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Ripleys Museum (Blackpool)

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6 Reviews

Address: Units 5&6 Ocean Boulevard / Pleasure Beach / Blackpool / FY4 1EZ / England

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    6 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 10:43
      Very helpful



      I loved it!

      Robert Ripley was born in 1890 in California. He was a cartoonist, a collector, an explorer and came up with the statment "Believe It Or Not". He was obsessed with the weird and wonderful things in life that are rarely explained. Now, his works are featured in museums and attractions around the world. My review discusses the Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Blackpool, Lancashire.


      The Blackpool museum is located a short walk from the entrance to the Pleasure Beach and is nearby the South Pier and Sandcastle. It is serviced by regular buses and the famouse Blackpool trams pass by it. It is hidden within a row of shops and restaurants and overlooks the beach as well as being overshadowed by the Big One rollercoaster!

      Units 5&6 Ocean Boulevard
      Pleasure Beach
      FY4 1EZ

      01253 341033

      Car parking is available at the Pleasure Beach and will incur a charge. The museum is open from 10am every day.


      Tickets can be purchased at the entrance paying by card or cash. Alternatively they can be purchased online. Prices below are for entrance tickets whilst online tickets are in brackets.

      *Adult £8.00 (£4.00)
      *Child £5.00 (£2.00)
      *Senior £5.00 (£2.00)

      They offer discounts for groups and are happy to accept school groups.

      {What's Inside?}

      The museum is set over 2 floors and promises 8 galleries and numerous exhibits. As you would expect, there is nothing normal about the exhibits and really, they show the craziest, weirdest things from around the world! I won't list every exhibit as there are too many.

      *Fertility Statue - located at the main entrance, it is believed that rubbing this statue will help get you pregnant. Apparently many who have struggled to conceive have flocked here to rub this statue and then fell pregnant!

      *Tallest Man - a statue of Robert Wadlow who towered at 8foot 11inches.

      *Princess Diana portrait - made from 2500 penny coins

      Other attractions include shrunken trible heads, the worlds fattest man statue, two headed animals and various interactive machines such as fortune telling and penny presses. Various optical illusions are featured around the museum. There is also a gift shop as you exit the museum. As well as selling juice and various sweets such as rock and fudge, they also sell small toys and nick nacks. Personally I found them to be overpriced and cheaper items could be bought in the centre of Blackpool.

      There are no toilet facilities.

      {Our Visit}

      During our overnight stay in Blackpool in June, my sister and I had planned to visit Louis Tussauds on the Saturday morning. We realised we wouldn't have time as we were due to meet friends on Central Pier at lunchtime. As we were staying up past the Pleasure Beach, we decided to go a wander down past it and came across Ripley's Believe It Or Not. My sister had visited before and asked if I fancied going in.

      I believe we paid £5.00 each at the entrance so it may have been a special offer. Despite being located in amongst a row of shops, Ripley's is recognisable by its exterior. There is half a car sticking outside the building with a rope and man climbing up and down which is rather cool. We paid in cash and I was immediately impressed by the attractions gracing the entrance lobby. The staff were friendly too though I didn't see any wandering around inside the museum.

      {Ooohh How Does That Work!}

      The floating tap at the entrance had my attention and looked really cool. The tap sits in mid air with no plumbing attatched yet water flows from it. My sister let me think about it for a while before explaining how it worked but I won't ruin it for you! As myself and fiance have been trying for a baby, I decided to rub the fertility statue. My sister used to live in Blackpool and conceived there so thinks it may have had something to do with that. Well it didn't work for me as 3mths later, I'm still not up the duff! A massive ball of elastic bands was all at the entrance and the work that must have went in to that is immense!

      Each gallery (from memory) was completely different in design from the previous one. I remember crossing a small bridge with a rainforest type feel to it before approaching a seating area with a television showing historic programmes! In the middle of this area, a rather huge statue was present and I was shocked to learn it was a man as it had rather large looking boobs! The museum wasn't very busy during our visit so were able to move around with ease though I don't feel this is the place for disabled people or those with buggies and young children.

      Some of the attractions were rather freaky and the darkened rooms added to that effect. Most exhibits were behind glass panels or wooden frames though you could still get a good feel for what was there. I was particularly interested in a hole like exhibit where you pressed a light on and it looked like the hole was going straight down for miles though it was all an illusion.

      My favourite part of the museum was in a neutral decorated gallery which had quite a few attractions. The Princess Diana coin portrait has to be seen to be believed. I can't imagine how long that would have taken to come together as the coins had to be seperated by shade and it looks amazing! The tallest man statue freaked me out as he is massive and towers several feet above my head! A large mirror in this gallery had me impressed as it seemed to take inches off me and allowed me to look a little slender compared to my tubby self. I can presume this mirror is adored by the ladies who visit!

      The attractions and exhibits have sign posts giving bits of information so you know what you are looking at. The interactive machines were cheap enough at 20-50p a time and my sister took pleasure in getting her palm read by a machine and also a love machine (she was feeling lucky!). We happily snapped away with our mobiles taking pictures of the most interesting exhibits and each other. My sister decided to attatch herself to a set of old fashioned hand cuffs for a picture..that was funny!

      {Time To Go}

      I would say we spent an hour or so walking around the museum. We could have dragged it out a bit longer but we did get to see everything during that time but perhaps not as in depth. If you were doing a project on the museum, you could spend a while taking notes. Some of the exhibits are interesting though I do feel adults are more likely to appreciate most of them.

      Arriving at the gift shop at the end, we had a look around but as I said above, found it to be quite overpriced. We had already bought some presents for the kids so decided not to buy anything else. The shop was well presented and the whole museum was clean and tidy.


      I enjoyed the hour we spent at Ripley's and was quite engrossed in many of the exhibits. There was enough there to make the entry price we paid acceptable though at £8.00, it may seem a little too much. It is worth looking for special offers. As far as a know, some of the exhibits change though most stay the same so unless there was something I'd specifically want to see, I wouldn't see the point in visiting again.

      I recommend you visit Ripley's Believe It Or Not in Blackpool as it is quite interesting and rather fun! It is one of the cheaper attractions in Blackpool.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        20.07.2010 18:52
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great fun experiences good value for money

        Ripleys believe it or not amazingly good for the price......
        After a weekend trip to Blackpool with a few hours to spare before going home we planned on visiting the pleasure beach but running low on cash meant this wasn't to be so we gave this ago and I was really impressed with experience.

        Where to find it..................
        Ripleys Believe it or Not can be found on Blackpool Promenade infront of the Pleasure Beach if you keep walking past the Pleasure Beach entrance away from the town you will find it you cant miss it there is a car and a indian jones style man climbing up the front lol.

        What it costs........
        On the day we went is was £5 pound each for adults think this was a special offer normal prices are £8 per adult £5 childrens and seniors or you can buy tickets online for £4 adults £2 child and senior from The Blackpool Ripleys official website. This is excellent value for what you get and as I am sure many people who visit Blackpool know you don't get that many cheap attractions.

        Opening times.........
        The attraction opens from 10am each day and closing times vary depending on how season.

        The story behind it........
        Ripleys believe it or not is an attraction based on the discoveries of Robert Ripley born 1980 from California, He started out life as LeRoy Ripley and was a cartoonist in 1913 he moved to New York working as a cartoonist the name for the exhibition came from one of these cartoons which he drew during his time there. This particular cartoon took off and was the catalyst for Ripley's exploration of the world on search of the different and bizarre. On his travels he learnt about other cultures and collected various souvenirs and stories which the museum is based on.

        What you get to see........
        The museum is made up of 8 different areas over 2 floors with lots of things to see and do. Attractions include a fertility statue as you enter which they say has made women who have had fertility treatment unsuccessfully get pregnant you are warned that touching the statue may lead to pregnancy within 3 months so beware lol. There are also lots of statues of various marvellous things including two headed goats, the worlds largest person, a church made from match sticks, the worlds tallest man, the women whos husband padlocked her nose to stop her gossiping which lead to all the women doing it in the village because they thought it was a fashion statement lol i liked that one, shrunken heads, vampire kits the list is endless. There are also tvs around showing you more recent believe it or not clips these were entertaining even if they were a little 'american', there are interactive displays beware of the how to roll your tongue in the mirror one I won't give it away but you will laugh as you make your way round the exhibition.

        The exhibition is entertaining for both adults and children alike and is worth definatley worth the walk from town, its good value for money and we spent about 1 hour 30 min to 2 hours in their so its a worthwhile trip.

        Overall a fun and crazy exhibition with lots to keep you entertained would recommend to all.

        I also write reviews for other websites under the same name.


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          26.01.2010 17:21
          Very helpful



          A must visit, it will educate you

          I worked for Ripleys in Blackpool a few years ago and really enjoyed working there.
          Ripley's is situated on Ocean Boulevard which is directly under the Big one on facing the sea front, it has man climbing a rope from a jeep rammed in to the front of the building , hardly something that you. would miss, as it is a strange thing to see!!

          It has many different fascinating articles that have been gathered from Robert Leroy Ripley's collection that he gathered whilst on his wild adventures from around the world, his collection is kept in the USA and various collections are shipped to the various museums Ripleys have.

          My overall view of some of the collections i have seen pass through the doors of the Blackpool museum have been mesmerizing the Fertility statues have to be ripleys main feature in Blackpool and many people from all over the place have come to touch it , Something i would avoid after have 3 children already. many people had reported that it had worked when i was there, but i took their word for it as i had no intentions of discovering for myself.

          The attraction for me that i found hard to grasp was the shrunken heads they had on display, hard to understand how anyone could commit that kind of act on another human being.
          And if you get to see these you till will be in awe of how the facial features are intact. it is a spooky wonder and captivating at the same time.

          Ripley's also has some other features from optical illusions and hologram skulls, in the area entering the museum you will see a actual life size model of one of the largest women ever along with a reference to her daily intake of food. there are also throughout the museum things that will make you think and concentrate on and things that will make you question them.

          I myself have seen things questioned them and actually researched them , mainly to see if they were true ask and also so i could answer questions visitors may. Although an educating place, Ripley's will leave a mark on you when you visit in one way or another, visiting Ripleys will also give you some great conversation starters and as the saying goes .....

          You have to see it to Believe it!!
          Believe it or not!!

          If you plan to visit Ripley's may i suggest you visit the website at www.ripleysblackpool.com
          here you will find a little history on Robert Leroy Ripley and the attractions that cover the two floors at Blackpool's museum , you will also find an area that offers various discounts as well as opening times and maps on how to reach it.

          I highly recommend everyone visiting Ripley's if not in Blackpool in other locations around the world Ripley's is great for any age but parental guidance should be there , I'm in my 30's and the shrunken heads still haunt me, so be warned.

          But all in all visiting Ripley's is educational fun and a site worth visiting if you are on a break in Blackpool.
          Most off all enjoy it , the things you will witness are things that you will never see again.


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          06.10.2009 14:33
          Very helpful



          A good attraction & well worth a visit. There are better in Blackpool though.

          Ripley's believe it or not! is a franchise of museum like galores that were founded by Robert LeRoy Ripley. The maint point of interest in these museums is that items are so strange and unusual that visitors might question the claims made in the details. There have even been TV, Radio & Book series of the same name.

          Originally the concept was a panel in The New York Globe newspaper telling a story & asking the reader whether they believe it or not. It has developed from there into the worldwide phenomenon that it is today.

          The one in Blackpool is located just north of the Pleasure Beach. The prices are Adult £8, Child or Senior £5, Student £7. Discounts are available from; http://www.ripleysblackpool.com/discounts.htm. The museum is open from 10.00 a.m. daily, although closing time depends on the season & on whether or not the illuminations are on.

          I enjoyed this museum. I have been in twice & would recommend it. How much I would recommend it depends on how much you like museums. If you are happy to spend time in them & look at all the exhibits, reading the information as you go, you will be in here for a few hours & will get your money's worth. If you just tend to look at things briefly & don't spend long reading about the item you are looking at you could be in & out of here in 30 minutes.

          There are lots of unusual items in here & some great things to look at. There is a life size model of the tallest recorded Human Being in the world & you can stand next to him & see how you compare. Another highlight is a genuine shrunken head. Not as gruesome as it sounds but I have no idea how they got it into the country being Human remains & all.

          Considering there are lots of attractions in Blackpool I feel compelled to compare it to the other places trying to get you to part with your cash. For me, the Tower is a better attraction & will keep you entertained longer for not much more money. The Sea Life centre is similarly priced & if you are into animals will probably keep you occupied for more time. If you can bring yourself to leave the prom, Blackpool Zoo is also an excellent attraction. I have reviewed all three. Also, as with many museums, once you seen what it holds, would you want to go in again.

          In all, as attractions on the prom go this is not bad at all. I would recommend paying it a visit, especially if you like the weird & the wonderfull. You should enjoy what's inside. Just take your time on the way round.


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            14.06.2009 22:25
            Very helpful



            Brill day out worth visiting if in Blackpool

            This is a brilliant day out if you are in Blackpool and as they say themselves
            'Located on two floors with 8 galleries and 10 televisions. It is fun for all ages, it's interactive and educational. Don't miss this award winning attraction! '

            General Info
            Situated on Blackpool Promenade in front of the Pleasure Beach and opposite Sandcastle Waterworld its very easy to find-just look out for the man climbing the wall and the big dinosar sticking his head out. (or follow the signs!)
            The prices are reasonable-£8 for adults and £5 for children/OAPS but they do have print off vouchers on their website where entry is as little as £3! So a bargain day out for all especially with prices nowadays.
            They have alot of weird and wonderful attractions-the Fertility Statue being the most famous one!
            It is open all year round daily from 10am.

            Personal Experience
            We had alot of fun when we went and alot of laughs at ourselves, the attractions and other people.
            The staff were very friendly and welcoming. It is quite small and very crowded when it is busy and you do have to wait behind other people to get round, so give your selves alot of time to get round.
            Its definetly worth checking out especially if you enjoy learning and looking at strange things but your also learning as you go around as there is information about the different things on show and you will come away with some weird and wonderful knowledge-great for kids!
            Prepare to laugh alot and learn and all round have a great day out


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            06.05.2009 17:26
            Very helpful



            A good place to visit.

            My daughter is a massive fan of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! series of books which chart details of all things weird and wonderful in the world so the Ripley's odditorium was one of the places we simply had to visit when we were in Blackpool over Easter.

            Who Was Ripley?

            Robert Leroy Ripley was born in 1890 and travelled to over 200 countries and reported on the strange things that he found in his newspaper column entitled Believe It Or Not! which was read by 80 million people a day at the height of its popularity. His first book was published in 1929 and the Ripley's series of books are still being published to this day with the 2009 annual proving a massive hit in my household. Collections of the curiosities that he collected are displayed all around the world in a series of odditoriums in the USA, Canada, Thailand and of course Blackpool.

            The Museum

            The first thing that we saw when we entered the museum was a fertility statue. It was funny to see the girls step around it but I had to go and rub it's belly and forehead simultaneously as described. Of course it is all hocus pocus, or I certainly hope it is as I only rubbed the statue to wind up my daughter and have no desire to hear the pitter patter of tiny little feet anytime soon. The girls were also fascinated by the floating tap in the entrance which gives the impression of a tap floating in thin air with water flowing from it. My daughter later went onto the internet to work out how it worked but it is a really cool illusion.

            When we walked into the first room we were greeted by a life size statue of the worlds fattest man who weighed in at over a tonne at his heaviest. It was hard to believe anyone could reach such gigantic proportions, I had previously seen photos of this man but only a statue can give you the real idea of his size. This room also housed a collection of odd animals including a two headed calf and a furry trout which was a hoax that fooled the world in the 1920s. There was also a small cinema showing some movies.

            There is a section devoted to Blackpool curiosities including a life sized statue of the worlds tallest man Robert Wadlow, a huge model church made out of matchsticks, writing on grains of rice which you could read with a microscope and various works of art. There is also a collection of odd items found which have fallen from rollercoasters at the pleasure beach including several sets of false teeth.

            The part of the exhibition that interested me the most was the international sections with curiosities that Ripley had collected during his travels. The highlight of this section was a genuine shrunken head. The head of someone from a rival tribe was skinned and all of the bones removed before being filled with sand and hardened. It was a very eerie sight but also made me feel uneasy that some poor persons final resting place was a museum of curiosities where they were being gawped at.

            Interactive exhibits included a two way mirror which allowed you to freak out other visitors, a shaky floor, optical illusions, the staircase of knowledge where you could read a fact on each stair, fortune telling machines and much more. All of the exhibits also had really good descriptions about their history which were interesting to read.

            We found Ripley's museum to be an interesting place to visit and enjoyed seeing all the odd things inside. I did find it a bit overpriced though as it cost us £15 for two adults and two children to visit and it only took a little bit more than an hour to go round the exhibition. Although I enjoyed the museum there were a lot of the exhibits like optical illusions that I had seen before and I felt a bit let down by this. I also don't recommend that you take very small children here as I think they would quickly grow bored in here, there are also no toilet facilities which is also something to consider with little kids. The range of exhibits inside Ripley's makes it a nice place to spend some time if you are in Blackpool, especially if you need to shelter from the rain for a while.

            General Information

            Ripley's Believe It Or Not
            Units 5&6 Ocean Boulevard,
            Pleasure Beach,
            FY4 1EZ.

            01253 341033


            Although the address is listed at the pleasure beach it is outside the complex and you have to pay separately to enter.

            Normal admission prices are £8 for adults and £5 for children but there are vouchers available on the Ripley's website for cheaper tickets.


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