk


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        04.03.2006 16:25
        Not Helpful



        Absolutely brilliant!

        An absolutely brilliant idea to put all three short films on one dvd. It doesnt matter how many times they are watched you never get bored. When watching all three together you can see how the animation has improved since the first film (A grand day out). It just gets better and better and guaranteed you won't hear a peep from the kids whilst it is on.
        Pure entertainment for all the family, young or old. A must see. If you like these then I highly recommend Wallace and Gromit in 'The curse of the were rabbit.' They just keep getting better.


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          03.03.2006 12:44
          Very helpful



          The first three 'Wallace and Gromit' short films

          My first recollections of stop motion animation were from the children’s TV programmes like ‘Magic Roundabout’, ‘The Wombles’, although these were very basic examples the later Aardman the Plasticine man from ‘Vision On’ gave us a glimpse of what was possible with this type of animation. Further examples like Morph were to appear on Tony Hart’s ‘Take Hart’ a spin off from ‘Vision On’. Behind these later examples were Peter lord and David Sproxton who formed Aardman studios in the mid 70’s, the name inspired by their first TV creation.

          The genre really came of age and developed into a major form of animation when the brilliant Nick Parks joined the studio in 1982 this led to his excellent ‘Wallace and Gromit’ short films made in the late 80’s and 90’s. By this stage the films were creating interest in Hollywood and even got Oscar nominations.

          This collection incorporates the three half hour films that made Nick Park one of the most influential animators in the industry and combines enough extra features to make this a worthwhile purchase.

          THE FILMS

          A Grand Day Out (1989):

          This is the first outing for the now famous double act of the eccentric bumbling inventor Wallace and his loyal and clever dog Gromit who without effort or dialogue consistently steals the show. Disaster strikes when our cheese loving pair run out of cheese on a Bank Holiday when all the shops are shut. What are they to do without their beloved supply of Wenslydale or Gorgonzola? Simple, were is there an almost unlimited supply of cheese? The Moon of course… after all it is made of the stuff so using the handy home made rocket they have built our two heroes go off on the ultimate day trip.

          The Wrong Trousers (1993):

          In this second offering from Nick Park and the Aardman studio our dynamic duo find themselves once again in a pickle brought about by another of Wallace’s misconceived inventions, a pair of radio controlled automated trousers designed for the ultimate in lazy walking. Unfortunately our loveable pair had not counted on the devious machinations of their new lodger a mysterious penguin and Wallace unwittingly finds himself at the centre of a fiendishly planned jewel heist. It seems it’s up to Gromit to save the day.

          A Close Shave (1995):

          This was the third and up to then the most ambitious of the films made by Park and Aardman Animation studios, both in technical achievement and storytelling. This was really was a precursor for the longer feature length projects of ‘Chicken Run’ and the recent ‘Curse of the Were-Rabbit’

          This time we see our heroes applying their weird and wonderful inventions to business when they set up the Wallace and Gromit's Wash'n'Go window cleaning service. On a window cleaning assignment Wallace falls in love with Wendolene Ramsbottom owner of the local wool shop. It’s not long before Wallace’s enthusiasm for his newfound love leads him to inventing the Knit-O-Matic machine. However things are not all they seem in this cosy world, sheep rustlers are at large, there’s a wool shortage looming and Gromit doesn’t like the look of Wendolene’s shifty looking dog Preston.

          You could simply admire the evermore stunning technical achievement that each of these films represent but these films represent more than simple animation virtuosity they are also great entertainment for both children and adults.

          In a film industry increasingly dominated by high tech CGI animation the labour of love of these films represent is not to be underestimated. Painstakingly filming a still then moving the clay model by a minute amount and again filming a still produce each sequence of movie. Repeating the process over and over again produced a seamless animation that is distinctive in its look and level of detail. The process is not quick and a few seconds of final film product can take months of setting up. The use of minutely detailed sets and bright vibrant colours adds a wonderful depth and perspective to the films and simple details like moving eyebrows and facial expressions lend real character to the models even when they don’t speak.

          All this would be worthy enough of making Park noticed as an animator but Park and his colleagues at Aardman studios have proved that they are more than simple animators they are very good story tellers. The plots of all three films are cleverly staged and provide plenty of genuinely funny moments. In the best tradition of the best animated films the jokes are there at different levels, younger children are kept happy with the slapstick humour like the breakfast making machine that goes wrong resulting in porridge flying through the air or the expertly designed and train chase in ‘The Wrong Trousers’ but for adults references to other films and clever in jokes provide more subtle entertainment. The Wallace and Gromit films are certainly films you can revisit over and over again each time picking a new ‘blink and you missed it’ visual joke. The icing on the cake is the wonderful voice of Wallace provided by the brilliant veteran actor Peter Sallis (Last of the Summer Wine) that really give the character a life of his own.

          THE DVD

          A collection of three good short films doesn’t necessarily make a great DVD package although the quality of the material is such that even the films on their own would be worth the money. Luckily for Wallace and Gromit enthusiasts this DVD collection has enough special material to keep even the most demanding fan happy.

          Special features.

          To set the scene we have a short introduction by Nick Park himself. The DVD contains a photo gallery showing a selection of stills from all thee films also including the blueprints for some of the wacky inventions featured. Technically the video transfer is excellent with bright clear picture quality and Dolby Stereo (2.0) sound. English subtitles are available.

          The rating for the DVD is (U) suitable for all.

          An informative audio commentary from Nick Park and crew is also available on all three films and is an interesting addition to real animation fans best watched on repeated viewing of the films.

          The bonus features come into their own with the inclusion of three fairly comprehensive mini documentaries on the world of Aardman animation ‘Inside the Wrong Trousers’, ‘the making Of Close Shave and ‘The Amazing World Of Wallace And Gromit’. Packed with interviews and examples of the technical difficulties that the animators face these featurettes provide real insight in to the filmmaking process and you can see has the films were made how the ambitions and the confidence of Park and co have gradually increased each time pushing the animation process to new heights.

          The last of the three ‘The Amazing World Of Wallace And Gromit’ also gives us a more general background to Nick Park as it follows the development of his ideas from a simple student project to Oscar nominated animated feature films.

          What comes across from all the interviews and commentaries included in the bonus features is Nick Park’s passion for his work and his commitment to expand and increase its appeal. Despite his tremendous worldwide success you also feel that he his still very firmly grounded and even his more elaborate projects commanding bigger and bigger budget still have a cosy hand-made feel about them and this makes them very endearing to the audiences. The essential Englishness of the films and characters is always there and it would be a little surprising that it has had such a global appeal where it not for the quality of the films.

          Overall this is a brilliant DVD worth having and will resist repeated showings. I would say it is essential viewing for any kids between the ages of 2-99. Let’s hope Nick Park and friends continue to make such outstanding pieces of work.

          ‘Wallace And Gromit - 3 Cracking Adventures’ can be bought from Amazon.co.uk for £8.99 + p&p (at the time of writing this review) and it is a bargain.

          Highly Recommended!

          © Mauri 2006


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            03.03.2006 11:06
            Very helpful



            Two most loveable characters


            I just adore these two loveable characters. Nick Park created Wallace and Gromit, the man responsible for Creature Comforts (Both the TV adverts and programme).

            This DVD includes his three short films that he had done with Wallace and Gromit

            The Plot – A Grand Day Out

            Wallace is looking through holiday brochures about places where he and Gromit can visit for the bank holiday. Since they both have a love of cheese Wallace decides that the moon would be the best place as it is made of cheese.

            However Wallace realises that they have no transport to get to the moon but luckily he is an inventor and builds a rocket ship to transport them both. Gromit is a very able bodied dog and assists Wallace with the building and painting of their craft.

            Launch day arrives along with a few problems, which they over come and off they go to the moon for their picnic but they there day be what they thought it would be?


            This was the first film that Nick Park made with Wallace and Gromit. Having read the plot it sounds quite boring but I can assure the comedy value is great because Gromit does not speak throughout the film but his facial expressions say a lot about what he is thinking.

            The Plot – The Wrong Trousers

            It’s starts with Gromit’s birthday and Wallace buys him some Techno Trousers. The Techno Trousers can be programmed to take Gromit for a walk. Gromit is not too impressed with the Techno Trousers but soon finds another use for them.

            However Wallace is finding it difficult to pay the bills and lets out his spare room to a penguin. Penguin seems to be the perfect tenant and slowing makes Gromit feel unwanted until he finally leaves home.

            With Gromit gone the penguin can get to work on his master plan of making Wallace wear the Techno Trousers for his master plan. With Gromit gone who is going to save Wallace from the penguin?


            This has to be my favourite out of all the three films, once again Gromit does not speak and neither does the penguin but the facial expression lets you know what is going on in their minds. I could not help feeling sorry for Gromit when he leaves home because the music along with the expressions make it a very sad moment.

            Towards the end of the film, watch Gromit with the train track box that seems to be never ending but that scene is hilarious.

            The Plot – A Close Shave

            Wallace and Gromit have started a business as window cleaners. Wallace finally gets a love interest in the form of a wool shop own but with a wool shortage going on because of the sheep rustling Wendolene seems to have a lot of wool in here shop.

            The master mind behind the sheep rustling frames Gromit and gets sent to jail until his best friend Wallace break him out and go after the true criminal who even has had the check to steel one of Wallace’s inventions.


            This one is very entertaining and we get to see more of Wallace’s inventions. This short film also introduces a new loveable character called Shaun who only makes a “baabaa” sound.


            Wallace – the voice of Peter Sallis
            Wendolene – the voice of Anne Reid

            Since many of the characters from Wallace and Gromit films do not have a speaking part there is not many stars in the films, however there is many people behind the scenes that are responsible for these great films, as you will discover when watching the extras.


            Introduction by Nick Park – this happens before you enter the main menu
            The amazing World of Wallace and Gromit – how Wallace and Gromit started and what they have become now also give biography of Nick Park’s career.
            DVD Commentaries on all 3 films by Nick Park and his creative team
            Over 30 minutes of behind the scenes footage for Inside the Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave “How They did it” – these show what goes into making these films, as it can be a long process
            Wallace and Gromit scrapbook with blueprints of their inventions and photo gallery

            This DVD also includes free special edition prints. These are 4 postcard size pictures of Wallace and Gromit from different parts of the films.

            Final Overview

            Nick Park is excellent at making his non-speaking characters having expressions, which the viewer can understand as what the character would be saying. I enjoyed all these three films

            I originally bought this DVD for my niece for Christmas but after watching it to ensure that it worked correctly I decided that I would buy another copy for her, as I wanted to keep this one in my collection. This DVD cost me £13.99 from Choices and is rated U, which means that it is suitable for the whole family. Both my partner and me have watched this I have enjoyed it. This DVD is excellent for both the little kids and the big kids in us all.

            Thanks for reading.


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              02.01.2006 13:39



              Excellent collection of animated stories from the brilliant Parks and co.

              This trilogy marks the progress from the early film Grand Day Out to A Close Shave. The most incredible thing I found in this is the transition from what is obviously, fairly basic plasticine figures, to the fluid and individual characters Wallace and Gromit have now become. This is a must if you're a fan of the duo, or just want something you can put on when the family's round.

              In A Grand Day Out, the sudden discovery that they are out of cheese prompts panic in the household. Wallace, a Wensleydale freak, cannot be without his cheese. Outside the moon is shining brightly and everyone knows that the moon is made of cheese so their weekend adventure is decided. The mice in the basement are a glimpse of what we're to expect of the humour that is to take up a more prominent place in future films. Just a small shot of them donning sunglasses as the rocket lifts, brings a smile.

              Their orange space rocket gets Wallace and Gromit to the moon and they're enjoying a picnic feast of moon cheese when a coin-operated custodian, which for all the world looks like an old gas meter with a penchant for skiing threatens to ruin their holiday.

              The Wrong Trousers starts at number 62, West Wallaby St. It's Gromit's birthday and Wallace unwraps his giftwrapped present and newest invention – a pair of automated trousers. A lodger has been installed. A Penguin. He is shrouded in mystery and is not very popular with Gromit as his bedroom is the one in which the lodger now resides. It isn’t long before things go wrong and the lodger forces Gromit out. Gromit soon uncovers the Penguin's evil scheme and the scene is set for a train-top showdown of Hitchcockian proportions.

              The lovely Wendolene is the Love interest in A Close Shave. Our two heroes have a new window cleaning business and Wendolene calls to ask them for their services. The attractive Wendolene Ramsbottom captures Wallace's heart, but Gromit is onto her plans to steal Wallace's latest invention, the Knit-o-matic.

              Gromit is 'banged up' for sheep steeling and this looks like the end for our illustrious pair.

              These are a nice set of films to have in your stock and the usual brilliant quality of the Ardman stable is evident at all times, even in the first and earlier film Grand Day Out.

              Enjoy, and thank you for reading my review.


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