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Warm Bodies (DVD)

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7 Reviews

Actors: Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton / Directors: Jonathan Levine / Studio: Entertainment One

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    7 Reviews
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      12.02.2014 14:53
      Very helpful



      Hi-brow horror comedy

      Star -Nicholas Hoult
      Genre - Horror
      Run Time - 98minutes
      Certificate - PG13
      Country - U
      Awards - 1 Wins (6 nominations)
      Amazon - £5.00 DVD - £6.76 Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


      Zombie: [voice-over]......."What am I doing with my life? I'm so pale. I should get out more. I should eat better. My posture is terrible. I should stand up straighter. People would respect me more if I stood up straighter. What's wrong with me? I just want to connect. Why can't I connect with people? Oh, right, it's because I'm dead......"

      Occasionally a film comes along and you think 'wow', what a great idea! Well Warm Bodies is that movie and I can't recommend it highly enough. I like a film to grab me in the first few minutes and this one certainly does that, with extra bite. It reminds me a lot of the way Chronicle worked, the Sci-Fi film about how some kids record and mess around with their newly acquired superhero skills.

      The premise is simple. An intelligent and functioning young man is stuck in a zombie body, having to do the funny straight out arms walk, eat people and, of course, has no heartbeat because he is dead. I can't recall this being done before in horror and you can only imagine the production company's eyes lighting up when they saw this script and storyboarded it.

      It's a film based on the short story 'I am a Zombie filled with Love', all the more impressive as it came from a 23-year-old, Issac Marion, such an impressive piece of clever and imaginative writing from one so young, Beauty & The Best meets Romeo & Juliet and The Day of the Dead all rolled into one, here the bone headed humans, not the zombies, the ones doing all the mindless killing in the apocalypse. And now is so the time for a Zombie Romantic Comedy to hit our screens as we all know young and angst middle-class boys want to look like the undead these days and young girls go crazy for them, Vampires and Likens all the rage in film and so why not have a pretty girl drawl over a cute zombie with familiar teenage angst and issues?


      Nicholas Hoult... R
      Teresa Palmer ... Julie
      Analeigh Tipton ... Nora
      Rob Corddry ... M
      Dave Franco ... Perry
      John Malkovich ... Grigio
      Cory Hardrict ... Kevin


      Zombie: "Even though we can't communicate, we do share a similar taste in food. Traveling in packs just kind of makes sense. Especially when everyone and their grandmother are trying to shoot you in the fu**ing head all the time".


      Its 2025...

      An unexplained apocalypse has turned the world into zombie hell, a few human enclaves holding out to the ever increasing hordes of undead (a bit like Northampton). In Toronto the humans have walled themselves into a heavily armed compound below the forest of skyscrapers whilst the zombies roam the airport, both sides venturing into the city to scavenge for food, those hunting humans the zombie's main meal of the day.

      We meet 'R' (Nicholas Hoult), not your normal zombie, fully cognitive and aware but unable to transmit that to anyone, especially his fellow undead. His best friend of sorts is M (Rob Corddry), not so aware and still on basic grunting terms but at least something to brighten the day. To say his life is frustrating is an understatement. That is, until, he rescues a human, a cute one too, Julie (Teresa Palmer), out on a raiding party for medical supplies, boyfriend Perry (Dave Franco) killed in action as the human's battle the zombies.

      As night falls he takes her back unconscious to his pad for safety, a converted Boeing 737, equipped with a record player (he prefers vinyl) and soft reading lights. R, as we now know him, begins to try and win her heart, a naturally terrified Julie nonplussed by this zombie that doesn't seem to want to eat her and appears to be staring at her breasts. After a while she realizes he is not going to munch her just yet and communication of sorts possible, a bit like when Israel talks to Palestine, telling her with his repertoire of grunts to stay on the plane as it's the only place safe but deviously trying to keep her there for as long as possible to show her his moves.


      R: [voice-over] Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy

      Part of that sneaky plan is to snack on her boyfriend's brains R took in a doggy bag, an action that enables zombies to steal the memories of the unlucky owners. But he is a zombie and when his guard is dropped she makes a run for it, soon surrounded by zombies, able to sniff human blood. Julie has no choice but to trust the zombie that has the hots for her. And R's compassion for a human seems to be spreading, other zombies begging to stir with long lost emotions and memories when the see him not eating her.

      Julies father Grigio (John Malkovich) runs the Toronto compound and when his daughter finally returns Julie wants to spread the news that the zombies are changing for the better, her heavily armed and paranoid father not that impressed, Julies best friend Nora (Analeigh Tipton) amazed that she has been hanging with cute zombies, an OMG moment. Even if the zombies are going through a metamorphoses with the odd heartbeat or two there is a bigger problem as the older zombies, called skeletons, are far more aggressive and planning to overrun the compound and kill them all, and any zombies that show human tendencies that get in the way.


      This is great fun, smart, inventive and rather funny. It's the best zombie film since Zombieland (2007) and suited for most ages, from angst ridden teenagers to your grandma. For its PG13 certificate it's surprisingly bloody so not for kids but they are going to see it on the internet anyway so why not. It does get bogged down in the middle once we accept a romance of sorts could happen between the two but peps up towards the end with an inventive tweak to turn things more towards the apocalyptic action film you hoped it would be, John Malkovich into full ham mode with his tank.

      It unashamedly clings to those teenage angst issues and that protective vampire bloodlust young girls seem to have and a teen movie as much as it is a horror film, certainly emo heaven. The concept is so cute and cleverly written that you can't help but like this. The soundtrack is ober cool and the young cast delivers some cracking lines, Nick Hoult strangely sexy in that zombie heartthrob way, not allowed to blink once in the film and so his eyes magnetic. There is a lot of quotable stuff here and some of it very funny.


      Nora: Like... he could be your boyfriend? Your zombie... zombie boyfriend???
      Nora: I mean, I know it's really hard to meet guys right now, with the apocalypse and stuff. Trust me. And like I know that you miss Perry. But Julie, this is just weird. Like, I wish the internet was still working so I could just look up what whatever it is that's wrong with you.

      For its brave budget of $35 million it did an impressive $119 million back, excellent reward if you consider this film could easily have been conceived as one of those dreadful horror movie sends up like Love Bites or Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Fortunately its so far from that it hurts and really clever little horror comedy that you really should try to see. There are one or two plot holes but, like I said, it's original and willing to mix that populist comic book humor with a more convention linear movie narrative so you just don't care where it goes, a kind of Manga meets The Inbetweeners.


      Imdb.com - 7.0/10.0 (123,456votes)
      Metacrtic.com - 59% critic's approval
      Rottentomatos.com - 74% critic's approval

      ===Special Features===

      -Boy meets, err, don't eat girl-

      A little dissection of the crazy idea of a human dating a zombie boy

      -A Little Less Dead-

      Make up and stuff and how the zombies turn more human.

      -Deleted Scenes-

      Quite a few

      -Whimsical Sweethearts: Warm Bodies-

      A short piece about the love story concept

      -Zombie Acting Tips-

      Many a Hollywood career began as a zombie

      -Bustin caps-

      Special effects stuff

      -A Wreck in Progress-

      The cast & crew talking about sets and stuff. Some of the film is shot in a real deserted airport, Toronto deciding to build a bespoke one for The Winter Olympics and so closing the old one.

      -Shrug & Grunt-

      How to walk and talk zombie.

      -R M J -

      Our zombies talk shop


      Top Critics -'Warm Bodies is an ingenious hybrid that, at its best, manages to be funny, lyrical and gruesome.

      Film4.com -'Despite its stumbling storyline, lack of logic and sparse comedy, this Zom-Rom-Com has a beating romantic heart'.

      Guardian -'This offbeat romcom about a girl who falls in love with a freshly dead, unusually amenable zombie is smart, entertaining stuff'.

      The Mail.com -'Warm Bodies proves a movie can have a lot of heart even when the heart of one of the characters isn't beating'.

      Sacramento news -'Warm Bodies goes straight on to my guilty-pleasures list.'

      BBC Film s -'it's irresistible. In this world, all you need is love. And sometimes a shotgun'.

      Cinema Crazed -'I imagine if Taylor Swift made horror movies, "Warm Bodies" would be one of her creations'.

      Film Racket -'As one might expect from a zombie romance, the film doesn't pack a lot of big ideas. Still, the concept is original, and watching it unfold is loads of fun'.



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        14.07.2013 09:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Adds a little twist to the genre and makes for easy, entertaining viewing.

        I saw a trailer for this at the cinema a while ago and wasn't really sure what to think of it. I had actually thought it was going to be a British film, perhaps set in London, and far too cliché for my liking. However, a friend saw it recently and recommended it, saying I would be pleasantly surprised. And I was. Far from being some mushy run of the mill take on zombies, this had a good mix of sarcasm and humour that kept me entertained from start to finish.

        This was directed, and in part written, by Jonathan Levine, who has only worked on a few films but these include The Wackness and 50/50, the latter being a pretty good Gordon-Levitt film I've previously reviewed, so I was hoping for something equally as good. I would say this movie falls in to a genre of its own devising, one of a zombie rom-com comedy. And there's really not enough of those around in my opinion!

        We're introduced to a young man (played by Nicholas Hoult) who can't remember his name or his history or anything about who he once was, as he's wandering the streets and a deserted airport as a member of the living dead. He's far from alone, however, as around him are other zombies, likewise shuffling around with no real human capacity any more, bumbling about from day to day. We hear a first person perspective from this zombie, giving us a feel for what he's thinking and what he's going through, how he doesn't really feel anything anymore but knows and hopes there's more to this afterlife than what they're experiencing. He is later nicknamed R, so I'll refer to him as that for now. R is pretty switched on for a zombie, and quite witty about the whole thing too. Although he has a passion for human brain food, he doesn't feel too good about it as a moral issue, but when a group of humans come by their hang out he has to attack or be attacked. He takes a few bites of one guy after he attempts to kill him, then locks eyes on the girl that was the now half-eaten guy's girlfriend. And from there, the game changes. He decides that rather than eating her, he's going to save her.

        R does his best as a zombie with a funky record collection and moral standards, and tries to show this girl, Julie (Teresa Palmer), that he wants to keep her safe. She's obviously quite terrified, and a little cut up about her friends and boyfriend having just been eaten, but she's also curious. Never before has a zombie tried to befriend her and put a blanket over her so she can have a nap in safety. Her father is a bit of a big wig and running some safety compound initiative, order the killing of zombies on site. She knows she needs to get back home to her father, and that he would be very against the notion of a do-gooder zombie, but R seems to be different to the rest.

        As the story progresses, we see what happens when compassion turns to hope and hope turns to love; how the living dead can have a small thread of feeling that, if nurtured through a warm relationship with another, can lead to the regaining of humanity. R begins to feel more, to become a little less dead and a little more human, and the change isn't simply limited to him. Could it be possible that a dead virus has an equivalent living virus? Will R and Julie's relationship survive such an existence?

        I won't give any more away, and I thought that's quite a lot to give in a synopsis but alas, that's what given for the film online and on the box. The flick is actually set in the states, despite the lead zombie being the Brit we recognise from About A Boy and Skins, so I was quite pleased about that in a way. The genre set the film apart from the rest because despite it sounded soppy and romantic, the cliché was played to and made light of. The Romeo and Juliet notion to R and Julie's relationship was made comical and the sarcastic tones throughout made me chuckle on several occasions.

        Hoult played R fantasticall well, bringing him to life (or should I say, death?) in a believable, palpable way. He was very much the curiously odd zombie, played with all the zombie goodness we'd expect in terms of make-up, grunts, shuffling and staring. The emotional undertones that start to seep through are done so in a gradual way that give rise to both humour and a sense of sweetness, almost with a moral to the story suggesting that a warm relationship can change anything, no matter the person or the situation. Normally, I find rom-coms to be sicky sweet, unrealistic and frankly quite depressing. But like I said, Warm Bodies really ends up taking the mickey out of itself and in doing so made me smile and laugh throughout.

        The script was intelligently written and R did a great job in voicing the sarcastic tones. The film is given an added sideline by the introduction of 'bonies', a different class of zombies that are a mutual threat to both regular zombies and humans. Again, it just provides another level of similarity and divergence within the mix of genres brought about in Warm Bodies.

        The cast includes Nicholas Hoult (from Skins) as the zombie affectionately named R, Teresa Palmer as Julie, Dave Franco as Perry and John Malkovich as Grigio amongst others. All were played well and given the great efforts of the special effects and make-up department, the zombies were made to be everything you'd expect. The film had a good quality feel to it overall with a high quality mix of design, cast, script, effects and a funky soundtrack. It was made to feel fresh, modern and youthful, without being tacky or framed too tightly for a certain audience range. I would say this would suit younger and older audiences, both men and women; if you like zombies and rom-coms but without the clichéd soppiness, and can appreciate some good sarcasm, then this should raise some giggles. At around 1.5hrs, this was a good length movie that neither dragged out unnecessarily, nor ended too abruptly.

        Overall, this is one I definitely misjudged when I initially heard about it. It's interesting, engaging, sarcastically brilliant in a witty way, and I found myself talking about it positively after watching because certain things stuck in my head for making me laugh. Definitely worth a go for easy viewing and some zombie goodness.

        Released 2013, running time 97 minutes, rated Certificate 12
        DVD selling on Amazon for £9.76


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          23.06.2013 02:11
          Very helpful



          Not really what I was expecting

          (Film only review)

          I had been wanting to watch this film ever since I first saw it advertised so when I realised it was available on demand I decided to buy it.

          I paid £3.99 for 48 hour rental and I watched it yesterday with two of my friends. The main reason I wanted to see this was the fact that it has Nicholas Hoult in it as the main character and it also looked quite funny and original.

          The film is set eight years after the apocalypse happened and there are three groups of inhabitants left in the world - zombies, humans and bonies. Bonies are the real baddies and although the zombies do kill people (and eat them) they are not really your typical zombies because they move a lot slower and are not as scary looking.

          The bonies are basically zombies which have lost all hope and started to rot and lose all human features, instead looking like very scary skeletons. Bonies do not have any human features or emotions and they do not feel any guilt for killing their victims whereas some of the zombies do feel remorse. R is the main character and as I said before he is played by Nicholas Hoult. The film is narrated by him and we can listen to his thoughts as a zombie which is quite entertaining and original but it gets a bit 'samey' after a bit and some of the humour is a little unoriginal and not funny.

          It is a good concept though which I found interesting to watch. I also found the memory concept of the film where the zombies can experience their victims memories by eating their brains quite interesting but a little bit overplayed and I found that most of these scenes were far too long and boring. These memories are what helps the main character begin to feel human emotions and soon he starts to feel love.

          R rescues a girl called Julie after he and his zombie pals kill her boyfriend and most of her friends and although she is terrified of him at first she soon sees that he is different. I found the relationship between them very unrealistic because one minute she was scared of him and the next she was talking and laughing with him like he was her best friend but I still found their relationship quite sweet and R's human emotions really shone through when he was with her and she helps build up his emotions.

          One of my favourite scenes is when the zombies get their heartbeats back - I found it really sweet however the plot overall was very predictable and pretty repetitive and somewhat boring. It has a lot of daft scenes too which are trying too hard to be original and funny but apart from that it an okay film to relax to and it does not have a massive amount of gore, in fact I can only think of two particularly gory scenes which is not many at all compared to most zombie films.

          The film is suitable for people over the age of twelve which is about right in my opinion, anyone younger would most likely be disturbed and scared by the gory scenes. There is not really much swearing in it and the dialogue is quite simple really, it's an easy to follow story and the ending is predictable but I still quite enjoyed it and the special effects were decent but nothing spectacular and the make-up used to create the zombie look was done nicely because the zombies still looked very human albeit pale and dead which helped me and my friends sympathise with them, the director clearly does this purposely because of how the film ends. I won't say how it ends but it all comes together.

          The guy who plays R's best friend is one of my favourite characters and I love his line about having zombie fingers, it was probably the funniest bit in the film. I didn't find myself laughing very much at the film though and instead I found my self thinking how predictable and unrealistic it was but nevertheless it's easy to watch and the acting is reasonably good with a decent (but predictable) plot. It is an hour and a half long and the film did drag.

          Three out of five stars.


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          02.05.2013 17:42
          Very helpful



          4 stars

          On a long 10.5 hour flight yesterday to America I was eager to watch a movie to break up the time. The options seemed okay, could have been better, but Warm Bodies seemed the one I would favour most. Over recent years with The Walking Dead TV series I have really got into zombie films. The brief clip that was shown seemed to show an odd blend of zombies, comedy and love but figured it would be okay to pass the time.

          With a cast of Nicholas Hoult who seems to be everywhere at the moment and John Malkovich, the cast seemed to be decent enough that any 'naffness' of the film seemed to be intentional and is a very much a tongue in cheek film. The film follows R (Nicholas Hoult) who is a zombie, but a zombie with a difference, and who has a conscience no less. After a zombie apocalypse has wiped out the majority of the world as we know it, there are two definitive groups of people that occupy the planet, the survivors and the zombies. The film in quite a clever way shows the two groups as a community each in their own right, with the zombies walking around in packs and communicating in their own funny little way. The survivors have made their own little world with a 100 foot wall separating themselves from the zombies. John Malkovich' daughter is the second lead character Julie, and she rebels against her father by spending the majority of her time outside of the wall in an effort to feel independence and freedom. On an encounter which sees R and his friends feasting on some humans, Julie is saved by R and kept safe by him in an effort for him to get close to her. She is of course terrified, but soon realises that R is different and has feelings, something which zombies aren't meant to have. The film has many references to Romeo and Juliet, most obviously the balcony scene. There is also the fact that the two lead characters are called R and Juliet. Although the film doesn't offer any explanations of why the apocalypse happened, it really isn't needed at all.

          The acting was good, and Nicholas Hoult did really well with his portrayal of a conflicted zombie! It was decided that the zombies would not blink and I in parts found this really difficult to watch as you could only imagine how uncomfortable this was in some of the longer scenes when the camera was on the actors for longer periods of time. The actress playing Julie was good and the two gelled well together and even though he was a zombie and she wasn't, the chemistry between the two meant it was completely believable.

          In a completely unorthodox way, this movie takes the typical rom-com and firmly turns it on its head. It has romance, it has comedy, it also has zombies and lots of gore, but oddly it actually works. As I mentioned before it is slightly naff, but I do get the feeling that this was completely intentional. With a budget of $35 million it gives you some idea of the amount of effects, etc. Its a middle of the road budget which was spent well, making the budget holders a whopping $115 million in the box office, I hadn't even heard of it so was surprised it had done so well. Like me though, many 'zombie fans' will often watch all of the released films as they are so few and far between.

          Watching on a 6 inch TV screen in the headrest in front, which didn't have the sharpest of screens I've ever seen (!), please forgive me if I don't go into too much detail about the special effects. I would normally break this down however I don't want to say it was amazing when it may not have been! The effects did seem actually pretty decent, I think there were a few dodgy moments that didn't look the best, but as I say I can't be entirely sure. One thing I'm almost positive about is that for fellow fans of The Walking Dead, effects wise it didn't seem anywhere near as good as that, however that particular TV series has picked up quite a large following over its few short years and made by Fox, it will have a ginormous budget so I won't make comparisons too closely to that.

          All in all, I would say this is a fairly decent film. It's not going to win any Oscars but its fun, tongue in cheek and an easy watch. Give it a watch but don't rush out to find it.

          (As an explanation, yes I am writing this review while still in Vegas but the time difference has completely mucked up my sleeping patterns!!).


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          23.02.2013 09:28
          Very helpful



          A heartwarming zom-rom-com, not just for zombie fans!

          ===FILM ONLY REVIEW===

          Being the zombie addict that I am, what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a trip to the cinema to see the highly anticipated zom rom com, "Warm Bodies"?! My boyfriend took me away to London for a long weekend and on the Friday night we went out for a late night showing of Warm Bodies at one of the many cinemas in Covent Garden. The film is based on a young adult novel by Isaac Marrion, which I have not read so cannot draw comparisons with. However, I'm now desperate to get my hands on a copy and will be reading it as soon as possible! I'll be buying the DVD as soon as it's released, as this is definitely one that I want added to my select zombie movie collection.


          Released: 2013
          Running time: 98 minutes
          Directed by: Jonathan Levine
          Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich
          Certificate rating: 12A
          Tagline: "He's still dead but he's getting warmer"

          ===MY THOUGHTS===

          I am somewhat obsessed with zombies, and that's putting it mildly. I watch a LOT of zombie films, and I like to think that I am pretty well versed in zombie folklore and history, as well as representation in pop culture and media. So when I first heard about Warm Bodies, my initial excitement was tinged with scepticism. Previously we have had the very successful Shaun of the Dead touted as a zombie romantic comedy, but although it was full of zombies the lovers were human, so it didn't necessarily fully fit the zom rom com genre label that it was tagged with. Zombie Honeymoon was sadly disappointing due to a slow pace and lack of character development. Romeo and Juliet vs the Living Dead is probably the closest match to Warm Bodies, but it is very crude, cheaply made, and features far too much graphic humour for my poor squeamish tastes. With Warm Bodies being centred around a teenage love story I was worried that it would appeal to the "Twilight" generation and romanticise zombies too much, but it turns out that I was in for a real treat.

          The film starts in an interesting way, introducing us to R, our zombie hero and main character of the film. He is more cerebrally functional than many other zombies, and can still process his thoughts even if his actions and outer appearance are fully zombie-like. We get to know his character and see things from his perspective thanks to a neat inner monologue which voices his thoughts as he shuffles around an abandoned airport and introduces us to a new version of the world where the undead are cast out by the human survivors who live in a walled city protected by armed guards. R has a big personality for a zombie and his spoken thoughts are both amusing and touching, even if they do come across as a little emo sometimes. Things start to develop when R meets Julie during a hunt for food and falls in love at first sight. He decides to take her back into his personal pad in the zombie-infested airport, partly to save her from being eaten on the spot and partly to get to know her better...

          The romantic side of the story gives little references to Romeo and Juliet, even including a balcony scene! I found that it was sweet and heartwarming, as R struggles to communicate with Julie and tries to overcome the immediate problems that being a zombie brings to their relationship. R is played by Nicholas Hoult, who clearly did his work at zombie school and portrays a zombie exceptionally well, with the traditional shuffling walk looking very convincing, and he also manages to put across a range of emotions which I would not have thought to be possible without the use of facial expressions. His chemistry with Julie is subtle but convincing, but for me the main star of the show is R's "best friend", fellow zombie M played by Rob Corddry, who without a doubt gives the most hilarious zombie performance I have ever seen. There is a good level of humour present throughout the film, with well timed one liners and neat little quips, and I found myself giggling away the whole way through watching.

          Warm Bodies manages to achieve the impossible: it balances the zombies perfectly with the romance and the comedy. There are some more advanced zombies created using computer graphics special effects, which I thought were genuinely scary. They added a horror element to the film and although there was a limited amount of on-screen gore due to the low certification rating, I probably would have been having nightmares if I had seen those grisly bastards at age 12 or younger. The romance element is really sweet and has a feel good factor about it, giving out the message that love can conquer anything, apparently including death! The comedy touches give real depth to the characters and you get a good sense of their personalities, as each one seems individual and has their own role to play in the story. Some of the CGI effects looked a little ropey, such as when the zombies were running, but the make-up effects look exquisite and give just the right look to make the zombies seem undead, but without taking away too much of their original human sides. Although I did find it amusing that R has perfectly side-swept Justin Bieber hair even though he's a zombie. I guess that's just what teenagers are like these days!


          Warm Bodies is a charming little zombie movie, and I can highly recommend it for anyone to watch, not just fans of the genre. The plot moves along at a good pace and I like the settings that are used as they create a believable view of the future that fits well with the zombie outbreak theme. It throws in some neat twists in addition to the usual traditional zombie themes, and is a well crafted piece of film that I thoroughly enjoyed watching. It gives an interesting look into zombie-zombie interactions as well as exploring a zombie-human relationship. It was perfect for my Valentines date night and went down well with both me and my boyfriend seeing as we're both huge zombie fanatics. I can't wait to read the book and I can't wait for this to come out on DVD so I can watch it again and again!


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            23.02.2013 08:48
            Very helpful



            The first Zom-Rom-Com

            FILM ONLY REVIEW

            Zombie films are very hit and miss for me. Some I have found excellent like the brilliant Danny Boyle flick 28 days later and some I have found very amusing like Shaun of the Dead, however, most of the zombie type films I have found to be a bore - too simplistic, too incredulous and too much like all the others. It is nearly 50 years since Romero's Night of the Living Dead and although Zombieland in 2009 gained popularity for the Zombie genre, I could generally take or leave a zombie movie. Having said that, I was treated to Warm Bodies last night at the cinema and although this does not capture the brilliance of 28 days later or the humour of a Shaun of the Dead, Warm Bodies stands out as an unusual and entertaining zombie movie.

            What makes this film stand out from any zombie movie I have ever seen, is the fact that this is essentially a love film....yes a zombie love film....it could even be described as a zombie-rom-com.....as there are differing levels of good humour in the film - everything from slap stick to intelligent and subtle comedy - directed brilliantly Jonathan Levine (he of 50/50 fame).

            I don't want to give much away in the plot as i would recommend go seeing this film and finding out yourselves, but the basic gist of the film is the story of R - a zombie played artfully by Nicholas Hoult and a non-zombie woman -Julie - whose boyfriend R has just eaten the brains of. The story is told from R's point of view, an unusual concept in itself to have the zombie narrate most of the movie.

            This is not your standard post-apocalyptic zombie movie. There are so many layers to this film that I intend to watch again. The love story could be straight out of Romeo and Juliet, (R - Romeo, J - Julie) whilst the director pays homage to the type of zombie horror Romero gave to the world. The young director and the young cast make this a very accessible film for younger audiences to go watch. Being of an age that doesn't qualify for being part of that 'younger audience', I did not feel isolated and out of touch with the film. The soundtrack, which includes older musical hits helped with that feeling and gave this film a very accessible feel. no matter what your age, sex and film preferences.

            Overall, a very enjoyable and original film, amusing in places, scary in other, but all-in-all... a very heart warming film that has mass broad appeal.

            Run time - 98 mins
            Rated PG


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              08.02.2013 19:37
              Very helpful



              A great film

              About the film
              Warm Bodies is a 2013 romantic zombie comedy film that is based on the book of the same name by Isaac Marion. The film was released at the cinema in the UK on 8th February. Warm Bodies has a run time of 98 minutes and a rating of 12A.

              R is a zombie. He doesn't remember how he died, he doesn't remember his name and he doesn't really remember anything about his life. All he knows is, he lives in an airport with other zombies, eats brains and that he is different. On an outing with his fellow zombies to find something to eat, R runs into a girl called Julie, whose father runs the city close by which is surrounded by a massive wall. However, R eats Julie's boyfriend's brains and gets his memories at the same time. Not wanting to eat her too, he saves her, taking her back to the airport with him. Julie realises that R isn't like the others, he can feel and talk and she doesn't want him to die. The pair strikes up a strange kind of friendship and one which could change everything.

              Nicholas Hoult as R
              Teresa Palmer as Julie Grigio
              Analeigh Tipton as Nora
              Rob Corddry as M / Marcus
              Dave Franco as Perry Kelvin
              John Malkovich as General Grigio
              Cory Hardrict as Kevin
              Patrick Sabongui as Hunting Zombie

              What I thought
              I read Isaac Marion's novel when it first came out and I absolutely loved it. Needless to say, I was desperate to see the movie version as soon as it came out so I went to the very first showing on opening day.

              Nicholas Hoult stars as R, the zombie with a voice. I am a massive fan of Hoult, ever since his days in Skins and I have watched him in everything he has been in since. While I was a little unsure about him being cast as R to begin with, I ended up being really happy with the choice. Hoult narrates for the most part of the film, talking over what is actually happening. This, obviously, is because he is a zombie. Although he can talk, to begin with R can only grunt a few words and it isn't until later in the film that he gets a wider vocabulary. I liked the narrative style though, as it gave R a very distinct voice, even if he could not use it himself. It must be hard to interact with other actors without actually talking for the most part. I think Hoult did a fantastic job as R, especially as he spends a lot of the time walking leaning to one side, looking extremely gross and grunting at everyone around him.

              Teresa Palmer plays love interest Julie. The only thing I had seen her in previous to this was I am Number Four but she did impress me in that. I also think that when regarding the character from the book, she was a great choice for the role. Julie is a likeable character and in a world where everyone is out to just kill both the corpse zombies as well as the scary bones zombies, she is a bit different. Julie seems to understand that everything is not black and white and she is optimistic that things can change. This kind of attitude is also strengthened when Julie meets R. Although she is scared of him to begin with, it doesn't take her long to see that he is unlike any of the other zombies.

              Something that might not be apparent unless you know, is that Warm Bodies is a sort of retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Not only does R represent Romeo and Julie as Juliet but other characters have their parts as well. Julie's best friend Nora represents the Nurse, zombie M represents Mercutio and Perry, Julie's boyfriend represents Paris. I thought that this way of retelling such a classic and famous love story was incredibly clever. As I said, you might not pick up on these things unless you already know. The themes of forbidden love are extremely strong in Warm Bodies, with R, a zombie, falling in love with a human girl who is very much alive. However, the retelling is not overdone and this doesn't take on every aspect of Romeo and Juliet, which was nice.

              As well as having great characters, Warm Bodies is also really well paced. The plot is extremely interesting, with us getting to know R and his way of life to begin with. It doesn't take much time for him to run into Julie though and from there, the film only gets better. As the two characters get to know each other, their characters really come to life... literally in R's case. It was lovely to see the character development here through two people getting to know each other and what they enjoy. However, among R and the normal zombies are the scary bones zombies. These are very skeletal are no longer resemble humans. Due to R taking Julie back to the airport, the bones get a whiff of her and want to eat her. The bones provide the excitement in Warm Bodies, with them chasing R and Julie in order to get what they want.

              Overall, Warm Bodies is a fantastic movie adaptation of one of my favourite young adult books.


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