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Kylie Minogue - Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour (DVD)

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Genre: Music DVDs - Adult Pop / Actors: Kylie Minogue ... / DVD released 28 November, 2005 at EMI / Features of the DVD: Full Screen, Live, PAL, Widescreen

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    2 Reviews
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      10.05.2010 11:03
      Very helpful



      This is Kylie's best show. Much better then Showgirl:The Homecoming.

      Kylie's SHOWGIRL TOUR (her Greatest Hits tour) is certainly a must have for all of her fans. I'm not a huge fan myself, but I still enjoyed every second of it.
      Stylish backdrops, stunning costumes and eye-catching dancers provide a feast for the eyes, nearly distracting viewers from the lady herself.

      24 of her most loved singles from all three of her recond labels [PWL, deConstruction and Parlapone], plus what is probably most fans favourite non-single track 'Dreams' [the deConstruction period]. And, in case this isn't enough, there is also a cover of Judy Garland's immortal classic 'Over The Rainbow' [I'm not a fan, but I can admit that she knocks it out of the park], and Kylie's little known duet with the Pet Shop Boys ['In Denial'] is also on the setlist.

      I have to admit my favourites were the classic PWL hits, all our favourites are here: 'Better The Devil You Know', 'Shocked', 'What Do I Have To Do', 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi', 'Hand On Your Heart', 'Locomotion', 'I Should Be So Lucky' and 'Especially For You'.

      Another stand out number is 'I Believe In You'; it really took my breath away - just superb! 'Come Into My World', 'Put Yourself In My Place', 'Chocolate' and 'On A Night Like This' are all hauntingly beautiful.

      Then there's Kylie's current, and most popular [with other fans] Parlapone sound, which is naturally given the most attention.
      'In Your Eyes', 'Giving You Up', 'Spinning Around', 'Red Blooded Woman' (Medley with 'Where The Wild Roses Grow'), 'Slow', 'Please Stay', 'Your Disco Needs You', 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' and 'Love At First Sight' all faultlessly performed.

      I went to 2 shows, and I admit I was surprised by how well the sound has tranferred to DVD; I've watched other live Kylie DVDs after seeing the concerts and I would swear it's a different person singing, but on SHOWGIRL there's no mistaking that it's Kylie.

      And don't forget the extras: a backstage documentary, screen visuals and ROM section for your computer, so you can download screen savers and wallpapers.


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        17.04.2008 15:45
        Very helpful



        A fun concert made poignant by the fact that it was recorded during serious illness.

        In 2005, Kylie Minogue took to the stage once again to perform a selection of her Greatest Hits on a tour of her biggest markets; Britain and Australia. Unfortunately, before completing the dates, Kylie was struck down with breast cancer, and was unable to complete the dates for 18 months.

        This concert was filmed in London on 6 May 2005, and proves to be a spectacular showcase for her many hits and an array of over-the-top costumes. Backed by a troupe of dancers, and a live band, Kylie proves once again why her concerts outsell her records as well as why she continues to sell out concert dates even now after her return from illness.

        Opening in a diamond-encrusted blue corset topped off with a feathered headdress, Kylie is hoisted up onto the centre of hte stage and starts with fan favourite Better The Devil You Know. The initial reaction is that her voice is very thin and weak compared to past concerts, but Devil has never been Kylie's strongpoint. She soon ups her game for a sensational faithful rendition of In Your Eyes and Giving You Up before belting out a showy version of On A Night Like This.

        A screen-flash representing Kylie's lesser known hits, and a few samples that will only be recognisable to die-hard fans fill a minute or two until Kylie comes back on-stage with a new skintight winged outfit to perform a lengthy medley of Shocked, What Do I Have To Do and hugely popular single Spinning Around. There's nothing groundbreaking thusfar, but Spinning Around is given a bit of a makeover with the help of Ce Ce Peniston's Finally as a backdrop. Its a blinding rendition that brings the audience to life after a somewhat costume-focused opening.

        The highlight comes in the third act though when Kylie borrows her duet with Neil Tenant to open a fantastic ballet section. InDenial is a lesser known track of Pet Shop Boys that Kylie recorded with them in 1999, so its good to see that getting an airing here. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquio leads into a career defining performance of Confide In Me, with Kylie interacting with the ballet dancers and belting out the words like her life depended on it. It never gets any better than this.

        Things take a slightly smutty turn though when Kylie stomps around the stage in a laced outfit that not even she can pull off to a fairly dull version of Slow and a homo-erotic performance of Red Blooded Woman with Kylie spread across a gym bench in the centre of her girating brood of semi-naked men. It takes a handclapping Latino-flavoured Please Stay to turn things back around.

        The second half of the show opens with Kylie perched upon a crescent moon performing Over The Rainbow. Its cheesey, and its slightly twee, but Kylie gives it her all, and proves that despite a small thin voice, she can give it some welly. For the next few minutes though, things remain low key with Come Into My World getting the torch song treatment, Chocolate blanding proceedings up, and I Believe In You finally bringing the house back to life. Fans get another treat then with barely known album track Dreams being dusted down to recognise the supposed wilderness years. Not many more recent fans will know this one, but its a poignant representation of a time heralded as Kylie's finest period. Up until now, the show has been enjoyable, but nothing as groundbreaking as Fever02 or as authentic as the 2001 On A Night tour.

        Therefore, its left to the old favourites to dust down the knee's and give the audience and the viewers a taste of what fun little Kylie's all about. I Should Be So Lucky gets a faithful turn complete with a sign language dance routine, Hand On Your Heart is danced up complete with skimpier versions of the coloured clothes from the original video, and Locomotion is sexed up for a loungey version that has Kylie's voice crawling all over the scales. The show finishes its main segment with a stomping version of shamefully-unreleased favourite Your Disco Needs You.

        The encore is well worth the wait. Kylie comes back onto the stage with her oddly dressed dancers for a new rendition of classic ballad Put Yourself In My Place, and an electro-friendly ass-shaking Cant Get You Out Of My Head. Head will get any self respecting pop fan to their feet, and this one delivers on all scores. Quite why Kylie wheels out these weird looking dancers for every version is a bit worrying though.

        The finale comes in the form of a Karaoke-esque duet with the audience as Kylie misjudges and misses with Especially For You. Its never been a remotely good song, but in its place at the back of the 80s it was acceptable for Kylie to be doing it. This time round it just looks and sounds daft, I was almost longing for Jason to pop up in his own feathered combo. Instead, Kylie stands there in a three quarter length aqua coloured suit willing an unwilling audience to sing along with this trite.

        Love At First Sight closes the show, proving that Kylie is far from predictable. The obvious choices would be one of her many number 1's or the most recent single of that time. Instead Kylie has finished her show with a hit that failed to top the charts, and one that wouldn't even rank as a favourite with many. But its a fitting end with Kylie strutting across the stage to a backdrop screen showing her many images and video's from over the years. No sign of those over-alls or that wedding dress though. Thank god.

        Kylie's Musical Director Steve Anderson (the man behind many of her greatest tracks including Confide In Me) re-creates many of her most famous hits in an interesting and modern way, but every now and then he goes back to basics, allowing for Kylie to give us the favourites in the traditional way. Despite not being the greatest performance, Lucky is a revelation here, performed in its original form for the first time in 15 years.

        Other highlights are as mentioned the fantastic Confide, I Believe In You with Kylie perched upon a tiered platform, a nudge to Nick Cave duet Wild Roses and the hugely enjoyable twisted version of Locomotion. There are moments when Kylie's honed but somewhat unremarkable voice are slightly underpar, but for the majority of the show its surprisingly excellent.

        The choreography is also a highlight. The dancers are adaptable to almost any routine, with street dancing and ballet often coming to the forefront. Combine that with Kylie's likeable and charming personality and a huge array of neon lights, and this really is a show that would be right at home on broadway.

        The DVD also features a short documentary on the making of the show called Behind The Feathers. Its a fairly drab addition to the DVD, and more could have been made of it. However, with a 27 track concert coming in at 2 hours, and such enjoyable visuals, as well as all the famous Kylie hits, its hard to feel cheated.


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      • Product Details

        Kylie Minogue and her Showgirl musical tracklist: 'Better The Devil You Know', 'In Your Eyes', 'Giving You Up', 'On A Night Like This', 'Shocked', 'What Do I Have To Do', 'Spinning Around', 'In Denial', 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi', 'Confide In Me', 'Red Blooded Woman / Where The Wild Roses Grow', 'Slow', 'Please Stay', 'Over The Rainbow', 'Come Into My World', 'Chocolate', 'I Believe In You', 'Dreams', 'Hand On Your Heart', 'The Locomotion' 'I Should Be So Lucky', 'Your Disco Needs You', 'Put Yourself In My Place', 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head', 'Especially For You', and 'Love at First Sight'.

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