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WWE - Cyber Sunday 2008 (DVD)

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6 Reviews

Genre: Documentary / Theatrical Release: 2008 / Actors: Honky Tonk Man, Roddy Piper, Ted di Biase, Victoria, Vladimir Kozlov ... / DVD released 2008-11-25 at World Wrestling / Features of the DVD: Colour, Dubbed, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC

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    6 Reviews
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      08.03.2012 17:43
      Very helpful



      Worth watching

      WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 is an yearly PPV by the WWE which is interactive and gives the WWE universe the chance to interact with the matches of the wrestlers by voting on their computers on the websites. This year was no different with the main voting option being in the main event match of an special referee and also who would Triple H face for the WWE title.

      Match Card and Review

      No Holds Barred
      Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
      This match was very much improved from the two wrestlers last match at No Mercy. Mysterio used his speed to knock down Kane a lot, Kane was vicious in the match all the time going for weapons. The match had an surprise ending.

      ECW Championship
      Matt Hardy(C) vs. Evan Bourne
      I thought this match would suck but Evan Bourne really proved what he is worth. A top wrestling contest between the two pulled of one of the best ECW title matches on PPV in 2008.

      Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & Morrison
      I personally thought this should have not been on the PPV card. Cryme Time came out to a good pop and the crowd were behind them. Pretty much an predictable outcome in the match at the end.

      IC Championship
      Santino Marella(C) vs. Honky Tonk Man
      Santino Marella was hilarious before the match started giving his talk about being the best IC champ in years. Honky Tonk Man can not wrestle yet we see a stupid finish making Marella look weak in the match. After the match Roddy Pipper comes out to.

      Last Man Standing
      Undertaker vs. Big Show
      Brilliant match the Bigshow really showed he can wrestle. The use of weapons and some great wrestling moves provided good entertainment in this match.

      Divas Halloween Costume Contest
      Complete time waster on the card really.

      WWE Championship
      Triple H(C) vs. Jeff Hardy
      This match was not as good as their No Mercy battle both had an slow start to it. The ending of the match was better though and an little bit predictable with Jeff picking up momentam.

      World Heavyweight Championship
      Chris Jericho(C) vs. Batista w/ special ref. Stone Cold Steve Austin
      One of the best main events in 2008 felt like a true main event. Austin got voted the referee and stamped his law. Batista and Jericho put on a good show crowd were into the match a lot. Match turning point took place when Jericho nailed Austin. In the match Randy Orton got involved and got in Austins face to which is a good moment in the match. Its a great match overall with plenty to keep you watching.

      Overall- Cyber Sunday was a good PPV and one worth watching because of some solid matches.


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      22.11.2009 15:26
      Very helpful



      A mixed bag but mostly good

      Cyber Sunday is the most gimmicky WWE PPV, where fans can vote for what they want to happen throughout the night. Although it's fixed it is a nice idea, and does mean we get a few surprises and some stuff we've not seen before enerally.

      The show opens with a No Holds Barred match between Kane and Rey Mysterio. It's an appropriately brutal fight with a surprising and satisfying finish that really gets the crowd going from the outset.

      Secndly, Matt Hardy defended his ECW Championship against Evan Bourne, in arguably the best match on the card; a supremely athletic fight that's given enough time to ramp up and near enough stays there for its entire duration. Brilliant.

      The third match is just a straight tag match, with John Morrison and The Miz taking on Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG). For some reason this match was chosen over a Title match by the "fans", meaning we get a fairly meaningless bout but it is fairly decent nevertheless.

      Next up we have Santino Marella and The Honky Tonk Man for the Intercontinental Championship. It's the WWE yet again bringing their Legends back, and while it is fun, it's a bit of a meaningless time-waster, with a silly ending.

      Fifth was a Last Man Standing match between The Undertaker and The Big Show. It's a long and brutal slugfest that goes all over the place and has a very satisfying, brutal finish that makes both men look good.

      The first of a two-part main event is a WWE Championship match, with Triple H fighting Jeff Hardy after he was voted above Vladimir Kozlov. It's a frustrating fight because it goes back and forth but it just doesn't satisfy at the end, and we so desperately want Hardy to win.

      The final bout saw Chris Jericho defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Batista, with Stone Cold Steve Austin being voted as the referee. Austin lays down his particular brand of law, making for a fun fight even if the end result is a bit duff, and Austin isn't as edgy as he usually is.


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      20.08.2009 14:40
      Very helpful



      7.5/10 stars

      WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 (October 26th 2008) was the 5th annual event of its style, hosted by World Wrestling Entertainment. Previously known as Taboo Tuesday, the event changed its name to Cyber Sunday in 2006. Featuring superstars from all 3 WWE brands; RAW, Smackdown and ECW, this event displayed 8 professional wres tling matches. Live from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, 15,000 people in attendance watched this special event. The idea of cyber Sunday is that options are given to the viewers to vote for what type of matches, opponents and stipulations they want to see in selected matches. Voting on wwe.com and through WWE mobile texts, viewers on the previous weeks on the brand shows voted in to enter their vote. The theme song for WWE Cyber Sunday 2009 was 'Propane Nightmares' by Pendulum.

      Feuds once again heated up going into Cyber Sunday, allowing this event to be the best one so far. Previously these events have just been used to bring back some old superstars to entertain the fans. The same happens again with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, Honky Tonk Man and Goldust all making appearances in the event. However, the matches were a lot more well worked in relation to the previous cyber Sundays, especially the main events. Below is the card of the event (contains spoilers of selected match but not result):

      1) Featured on WWE.Com - Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. R-Truth for the United States Championship. This match was only available on wwe.com and not on TV. However, this has been put in the extras of the Cyber Sunday DVD. R-Truth was chosen ahead of Festus and MVP by the fans to be given a shot for the title. Quite surprising is the fact that a title match was not shown live on television. The match went both ways for short periods. The two displayed great technical prowess along with some high flying manoeuvres. These two compliment each other in styles and the match was good to watch. Will R-Truth continue his quick rise in the WWE (second time around) and win the US Title?? My rating: 6/10.

      2) Kane vs. Rey Mysterio (No Holds Barred Match) - This match was selected by the WWE Universe ahead of a 'falls count anywhere match' and a 'two out of three falls match'. The feud between these to continued its brutal tradition and really developed up to the point of this DVD. Not often do we encounter a match where Mysterio goes hardcore, but let's just say he pulled out all the stop signs in this match, along with some chairs. Mysterio grounded Kane many times with shots from foreign objects. Kane however did show dominance in part of the match showing his maniacal strength as always. Will Kane put the small down down or will Mysterio 619 for the win?? My rating: 7/10

      3) Matt Hardy (c) vs. Evan Bourne for the ECW Title. Evan Bourne came onto the ECW scene as a member of the ECW superstar initiative set out by ECW general manager Teddy Long. Bourne has excited the fans and especially me with a new extreme high flying style which has not been seen for years in the WWE. Bourne was voted in ahead of Mark Henry and Finlay for the title shot. This match will remain in the memory of fans, knowing that they gave Evan Bourne his first ever title shot, proof that this event is unique. The match did not disappoint. The fans were split between supporting the two wrestlers. Bourne used his unique fighting style to keep Hardy down for long periods. With an array of moonsaults and top rope moves Bourne looked several times to get the three count on Hardy. Watch to find out if Hardy could retain his title this time - My rating: 7/10.

      4) Cryme Tyme vs. Miz and Morrison. This match probably held the least interest for the viewers. The WWE Universe had the option to vote for a tag team match of their choice from a selection of three rivalries. This match was voted ahead of Debiase Jr. and Rhodes vs. Kingston and CM Punk, and ahead of Regal and Layla vs. Mickie James and Jamie Noble. This match was not bad at all to be honest. The two teams put together some good tag team moves. Shad Gaspard and JTG lighted up the match with an over the top rope move. The end was a typical face/heel finish. My rating: 6/10.

      5) Santino Marella (c) vs. The Honky Tonk man for the Intercontinental Title. What would Cyber Sunday be without the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time? For the previous weeks Santino Marella had been drawing himself with comparisons to the Honky Tonk Man, claiming that just after 2 weeks it would be possible to go on an hold the title longer than the Honky Tonk man (over 60 weeks). Chosen ahead of Roddy Piper and Goldust, the Honky Tonk Man was voted in. He sang his song and took the guitar to Santino. Although being just a gimmick match you had a feeling that this might be the comeback of the Honky Tonk Man. Unfortunately it was a disqualification that ended this one after a matches, but the ride for Santino didn't end there. Goldust and Roddy Piper both decided to join the part. My rating (entertainment wise) - 7/10.

      6) Big Show vs. The Undertaker in a Last Man Standing match. It seemed that all stipulations that the fans were given all favoured the Big Show. However, if there was any one of them that could give the Undertaker a chance it was this one, this match was great to watch. Hardcore is a word that is overused nowadays but I think this word fits the description. Chairs, announce tables, barricades and monitors were all used as weapons in this one. The Undertaker showed he could take a beating after being put through the announce table by a Big Show chokeslam. The two beat each other down with punches. However, it was an 'illegal move' that ended this one. This move was banned from the WWE by smackdown general manager Vickie Guerrero. Can you guess who may have won this one?? My rating: 8/10.

      7) Triple H (c) vs. Jeff Hardy for the WWE Title. I didn't really see the match being chosen as anything else. It was either this or a match between HHH and Vladimir Kozlov, or a triple threat match with all three. Again Hardy was given the chance at a title. After losing in the last PPV, No Mercy, Hardy seemed hyped up for this match. Triple H again reiterated the fact that Hardy was so close to getting the title belt. It showed in the match. However it was not the greatest between these two in recent months. My rating: 7/10.

      8) Chris Jericho (c) vs. Batista for the World Heavyweight Tile in a special guest referees match. After winning the no. 1 contenders match against JBL at No Mercy, Batista finally got his chance at the title on RAW. Jericho however was distraught at the choices to be Special guest referee. Stone Cold Steve Austin was chosen ahead of HBK Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton. This match was very entertaining. The two exchanged blows and periods of dominance. Austin appeared to be calling the match right down the middle until Austin got Jericho pulled Jericho by the hair to get him off Batista in the corner of the ropes. Austin was knocked out by mistake, sending HBK into the ring to referee. After some quick and slow counting from the 'unbiased' ref, HBK too was knocked out. In came Randy Orton to do his job as the ref. Unfortunately for Orton it seemed that Austin was a bit angry. It took a stunner to put the authority back into the right hands. The ending was controversial. Will a big belt finally change hands at this event?? My rating: 8/10.

      My overall opinion - Cyber Sunday 2008 was the most entertaining of the names franchise so far in WWE history. A collaboration of ex wrestlers and good matches makes this event a memorable one. I believe however that this event is better to rented than bought. WWE merchandise is very expensive. However, to followers of wrestling it may be a good purchase for a collector as it is possible to get all the Cyber Sundays and Taboo Tuesdays on DVD as well. I enjoyed the event and was surprised many times throughout the night by creative writing developments.

      DVD Extras: The Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth US Title match streamed on wwe.com. The other extra is a little segment showing the Honky Tonk Man, Goldust and Roddy Piper arguing over who the greatest Intercontinental of all time was. I would not buy the DVD for these extras as they are pretty weak. Only WWE DVD specials truly have great extras.

      Overall rating: 7.5/10


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        21.05.2009 15:07
        Very helpful



        Excellent event

        Cyber Sunday is a unique concept from the WWE, in that the fans are allowed to vote for opponents and match types. Sometimes in the past this card dissappointed, but this was actually a pretty good show, featuring crowd favourite and high flyer Evan Bourne challenging Matt Hardy in an entertainging battle a possible prelude to Evan Bournes main event potential, and a welcome battle between Jeff Hardy and Triple H.

        The Santino Marella match is fun if not a little ridiculous, as Honky Tonk Man ends up challing him for the title.

        The Last man Standing match is surprisingly strong considering the Big Show is involved, and the main event is a fantastic battle with Batista and Jericho, with Stone Cold refereeing. This one really feels like a big deal, and has a few twists and turns throughout to keep you interested.

        All in all, an extremly strong card.


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        09.02.2009 22:13
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A decent but not great PPV

        As far as WWE Pay Per Views go almost every type of event has run it's course bar the Royal Rumble, that one is still cool, but the other one that isn't completley stale yet is Cyber Sunday. Originally named Taboo Tuesday this event is basically a card that create possible matches that the crowd text in to vote who fights who, or in what type of match they face off.

        The 2008 installment was pretty cool, it opened with a high flying contest between Shelton Benjamin and the returning to WWE PPV R-Truth, formerly Ron Killings from TNA. IT was David v Goliath in Rey Mysterio v Kane next and although that might sound fun it had been done to death by this point and is nothing to write home about. THe Miz and Morrison then faced Cryme Tyme in a fun little brawl. And in a re-hash from 10 years ago The Undertaker took on the Big Show in a very slow plodding match.

        The best parts of the even would be the great double Main Event for the two main belts in the Animal Batista v Y2J and Triple H vs Jeff Hardy. The comic releif was provided by the short but funny Santino v Honky Tonk Man.

        For me the best match on the card was an unlikley one, Matt Hardy v Evan Bourne was high paced and really fun. Well worth it for that match alone.

        Not a great event but a decent theme and some good matches, keep an eye out on Silvervision as if it pops up in the sale it could be worth a look.


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          12.01.2009 18:06
          Very helpful



          A great buy ifyou like it :)

          WWE Cyber Sunday 2008 DVD Review

          It was the night of the 26th of October of 2008 and I was awake and ready for another fantastic World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ) pay per view event of the year. That exiting night was the night of the annual event of Cyber Sunday.

          === What Is WWE and Cyber Sunday? ===

          If you do not know already that the WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, which is a sports entertainment company which deals with wrestling, you do now. In my opinion, the WWE is the most successful wrestling companies of all time, with it's availability of shows in almost every country. It is extremely popular everywhere and I am certainly a big fan.

          The WWE is split up into three brands on TV, Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. Raw is live on Monday nights. It features the Women's championship, World Heavyweight championship, and the Intercontinental championship. Smackdown features the WWE championship, the United States championship, the WWE Tag Team championship, and the Divas championship.

          ECW , which stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling, with it's hardcore background features the ECW World championship, and the World Tag Team championship. My overall favorite brand is definitely Smackdown. I like Raw and ECW but Raw get's on my nerves with storylines sometimes and ECW has too little superstars on the roster.

          In the WWE, or in every single wrestling promotions, there are gimmicks which are the things that make the characters who they are. Like you have The Undertakers gimmick from Smackdown , and of course that isn't his real name. My favorite gimmick is definitely Santino Marella's. His wrestling isn't great but he is hilarious , and that is part of his portrayed character.

          Cyber Sunday is an annual pay per view event produced by the WWE in October and that is what this review is all about! Cyber Sunday is the only event allowing fans to text or go online to vote for their choice of match stipulation, or to choose an opponent for a superstar. The event is interesting and I am surprised at the amounts of votes for different people or stipulations, which make the event exiting!.

          === The Matches ===

          At this year's Cyber Sunday there were seven exiting matches to watch. The first match was -

          Kane vs Rey Mysterio.

          Kane is a massive WWE superstar who recently revealed that he had held Rey hostage and his mask was in his bag he carried to the ring each match. Kane was finally forced to remove the contents of the bag and then we , the WWE universe learned it was Rey Mysterio's mask.

          Now these two superstars meet in the ring. Kane is a an over six foot monster like man who faces Rey Mysterio, a much shorter, quick paced, luchador from Mexico. Who will win this David and Goliath like match? And will it be a No Holds Barred, Two Out Of Three Falls , Or A Falls Count Anywhere match chosen by the WWE universe?...

          The second match of the night was -

          Matt Hardy VS ( Chosen Opponent for the ECW Championship).

          Matt Hardy who is a very successful superstar and one of the greatest tag team champions in history with his brother Jeff Hardy. Now Matt Hardy has to defend his prized ECW Championship against either Finlay, Evan Bourne or Mark Henry. Finlay is a man who never gives up a fight , but he has went a little soft since his " Son " Hornswoggle has joined him , so will he be able to pick up the votes and the win for this match.

          Evan Bourne is an amazing athlete who is also loved by the fans. He is so exiting so will he be voted in, but will he manage to capture the title? The Worlds Strongest Man Mark Henry is another candidate who has held the title before will his power and dominance let him win the title once again? So who will win this contest? There's only one proper way to find out...

          The third match of the night was -

          A Tag Team match. The choice is between John Morrison and The Miz to face Cryme Tyme , Kofi Kingston and CM Punk to face Priceless for the World Tag Team Championship, or to see Mickie James and Jamie Noble face William Regal and Layla.

          Will the loudmouth team of Miz and Morrision face the sneaky team of the powerful Shad and Speedy JTG of Cryme Tyme, Or will CM Punk and Kingston finally get a shot at the Tag Team Gold? Will William Regal and the lovely Layla get their hands on Noble and Mickie James in an inter gender contest, of course this DVD will explain everything!!!...

          The fourth match of the night was -

          Santino Marella VS ( Chosen Opponent).

          This night Santino would go on to defend his Intercontinental title against either , Honky Tonk Man , who's record of championship length Santino was attempting to break, Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Goldust, all former Intercontinental champions. Would Santino be unfortunate enough to face the Honky Tonk man's Shake, Rattle Roll finisher? Or Roddy Piper's deadly sleeper hold? Or maybe even Goldust's final cut to win the championship? Or will he end up facing all three moves in the end? You must be desperate to watch and find out by now...

          The fifth match of the night was -

          The Undertaker VS The Big Show.

          These two colossal like men have been in such a big feud lately and they finally meet at Cyber Sunday where the fan's get to choose if they meet in a Last Man Standing match, an I Quit match, or a knockout match. The last time these two faced , Big Show knocked The Undertaker out cold so could The Big Show have an advantage if the match was a knockout match?

          The Undertaker is known to be a very dominant superstar, especially in Last Man Standing matches, for instance he was the first to defeat the 7 foot 3 Great Khali in one so what's to say this isn't already an advantage? Of course, if it is an " I Quit " match which means superstars will give up and will leave their brand of wrestling for good, wouldn't be great for either of these two monsters...

          The sixth match of the night was -

          Triple H VS ( Chosen Opponent (s)

          Now, the WWE Universe get to decide whether Triple H , the WWE Champion should face the Moscow Mauler Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Title, The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy for the title, or both Kozlov and Hardy in a title defense bout.

          Triple H has been a great champion since winning the title from Randy Orton at Backlash in April, and was then drafted to Smackdown where he was even more impressive, but now the big Russian, Vladimir Kozlov is in the way of Triple H keeping the title , as is Jeff Hardy. So who will face Triple H? The Massive Moscow Mauler ? Or my personal favorite Jeff Hardy? There's only one way to find out....

          The seventh match of the night was -

          Chris Jericho VS Batista ( Special Guest Referee)

          Ever since Chris Jericho turned on his fans and captured the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven , Batista has been on Jericho's tail ever since. Chris Jericho made his return in 2007 be trying to capture the WWE title from Randy Orton, but failed.

          He has been more impressive as of late, but now The Animal Batista goes against Jericho to attempt to capture the title for the fifth time but will he succeed? The WWE Universe got to vote for either Stone Cold Steve Austin , Shawn Michaels, or Randy Orton to be the referee for the match so who will they pick and who will pick up the major victory?...

          There was also a Divas Halloween contest which was between each diva currently in the WWE and fan's got to vote for their favorite, but who will they pick? Find out with this action packed DVD...

          === Price and Packaging ===

          You can buy this fantastic DVD from any place such as HMV , perhaps Tesco or ASDA or easily online. This DVD retails at around £11.99 which is definitely worth the price for what you receive. The DVD comes in a protective DVD case/cover which tells you of all the matches on the back of the cover, with the Cyber Sunday poster on the front with Raw superstar CM Punk and of course a computer for being an interactive event.

          === My Opinion & Why You Should Buy ===

          In my honest opinion, this is the best Cyber Sunday I have ever seen. I have seen three and this is by far the best due to great talent putting on fantastic matches and showing amazing moves. The story behind each match is also fantastic and you are always in for s shock at Cyber Sunday due to choices of match type's or opponents. A definite must have for any wrestling fan.

          You should definitely buy this if you are a fan of wrestling and haven't already as I assure you it is fantastic, although you may not like love wrestling yet, but if you watch this I am sure it will make you think again about the world of wrestling...

          === Facts ===

          The theme song for this year's Cyber Sunday was Propane Nightmares - Pendulum.
          This was the fifth interactive event of the WWE.
          The venue for the event was Phoenix, Arizona...

          Thank you for reading...
          I hope I still have the knack for my reviews...

          © 2008 Jordan24


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