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The Beatles Story (Liverpool)

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4 Reviews

Address: Albert Dock / Liverpool / Merseyside / L3 4AD / England

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    4 Reviews
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      06.03.2015 22:58
      Very helpful



      Must-see story of the fab four.

      No visit to Liverpool is complete for any Beatles fan without a trip to The Beatles Story. The experience is on the Albert Dock and tells the story of The Beatles using memorabilia, film and specially designed sets.
      Although we had to queue for a short time at the entrance, once we were inside,there was plenty of space for everyone to explore comfortably. From the minute you enter, you are transported back to the 1960s with The Beatles distinctive sound echoing around the building and photographs of the fab four at various points in their spectacular careers. I like The Beatles but I am by no means a super fan yet I could not take my eyes off some of the costumes. These were the actual outfits worn by these musicians who have graced so many record covers, films, books and news clips. Amazing!
      There were the record covers and film areas where you could sit for a while and soak up the sights and sounds of an era and even a display of the novelties available during The Beatles heyday which your parents could still have lurking around their loft.
      Nothing is missed out at The Beatles Story - a depiction of the Cavern Club and the story of some of the characters surrounding The Beatles and some of the lesser known facts surrounding the band.
      The story takes us almost up to the present day and by the time you reach the end, whether you were at the start, you feel very much a Beatles fan.
      The Beatles Story really makes you want to explore the city of Liverpool and see some of the places mentioned first hand so it probably does the rest of the city's tourist industry a lot of good as well.
      A thoroughly enjoyable attraction that takes you right to the heart of one of Britain's best-loved bands.


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      07.05.2010 13:12
      Very helpful



      Worth the money if you can appreciate what is there

      A few years ago I decided to visit Liverpool as I have been a fan of The Beatles for many years and thought I would visit all the sites such as Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and the Cavern Club.

      Whilst on my visit I discovered the Albert Dock (which looks incredible at night) and whilst there I discovered The Beatles Story.

      Naturally, I had to pay a visit!

      There is no parking to The Beatles story, as it's on a dock! Although, there is parking near by on a pay and display system (which is heavily monitored by Wardens!

      Obviously, the first thing you think about is "how much is this going to cost me?!" Well, prices are:

      ADULT: £12.95
      CONCESSION: £8.50
      CHILD: £6.50
      UNDER 5'S: FREE

      Also, saver packages are also available and are as follows:

      Family Saver 1: £37 (2 adults, 3 children)
      Family Saver 2: £32(2 adults, 2 children)
      Family saver 3: £26 (1 adult, 3 children)
      Family saver 4: £21 (1 adult, 2 children)

      Group rates: (10+ persons)
      Adults: £8.50
      Concession £6.50
      Children: £5.00

      Tickets do not need to be booked in advance and are valid for up to 48 hours after they are purchased and student discount is available on producing a student card.

      Whichever way you look at it, it isnt the cheapest of things to pass the time, especially if you have several children to pay for, considering the main exhibition can easily be completed within an hour, but there is also an audio guide available, which they recommend up to two hours to complete.
      The audio guide is available is 8 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Polish and is extremely informative but can get a bit boring after a while.

      The first thing I decided to do when I entered the exhibition was snap a quick photo of an exhibit, at which point a member of staff very quickly requested that I do not take photos, so, they are clearly not keen on taking pictures and also uphold this rule to their fullest capabilities, although there are areas of which they do allow photography, which are clearly marked by signage.

      The tour itself is very interesting and fulfilling, there is plenty to see and read and it will please any Beatles fan. That is the important bit, I can't imagine that this is of any real interest to persons who are not fans of The Beatles, so children and non-Beatles fans may find themselves getting bored very quickly.

      The highlight for me was the John Lennon white Piano, which is set up as in the Imagine music video. But, this is not Lennons actual Piano, unfortunately!

      There is a fantastic gift shop here, which is full of rare and exciting products, all be it, expensive.
      If you are a Beatles fan this is where you will find yourself dusting off your credit card and using it to the maximum because the priducts are fantastic!

      I really did enjoy this exhibit and as a result I have been back twice since and probably will go back every year that I visit Liverpool!!


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      01.12.2009 22:20
      Very helpful
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      Great value for a few hours of entertainment

      For my birthday in November just gone, I was taken to Liverpool for the weekend.
      Not a fancy destination, I'll give you that, but cheap and cheerful. I had always wanted to go to Liverpool as I am a bit of a Beatles fan and I knew I could visit a whole bunch of tourist places (penny lane, strawberry fields, and John Lennon & Paul McCartney's old houses!).
      When I was looking up places I would like to go, I came across The Beatles Story, which is located on Albert Dock - on the list it went.

      On the Saturday (our only full day in Liverpool) we popped all the addresses in the sat nav and off we went. The weather was awful, pouring down rain and strong winds and it was freezing cold, as you can imagine being by the Mersey! We were quite enjoying our own little tour of Liverpool from the comfort of our car; it was like our personal little tour bus.
      We were then debating about even going to the Beatles Story, as we were getting more of an experience for free in our own company. I had heard of The Magical Mystery Tours etc but we couldn't get a place on these, probably our fault for not booking ahead of time.

      Seeing as we couldn't book on the tours and we had visited every destination our sat nav could find, we had run out of things to do by 3pm! To the dock we went.

      After finding somewhere to park, we made a made rush to the Beatles spot.
      Took a couple of pictures and walked down the stairs (it's below foot level).
      There was a short queue to get tickets and my other half said he would treat me as it was my birthday (£12.25 saved there!).
      There were programmes available and I usually collect them from every place I've been. But they were £2.50 each (so what if I'm tight?!), I had a flick through and it didn't seem to be worth it to be honest.
      We walked to the left to collect our headsets, which would help us learn more about each section of the exhibition.

      The Beatles Story was amazing, there were people there of all ages and everybody had learnt something new by the end of it.
      We heard about their days before they were The Beatles, when they were known as The Quarrymen. We heard how they met and where they wrote their first songs from.
      As well as listening and reading, as we walked into each section, it felt like we were in a part of The Beatles history! Big effort must of gone into the whole Exhibition - from replicated rooms like looked like places they used to perform, to the Abbey Road Studios, where they are recording a song. We heard about Beatlemania and felt like we had been caught up in the moment ourselves!
      But the highlights would definitely have to be walking on The Yellow Submarine - where they even had little fish in the portholes to give it the full effect! There was also a massive reproduction of the Sgt Pepper album cover - with 3D John, Paul, Ringo & George and all the flowers etc laid out in front of them, it was really something to see.
      We toured through every aspect of their careers and even their home life, learning about their marriages and children. It was very detailed and you honestly couldn't pick a fault with it in the slightest.
      As we were nearing the end of the tour, I admit we had to rush through a couple of sections as we were running out of time in the car park (we had only paid for an hour and could've easily spent over two in there!). However, probably the most surreal moment was walking into a white room. As we turned the corner in the white room (whilst worrying we would make it dirty lol) there was John Lennon's piano from the Imagine video and guitar). It was a nice little surprise and also just made you sad to think that two of the four Beatles are no longer with us. Such a loss of pure talent.

      If you are ever in Liverpool and even if you aren't that big of a fan (this tour converted my other half - he even let me play their songs the whole way home!) I would recommend shelling out the bargain price of £12.25 for an adult ticket and having a stroll around at your own pace. It will really make you respect and understand the world's most successful group and I bet you will come out with at least one of their songs in your head!


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        11.09.2009 16:37



        The Liverpool Mop Tops story at the Beatles Museum

        This museum is located on Albert Dock in Liverpool and is, you guessed it, about the Beatles. If you don't know who the Beatles are, I can only presume you are either some kind of High Court judge, or that you are in fact, an alien!

        The museum takes you through the story of the Beatles, from the Cavern days, to the split. It has various exhibits, including the famous Beatles suits and various memorials to both Lennon and Harrison and to others connected to the mop-tops, such as Linda McCartney and Stuart Sutcliffe. And obviously lots of Beatles music!

        The Lennon one is genuinely affecting, with his glasses laid on a white piano in a white room. It's nicely loud out and you can spend a couple of hours in there if you look at everything. It's not cheap though - I paid a tenner and I think that was with a discount. There's a gift shop too, which again is not cheap, it's about a £15 for a t-shirt.

        The location is good and you could combine it with a trip to one of the other museums or to the Cavern, which is only a ten minute walk away. There's parking and good transport links.


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      Come to the Albert Dock to take a journey into the life, times, culture and music of the Beatles.

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