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White Noise 2 (DVD)

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Genre: Crime & Thriller - Thriller / Theatrical Release: 2007 / Director: Patrick Lussier / Actors: William MacDonald, Craig Fairbrass ... / DVD released 08 January, 2008 at Universal Studios / Features of the DVD: AC-3, Colour, Dolby, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Subtitled, Widescreen, NTSC

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    6 Reviews
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      23.12.2009 10:37
      Very helpful
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      Sci-fi chiller about communication with the dead through white noise

      A few weeks ago on Film4, I watched White Noise, and was extremely disappointed. Against my better judgment, but going with the recommendations that it was better than the first film, I watched the sequel last night, White Noise 2: The Light. I was impressed.

      Whereas the first film tried to overdo the whole suspense thing and failed, this film is under no pretences at all. It knows it's not targeting the masses around the world and looking for a huge premiere. It's very much slipping towards that B movie status, more like a cult enjoyment than anything else.

      To this extent, it really works. Leading the way to the success is the on screen presence of lead actor Nathan Fillion, he of Firefly fame. The actor does a brilliant job of playing Abe Dale, who loses his wife and child in a shooting and tries to commit suicide, only to be brought back from the dead moments later with the ability to see people's auras as they're about to die.

      What this does is trigger confusion in Abe's mind, and as he starts realising he could use this to try and save people's lives, he also finds out that fate is not something you should be messing with. The film has a sort of rollercoaster feel to it, never letting up and switching between frantic action and intriguingly spooky sci-fi thriller. There were a few moments where I felt they spoilt the feel of the film by going overboard with the special effects, and bringing the paranormal side of things into it. I felt it would have been better left with the thriller element once the aura thing had been established and the argument against saving people becomes apparent. It was just that little step too far.

      Fillion is ably supported by a decent cast, although no one stands out in particular. There is a vague attempt at bringing a romantic element into it, but luckily this is not explored too much, as I felt it would have ruined the film. It maintained its focus on Abe and his actions, and this is exactly what it needed to do. Fillion seems to represent a similar character to that of Michael Keaton in the first film, although this film has a better understanding of what is likely to work in terms of viewing it, whether it be from a sci-fi, a thriller or an action film standpoint.

      I do recommend watching this, and am glad to say that you don't need to have seen the first film to understand it or enjoy it. The theme is similar but that is where it ends. All scientific elements are 'explained' without dawdling and overexplanation. We're told how it is, and then the action starts, just as it should. White Noise 2: The Light is currently available from amazon.co.uk for £3.98. I caught it on Film4. It's a decent film, and I'm glad I made the effort to stay up and watch it. Recommended.


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        06.12.2009 15:10
        Very helpful



        Miles better than the original

        note: also appears in part on Flixster and The Student Room

        I don't think I'm alone in disliking White Noise. Despite having the great Michael Keaton in the lead role, it was just an extremely muddled film that had an interesting premise but never capitalised on it with mood or tension. Instead, it was a confused mess that never really came together and in fact was just laughably ridiculous.

        The film opens as a psychotic man, Henry Caine (Craig Fairbrass), murders a woman and her young son, who happen to be the family of Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion). As a result, Dale, distressed, attempts to commit suicide, but fails, and wakes up with the ability to detect when other people are about to die. He harnesses these abilities to save people from death, such as the woman who was a nurse during his recovery, Sherry Clarke (Katee Sackhoff). Dale then learns some new facts about the nature of his family's death, and so goes to investigate, looking into things like possession and the Devil, believing that the Devil may have possessed the man who killed his family, while also trying to use his powers for good to save lives.

        A surprisingly tense thriller that is carried by Fillion's screen presence, White Noise 2 sheds mostly everything that made the original film such a bore, and is a lot more focused. Despite being lesser known, it is the better of the two without a doubt. The plot gets a bit muddled here and there, given its complex nature, but one cannot deny that this is a well-directed piece (especially when compared to the first film) that far surpasses the rather bland original.


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        24.08.2009 21:05
        1 Comment



        Good way to kill a night in

        I love anything that scares me, films that make you nervous wandering around your own house in the dark (yes I'm weird!) *LOL* and this although not terrifying made me nervous for a few days if sat in the dark I got static on my TV!

        This is a follow on from "White Noise" but is not a continuation from the previous film.

        The story is based round a character called Abe (Played by Nathan Fillion) who tries to commit suicide after his wife and kid are murdered in a cafe in front of him. unfortunatley for him the staff at the hospital revive him. Suddenly he notices aura's and interference on electrical equipment and he eventually realises he is able to see who around him is about to die. I think everyones natural reaction would be to see it as a gift, as he does, and he begins trying to save those around him that are about to die and for a while he feels like he survived his familys murder for a reason and seems to find hope, he even visits his families murderer to get answers as to why this man had seemingly walked in to the cafe and murdered two people he had never met before for no rhyme nor reason. However he soon realises that messing with fate proves to have conciquences and his family murder is more complicated than he could have ever of thought...

        It was a really entertaining film, the pace was a lot faster compared to the previous film and its not trying to be anything its not, its just a really good way to kill a night in at home....


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          10.03.2009 13:09
          Very helpful



          White Noise 2

          ~ 'Tria Mera' ~

          I am a huge horror fan and love something abit different to the rest. The White Noise-The Light came out last year and after watching a few previews and trailers online I decided to rent it out through Love film. One main reason I wanted to see it was that the first film, White Noise was really good so I thought it would be interesting to see what else they did with it. Looking at the info of the film I didn't really recognise any main actors but sometimes its better to have a unknown cast. The director was vaguely familiar and I later found he has done many other horror films before this. Anyway last night while everyone was out I decided to give it a go.

          ~ INFO ~

          Director- Patrick Lussier

          Patrick is a well known director for many horror films in the last ten years.
          Some of his movies include- Red Eye (2005), Cursed (2005 ) and Scream 3 (2000). This gave me the impression that this film should be of the same high standard as some of this.

          Writer- Matt Venne
          Produced- Shawn Williamson
          Release Date- 7 Jan 2007 (UK)
          Runtime- 99 Mins
          Certificate- 15

          ~ PLOT ~

          Abe Dale is a loving family man which suffers the loss of his wife and child when a man coldly shoots them in front of him. After suffering depression Abe tries to commit suicide but is revived experiencing a near death experience. After this experience things change for Abe he starts to hear voices and sees a glowing white light around certain people. Learning this means the person will die soon, Abe saves three people from dying. Even though he feels good about what he is doing the haunting from ghosts grow worse and images come for him everywhere. He is then faced with a huge problem when he discovers the murderer of his family saved them three days before he killed them and that if you save people use must balance the scale by killing.

          ~ CAST and CHARACTERS ~

          Abe Dale- Nathan Fillion
          Abe is the main protagonist in the film and is always included at some point in ever scene. He is a very unstable person after his traumatic losses and he seems very keen to end his life. After this near death experience Abe seems determined and has a creative mind in finding out what these voices and lights want him to do.
          Nathan is a quite well known actor despite me not recognising his name. He has worked in both TV and film and has worked in some successful programmes such as- Lost (T.V- 2006- Kevin), Serenity (Film- 2005) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV- 2003).

          Sherry Clarke- Katee Sackhoff

          Sherry is brought into the film when Abe saves her from a mugger on a dark, eerie night. She was also his nurse when Abe tried to commit suicide. She is an independent woman who has a strong head and a successful career path. There is a growing attraction between them when they find they have a lot in common.
          Katee has done a lot of roles mainly in TV and has starred in programmes such as- Bionic Woman (2007) and ER (2002), she has also done a few films including- Halloween Resurrection (2002) and Resistance 2 (2008).

          Henry Caine- Craig Fairbrass

          I did recognise Craig but since I'm terrible with names didn't know his name. Henry Caine is the killer of Abe's wife and son and battles to show the truth to Abe. He is totally messed up and is in a mental home because of his visions of ghosts and lights. He seems to think negatively about everything and tries to get Abe to understand why he shouldn't save people.
          Craig is very well known and has starred in all sorts of programmes and great films mainly gangster and thriller's. His films include- The Bank Job (2008), Rise of The Foot Soldier (2007) and he starred in TV Soap Eastenders for 125 episodes as Dan.

          Other Characters

          Marty Bloom- Adrian Holmes
          Rebecca Dale- Kendall Cross
          Julia Caine- Teryl Rothery
          Dr Karras - William MacDonald
          Danny Dale- Joshua Ballard

          ~ OPINIONS ~

          The film was an ok horror film and included all the elements to be a success.
          Overall, I wasn't overly impressed with it. I didn't really find it that scary and it was disappointing as the first film was pretty sketchy. It was a good length and the events happened quite nicely and it didn't seem to over done with the horror.


          One thing I did like about the film was the narrative. It had a good story and plenty of sub plots to keep it interesting although it didn't have anything to do with the first film which threw me a little. It also included a few twists and surprises which was interesting and I liked the way it didn't include too many characters. The plot with the killing right at the start was pretty shocking. You don't expect it and it gives the audience questions straight away. I like films that get you involved right away and having something in the plot as important as this happen was great. The story was quite easy to follow and I thought it could have been abit predictable but for some they may be happy with this. The film was mainly evolved around Abe and with the other characters involved the plot still doesn't not stray from the protagonist for very long. It builds a great character development of him and I enjoyed just following his story and not concentrating too much on any other.

          Visual and Effects

          The visual of the film was impressive. The special effects were done well and it was pretty creative having the images and ghosts walking around in every day life. I didn't think it was as good as the images in the first but it was believable enough. I also liked the way they kept the strange fuzzing and voices on the TV. I won't be leaving my TV on that anymore. The image of the ghosts, jumping out of them was pretty good but they do use it way too much which ruins it abit.
          The film had an eerie fell to it and there was use of dark lighting and tints of colour to create a grimy feel to it. I did like the different scenes used and thought they did create the right atmosphere for each. They had typical horror sets of dark allies and enclosed rooms. It wasn't overly great though.

          The Rest

          The acting was done well and the character developments were good. The changes in Abe made it interesting and all of the actors were well casted. Craig Fairbrass always plays his parts well and being the bad guy at the start didn't surprise me as a lot of his performances include him being a nasty piece of work. He has the right look for the part and has a significant part to play. As I said before there aren't many main characters which in this film was a good call. It was good to concentrate on Abe and not have to keep a track on many others.
          Even though I said there was plenty of action some of the scenes did feel abit rushed. It doesn't seem to flow easily and I think some parts could have been cut and others made longer.
          Overall I'd say it's an ok horror film. I wouldn't recommend you buy the DVD if you haven't seen it and would tell you to rent it first. It is not anything special though so I wouldn't pick it up if there is something better to get.

          An interesting fact which shocked me is that the film when released got a better reception than the first and got a Rotten Tomato rating of 86%.


          In case you want to get the DVD you can buy a copy from play.com at £3.99 which properly tells you it's not that great. It includes the film and deleted scenes.

          Website- whitenoisethelight.net/


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            09.07.2007 14:50
            Very helpful



            Another cheap horror-lite that are two a penny

            I have noticed as a genre fan that is you become a fan favourite you are likely to get work for the rest of your career. Every time that a new science fiction or fantasy shows comes out a set number of genre heroes are likely to pop up in a cameo or extended guest star roles. ‘Xena’ finished? Don’t worry Lucy Lawless; there is always a place for you in the ‘Outer Limits’. Finished filming the 8th sequel to ‘Reanimator’? Don’t worry Mt Jeffrey Combs because there is a place for you in ‘4400’ or ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’. Essentially if you become a hit in a genre show you may be trapped in schlock hell, but at least you still get work. So it is with great honour that a welcome a new name to the genre list – Nathan Fillion. Breakthrough star in ‘Firefly’ and now genre stalwart in ‘Slither’ and ‘White Noise 2: The Light’. Does Fillion possess the know how to make a decent enough genre pic to break into the mainstream?

            Abe (Fillion) is a haunted man. He has witnessed the messy execution of his wife and child and he no longer feels the need to be alive. Therefore, he decides to commit suicide. However, like many people he is saved before he can die, but before this he is taken to a tunnel and ‘sees the light’. Upon revival Abe soon realises that his life will never be the same. Random people that he meets in the street suddenly let off a strange light. Abe discovers that these people are destined to die soon and he decides to prevent their deaths. Will changing destiny cause any issues? Why when investigating the man who murders his family does he feel a certain kinship? Perhaps playing with death’s design is not such a wise choice after all?

            ‘White Noise 2’ is the sequel to the moderate hit starring Michael Keaton about a man who hears the dead through TV static and radio. My first impressions were that this film did not really need a sequel as it was self contained. However, I actually feel that ‘White Noise 2’ has an interesting enough central premise to exist. On the positive side I really liked the idea of the ability to see who is about to die. This gave the film an edge over its predecessor and makes for some exciting set pieces. I was also impressed with the direction the film took when investigating that saving someone from death may actually be a bad thing.

            With a strong central theme and an interesting set of ideas it is the other areas of the film that let it down for me. This is a budget film, but it was given a limited cinema release, this means that I expect a certain standard that was not met. Firstly, the special effects where not up to scratch. The CGI was reasonable, but the make up used on the ghouls and ghosts was abysmal. The poor special effects were not helped by the schlock horror way of the ghouls appearing. Lussier, the director, used every tired cliché in the book, and also the new tired clichés that have come to represent the new horror-lite genre. Is our hero looking into a mirror? What a surprise when he suddenly turns around to see a ghost. This method often works for a quick shock, but the make up is so poor that I found it funny.

            The film is also hampered by some dodgy acting. Fillion as the hero is the stand out best actor in the film and he is a good person to follow through the story. He is able to portray loss and anger very well. This standard can not be said of the rest of the cast. The love interest Sherry (Katee Sackhoff) is awful. Not only was she mutton dressed as lamb but she could not act her way out of a paper bag. To make matters worse Abe’s nemesis is played by Craig Fairbrass, he of ‘Eastenders’ and ‘Cliffhanger’ fame. There is nothing worse then having an actor like this to ruin your suspension of disbelief.

            The film as a whole suffers from it low budget roots. To an extent Lussier does a good job in papering over the cracks. The first third in particular is well written and directed; unfortunately when the more ‘scary’ parts begin we are given a lesson in bland horror. I would have preferred the film to have explored the more paranormal aspects of the film using suggestion rather than special effects. This would not only have hidden a multitude of sins but also allowed the writers to explore the more interesting philosophical debates about near death experiences. For fans of death design films I suggest ‘Final Destination 1-3’ whilst something like the US ‘Grudge’ remake or ‘An American Haunting’ are better at giving cheap thrills. I really wanted to enjoy this film but its lack of ambition and budget means that Fillion may find himself a genre actor for a while longer yet.

            Director: Patrick Lussier
            Year: 2006
            Cert: 15
            Starring: Nathan Fillion
            Price: Amazon uk £12.98
            Play.com £12.99


            A vanilla disc for a cheap film.


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              08.06.2007 12:09
              Very helpful



              A sequel a million times better than than its predecessor

              The original White Noise was a terrible film that was based on an interesting subject, that of voices of the dead reaching out to the living via static on TV and radio, even when there was no actual show on. White Noise 2: The Light is a straight to DVD rip off that somehow made it to the cinema big screens, probably on the strength of the title and nothing else (though the recent sequels to Hollow Man and I Know What You Did Last Summer were unable to secure the same privilege)

              White Noise 2 has very little to do with the original movie it takes it name from, in fact so little that you wonder if it was named after it was made in an attempt to gain more coverage and publicity based on it being a sequel. It certainly is a way to gain instant press coverage and viewer recognition.
              White Noise 2, while taking a pinch of White Noise, the original, bears a lot more in common with the Final Destination trilogy. The major theme of death and escaping your intended demise is very similar.

              The story of White Noise 2 is that of Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion, Firefly & Slither), a devoted husband and father whose wife and child are shot down in front of him for no apparent reason. The killer then puts the gun beneath his chin and pulls the trigger (leading to the low budget error of the body lying on the floor with no hole in the head!)

              Depressed and lonely he takes an overdose of pills and dies himself... for 4 minutes, before being brought back to life on a hospital table. From that moment on he is able to see a bright light that only seems to surround people in the final moments before they die, much like the one he saw as he lay dying on a hospital gurney.
              Once he discovers this he decides to use this ability to save the people he knows are about to die, among them a young nurse Sherry (Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica), and thereby find a reason and meaning for his survival and his family's death.
              At the same time he also wants to find out more about the man who ruined his life... though what he uncovers may end up being far more unsettling then he could ever believe.

              White Noise 2: The Light is nothing special but at the same time is certainly a lot more watchable than it's predecessor. There is no po faced seriousness about it at all, it is all very B-movie-ish. It does nothing new at all, borrowing very heavily from Final Destination for the skin of the plot, but does it well enough not to be totally awful like a lot of recent low grade horror/thrillers have been. In fact it is a lot of fun when it really shouldn't be.
              In many ways it is a shame that the only way they could get this made/released is by associating it with a previous, crap, film. I'm assuming that is the case as the film really has little connection to White Noise in anything but an almost throwaway scene.

              In fact White Noise 2: The Light is a film that may actually build up more of a following after release as people suddenly realise that it is actually a great Friday night movie. Oh of course it is never going to be a classic but I went to see this not expecting that much at all and came out of the cinema impressed and having enjoyed a good 90 minutes odd entertainment.

              A lot of this is to do with Fillion (the main reason I went to see it) he has a great B-movie style to him (could he become the new Bruce Campbell?), an ability to find himself in a ludicrous storyline but still manage to treat it with complete seriousness and a sense of humour at the same time. I have a lot of time for him and will certainly watch him in anything he is in. While the part of Abe isn't up to the quality of the sheriff in Slither Abe is a man you feel for. You feel his despair and then jump for joy with him as he finds a way out of his depression through the white light. Fillion is what makes this more than just an average movie. I have this feeling many an actor would have crossed over a line and taken the character to far into the comedy side.

              Katee Sackhoff is a real find though, she looks great (which helps!) but she also comes across as a real person. The chemistry between her and Fillion is a very big plus to the story. It makes you get more involved in it and accepting of the more supernatural sides to what is going on.

              As a final note there are a couple of really cute little touches that brought a grin to my face. First off there was the viewing of Frankenstein on TV, a nice correlation with the returning to life of Abe in the hospital and then there is the sight of a little girl in a red coat running around and hiding near the end. Nothing much to do with the story but it just has to be a nice little homage to the classic 'Don't Look Now'.

              If you have avoided this film because of its connection to White
              Noise think again, if you like b-movie style horror thrillers this is a thoroughly entertaining piece of film. Don't expect brilliance from it, just expected to be entertained by it just like you should be from this type of movie, something filmmakers seem to forget more often than not these days.


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