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Estonian History Museum (Tallinn, Estonia)

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Address: Pirita tee 56 / 10127 Tallinn / Estonia / Tel: 372 6228600

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2011 15:25
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      A great museum

      Tallinn is definitely one of the most beautiful cities that I have been to and after exploring the old town, my sister and I decided we wanted to know a bit more about the history of the country. I knew after looking around online that there was a Estonian History Museum somewhere so we headed to the tourist information place to figure out where it was. Luckily, the walk from here wasn't far at all, about 5 minutes.

      As we entered the museum, both of us were a little worried about how small it looked but decided to give it a go anyway seeing as the entrance fee was so cheap and we had a fair bit of time to kill. The main floor of the museum consists of many artifacts from the religion and war side of Estonian history. As you walk through the two main rooms, it is impossible to not notice just how much things have changed over the years. The two main rooms are actually a lot larger than I had been expecting and because of the space, everything is in cases and spread quite far apart. The rooms are really light and airy which makes it possible to really see the details of what you are looking at. Although the rooms are big, there is a lot of empty space which could have been used in a better way.

      In this part of the museum there are a lot of things like books, bibles and rosary necklaces. Each cabinet has a fair amount of text for you to read and although this can be time consuming, I really liked this aspect of the museum. I am a massive book lover so to see some of the earliest Estonian printed books in such a fabulous condition was a great thing for me. It was also really good to see what the books were about and why and how they were printed. Quite a few of the books in this section of the museum are bibles but they were very beautiful and I was quite shocked at how well they had been preserved considing how old some of them were.

      As well as the book and religious items, there is a lot from war time in Estonia. I found this part really fascinating as a lot of the items were things that people had smuggled, hidden from house raids or things that had been made to conceal items. I loved that people did actually hollow out books and make secret compartments so that if their house was raided, they could hide valuable items safely without suspicion. Although the main floor of the museum only has two rooms, the size of them and the amount to read makes it possible to stay there for somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

      Moving on to the lower level of the museum. This was by far, my favourite part of the museum. Downstairs is filled with weapons and armour and although the size of the rooms are quite small, there is a lot packed in there. When it comes to the armour, you can see all sorts ranging from chain mail, gas masks and shields etc. I was fascinated by the different types of armour and what they were used for/ when they were used. Also in this section is a little dress up area with a massive shield (which was extremely heavy) as well as a metal helmet. There is also a huge sword here but it is locked down for obvious reasons. My sister and I had a lot of fun doing the dressing up thing and it really made our trip.

      The vast amount of weapons were also great to look at. I have been to a fair amount of museums but none have ever had a weapon collection like this. This museum really has everything. A whole case of different guns, swords, crossbows, daggers and even grenades. Some of the weapons looked ridiculously scary and evil but as well as that, you could see just how much they would weigh if you had to carry them around. I was amazed by this collection and stayed in the section for a long time because there was so much to see.

      Getting around the museum took us around an hour and a half which was a lot longer than I had expected to be there for. The main reason for this was how interesting and exciting the downstairs part was. For the bargain price of Euro3, you really get a lot for your money and I would highly recommend for anyone to go here should they ever be in Tallinn.

      == Ticket Prices and Opening Times ==
      Adults Euro3
      Discount Euro1,50
      Family Ticket Euro5,50

      Entrance to the museum is free with a Tallinn Card.
      Entrance is free on the last Thursday of every month.

      The museum is open every day from 10 - 5 with the exception of public holidays.


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