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Delta Goodrem - Innocent Eyes (DVD)

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    5 Reviews
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      18.11.2010 14:53
      Very helpful



      A must have for all Delta fans!!

      I was so excited when I came across this DVD on play.com because I wasn't really aware of it until now. This DVD was released in the United Kingdom in 2003 along with the release of her debut album of the same name 'Innocent Eyes'. I got my copy of this DVD for just £2.64 which I thought was excellent value for money!!

      Well, the first thing that stands out for me is the fact that all the performances she does on this DVD are live!!! I would like to congratulate Delta on this because performing live is rarely done anymore, and Delta has proved that it possible to perform live at a very high standard!

      Delta is so talented ; the way she adds her own little melodies to the songs and plays the melody is just WOW! I really cannot believe that she was just eighteen when she filmed this DVD - a year younger than me! She sings so well, and plays the piano really well to ; she is such a huge talent!

      I like how the performances are initimate ; just Delta, the piano and the audience. It feels as though she has invited you to watch her in her living room or something. She's certainly not like other artists who do such performances (not even live), just to boost their record sales. You can easily see that Delta is doing this because she genuinely likes entertaining people. One thing which I found quite funny, was that she would be singing a song, and get caught up in the performance (closing her eyes and concentrating on the emotion of the song), and then it would be as though that she would remember that she had an audience, and then she would give the audience a shy smile , as though to check if they were still there and still listening (and of course they were because she is just amazing!!) and then go back to song, as though she wasn't aware of anything outside of the song!She's such a passionate performer, that she is a real pleasure to listen to.

      I really love Delta's songs as they really are beautiful. I like how she can do ballads as well as upbeat songs. I was happy to see that the songs she had 'especially chosen to perform that she thought the audience would like', were my favourites from her debut album Innocent Eyes. The songs are : No, Not Me, Innocent Eyes and Predictable, although she performed them all really well.

      There are some great items on this album ; you can go behind the scenes to the 'making of' some of her videos; I found this interesting, as although I love her songs and have her albums, I havn't really seen her videos, only Lost Without You, so it was interesting to see the videos and how they were made.I particularly liked watching the outakes as they were really funny!!

      There is even a section on the DVD where you can see home videos of Delta when she was younger ; performing when she was in school. I found this really interesting, as one the 'little Delta' looked nothing like the 'big Delta' and it was interesting to see how she sounded when she was younger. You can also see Delta in home videos of her playing sport when she was younger, and even snow boarding!!

      Even though I am such a massive fan of Delta 'music wise', before this video I knew absolutely nothing about her besides the facts that I knew that she Australian, was in Neighbours, had cancer when she was eighteen and is now engaged to Brian McFadden. I had never seen an interview or anything, and so I had no idea what Delta was really like as a person. Delta's personality really shines through in this DVD ; she comes across as a really friendly and fun person ; the kind of person you would love to have as a friend. She is very natural and has a great sense of humour, and is very mature for her age ; I still can't believe that she was only eighteen on this DVD.

      This DVD is a must-have for all Delta fans! After watching this I have become an even bigger fan of Deltas ; I have always loved her music, and found her to be a huge inspiration to me, as someone who also likes singing and performing!! I just wish that I had purchased this DVD years ago when it was released in 2003 (seven years ago!!). I really hope that she releases another album really, really soon!! In the meantime, I have asked for her latest DVD 'Believe Again' for Christmas!!

      I would definately recommend this DVD , even if you aren't really a Delta fan, as it is so interesting and fantastic so see how talented someone so young is!

      Thanks for reading!
      November 18th 2010
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xdonzx)


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        18.12.2009 19:15
        Very helpful



        Great Delta Goodrem DVD

        Innocent Eyes is the DVD of Delta Goodrems' album of the same name. The former Aussie soap star has a wonderful singing voice and she is also a talented player of the piano and she delivers some lovely romantic ballads on this impressive DVD.

        I particularly like the live performances on this DVD as she has a superb voice whether in the studio or up on stage and she puts a lot of energy into her live performances as well, both emotionally and physically.

        The live performances have all of her best known tracks from her debut album which includes my favourite and the title track Innocent Eyes. There are a number of live performances on this DVD rather than just being recorded in one venue and I liked the variety of the different arenas and stage settings. The only downside is that some of the songs have been heavily edited to reduce the amount of time and I felt like this sort of detracts from the overall mood of the live performance as you are not experiencing the whole package.

        There are also a number of video clips on the DVD, Born to Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Nott Me, Not I, A Year Ago Today and I Don't Care.

        In addition to the music you also get some interesting extras, a behind the scenes look at four of her hit singles and how the videos were made, you also get to see footage of her growing up and performing as a youngster and a section which she narrates giving more background information.

        Overall the DVD is packed with material and some great sounding music and it is rare that I buy DVD's of music but such is her talent I was happy to make an exception for this. You can get this DVD from Amazon for £7.99.


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        16.07.2009 18:05
        Very helpful



        Great DVD for fans with lots of content to watch

        After an almost perfect debut album Delta Goodrem has released her Innocent Eyes DVD. The DVD is a must for Delta fans and includes lots of content for the price. With this DVD you get the chance to see a session which Delta did for the V music channel in Australia. This session alone shows the fans the passion which Delta has for music. Through the session her talent also shines through as she sings with emotion and plays the piano live while radiating a sort of energy to the audience.

        As well as this session, the DVD includes the music videos for the singles Born To Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Not Me, Not I, and behind the scenes of each of the videos. As well as these there is also two rare music videos of Delta's, I Don't Care (which is very cheesey bubblegum pop) and A Year Ago Today. The DVD also includes live performances from her London Showcase and Christmas In The Capital. Plus a behind the scenes look at her trips to both London and Europe, and behind the scenes at her photoshoots. It also has a section of growing up, documenting Delta's "musical life" so far, an EPK, outtakes VT and photo gallery.

        Overall this DVD has more than 1 3/4 hours of content and is a must for Delta fans.


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        12.02.2009 11:31
        Very helpful



        A great DVD to accompany the 'Innocent Eyes' album

        Delta Goodrem took her homeland of Australia by storm in late 2002 - early 2003. Her debut album 'Innocent Eyes' became one of the best selling records in the country's history and spawned five consecutive number one hits. The DVD of the same name is a look at the early stages of this phenomonal talent's career. Whilst most music DVDs I've come across are a rip off and have hardly anything on them 'Innocent Eyes' is a captivating experience from start to finish and if you haven't fallen in love with Delta already then this is sure to set that yearning in motion.

        The DVD has the same artwork and layout as the parent CD, the beautiful flower esque arrangement and comforting yet strong pale brown colour. The features on this DVD are probably more appealing to hardcore fans than the casual DVD buyer but even if you're just interested in her music then this is a really good place to start.

        There is a mini concert which Delta performed on an Australian TV show featuring many of the album's tracks and singles. You can just see here the energy and emotion that Delta pours into her songs. Whilst her live shows clearly lack any action or sexy dance moves that the usual female pop starlet would use to her advantage, Delta has a firm presence and knows how to deliver as every track is pitch perfect.

        There's also a behind the scenes look at her trip to London where she attempts to find a record label to sign her in the UK and a breathtaking performance of signiture hit 'Born To Try' performed at Christmas in Australia.

        All of Delta's videos are from the album are also avaliable on the DVD alongside 'I Don't Care'. 'I Don't Care' is a cheesy, pop ditty that was released as Delta's first single to a poor reception, before she signed with Sony BMG and released that record breaking CD...
        It's very camp and surprisingly catchy and miles apart from anything else on the album and even the video has a very bright and horrendous taste to it. There's also a video for album track 'A Year Ago Today'. A fan rarity.

        There's also a look behind the scenes of each of the videos as well as various other photo shoots and trips the singer has been on.

        The DVD is definately a fan purchase only as nothing on here really appeals to the wider market though for followers of Delta's music, you won't be disappointed. The DVD is a great momentum for the first 12 months of Delta's brilliant career.

        Full list of features:

        - Live @ V HQ -
        Will You Fall For Me, Not Me Not I, Throw It Away, Predictable, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Butterfly

        - London Showcase [Jan 2003] -
        Celebrate - Christmas In The Capital [Born To Try]

        - Video Clips -
        Born To Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Not Me Not I, A Year Ago Today, I Don't Care

        - Behind The Scenes -
        Born To Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Not Me Not I
        London [Jan 2003], Europe [May 2003], Live @ V HQ, Photo Shoots

        - Growing Up -
        Performing, Sport

        - Extras -
        EPK, Outtakes, Photo Gallery


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          24.10.2005 17:35
          Very helpful



          Perfect For Any Delta Fan


          Okay, I will confess, I watch that Aussie Soap 'Neighbours'. I have watched it since I was very little and cannot switch BBC1 off at the 5.40pm time slot (Weekdays), when that famous Neighbours theme tune starts to play! I'm addicted to the average acting and weak storylines in portrays.

          Some people may be eternally grateful to the show as it brought us the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and of course Guy Pearce and now the famous name of Delta Goodrem.

          Delta Goodrem was thrown to fame by starring as the Aussie schoolgirl Nina Tucker. Part of Nina's character was portrayed as being very musical. Delta - a very talented pianist and vocalist had obviously been in talks with the producers of the famous Aussie soap to help her promote her vocal/musical talent for her real life musical success. Now, although I found the character Nina Tucker to be very cringe worthy to watch, I found her musical talents to be somewhat else.

          With tracks such as 'Innocent Eyes' and 'Lost Without You' being written into the daily storylines of Neighbours, I found myself becoming very fond of that very softly spoken actress, Delta Goodrem.

          A few days later, I was listening to Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 1, and realised that she was interviewing an Aussie girl - not Kylie, nope. Delta Goodrem! Wow, I thought, that was a very quick, last month she had just started singing on Neighbours - could a soap really do that for your career and so quickly as well!?

          Obviously so, as this "Stunningly Beautiful" actress turned musical artist has now got 2 albums under her belt and a very popular DVD album.

          Learning the piano at 8, recording her first demo at 11 and being signed to Sony records at 15 this is the DVD of this beautifully talented Australian woman - Delta Goodrem. If I was made to classify the music of Delta Goodrem to a particular genre, it would have to be in the slow/love/pop category and would probably be suitable/loved by most young females. What I appreciate the most about Delta Goodrem is her enthusiasm, drive and talent that shows in every piece of music she performs. She portrays herself lyrically which I believe that not many artists can genuinely pull off nowadays.

          With the, acclaimed CD 'Innocent Eyes' being a sell out in most high street stores I was very excited when the DVD was just about to be released (in the UK) in 2003. Particularly as I knew that some of the names that had been a part of the original CD production and song writing were: Gary Barlow and Eliot Kennedy. Ric Wake - the same producer that has worked with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and J Lo. David Nicholas who worked with Elton John, INXS and Boy George and Matthew Gerrard who had worked with Mandy Moore.

          What I can also really appreciate about Delta is that she is not like most modern day artists. She can actually play an instrument and can sing with a wide range on tones. The sound of every key stroked on the piano as she sings with her highly wide-ranged vocals is to me what an angel should sound like. Her first official UK release 'Born To Try' went to number 1 in the UK charts and also went triple platinum, so I just knew that this was just the beginning of her musical career.

          Disc Content

          This is a DVD with many great features. It portrays Delta as the 'real' her. Starting with her 'Live' performances, you see her performing in front of a large crowd. A trademark of Delta Goodrems is that she will only ever perform with her shoes' off, I'm not sure why so if anyone can enlighten me please let me know.

          Performing at the 'Live @ (V) HQ' she plays a continuously stunning performance of her most well known hits from her first album which is titled 'Innocent Eyes'. The tracks she performs are at the V Headquarters are: Will You Fall For Me/Not Me, Not I/ Throw It Away/Predictable/Lost Without You/Innocent Eyes and Butterfly. I love seeing a performance played live as you can really catch the atmosphere within the crowd and to see her playing the piano with her live band all adds to the excitement and passion of her talents.

          Her next live performance is in the UK, at the 'London Showcase' she performs (Heavily edited clips of) 'Will You Fall For Me, Not Me, Not I and Born To Try' You can really feel her passion as she performs these love songs, the only negative thing is that each song is very short due to heavy editing.

          Her last live performance of this DVD is: Celebrate - Christmas In The Capital (Australia). She performs that huge hit 'Born To Try'. With an extremely large audience, again you can capture the passion of this song! It has to be one of my favourites. Looking stunningly beautiful, she is playing the piano herself and is mesmerising her audience with her again flawless performance. A great live performer I say! I would love to see her live for myself.

          Now for the video clips:

          Born To Try: A very romantic feeling song, full of love and passion. Featuring beautiful scenery, lakes and mountains while the sun is setting. Delta Sings about the passion and love between the featured couple in this video. She is explaining that sometimes you have to sacrifice things in life to try working hard for your loved one. A really heart touching and softly sung song.

          Lost Without You: This video is set in a large open house. Delta walks in and sits at her grand piano. Taking her shoes off gain, she sits down to sing about the loved one she feels lost without. The video features her friends playing games and having fun. My interpretation of this video is that nothing she does can replace that feeling of emptiness she feels at having lost her loved one. This is a great one to cry to peeps - especially if you have lost a partner recently through a split. A very meaningful song.

          Innocent Eyes: Another one of my favourites. Singing to a very soft tune, it is a song with a lot of depth. Delta sings passionately about her life when she was a child and how life is very innocent when being looked at through the eyes of a 7 year old. It's amazing how much you can relate to this song. The video features Delta in a theatre dressing room and with her childhood pictures surrounding her it takes you through various clips of her as a child. My portrayal of this song is that it takes you through those younger years in your life and how you portray things so differently and how you must even in adulthood still believe in the things you did as a child/teen to maintain your innocence later in life. This song really shows off Delta's extreme musical talent. Not only lyrically can you appreciate her, but the sound of that angelic voice, the talent of her piano playing, it all adds to this mesmerising performance.

          Not Me, Not I: This song is about the betrayal of a partner and how you can remain strong without 'that' someone in your life. How a partner cannot always know you as well as they think and that you can live without their lies and deceit, life goes on - there can be a very different ending to a split relationship: as according to this song. Set in a mythical setting again, again, another of my favourites. Delta is positively glowing in this video. A very sad and passionate song, very deep and meaningful, again, musically very well written and composed.

          A Year Ago Today: Explaining that with every year that goes by you can get wiser. You may be able to move on but not be able to forget about that special person leaving you, even if it was a year ago. Another tremendously deep song with great composition. This is a slower track and the video features clips of Delta learning to live with getting stronger and getting older/wiser on a daily basis. A very hard track to describe… you would have to view it for yourself to appreciate the intensity of these lyrics and tune.

          I Don't Care: A much more upbeat song. Delta sings about her boyfriend being the 'wrong' sort of guy for her according to what everyone else says. She wants to be with him and she doesn't care what everyone else thinks, so long as she feels it in her heart then it is true love - just like Romeo and Juliet's love was!

          Wow, a lot of info there - but for any Delta fan this DVD is a must. The fun doesn't just stop there….. There is more!

          Behind The Scenes: Delta will take you behind the scenes of 4 of hits singles.

          Born To Try/Lost Without you/Innocent Eyes and Not Me, Not I. She shows you the production of all these videos (As performed above) and gives you an insight into how they are made.
          You see her on location in a variety of beautiful places - I personally love these behind the scene features as you can be nosey and actually see how things are made in good detail. With the whole production crew and make up/wardrobe artists on camera you literally get to see everything that goes on behind the scenes.

          The behind the scenes feature doesn't only take you behind the making of the 'video clips' but the 'Live' features as well. You follow Delta through London, Europe all the way back again to Australia again. You get to see how a performance is put together and you also get a sneak peek at some of the photo shoots she has done for magazines and for her Albums.

          Growing Up: This is a different feature that no other Artists (That I have known of) have on their DVD albums. Split into 2 different categories, 'Performing and Sport'. You see 'REAL' footage of Delta Goodrem growing up; you see some of the many things she did as a child to launch her career including auditions.
          This makes you laugh, you even get a snippet of Rolf Harris in this section - being Aussie and all that.

          Extras: EMK - this is basically Delta herself narrating her life as a musician and taking you through how it all began. Outtakes - well this is self explanatory and there is also a photo gallery of pretty pictures taken of the fabulously talented woman herself.

          Where To Buy

          Price: I got this as a gift so I cannot tell you what I paid for it, however www.play.com stock it for £10.99, and this is for the 1 disc set. You could always do a google search or use the search facility on dooyoo for a competitive price if wanting to purchase online. If you want to buy it on the high street then any DVD retailer such as HMV, Virgin Mega stores or Asda should stock it. If you do buy it on the high street, I would also like to advise you that you may pay a pound or two more than if purchasing online.

          Only available to buy in the English language.
          Region 0 which means it is all regions compatible.
          DVD-9: Dual layer disc.
          PAL format.
          Audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 - Make sure you have the volume turned up for real appreciation of this fabulous DVD.

          Further Information

          You can find out further info on Delta herself by going to the official Delta Goodrem website. It lists her biography, discography, news, events, music, gallery, a track by track page and there is also a forum for avid fans. You can get access to this information by going to www.deltagoodrem.com and you could always visit www.sonymusic.com as well.

          If you are unfamiliar with Delta Goodrem then I am sure you will have seen an advertisement on TV which advertises trips to Australia. The music of 'I Can Sing a Rainbow' which is being played to this advert is being sung by Delta Goodrem herself.


          Beautifully talented artist, with songs that are really well written and composed throughout. A very good music DVD that is exceptional value for money. If you are a Delta fan then you won't be disappointed.

          © grown_up_girlie, October 2005


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