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Char Music to Harmonize Your Energy (DVD+CD)

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Genre: Easy Listening - Meditation

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2012 18:23
      Very helpful



      A good little buy for my self help collection!

      When I first mentioned to my best mate of many years that I had bought this cd and dvd set for a quid in Poundland I got two immediate responses from her as well as an eye roll. First was that I'd been ripped off with a load of rubbish, and secondly that I must drunk. Actually I didn't feel ripped off getting both a cd and a dvd for the price I paid for it and secondly I was not drunk...just desperate and looking for some sort of enlightenment as well as some much needed energy, as this is meant to give us all according to the blurp on the casing.

      How many of us with the lives we have are tired, stressed out and basically out of synch? I think most of us are knackered in this day and age with kids, jobs, lack of money and not enough sleep and so on.

      Me I have no kids thankfully (not something I've ever really wanted) but because I suffer with M.E, a thyroid complaint and a spine condition ,with noisy neighbours and a city centre flat I'm permanently left feeling exhausted and stressed out. Although I try to rest quite often something always needs doing or stops me. I do a review to keep occupied or do cleaning or something productive instead of just relaxing.

      I struggle to get to sleep as I can't relax enough with noise from all hours coming from my neighbours and drunk people in the town and so I either wait till I think things have really gone quiet and then try get to sleep or I was downing a bottle of wine (or two), far too often to blank everything out which wasn't only on its way to making me feel alcohol dependent, but broke, hung over and grumpy but most of all even more tired out and it interfered even more with my M.E so I had to put a stop to it.

      So like I say when I saw this cd/dvd for only a quid I had the attitude that if it works great, if not its only a quid I lost. My idea was to play at it night, quietly through my dvd player (which also of course plays cds) with earphones on to relax me and maybe help me fall asleep!

      My mate unconvinced and wanting me to go see a psychiatrist at this point with all my new age bits and pieces and mumojumbo speak surrounding me laughed so much that the first time I watched the dvd and cd I locked her in my home, tucked her up in bed next to me and told her to at least give it a go....which she did!

      The Set:

      Well what you get is one dvd box with two cds within it one of the cds is a brown colour and that it is a cd the other is olive green and that tells us it is a dvd and on both we are clearly told what they are. Within the case there is a colourful booklet that tells us all about our chakras which is what this cd is meant to harmonise, balance and put back energy kind of back into and help us to rejuvenate ourselves. The case it comes in as does the cardboard outer case and the booklet has a nice photograph of a very chilled out looking Char Margolis who is a spiritualist and believes in holistic therapies and she has written many books on the matter including this offering which was released in 2006.

      The DVD:

      Ok this runs for about 1 hour and its totally boring. I suggest only watching this once and getting it over and done with to be honest as Char speaks at length with Dr Robert Vinson who has composed and put together the tracks on the cd with her help. On the dvd we are told all about chakras, what they do and how music can help to soothe and energise them and the notes used that 'speak' to them and wake them up sort of thing.

      I only watched this once as this almost put us to sleep watching this alone but the information is important so you can understand what the cd is meant to do, however I found the booklet much easier to read through than to watch all this boring stuff!

      The CD:

      First off I better explain where and what you chakras are. I knew about chakras before I got this set and its always been a bit of an interest to me. Basically chakra's are energy points in the body and we all have 7 of them. We start at the bottom and work up so you have a root/base chakra which is situated at the base of the spine which is actually considered to be associated with the adrenaline gland and it handles basic survival and sexual energy. Then you have the second chakra point which is the Sacral Chakra kind of near your belly button area. This chakra is associated with the very centre of your emotions and gender identity. Then we move on to the third chakra which is between your naval and sternum and it is associated with the pancreas and this is meant to be a very powerful chakra which can control an manipulate any incoming energy. This is meant to align your brain with your physical being. Your fourth chakra is you heart one and this chakra allows you to channel love both inside and out of yourself. If this isn't aligned it can be difficult to keep a good perspective on things! The fifth chakra is the throat one and to do with the thyroid gland (important to me of course). The throat of course is the centre for great communication and making and keeping commitments. It is also the main chakra used by psychics and for hearing voices etc. The sixth chakra is the 3rd eye (brow). Keeping this in synch and clear is important for higher mental and intuitive abilities and is associated with the pituitary gland and finally the seventh chakra is the crown chakra and that is meant to give the highest level of spiritual knowledge.

      The music on the cd lasts 1 hour and is split into seven compositions all lasting about the same length of time really. You can listen to the whole cd, meant to give us utter and complete relaxation an to leave us feel rejuvinated or you can simply listen to what you think you may need. After reading my little low down on chakras, if by now you believe they exist you can fully see the importance of opening them up and spring cleaning them from time to time and by doing so we are meant to feel reenergised, balanced and more positive.

      Using The CD:

      Its best to lie down, relax or meditate and half way after listening to this cd the first time both me and my mate fell into blissful sleep and awoke feeling amazing! Seriously! Even my mate loves this cd now as much as I do and she actually went and bought not only herself one but her mum one too!

      The Tracks:

      Each one is different. Some are fast tempo, some slower all with no random mind jolting notes all. It is just soft music really. Each track consists of different notes of course to make a tune however each chakra is meant to respond best to a particular note:

      Root/Base: Note of C, colour red
      Sacral: Note of D, colour orange
      Solar Plexus: Note of E, colour yellow
      Heart: Note of F, colour emerald green
      Throat: Note of G, colour Sapphire blue
      3rd Eye/Brow Note of A colour indigo
      Crown: Note of B colour violet

      The reason I note the colours is cos some people may want to use crystals on chakras either when listening to this cd or just to energise them at any time. I personally own crystals so sometimes do place that colour crystal onto the chakra area either when listening to this cd or just alone to help reenergise and realign myself. I have a friend who also wears the colour corresponding to the chakra area from time to time too and she believes that works for her very well indeed!

      Throughout each track you will detect a base note of the one given above highly within it. Some tracks or quite heavy and deep some more light hearted and whimsical but I have to admit that I find them all unique and rather relaxing.

      Do I Believe This Set Works?:

      For me yes I do and thats the main thing of course. I enjoy the music though not the dvd and find musically and the way its put together is great with a good high quality sound to it. I always seem to nod off to this but do I believe that the 'notes' speak to my chakras?.....Well not really though it soothes my troubled brow kind of thing and listening to this cd last thing at night, just after drinking a Horlicks and spraying lavender mist on my pillow feels a very positive step in the right direction for me an my frayed nerves.

      Do I Recommend This Set?:

      Actually yes I do. It looks a nice set and at a pound (I have only seen this in Poundland stores so far on the high street) I do if not for the music alone. However this set is available on Amazon priced at about a fiver and for a dvd and a cd that offers relaxation and balance into your life I'd give it a whirl if I was you and your into alternative things like I am! Also this is presented so nicely it would make a lovely little gift for someone who is into this sort of thing!


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