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Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (DVD)

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    30 Reviews
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      07.07.2010 20:01
      Very helpful



      Get your golden ticket and run to the factory!

      This was one of my favorite films from childhood and I used to watch it over and over again, non stop and I watched it so many times, I knew the whole script backwards and forwards! I even watched this ten years later, and it felt different watching it then than it did all those years ago! This film is based on one of Roald Dhal's best loved novels.

      Charlie Bucket is a young school boy who lives with his four grandparents and his mother. The family are very poor and have very little money. Until, one of Charlie's dreams come true. Five golden tickets have been hidden in Wonka bars. But this isn't in one country. This is all over the world with thousands of people wanting win one of those five tickets. Sadly, all five tickets have been found, Charlie is so upset that his dream had been shattered. Until the next day, the last ticket was a fake one. Charlie then has one wonka bar left in his hand, it is only a day until all five winners visit the factory. But will Charlie be a winner of the golden ticket? Is the real one? or is another fake one like the so-called last winner? Find out in this musical, fun, family friendly film.


      Willy Wonka : Gene Wilder
      Charlie Bucket : Peter Ostrum
      Grandpa Joe : Jack Albertson
      Roy Kinnear : Mr Salt
      Julie Dawn Cole : Veruca Salt
      Leonard Stone : Mr Beruguarde
      Denise Nickerson : Violet Beruguarde
      Nora Denney : Mrs Tevee
      Paris Themmen : Mike Tevee
      Ursula Reit : Mrs Gloop
      Michael Bollener : Augustus Gloop
      Aubrey Woods : Bill, the candy store owner
      Gunter Meisner : Mr Slugworth
      Peter Capell : The Tinker

      director : Mel Stuart
      certificate : U
      runtime : 1 hour and 50 minutes

      Personally, as this was my childhood favorite film growing up I would recommend to all children and families and watching it now, it feels strange as I have no longer got that childhood feeling anymore - I miss being a child, but life has to go on! five out of five stars!


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        31.03.2010 15:14
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun family film, as long as you shut your eyes during the scary bits!

        Before Jonny Depp weaved his magic in the amazing modern version of Roald Dahl's classic story, there was this- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the 1971 movie, starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, the eccentric and mysterious chocolate factory owner.I'm not going to make comparisons between the two films, because I love them both, and feel that both actors gave a unique take on the role. I am going to review this film, because I used to watch it all the time growing up, and now my kids enjoy watching it too.

        The story is about a young boy, Charlie, who lives with his mother and granparents in a tiny house. The family is very poor, and the mother works hard to look after everyone. The grandparents all sleep in a double bed facing each other, and are not much use at all. The family can't afford luxuries like chocolate. Then, one day, an announcement is made, that Willy Wonka, the owner of a mysterious chocolate factory, which no-one is allowed to enter, is opening his doors to five lucky winners who find a golden Ticket hidden in Wonka chocolate bars. This starts a worldwide frenzy, and soon, four of the tickets are found by the most onoxious kids imaginable; Verruca Salt, a real daddys girl who gets everything she wants, Mike Teevee, a brat who is addicted to TV, Augustus Gloop, a huge German boy who can't stop eating, and Violet Beauregarde, a brash American girl who loves to chew gum.

        Charlie feels like there is no hope until, one day, he finds a coin in the street and buys a Wonka bar. To his surprise, he finds the last Golden ticket, and he too can see what is inside the factory!

        Considering the age of the film, the visual effects are stunning, particularly the moment that the children enter the room where everything, including the trees and grass, are made of chocolate and sweets. This is surely every childs dream! I remember watching it and being completely captivated. When I went on a trip to Cadbury world, I was disappointed, becasue i was expecting something like this!

        I love it when, one by one all the naughty children come to a sticky end, especially bacause this always heralds the arrival of the Oompa Loompas, the real stars of the movie. they look really distinctive, with their orange faces and their green hair, and they always sing a song, with a moral at the end, when they take away the poor unfortunate children who have fallen foul of Wonka's inventions!

        For me, the first half of the film is quite slow and dull, contasting with the second half, when they actually go into the factory. In fact, I usually find it better to skip the first half! Apparently, the author of the original book, Roald Dahl, didn't like the film, and refused to sell the rights to his sequel book, as he has originally wanted comedian Spike Milligan to play the role of Wonka. To me, I can't quite imagine the film being the same if that had happened.

        Kids love this film,as it is quite dark and scary in parts. It even rated in Bravo TV's 100 scariest movie moments, due to a scene where a boat travels down a chocolate river,and goes into a dark tunnel with scary images, icluding a chicken being decapitated, and a millipede crawling across a man's mouth projected onto the walls. I always shut my eyes during that scene!

        This film is a cinema classic, which has ages well and still has wide appeal today. Gene Wilder makes a suitably eccentric Wonka, but the ral stars of the show are the Oompa loompas, and the fantastic child actors, most notably, the girl who played Verruca Salt, who sings "I WANT IT NOW!!!"


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          22.02.2010 12:52
          Very helpful



          Definite 10/10 =]

          Main Characters:

          Willy Wonka: Gene Wilder
          Charlie Bucket: Peter Ostrum
          Grandpa Joe: Jack Albertson
          Augustus Gloop: Michael Bollner
          Veruca Salt: Julie Dawn Cole
          Violet Beauregarde: Denise Nickerson
          Mike Teevee: Paris Themmen


          This tale shows us the story of a poor boy who wins the chance to visit a famous chocolate factory. He does this by finding a special golden ticket in Willy Wonka's chocolate; along with four other spoilt children. Along the way, the children get picked off one by one in the factory by some weird events, but can Charlie make it to the end of the tour and win the prize?

          My Opinion:

          Nothing can really beat original films, and even though the new 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' is a good film, this one is amazing. I never usually like older films, but this one makes an exception because it's such a classic.

          The fact that Charlie is so poor helps us to relate to him; and you feel like you really want him to win the prize at the end of the tour. Also, Willy Wonka seems to be quite arrogant and annoying at the beginning, but you soon warm to him as a character and really enjoy the film. The other characters are great; all spoilt and annoying little children which really make you want Charlie to win even more.

          The actors aren't exactly amazing, but they're watchable. Gene Wilder is definitely the star of the film with his quirky little movements and his reactions to everything. The children however don't seem to have had much training in acting, and you can see it; especially Peter Ostrum, because he seems to exaggerate things a bit too much.

          However, the storyline is great; quite a fantasy adventure in the factory where everything is new and exciting. I like the whole aspect of the children getting picked off by their greed and spoiltness; leaving the best one until the end. The way they all get picked off is amazing; simply because they're so different from other films.

          I fully recommend this film to everyone; it's a great classic which I feel everyone would enjoy. It really brings out the child in you, especially when the Oompa Loompas sing and you find yourself singing along. If you've seen it before, you should watch it again, because it is really a great film which deserves 10/10.


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            10.02.2010 10:54
            Very helpful



            Overall, a great family film and probably better than the modern version just

            I'm sure most of us have heard or seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory and more recently the modern version Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. Well, this movie, released in 1971 and starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is the original and perhaps in some ways the better version. I enjoyed this one alot when I first saw it and watched it again there recently.

            Willy Wonka has five golden tickets hidden in his candy bars and for those lucky enough to find them, they will get a tour of his mysterious factory and see behind the scenes of how everything is made. In addition they will each receive a lifetime supply of sweets. The factory itself is wonderous inside with a river of chocolate running through it's core. The one thing the winners must obey is Willy Wonka's rules and regulations.

            And so five children who differ wildly win the five golden tickets including Charlie Bucket who is the main child in it. The aim is to find the most honest child whose reward will be to one day inherit the entire factory and take it forward.

            The movie is very entertaining and unlike the modern version the Oompa Loompas are all different actors....Gene Wilder I found to be very eccentric and gives a good and over the top performance which is befitting of Willy Wonka himself. The movie is full of strange creatures, and spectacular sets. Plus, the lively songs that are mixed into the dialogue to break things up add to the interest and entertinment value.

            This is a movie that will entertain younger children in particular and if you're read the book and seen the other version with Johnny Depp then you must go back and watch the original to see the differences in the way the same story is told.


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            02.01.2010 20:23
            Very helpful



            Brilliant film

            I think most people have probably seen this film, as have I, probably over 50 times now since childhood but when it was showing on TV yesterday I just had to watch it! It brings me happy memories of childhood as I remember me and my Nan often used to watch it on video! The film is of course based on the classic childrens book Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. Because I saw it on TV this is a film only review.

            The film opens by introducing us to Charlie Bucket, a young boy of about 11. He seems happy in his life but it soon becomes apparent that his family are very poor and hardly have enough money to eat. He is an only child and lives with his mother, father and both sets of grandparents who share one double bed in the main living area.

            Charlie idolises his Grandpa Joe and loves to hear his stories. He does not resent his family for having no money but instead cherishes them and even gets a paper round to help pay his way. One day at school, Charlie is sitting in a maths lesson when a girl runs in telling the teacher that Willy Wonka, the famous chocolatier who shut his factory for no reason and told all his workers to go home yet still produced chocolate bars was opening his factory again just for 5 lucky visitors. These visitors can visit the factory only by finding a golden ticket in any of Wonka's chocolate bars. Naturally, the children and the teacher are very excited yet Charlie isn't. He knows he has no chance of finding a ticket because he rarely gets to eat chocolate as his family cannot afford it. He goes home rather down and his family feel terrible that Charlie doesn't stand a chance.

            Weeks pass and the country is going absolutely crazy for Wonka bars. Over the weeks, Charlie see's on TV those who have been lucky enough to find a ticket. None of them seem like children who really deserve the prize which is upsetting for Charlies family who would love him to find a golden ticket but know that he stands no chance. The final ticket is found and Charlie is clearly disappointed. However, to soften the blow he finds a coin in the gutter. He tells himself he will buy a Wonka bar and give the rest to his Mother. He buys the bar and enjoys it immensely. He is about to walk out of the shop when he decides to spend the remaining money on another bar for his Grandpa Joe. However, he succombes to the chocolate and tears open the wrapper. He cannot believe his eyes, there is a golden ticket! The last ticket to be found was a fake and this one is the final ticket. He runs all the way home and is very excited to be visiting the factory.

            I'm sure everybody has seen this film, but for those who haven't it is really worth a watch. Those who have seen it, watch it again! It is such a heart warming story and is perfect for watching with the family.

            You find yourself relating to Charlie from the off and really understanding him and backing him. He is a lovely boy and is played very well. He is very caring and loves his family, there is nobody who deserves to win a ticket more than he does.

            The film was made over 35 years ago so as you can imagine, it is a little dated. However, I think this adds to the magic of it. I imagine that at the time, the set of this film was very impressive. Colour is used throughout to highlight the mood and tone. For example, Charlies house is very dark and grey but the factory is brightly lit and brightly coloured, with a great deal of colours in every room.

            The factory is my favourite part of the film. Everything in it is so impressive and exciting. I remember watching it as a child and thinking how amazing everything looked. Even now, when I have seen the film so many times I still find new things to spot and also things which are impressive. The different rooms in the factory represent different places in the film which helps divide the story up, especially for children watching it. It also helps represent how the party of visitors have moved on.

            The film is very entertaining and I find that the plot moves along really well and very smoothly. This is key as the film is targeted at children so therefore they are much less likely to get bored. There is also plenty going on at all points in the film so never a dull moment. It is humorous, aiding the light natured tone of the film.

            The acting in this film is of a very good standard and there are no complaints. I must quickly mention the Oompa Lumpas which are absolutely fabulous and although todays special effects and graphics put them to shame I think they are very entertaining and really do make the film what it is.

            There are of course a few alterations to the book, however I think it is very good and sticks to the story well. Roald Dahl wrote the screenplay for the film aswell as writing the book so I am happy in knowing that he tried to keep his story consistent throughout.

            *Additional Information*
            The film was released in 1971.
            It was directed by Mel Stuart.
            The book it was based on and the screenplay of the film were both written by Roald Dahl.
            The film stars Gene Wilder, Jack Albertson and Peter Ostrum.
            The film runs for 100 minutes.
            It is rated a U.
            The DVD is widely available for under £5.

            I love this film and can only give it full marks. It is suitable for all and I think all will enjoy watching it. It will stir childhood memories for some and it is a brilliant film which in my opinion was extremely good for its time.


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              26.10.2009 11:40
              Very helpful




              The Roald Dahl classic "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" has now found itself on the big screen twice. Once, more recently, with a weird and wonderful performance from Tim Burton's love-child Johnny Depp. Whilst this classic musical is by no means as strange as Depp's vehicle, it certainly has moments of utter barminess.

              Charlie lives in a one bedroom semi-detached with half a dozen adults, and dreams about finding one of five golden tickets that will allow him entry into the infamous chocolate factory owned by the reclusive Willy Wonka. When he discovers the last golden ticket, which was believed to be found by another child elsewhere, he decides to take his old grandpa in with him. The snag to that is that the old fella hasn't been out of bed in years.

              However, they overcome the obstacles and make their way to the factory on the day of opening and join the oddmark children who have won the other four tickets. Veruca Salt, Mike Teevee, Violet Beauregarde and Augustus Gloop are as disgusting a group of children you will ever meet, and in turn are subjected to some sticky treatment during their greedy tour of the factory. Charlie, though, is sweet and considerate. Therefore, he will be the triumphant one, although quite what the final prize is isn't revealed til the last scene.

              This is a delightfully colourful film that deviates from the book by adding a somewhat patchy musical score. Some of it takes some patience to get through, although with the wonderfully nutty Oompa Loompa delivered by the titular Oompa Loompa's in a scene so over the top and jaw dropping, you cant help be amazed by it.

              Peter Ostrum takes on the lead role, although the film replaces the lead character in its title with the creepy Willy Wonka. Ostrum is a wide eyed likeable kid who is able to get to those expressions of amazement, therefore relaying the dream to the audience. It is Gene Wilder though who is a source of constant entertainment. His turn as Wonka is far more engaging that Johnny Depp's oddball performance. The rest of the kids are amusing, as they fit into parts that deliberately have them thoroughly ghastly, and allowing us to enjoy some murky fates for them.

              Along with a likeable cast, and some entertaining sing-a-long's, the set is an absolute hoot. Enjoy the ride through the chocolate tunnel as well as the trips through various rooms, although the film itself tries to present Dahl's moral message but fails. The nice guys dont always come out on top, and the nasty guys dont always fall through a hatch to be pecked to bits by a group of chocolate egg hatching birds.

              For all its shortcomings, I have always hugely enjoyed this film, and spent many a sunday afternoon humming along with my brothers and sisters. The problem is that it sags desperately in places and you cant wait for the money shots to come back round again. It also too quick to put its characters in a box, rather than allowing them to be more rounded. How can Charlie be the only nice kid to win a ticket?

              The film is available on DVD and HD DVD. The cast were re-united for an amusing documentary about the making of the film, as well as a commentary on the alternative audio of the film. There is also a blue-ray DVD released last week which will allow you to enjoy the film all over again.


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                13.10.2009 15:13
                Very helpful



                5 stars from me - A classic childrens film!

                This was always one of my favourite films as a child, I used to watch it over and over again which I am sure annoyed my parents. This review is of the film.

                The plot is as follows...

                Charlie Bucket is very poor and lives with his mother and all four of his grandparents in a very small house. At the start of the film it is learnt that the elusive chocolate maker, Mr Willy Wonka has hidden five Golden Tickets in his Wonka chocolate bars. The lucky winners will be given a tour of the world famous factory and even better a life time's supply of chocolate!

                Instantly Charlie wishes to win but with his situation in life he is unable to afford to buy chocolate in large quantities. Soon the television reports that four of the tickets have been found. The people who found them are Augustus Gloop, a greedy boy from Germany. Then there is Veruca Salt, who is an extremely spoilt girl from Britain. Violet Beauregarde, a girl from America who is constantly chewing gum and finally Mike Teevee, also from America, he is completely obsessed with television and watches it constantly. At each news report a sinister looking man is seen by the viewer whispering into the children's ears. Charlie still hopes to find the last ticket until it is announced by the media that it has been found by a millionaire.

                The next day Charlie is walking along and spots a silver coin in the gutter, he decides to use it to buy a Wonka bar. Just outside news is breaking that the last ticket has not been found, it was a fake. Charlie tears into the bar and there looking back at him is the last Golden Ticket, he races home to tell his family the great news. However he is stopped in his tracks just before reaching home by the same man that has been seen whispering to the other winners. He introduces himself as Arthur Slugworth who is in direct competition with Willy Wonka, he asks Charlie to get a sample of the Everlasting Gobstopper which is a new product made by Willy Wonka.

                After listening he runs home as he cannot wait to let his family know his news, Charlie's over excited Grandpa Joe leaves his bed so he can accompany Charlie to the factory. The next day arrives and Willy Wonka appears at the gates and leads the children, their parents and Grandpa Joe inside.

                The children can't wait to get inside and see what the factory holds and are instantly intrigued when they see the Oompa-Loompas. Things however don't go to plan and not all of them will finish the tour. The other question is will Slugworth get his hands on a sample of the Everlasting Gobstopper.

                Well I have to stop now as I don't want to ruin the ending, the film flows well and the characters are equally good. The ones that stand out for me are Willy Wonka and Mr Salt. Willy Wonka is I would have to say a little unhinged but it works as who wouldn't be locked away in a factory by themselves.

                Charlie is very watchable as at the start you hope that he will find a Golden Ticket, he deserves this more than any of the other children.

                At times the film can be quite dark, with a few moments that may scare little children, the tunnel scene especially. The film however has many funny scenes particular the ones with Mr Salt the father of Veruca. This character is played by Roy Kinnear. He is very comical as he tries to give his daughter whatever she wants whether she needs it or not.

                Temptation is a theme throughout and therefore it makes the film into a strong moral tale this is especially shown with the songs the Oompa-Loompas sing. While the songs are fun for children they do have a moral side to them.

                For a fun film that can be watched time and time again, you have to see Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.


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                14.08.2009 14:02
                Very helpful



                A film for all the family to watch!

                I have just been watching the children's classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my two daughters and we have all really enjoyed it. I had seen it years ago but had forgotten just waht a good film it is, and watching it as an adult has been just enjoyable.

                The film was made in 1971 and is based on the wonderful book by Roald Dahl. It tells the story of Charlie Buckett, a small boy who lives in almost penniless conditions in a rundown cottage with his mother and his four bedridden grandparents. He is a very uncomplaining boy and all of his family wish they could provide more for him.

                One day, everybody all over the world becomes very excited when Willy Wonka, who runs a big chocolate factory announces that he has placed five golden tickets in chocolate bars. The recipients of these tickets will win all the chocolate that can eat for life and also a visit to the chocolate factory. This send the whole world into an excited frenzy with many people buying chocolate bars by the hundreds! Charlie would love to win a golden ticket but sadly there is no money for buying loads of chocolate bars.

                This is not the case for Veruca Salt who's father has all of his factory workers opening chocolate bar wrappers for a whole week until a ticket is found. Mike Teevee, Violet Beaurogarde and Augustus Gloop are also in the lucky position of being able to buy loads of chocolate until they also possess the golden tickets. None of these children present particularly pleasant characteristic with Augustus always stuffing food in his face, Mike watching TV, Violet forever chewing gum and Verucca demanding that she wants everything in sight. They don't seem very worthy winners and you can't help feeling that Charlie would have been a more deserving winner.

                After the fifth winner is announced it seems that all hope is lost for Charlie until it turns out that the final ticket was a fake. By lucky chance, the same day Charlie finds a coin on the roadside and buys some chocolate for himself and his Grandpa Joe. Guess what? He finds the final ticket!

                The film moves forward to the day of the factory visit. Charlie is accompanied by Grandpa Joe and the other four winners are accompanied by their equally unpleasant parents. The factory is amazing and Charlie is quite in awe of everything. However, the other children seem intent on displaying their unpleasant traits which causes them, one by one, to get into trouble and be transported away. For example Violet eats a sweet she was told not to and ends up blowing up and changing colour to resemble a huge blueberry. Every time this happens, Willy Wonka's helpers, the Oompa Loompas, are called upon to take the child and their parent away, singing as they do. Finally it is only Charlie and his Grandpa left and to his great surprise, he discovers that he has won much more than he ever dreamed of!

                This is a wonderful film that grabbed my daughters' attention from the very start and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy every minute. It's a wonderful story and lovely to see the good child reap rewards at the end. It's very much amoral tale too showing that children who misbehave end up not being rewarded. I was very pleased to note that my daughters recognised this message and agreed that most of the children were very undeserving of their prize!

                The cast is excellent although sadly many of the actors are no longer alive including the wonderful Roy Kinnear who plays Mr Salt. Jack Albertson, who died in 1981, also put in a wonderfully moving performance as Grandpa Joe. Gene Wilder makes an excellent Willy Wonka and young Charlie is played by an actor called Peter Oustram, who according to imdb did not make any other films which seems to be a real shame.

                It's a very lively film on the whole with the action being interspersed with lots of lively songs. My daughters love these songs and having heard them a couple of times, are now to be found singing them all around the house. Visually, it's great too, especially when you get to view the factory and the many zany machines and inventions.

                Overall this is a wonderful family film. There are some films that my daughters love to watch that I can't stand, but I could happily sit and watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with them many times!

                There are no DVD extras to mention. The DVD is currently available on Amazon for £2.97 and has a U classification.


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                  19.05.2009 17:19
                  Very helpful



                  A good cult film well worth a watch

                  Last week whilst I was doing my grocery shopping on the internet, I could feel a poking in my back and a little voice saying Mama. Holly had been looking through our DVD collection and had decided she had wanted to watch one. To my amazement she had picked out one of my favourite films of all time. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

                  This original version of the film was made in 1971 and starred Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. I was 5 when this film was made and can't ever remember seeing it at the cinema, so I would have first seen it on the television. It is loosely based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, that was first published in 1964. It is rumoured that Roald Dahl hated the film with a passion because it bears little resemblance to the book. Having read the book as well I tend to agree. According to Wikipedia the film was a flop at the cinema but has since been hailed as a cult classic and has attracted a world wide audience.

                  A second version of the film was made in 2005 by director Tim Burton and starred Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka and this was called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This version is more like the book.

                  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

                  Willy Wonka owns the largest Chocolate Factory in the world but nobody seems to work for him. He has decided that it is about time he opens the factory to the public so offers the chance of five children and their parents a visit and win a life time supply of chocolate bars. However to be successful in receiving this offer the children have to find one of five golden tickets that are hidden in his chocolate bars. This is a rouse for Willy Wonka, who now feels he has become to old to continue with the factory and having no children of his own wants a decent, caring and loving child to take over his position.

                  The Main Characters

                  Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder

                  A rather eccentric person.

                  Charlie Bucket. - Peter Ostrum

                  Charlie is poor and lives in a small shack in the same town as Willy Wonka. He lives with his mother, Mrs Bucket, Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine, and Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina. The shack is so small that all the Grandparents have to share one bed. Charlie has a paper round to help out and with his first wage treats his family to a loaf of bread and an ounce of tobacco for grandpa Joe played by Jack Albertson.

                  Augustus Gloop

                  A rather Greedy German boy (played by Michael Bollner) who's family seem to enjoy their food.

                  Veruca Salt.

                  A Spoilt British Daddies girl (played by Julie Dawn Cole) who gets everything she wants. Her parents just don't know how to say no. Her doting father was played by Roy Kinnear.

                  Violet Beauregarde.

                  An American girl (played by Denise Nickerson) who gets everything she wants but has some very bad habits.

                  Mike Teevee

                  Another American boy (played by Paris Themmen) who spends his time in front of the television.

                  The Oompaloompas

                  Little orange coloured people who were rescued from Loompaland by Willy Wonka. Their favourite food is the Cocoa Bean, making them ideal people to live with Willy Wonka in his factory. They love singing while they work.

                  The film

                  The film follows the five children and their parents from them finding the golden ticket through to their day at the factory. It highlights the many faults of the children but how many of the children will survive unscathed and which child will be victorious in winning the valued prize of a lifetimes supply of chocolate and unbeknown to the children who will Willy Wonka choose to take over his factory and care for the Oompaloompas. So has Willy Wonka done the right thing, his main competitor Mr Slugworth is also trying to gain access to Willy Wonka's secrets and sets about trying to get the children to steal secrets from Willy Wonka, so will Slugworth succeed and ruin Mr Wonka's business.

                  All the way through the film are songs, although I wouldn't call the film a musical. Once inside the factory most of the songs are sung by the Oompaloopas about the children and their faults.

                  The film is filmed in the Techni-colour but the first half of the film, set in standard streets and Charlie Buckets house is rather dull colours and when you enter into the world of the chocolate factory it has some of the most amazing bright colours in it. This is probably what appealed to Holly when she picked the film out, as the cover of the DVD is very colourful.

                  My opinion.

                  I love this film but I have absolutely no idea why, in fact I can't even remember when I first saw the film, more than likely one Christmas. I can watch it over and over again and sing along with all the songs, (really must get a life). I was shocked when I found out this was not a box office hit but then again the only the film doesn't really boast many major stars, the only two are Gene Wilder and then it was only his 5th film so he may not have been that well known and Jack Albertson, who played Grandpa Joe and although he had made a lot of films prior to this, none of them were very well known and he was coming to the end of his career. Even Charlie Bucket, played by Peter Ostrum only made that one film.

                  The running time for this film is 96 minutes and is certified Universal - suitable for all. There are no extras on the DVD but the special features are scene access and subtitles.

                  You can buy this DVD from Amazon for £3.98

                  "My candle burns at both ends,
                  It will not last the night,
                  But ah my foes and oh my friends,
                  It gives a lovely light."

                  Roald Dahl's favourite motto.

                  Thank you so much for reading. Anna

                  This review can be found on another review site published by myself.


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                    04.05.2009 22:10
                    Very helpful



                    A fun family film


                    I subscribe to a collection of musicals and every month I receive two musicals, I have over 60 of them now and I am slowly going through them. I say slowly because I don't watch the next film until I have reviewed the one I have just watched, at the moment I have one review typed up, one waiting to be typed and this one I am writing now. Eventually I will get around to posting them as a review, maybe before I get round to watching the next movie in my collection.

                    This review is about the original musical adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's' novel of the same name. It all came about when the director Mel Stuart's daughter showed her daddy the book and said it would make a great film, Stuart took the book to a friend and a producer David Wolper and together they agreed with his daughter and the idea was born. Shortly after Quaker Oats were planning a new chocolate bar; they liased with Quaker and managed to buy the rights to call this new bar a 'Wonka Bar' so they could use the film to advertise the bar of chocolate and vice versa.
                    Funnily enough didn't the new version with Johnny Depp do the same thing; unlike this version, the original Wonka Bar never got to see the light of day as they discovered it melted too easily.

                    Finding the cast they traveled far and wide with screen tests being done in New York, London and Munich. For the part of Willy Wonka the author Dahl wanted to use Spike Millighan, but this idea was squashed as the Americans vetoed him. Other names went into the hat including Ron Moody (remember him he played Fagan in Oliver) but he declined the part, then in walked Gene Wilder and Mel Stuart had found the man for the part.

                    After searching the globe to find a suitable location to film on and build the chocolate factory they settled on Bavaria film studios in Munich and used a local gas works for the outside pictures of the famous Wonka factory.

                    ~~The film~~

                    The film is all about Charlie a poverty-stricken young boy who dreams of winning the Golden Ticket to get a life time supply of chocolate. Also we have Willy Wonka who is looking for a child with integrity and honesty.

                    As the credits start rolling we see close-ups of chocolate being manufactured and then move onto the school children running into the local sweetshop after school to buy chocolate, this also leads us into the first song of the show.

                    The cameras then move on and introduce us to Charlie Buckett as he does his paper round to bring in some extra money to help his family; both sets of grandparents are bedridden and share a bed in the front room. Charlie's mother struggles to make ends meet and feed the family as they drink cabbage water again.

                    Charlie and his grandpa sit on the bed talking about the Wonka factory and he tells Charlie how Mr. Wonka closed the doors to all the public after his competitor Arthur Slugworth tried to steal his secrets. The next day it comes on the news that Mr. Wonka is offering a tour of his factory and free Wonka Chocolate for life to 5 lucky winners that find the golden tickets.

                    The world goes crazy as 'Wonkamania' spreads across the globe, one by one the golden tickets are found by very spoil and self centered children. At each celebration a scary man with a scar on his face is seen whispering in the winner's ear. There are two outstanding tickets left and Charlie really wants to win as he tells his mother that he wants it more than anyone, this leads us into another song.

                    Grandpa Joe has even spent his tobacco money on buying Charlie a bar of Wonka chocolate, but sadly it is not the winning ticket. Finally it is announced on the TV that the final golden ticket has been found and poor Charlie is devastated. Whilst he is walking he sees a coin in the street and decides to buy a Wonka Bar anyway, you can imagine his excitement and jubilation when he opens it and discovers the golden ticket and it is this ticket which is actually the last golden ticket as the previous announcement was about a phony ticket.

                    On his way home to share his good news with his family Charlie is approached by the evil looking Slugworth who offers Charlie #10,000 to get him a sample of the everlasting gobstopper, but Charlie refuses and runs home to share his exciting news.

                    The film goes on as the five winning children each with a guardian or parent meet at the gates of the Wonka factory ready for their grand tour. The rather eccentric and flamboyant Willy Wonka limps down to meet the children and then suddenly jumps into a somersault which takes them all by surprise.

                    As he takes them around the factory with its amazing colours and imagery; there are temptations put before them as a test to see who succumbs. We get to see edible flowers; we travel in a river of chocolate and also get to meet the Ooma-Loompas. It sounds exciting, but it is also quite scary as something happens to each one of the children that gives in to their own greed. Sorry you will have to watch the film to get more details.


                    Unlike a lot of musicals, this one only has six songs and to be honest the odd song you have to struggle to remember.

                    The film started with The Candy Man song, which was performed by the shopkeeper in the street shop, to be honest although looking back at the film I found it to be an uplifting cheery song with loads of children grabbing sweeties, I had forgot about until I looked up the list of songs.

                    A little while later just after Charlie has been telling his mom how he deserves to win the golden ticket; his mom sings a ballad called Cheer Up Charlie as we watch Charlie walking home with a sad face of weary determination.

                    You can't help but love the next song in the show as Grandpa Jo and Charlie Dance around the room celebrating Charlie having the winning ticket (I've got a) Golden Ticket is the title of this one.

                    You may remember me saying earlier something about edible flowers, well this area not only had them but also candy trees, candy toad stools and daffodil teacup, and this is where Willy Wonka takes us into song with Pure Imagination.

                    As we move along through the adventurous chocolate factory we meet the oompa-loompa's, who are little people with red faces and green hair that sing the oompa -loompa song on and off throughout the tour, but will people realize that they are warning you not to be greedy.

                    Finally the final song is done by one of the spoilt brats, and it is called I want it now; so yes you can imagine what it is about a spoilt child having a tantrum to get their own way.

                    So as you can see I think the only song that will really stick in your mind at the end of the movie will be the Oompa-loompa song that's because it's catchy, it's repeated and its song by those little red faced oompa-loompa's with green hair.

                    Music and lyrics were by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newly.


                    Willy Wonka - played by Gene Wilder, I agree whole heartedly with the choice of the director with Wider as he has a natural zany or mad look that fits the part well. His eyes always got me in this film, how they seem to stare at you and look right inside you. When I was a child I thought he was very scary, now as an adult I see how good as actor he was for this part.

                    Grandpa Joe - was played by Jack Albertson, he is like a father figure to Charlie, and boosts him up by saying that he believes that Charlie will win the golden ticket. He goes with Charlie to visit the factory.

                    Charlie Buckett - came from a very poor home and he never gave up hope of winning that golden ticket. He is played by Peter Ostrum who was playing in the children's branch of the Cleveland Playhouse in Ohio, he left acting after appearing in this and today he is a vet.

                    Veruca Salt - played by a young Julie Dawn Cole who is one of the spoiled children that won a ticket. She is the only one out of the five children involved as the main characters that are still acting, with her most recent part being Barbara Hope in Emmerdale.

                    Violet Beauregarde - the gum chewing spoiled child played by Denise Nickerson.

                    Mike Teevee - Paris Themmen plays the spoiled television addict that loves westerns.

                    Augustus Gloop - the final one is played by Michael Bolner who came from Germany.

                    Further to the main cast we also had:-

                    Roy Kinnear as Mr. Henry Salt, Veruca's father

                    Leonard Stone as Mr. Sam Beauregarde, Violet's father

                    Dodo Denney as Mrs. Teevee Mike's mom

                    Ursula Reit as Mrs. Gloop Augustus's mother

                    Diana Sowie as Charlie's mom Mrs. Buckett

                    Audrey Woods as Bill the Candy Store owner

                    Gunter Meisner played the evil looking Arthur Slugworth

                    I also noted Tim Brook-Taylor making an appearance ( do you remember him from the Goodies, the madcap comedy show in the 70's).


                    Gene Wilder was born 11.06.33 and named Jerome Silberman, when he was 8 yrs old after his mother had suffered a heart attack her doctor told him never to make her angry as it would kill her, but to make her laugh instead. These strong words obviously had a big impact on Wilder to make him into the zany comic actor he became.

                    At 16 he changed his last name to Wilder after the playwright Thornton Wilder, then later added Gene which was his mothers name.

                    The film opened at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York on 30th June 1971. At the premier Gene Wilder served ice-cream from a Wonkamobile.

                    Although it had only a modest success at the time of its release, it grew in popularity a few years later with its video release; it was then released in1996 in 50 cities and its popularity has continued growing.


                    Sadly there were no extras on my copy

                    Scene selections - as usual you just click on the picture of the scene you want to see again.

                    It comes in 3 languages English, French and Dutch.

                    There are 12 choices in sub-titles.


                    I would recommend this to be viewed, especially by children as it shows them in a very bizarre way the difference between right and wrong and how things can go very wrong if you are selfish and greedy.

                    It is amazing how you look at films in a totally different perspective the older you get.

                    Happy viewing

                    Thanks for reading

                    Lyn x


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                      01.03.2009 16:10
                      Very helpful



                      get your golden ticket and see this fantastic film

                      This is the original film before the Johnny Depp Edition starring the magical Gene Wilda as Willy Wonka made in 1971.

                      The film is based on the Roald Dahl book Charlie and the chocolate factory and focuses on the poverty faced by Charlie and winning the golden ticket to Willy Wonkas factory. Charlie meets 4 other children who are all spoilt in different ways during his visit to Willy Wonkas factory. The Ompalumpas are brilliant and I love the different songs throughout the film. It has a positive message to send to children but at times can be a little scary especially the boat ride down the chocolate river!

                      I simply adore this film and made sure I bought it on DVD to add to my collection. I love the music at the start of the film it is so nostalgic and sweet. It is film I watched loads when I was little and every time I see it brings back happy memories. I have the updated film iwith Johny Depp in my collection too but prefer this one to it. It is such a magical film and is a must watch for the family.


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                        02.02.2009 14:38
                        Very helpful
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                        Amazing film that has stood the test of time.

                        This is the original Willy Wonka film, released in 1971 by Warner Bros, and starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

                        The film is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl, and follows the adventures of Charlie, a really sweet underpriviledged boy, who finds a Golden Ticket in a chocolate Wonkabar and gets to visit the famous and very secretive Willy Wonka, and tour his factory. Once there, Charlie and his Grandfather Joe, and four other children and their parents encounter the fantastic Oompa Loompas, and have experiences quite literally beyond their wildest dreams. It would be spoiling the film if you haven't seen it to reveal the outcome here - suffice to say the naughtier children do not end up enjoying their tour of the factory as much as they thought they would!

                        The storyline and characters are as crazy and outlandish as you might expect from a Roald Dahl creation - credit must go to the films set production crew and artists, the props are utterly amazing, with the chocolate river scene setting the standard for the rest of the tour of the factory.

                        The film is beautifully acted by both the adult and child cast alike, with special mention having to go to Julie Dawn Cole - who played Veruca Salt - who absolutely makes you believe that she is the most selfish child in the world. Out of all the child actors, apparently she was the only one to continue acting - Peter Ostrum who played Charlie later became a vet.

                        Really, the only quibble I have with this film is the rating. It is rated as a U, and therefore considered to be suitable for all. However, there are dark undertones in the film, with some slightly unhappy (but deserved!) outcomes for some of the children. In addition, in the riverboat scene there are some fairly disturbing visuals in the background, possibly the most disturbing being the chicken having it's head chopped off.

                        However, dark undertones aside, I think this is an amazing film, which has stood the test of time, and is certainly worth watching if you have not yet seen it.


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                          13.12.2008 23:17



                          A great film for everyone.

                          This is a fantastic adaption of Dahl's novel. It is great entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

                          In the film, five kids receive golden tickets to go into a chocolate factory. The other kids are silly but Charlie proves himself and receives a great prize. However, the factory has some great surprizes and the plot twists will keep everyone watching. The songs are also good to watch and don't overpower the film.

                          The cast does a great job and fit into their roles very well. The script is entertaining and the directing is very good. The story is easy to understand so everyone will be able to watch. The film can be watched over and over again before it gets boring.

                          The message of the film is worth learning and doesn't overpower the rest. The picture and sound quality is very good. The film has a great and entertaining soundtrack. The extras aee very good and worth watching. Included are some behind the scenes footage and commentaries. The story is told very well and the characters are strong.

                          In short, this is an entertaining film for everyone to enjoy. The cast is great and the adaption from the book is very good.


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                          28.10.2008 11:45
                          Very helpful



                          Chocolate rivers and edible flowers, lickable wall-paper and you can even eat the grass!!

                          This Story is based on the book by Roald Dahl and was directed by Mel Stuart, who has been nominated for Oscars and Emmy awards.
                          This film was first released on the 30th June 1971 (USA).

                          In 1972 it was nominated an Oscar for Best Music, Scoring Adaption and Original Song Score (Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, Walter Schaarf.)

                          In 1972 it also received a Golden Globe award for Best motion picture Actor - Musical/Comedy (Gene Wilder).

                          This film is rated a U.

                          Willy Wonka (played by Gene Wilder), has the most famous chocolate and sweet factory and for years children and adults have always wondered what goes on in this amazing place.

                          Wonka decides one day he will give 5 lucky people the chance to win their ultimate dream and will be shown around the amazing factory where they make famous chocolate bars and other treats.

                          Wonka hides 5 lucky golden tickets in 5 chocolate bars and who-ever gets a ticket will get their chance to go into the factory.

                          The tour stars with lickable wall-paper and a fantasy land of edible grass, flowers and a chocolate river, however the grand tour doesn't go to plan and the 5 children end up getting greedy and start to run amuck, leaving Charlie and Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka on their own.

                          ***SPECIAL EFFECTS***
                          This film use's a lot of special effects when the children are taken round the chocolate factory for a tour. Although this film was released in 1971, I think the special effects look brilliant.


                          Willy Wonka - Gene Wilder, also appeared in 'Blazing Saddles', 'Silver Streak', 'Hanky Panky' and more. Also nominated for 2 Oscars and 2 Golden Globe Awards

                          Grandpa Joe - Jack Albertson, also appeared in 'Chico and the Man' and 'The Subject was Roses'. Has also won, 1 Oscar and was Nominated for 3 Emmy Awards.

                          Charlie Bucket - Peter Ostrum, appeared only in this film and became a veterinarian.
                          Mr. Henry Salt - Roy Kinnear, appeared in 'That Was The Week That Was' and 'The Return Of The Musketeers'.

                          Veruca Salt - Julie Dawn Cole, only appeared in this one film. (And went to school with my mum!!!)

                          Mr. Sam Beauregarde - Leonard Stone, was nominated for Broadways 1959 Tony Award as Best Supporting or featured Actor for (musical_ 'Redhead'.

                          Violet Beauregarde - Denise Nickerson, appeared in this film and one other which was 'The Electric Company'.

                          Mrs. Tevee - Nora Denny, also appeared in 'The Witching Hour'.

                          Mike Tevee - Paris Themmen, has also appeared in musicals on Broadway.

                          Mrs. Gloop - Ursula Reit, (No information)

                          Augustus Gloop - Michael Bollner, (No information)

                          Mrs Bucket - Diana Sowle, (No information)

                          Bill (Candy store owner) - Aubrey Woods, appeared in the West End Productions of 'Oliver', 'Men without Shadows' and more.

                          Mr Turkentine - David Battley, (no information)

                          Mr Slugworth - Gunter Meisner, (no information)

                          The Tinker - Peter Capell, (no information)

                          Mr Jopeck (Newspaper stand owner) - Werner Heyking, (no information)

                          Winkelmann - Peter Stuart, (no information)

                          ***UNCREDITED CAST***

                          Grandma Georgia - Dora Altmann
                          Oompa Loompa - Rudy Borgstaller
                          Oompa Loompa - George Claydon
                          Oompa Loompa - Malcolm Dixon
                          Oompa Loompa - Rusty Goffe
                          Oompa Loompa - Norman McGlen
                          Oompa Loompa - Angelo Muscat
                          Henrietta Salt - Pat Coombs
                          Auctioneer - Frank Delfino
                          Grandma Josephine - Franziska Liebing
                          Mrs Curtis - Gloria Manon
                          FBI Agent - Ed Peck
                          Grandpa George - Ernst Zielger

                          ***DVD SPECIAL FEATURES***
                          Interactive menus
                          Scene Access
                          Languages in Dolby Digital 5:1: English/in Dolby Surround: French/Dutch
                          Subtitles: English/ French/ Italian/ Dutch/ Arabic/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ German/ Romanian/ Bulgarian.
                          Access Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory's special features by pressing MENU key on your DVD player remote control. Press the MENU key again to return to the movie

                          ***AVALIABLE FOR PURCHASE***
                          This DVD with special features is available from HMV for £4.99. You can also find this in Woolworths and other good supermarkets and DVD/music stores.

                          ***OVERALL OPNION***
                          I read the book by Roald Dahl before I saw this film, many of you have probably done the same. This film is definitely suitable for all, and is a fantasy and comedy film. As a child I loved watching this film and finding out all the secret things which went on inside the factory. It's a fantastic fantasy film with great characters and a superb story-line, with great special effects and scenes.

                          You get to meet all the children who win the golden tickets and learn about the girl who's spoilt and gets everything she wants. The girl who loves gum and is constantly chewing on it. Meet a boy who does nothing but watch tv all day and all night and meet Charlie and all about his family and life.

                          This film has been re-made with johnny depp playing willy wonka. I haven't yet seen this version, so I can't say which one I prefer.


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                            18.10.2008 20:51
                            Very helpful



                            Fun for all the family

                            Iconic Childrens film, released in 1971. This is one of those films that stay with you forever. I remember watching it over and over again when I was little and I still do it now even though I can now recite it word perfect! Unlike the 2005 remake of this film, this version centres on Charlie and his family rather than Willy Wonka. More of a musical than the remake, this allows the audience to truly engage in the film.

                            We follow the story of Charlie Bucket. His family is very poor and lives in a very small run down house. He is bewitched by the Wonka factory which he passes every day. He is ecstatic when Willy Wonaka announces that he will be inviting 5 children into his factory. His happiness deflates when he hears that their will be 5 Golden Tickets inside Wonka bars - his family is so poor thay cannot afford food, never mind chocolate.

                            After 4 of the tickets have been found, he finds some money in the snow. Unable to resist, he goes straight to the shop and buys a Wonka bar. Lo and behold, he's a winner!

                            He goes into the factory with the rest of the winners and sees allsorts of wonderful things, including a chocolate river, golden geese and singing Oompa Lumpas!

                            A fantastic film, ideal for children and big children!


                            Gene Wilder ... Willy Wonka
                            Jack Albertson ... Grandpa Joe
                            Peter Ostrum ... Charlie Bucket
                            Roy Kinnear ... Henry Salt
                            Julie Dawn Cole ... Veruca Salt
                            Leonard Stone ... Sam Beauregarde
                            Denise Nickerson ... Violet Beauregarde
                            Nora Denney ... Mrs. Teevee
                            Paris Themmen ... Mike Teevee
                            Ursula Reit ... Mrs. Gloop
                            Michael Bollner ... Augustus Gloop
                            Diana Sowle ... Mrs. Bucket


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                          • Product Details

                            Having proven itself as a favourite film of children around the world, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is every bit as entertaining now as it was when originally released in 1971. There's a timeless appeal to Roald Dahl's classic children's novel, which was playfully preserved in this charming musical, from the colourful carnival-like splendour of its production design to the infectious melody of the "Oompah-Loompah" songs that punctuate the story. Who can forget those diminutive Oompah-loompah workers who recite rhyming parental warnings ("Oompah-loompah, doopity do...") whenever some mischievous child has disobeyed Willy Wonka's orders to remain orderly? Oh, but we're getting ahead of ourselves ... it's really the story of the impoverished Charlie Bucket, who, along with four other kids and their parental guests, wins a coveted golden ticket to enter the fantastic realm of Wonka's mysterious confectionery. After the other kids have proven themselves to be irresponsible brats, it's Charlie who impresses Wonka and wins a reward beyond his wildest dreams. But before that, the tour of Wonka's factory provides a dazzling parade of delights, and with Gene Wilder giving a brilliant performance as the eccentric candyman, Wonka gains an edge of menace and madness that nicely counterbalances the movie's sentimental sweetness. It's that willingness to risk a darker tone--to show that even a wonderland like Wonka's can be a weird and dangerous place if you're a bad kid--that makes this an enduring family classic. --Jeff Shannon

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