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Lemon Jelly - 64 to 95 (DVD)

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Genre: Music DVDs / Exempt / Actors: Lemon Jelly ... / DVD released 2005-01-31 at XL / Features of the DVD: PAL

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    1 Review
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      15.02.2012 19:40
      Very helpful



      A wonderful, visual adventure for all surreal/fantasy art & Lemon Jelly fans

      This is a DVD of the album of the same name with visual/graphics or animated videos which was released in 2005. Although I am not a doctor or do not have epilepsy myself, I would just like to inform those of you who do or who are sensitive to the following: this DVD does contain flashing or flickering imagery.

      Track/Video listing

      'Come down on me' - Explosive sounding guitar, slightly fibre optic circles, moving in motion with the groove of the music. Shadow figures of a woman appear on the screen in kaleidoscopic form, bending & shaping her way to the movement of the rhythm. All in a red/fiery glow, ending in a swirl shape of a couple entwined together.

      'Only time' - Black and white graphics, form into a conveyor belt with photo's on boxes moving along it. Wheels, cogs turning to 'If I only had time' in a slowed down voice. A structural x-ray of the machine is shown throughout. Zooms in on the centre of the cog wheel, opening a spiral (slightly James Bond style). A dark shadow figure of a man is walking on the spot, then noticed he was singing
      'Things to pursue, 'If I only had time'. Photo images were then moving along from a square cut out of the top of his head in a slide show motion.

      'Don't stop now' - White screen, red squares piled into columns turn and flash to the beat and the bass. Black jigsaw/flat pack box pieces pile up on high stacks, once again to the same flow of sound. Which continues till the end.

      'Make things right' - A planetary, starry sky, clouds hover - camera moves to fluorescent fibre optic fantasy land of toadstools, plants. Flowers grow, a butterfly in the main frame flutters by; riding on the wave of the sea. Then flows under the sea, where jellyfish, plankton and eels glide by. The butterfly sings 'Only wanna makes things right'. You enter the mouth of the giant fish, which has human skeletons inside, travel through to his lower end and out there to a fairground outside.

      'Shouty track - Lined paper is the backdrop, scribbled drawing slowly appears, creature's mouth opens. "AAAGGHH!"sounds, two creature's in the scene - one head banging swishing his hair the other with his fist up nodding. "OK then", "OK!" were the voices, as one of them volunteers to be clevered, arrowed and tortured in some way continuously, each time you here them speak.
      Lots of retro images flash up on the screen such as cassettes or food items. Lots of fists in the air from a gig. Stools, barrels being thrown. Continuation of hitting each other ensues with clubs and all sorts in time to the music and guitar riff. Dark, sinister caper, fits with my sense of humour.
      *a personal favourite*

      'Stay with you' - Colourful rolling hills and stars move simultaneously (similar to a lava lamp in flow style). Shadows of birds in flight. Shadow figurine of a dancing girl/ballerina, figures of people dancing, dolphins diving in the air through the floaty rainbow wave moment.

      'The slow train' - White screen, harmonising vocals, yellow graphic rectangular shape sliding along like a train across the back drop. This shape moves slowly along, then others in different colours are along side .

      'A man like me' - Animated man with a green frog helmet on, then another man this time with a black helmet of a frog, waves a magic wand and red and white (sixties style) circles float around with a purple back ground. The green helmet man decides to run away the other man chases after him. Many surreal images emerge during the running including :- houses shooting lasers from their eyes, mountains firing aubergines and elephants firing mice from their trunks.

      'Go' - A forest, slow movement of the camera moving across the screen, a shadow figure of a man to the left walks slowly across the images of land, grass, trees and fields. He has a transparency to him so you can see all the graphics of the changing scenery through him. Fast words move in motion to William Shatner's voice as he names places and uses exciting descriptive words to tell the tale.


      Every piece of music of this album fits perfectly with the animation, and each of the shapes, colours and symmetry flows wonderfully into each video. Taking you on a modern , Psychedelic trip - naturally.


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